The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on January 12, 1933 · Page 17
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 17

Bakersfield, California
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Thursday, January 12, 1933
Page 17
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THE BAKERSFIELD CALIFORNIA!*, THURSDAY, JANUARY 12, 1933 17 Legal Notices STATEMENT OP MINUTES BOARD OF SUPERVISORS FOR MEETING HELD TUESDAY, JANUARY 3, 1933. Koard met In regular session nt 10 o'clock A. M., with nil members .present. The minutes for the meeting hold Tuesday, December 27, 1932, were approved and statement of Minutes of mild meeting approved and ordered printed. „ Requisitions were Approved. Supervisor Woollomes WUH authorized to nell 1 cord of wood, and the sale of said wood to Max Brtyless /or the Hum of $6.00, waa confirmed. Check of state compensation Insurance F.tmd in the sum of I421G.10, being. dividend for the period from March 31, 1931, to March 31, 1932, was accepted and deposited In the County Treasury, 'Claims against the County were allowed. Taxes were cancelled on the following described property, viz: *WV4 I-*"* 3. Sec. 21-28-26, to Wm. R Mullen for yenr 1932. DEATH SUMMONS US. Sensational Financier Once Had Millions; Once Was Federal Prisoner ^Continued From P f aff6 One) ! ,4 I>ot 14, Sec. 6*31-27, n«Heflfled to W. W. Frailer Eat. for yenr 1032. Lot 52, N. 10 ft. Lot D3. Alamo Park Sub. assessed to J. L. Fidler for yetir 1532. Persona] Property, assessed to "Allison Krames for year 1932. . Personal Property, assessed to Albert L. Burke for year J932. Personal Property, assessed to Chan. M. Farmer for yenr 1932. Personal Property, assessed to Pn- ntflc Cottonseed Products Co. for yenr 1932. Personal Property, assessed to C. E. Wiseman for yenr 1932. Personal Property, assessed to Minnie O. Lane for year 1932. Personal Property, assessed to Ruby Beck for year 1932. Personal Property, assessed to E. P. Smith for year 1932. The folio wlner applications for busl- licenses were granted, viz: Alfred Ramirez, wasco. Ike J. Peters, McFarland. W. H. Jahant was reappointed a member of the County Planning Com- rnlflHlan for n term of four years. Resolution upon the issuance of bonds in the matter of Acquisition and improvement District No. 3, was adopted. -N HGttlons for rights of way of standard widths and for existing rights of various widths In Kern county, were .approved. The Annette Community Club was granted a special permit to conduct public dances. The I. D. K. S., No. 112, was granted a special permit to conduct dances on Union avenue. Kenorts of County Officials were- received and filed. The Board of Supervisors adjourned vine dlo, reorganizing immediately, and selecting J. Perry Brlto as Chalr- for the yeai 1933. The contract with Gundlach Plumb- Ing & Sheet Metal Co.. Ltd.. for steam heating at Stony Brook Retreat, was accepted as completed. B. Want Beam was granted the use of the County Knirgrounds to hold the Congress of Daredevils, on January 15 or January 22, 1933, at a rent of 10 per cent of the sate receipts. All members of the Board of Supervisors were granted a leave of absence from the State of California for a pe- rl<yl not to exceed 60 days In nil.' Ordinance No. 249, amending No. 244, and .providing a zoning or districting plan for Kern County, was adopted. The rules of the Board of Supervisors were adonted, and committees appointed for the year 1933. Board took a recess until Friday, January tj, 1933, at 2 o'clock P. M. Friday, January 6. 1933 Board met pursuant to recess of January 3, 1933, with all members except Supervisor Hart, present. (Malms against the County were al- iowed. Board adjourned until Monday, January 9, 1033, at 10 o'clock A. M. F. K. SMITH, Jan. 12 Clerk of the Board. NOTICE OF THE HEARING REPORT OF VIEWERS ON PROPOSED ROAD No. 75». personal fortune,- estimated nt $22,000,000 nnd control of the $350,000,000 enterprises he had organised, Morae was convicted of misapplication of the funds of one- of his banks. Two Years In Prison Ho was sentenced to 15 years In the- federal penitentiary nnd served two years, after which President Taft pardoned him -because his health was alleged to be so bad he had not long to live, For two year* Morse fought to-avoid serving his sentence and'during that time through operations In the stock market, recouped $7,600,000 of his shattered fortune, Sensational Exploit One of Morse's sensational financial exploits was the merger in 1900 of 21 Independent New York icp companies to form the American Ice Company. UI& $00,000,000 combine boosted the price of ice from 30 cents to 60 cents u hundredweight on ono hot New York day, bringing down an official inquiry on the heads of ftforso and his associates and making his name ono to conjure with on tho New Yftrk Stock Exchange, At the height ot his power Morse headed a shipping merger which controlled n large part of the freight and passenger traffic along (he Atlantic Coast as well as on the Hudson river. EiOlEN BIG AIR COM (United Press Leased Wire) NEW YORK, Jan. 12.