Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on October 28, 1955 · Page 2
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 2

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Friday, October 28, 1955
Page 2
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u . .itrti«i : , '!' VV O Texas Leaders In Battle For Party Control FORT WORTH, Tex. UV-Tc.vas' three top Democrats squared oft .today in another^ round of the three-year-old.hit and run scuffle for control of the Texas Democratic vote. Recent moves to palch up hurl feelings between the feuding factions of the party apparently died with the last rose of summer. Last night the rafters of an exhibit building at the exposition grounds here shivered from the lusty yells of 2,200 partisans who approved a show of power pul on by House Speaker Sam Raybiirn and Senate Majority Leader Lyndon Johnson. . ' . "If Eisenhower doesn't run it doesn't make any difference who the Republicans run for president. We are going to defeat them anyhow," said Rayburn in. what he called his only political talk in Texas this year. Earlier yesterday, Gov. Allan Shivers, tilular head of the state party who has drawn the glares of Rayburn and Johnson since he swung the parly machinery for Eisenhower in 1952, announced a new campaign to strengthen his standing. He said he would travel throughout the nation urging Democrats to nominate "a man -who is moderate in his views and does not represent any extreme." Hayburn was guesl of honor last night at a dinner where an enthusiastic crowd paid $5 each /or barbecue, beans and two hours of fast-paced polities. Shivers name was never mentioned, although it was apparent that a number of remarks were aimed in his direction. "I am'here without any handles on my politics," Kayburn told.the crowd. "I'm a' Democrat and that's all, whether you spell it with a big or little D." He let the applause die down then raised his voice and spoke straight into a television camera: "And I'm not a Democrat 18 months of the two years then something else the six months v,'hcn voting comes up." Jersey Alert Held Success TRENTON, N. J. 1/B-rAn official "well done" was stamped today on New Jersey's first statewide mobilization of Civil Defense forces and National Guard units following an air raid alert. When the siren sounded at 6 p.m. yesterday—during the commuter • traffic rush period—the entire populace scurried for shelter. Traffic halted, and bridges and tunnels linking this state to New York . and Pennsylvania were closed during the 10-minute lest. Belgian JPrlii ee 11mrnts Jf«r»V Rodeos have 12.5 paying customers a year in the United States. Handles/ Locations in r> PITTSBURGH! l.-i tha heart o! ihft Golden Tiiangla ' 400 eulilda roomt • faalh • televliian • AirCar-ditianinq • AThr.Hc 7-6970 Hotel PitUburgher MOTEL Orpoiita Greater Pittsburgh Airport. • j * 56 air-conditioned roornt • tile b*th j • television * prlvata phone Co-jriesy car ID and from molil 4MWiU-SI5? J ^ J05.F.DUDDY. GEN. H-G\/ Couplfe Finds Carpenter, 23, Shot To Death .:' Prince Albert of Belgium has the rapt, attention 6f film stars Eva Marie Saint aiid Bob Hope as the heir io the Belgian throne visited Paramount studios in Hollywood. The prince, a navy lieutenant, is touring American military bases. - (AP Photofox) Little Insurance Covered NortheastDisaster, Areas CHICAGO. Uv-An insurance .ex- ecuiive said today that insurance covered- only'5 to 10 per cent of the' estimated 1 billion dollars in losses in the August floods in the Northeast.. Alexander Ellis Jr.; partner in the insurance firm of Fairfield & Ellis of Boston, made the eslimale in a prepared address to the American Management Assn.'s fall insurance conference. Ellis 'reported that most of the Question, insurance claims resulting from the 1 flood will involve personal properly. "Fixed properly, tha ings, machinery and is the most susceptible to water damage and to this day remains practically uninsurable with respect to flood loss." Ellis said. He added that insurance rates for such coverage is '.'prohibitive." 