The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota on December 6, 1958 · Page 11
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The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota · Page 11

Austin, Minnesota
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Saturday, December 6, 1958
Page 11
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Hun,, jy Says Nikita Shows Soviet Maturity LONBON (AP) -Sen. Hubert Humphrey (D-Mlnn) said Friday night nls long talk with Nlkllo Khrushchev left him with the feeling the Soviet Premier no longer "only f ants to threaten and die- tale." "1 think this is part of the new Soviets-maturity," Humphrey said. The .Minnesota Democrat flew to Lori'don from Oslo. He told reporters Khrushchev "feels that he is in complete control of his country." "But I feel," said Humphrey, "that he now wants to be able to negotiate in foreign affairs with the same characteristics displayed by the Western powers." Humphrey made a tour of Europe on a medical research fact- finding mission. He talked with Khrushchev eight hours last Monday. Humphrey said he Is disturbed about the crisis over Russia's proposals to turn West Berlin into a neutral, unarmed city. "I do not think that war over Berlin is likely," he said, "but I would not say it was impossible." Humphrey said the first step the West should take to avoid trouble is "to have a concerted and united policy among the four powers Britain, France, the United States and West Germany." Pearl Harbor Anniversary is Observed PEARL HARBOR, Hawaii (AP) —Ceremonies aboard the sunken battleship Arizona, choir songs and somber memories will mark the 17th anniversary Sunday of th*» attack oo Pearl Harbor. The ceremonies will take place on a platform built on the Arizona's superstructure, still protruding from the water of this giant naval base. The Arizona was one of the first targets hit in the surprise attack by waves of Japanese bomberB. She sank in eight minutes, entombing 1,102 of her men. The ceremonies — dedicated to peace — will launch a nationwide fund-raising campaign to enshrine the Arizona. Parking Meters Earn $722,000 a Year MIAMI BEACH, Fla. tfl — The parking meter business is booming in this resort city. Sherwynn Fincher reports parking meters took in $722,000 last year He expects even more money to come in this year, because 700 meters have been added. COFOUNDER DIES SUMMIT, N.J. (AP)-Robert B. Knowles, 82, cofounder of the Chance Vought Corp., died Thursday. MARKET Saturday, Dec. 6, 1958 The lollowlng prices were paid a 1 Austin. Uarmwi and Gilt* SAFE WINTER DRIVING FACTS STARTINOABILItYONICt frirtwu rtttafi, t*Md m tnwdNdi *f mtt, «NM» m tM puilhn w huuiimttrtf *biftt? of tint and ehilm on tjtM id condition*. ind«* n manmil it 1M for ftfnUf tint. STARTING ABILITY ON SNOW Traction rattatt, battd on draw bar pull twt« v on looMly paelnd MOW, atio IndlciW ttlatlvt ability to pull through dttp mow Or climb hllli. STOPPING ABILITY ON ICE 'mat on MUM JHK Af^ilM 2^M flKjU Jtf^teJM*i«*^k •FH on (inTv tcv* ror coinpirnuiit dUfttttet of rffultr tlr* OH dry pavuntnt at um» «pMd it 31 f«tt, on |l*rt let 195 f«*t. 0 1M 200 300 400 *00 iroitciD TIM CHAINS If* STOPPING ABILITY ON SNOW Hill thowt th* eompttatlw ttoppinf ability of reg- u!«f and mow tlfM and ntinforced tir* chalnt on * looMly packed Mow, from 20 MWt. UNFORCED TIRE CHAINS 31 ft NOW TIRES 32ft REGULAR TIR 60ft ES i MICT or TIMHRATUfct Rlilrif temperature* makelcemoreslippery. A c«r w 1th regular tires, moving at 20 ttPtt on glare tc«, requires 114 ft. at 0° and 235 ft. at 30° above. Reinforced tire chains provtdecon* listen tlyahortettitopi, about 77 ft., retard- lesi of temperature*. STOPPING ABILITY ON DRY PAVEMENT REGULAR TIRES 111 ft These National Safety Council charts illustrate test results by its Committee on Winter Driving Hazards. Braking distances do not