—Rival transcontinental, air lines today were Involved In a competitive war to reduce the flying time between tho east and west coasts. Transcontinental and 'Western Air, Inc., ordered 15 low wing Northrop monoplanes which they hope will carry passengers, mail and oppress from New York to Los Angeles in 16 hours. United Air Lines announced It would place In service this month the first of a fleet of 60 two-engined Boeing monoplanes which will fly from New York to San 1 Francisco in 23 hours or Office of the Clerk of the Board of Supervisors of the County of Kern, .State of California. To All Non-Consenting Ownern of the Hereinafter Described Lands, Take Notice:That tho report of viewers horeto- 'ore appointed by the above-named Board to view and lay out proposed UVunty HOJH! No. 759 commencing at a point in the northwest quarter of Section Eleven (11), Townnhlp Twentynine f29) South, Flange Twenty-nine (39) Kast, M. D. M., from which point the northeast corner of Section Two (2} of said Township and Range, bears N. 29" 64' 30" E., a distance of 7208.47 feet, and running thence S. 43° G6' 30" E., a distance of 163.86 feet, thence on 'and along a circular curve of COO ft. radius, concave to the southwest, a distance of 386.69 feet, thence S. 0' 21' 30" W.. a distance of 327.01 feet, thence on nnd along a circular curve of 1200 ft. radius, concave to the • northeast, a distance of 51*2.71 feet, thence S. 27* 66' 30" K, a distance of 1821.41 feet, to Station "A," thence on and along a circular curve of 280 ft. radius, concave to the northeast, ;i distance of 407.49 feet to intersect tho California State Highway. Also, beginning at Station "A," and running thence S. 27* 56* 30" E., a distance of 2.40 feet, thence on and along a circular curve of 220 ft. radius, concave to the northwest a distance of 370.98 feet to Intersect the California State Highway, has been set down for hearing by tho said Board of Supervisors at their rooms in the County Court House in the City of Bakers- fleW, said County and Stato for Jan* uary 15, 1933, at 11 o'clock A. M.. where any and all interested therein may apear and make objection thereto If deemed proper. The said road will pass over, through and? upon lands owned by: Estate of Louis Olcese. By order of the Board of Supervisors ot the County of Kern, State of California, made December 27, 1932. P. E. SMITH, County Clerk nnd ex-Offtcio Clerk of the Board of Supervisors. Dec. 29 to Jan. 12, Incl. NOTICE OF THE HEARING REPORT OF VIEWERS ON PROPOSED ROAD No. 842. Office of the Clerk of tho Board of Supervisors of the County of Kern, State of California: • To All Non-Consenting Owners of the Hereinafter Described Lands Take Notice: That the report of viewers heretofore appointed by tho above-namort Board to view nnd lay out proposed .County Koad No. 842, commencing at the northoast corner of Villa Lot No. -'6, according to the map of "Drury'H Addition of Kern City, Sec. 21. T. 29 S., H. 28 K., M. D. B. & M.," filed for record on March ISth, 1907, on page 101 of Book 1 of MnpH, and running thence southerly and along east boundary of said Villa Lot No. 26, to the southeast corner thereof, has been Hot down for hearing by the suld Board of Supervisors at their rooms In the County Courthouse in the City of UakerKfield, said County and State, for January 30, 1933, at 11 o'clock A. M,, where any and all Interested therein may appear and make objection thereto If deemed proper. The naid road will pass over, through and upon tho lands owned by; Sarah J. Tltmufi, Villa Ivot No. 26, Drury'g Addition of'Kern City. By order of the Board of Supervisory of the County of Kern, Stato of California, made January 9, 1933. P. E. Smith, County Clerk and ex-Officio Clerk of the Board of Supervisors. , Jan. 12 to 26, inc. Air Express, Inc., flying Lockheeds but carrying express only, nan maintained an 18-hour .service since its service was inaugurated several weeks ago. Colonel Charles A. Lindbergh, chairman of TranncontinentaVs technical committee, will Bupervise construction of the 15 new liners. They will be powered with 700-horaepower Wright motors and carry a load of 2000 pounds, including eight passengers. Chet Beer Has 153 for Second Round Archie Hambrick wan leading in the second round of the $7500 Agua Caliente- open golf tournament today, the ZanesvlJle, Ohio, golfer adding a sub- par 70 to his card of yesterday making a total of 144. Abe Espinosa had a 36-hole total of 147. Chet Boer, professional from the Stockdale Country Club here, toured the difficult course In 77 today, which with his 76 of yesterday gave him a total of 153. John McHugh, of San Diego, had 149, China in Appeal to U. S. Against Japan (United Press Leased Wire) WASHINGTON, Jan. 12.