Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 24, 1927 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 24, 1927
Page 2
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'am- TA€E TWO THE lOlk DAILY REGISTER. SATUIJPAY feVENING, DECEMBER 24, 1927 1'^ van THK IX.V KKKPKIU She tjttiti ."The Khoplifid* had their cerlatii siKii. 1'hjt) hi'ngti, ihoii' K 'rtaiii pruphetN to obey. Hi>w might he KUCKK. iliai it • '• Soil of nillie J llv turtied awoyV" (lirMiiKiN Ill;iii<>r rnrlj Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Wheeler, of i<Ui South lliiekcye street, will euterliiin their ehlldroii and prand- ehlldion Jit ClirlstniMH dilfner. .Mr. ami .Mr.s. F. K. Wheeler and datiKhler.H. Mary K. and Uutli, of ".N'vt with liumlt wurdii lie hade as from h'iH dour. Un'yinif no littJu pity for our |dii;Iii, OU'ly .he mwke ".My Inn will liold' ' uo more" : I' A .a wuti hia right. "How nirtiiy u jioor .MH'I I tliarniKlii 'l j' . i »ho fcaid. Croucho<l. all uii.sheltered, on llnj :on('n way, ' ' but- tljln man gave us all he had— ' a .shell ; ' . And fragrant hay." " was! Kl Ooradi). Kansas, and Mr. and \]r<: K. U. Diiillev and dau;;hlrr. iUulh .loan of Colony, will Hie the ' (iiiests. • « •:• Ir SAII- ^ Have Ihf chlldreirK »:arJneulM (leaned durliiR the hi )llday». ami have ilieni ready for the new I'M in. See hur ad in another iiart of the paper for paiiicnlarM or call- lOLA I-AIMUJV 10. Phone 1U2 THE GREAT ANNUAL ECIJPSE She .said "This man unto. Iiis heasts was good. <• Well-filalled they wero aild very <hrlslmas I'lirly fair to see, ' ; lor M<t< Iters And Ills great ox *u inovlug their; Miss Catiierin<> (;o.s> aiid food Mad^e room tor me." "My thank.s" .she said "My pity ovCT all .For one who ijevcr'knew;' lliut he ; possessed Tliat night within . liis gracious pxen's stall. My" Son for Kuesl." : r —By'Thoodosia Garrison. iier past- hooi Moments Mtisira: Clult : MttU6»j Prognim ,/.Thc Mompnts Musical <lul) has transferred -its plact> '^f meeiiiiK hereafter to the ,re(tepti^)ii room of the Baptist temple, aud the holiday program will be given there lu-.xt Tuesday,afternoon at>'.'! o'cfot-k. Tho;pfogram will he miscellaii- eou.s. i.Mrs. Dene Bi|U»e, chairman, assisted by Mr.". A. A. Schell. .Mrs. .lohii Brazee,-^i.^s Clara Browii ami;Miss Joy ller.shlierger. will pil.s of the kindergarten gave a Christmas parly ,Friilay aft- ' ernoon in the ."^ciuio'l room fori the; mothers c>f the little folks. . Practically all <if the pupils gave readings .\ Christmas tree held ' gifi.-i for mother ;iud daddy and.the i leachtr .«ave each cliihi a sack of candy and, a Santa Clans. Tile mothers pres..'«t were: .Mrs. i;. K. I'ees. .Mrs. Louis Si-hlanger. Mrs. Djllard Brown. .Mrsl W. D. .loiie.-^. 