allow for "reaction time," which averages % of a second needed to get foot on brake and v&hich adds another 22 feet to stopping ability figures shown above. Nfcff booklet, entitled "How To Be a Better Winter Driver," is available free by writing National Safety Council, Chicago 11, Illinois. Sorters and Vahderbiltto Clash Toniaht MINNEAPOLIS (AP) -A team without its star player and head coach faces Minnesota tonight in ft Gopher basketball opener that is fraught with riddles and new faces. The opposition comes from Vanderbilt, which got the-jump on the Gophers with a 71-42 victory over Sewanee earlier in the week, Coach Missing Vandy comes here without Jack Pirrie, who starred in Minnesota's 68-65 victory a year ago, and Coach Bob Polk. Pirrie is recovering from a shoulder injury and Polk suffered a heart attack recently. Roy Skinner, his assistant, is handling the team. Coach Ozzie Cowles looks to tonight's game to help clear up some of these uncertainties: How far do sophomores like Jerry Butler, Curt Thalberg, Tom Skadeland and Dick Erickson have to go to be basketball? ready for Big Ten Will Ron Johnson be even more effective ' at forward with the pressure of guarding the enemy's big man removed? Has the arrival of Thalberg Crews Watch \R ea dJ ng / s Malibu Blaze Burn Itself Out for Billy Who's 4 MALIBU BEACH, Calif. (AP)Patrol duty was the chief activity at the Malibu fire scene today. Crews succeeded Friday in cutting firelines around the entire 18,000-acre blaze. Then they stood guard to watch it burn itself out. As sheriff's officers and insurance djusters began a house-to-house urvey, damage estimates were caled down. They said 18 homes ad been destroyed and numerous abins and outbuildings burned. Higher estimates earlier were lamed on confusion caused by a imflar, 42,000-acre fire two years go which destroyed some dwell- ngs that have not been replaced, art of this week's fire swept into le old burn. Woman Loses Belongings but Gains Hubby SALISBURY, Md. (AP)-A cou. le of oldsters say their "I dos" oday, thanks to a fire that destroyed all the bride's belongings, Mrs. Oliver Cordrey, the bride s 82 and a widow. The groom, retired broker William S. Davis, s an 84-year-old widower. They are old friends. When Mrs. Cordrey lost her pos- essions in the fire two weeks ago, Javis heard of her plight and in 'ormed a mutual friend he'd be glad to give her a home if she'c consider it. She visited Davis next day, "decided to stay" and the couple became engaged immedi ately. No. l 1785.. 1790 . 17.6S., 17.40., 17.15., 16.90., 16.65., 16.45. NO. a 14.25 16.25 10.25 ..17-25.. ..17.50.. ..17.25.. ..17 .CO.. ..16.75.. ..1650.. ..16.25.. .16.05.. NO. 3 .16.85 .17.1 .16.9C .16.8C .16.3 .16.1 .15.8 .15.6 16.25. ...15.85.. ..15.4 16.25.... 15.65..\. 15.2 Grading 270 300 , 300-330 , ^30-360 , ;160-'00 , -'.00-' '0 , •'50-500 500-550 , 5M-UP . .15.75., .15.50., .1.V25., .15.00., .14.75., .14/0. .14.25., No ..15.3 ..15.1 ..14.8 ..14.60 ..14.3 ..14.1 ..13.8 ..13.3* Grading 160-170 170-180 lltO-190 100-200 •> 00-220 220-230 •J30-240 1MO-250 250-260 260-270 270-280 aso-a^o 290-300 All outchers we'.Kbing over 300 Ibs are priced the same »s sows of th tame wgt claurilcatlnn PACKING SOWS Nn I N» a 16.15. 15.90. 15.65. IV'O. 1515. 14.90. 1465. H.15....13.75.. RTAGS Stags under 400 9.00 Slugs 400-6CO 8.2 Slugs over 600 7.2 Underrtnished cull or filled h<>« .ust be discounted accordingly. A hogs are *ub]rct to government la specilnn 19 r >8 SPRING LAMB MA* «T Prime 20.00 nnolcB 18.00-19.0 Oool 10.00-17.0 Medium 14.SO-150I Common 10.50 dow All buck lambs discounted it hundred weight bv grade Lamb* ove 100 pounds discounted ice per cw per pound Old croo lambs at markr value. VEAL MARKET Veal calves of til weights and eUss *4 nurohasrd Choice 180-230 2950-310 Oood 180-230 26 50-28 C Standard '...24 50-26 Utility 180-230 Iba 22 00-230. Choice