Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 31, 1933 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 31, 1933
Page 5
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lOLA, l^NSAS THE lOLA DAILY REGISTER. TUESDAY EVENING; JANUARY'31. New York, Jan. • 31. <AP)—The • stQck market held to a narrow f range today, as traders •curtailed their operations pending action on U. S. Steel preferred' dividend, to be announced after the close. The close was irregular, with scattered , losses of a point or more. Transfers approximated 700,000 shares. The utilities were inclined to sag all day. Rails had ah interval of Ktrength, but for the most part were unable to retain their gains. Studebaker omitted its preferred dividend, but International Business Machines ordered the regular quarterly on its common. Borden's common distribution was to be an. nounced after the close. . The steel stocks <nioved very narrowly, with U. S. Steel common land preferred fractionally higher of the day. Borderi. a recent ^soft •spot, recovered about u point. Shares off major fractions to about w.: points included American . Telephone, Con.solidaled Gas. North American, Public Service of N. J.. ; Corn Products. Uacy. Goodyear, and a few others. Delaw.nrp Hudson gained mgre than 2^ points, then fell • back about a point.; iiev York Central and Union Pacific closed fractionally higher. High Cities Sorv ..... 2 N SO of Ind 20"; Amn Can 6T .i' Amn T&T 105 Amn Tob B .... GO', Anaconda 7 --i Atphteon 45' J f Auburn 47% ,' Beth Steel 15 Case J I 4G\ THE NEWFANGLES (Mom'n I*pp) . NIGHT CPEMT : ON TME COUCH, CHICK AND GLADYS WEPE PEWAPDED' Wrr.H THE KNOV'/UEDCE THAT TweJ v .'I'^tTlNG . DCUATIVEIS [•NJOYED TO THE ruiLuE ^T THE CofirORT OF THE NEWrANCLE S" ONLY BED' GEE. I'M GLAD IT'? TWELVE CCLOCK AT LA?T'. IVE BEEN WAITING Bt ?EAUFA?T ALU MOPNING FOP C009IN GEPTIE Chrysler Con Gas Con Oil nnig Iiic DuPoht Gen EU'c ... Gen Motors . Int Harv .... Mont Ward . Packard .— Penney J C . PJiillips Peti- Radio Sdcony Vnc . Std Bnind.s ^ no of NJ ... Union Pac ., Tex Corp U S Stool ... WostiiifihK 13'-, 5S\. 5'-. 3C . 13-}, 22'1.1 14', 2 '•* 27 'x 5'', 4-, G", "ih 30 7G-', I3i% . 2S' 20', Low 20-"s 60 »s 103 -s 60 7"44' = 14?s 4,5 '<K 13's 5G'; f,K 3.=i'. 39'^ IS 13'j 22 14 2's 26--: 5^ 4'.. G-., 14-N 29': 75'v . 13', 1^7 N 28 WHATCKUST! By Cowan MAW AND PAW SAID IT'S OKA^^ BWNG THE\T? BPEAKFAST OlGHT \N. THEY'LL HAVC \T IN PRICES "LOST LOVE" AT $250,000 Close 2'20-'', GQ'-< 104'.60-', 44-'; 46'.', 14-', •45-', U-U S'i , 39'J 15'; I3 -S 22'; 14', 2-'s i 2G\ 4-; 6', 14 "s 29'L' 7(; 13'-; . 28v 28'; LOCAL PROni'Cp; Eggs. fiVsls , inc Eggs, second 8c Eggs, thirds Gc Egg.s, ungraded 8c I.'ens. No. 1 Oe Hen.s. No. 2 Gc No. 1 Springs, I'j lbs. \ip 6c NO. 2 Springs 4c .Capons, over 9 lbs. L ........ ^ 11c 'Capons, over 8 lbs 9c Capons, over 7 lbs. 7c Capons, under 7 lbs 6c Slips 4c Butterfat. lb 13c f Stags, lb 4c ' cocks 3c Geese. lb , 3c Guineas, each lOc AVhite Ducks., lb. ... 4c Colored Ducks, lb 3c Hides, per lb. 1 .. Ic Mixed Corn. bu. 15c Yellow Corn. bu. 16c •Wheat, bu '.. .28c •Kafir Corn 13c i Two years of promi.scs never did ro .sulL in marriagi; according to Mni'v Clark .'above) show girl, and sht! filed a breach of promise suit • for S250.000 in New York :,aaiiist Sfwcll T. Tyng. clubman' and kin oi the Vanderbilts. She! c!;-Jm.s 111? woood and won her uiLhoiit. nicnlioning the fact he' wa.s alrondy married. WEEKLY,OIL REPORT '.iBy the Associated Press.) Kansas City Produce. .City, Jan. ;31. lAP) — -Broilers 12. Other produce^ un. changed. K. C. Hay.