'Sirs. Kred I.. Denton. .Mrs. Kmorson K. I.ynn. ;Mrs. ' .M. 1.. Sclilick. Mrs. Menr.v Ninas, Mrs. B. T. Knglish and .Mrs. Roy Cwiii. . Mrs.l Chas. F. Scott. Mrs. .Joseph Kriedma'u. Mr. Mike Schlick. Miss i .Uauette .Vinas. Bobby Brown, j IJobhy 1 Taylot. Lucille • Parkening; ' r,ln\Ul Pees. Betty Lou English j and Karl S. Jfuiiter were special ] guejsts. i ; • The pni.iis present were: Louis •losepii Schlanger. .Mary Lou Jones, lAHARPEAND ITS CITIZENS Sfi I«»r na>s lias I'urty For .Mr Ilatrlund -.Miss Uoiiii V»mr ' Mi-itlntr al (HihW H«»uie.' "Good Boy," Says Edward's Mother •serv:e during'the .social hour lol- Harold Bock. jr.. .Mary IClizaheth | lowing the musirale. ~ . . The program will be: faro mio hen , (liorilaiia • tipiiiit Flower (Jaini:i»ell Tiptoa • ' Mrs. Oyler. -Love's Sorruw ..^ .Krcisler Mrs. Wise. •The Wood Song. llrairic- Scoii J)aiice of the Uomaika _ ._. Ilarri- : Ware ; Miss Brown. \ Bhej>herd"s ' llev _. . _ . ilfaiii^^er ! • .Miss Criflith. iloneyHMilId • Strickland M T<: Haglunil, Mrs. Kntield- Mrs. Billhe, Miss BrJ.wu. Mrs. |iia/..-,.. .Mrs,, Scheli Bchcrzo - - -• . Cliopiii Taylor, Jean .Marie (Sarrison, Jly- | roll Chancy. Bailey Chaney, Ruth tiwiii. Virginia Brown, Henry .Villas. Herbert Schlick, Katlieriiie i I'c( s. Kmerson Lynn and Jack l-;iit:li.-h. • • • (;l)e (liiMmiis llinnrr .M»nda} Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Kirk will celebrate Christinas with a family dinner .Monday wiiih .Mr. and .Mrs. Victor L, Kirk anil dauBliters, Kiiielie aild Jiic(|iieliiii> all(| .Mr. i .•ili(,t iilr.i. Slaiiiey Kirk as gncsls. ; .Vlr. Kirk's sisiijr. .Mr.-. Samuel • <:r;iy and .Mr tiray. of IdriM, tHiio; will arrive idmorrow Jroin t'Jevc- land for a Ivolidfty vi^it liive. nii : llicir way In California, to Hpeiid ; t • • Mm. Sl (iv <'r, A Brown.Bird Singing ^AVooil the wjitl «r Mrs. Knfleld. , • Violin Holo M j-._-t;.|cCf»5 *7 ^<iy,.^'—~— ; Mr.s. I.Ioyd \. Brown I MODKK^T KTHIirETTK The -Miller's Wnoin? . :i',inliig!! By Robertii lei» . •Mrs.-'Haglund. iMrs. Stover. .Mrs. 1 •> ~- ^ Martin. Mi.-w Brown, Mrs. Kii- ! - 1 field, Mrs-. Billbe. Mrs. Bra- ' U- Is it in'rniisslble to whisper ; zee, Mrs. Sthell. in comirany'.' Sheep and Goats .-:.-I)avi(| <;uioii ' A- No: it shows ill-breeding. ..Diversion .1 1— .lolin Alden ' IJ Naila DeHetics-IVihnanyl loupe Mr. Lloyd N. Brown. .\. j <» • « . (1 ' SppfJal at .Saunter Inn: Turkey and (<oose Dinner i Clirisfmus Day. C'hribtimiH at tlie WIslwnl Home A :Cfrristmas. dinner and supper '!party at the L. H. Wishard homo will include Mrs. J. C. Wishard. Mr. iindMrs.>A. E. Garrison and daiigh- ter, -Jean Marie Cinrrison. Miss •> Georgia Nordgren. Mrs. Sadie Uei-, •> mer.t- Thompson and .Miss Bula ' Beinfort. •> <• .<' • • J'amlly Chr]«tmns Uhmer Mn and Mr.s, John Bergman will be host and hostess at a family Christmas dinner Sunday iii their Jionie at 206 South Oak street. Their guests wjll be: Mr. Martin ^ergtnan, Mr. Martin Bergman, jr.. ,'antt ^r. and- .Mrs. J. W. Benedick and daiighter. ileleu Benedick. I low ^iioiild oinr eat (-anta- willi a; peon or fork'.' Till, Q. In should a A. : rii)e>^s which c:i.--;e i! fork. wluil ordi r of pa.i;es '•tier be written'.' !l is very sliorl. in is preferable l,o use ' tho first and thiid iiages. it should he written On consei-utive pages. «•> •> •:• • • •> <• <• <• •:• • •:• • lOLA DAILY ABSTRACT Issued from office of lola Abstract Company • •> • • <• •:• • •>•>•• •:• Overvvlielmeii bv grief'but still conlident of her boy's innocence, .Mrs. Kva Hickiuairof Kansas i'itv. mother of Kilwaid Hickman, sought as liie :;!n;deier of MaVian Parker in Los .Aiigele.s. insists that "Edward l| 102 East JacK.son is a ;;oe;l lioy he couldn't have done that." RISING STAR Dec. 22.