Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 24, 1927 · Page 1
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 24, 1927
Page 1
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STA-?r2: r R icAL: SOCIETY^ • cmCVLATION is th^ only • Commodity a. Newifpapdr . HaH to Sell Its Adrcit/serx. VOLUME XXXI. NO. sa. -f! f-Ki.i I.. Thi- liiW l>iilly Kt'iri^tw. The ' The REGISTER'S Ciretda. • Hon records open to public inspection at any time. lOLA. KAN,. HATL'RDAY EVENING, OPXE^AinER 24. 1927. ihV Werklv lleuCKT. £>tablil<h*-<l lSfi7. Tli« lolii Dally IJeKlat^r. EMUblishrd 1.S97. EIGHT PAGES CRAYSON JJelief Is That Ship Ha.s IJeen Forced to. Land Before Nearinff , Destination VVIRELESS filVKX Distress Call Has Not Been Received by Any- Stations T^day :Ualitax, N. S.. Dae.- 24. (Ai'). All efforts to locate the amphibian plain- of .Mrs. Frances \V. Grayson and her three men companions, hours overdue, hati proved futile u]i to early this afternoon. As tiif gas«;.liii.' NiJppJv O.TIV ill \Sad Christmas For One Family \ In Wichita Now Wichllii', K;iii.. Di'c. :;4. (AIM i( will Iw a >,nl riiiis(inu!< fdi- ill li'iist (111.- liiinil^' of four iliililr'ii Iii-nv Tin if IIIIIIIK r. , .MIS.-KTi/.il).-lli Ciiniilii'll, clicil ' iiiKht tiiiin tnkliit; poison M-vir :it' iliiy.s aK'i. .'iftj-r liro'od- liiK Ufiks nviT 111'" ilfiilh • if IKT litisli:iiiil. William ('Milip- licll. will; ilii'il fi'UouillK ;i .sijil- ili II \ iiili-in iliip s>; 'I'lii- I'ltl- csi liciy, i;. \< H.-iioirs- 'v ;|l irHlii V ..11IV m.'i-- worli. (illzciis III \Vi' :i wild' I'^aiMi-il of'Uiv iTiiiiily's pliRliI Imliiy -rii'i- pliiyiiiK Haiilii Clailt-. Id llif licii.avfil I liililD'i). WASHINGTON HAS TURNED TO LWHT CHRISTMAS PLAN Natipn Tosses Aside All Other Interests to Giving CHRISTMAS FINDS lOLA VERY BUSY • • \ Many Programs Will Be Presented Here Tomorrow FEW INTOXICATED! THK FIRST CHRISTMAS (• , W.nshiiiBiaii. 1U'(. J4. (Al 'i Tlu ihi.< aii.r-l nation Uirne.l asi.l.' all utli.-r iii-1 for A-ai-ation.s. while many . ii..iii;li'to lasf'Ji.i liour.s afur st;.r; irimi KnoSfVell Kifld. N' i .r miiri one o'l'S'ck. al Lni .ii. 11. was fcU cpitain thai the • tcMvsts triday ami entered into it^.j -T >liijH' Iwd matlo a foncd lajidiiig , pn-parations for the obsi-rvauce of ^.,.!iH'wiMii< 1>. !wt-,!i Cape ,-i,ristuias ^vt,.•o it was. last iiranMrom. and . ^ ^^^^^ "^l,;, :,.^,„,,i„e„ i„ ,Wasll- I'liily Hay. .\. h.. hv.r df.stmation. j. ;,„„.,,r.l rhis m-t-nine iinRtou looked iloward this evening >H JlPNsaires JleariL ; for the opeiiluK of feBtlvitleK.on the wirelesV -vmipii ••wovUine", • omU lawn' of the treasury where • Till- iliitnc; wiiUh th4 piane: I'resldeni foolldK*' will light was io ;(siks lihd received any mes-"stately spruce by pushing u Gold I either from tlit- p'''""'<ir con-i Hntinli To flood the bouRhs vvith >. ••:iiB)?.it from c'jasial stations or'colored hues while others 'were siiijis a;f'.sea. hurryiuK to their family liri'sidesjfi!!*.! with nil • Wearher, coiiilitioiiH over the in- in!every i)art of the country. \ lihings to eat. The families to; i-iiiled rotate (iuriiii; the liighl aiiil •• .\s the joyous spirit of the season f uiiich these baskets have been sent - i...l.iy wen* not iinfavoralilc. wind.s eauiihl the muutryin last minute^J,„^P ,„ numbers ftorn on" to 11. li.iiii^ ojily fr.