The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa on June 1, 1894 · Page 12
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The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa · Page 12

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, June 1, 1894
Page 12
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;hest of all In Leavening Power.—Latest U. S. Gov't Report Baking Powder ABSOLUTELY PURE member, The Alumni or , afetfed gn hon or upon Dr. Wright by fc , ect , hito -u 6 °T,« iZ %<t°a forthej ensuidg 3 ,ar. They leff ^t*** ' for Cftll . fornifttobeab '..«t»twvers.l Weeks. Our stock }„ «-«,.,io» at » oo( ] fi g rs t The tnriff or no figure with'lie. DV'ti't 6eeanee we don't button bole yon 4K> street and beg you to trade wit) silver think on r 1 f anotl Srnt;uf' DAtLT AKP WEEKLY. ALL HOME PBINT. THB SBNTwni. Is the only newspaper In Carroll county tbat Is printed all at borne and It con Bins more local and county news tban any othe two papers to this county. POWERS & CoLCtx), Props. FRIDAY, JUNE 1, 1894. PEOPLE AND EVENTS Visit Moore's shoe store. Onion Bets at the green houre. Mrs. J. H. Anderson baa returned t the city. Winter <wheat flour at Eempker <! Coolidge's. Call at Martin & Olovis' for Qlidden barbed wire. Patent photograph envelopes for sal at this office. Paints, Oils and Brushes at J. W. Hatton'B. Mrs. McLagan is enjoying a visit from a sister! from Boone. Tested garden seeds in bulk at the green house East Fifth street. The examinations at the schools closed yesterday afternoon. The bill boards are up ready for 'the paper for Barnum's show. V. Hinricbs was doing business at Breda Monday afternoon. Chas.Macomber was in the city Decora - tioa day visiting his brother. For Sale— 140 acre farm, $28 per acre. C. E. Reynolds, Carroll, Iowa. Oase & Hnber threshers and engines at Woodward, Dieke$ & Co.'e. Diseases of the eye, ear, throat and nose. Dr. 0. L. Wright, Oarroll M. M. VonStine, Qlidden's Nasby, was a city visitor Monday afternoon. James Lovely, of Arcadia, was a pleasant caller at this office Friday last. Mrs. E. C, CoDkling Jeft for her new home at Keokutc yesterday afternoon. . For the present the library will only bo opened from half past six until nine. Transplanted plants, cabbages, tomatoes etc., at the Carroll Green House. Diseases of women and children a specialty. DR. B. C. KELLEY, Carroll, la. Eolipee and Grain wind mills, pumps and tanks at Woodward, Dickey & Co.'e. Disc harrows and Disc cultivators at jetton) prices at Woodward", Dickey & Co.'e. Champion and Standard mowers, and Champion binders at Woodward, Dickey &0o.'s. Cuoioe new maple sugar. Freeh made, guaranteed pore. MoL*QAN & BOHU- KAOHKB. Jas. Campbell, of Qlidden, assisted In taking the invoice in Kempker's furniture store. Frank McCoy and Pat Qormally, of Jasper towreutp, were city visitor; Saturday. The patent envelope for mailing photographs is the best thing out. For sale at this office. Try our canned goods, the prices and quality will suit you. MoLAonN & BOHUHAOHBB. For good bargains in groceries and fruits and decorated ware, go to Kemp. ksr * Coolidge's. Pat. Killesn and wife, West Side, were in the city Tuesday attending the funeral of Mrs. Bernolds. Bailey & Holland are busy painting and papering and otherwise furbishing up their grocery store. Q. P. Wetherill, wife and daughter left Monday evening for Eendallville, Indiana for a short visit. Large stock of oairiages, surreys, phaetons, buggies and epriog wagons at Woodward, Dickey & Oo.'s. Pat. Con way, of Dss Moinet, wai in the city Tueidav to ettapd the funeral of bit sister, Mrs. B, Beyoelds. M, Miller and Henry Miller returned Iron Dakota, where they had been for a few dart looking up real estate. Three kundrsd and four school children Jelned ia Ike observance of Decoration day and marched to the cemetery. Oar priMe on flour are right, suite •verybody, give It a trial and yea will «ome beak to toe Yellow front