—h'armers are making •use of tiie line weather to finish corn shucking and thrbshihg kufir. Both are fair yields. Walter Stafford threshed for Ben December 2:i. Vyil. It. Meliza. single, to Mrs. i .Ma.' K. .Meliza. widow. .\'W. U of ' 2:5-24-li>. I KloreiiOe K. Carjon and .Mien , K.. her'fcusbaiiil, tii Henry Bull-' ir.ctdii. lots i:! and l-l. block 2, l ,dw Wednes <iay ami for John Per; ()r;hi ::i! Pbice. an .Viklilion to lola. •<l.(Ht.' THREE JOLLY PILLOWS kins Thursday; ', Jlal .Marshall has been wrestling ,witb a severe cold, bordering on : pneumonia, but is better now. I'Crii Sisson was ninning the piinipint; plant for Hal.While the .latter was laid Up. Our t'-acber. Mrs. George Jones, spint Weiliiesday night with her I aunt. .Mrs. Hiram Booth. .Mrs. Ed Young's mother is stay- i iiiK wiib ber at pres'ent. .Mother Sisson-is laid up with a bad cold at present.- 'I'I K' le^K-her and piiiiils of Spring I Vall'-y are preparing a fine pro- JKi-;:iii fill- Friday' all|-rnooii. 1 .lobn llvffliiaii biisl.Mr. Crubach BIG BROTHERS FUND Reported r : $21l.0U C. C. P'.erson LOO Cash - 2.00 G.o. Talbei-l 1.00 Sonny Beck / . - . - 5,00 Total . . $2.53.00 Theri- it goes Over the Top! Thai is just . what .w,- thoiicht It I , . would do; It never has failed yet. belpiPK bini clean .|:il his gas slow-pokt'S who "fully welH s.. ih.y will b. ready for j,„f .n,i,.,|" ,„ y,,,,,- money or I winter use. ^.„„,. ,|own here, why yon'II iiovc lip n<-ar j,.^^.,. ,„ ^vait until next year- And treats yon right. will move on the Booth place ne.vt year if the place is not sold before Jajiinary IsL Howard .Met'loud has rented the place .Mr. Laslie leaves. Word from Arthur ami' .Harold Low who are in the Hawaiian Islands says Ihoy are well and fat, but are counting the days' when thev can come home. .Meiry Christmas and Happy .New Vear to all. earliest ymi<s was written was horn in |-trsion. "of ten." is still sung Church of England. M.Mrs. Opal .Mitchell.) LAHAUPE. K.A.V.. DEC. 2.'',. The members of the .senior class held a party at llie home of .Mr and .Mrs. E. W. Hagliiud niursdi.y evening. Ii was a surprise in honor of .Mr. li -.i ;;Inn«V to show their .ippiei-iafioii of bis help in direct- in gtheir play. "What IlappeiXed K. Joiics." Thev presented him' with !"-aiilifiil roiiiilain p^-n. Thi> .-lass, assisted l>y Mr .s. ' Haglnnd si-rv<'il rcfr.-y!iri<nts. •Tli'isi- pres I 'lil were: Uiiiii .Meyers. .Mildred V>.. Ilcbii Daniels. .Maxili'. .Jic.ii. .\i-:lie Opal i.iltccr. .Miiilge Limes, Lennic (Jreeii. Aubri-y Lutlit -oiii. Ral'pli Halt. Charles .Mitcbell. Wablo Edwards. Robert Campbell. Mrs.'Hag­ lnnd and .Mr. Hagiiiild. Robert .Myers, of Cherokee. Okla. is here visiting his parents. .