<h and visibility i preparations, the White Ilkc|„,„i ti^. total nufnbor of inilividnals K'"d. a syiuhol lor the f.-afivities throiigh-.^-ho will sliaie the bounty will lo Of course this (Continued on Puire H, ><(. i) And • Christmas Decora-! tions Remove Many Fire Menaces Witli larfje nuinl)ers of l"hi:Ist-. j mas proKrams planned In the var-| ioiis eliurcties of the city arid many! school jiroifraiiis preHentc^I In th«»' county last uiijjit. lola and the ad-| JolniiiK teri =itory is enjoyint; . an • uniisijally active holiday season. rniisual is Ine fact that only three aliened "drunks" were loiig- ed in the cit.v jail last niKht from |.pn- f!iri >.;nuis spreis. Officers trirniOd it an unusually nice be- Kirinin^. Luther ("reason.- fire chief, declared that persons haviuK Thrist- m :is decorations, are doini; away witiKvirtually all fire menaces. Hundreds iif .-iiidints are hoin(.| ! lola re.iideiits are away to spend Christ- • miis day with relatives in other i cities. • • i . By. common cnniicut the joy of i sendinj^ out Chrl.stnias <bai>kets lo.' lola families who would have no I Chrl-stniat cheer^ unless H caiv .'ri.i-. the ouUilcUT .tStu flu- niBtjt'.j years -boon conceded to 'the Bfg, Brothers and the Salvation Army,and f^ila .v those two organization.s have; sent cut about baskets manner of sood AllIidURiit ii was generally lie-,out the tmtion, became a busy place>„„, from .lOO. liev-(i the \r\i\\w was down, it was ' in anticipation of the crowds which . lU .-^id't-d quite p< tiiat the will gather llii-re loifiRht to .siUK .!• .-.M -iu ' had Ijotii iiiaile in sorat' Chri^^tnias Carols after the com- i. ^it.d'bay ttlieiv llie'ii- was no nniniiy tree on the treasury lawn iliiiiKcr. 1)11! licitii wliiiii I diiiiiiiiiii- has been dedicated. i.iTi.iii w'iis iiii;i(jssilil( Iiiside .Mr^:. CoolidKe biRan to dl- (HKIST.M.\S l> KKIilSTKK I UFFKK Christiiiiis. or rather the day ho- Wcather Bureau ^^'a rncd. M rs, (J ra yson Xi'W York, Dec. LM. i.M'i .Mis. ! l-'uHiccs, Wiisdii (Jraysim. who ' I 'ifijii'ii olT jti IK'I' aiii;|il)il>l:in plane - •• T'^e liiiw n' fir .\"v\ IdUinllaltd >.-iiTilaj'. i:iiil f;iil<-.l in arrive al 7 \. H :i>;i;n . ;i- . i ll, ii 11 1 •••!. Illldir- !i.iiiiv riie" I 'iKlri ii^;iiii-i il'"- ;iitvice |<i( 111!' \C>';ii|i.-i liiniiiii. Ill- .lames •j II. ~l\illll)ill . IlK-i>-i M!II ;;.-', li.l I ijic \ssiiciatii 'il I'n-.- 3i.- e .KJiies .-i.'d siii;i|i I)ial I'll' "Daivii." lit spiiv; i V iiiiiiliMiiis iiiiilii IdtiK «fih .'.iiji. ill iMillil.lliK •HI waV'-< .II. ii- initiiidii dl)-.iv.i s ;i;;neil ii, i I> i' iiiiicic ii I ii'cd l;iiiiliii»; i.iiiiii,: i!"- iii ^;lil Meet till- work of |)uttiiiK up live, fore Christmas. Is iilways n Kreat Christmas tics, iill witli KkaminK,,|.,j. ,|„. u,,^.ij;|,.j- off;,.,.. One j IliBhi.s and under the lioHKhs of o^^^ tbafforlthe most part! i..r t i.'ii she ariauKed a niiniatuie , ,' I r. production Of the nativity in .le-1 the people who make up ih • Uetr-; riif:;ileiii 'Ihe pH'sideut decided Ir I isfcer '•(lanK" have been here so ^ take no pnrt In these preiiarations'' |„„j, ,(„.y have a sort of fueliifi; ' Dr, WillDurant States Man Over 30 Can Not Love San Francisco. I)e<-. 