for note. Tiieinai Burns and wife, of Bredi, were transacting buiineM in our city Saturday and made t pleueot call at this •Wee. The C]jo club at it* lait meeting decid. od not to bold any mere meetings this year until the flrel Wednesday in Sep. teuber, The city council met in the new council chamber Monday evening »n| found the roe» a very plmeat one |or tb»t purpose. f We* f»eJtjr got • fev d *J*' from tfa Aw« to come home and attend his brotb ^^ W(J( < ding at Odebolt. Frank is gf a ^ f , alon nicely at school and is ms'^ JbR B , ?00 student. E. 0. Conklmg left SataT a aT fo Keokuk to take cb' 4tg> of ^ SundM Oil company's 'Alines* *t that place Charley H , B aerson fcai m Bright nsw dray and curies am •.dwrtitement on for the. fJaProll Boot mud Shoe compsiy The dm* is a dandy, TB» Willey Cornet band was s 'Germania park Sunday afternoon an furnished good music for the large crow of visitors at the park. Two names were added to the soldiers monument in the cemetery since las decoration day, they were those of Yegge aud Hugh Traner. Chase & Ban born teas and coffees were used exclusively on tbe World's fai grounds, selected for their superior quality. Sold only by Merchant. Ohas. Baling, while assisting in moving tbe piano from tbe high school to Music hall, was unfortunate in getting out o his feet caught under the instrument. The marshal notified the council Monday evening tbat after this he was going to bring all parties before the mayor who were caught violating the bicycle ordinance. Henry Happe and Mrs. Elizabeth Wilkins were united in marriage Tuesday at 88. Peter and Paul's church Rev. Father Nacke performing tbe ceremony. Farmers' Mutual Hail Insurance for fowa. Tbe safest, surest and cheapest nenranoe known. For particulars address the county agent J. 0. Sohwaller, Halbnr, Iowa. Hose company No. 1 gare a ball at Music ball Wednesday evening which was largely attended. The boys were well pleased with their effort at getting up entertainments. Merchant wants yon to call at his store and see bow few goods yon can ray for five dollars. Leave your sacks and baskets at home, bnt pot a donble box on your sled or wagon. Mrs. 0. O. Boynton visited her son Jouglas a couple of days last week on ler way home from an extended trip to /alifornia. She left for her home at Sycemere, 111., this morning. F. W. Erause came from Omaha Saturday evening to spend Sunday in our city with kis family. Mr. Erause is well leased with Omaha and likes his position n the county treasurer's office. Barney Grettemann has been appointed ostmasterat Willey. John Kerper, the resent efficient efflcial, has been removed. As to tbe cause for the change s something of which we have not been dvised. H. H. Nolen has purchased the corner ot on Adams and Sixth streets and workmen arelaying the foundation for a build- ng to be used for a laundry. Tbe build- n< will l>e 33x68, one story frame and enered, , Did you lee those large bill boards? Well, they are for Barnum'a greatest show on earth. The show Will be here later on and until it comes we will amuse ourselves by looking at the pictures on the bill boards. It will soon be epring weather and yon will need good footwear, as this is a time wbem money should not be wasted i?e don't want your trade. We dt, .'out on are wise enough to choose the best place to trade. Respectfully. E. N. MERCHANT. The Northwestern band deserves praise Tor the line music it furnished on Decoration day. It has been the custom with the band to furnish music on this day free of charge, and the G. A. R. boys sll feel very grateful for the favor thus shown. The band as now organized is a strong one and demonstrated the fact that it can futnish first class music. The Manning Monitor says the odd game of ball between the home club and Dension is to be played on neutral ground. Why not at Carroll? IPehave the finest grounds in the state and more people who love to sec good ball playing them any other tewn