'Even if the cost of flood insurance were reasonable," he said, "experience has indicated that only those whose properties are exposed to the -possibility of. flood damage would buy it. There is no way by which the tolal risk may be reduced by spreading it over a large number of properties.' Ellis advocated government flood control as the "most feasible and logical method of meeting flood problems." Soviet-Seeks Arms Debate UNITED NATIONS, N.Y. W-V. V. Kuznetsov, Soviet deputy foreign minister, pressed today for a quick debate in the U.N.'Political Committee on the disarmament The !2-nation disarmament commission last week swamped a similar Soviet request with the iat is, build-largument-that it should be taken equipment, U P f'''st by the Big Four foreign Richest Pickets In World Strike Richest Company NEW YORK Ifl — The world's richest pickets struck the world's richest corporation yesterday. -Eighty-four Cadillac salesmen, with an, average, income of $17,)00 a year—and some making as much as $40,000—struck Genera! Motors "Corp., which will probably net a billion dollars this year—a record; figure for any business enterprise". . The issue in the walkoul is job iecurily. The salesmen recently joined to AFL Brotherhood • of Teamsters and the union promptly opened negotiations with the Cadil: lac Division of General Victors. Negro, 72, Given Life BALTIMORE HI - Robert H. Williams, who is 72, was sentenced to spend the rest of his life in prison yesterday for the jealosy slaying of his 55-year-old sweet- minislcrs how meeting in. Geneva. Kuznetsov urged that it was up to the General Assembly to-hurdle obstacles to.current disagreement on disarmament steps. He said 11 would help the foreign ministers. Buffer Zone (Continued from PSyc 1) The treaty proposed by the West would have as its essential signatories, officials- said, Ihe United States. Britain, France, Russia Poland and Czechoslovakia and eventually a unified Germany. Also filling the pattern was a behind-the-scenes struggle Jiere over Ihe balance of .power and coiitinualion of Western' influence in the Middle Easl Having obtained a partial Iruce in the cold war in Europe. Russia may consider itself free to press expansionist policies in a new direction. Western diplomats said they expccl the Soviets to offer Potent Stuff, • : LINCOLN, Mont. — Wl— Police feared they were in for a bang up time when Ihe following thefts were reported simultaneously: alcoholic drinks valued at $250 and 1,400 pounds of dynamite. to join with the West in organizing heart The aged Negro man also wounded a younger rival who wasja new collective security alliance visiting the victim of the slaying, iwhich would bind all the states of Mrs. Mary Jane Curtis. The shoot-jtfie Middle East to act against ing happened last August. • aggression. Sin* as the Seagram's 7 Crottn is American ivliiskey at its finest All over America, tlie call for 7'Crown is as c<yi«istent as the passage of time. For Americans have learned over the years that this brand alone, brings tliem in ercry single bottle a whiskey of il'is.tincljvc character, smooth and full-flavored, without a trace of hcavincss. Thta'i why SoogrnmY^ Crounis Americas leading whaltey by more than 2 to 1. .. ,. , and be Sure SngntnvGistlllcrs Company, New York City. Blended Whiskey. 86.8 Proof. 65% Grain Neutral Spirits. OXON muv.iiu; V I*-A house- Hinling.' couple found Ihe body of a 23-year-old carpenter in a street last night at an Oxon Hill con- truction project. He had been shoi in the head and chest. .'-.•' Prince Georges • County Police said the victim; was' William S. Birkelt of nearby Washington, D.C. A 1 physician said the man had been dead, only a short time before the body was found -across from Oxon Hill High School. - . A neatly dressed man driving a late model aulq was being sought. Police said he had been "in the area' yesterday asking where he could buy a gun! Police said they doubted robbery was a motive because a • wallet containing some money was found on the body. The couple who. found. the body was not .identified by police. Birkelt was married and the father of an ' 8-monlh-old son. His wife, Kalhryh, 22, and the child were living in Houstonia, Mo., po- ice said, while Birkelt sought living quarters in this area. The dead man's slepmolher is Mrs. Georgia B. Birkett'of Fbr'cst- ville. • ." ' : ' Eisenhower Continues • Steady Improvement DENVER Wl—The morning med ical bulletin, on President Eisenhower today said: "The President had a good night's sleep of 7'.i hours. "He awoke feeling refreshed and a good. mood. The. President's condition continues to progress satisfactorily . without complications.". '-.'.-. The Open-Toed Shoes Due CHICAGO - (INS) - The well- dressed man will have something new to show off ncxt^spring—open- toed shoes. .. The latest • designs in., men's shocs'have open'.toes just like.wo men's shoes.' They're not san dais. '•' These ; . are; shoes. with an opening-that shoes off a man's big toe. ••••;/..;''•, •••"'••'• The shoes;. displayed at the Na Mortal Shoe Show, are described-as casual "oxfords." . There are var ious modals, some with front laces others with side buckle.. They wil be made in green, white, black anc brown suede, grained or smooth black or brown leather and alii gator. 