2-1. (,\I') nr. Will C. Durarifs Chri.-fmas Kift to the world.H)f Hrafhelors: "A man past thirty is incapable of love." .Such was the declaration of Ihe scholar, philosopher and writer of "The Story of Philosophy" here- last night. "A man thirty may no wild over a blonde •chorine.' That i-i not love. -I./oye Is absolute devotion., the desire to clv»' full .servii-e to another: And you ilon't feel that ivny about a blonde <-horino." WOMAN IS INVOLVED LINDBERGHBACK AMONG BIRDMEN IMurder Case Had Woman Fingerprints in an Apartment Show HICKMAN DENIES IT h^outh Says Again He Did Not Slay Little Girl Of Los Angeles Banker Lcs Angeles, Dec. 24. ( AP) Fingerprints found in the : jBellevue Arms apartment of i As Guest of Air Force of ^^^'J^'Jai" E. Hickman, confess- Mexico, He Sees Resort Xew- York. Dec. 24. (AP> The New York Sun sa.vs today: "Since his Paris flight it is estimated that Colonel Lindbergh has earned about $250,000. The Orteig prize'was $25,000; the profit from his (book "We* and his newspaper articles was estiiiiated at nppro.ximately $200,000 and it- was said that rccrlved f2i>,ti)0 from tbu Guggenheim fund to finance j'ed kidnaper of little Marian ; Parker, today definitely eonr Jnected a woman in the case 'jof the murder of the childj ^police announced. i Lieut. II. 1.. Harlow, police fin serpriiil expert, dedafi'd the prints were not th'.se vif the slain child. He also declared they wefe not those of any woman thus far mcn- jtion^-in the c^ise, .^^i •*Th «n»«»j^ ^examination oi flngentrints on tile - 1 his Jour of the United States."' in police ti '.-es was started. •F Finsvr Prints Fonhd. .Mexico City. Dec. 24. (AP)—^ • Two finger print.s were found Colonel Charles A..Lindbergh wasjjj,;^ j i^^^ j,^^,^^ back among, the birdmen today ^tljj^^ilg Gbernavaca. state of .Morales. He_ went as the guest of the Mexican. air force to that beautiful resort^ a new examination of the apartment Hickman ."iccupied ;Hn'- der the name of Kvan .-i. One Was ,. , ^ ^ , . " niilk bottl. and ihe other|on j along highways stj-ongly guarded-ia plate, j by "military police to prevent any' •• attack by bandits. j Police Into this morning declatpd -rthey did not attach importance! to ! The flyer's mother, who left ber.uhe: findiuB of a pair of stockrnra • class room in Detroit to tly hereland underwear at first believed tb i to spend the. Christmas holiday with her son, intended to \isit the Y. W. C. A. girl's schools and unl- DIVING WORK ON bi.t John Codridge. wild ••'"'^•"•''"KUhat they are just on.- big family: I - Zip:::::^z.-z':xi!:^ 5.4 IS BROUGHT TO SUDDEN END Eastern Kansas number of i inunugement ii'l e 1. •! ' -••II ( iipi- Ciiii and 111.- cdiLsJ 01 ..\<)-.-;i .--ii-.itiii. Willi .'il'-- Crayson . w<-ie Dskiir Oiiuhil Iiiliil: IJhii -e Uoiilsliiiniiij;!!. navinat- <ir iinii Kreil Koi-liler. eiipiiie. I'e'n. , ill-.-.. Ilriiysdu iiidk uff friiiu Kciosi-vi-li - tield i ju 'sl after <''c'iiick yTsterdayj Tlie last reiiort ri her Ciilne froisi tlie Fr.-ii<-li Catilr iiiother- .\n iilreiuly liiisy diiy w:is to be! iioy^ .,ni| tirls to the n-dwded for .Mr.-. Cdoliiige ''.» ,„.(,,-|y ' '::;i:l ,:v :''7,.^l^;S "'w..h'i::'";.^-:-u.d no,... .mowed ,o ovenoou ive Iti'lerest 111 ililldien. . slu'- ac-! Christ uiiis even if it were disposed .