—The Chinese government has sent K note to tho United States charging that Japan took unlawful advantage of the Boxer protocal of 1901 in occupying Shan- halkwan. The note, announced by the Chinese legation tdoay, nald China "cannot assume responsibility" for any situation which may arise from defensive action against such "aggression." Refund to Mills' Estate Criticized WASHINGTON, Jan. 12.—The Senate today voted 61 to 26 to prohibit payment of any tax refunfls amounting to more than $5000 until they had been approved by the joint congressional committee on internal revenue taxation. Tho action came after senators hnd criticized large refunds, specifically one to tho estate of tho late Ogden Mills., Sr., whose son Is Secretary of Treasury Mills. , L RECEIVER APPOINTED , NEW YORK, Jan. 12. (A. P.)—The Irving- Trust Company wns appointed receiver In bankruptcy today for the McLellan Stores Company, operating 280 department stores In 35 states, after a voluntary petition in bankruptcy had been filed. •••••^^^••••M Legal Notices •^^^^^^^^•^j^rf^rf^^^^^^^^rfw^^k^k^k^ ^^^^^^^^^^^f^^^^r^^r^f^^r^^^^^^^^^^^^i^^^^^ DELINQUENT SALE OF STOCK Farmers' Mutual Telephone Association; location of principal place of business, Bakersfield, Calif. Notice is hereby given that there is delinquent upon the following issued stock of the Farmers' Mutual Telephone Association, a corporation, on account of assessment No. 26, levied thereon the 29th duy of April, 1932, the several amounts wet opposite th« namcB of the respective shareholders nn follows: Cert. No. Amt. K. 13. Pyle (old stock) 50 $5.00 W, M, Destefanr 120 5.UO Alex Fish 130 5.00 And In accordance with the law and an order of the Board of Directors of NOTICE OF ANNUAL MEETING Notice i« hereby tflven that the Annual Meeting of stockholders of the ParafUne Oil Company will ne hold at the office of the company. 1420 Seventeenth street, Bakersfield, California, on Tuesday, the 81st day of January, 1983, at the hour of 3 o'clock P. M., for the purpose of' electing a Board of Pirectors nnd transacting nuoh other business as may come before the meettiiK. CHAS. A. HAHB, Hecrctniy, Paraffin© Oil 'Jompuny. Dated January 12, 1983./ Jan, 12 to 27, Inc. association, so many shares of such Btock as may be necessary will be sold at public auction at the Panama Bchoolhouse, on the 23rd day of January. 1933, at 2 o'clock p. m., to pay the delinquent assessment thereon, to- Kether with the cost of advertising and expenses of the sale. (Signed) MHS. R. B. ASHK, Jan. 11 to 21, inc. Secretary. ANNUAL MEETING OF STOCK- KOLDERS. BAKERSFIELD INVESTMENT COMPANY. Thft regular annual meeting of the stockholder*! of the BakerHfield Investment Company will be held in the office of Taylor & Taylor, 1660 Chester Avenue. City of Bakersfield, County of Kern, State of California, on Tuesday, January 17, 1033, at 2 p. m., for the election of Directors, and such other business as may properly come before said meeting:. Dated January 1, 1933. E. L. SOLOMON, Socrotary. Jan. 0 to 18, inch THEY PROBE CHARGES AGAINST ROLPH mm STOCKS SLUMP SLIGHTLY Only Three Issues Advance; Declines Fractional in f BRIGHT SPOTS IN BUSINESS Every Case Here Is the committee named by the Senate of the California Legislature to sift charge* of waatefulness, favor, ftlsm, etc-, against the administration of Governor James Rolph, Jr. "There Is evidence enough to blow the dome off the capltol," declares Senator J. M. Inman, chairman. "Let It blowj the sky's the limit, and It may move two ways/ 1 retorts Governor Rolph. Left to right, seated, Senators B. C. Crlttenden, J. M, Inman, chairman, and William A. Harper. Standing, Senators W. P. Rich and H. C. Jones. N BROS. OF SEEK PAROLES (Associated Press Leased Wire) SAN QUENTIN, Jan. 12.—Seven Immediate paroles were granted by the state board of prison terms and paroles here today as the February calendar appeared with 228 new applications. Prominent among the February applicants are "W. W. and M. Q. Watterson, former Inyo county bankers, serving terms for embezzlement; Arthur W. and Floyd Carr, Los Angeles kidnapers, and Dorothy Barbette Hammell, former San Francisco beauty shop proprietor, serving a term for forgery. The seven gjven immediate paroles by the board before taking up the new calendar were: James Kelly, who has served one year on a one to five year sentence for a San Joaquln county automobile theft. Ted Malone, who lias served one year on a one to five year sentence for a Los Angeles county automobile theft. M. Florin, three years served for first degree burglary In Stanislaus county. Mary Aragon and Mrs . Andi*ew Mendez, sisters, three years served for Los Angeles county thefts. J. L. Pedllla, three years served for first degree burglary In Los Angeles county. D. L. Blatt, three years nerved for first degree burglary in Solano county. Kansan, Wife Found Slain in Residence (AtBociatcd Prcstt Leased TOPKKA, Kan., Jan. 12.