heavy 2JO-MO Ibs. ..2700-28.00 Good heavy 240-300 Iba. ..25.00-26 w Culls all weight 9.00-18.00 Ordinance NO. 878 An ordinance to amend the Zon ng Ordinance 713, Austin Complla tlou. THE COMMON COUNCIL OP THE CITY OP AUSTIN DO OHDAIN: SECTION 1. The use district of the lerelnafter described premises shall be changed from residential to com aierclal and light industrial said premises are hereby remove, from the residential district of th City of Austin and placed In the com merclal and light Industrial dlstno of the City of Austin. The premises are described as follows: That part of the East 1175 feet of the southeast Quarter of Section 36, Township 103 North, Range 18 West, Mower County, Minnesota, lying South of the North branch of Dobbins Creek, and lying North of the tract referred to as the institute property in that certain deed recorded In the office of the Register of Deeds of Mower County, Mlnne sota, In Book 203 of Deeds, page 466, subject to all of the easements, ob Jeotlons, restrictions, options and other burdens which are described in said deed and affect the above described premises. SECTION 2. The above reaonln from residential to commercial an light Industrial use shall be added 1 It* proper alphabetical sequence 1 the Chart of Zoning Revisions in Or dlnance 713 of the Austin Complla tion. Passed by a vote of the yea* an naya this 5th day of December, 195f Yeas 7. Nays 0. APPROVED: CHARLES R. HANSEN Mayor ATTEST: J. H. WEIL AND City Recorder Dec. 6. 1 BILL MCLIMORE — "Well, it started with a B, ended with an S, and then there were those letters in between." By EDNA FOLZ EVANSVILLE, Ind. - (NEA)While the nation's educators won- ler what to do about why "John i set aside time for Billy to read to the class. Finally in response to considerable pressure, the McLlmores ny Can't Read," the McLimore consulted an elementary school amily in Evansville wonders what to do about their son, Billy. Billy can read. But he's not supposed to. Because Billy McLimore has only Just turned four. Except for an occasional big word here and there, he can read always anything: road signs, newspaper stories, advertisements, let- ers (written to other people). It is as though your pet canary suddenly stopped singing and began to comment on the way you run your household. teacher who said that Billy was reading far beyond the fifth grade level. licked one of Minnesota's chronic problems of the last couple of years, inconsistency in the back- court. Cowles has all the height he could ask for. Ron Johnson is 6-7, Tom Benson 6-4 and Warren Jeppesen 6-8 on the front line. Whitey and Thalberg, at 5-11, will give away some reach to most of their opponents this year, but the Gophers have plenty of combinations to try out if the lack of height in the back court gets embarrassing. Butler Gets Chance Cowles is far from settled on a starting lineup. He plans to give Butler a good run at the center job and Dave Griffin, the 6-8 senior, also has earned a shot. Johnson and Thalberg at the guards are supported by vets, Ozzie Carlson, Mario Miller and Dick Bracher. Buchholz Out of Net Test MELBOURNE (AP) - Hampered by a pulled thigh muscle, young Earl Buchholz of St. Louis was eliminated today from the Victorian Tennis Championships by Neale Fraser 6-3, 6-3, 4-6, 6-3. Chris Crawford of Piedmont, Calif., also was put out in the third round by top-seeded Ashley Cooper 3-6, 6-0, 6-1, 6-3, but Barry Mac Kay and Alex Olmedo salvaged some American prestige by battling their way into the quarterfinals. MacKay, of Dayton, Ohio, beat Bob Howe in straight sets 6-4, 6-4, 13-11 and Olmedo came from behind after losing the first two sets to beate Warren Woodcock 5-7, 6-8, 6-3, 6-3, 6-2. Buchholz, the 18-year-old who Additional Jacobs leads Dorado Beach Golf Tourney By HAROLD CLAASSEN Associated Press Sports Writer DORADO BEACH, Puero Rico (AP) — Stuart