<-i-|>ted ill! invitation i<>.b>- present ,:„ do sii. which it is not. ai the .Salvation Army headquar-j ,.y„,.y y,.,,,. ,,„y ...,s this afteniddii he.' Christmas the Boss and ev- iril.iiting food and gifts to -the poor, » ., , , , , and this inorniuK at Keith's teatre.eiy member of the force is remind- to pass out t-'Oddies to the youngs, ed of it in one way or another, and ters for the Central fiiion .Mission , (jj,. youiiKstei^s always have a reg- Toniiivrow liiiirning siftei; break: Not to Receive Christmas S7tow fast, the president and his family Will gather ai-ound one of their trees t(.i open tlie huniiieds of packages which have arrived at the White House from every section of the country. Sandwiched between df greeting cards delivered al the ular party. Uighl nuW. as ,this is 'vrftten. the carriers are beginning to i-onie in from their routes "tickled pink" over the generous way i.j which their patrons remember- i-d them, some with money, some \v!tli more p.>rsoual gifts, 'all with Idor by messengers (a ;,leasant .smile and a good word. fi her Ciilne froisi tlie l-reii<-h Catili t|„. thousands T-^iefrraph Coinpaiiy at Orle.-itis ,,i,:,t liave been 'i-as's.. on Cajie Cod. which told •"TiWIiite House il< ^.veii and finnuiug almost coutinuiwisly was a lAn,l (i,,-^ afternoon when thev all •telegra:n of Chi-istmas ereeling; ^.„„„ in ,„ ,,,,.1^ ^s. thev from the people of b. P. , read, Har- ,„e little j'dw town where the pres-i«|ll fnd their 'carrier boxes" gay Heavy Wind Brings Halt t To Work oh Navy j Submarine l':-.viiicl'town, .Ma.-^s . Dec. | , 24. i .'.l'l^-.Secretary of tlie ' -Navy. Wilbur and Admiral ' Charles P. Hughes, chief of j naval opr-raiioiis. arrived here shortly before 11 a. ni. today to make a peisonal inspection ot salvage operations at the sceue of the wnt-k of Ihe submarine ri-4. ideiit attended church during his suniiner in the Black^ Hills. At the home, of Secretary Davis of the, la'bor department prepara- lions fi|r th.- coming i>f Santa passing between • iphl o'clock. Stjip Kiirly Todaj She w;js'sch«'dule<l to I'oi'.(iraci'i'abiuit seven o'clock this liiiiiiiiiig.; Long-after that lime ni^ .-igii had; been set-u of her. West- iiii Cnirtn advices fi'din Heart'." t'oiltent. K.. said a check of cable colii])'b-ni«!S along the coast had re- cimis were being ruslied. In this vealed nil sign of the plane. l-home live < hildreii meant a merry "We dtd everything -we,iould to tiin,. ;,n,i inoidlnatel.v hour; ifi.ssiiade'-.Mrs. t-Jrayson friini iil- for the' secretary and .Mrs. Davis temptink-an ocean llight iii win-j wii,, decided to spend Christmas in iitr." ,i»i-{ Kimball said, "but she i Washington. Likewise Secretaries was very, determined'and over-rode • Kellogg. Jardine. Hoover. Davis of <'HV ohjei^tions. lu the flr.s.t pliu.-€ I o,,. war depiirtmeut and .Attorney Me -were-against it because suidi a Uleueral Sargent elected'to observ* lliirht hai never been lunde and'thi- holidays here. Secretary and while it' is possible condition's Wilbur ;ind Secretary am' might lnv'O'me lavorabie (luring the'.Mrs. Work will leave to spend the winter we did ,«ot believe they'day with relatives. Postmastei wj-re so now." (JeneraLnnd .Mrs. .