— Mr. ana Mrs. Dan C. Hammatt. were found dead with bullet wounds in their heads today at their home in a fashionable Topeka suburb. Doctor H. L. Clark, county coroner,. said a revolver was clutched in Hammatt's hand. The coroner expressed the belief It was a case of murder and suicide. Hammatt was cashier of an insurance company. No evidence of burglary was discovered immediately. Change Proposed in Beer Ratification ( Associated Press Leased WASHINGTON, Jan. 12.— An amendment to the pending prohibition repeal resolution, providing for ratification by state conventions Instead of legislatures, was proposed today by Senator Bratton, Democrat, New Mexico. A similar proposal, made by Bratton while tho judiciary committee was considering the repeal resolution, was rejected. $10,694,000 Bridge ', Contract Is Signed t , (United Prcsa heated Wire) SAN FttANCISCO, Jan. 1 ^—Contract for the main steel HuperBtructure of the Golden Gate bridge was Hlgned today by directors of the bridge district and offlc-lals of tho McCllnttc- Marshall Corporation, subsidiary of the Bethlehem Steel Corporation. The figure was $10,694,000, and the contract forma tho largest single unit of the $30,000,000 project. Papers were signed by \VHHam P. Fllmer, president of tho bridge district, and K. K. McMath, vice-president, and C. A. Johnson, engineer of the Steel Fabricating Company. t MADE ON MEASURE (Associated Prcsn Leased Wire) WASHINGTON, Jan. 12.—Slow plod- nR through tho complex provisions of the emergency farm plans occupied the Hou«e today as Democratic leaders sought to hasten the bill to a vote. It took well over an hour to adopt the first committee amendment, which establishes an Initial marketing period for the benefited crops—wheat, cotton, rice, hoprs, clniry products and peanuts —and fixes during the period the following minimum prices which 'the bill seeks to guarantee the farmer: Sevent3'-flve cents n bushe) on wheat and rice, fl cents a pound on cotton, 5 cents a pound on hogs, 3 cents a pound on peanuts, 26 cents a pound on hutterfnt. This Initial marketing- period would precede the 1933-34 marketing-year, to be defined by the secretary of agriculture. ^The bill would not become effective on tobacco until after the beginning of the 19S3-34 year. Man, Wife Held in Extortion Attempt rf. BANDIT IDENTIFIED ANSAS CITY, Kan., Jan. 12. (A. Dr. B. D. Williams, Wynndotte county coroner, said today that Mr. and Mrs. Herman Lee Fuller of Heav- encr, Okla., have identified the body of a man slain Tuesday night -in the attempted holdup of a bus an that ot their son, Floyd, 35, COOLIDGE HONORED LONDON, Jan. 12. (A. P.)—United States Ambassador Mellon, the ambas- Bacjors of Japan nnd Argentina, and other officials attended a memorial service today for Calvin Coolldge. Sir John Simon, the British foreign secretary, represented the MacUonald government. BUST PREVENTIVE LONDON, Jan. 12.—The British National Physical Laboratory has been experimenting with a waste product of the woolen Industry, "Mnollne," as a ruat preventive. The substance IH coated over KteeJ and is said to have showed no rust formations after three years attack by weather. It IH Him- ilar to mutton tallow In consistency. ANAHEIM MAN KILLS SELF ANAHEIM, Jan. 12. (A. P.)—Barney Nelson, !M, shot himself to death near here last night, police reported today, after friends had obtained his release from jail, where he had been held feu* Intoylcntlon. Officers said he WHO despondent over domestic troubles. $31J61,535 BILL PASSES WASHINGTON, Jan. 12. <U. P.)— Tho Senate today paused the deficiency bill "carrying $31,701,636 to make up departmental expenses in excess of amounts heretofore appropriated by Congress. RAILWAY LAWYER DIES EVANSTON, 111., Jan. 12. (A. P.)~ Hay N. van Doreri, 56, vice-president and lega\ counsel of the Chtengo & Northwestern and of the Chicago, Ht. Paul, Minneapolis & Omaha Railways, died today of rfeart ATLANTA, Ga. ( Jan. 12.—Odell C. Boyles, unemployed parachute jumper, ani his wife, faced prosecution under n drastic new antl-kidnaping: law today because they are alleged to have attempted to extort $12,000 from Josoph K. Cannon, Sr., millionaire North Carolina manufacturer. Cannon received a series of letters threatening to kidnap either his son or his ffranddaughter, Anna Cannon Reynolds, daughter of the lato heir to the Reynolds toT>acco fortune. Texans Opposed to Allotment Scheme (Assooiated Press Leaned "Wire) AUSTIN, Texan, Jan. 12.