Symington, Democratic senator from Missouri, thinks the year-old Dorado Beach course, where the $30,000 Invitational Golf tourney is being played is tailored-made to President Eisenhower's game. And he Suggests the President make a visit to this island for both prestige and golf reasons. Symington is vacationing here and takes his turn on the course when it is not in use by the pros who have reached the halfway mark of their 72-hole extravaganza. Young Tommy Jacobs of Whittier, Calif., leads by a stroke. Both Jacobs', who leaves the tourney trail temporarily Sunday to go to California to marry his childhood sweetheart, and equally young Wesley Ellis of Aide- cress, N.J., shot 68s Friday. Jacobs had a 71 the first day and Ellis a par 72. Behind them with a 70-71—141 is Howie Johnson of Glenwoodie, 111. Whether or not it has anything to do with his intelligence may never be known. In the first place, an IQ test at Evansville College costs $35, which Guy McLimore would rather not spend now that his employer, the Servel plant, has been closed. And in the second place, Mrs. McLimore doesn't want her son involved in scientific explorations that might make Billy (eel like a curio. She is pursuing the course she adopted when she first learned of the boy's talent: letting him work virtually overnight became the star of the U. S. Davis Cup squad by his play last week in the New Bat with Billy, the ability to read and pronounce has not been sudden. According to his mother and, father, Mr. and Mrs. Guy McLi- °? his own with the books and more, the boy was.well along before anybody really noticed it. On auto trips, Billy would read out the roadside billboards while their parents clucked that their son was watching so much television that he bad memorized ads. And 'the newspaper headlines? Of course Billy had heard current events discussed at home. But then, there was that letter — handwritten — to a neighbor games he likes — quiz and word games. He still watches a lot of TV Mostly Western, but an occasional quiz show. He can, of course, read and understand the questions and remember the answers. If you ask him where he learned a ponderous fact that pushes itself out in a little boy's voice, he usually says: "Oh. I learned that a long time ago." That would mean three years from someone all the McLimoresiago — when he was one. His first Legal Notice had known. Billy picked up the letter and read it aloud to both families. All calves nver 300 Ibs. dlsonun" J3 Veal calves will be accepted at A us tin until 9:30 a.m Friday No marke' OB Saturdav CATTLE MARKET 0. S Prime »te«n> it yearlings 27 00-28.75 0 S Choice steers 6 vear lings 25.00-27.25 C S Good ewers & year- llnga 23.25-25.76 0 S standard s'«ers 4 yearlings 21 00-23.50 All heifers 50 cents to 75 cents PWT under steer prices. All steers over 1,050 Ibs and heifers over 950 IDS. are discounted «rcnr<<tn* to weight U. S. Commercial Cows ..17.00-19.60 O. S. Utility Cows 1600-1750 Cutter 15.50-17.2.'. Gunners I 4 .00-16.or Fat Bulls 1750-21 50 sausage Bulls 18.50-23.50 Lt. Wt. Tbiu Bulls 14.00-16.00 AUSTIN OKAIN MAIlhfl Soybeans $1-88 Oats 53 Corn 94 George A. Bormel * Co. Common Stock (Wright Wells it Co.) Bid Asked £3»t 55% ORIJKH FOH HE, «INC! ON Th6 P°SS' bl U" C S °f ^ DOy'S tal- ORDKB run iic/.KInu ON . _, r , *,.,, , ,. ,, ADMINISTRATION, ent were wonderful. Billy s father LIMITING TlMt 10 KiLt CLAIMS ifaeBan leavine notes tn hk «nn nn AVn FOR UKARINl. rHKHKIIM UBS*"! leaving HOIBS 10 HIS bOH 011 AND FUR HEARINU I HKKtON STATE OF MINNESOTA. County ol Mower—ss In Probate Court In Re Estate of Michael Gardeckl. same person us Mike Gardeckl, Decedent Catherine M. Oardeckl having filed herein a petition for general aduilnls- ratlon stating that suid decedent died intestate and praying that Catherine M. Gardecki be appointed administrator; IT IS ORDERED. That the hearinj thereof be had on the 24th day of December. 