of its size. Both of these clubs have won one game eacb and the next one will be a hot one no doubt. We would be pleased to have it played here. Dr. L. P. Walters was in the city Monday and informs us that be is not tbe man who was arrested at .Dun lap for practicing without a medical certificate. For he is a graduate of Berlin, Germany,, Edinburg, Scotland, London, England, and the university of this state. He has met with remarkable success in this local! ty and his patients all speak of him in the highest praise. He will visit our city again June 24 and 25 at Burke's hotel. The Carroll Stars went to Dunlap Decoration day to play ball with the club of that city. A large delegf tion rom this city accompanied the Stars. The game proved a very tsine affair for .he Dunlap players were no match for our boys. The score stood 19 to 2 in ivor ot the Stars. Tim onlv time the visiting clnb'allo wed its adversary to crouv tome plate was in the last inning, our toys having bsen successful in whitewashing them eight straght timus. The directors of the First National bank met Tuesday and declared a 'our per cent dividend and added f 1,000 o the surplus out of tbe earnings of the past five months. The dividend day was also changed from July 1 to June 1 Pkis strong financial institution shows up well and the business done by the First iationa!, as well as other Carroll firms, goes to indicate that the hard times talk- d of is more imaginary tban real, as far as Carroll county is concerned. Tbe funeral of Mrs. B. Reynolds was held this forenoon at St. Joseph's church. i. H. Gable, DsnlsoD, Iowa, Will be |isd to give full information to anyone con* templating this trip and We advise our readers interested in the rutlter to to him. write SOUTH SIDE BALL OAMB, The recent ball game betwefcd tbe Deestriok Skole" and Hie "South Side marked a mile stone in tho lives ot in worthless goods, you will find it best to take a little time and look at Moore's line before you buy. M. V. Hamilton left for Lake City, where he will engage in business. Doc, as he ii familiarly known, has been a resident of this city for eighteen years and it is with regret tbat we see so worthy a man as he leave us. John Center was the leweit bidder for tbe erection of Ubbo Albertsen's new residence and was awarded the contract. Work will begin at ouce and it will not be many months until Mr, Albertsen and family will be residents ot tbe Second ward. Manning has decided to soar the American eagle on the Fourth of July. This in connection witb tbe races which are to take place that day will make Manainc a flnt cjaie place for us to go and celebrate. We are in favor ef going there and have our neighbors entertain us. Little Clara Culbertson received a mere fall Monday evening white being taken a ride oa berseback witb several ether little girls, all of them falling off, but Clara was the only one touch hurt. Bus U considerably better now and we hope no serious results will follow. Mrs, B. Reynolds, living in the first ward, died Sunday morning of dropsy, after suffering foriouie time with kidney trouble. The decciued leaves u husband and several children, besides other relatives to mourn ner loss, end tbeberenv- ed out)* have the sympathy of their frJeocU in their trouble. Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Wright bnve re turfed from Chicago, where they were attending » weetUMI of tueAlunmi of Rush Me41c*J(H>Ue|*«f t^ 0 ** Mt« doctor Is a where the usual impressive services were eld, conducted by Rev. Fathei O'Conor, and a larce number of friends of le family were present. The procession f carriages following tbe remains to the smetery was one of the largest ever een in our city, showing tbe esteem in which the departed was held by her eighbors. The family have the sympa of all in their grief at this hour of rouble. A little child of Sheriff Jeffrey was itten by a dog Friday about noon. The icnff went gunning for it witb a