— The Texas Senate passed a resolution today memorializing Congress not to pass the domestic allotment farm relief bill, and requesting the tariff commission not to raise the Import duties on cotton tics. The resolution condemned Uio domestic allotment bill IIB "price fixing" and vtolatlve of the principled of the Democratic party. $100,000 OIL FIRE HWAUMONT, Texas, Jan, 12. (A. P.) Diunatfe estimated nt $100.000 was clone today when the Gulf Production Company's Barrel! No, 0 oil well nenr Fannetf blew in with a terrific RJUS pressure and Was ignited by a spark. No one was Injured. RULES PRICES mm Dr. Otto H«intze U Germany'* new price dictator, appointed by President von Hlndenburg. VETERANS HOT GUI (United Press Leased Wire) WASHINGTON, Jan. 12.—Tho appeal of Spanish-American War veterans against proposed reductions Jn their pensions was put beforo the joint congressional committee on vot- orana' legislation today by Rico W. Means, chairman of tho national legislative committee of tho United Spanish War Veterans, Several organizations which have recommended reductions in tho anmtnl billion dollar bill for veterans' benefits havo advocated a decrease of $100,000,000 In amounts paid veterans of tho war with Spain. Means gave a lengthy review of the pension Rystem as established In 1861, 1862 and 1890; Spanish War veterans, he continued, hnd never sought a special act from Congress for themselves, but have "willingly accepted tho policy already established by Congress." CLAIMS INSULL TOOK (United Prent Leased Wire) NEW YORK, Jan. 12.—The Greek National Dally Herald, Greek language newspaper here, features an article asserting that Samuel Insull, fugitive CJilcag-o utility maffnnte, arrived In Greece with $10,000,000 in $1000 bills. The article quoted a customs agent who examined JnHull's baggage when he arrived In Greece. t Tnnull displayed reluctance when the agent asked to look into a small bag he had not permitted to leave his hnnd. Finally Insull handed it over and the agent found it tightly packed with $1000 bills, the article said. The newspaper recorded this conversation: Agent—You are fortunate In having this bflg examined. Otherwise you would not be permitted to take it out of tho country again. Insull—Don't worry. 1 am not to take It out. • Blaze Destroys Old Mansion in Merced (United Prcn* Leased Wire) MI3UCED. Jan. 12. (U. P.)— Smoldering timbers were all that remained today of the famous Huffman mansion, built in 1886 at a cost of more than $100,000. The mansion, one of the show places of the Merced district, and several of Its outbuildings, were destroyed In a fire which started from an undetermined Except for a watchman, the place had been uninhabited for years. Two Bandits Stab, Rob Man of $2000 * f (United Press Leased Wire) MODKSTQ, Jan. 12.—Two bandits who stabbed and robbed M. E3. Nelson of Sacramento of $2000 on the highway near LodI, were- sought here today. Nel«on, former owner of an automobile wrecking company here, wns en route to Sacramento to open a similar concern. His truck was forced to the side of the road, he told authorities, anrl two men attacked him. He said .they took tho money from his clothing nnd fled. WHERE'LL HE GET IT? UHHANA, 111., Jan. 12.— Work hard between tho ages t of 17 and 45, says Ur. A. Rachem, professor of biophysics at tho University of Illinois. Tho wienttal figures that mont professional people undor 4f> g»t too little physical work, and therefore need more outdoor exercises than a laborer does. After 45 a man should Blacken up n hit and on retiring, he contends. OFFERS BEER BILL AUGUSTA, Maine, Jan. 12. (A. P.)— Manufacture and sule of beer with an alcoholic strength not exceeding that fixed by Congress an nonlntoxlcntlng, would bo- legalized in Maine under a 1)111 introduced In the House today. For 75 years Maine has had prohibitory laws of one kind or another. FORMER GRID STAR DIES SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 12. (A. P.) Krnest C. Duncan, captain und quarterback of the 1898 Notre Dame football team, died ut his homo hero yos- terduy, following a brief illneas. Ho was a director iri tho Northern California Golf Association. NOTED DEMOCRAT DIES DALLAS, Texas,' Jan. 12.- (A. P.)— Pat O'Keefe, 84, prominent Democrat of Hallaw, died today after a heart attack. (Associated Press Leaned Wire) SAN FHANC1SCO, Jan. 12.— Western stocks tended to shade prices slightly today. Changon averaged only slightly down, however. TranRamerlca dropped U point to 5%. Pacific Telephone lost 1^, Fire- mniiB Fund and Southern Pacific Os and others lost only U point or lean. There- were but 3 gains, Consolidated Chemical, Pacific Lighting 6a tind Standard Oil each rising U point. The curb's quiet produced 3 gains, 3 even nnd 3 down. Amertenn Telephone rose 1. Crown Willamette first preferred 2% and Southern California Edinon common %. Losses wero small, Oahu Sugar yielding 26e, Goldman SachH 6 cents and Claude Neon 4 cents. Kdtaon 6n, Idaho Mines and Shn.sta A held. (United Press Leased Wire) NEW YOUK.