1958. at 10 o'clock A. U.. before this Court in the probate court room in the court house in Austin, Minnesota; that the time within which creditors of said decedent may file their cl&lrrs be limited to four months from the dale •hereof and that the claims so filed be heard on the 30th day of March, 1959. at 10 o'clock A. M., before this Court in the probate court room to the court house in Austin, Minnesota.. itid that notice hereof be given bj , publication ol this order In the Austin Dully Herald and by mailed notice Hi provided by law Dated November 26th. 1958. PAUL KIMBALL, JR. Probate Judge. I PROBATE COURT SEAL) PLUNKETT & PLUNKETT Attorney* for Petitioner. Austin. Minnesota File No. 11845 HOT. Mi Otc. i U a blackboard — instructions that Billy would read and carry out. Neighborhood children (many already in grammar school) began Ui call on Billy to read- stories to them. questions were what the strange figures on his play blocks meant. That gave him the alphabet. And within a year be could count to 100, although his mother thinks it was only memory because she used to count as she rocked him to sleep. But how he puts the letters together to spell words is still a mystery, and how he figures out how to pronounce words like "bureau" is inconceivable — even to Billy. How, a reporter asked him, did he know that name in the newspaper headline was Bates? "Well," Billy said Ihdugbtfully, "it started with a B, ended with S, and then there were those letters in between." Then, like an average newspaper reader, he abandoned the front the other afternoon when 5-year- | page and turned to comkg (gt old Richard Neuner had three slit- iping once M twice fe ^ ches taken in his forehead as the Bfi) result of a spill at his home. I South Wales tourney, suffered his painful injury Friday and his game was not up to last week. Michigan State Six Raps North Dakota EAST LANSING, Mich. (AP)— Michigan State opened its hockey season by scoring a 6-0 shutout over N6rth Dakota here Friday night. Goalie Joe Sellenger,'who made 42 saves, was the hero of the game for the Spartans. Sellenger knocked out 19 North Dakota shots in a busy second period. State scored two goals in each period. Andre Locoste was a double scorer for Michigan State. Others poking in goals were Fred De- vouno, Joe Polano, Glenn MacDonald and Dick Hamilton. The teams play a second game tonight. FIGHT RESULTS LOS ANQELES — Don Jordan, 145, Los Angeles, outpointed Virgil Aklns, 145>/a, St. Louis, 15 (for world's welterweight title). SAN DIEGO, Calif. — Charlie Powell, 213 ',4, San Diego, knocked out Charlie Jones. IPflli. Newark. N. J. J. MUNICH. Germany — Qustav Scholz, 165, Germany, knocked out Tu2o Portugez, 171, Puerto Rico, i. WOMEN'S BOWLING MILWAUKEE, Wis. - Fifty new associations swell the Woman's International Bowling Congress mem- The Dorado Beach, slashed out of' the tropical jungles in little more than three years, is an extremely long 7,115 yards and has a par of 36-36. Within striking distance of Jacobs are such prominent pros as Billy Casper, and Ted Kroll, 142; Ernie Vossler and Paul Harney 144 and Dow Finsterwald, Julius Boros and Claude Harmon, 145. Knicks Win Behind Seivy By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Frank Seivy, the Furman All- America who was traded away by the St. Louis Hawks in the National Basketball Assn., is starting to pay dividends for the New York Knickerbockers. Seivy, a former collegiate scor ing champion, tossed in a 15-foot jump shot with 2 minutes to play to.give the Knicks an uphill 110108 victory over the Detroit Pistons Friday night. No other games were scheduled. The triumph moved New York back into a first place tie with the idle Boston Celtics in the Eastern Division race, each with 12-6 records. The Pistons remained second in the Western section, but dropped five games