\lr. and .Mrs. George .Myers and bis two children who make" their home with their grandparents. .Miss Dona Couer. of .IJakerslield Mo . is spending the holidays at the i )tlo Oblfest home. City Office^ Will Be Closed All Day Monday j .\ll city oflices will be dosei' .Monday, it was aunoiinced today .at the city liall. The court house- will be closed asiwiH Virtually aU business houses in the <-i;.v. • (!i -o• eery stores will remain open for ; I short time Monday morniiiK. iNo Edition of Daily Register Out Monday .\o edition of the Register v.-ill be ister , until ne.xt'Tuesday afternoon. Holiday Sale for Children [)iinng the hoiula.v.';. while the youiiirsler.'j are not bmy at .school, i:; the ideal time to have tlieir little :(ai'- Inl.s cleaned and presseil for the. new t|.'i'ni. mt^ Rrom Dec. 26 to Dec. ;{1 iiielti.'^ive, we will cl'-.iii two children's garments, all a^es up to 12 years, jtir the Price of One I'lusOne Cent \\'\n:u Ifresh. clean clothes are xo iiic.xpeji.sjve you can afford to have .voiir chiidren re-enter .-cli '.t .il in soiled, nkltjd garments. A FEW CLK.VNAIJI.t: AKTiCLKS: HDYS —Suits. Sweaters. Caps, Mittens, Ties. GIRLSt—'^.ses, Sweaters. Middie.s, fap.s. Skirls. t'aJl 102 for the .White Cars and Detailed Information. Phone 102 Wishing You Prosperity and SuQcess And pledging 'our continued service and assistance jJuring the coming year. • - f Odor ( lliraiii iioolb will i Lone Elm next wiel be lia.< reiileil for ii<-kt year. .N'elubbors and trie Booth family, to ihi nds of the number of And to all who made their contribution in time, a thousand thanks! Already before yon read NM>d1»worlc llV-e hlMftiy. tends t <i repeat Itselif, KO that now we And (HimelVeii hack again doing the old- fashioned {piiltlng that our grand- JBOtbm 'uied to do so beautifully. Quilt^ crib coTcrs, chair liacks and cushions for bedroom, nursery or •nnrobm tise a^e espeeially attractive and one can hardly have too naBy .^f.tbcra. But cushions, to l>e Tvorth any- tbing.; sboold lie useful and the silk and taffeta ones will Inevitably he kept for show. For real comfort, nalce rcoshions like the «mcs shown here, ^tiiat can be thumiietl and eqneeifed and thrown abimt and then tut >be^; c-oming out. of the wa.oh as good new. It is hard to believe that Ibis attractive group .was made . ont Vt nothing except empty flour l]«g8, .msbed, ironed and ^•worated i 1 a- varletT of simple bnr eflfective ' «y8.; The basa can tuually be bonght from *your Itaker for a few cents. The iiiking is remove<J by i-overing ,lr with lard or.kerMene ovemisbt atid then Washing the bag in lukewarm water. If you ai« luuady wiiti a pen­ cil yon «in draw or^(« tume eur conventionaCdesigns. if not, traoM- fer patterns arc inexpensive. Ttiene, with some odds and er^Is <ot ginic- j hams, chaiiibrJty and other cotton pieces, and mercerired embroidery ibread. ire all the materials yoa need. A thin shA-t of cotton wadding placed tindemeath tlie cloth will, however, give tlie cushion mora of |a quilted effect, ^ • The oblong ctisbloh is boxed, thb side.s being of the same contrasted goods as the appliqued design in the center. The edges may be corded or stitebed. Tbe moon pillow has a narrow i;uffle to match the oentei design, while the square one.:in* tended for nursery ' use, carries a circus menagerie that fat sure to wja youthful hearts. ' . An interesting variation is to toh low tbe outline of the design la rlek-rack braid. The braid is first ba.oted on and then a single stitck about three-eighths of an inch; lonij :5s taken at each point of tbe braid, u.sing a thread of smartly cootraat- ing color. , about lifly-live. ..