revol- er but failed to bag the game.and after a few attempts on the life of tho cur be went to the bouse for a shot gua. During his absence the dog thought discretion the better part of valor and made a sneak for ill matter's home, some five miles out in the country. The sheriff got into a buggy aud followed it home, wbere he soon dispatched tbe animal. The owner of the dog was planned to be of it and thanked Mr. Jeffrey for the luvorbehad done in killing it. Tbe Marsballtown Times says that out worthy citizen, R. R. Woodring, is going the boys, at least. Lemuel Eeist wan in me box for tbe "Rede" and hie triple curves proved an enigma for the lads of the "Deeatriok Sknle." However, the gsme openrd witb Clapboard Honeysuckle" at tbe plate. 0. H. need a bat made from a three inch plank, one end rounded down and the other just as it left tbe mill. On the third "strike" the plank met the ball between tbe eeo- ond aud third curves and eent it curving gracefully out beyond the parochial school. Then tbe batter took bis coat and yeet off, laid aside hia revolver and marshal's badge, and made a home ran. "Squire Keeker" laid down hie thermometer and took;tbe bat. Lemuel had stopped his twisters and threw straight, slow balls. The "eqnire" struck safe aud sailed down to first but "coached" himself off while tbe first base "Bed" had tbe ball, and the youngster lost no time iu putting it onto him. Tbe "eqnire" wanted to bet tbat "it wouldn't happen ," but it did, and just tbe next time be went to bat. Tbe Beds put him out by using two balls;tbe umpire called him out, and out he went. Tbe Beds made one snore thair part of the inning. "Deacon BeanbloBsum'' stopped playing to light bis pipe and the umpire failed to call time. The deacon's foot stopped the ball, bnt tbe "ornery" pipe wouldn't draw, and Willie Bowler made a home run on a base bit that rolled down to third. The second inning broke tbe back of the "Decistriok Sknle." Lemuel com- uieDced to eail in his cnrveeand the "old time" bojB run their score'np to six with nobody out and bases filled. The "master" was on first and after a whispered consultation with an outsider, he commenced to chose his "oolte" home. Just then Hans Lnbenhiaer, who hadn't batted at all, wanted to make a home run. Hans went out to eeuond base, and made on n vigor- bON'T ACCEPT iniTAT10N5, TMt PMCTf R ft QAMBLE CO.. OINTt with only "UiW he f noneede in taking a fine string of <i»b. Th boye all say he need the same bait they, bnt then he has a staying oapaoit that wonld pat even a enoker to sham which largely accounted for bis lack Sunday evening the party retained the city nil speaking in words of praiee for the hospitable manner in wbiob tb mayor entertained them find are deeiron of being on the list ebonld he ever pin another trip to the Ooon. Y. M. 0. A. Friday evening the rooms of the Y. M third in eafety and came ' borne passed ball. Tbe "Beds" kicked onely against this style of prooeednre, and the umpire decided it an error, tbns losing Hans tbe score to which he was fairly entitled. Tbe master thought two men could stand on one base and ran down to seo- to start for Washington in a short time at the bead of a commonweal army. The account Bars that the army ii to be competed of recruits from Carroll, Dai Molnes andCouncilBluffs making inall 1,000 men. We do not believe the report, for when we called on him today we found him busily engaged In building a large addition to his furniture store to make room for a couple of car loads of furniture he has juit ordered. Woodring has too large a justness to go fool Jog with the common- wealers. The Fremont, Elkhorn & Missouri Valley railroad will run a number of ei- curaloni tbi* summer to that popular retort, the Hot Bpringi of South Dakota. The first of these etcunions will be from Crawford county neit Tuesday, June 6. A special low rate will be made OB these excuriloni and this rate can be secured wbere ten or mere joia the