—Business failures In tho United States during the week ended January 5 numbered f>50, against 725 In tho corresponding week of 1032, according to Uradstrect's, WARREN* Ohio.—Hopul Company doubled its outpu at tho local plant by addln hearth furnace. Republic Steel it of Ingot* ,g an open S. F. Stocks HGV 4 (Associated Press Leased Wire) Stock— Bid Alaska Juneau 12 Byrun Jncknon 1 California Packing Caterpillar Tractor Crown Commercial, vtc.... 1 Crown Commercial "U" pfd. 8 Crown Commercial "A" pfd 8 Fireman's Fund Ins 43 Golden »Stntn 3% Leslie-California Knit L. A. G. & 13. pfd North American P. G. and K. com P. G. & 13. 6% flrHt pfd... P. G. & K. 6*A% first pfd. Pacific Lighting coin Pac, Lighting JB dlv. pfd. Pac. Pub, Ser. first pfd... Pacific Tel. & Tel. com... Pacific Tel. & Tel. pfd... Paraffin" com ..- Plff'n "Whistle pfd " '* I) S. J. L. & P. 7% prior ptd. Shell Union com Southern Pacific 11M/4 S. P. Golden <3ute"A" 4V5 Standard Oil of California Tide Water com Tide Water pfd Tninsamerlca. Union Oil of California... Western Pipe com 30 26% 22?4 42 92 80 lOit S. J. TJ. & P. G% pr. Pfd "A" 5 43% L. A. Stocks t t * G 28 (United Press Leased Wire) ANGKLES, Jan. 12.— Industrials Stock— Bid Byron Jnckson 1 Claude Neon Electric Douglas Aircraft Emsco Derrick com 3 Globe G. &. M. com 8 Goodyoar T. & U, pfd 30 Tnylor Milling 4 Van de Kump 5 Western Pipe 7% Banks Citizens Nat. Hank 37 Sec. Kirat Nat. 13ank 44VS. Miscellaneous L. A. Investment Co 1 Pacific Finance Co. pRtflfic Mutual Life. Transamerlca Western Air Kxprews Public Utilities L. A. G. & 151. pfd P. G. & E. com P. G. & 1C. 1st pfd 25 Pacific Lighting com S. J. L. & P. e% pfd So. Cnlif. Edison com.... Calif. KdlHon 7% pfd.. Calif. Edison 6% pfd.. Calif. Edison GH% pfd Ons 0% pfd,.,., Pacific 19 Oils Barnsdall Bolsa Chica Pacific Western. Republic Pete... Klchflold Oil V 4 Richfleld Oil pfd Standard Oil of Calif 25 Union Oil of Calif Asked 2 13 3% 39 • t • 9% 9% * * t • 45 6% 31 2 80 16 07 30% 25% 43 t • • t So. So. So. So. Cnlif. Southern 20% 23*6 20% 24 ^ 22% * t • • 3> 1% U Ms 25% 11 Cotton Futures (Associated Protf Leaned Wire) NEW YORK, Jan. 12.—A" e »rly advance In cotton today wns followed by partial reactions. March contracts, after selling up to 6.32 or 12 points net! higher here ruling uround 6.26 in this mlrlnfternoon market. The general list showed net advances of about -I to 5 notnts. The market eased towards tho closo under liquidation und on the decline In wheat and Blocks, but met a fair amount of trade buying on the decline. Futures closed buroly Hteady, uncnanged to 3c lower. January, 6.11, nominal; March, 6.18T019; May, B.33; July, 6.43; October, 0.04; Uocenibcr, 0.76. Spot, quiet. Middling, 6.2G. NE WORLEANS COTTON NKW CHILEANS. Jan. 12. (A. P.)— Spot cotton closed steady and unchanged. Sales, 3970 bale*. Middling. 6.18. COTTONSEED OIL DALLAS, Jun. 12. (U. P.) 2%c. Crude, GOVERNMENT BONDS NKW YORK, Jan. 12. (A. P.)—Toi v'« rtn«lnir T Jli*»t*t v linrulu* — ^ » « « ^' • •* • » • i Treasuries: Tro/iHury Treasury TreaHury TreaHUry TreaHury 4H, i, 47-52, 110.19. 44-54, 107. 10-5G, 105. 40-13, June, 102.11. 43-47, 102.13. -^ — w - • - - - — ~» ^ ' r> r • " T l ^ ~+ ^ t f, *m f TreaBury 3y«K, reg., 43-47, 102.7. TreaHury 3%s. 41-43, March, 102.14. Treasury 3'^H, 4tf-49, 9!t.2B. Treasury 3«. &1-55, 98.19, FOREIGN EXCHANGE NKW VOIUC, Jan. 12. (A. 1*.)—For- gn AXchunKe Htendy; CJreut Urltain In dollurn, othei'H in ccnt.s; CSrcut Mr I tain, demand, 3.35*Si; cables 0:12. 3.3r>Vj; rtO-dny hills, 3.34%. demand, 3.00 7-1C; cables, Italy, demand, D.ll^; cables, 13. S6; Germany, 23.75; Holland, 40.16; Toklo, 20.62 V6; Shanghai, 28.00; Montreal, 88.50; Mexico City (silver PCHO), 31.65. NKW YOnK.—Production of earn and trucks In December Increased 68 per cent over November, the National Automobile Chamber of Commerco reported. CHICArtO.—Wabftwh railway reported its revenue freight loadings for the week ended January 7 totaled 9303 oars, ngnlnst 8030 cara in the preceding week. BAR SILVER YOHK, Jun. 12. (A. '{, lower at 2G»4. 1'.)—Bar RATIFY LAME-DUCK BILL TOPRKA, Kan., Jan. 12. (A. P.)— A reHolution proposing ratification by the KniiKUH Jvefiri8jature of tho "lame- duck" amendment to the federal Constitution WUH adopted unnnlmouttly by tho IIouHe today and sent to the* Senate. DIVIDENDS (Associated Press flatted Wire) NWW YORK, Jan. 12.—Directors of K. W. Wool worth Company today declared a regular quarterly dividend of 60 cents a share. Citrus Market <§> Choice 2.110 2.85 •j (Associated Press Leased Wire) LOS ANOELKH, Jan. 12.