behind the pace-setting Hawks. Seivy returned from the armed service last season and never could regain his scoring touch. He rejoined St. Louis this year, but the Hawks finally gave up on him and sold him to New York early in the season. v Close Race in Pin Test BOWLING AUSTIN BOWL INTER CITY LEAGUE Austin Bowl 814787835—2446 Waltham Plumbing 814 776 770—3351 NAte'S 833614825—2572 MeCofffllck Patm ..827 865 834—2526 Boffc Imp. Co 804 737 723—4264 Farmers drain Co. ..823 870 812—2905 Fox Candy 779 821 838—2438 Kings Wood Hotel 667 748 797—2213 Hamys Mobil 707 7« (66—2080 Wlnkel Bonst. Co. ..670 967 747—2084 Andenon Builders ..75? 676 808—2241 Red Oak Grove ...,833686774—2335 Farmal SIX 60S 684 657—1647 Midland Co-op 661 685 620—1976 Thill Implement ... .795 768 831—2394 Brownsdale Bum* . .781 740 714—2242 CEDAR VALLEY LEAGUE LeBatron 819 866 902—2S93 Harry's Cafe 884 898 864—2646 Lefty's Bar 783 781 853—24,17 Austin BUS Lines ....900 787 052—2639 Ankeny Dist. Co. ..911 885 838—2634 Nates 853 878 833—2564 Unknown 814 854 800—2498 Printing 000 907 830—2646 Berts Liquor 885 871 026—2682 Llndstrom Muslo ....878 831 838—2547 U.C.T. 2 818 823 800—2441 Golden Dairy 803 778 945—2526 Park Service 754 784 880—2418 Dublnsky 800 811 831—2442 Wlese D-X 815 921 691—2427 Woodlanrters 830 972 822—2724 ECHO LANES SPORTSMAN'S LEAGUE Erickson Oil 786 829 883—2498 Knobby's Liquors ..850777806—2433 Mitchell's 874 849 836—2559 Barton Boat Bales ..883 961 820—2764 K of C 895 751 786—2432 Smiths Royal Bar ..763 860 800—2423 Golden Dairy 834767869—2460 Ankeny Cleaners ....790 864 828-4479 Gopher Bottling ....736 823 758—2316 Unknown 852 813 846—2511 Morris Furniture ....893 847 936—£576 Post Orflce 874 906 887—2667 AUXILIARY MIXERS Riviera 608 584 603—1795 Crandaly & Cambera 597 657 630—1884 Austin Beauty Shop 582 597 547—1726 Marges Beauty Shop 503 556 578—1637 Cooky's Tavern ....627 595 637—1859 Easterling Products 609 670 638—1907 Osterud Agency Inc. 702 70S 728—2135 Kens Bar 692677743—2112 Amvets AUX. .1 629662 600—1891 Oak Orlll 567733561—1861 Trlmbes Shell 590 693 651—1934 Martz Furniture ... .707 698 619—2024 COSMOPOLITAN LEAGUE Unknown 683713689—2085 Odd Fellows 1 564 478 567—1609 Klectrox 699741711—2131 Deep Rock .....735719728—2182 Unknown 569676758—1973 "Big Five" 657 805 801—2263 Slap Happys 588 537 566—1602 Odd Felows 2 613721 618—1852 Bowling's Top Five. Blames loss fo Nationals on 'Loafing' MINNEAPOLIS (AP) - Minne- sola's 3-2 overtime loss to the U.S. national hockey team Friday nigh* brought an angered exclamation from Gopher Coach' John Mariucci: "We loafed the last four minutes." "We had them beaten," Marl- ucci said. "For two periods and 16 minutes we were the better team. Then nobody covered on one of their three-man breaks and they tied the score." It was no consolation to the Minnesotans that the man who ultimately beat them, Bob Turk, is an ex-Gopher. Or that the man who scored the nationals' first goal, Dick Meredith, also wore Gopher spangles last year. National coach Marsh Ryman was satisfied but not jubilant "We got loads of work ahead o us," he said. "I liked the way we came back after a very slow start, and I think the line of Bob Cleary, Dick Burg and Dick Mere dith worked well." Friday night's opener dragget for two periods but revved up in the third period when the contac got rough and the tempers warm er. AUSTIN (Minn.) HERALD || Saturday, Not. 4, 1WI 11 Gty League Begins Monday City League basketball learns aunch the 1938-50 split schedule campaign Monday when two games will be played. League teams will play 18 games during the first half, which ends Thursday, Jan. 18 Games will be played at the !haw gym (9 p.m.), and small high school gym («:13 p.m.). Pol* owing the regular schedule, a playoff will be staged to determine the City League champion. Monday's program finds Dexter meeting Johnson's at the