party. We understand that a number of Carroll county people are tonkin** of (making the trip to Bet BerlniS'tuli summer and it seeuu M if it would be a good plan for a number to go together tnd thus secure the advantage of tb« low excursion rat*. ond. This made "Daniel O'Oonnell" run for third and "Worthy" home. It ib very bard for a man to run both ways at once without considerable practice, and "Worthy" being oangbtin the act, was put out by the umpire. Bnt the base running oost vital energy and while the lads of the "Bkole" wanted to kick up their heels like the "Beds" a couple of jumps took the colt spirit out of them, and then the Beds waded home. Bun after run they piled up till 80 stood to their account while the opposition counted but 20. It any one has any doubts about the Beds throwing "swift ball," let him aafc John Holland. PAB80NS* PlOMIp. Mayor Parsons tired ol the every day bum-drum of city life and grew weary of watching the litt specks float aimlessly through the viewless air, M be sat in his elegant oouDoil obember waiting for the big marshal to bring some poor nn» fortunate oulprit before bis awful presence; so be concluded it would be the -proper thing for lam to do to plan a pionio excursion and seek rest in the quiet and sequestered shade ot tk* forests which line either bank of tb* Ooon Biver. Everything was pat in shape and Saturday morning in company witb 0. L. Wattles, H. £. Buassll and 0, U. Westbrook, followed by a well stocked commissary in charge of a cook, a driver and a man to do the flabiog the party bade farsweil to oily life and in doe tine arrived at the camping grounds without anything worthy of special notice happening to mar too pleasures of the ride. In the evening about U o'clock the main party waa reinforced by Dick Mo- Neil and hie companion, Frank Dodeon. The greater portion of the time was devoted to fishing and although bat one "suokei" was taken U proved to be a great take and eatiefled the ambition of the boys to their f allset desire. Charley Weatbrook waa the only one of the party tost could be ooneidered to be "right" and while the other boys bad to be Awarded Highest Honors World's Fair. ^PRICE'S The iwily Pure Crtaui pf in MUUotti of owder P«w4er.—No 4ut|UQui«i No Alum YtiiXf tfo S 0. A. were thrown open to the public an a large number of onr citizens, compos ed largely of ladies, and especially 'yonng ladies, were present to enjoy an unusual ly attractive program given by the mem berejof tbe association assisted by a few friends. The address by the president J. 0. Letts, was- listened to witb speoia interest. He extended tbe thanks of tbe association to all those who had assisted in a financial way in making it possible for the young men to organize in thiefciry He also stated the object for which the rooms were to be used and was firmly ol the belief that tbe association would have a moral effect upon the ynng men ot onr oity. Mr. Letts was very earnest in bis remarks, which carried conviction witb them that he was heartily in accord witb the principles of tbe Y. M. O. A. and wonld do all in his power to make 'this aaa >oiation a success. The rest of the program was also well received and tbe large crowd which packed tbe three rooms and the ball to an uncomfortable degree waited patiently until it was completed. After the program the visitors looked through the rooms which they found peculiarly adapted to the use of the association. The first room is to be need as a reading room and will be opened every evening. Tbe other two rooms, which can be thrown into one, have been fitted np with a stage and are to be used ae an anditorinmiwbere religious services will be held Sunday afternoons. Tbe rest ot tbe floor has been partitioned off into bath rooms which are also under tbe control of the association. The Y. M. 0. A. has at last been successfully started in onr oity and is in a flourishing condition, witb good rooms fitted np witb all tbat in