^s City. Jan. 31. (APi— Hay: 45 cars. Alfalfa: No. 1. extra leafy. 12.0050; No: 2. n.00-.50: No. 1. 9.50-10.50: No. 2. leafv. 8.50-9.50. Praiicie: No. 1. 7..50: No. 2. 5.00-7..50. • Timothv: No. 1.7.00-50: No. 2. 5.50 Timothy: No. 1. 7.00-.50; No. 2. 5..50-6..50. I City Grain. Kan .sas City.. Jan. 31. 'APi— VVlical: 54 cars: ', up to ', down. No. 2. dark hard, 45":;: No. 3. hom 41'i-50: -No. 2. hard 42-43; No. 3 nom.. 41-49'i; No. 2. rod. nntn.. 4; . 48; No. 3. nom.. '41' L -47. Close: Mnv 'II',: .hily 41-.; Sept. • .42''-i. Corn: 25 cars; unchiiiigcd. No. 2 -ivhite. nom., 22-22'••: No. 3. nom 21'-.:-22: No. 2. yellow. 22-22',: No. 3. nom.. 21'.-22: No. 2. mixed, 2? -No. 3. nom.. 21'',-21'';. Close: May 23; July. 24 "s, Oats: .1. car; unchnHgcd, No, 2 white nom.. 17-18: No, 3, num.. 1617. Milo maSzo. nom.. ,4R-52.. Kafir, nom,. 40-44.' Rye. hom.. 34-35. Barley, nom. 21'-^-24. Eleven Persons:Die in Snow Storms i MaroonUir Thonsands. f Sam Prancisfco, Jan. 31. (API— The toll of lives in the blizzard swept Far-West stood at 11 today as winter continued to threaten efforts; to rescue huhdreds of persons marooned in mountain regions. In northern California two deaths were added to the nmnber of known victims since the series of storms started 18 days ago. Another wanderer perished in Nevada. Th'e most extensive struggle was l-in the Sari Bernardino mountains, 75 miles east of Los Angeles, where hundreds of motorists who had gone to Lake Airrowhead to enjoy winter sports were trapped by a blizzard. Those directing the battle against the white drifts said most of the trapped persons, who had numbered r.bout 2,000, were being moved out over roads which were, cleared by snow plows. J Many of tlie men, women, and children trapped since Sunday had frost-bitten hands and feet. Prompt action of the highway department in sending aid prevented a food shortage. Snow depths in the Sierra Nevada mountains I were hearing record marks and a passenger train of the Sierra railway was stalled in drifts at Oakdale. Calif. Tile last throe vlcthns were: Steve Rablcn, rancher, whose heclo^as brolcen as the foot of his bafn in Sondra coimty, Calif., collapsed: Ghaiile.s J. Herman, Portland, Ore., ijvho died from exixisure near Redding, Calif., and Guy Davis, whose, frozen body was found near Carlin,; Nevada. SCULMURED TREASURE IN UNEARTHED PEliSIAP^ CITY WILD WELL THREATENS CITY Fires in Houses Near Phillips Gusher Ordered Extin^ished. Tulsa. Okla.. Jan. 31. (AP)—Daily fiverage crude oil .production in the L'nited States last week was 2,014,- C49 bai-rcls, a decline of 8,024 barrels ifrom the preceding week's figure, the Oil and Gas Journal estimated. Of the total. Texas produced 80G.272 barrels, an increase for the state of 4.472 barrels. The East Texas output dropped . slightly, amounting to 297.734 barrels as compared Mvith 298.226 the preceding week. California's production was down 9.500 barrels at 460.000. Oklahoma's output dropped to 370.235 barrels, from 374.820. Kan- sa.s regi.sterod a gain of 2.285 barrels with 94.225 barrels. Eastern