1 ' ••'.'. Prices for the open-toed men's shoes will run .from ?25 to $45 a pair. ' • Maryland Waterman,' 71, Ends Life In Fishing Bay ELLIOTT,.Md. W — An elderly waterman took his own life, Dor tester County authorities "said to day, by jumping'into Fishing Bay after tying one end of a rope to a boat and the other .around- his waist. • .': Dr. John liace, county medica examiner, gave a verdict of sui cide by drowning in'the deilh o 71-year-old Ira McCready. •• Facing Action By Government In Tax WASHINGTON -(INS) - Television Comedy Quizmaster Groucho Marx found himself on the other side of the fence today in a con- Julius 11. Marx^sold his Interest :......_ *nn inn ., llti.'tlimif fm* Irsll (Bill ffl tlA nairl Ex-Grid Star Dies SAN ANTONIO, Tex. (INS) -! Frank Eidom, 23-year-old 'former football sfar at South'ern Methodist University, died'today at Brooke [1 Army Hospital of injuries, received in an automobile • accident last Sunday. . . 80-ACRE U. S. GOVT. OIL LEASES — $200 Get our : booklet—it's FREE— packed with .exciting news, of Oil Rich Wyoming. New discoveries, pipelines, drilling wells. Map included shows oil and gas fields and location of govt. acreage that could make you a fortune. Write today!— No obligation! , JOHN E. DUFF BONDED LEASE BROKE* till Wil.hir. Boul.vorJ Btverly Hilli, Colifotnii CH.ilvi.w 4-3111 , MOIfCIS rOUK CAK FIOMTMIZI-UPI, »C!0>,IUST AND COIIQSION tesi wilh Uncle Sam over a $68,100 tax prize. U. S. tax- Court-'records disclosed that the Internal Revenue Service has filed the lax deficiency against the Hollywood star oh the basis of his lax returns from are pending 1950 .through 1952. , Similar claims against-New 'York Actor Harold Lang, former Democratic Chair- Kansas Publisher Richard M. Seaton, brother, of, Presidential Assistant Fred A: Seaton. Groucho's tax . troubles stem from the sale of his weekly TV pany in 1950 for one million dollars. . '.'''• '-•'.Groucho — whose real .name a in the show for $750,000 to be paid by NBC in annual installments of $74,000 for ten years after «n in|; tial $10,000 payment.'-';.'.-..' .•:':, . Halloween Pranksters Blamed In Fatal Fire BLOOMING, Ind. WV-A volunteer, fireman was killed .and nine man Frank E. McKinney and others were injured early today when a 300-foot covered bridge collapsed in a fire' believed set by Halloween pranksters. The wood bridge, spanning White River east of Gosport-in Monroe program "You Bel. Your Life" to County, apparently was -set afire the National Broadcasting Com : about mldhighl THE MANHATTAN J|H .Virgin «„„! Tte^l41>.K-<t • - • : : »*ir-lH^,fc- '' , „ Y Tweed (Coats exceptional... values and selections in ' •Imported r f Here's dramatic and conclusive proof that ^^ T1)e j| anna [t an , in Cumberland, for coats! A superlative selection of magnifi- ccnl imported virgin wool tweeds- in carefully selected exclusive patterns and colon ... at a price for most every budget. Sizes 36 to 46. Regulars, shorts, longs. See them loday . . . they're exceptional I tin It a tin n Baltimore Street at Liberty The Men's Corner r Your choice of 29 all-new Plymouth models, Including an all-new line or Suburban station wagons In 3 low prlce-ranies. 9.1 seconds, ago this '56 Plymouth-was standing still! \Vanl power you can use? Meet Plymouth's magnificent new Hy-Fire V-8! Teamed- wilh fully automatic PowerFlite and 90-90 Turbo-Torque, this brilliant engine gives you tremendous acceleration at "lake-off." You get whip-quick response and a safety.'power reserve in «11 driving ranges. 200 lip is available with Pmverl'ak in.all 4 lines —Belvedere, Savoy, Plaza and Suburban. Or choose 187 hji in Belvedere and Suburban.lines. Or 180 lip in Savoy and 1'lnx.a lines. (If you prefer,ihe super-economy of Plymouth's new PoivcrKlotf 6-also available in all 4 lincs-you get 125 lip, or 131 hp wilh PowerPak.) Come in and'test-pilot this new jet-age Plymouth todiy! PUSH-BUTTON DRIVING • . ' °. * ••.-'.. •"• With a finger-tip touch on » biifton you select your driving r»nge..'A>.;. easy as flicking'* light switch'! Then, Plymouth's'fully'automatic Power-• Klltc-tht world's smoothest, most' •advanced transmission-talcM 'over. It's the ultimate in driving taM and 'another fvrtt with Plymouth. '•' PLYMOUTH'56 ,All-new Aerodynamic . Drive it at your Plymouth dealer's -tho car that'i gnhiK plpccs with the Young in Henrtl

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