needed at the present to make them pleasant and attractive, and tbe association will undoubtedly succeed and be tbe means of doing a good in oar oity. great amount of Our OKBTIFIOATBSJ. Tbe next examination for teachers' oity certificates will be held at the High School Friday, June 8, beginning promptly at 8:80 a.m. Any one may be H candidate for a oity certificate who holds a first class county oertfionte. Advertised Letters. The following letters remain uncalled for at tbe postofflce, May 29, 1R94. Unless delivered within thirty days from date they will be forwarded to the dead letter office at Washington, D. 0.: Signer Mattes Antonio Eilse Wollenbergei Ifr. Chi*. I'ltstlck Hslnrlou Nuelle T.W. Mouorlefl Mr. T. X. Judtl The law provides that one cent shall be paid for all letters advertised. When calling for same pluaso state date of nd- vertUvment. JNO. L. I'OWOHB, P. M. Piles I Pile* I Itching Piles. Symptoms moisture: Intense Itulilng and stinging, mast at iilght; worse by nurutumng. If al to contlnutt Uutor* form, wulob of ton bleed and ulcerate, becoming very sore. Bwuy ns's oluiiuwit stops tbe turning and bleeding, h*»U uluoratlon and Iu most uitaes remove* the Inmort. itdrugglnii. or by mall, for M) o«nts Or. Bwarne A Sop, Pnllsdel|iula. 6-1 -96 BiflB WANTED" Sealed bills will be received by tbe oonuty auditor up to noon of tbe 6tb dsy of Joue.)89e, for tbe painting of the county jail. Tbe right to reject any or all bide reserved. W. P. Homucn, County Auditor. NOTION. All parties owlu« we must call and settle either by cush or uolt. WM. Tnowuuioag, Kuit BAI.U, A well liupnved farm adjoining the clly lltnlU of jirttda. A xood buru 60x86, a two story house 30x1)0, igood ^ruuariog 80x80 and other good out bulldlngi. THOMAS UUIINS, Rreda, la. WANTBU. An active agent In cacti county In (ho United States, to solicit subscriptions for the Twlco-»-\Vuok Kopublio, A liburtil oommlMHou will be pulu to huBllore. Address, tuuerJutondool circulation, The Itepubllo, Bt, Luulu, Mo. For Sale. I offer my farm sitattted in section Wefhiugtou towaabip, for gale. For further writoolare addreea 8Ck0m Eusm DUAHHIM, Carroll County, Io«a, Bxeoutor'B Notice). Notice Is bsreby given to all persons In J, ou tho s&'dar pi tfarTitM. tb! Kusd was appointed by tbs district - Carroll oouirtr, town, exeoutor of tit U. V. Ounoaii, dsMiawd. Isle afsstC , . wv own. All wr«ooi ludebtttd to saw eswts wit «ke payment to tbt »ndor» gi>«d, sad those oUimie*»lo«t )lw nuuie wlTl present * u U>«ttUunl<4 to the »W MttrT^r aviigo PMsd lb« VU day of «.», "-si Bherlff'a Be,lo. Nottw U berabr given tb MsouUoii, lo -- nuviw >« uerwor given HIM yi In) MWHiUofl, to ate dltwUM)V IB district court of Carroll iHlnst tbe-MKti. onatUU. iat Si., of SwlTBlifor, K; J. M jb 'iw NMionul bank of Carroll; uisiit wiujmuy.dofondsuti, Iu Ii mpmiy, dofo leJntur, rwUl.QCer. «t tu .-... Curroll lulMorulD. Jo; nutalu tlietii nd b«it tllOar. winIIOUVH, liFuii «rroli. lows, oil tl™ »,.. »„, V i «»«v, i wwn tbe hours of B o'ciook i, ui, iuJ } • w. ou ptld day, ail of said defendant! tie slid Interest In and to (Us follow] orlbotl real Mtate, sltuatad In Carroll o-wlt: Lot ttwau (7), In blade four (4), %$i",?*! I flfew9..wew#i.w. Wl HI .••^f -' K Thu New York World never waits to be driveu along the path of progress by sharp competition, but keeps so far in the lead that competition is au impossibility. The reputation of The Weekly World as tbe ereatestDeniocratic papor published la fully established H is Democratic in principle Democratic iu policy. Democratic in Its sympathies. It Is not blindly or dishonestly partisan. U will n ot 8 u port bad men or bad meMureM. ITS WOHK IS FOR THB PEOPLE, THE WHOLK PKOPLE, and not lor any class or fnution. It will be found at all times fighting for the great cardinal principles of the Democratic party, but never for the seln'sh ends of any ring or individual. Its miscellaneous articles are fresh, well selected and