production dropped 3^000 barrels to 111.000 barrels. Kclley Wednesday Only Oklahoma ;city. Jan; 31. CAP)— While a brisk south wind blew a plume of wilh oil over a wide era, crews went to work at dawn today, in an effort to check the flow of the Phillips No. 1 well. Fires were ordered put out in the territbJT sprayed by the 15,000-barrel oiler. The well is surrounded by other producers, and firemen said no homes were , in immediate danger. The nearby Canadian river was thickly coated with the oil. •Workmen rigged up a pump to clear the oil flooded cellar in order to tear out broken connections. The cause of a break in the lower mas- tergate was not determined. GOVERNMENT ARMS' STOLEN Well Dressed Quintet Loots Oklahoma National Guard Armorer. K. C. Livestock Ctoso. Cattle: killing classes slow, generally ' steady; choice 982 lb. yearlings 6.20; choice 1272 lb. steers 5.25. Sheep: lambs steady to ..strong; slieep steady to 15 higher; top fed lambs 5.40; others mostly 5.10-35; top ewes 2.75. ' Hogs: unchanged. Cattle 4.500;. hogs. 6.000: -shce]). 8.000. Norman Foster and Marian Marsh as the fvamed lovers in •'Slrange Justice." Kon^wa, Okla.. Jan. 31. (API- Five well-dressed nien driving a large automobile trussed up a night watchman, .broke into the national guard armory here ilast night and escaped with a quanlity of firearms and. ammunition. ! Jinj Maxwell, the watchman, was released a half mile from town unharmed after the robbery. The burglars obtained thirteen automatic pi-stols and seven regulation rifles as well as a considerable amount of ammunition. Their escape, 'was facilitated by .slippery roads which made quick pursuit impossible, i One of archaeology's greatest discoveries has been unearthed near Persepolis in Persia—a village 6,00p years old wherein abounds priceless treasures of sculpturing. The discovery was made by the expedition sent out by the Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago and among the findings was this ornate small stairway with its panels and reliefs of the Meads and Persians. The village is two miles from Persepolis, a city destroyed by Alexander the Great \viio fired it at the whim of a^lady of his choice. ; THEY JUST COULDN'T LIVE APART IRISH RAIL WORKERS STRIKE Traffic in Northern l.rebmd Paralyzed Over Wage Dispute. Belfast, Northern Ireland, Jan. 31. (AP)—A railway strike affecting 5.000 men tied up trafflc on most of the lines in northern Ireland today. ^ Walkouts began at midnight as /he result of a wage cut, and inasmuch as the men have been assured full strike pay by the unions it was feared the tic-up might last some time. After having flrat decided that they couldn't live with each other. Art (What-a-Man) Shires, famed in baseball and pugilistic circles, and Mrs. Shires have now found that they'couldn't live apart. So, after a brief separation, she has dropped hei* suit for divorce and they have patched up their diflererice^and if you don't believe it just look at this picture, taken when they announced llielr reconciliation in Chicago. NOW!... ' Is the Time; —to have youi* motoi'i oveihaul job dono—now pi.ston.s, if needed, new. ring.s, valves ground—car? put in shape for sprinj? , driving. ; ROSS ARBUCKLE GARAGE CHRVSLEHrPLYMOUTH : Sales—Service—Parts " AUTOMOTIVE Automobiles For Sale SALES i Dodge The l^pxer Rebellion. In 19C0 a massacre of foreigners and of native! Cliristians commenced in China. It was instigated j by a secret society, known as the "Boxers." For two months the foreign diplomats and ' their families were besieged within the. walls of the British legation at Peking. They were relieved August 14 by a force of Japanese. :Ru.ssians, Americans. British, Pi-ench and Germans. China agreed • to pay an- indemnity of 330 million c^ollars. On .January 15. 