—Reports from eaHtern and middle woatorn auction ccntern today gave tho following price range per box: Oranges Graded above Choice New York |<ii Boston 2.1)5^3.05 Chicago 3.or>$r3.i!5 Phllftdolphia 2.3061:3.25 Hittuburg 2.SO<&2.S5 St. Louis 2,85(fi;2.yG Haltimoro Detroit 2.40(S>3.05 Lemons CSraded above (Choice New York $4, BoHton 5. r ... Chtnngo 4.7f»(?>4.S5 Phlladolphia .... 4.»0rn i G.GO PlttMburc; 4.55 .... St. Louis ft,50 Baltimore 5.20 .... Detroit 5.30 * * 4 * * I » t • * * • « * I » * * • * * ** Cholco $3.70^4.15 5.35(^5.40 •1,00 t 4 • * » i i • • • • 4.40 t * • L. A. BUTTER, EQOS, POULTRY LOS ANGKLES. Jan. 12. (U. P.)— Butter Prime, 21c, Prime* firHts, 20e. Standards, 19c. Firsts, 18c, EQQB Lnrge—Clean .extra*, 82o; light dirty extras, 32c; clean Htandardn. 32c; light dirty standard*, 32r-; chockf*. Sir. Medium—Clean extras, 31c; light dirty extras. 3lc: clean HtAndnrdn, 31c; light dirty Ktandnrdw, 31r; checks, 3lc. Small—Clean, 30c; light dirty. 30c. Poultry and Rabbits Leghorns, 2 to 3Vi Ins., lOc. Hens, Leghorns, 2 to 3Vi Ins., 13c. Hens, Leghorns, 3Vi to -I Ibn., 14c. Hens, Leghorn*. 4 lbn. and up, 14e. Hens, colored, 3Vi to 4 IbH., 15c. HonH, colored, 4 IbH. and up, 17c. Droll era. 1 and up to 1 H Ib**., 13c. llrollors, IVi to 2'4 IbH., 17c. Fryers, LeghoriiH, 2»i to 3 Ihs., 14c, PryerH, colored, 2M to 3ty lb«., IT*-. Roasters, Hoft bone, 3Vfc Ins. up. 16^ Staffs, 13c; old rooHtorw, So. Ducklings, Pekln, 4 Ibs. and up, Other than Pekin, 4 Ibs. nnd up. Old duckw, lOc. Geese. 12c. Younpr torn turkeys, 13 Iba. up, YOUHK toins, dreHHod, 12 IbH. up, IGc. Hen turkeys, 0 Ibn. up, 13c. Hen turkoyH, drowned, 8 Ibs. up. ICc. Old torn turkeys, 12c; dressed, I fie. Squabs, under 11 lb». dozen, IGc. Squabs, 11 IbH. dozen and up, 20c. Capons, live, undor 7 IbH., 18c. Ctipons, live, 7 IbH. and up, 20c. Capons, dreaHod, under fl Ihn., 23c. Cnpons, droM.sed, 6 Ibs. up, 23r. RabbitH, No. 1 whtto, 3 to 4 IbH., 9c. Rabbltn, No. 2 white, 3 to 4 Iba., Gc. No. 1. mixed coloro, 3 to 4 Ibs., 5o. Rabbits, No. 1, old, 5c. CHICAGO GRAIN CHICAGO. Jan. 12. tA. P.)—Uncertainties of farm legislation at AVash- Inffton led to nervous fluctuations- In wheat values today, with the market weakening 1 at the last. A majority of wheat traders acted on belief near the end of the day that the agricultural allotment bill had been so loaded with amundmentn the measure had little or no rhnnce of being 1 signed bv President Hoover. The- corn market developed relative strength owing to intimations of corn export business. Whent closed weak, tyiS'lVfcc under yesterday's finish; corn, H off to U up; oats, \4 down, and provisions varying from 7c decline to fie advance. slow, few to CHICAGO LIVESTOCK CHICAGO. Jan. 12. (A. P.)—Ho K s-~ Receipts 22,000; fairly nctlve. strong to Be higher; good to choU-e ItiO-220 pounds SA.2Rff3.35; top $3.35; HOWS S2.3r*(!i'2.60. Cattle—Reoeiptw flOOO: nrtlvo on nil light Htoers and yearlings, strong to Sfir higher; medium weight nnd weJgJjty steers fully stenilv, numerous heifer yearllngn J4.riOTi*r>.2ri, host yearling steers curly $G,fiO. weighty 1ml- lor-kH $4.25(^5.00; beef rows ' Htendy: other rlasnen Htoudy; 13.^0(^5.00. Holocts to Xfi.OO. Rheep—Receipt 1.^.000; slow<*H and Mils about steady; choice medium weight lamh» fi.Un- fed we.MtflrnK Sfi.OO: throw-outs $4.00«i 4.GO; native owes $2.75. SAN PRANCIRCO I.IVPSTOCK HOT'TTT SAN rn-NNf^fH). Jan. TJ. CA. P.)—ffo K 8— ItvclittH 300; nominally ptondy: ISn-pnund n ( »rs and lights llghtlv sorted J2.DO. Pat tie—TKvolnt.s 400: stflors slow. steady to weak. Instance's Ifir and mor** * nff; Ir.w urarte rows, notlvo, mnstlv N tea civ. instances 25" lower: InrerHy medium fl52-«ound Idaho 314.00; m»dlnm Tfl^-iooi la« and IntennountainM 4.?r ); common 813-934 pounds $3.00ft- .T.2-'- »-nff*»r trt oommon tyn^ rows $1.«f»f72.00. PnlvPH. receipts none, Sh^ep — ReoolptH 500; nominally steady. MARKET AT N. Y. ADVANCE Some Issues Gain 1 to 2 but . Most Stocks Rise Only Fractionally LATE BULLETIN NEW YORK, Jan. 12. (A. P.)—• A trickle of selling fell on the stock market near the close today and earlier gains were replaced by net losses of fractions to more than n point. Rails held fairly steady. Transfer* approximated only 800,000 shares. (Asnofiiftted Press Leased Wire) NKW YOUK, Jan. 12.