high school gym, while Austin Printing plays Rose Creek at the Shaw gym. Other games next week include: Dec. 9 — Midway Car Sales v«. Thorp Loan, Shaw gym. Dec. 10 — Nate's vs. Dugan's, high school gym. Dec. 11 — Dexter vs. Midway "Car Sales, high school gym; Austin Printing vs. Johnson's, Shaw gym. Before World War n, Germany was the world's largest exporter of chemicals. THE NIAGARA Combination Aluminum Doors Austin's Finest MADE IN AUSTIN ^ -,_,_„__ A GUARANTEED by Good Housekeeping _. - - A m BUY NOW - FHA Approved ^™^»«»« A , • Durable • Made to Measure • Rust Proof • Self Storing ^—»^ A Zephyr Awnings _.. ._._ [t A _ ^P ^™^™*™ See "The Niagara" Combination Aluminum Window at The Glass Shop. Everything in Glass at ... THE GLASS SHOP M. Pugh CEDAR VALLEY LEAGUE 'Ugh , iulson .621 P. Paulson 580 W. J. Cassldy 579 E. Emtllusen 558 C. Davis 555 *H. Carey INTER CITY LEAGUE .591 .579 D. Farniworth O. Warn 568 S. Gsterby 556 P. THven 544 R. Hlghtahoe 544 AUXILIARY MIXER .503 H. Brandt J. Bakke 474 D. Krebsbach 471 F. True 462 P. Leuders 457 COSMOPOLITAN LEAGUE K. Myhre 587 P. Erickson 526 488 474 473 225 E. MILL HE 3-3897 CHICAGO (AP)-A scant 2 pins separates the top 3 men bowlers after 12 games in the World's Invitational Match Game Championships in the Chicago Coliseum. Lou Campi, the 52-year-old mason contractor from Dumont, N.J., had a slim one pin lead over J, B, Solomon of Dallas, Texas, and two pins over former all-star champion Dick Hoover of Akron, Ohio. Campi added a 1,286 Friday to his first round 1,287 for a 12-game score of 2,573. Solomon, a Texas bowling supply store operator, had 2,572, while the portly Hoover finished with 2,571. bership to I 1 ,2 million. And the East Side Baptist Church Sunday school began to 2 Trips to Hospital Within Few Hours JOHNSTOWN, Pa. tfi - Nurses in the emergency room of a Johnstown hospital did a double take an MIUWKSX INVITATIONAL Tennessee SO, Michigan 66 Wyoming 75. Keut State 67 IDAHO STATE INVITATIONAL Utah State 65, Idaho State 62 OTUEK GAMES St. Marya (Calif) 02. UCLA 59 Southern California 70, Los Augelct ^yola 54 Oregon 19. Brlgbaon Young 75 Stanford 55. Santa Clara 48 Idaho 59. Colo State Unlv 58 Utah 70. Oregon State 41 Colorado 70. WathlugBon 03 (ot) Fresno State 66, Sacramento State •13 Clemsmi 56, Duke 55 Uluml i Flu) 113, Tampa 71 New Orleans Loyola 86, Louisiana 'allege 68 Xavler (Onio) 58. New Mexico A&M .2 Wichita 89, Arizona S$»t« Unlv £0 Crel^htou 54. St. Michael* (NU) 33 Drake 83, Omaha 52 In the women's division, pert Jere Price, a 26-year-old bowling instructor, moved into the lead with 1,705 pins for 8 games. Mrs. Price displaced the first day leader, Shirley Garms of Palatine, 111., who fell to third with 1,646. National all-star champion Merle Matthews of Long Beach, Cal., waa runnerup with 1,690 pins. The 128 men are fighting for IS places in the finals which open next Tuesday. The 64 women are also fighting for 15 final berths. ITALY WINS SYDNEY OP) — A sore-shouldered Orlando Sirola and aching- backed Nicola Pietrangeli ent Italy into a 2-0 lead over the scrambling Philippines with swift, straight-set victories today in the Interzone Davis Cup tennis elimination. D. Kolb J. Bednar C. Erickson SPORTSMAN'S LEAGUE R. lAldwlg 618 T. Jellnelc 606 D. Ihrke 558 D. Hllrner ,...542 R. Larrull 531 Baylor Coach Waits Turn of Fate Today WACO, Tex. (AP) - Football Coach Sam Boyd of Baylor, whose teams have lost more than they won the past two years, will hear today whether he's wanted any longer. Indications are that he won't be. A 4-hour meeting of ex-students, former athletes and the administration Friday night failed to reach a decision. Dr. W. R. White, president of Baylor, said one would be forthcoming within "2 to 24 hours." Boyd, head coach for three years, has another year to go on his contract. He didn't attend the meeting. He said several hours