\ew arelreturn- "We have received weather i'-|iii»: to their home In ludlaiiapolis. ' Most of oiricial Wiishington will (Cunlhiupd on Piiire S, No. I) ports from Europe and shijis ar- (r/tntjniii-d oi^ Piiue >o..«) with decorations and in each box a bit envelope with two or three little C'hristmas gifts. Of course George Williams is responsible for this part.x'. lie iiii.i up the decorations with ills own fair hands and ln» bought the gifts with his own money except the packag-,- of candy in each box and that came in for the carriers -with the compli-^ mrnts of" \V. W. Banks, a- much jippreciated contribution. If you 1|K<' to see a bunch of happy child- i.-;i, you ought to have been here t^lmut half past thS'ee. So Christmas, or the day before.' is I- great <lay in the, Register of- fi(<. , , ' Topek.i. Dec. 21. lAPl -_l':;isl- erii Kansas hjis but very slight chance if a "while il'hrislnias." .saiii S. 1). Flcira. nietedrnlngist. this morning. The forecast is for paitly douly. toniglit and Sunday, with but little ihaiice 111 tenip«-riitiire. GEORGEH. WARK IS FAVORED FOR NEW DRY POST CITIZENS TRAIL ROBBING SANTA GLAUS INTEXAS have been worn by the girl when she was kidnaped. The garmenti found wrapped in a newspaper I — - —...-r-i"^. versjlties and Red Cross organlza-'dated Dei.-embor 17, the date thfe tions. Invitations:were extended jgirl was abducted were dwlarefl by .Mexican women directing social ^not those <if Marian Parker. and educational work. j — Christmas day is expected toaf-iUj^l^inon ford tho flying colonel his first:."'*-?""*" . full day of rest since his arrival i :UenieS Slaying here i more than a week ago. He *p and his mother lnt<>nd to devote t Pendleton. Ore., Dec. 24.-(APl-r- the diay to relaxation and no -pro- "Told point-blank that police hail gram has been arranged. evidence he had killed .Marian The colonel will spend Tuesday ,parker in his apartments ih LOH grooming his plane, the. Spirit of Angeles. Wl'-liam Kdward ilickmuii, St. Louis, for his central-Ameri-jArouthful prlsotH-r in jail here r&- I Irate Posse Searches to can flight, and devote the rest of Find Slayers of City Chief Cisco. Tex.. Dec. 24. Irate citizens, several hundred number, today continued his time lo ihe study of maps of play: i>IIpd do it." "I'nder to the Associated "That ii! nof true. Pres.t to- I did not the California law yon already Appointee for Big i Position? rrovincetnwn. Mas's.. liec. 24 . (.API A 40-inile ;northwest wind State DirCCtor Will kicked up high seas today about | the salvage fleet on the scene of thi j sinking of the submarine S-4|ofri \\"ood End. Diving operatidiis. sus pendcd early last night, were iiu-; possible uuder such conditions, officials decided. The temperatiirr ranged around l.l above zero. .-Ml activities were siis(ie!idei' this for '-noon on the mine swee er Falcon, beadiiuartcrs of lie: .Admiral Frank H. Brumby, i) charge of operations Tossed abotlT by the waves, the Falcon .awaiteil tile expected visit of Secrei ;iiy Wilbur <if the navy depart ni«-iit and .-Vdmiral Charles F. Hughes, chief of operiiUons. .Vewspa'permen who visited the Falcon this morning predicted that the two: olHcials w<iuld have ;i dlf- bcult. 