1908. congresjs voted to remit one-half tlie American .share of the indemnity.' Dependable Used Cars and Trucks ELLIS MOTOR CO. , Phone 30 1 Cash—Trade—Terms '26 DODGE 4-door sedan; '27 CheW- rolet coach: used parts. lola Aulo Wrecking. Phone 782. PONTIAC-BUICK ^ Sales and Service } Guaranteed Used Cars • SHELLY MOTOR CO. ; 214 N. Jefferson Phone 80 , KANSAS BRIEFS (By tlie A.s.sociated Prcs.s'; • HUDSON-ESSEX—Parts and Service. Bud White Motor Co.. ;fflO South street. Phone 60. ; Repalrinr'-Gara jfes Kansas City—Transfer of 200 patients in the U. S. veteran.s' hospital here to the new one being erected tiear Leavenworth, wii.s announced yesterday by. Dr. W. E. Chamb(?rs, liead of the iiistltntion. He said he had been informed by General Fraiik T. Hines. administrator of veterans affairs, that the local hospital would be closed June 30. ROCKY POINT Jan. 23:=^The Guder men are ss wing 'their firewood today in the ti nber hear Xenia. This family enjoyed a -visit Sundry afternoon froni Mrs. Anna Hardy. Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Isaacs tl eir daughter and son Burnice and Melvin of Bayard. Mrs,, Henry Reeve, Lone Elm, pur- cl ased setting eggs from Mrs. Earl Camp Wednesday. Mrs. Theodore Guder returned home Wednesday evening from caring for her sister, j Mrs. -Vasiitl Claries. She.expects to return to B ue Mound Saturdayv Mrs. Charles remains about the saine. Mrs. Chauncey Trimble and son Merlyn oC Bayard called on the George Stout family Wednesday aft- erpoon. Charley Whitcomb and son Mel- vih brought their horses home from til eir farm north of j Xenia today, preparing for spring work. Earl Camp was doing trucking Tliursday for Roy Ellis, the new ov ner of the George Stout farm. Mr. and Mrs. Jim! Stout, Lone Elm, spent Friday at George Stout's. . Charley Stewart and son Casseus w^re working on the road Tliursday. pir. and Mrs. George Stout and Mfirshall y spent Thursday at the Ralph Sprague home near Lono Eln. Pauline and Mary Prances John-so 1 have been out of school witli .seyero colds. 'Virginia!and Eva Na- dlpe have also been sick. Topoka—Seeking . extradition of Ernest L. Hamilton and Everett Pendelton. wanted in connection with the robbery of the People's State bank of Harris. Kas.. January 16. Governor Alfred M. Landon yesterday issued requisition papers on the governor of Missouri. The' tv^ta^lleged to have obtained S37.7 inwre robbery, are being held in the JiK^On county jail, Kansas City. Wichita—Hal Rogers Zerkle. 2- year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Harold Zerkle. was fatally injured here last night when the motor car in, which he was riding with his parents overturned in an accident. BATTERY Recharging. 