Interesting, its pages devoted to Home, Fashion and Agriculture are replete with articles of Valuable and Interesting Information to all. The "Tariff Afule" articles now running In The Weekly World nave become celebrated on account of the plain, practical way in which the tariff question Is presented. Itiaalargel2-pnae, 8-column paper for only 81.00 a year. We nnv« succeeded In making special arrangements by which we can furnish THE EKLY SEKTIKEL and The Weekly World fine year hoth for only 82.00. Adf- oress THE SKNTINEI.. Carroll, Iowa. LOW BATES DEOOBATIONDAT. On Ifay 29th and SOUi Tbe North- West-' rn Line will tell excursion tickets from stations in Illinois and Iowa at reduced rates; good for return passage unUl May 81st, ISM, inclusive. For tickets and full nformation apply to Agents Chicago & North-Western Railway. THE VALE OFMINNEKAHTA s the title of a beautifully illustrated •ooklet recently issued, descriptive of tbe Hot Springs, South Dakota, and the effl- sacy of their waters for tbe cure of rheu- miitisni.neuralgi., and kindred diseases, lopyof this pamphlet will be mailed /res )y W. A. Thrall, General Passenger Asent.Chlcngo & North- Western railway, Chicago, ill., upon receipt of request, en- losing two-cent gtamn. LOW BATES TO CLEVELAND. Kor the accommodation of delegatesand - thers who desire to attend tbe Christian Indeavor Convention at Cleveland, Ohlo f "uly llth-16th, the Baltimore aud Ohio tailroad company hav arranged to sell ound trip tickets from Chicago, July 9th > llth, inclusive, valid tor return trip un- 11 JulySlst. An additional extension or me limit to September 15th can be secur- d if the return portion of tlcbut Is deposlt- d with the joint agent of terminal lines rior to July 81st. Tickets Chicago to leveland and return, 810. The B. &. O. naintalns a series of fast express trains % ettveeo Chicago and Cleveland, with " trough sleeping cars. For; further in- ormation address L. S. Allen, Assistant eneral Passenger Agent, Chicago, 111. OHBAP EXCURSIONS. On Kay 29th th» North-Western line will sell Home-Seekers' Excursion ckets to points in northwestern Iowa, western Minnesota, North Dakota, South akota, Manitoba, Nebraska, Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, Idaho and Montana at xceedlogly low rates tor the round trip. hose tickets will be good for return pas- age wituln thirty days from date of sale nd will allow stop-over privileges on gong trip in territory to which tickets era old. For tickets and full Information ap- ly to agerts Chicago A Northwestern •ilwfty. . OTJRIST EXCURSION TICKETS t reduced rates to the principal summer esorts of tbe United States are now on ale via The Norih-Western Line. For articulars apply to agents Chicago & 'ortli-Western U'y. German Bapttnt Annual Moating The Annual Afeetiug of the German aptlst brethren will be hold at Meyers- ale. Pa., on thoPittsburg Division of the attimore & Ohio Kallroad, commencing fay 24t)i, 1H91. For this occasion the B. & O, U. R. Co., will sell excurlHou tickets to Meyersdale nd return from all stations on Its system fllnes at rateof one first olaaa fare for the ound trip. From points east ot and In- Judiiifll'lttsburRBUiJ Wheelingthotlckete will be sold from Jtfay 22d to 28lli In- luHive.itnd will be valid for return pas- i(;« within thirty days from d»te of sale, rom paints west of PlttsburK and Wheel- it; Miu tickets will bo sold from May 1st > 2oth Inclusive, and will be valid for re- im pusage within thirty days from date For time of trains, Qto., ad-tress nearest Kent of the Ii. & 0. M. 11, Co. O. P. MoCarty, Ouu'l Pass. Agent. U. & 0, t). K. O R'y, Nt. Louis, Mo., L. . Allen, Ass't Oen'l Pass, Agent, . & O. U. R., Clileauo, ills,: E, D. Smith )lv. Pass. Agent, if. & O. k H., Pitts: urg, Pa., or U. F. Bond, Dlv. Pass. Agent, . &O.H. K., Baltimore, Md.; ChasTO cull, Gen'! Pass, agent, ft. & O. R. B., altlwou, Md. Mt it i «iffl 3

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