—The atoclc market survived n fairly severe test of profit-taking today and quietly resumed the advance; A. number of shares showed gains of 1 to 2 points, but the majority contented themselves with fractional improvement. The rails were firm in response to ^additional November earning statements which recorded'a distinct Improvement over the somber showing for tho first half of tho year. Tobncco Htocks gained slightly, tho annual report of the H. J. Reynolds Company being received. Drug, Incorporated, rallied on announcement of Its sale of control of tho Boota Pure Drug Company of England, GaliiH ot a point or more were recorded by Allied Chemical, Cnso, Drug, Uoodyear, Union Pacific, American Tobacco B and Continental Can. Stocks which advanced 2 or more Included Brooklyn-Manhattan Transit nnd Columbian Carbon. Substantial fractions wore added to tho prices of Dupont, Kastman, American Telephone, New York Central, American Can, Firestone, Public Service of New Jer«*»y und Consolidated Ga. 1 -. J.oKKtM' pains were mado by U. S. Steel, Gt-nerul Motors, National Biscuit, Standard of New Jersey, Southern Pacific. Pennsylvania and SanUu Fo. r New York Close 1 i tilted Press Leased Wire) NEW YOttK, Jim, J2.~- Railroads AU-hlson Baltimore it Ohio Chesapeake fv Ohio Illinois Central Missouri pacific New York Central Northern Pacific ... Pi-nnftylvanla Southern Pacific Union Pacific Ureut Northern pM Industrials American fan American Tel. & Tel Uordon Cities Service Columbia GUM Consolidated Gns Corn Products CurtlHB-WrlRht Famous Players Fox Films "A" General Electric General Foods \J VJ J H 4 -* U <i I it »•• *••«»*-«• * * •••• *••• Goodyear Tire and Rubber International Harvester International Tel. ,t Tel Montgomery Ward .* North American Pacific GaH Klet-trk" Hndlo I'orporntion Safeway Stores Sears-Koehuuk (7. H. Jluboor % Union Carhlda & Carbon United Aircraft Western Union ' Warner Brothers....- WeHtlnKhouMo Electric Woolworth J. C. Penney Transamerlca First National Stores V_* *-l CI-IJIJilill • » t ^ * v •** • » • • » *** •*• • •« Metals American SmoltlnK Anaconda B^t hlehem Steel Inspiration Copper International Nii-kel Kennecott Copper U. S. atuel VHnadfum Steel Republic Steel Tobacco and Sugar American Su^;ir American Tobacco "A" American Tobacco "Ft" Cuban American KtiKar R. J. Reynolds "B" United Clffars ... • Oils Mexican Seaboard Phillips Petroleum HU'hflPld Shell Union Sinclair Standard Oil of California Standard Oil of New Jersey Standard Ol! uf Xetr York Texas Company Tide Water Association (new").... Motors Auburn Chrysler General Motors TTudnon I ^?i /»l/n ivl \Tf>t t it*<J ii» n 11 c ^ 4 ATfif4i/i* , * • ' ' * 9 ' • * * * • * * t 9 t StudehaUor TIniken Holler lu-arlnjr Equipments American Car Foundry American Ijomrnotiv Haldwln r.ocomotlvo General Tank Stewart Warner ... 27% 13 v* 75 60% 107 3 17 62 2U 41 ^ 20 V 5% 27 1 ! 28 % 2 29 si 36% 63% 13% S «>/*, 13 6% 23 eb v; 61 H 2 ' 18 »a C 'a 5 » » 25 16 14 5 16 7 ?* ''* i MFTALS MARKET XFW Yr»T*K -Tun. 12. (A. P.>---r'..p- p*»»' dtil': oU-f'T'-lvtlc wnot, fii*; futin-c. (I Up. Tin slrji/'^: spot nnd n»';trhy, : future, $2^.10. Iron nuiot nn- pd. T-ond dull 1 wiv»t X't»w Vcrk, '. Kn«t St. Txitllx. I2.K7. Xfnc- anlct: St. TvOMlN H])OI ami future, $3.10. Antimony, $5.SO. LOS ANGELES PRODUCE MARKET I.OS AXr.KUSSXJan. 1-'. (U. P.) — Tradlnff continued Klug^ltth in nearly all Jlno.s with only ji few commodities cleaning: up. Arroyo Orando artichokes, ^ood 48s and OOs, J t 'i.2f)^'a.50 box; wood 72H, $2.50 r«2.7'., frosted $1.50^^.00. Avocados, good Fuertes, IS^lTc pound, windfalls luw a.s 13c; looso Puebla.s, Ur t j ijc, Local Caunonb:tll c crate; pointed ^o^'.liic. T.oral Snowball cauliflower, crate. Celery, Vcnlro ;md Coinpton, GHo balf-crate, few 7Jc; Norwalk, J $1.00; mix Headi. 51.00; Hawthorne and Lomita, jl.oO'd 1.15. t'oachella valley oppplatxt, fiOffffH.OO luff. Imperial valley dry pack lettuce, 75c i $1.00 crate for 4-dnzeiiH, Bs. GO^TCc; j»ack lettuce, I'tfvZQv crate; »M, pood Tla Juana. 10^i)llc pound; C:\i-piiiterta, i»^10c:; S?an Diego county, Hill lie. ,\*uv potatoes. Sun Olejyo county, 4e a pound; VolimtearH, G0(!rfl5c. Summer Ktiuash. San I >l**uo county, $2.2riC(i2.75 hip. Italian $2.00^2.50. Local NtrawborrJcs, $2.7r»''rT.3.00 30- pint crate for best Klondikes; bef LOR ANGELES HAY LOS ANOELKK, Jan. 12. f.\. Hny, ner ton. f. (•. h. T^OH Angel<.-.'»: Choice bnrlev. ' Choice oa*. *1 Alfalfn, delivered fHyru-.s »-r MontP): IT. S. No, I. m^H. IT. S. No. 2, l^nfv. *lL'.50'g'13. U. S. No. 2, po la toes, looa I Jerseys, lim; local yamw, 60fr7Bo 1 coachei|:i valley yams, fit)'ft ? pound. lug; LOS ANGELES LIVESTOCK Kl COFFEE MARKET N7CAV YOUK, Jim, 12. (U. P.) -C?of: Hlo 7n on Bpnt, Sr; Suntos -is. 1.0S AXdKI.KK. Jan. 12. (A. ttfM— Uei'eiptM 100; wtetidy; 197 to 246 iiniN. $3.35^3.45. Cattle— •Hiu'HiptM 300: steady. Year- JAf steers, $4.;f5fi"fi.25; f«w helfer>, SJ.7">; common to Kood rows, J'J.S&ffi- 1 3.fi5; cutter grades. $1.50.rr2.73; bulls, up (n $.'{.7o. Calves— HocclptK 'JOO; fully steady. Medium to uood calvoc, $5.00(^5.50. Sheep— UiK'nfpts nom-. .Medium to cholco lainby quoted $(.75^6.00.

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