50c. Garage. Id ^l. EMPLOYMENT 15 Situations Wanted—Female; WOMAN—2C years old with 3 -ye»r- old daughter wants pkico to live. Will do any kind of work. No .siil- iirv. just a living for hcisolf ahd child. Call 536 or 236. LIVE STOCK 21 Horses, Cattle, Vehicles COWS — Just fresh, -and cows ^to freshen soon. J. C. Butcher, West Street road. • - GOOD BLACK JACK—For sale. Four miles north of Bronson. S. ;L. . GoodncT; i 22 Poultry and Supplies BABY CHICKS—All leading breeds. Custom ; Hatcliing, l?-c per egg. Taylor's Hatchery, 2ol South Jefferson, lola. ; SUNFLOWER CHICKS — Hatches weekly. See us before you get chicks or hatching. Sunflower Hatcherv. Bronson. ' I wouldn't be a donkey if I wore yoU." If you were me you wouldn't bo llonkey. of course." OUT OUR WAY CONSIDERED FOR ROOSEVELT CABINET Kansas City Livestock. Kansas.City. Jan. 31. (AP.—U. S. . D. A.)—Hogs: 6.000; 1.540 direct: .slow, steady to 5 liigher than Monday's average; most advance on 240 lbs. and up; lop 3.05 on choice 170210 lbs.: good and choice. 140-350 lbs.. 2.55-3.05; packing sows. 275-550 lbs.. 1.90-2.45; stock pigs, good and choice. 70-130 lbs.. 3.25-50 Cattle: 5.500; caives, 1,000; killin?: Classes opening slow,' .steady; little done on weighty steers; choice 1148 lb. steers 6.15; stockers and feeders .steady; steers, good and choice. 5501500 lbs.. 3.50-6.75; common and medium. 550 lbs. up. 2.75-4.50: hcifei^. good and choice, 500-900 lbs.. 3,75.5-75; cows. good. 2.00-25; vealers. (milkfed). medium to choice. 3.006.50: stocker and feeder steers, good and choice 4.00-5.75. Sheeji: 5.000; market not estab- f lished; a few small lots native lambs I around steady; bidding steady to weak ori fed lambs; best held around "5.50: lambs, good and choice i^) 90 • lbs. down, 4.85-5.50; gqod and choice. '{•),"'90-98 bs. 4.75-5.25: ewes, good -and choice. 90-150 lbs. lJO-2.75. (*) - quotations based on ewes and weth­ ers. O. Ma.\! Gardner i Bronson Cutting; j Two men being ajctively considered for the "liberal cabinet" which President-elect Roa^eielt is expected to name before March 4. are O. Max Gardner, former governor of North Carolina, and Senator Bronson Cut- of New Mexico. Gardner, backed for secretary of the navy, would preserve a long line of North Carolina navy secretaries. There have been five from that state., the last being Josephus Daniels. Cutting, progressive Republican'Who bolted his party to support Roosevelt, may be chosen secretary of the interior.'. Roosevelt is expected to recognize at least one cf those progressive Republicans who backed him. ; By Williams [».WT.ow. Emporia—'Visits . of robbers and holdup men in two Lyon county towns were reported yesterday. Robbers raided a general store at!Plymouth over the week-end. obtaining loot valued by. the owners at hiore than $1000. 'Xiesterday two meniheld up Diirand Smith. Admire filling station atteji(iant, and "q.scaped with $273. ' WHITE WYANDOTTE hatchi*iB eggs, 10c a dozen above firsts. . Mrs. Bruce Armacost, R. 3, lola. Phone 998F21. . r . MERCHANDISK 24 Articles For Sale BATTERIES — Guaranteed. $4 .9a Ideal Garage. ; BEST CREAM SEPARATOR .OIL. I5c qt.; rubbers, etc., for Anker- Holth. Melotte. Domo. Vikinft- Sharpies .separators. Sliannv)n . .Hardware. Phone 29. Pittsburg—After debating two days, a jury in circuit court here yesterday returned a, verdict in favor of ^the Kansas highway commisr .sion in a $75,000 damage suit brought by Miss Ralia Qiocobetti of Arma. The plaintiff