before that he didn't plan to resign. Observers expressed the opinion that sentiment appeared to lean toward terminating Boyd's contract. That would mean buying up the year remaining. For Limited Time Only ONE FREE SERVICE JOB WEEKLY Value Up To $25.00 DRIVE IN NOW nWff . . Ju»t Register Yours May Be the Next FREE SERVICE JOB WE NEED 4 MEN'S BOWLING TEAMS FOR 7 O'CLOCK SHIFT OF THE FRIDAY NIGHT LEAGUE CenUct: G*n» Jelintk pr Swede Sorenson ECHO LANES Hiwqy 218 So. HE 7-3933 THIS WEEK'S WINNER Robert Orr 1000 S. Prospect Prtvloui Wlnn«f Include: • CHESTER NOCKEUY • ROY BARRICK • W. P. BENNETT e DR. VAN CLEVE • PAUL J. KENNEDY e GEORGE BLOCK • LAWRENCE MOEYKENS e WM. MARQUARDT USEH CHEVROLET CO. Bridge t Franklin Dial HE 34177 ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^BBHIBB^HMJR AUCTION As I am quilting farming I will tall all my Pmonal Property at Public Auction, located South of Owatonna, M Highway «5, tt Highway 30, than 4ft mllat latt Hi Town Hall, tha« ft milt South; ar 5 mlias Wait of Blooming •rahria, on Highawy 30, Ida* V* mlla South. WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 10 STARTING AT 1:00 P. M. 5 HEAD GOOD CATTLE mother> whisperia4 AfghanistaD) , monarcb y which A few hours earlier Richard had the reporter, said she hoped that extends from Iran to the Kbyber been in the same hospital and re- no one would upset the boy by re- pass in Asia, is ruled by a senate ceived two sutures for a cut of the i (erring to him as a genluxxxx —{of 40 members. The king appoints left cheek, also received in a {all. loops, that wa» close itf* e LIVESTOCK AUCTION Tuesday i n.m. and every Tuei. at I p.m. 600 HFAD LIVESTOCK 350 Hereford end Angus »tt«r and hatter calve* 40 Choice Hereford acclimated yearling *»eer«, wt. 675 Ib*. 75 Shorthorn steers, 800 Ib*. ISO mixed local steer* end heifer*, wt. 400 to 900 Ibs. 20 Hereford breeding cows. PRIVATE SALES DAILY, EXCEPT SUNDAY. ST. AMSGAR SALES PAVILION 20 aiiki uovth of Auria 2 - BOARS - 2 Purebred Poland China, Appro*, weight 250-pounds each FEEDS 500 Bales of mixed hay, alfalfa and clover, all in barn, put up with no rain; 700-Bushels of Last Year's Cora; UO-Busbels of Oars. FURNITURE .22 Rifle 12-Cauge Shotgun - HOLSTEINS J-2nd Calf Heifer, fr«k % wttki 1—2nd Calf Heifer, dut in PtClfflbu 1— 3th Calf Caw, frish I WHki 1—2-yeor-eld Open Heifef I—Short Yearling Heifer Surge 2 Single Units Milking Mack- mi, Pump and Motor Surge 10-gal. Electric Water Htgttf lawa Power Cream Separator GOOD LINE POWER MACHINERY N*v lo«a 2-row Corn Picker, Pult. type. On rubber Van Brunt tingle due grain drill, l-ft. M. D. hand cern sheller Kovar f-it. quack digger AJhi-Chclmirs Automatic Baler 2—Wood wheel wagons M. 0. mgwcr, 5-tt. cut J. P. 4-iection steel lever drag M. P. l-ft. grain binder or iwatbct John Peers 999 Corn Planter, tertiluer attachment, tractor hitch KM AWs-ChaWrs U-C Tractor, All overhauled Rubber tired 5-ton truck wajon Meyers 36-ft. all-steel elevator, for hay, corn and grains Power circle saw, 38" blade Allis-Chalmers l-ft. Field Cultivator M. P. l-ft. tandem disc 2—Steel ventilators H«f) ojler AU-iteel JS-bus. self bag heat! 100-90). gas barrel COM Motor Privet CanbiM, <-ft. cut, AU attachment! New Idea High-Spetd SMe take, UK New Set •> harness and tally* 10-golloni. 20-wdght, oil Electric ieacer lob ikd 500-siie brooder stave John Deere Manure Spito4tc M. P. m t« 2!* h.o. go* englM 1500-lb. alatiara scales Graia sacks, grind staaj, teoll, *M bwrels and nUsccllaMMti Allis-Chalners Tractor Pl«w. 1-baHftsj 14-inch TIRMS:—Anyone <tetui«g credit fa UUCIMM 9t fOftaJs «• tab, make arrangements with own Bank or the ClftJ* tine of sale. No proporty to ba ramovati horn rxuMtta vitil felly Mttied tor WM. BETLACH, Owier ten Wendorf, Oweteona, Auctioneer Farmer* A tywchaats State Bonk, Blooming PfflWe, Oiii

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