«ent| in Wednes-^,^,^ ,,3^,^^,,, j.^^y^ ^^^^ dav evening and gavi them a -snr- 1 .,,„„„ ;„ „,- i^em, -end more than I.nisc and farewell, i hose present. ^^.j,, ^ were: .rs. Vaneita and family. : f,,risVmL <finner tomorrow who Mr. and S\r. X (..1 a^.ie ami fa m-. .Jined. on meagre fare ily. Ike Deeki-r and wife .Mr. and „ „ ^ .Mr.s. newey S,| ami M .n. .Mr. ^^ y , Christmas, an. .M>. I.. (. 11 lasp.e.; Mr and -Mr.s | E |P,.;.,,O,, f;. Cillavpie anrl family. Irene and . Anna .laeksou. .Mr.--, (leorge .lone.-;.: ; "~ .Mr. and .Mrs. Clia:'. \Villett!<. Ifow-, Tho nlilest name for f'hristma." ard and Blaneb. .Mr. and Mrs. Del-.'is "The; Feast of I.ightF." a ref- berl Sisson. .^lr. and Mrs. t'has, erenee |o the glory in th<» heavens V.'iiiile ami .Merle- tin I mw and | when atigel.s t^auK their .song an- faniily. .'^Irs, Kobt. .Morris and 1 nonncing Chri.'Jt's birth to the children. V.v. and .Mr.«. J<din Hoff- sheiiherds. man and Kny I'pton. .Ml' regret' . _ very m.irblosinu this family from ' Christmas carols originated in <Mir midst but our loss will be the-' cain of others. Hiram- was liorn : and reared on ,the farm 'he is leaving. f'offoe and sandwiches, were served at a late honr. All ; wish the family many good things i ih their new home. j .Mrs. Orvil Holeman will not t move on their place as she expect- I cd. hut will go to Texas where Or- j vil has work in the oil fields. ' The I..;islie and Sisson children | are recovering from severe eolds, i Wt- -Mr. hnslie anil family j the eleventh century, being sung between ;the scenes of the miracle and ray.sjery plays of that period. ... b kv baiMCttts ttmmut n The Crowning Season joy fnr tlir riiiirc yi'fi>~ is the CliiistDins jti i- I. Jn thfiic few holidai/.t arc f/atJierVd toi/illirr „c chief pleasures of the other fifty-our ineks hich have passed away since the year beyap. In smnminy iip our astsets of the year ire (hid nir patrouayc and friendship to hold an import,it place amonfi our matters oflsntisfaclion. And n-r are rcnturiny thr hope that you l\ijrr f( und your dealings leiih us pleasant and sdlis- fc ctory — that our friendly relations n/ny br con- tiivcd throvyh iOZR. Meanirhile ne arc hopiny that the pie.-fcnl C xristmas will he the merriest and he:-t yon hurt cier enjoyed and that nathi.iy will stand in the u:\ty of your complete happiness. SEASON'S GREETINGS We take tliis opportunity to greet our patrons, and to wish them a very merry Christmas and a prosperous and happy New Year. I'owder Puff Beauty Shoppe May Santa present yoTVwith happiness and prosperity^ for coming year. ^^-^

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