I alleged that lierman-: | NE^VTOWN INCUBATOR—180(J ca- MOTOR OIL—50c gal.; 5 gal. Ideal Garage. Phone 174. $2 .ifa ent injuries she suffered in an automobile accident near Girard last fall were due| to the negligence of the commission in piling clial along the highway. REAL ESTATE TRANSFERS (Vrom the Office of Tlie lola Abstract Co., 108 W. Jackson) pacity, $200; will take part traclo. V. C. Archer & Co. > 28 Bonselioid Goods FOUR COMBINATION gas, coal and wood range. Priced to sell. CurlU Furniture. 10 N. Wash. . January 30. 1033. William T. Barnett, a widower to Mary E. Sullivan, ot al. E'!, of SW",: and W'j of SE '/'i all In 12-25-18. $1. W. T. Barnett. a widower to Elmer A. Barnett, lot 2, block 21, City of lola, Kas., $1. James M. Rowden to Mrs. Elva A. Rowden, lot 1. block 21, City of lola, and lot 8, block 12, Taylor's Addition to City of Gas. Kas.,- and 8'i of lot 9, block' 12, Taylor's Addition to the City of Gas; Kas.,d51. Cora Fay Page, et al to Jo.ssie Alma Turner, all their undivided 5 of W'i of NE '.4 of 16-25-19. $1. Jessie Alma Turner, et al to Cora Fay- Page, all their undivided S-of Wi Of NWU of 10-25-19, $1. ' Jessie Alma 'Turner, et al to Bertha May Pitzpatrick, all their undivided 3 of 80 acres off west side of NW'i of 3-25-19, $1. Jacob J. Fitzpatrick, a widower to Bertha May Fitzpatrick, N'^ of NWll of 9-25-19, $1. A small ad in the Classified columns often puts 'pver a bic deal. SWAPPER'S BINDER—Cow or exchange for bal Young. 1002 Nortlij Kansas. COLUMN pow wanted in d hay. J. W. Sycamore, lola. CREAM SEPARATORS—Used, to trade for cattle, hogs or horses;. Brownie's. Cream, Poultry, Eggs, Feeds, and Seeds. HEAVY HORSES, hay press and young cows to trade for mules too young for market and one set harness. L. H. Barnett, 2 miles west County Farm. NEW SHIPMENT of cast vanofin. latest designs, cheaper prices. Terms. Delivery. W. H. Wopd ..Fine Furniture, 202 S. JeffcrsQii. USED STOVES nhd Furniture. Stbro packed. Hennlnfjffr's Funi. Store. 29 Machinery and Tools WALKING PLOW—Good, 14-lllcli. new share. $4,50. Allen Couri.ty Implement Co. ' 30 Musical, Kadio SEVERAL good used radios. Ternjs. _JHenn_insy's_ Ftinilturc Store._ ; 32 Wanted—To Buy WANTED TO BUY—Coal and wood vi.sod heater. Phone 1234. i • ROOMS FOR RENT 34 Apartments and Flats " FURNISHED APARTMENT—Thr^e rooms, with pantry, closets, porches, private entrance, modern, close in. Phone 1234, : Real Estate For Rent 36 Farms and Land For Rent IMPROVED 200-ACRE farm for rent. Frank Ellis at Brown's Drutg ; Store. 80 ACRES—2', i miles, on Horville :. gravel road. See R. L. TliompsoU Agency. _; 37 Houses For Bent FOR RENT—Houses, good location. See G. E. Pees. ; ANNOUNCEMENTS Personals I.I WANT TO CORRESPOND with nice clean lady who wants a home. Box 79. Register. Strayed, Lost, Found 12-WHEEL TRAILER—With green box lost between lola and Chanute. Reward. Write R. E. Hellman, Earlton, Kas. HOUSE—5 rooms, garage, close iri. Phone 461. I HOUSE— 6 rooms, modern, furnished if desired, R. M. Cunningham, over Penney's. 5-ROOM modem house, garage, $5; other good houses. V. C. Archer & Co. Phone 304. 5-ROOM MODERN bungalow foV rent, 220 South Walnut. Inquire at Van's Bakery. 8-ROOM MODERN at 809 E. Jackson, lola Land Co., soutlj of lola State Bank,

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