'i'lnd somewhat • dangerouf task in tryinglo board the Falcon The plan was for them to gi> out (CuntiniiPd on Page S, No. .1.) Be . Independence. Kans.. Dec. I..^IM—George Wark. federal prohibition administrator inr Kansas took' the- examiua- tiim for district adniini.'^trator df Kaii.'^as. Dklahoma aiid -Ve- braska. last .May. but. received no wiird of'whether he had liiisjed. He said hi- would liHe to have the position. He is liiri- fiir the h<ilidays. the territory to be covered. Lindbergh expects to reach Guatemala City in nine hours or !:|ace "death for what .von le.*R. Thence he will fly- to the onfessed." he was told. (\7.,--' capitals of these countries, in; the "I , an't . help it." replied Hlck- " i order named: British Honduras, jnan. He. spokr steadily and with : Salvador. Honduras. .Nicaragua,: apparent frankness. "1 have told 'heir 5 Costa Uica and Panama. From ihe truth. I will feel better to go search fur four "Santa Claus" bank | Panama he will fly to Havana. Hhat wav than to have to tel a lie." robbers who vesterdav killed Chief i Cuba. expe<ting to arrive there ^ HJekman displayed considerahle of Police G.K Bedford and wound-! •^".""S se.ssioti of ,apprehension. this morning on be- ed half a ildZeii citizens tempted robbery of the ...... . n <»iu, UHK*". •» iiuu-siuii vj„ laKe nun on extradition papers, tional Bank . i flight as he saw' no reason to'{^e asked 'luistions about the prob- Twelve .iollais in loot : "'^H^ «'»^7 , .. . . . ... ^ible length of time before his trial , , , , , , , Lindbergh said he might fly to (jgnd •was interested in getting in- was abandoned, by Ihe l)aiidit> ^ p^^;,, ,,^,5 „(, plans ,;f„rmation --oni-erning court proce- alopg with two little girls, whom for .such a visit—either before oriji,„e. they had used as shields against j after arriving at, Havana. u If :inK to Defend .Sell, bullets, after Lduis K Davis, of! The fl.ver's mdther is doubtful j/ Hickman expressed a wish to be Wichita Falls, a iifth robber, was! whether her return to IJetroiL will j^pble to conduct Jiis own deferse. perhaps fatall.v .wounded. Davis'• be by plane or rail, although in-j jie hiid been reading, in the ncYs- ' dications are that she will—•• iM ..„ ... 1 the Pan-American congres.s. which ;i„e i„formed of the approach of us in an at- opens .lanuary 16. This flight, he -bfficcrs from Uis Angeles who'are le Fir.^ .N'a-jsaid, might not be a non-stop ^„ take him on extradition papers. i' Washiliftton. Dec. 24. <.\Pi Cen il. Wark. state prohibition direc'i-r ' escaped iMiidit^ was carrying the niont-y. The ban.dits fled from tdwh aft; er a gun baitU which began when they emerged frdin tile bank. The two girlii. who were -un- hariiied. were Lavexne Comer. 12 anil Emma .M'ay Bobinson. Ki.;The> followed the li-uder of the robbers who was garbed in Santa Claiis cdsdijui-. iljio tliti bank. Officers Idday siiid all four of th<: were from Wichi- if Kansas, is favored for appjini- iient as; piohibition admInistr;itoi- idr th-.- tiew district including Nc- I r:isl;a. , Kansas and Oklahoma with h« iidquarters at Topeka. lie li:u- been called to take the civil si -ni<-e exi^miiiatidn ta Fall.-; and v.en- known. During the night Ihe posse follnwed a trai' of blood, whicii indicated at least one of the quartet was wounded. Davis was removed to Eastland Tex., last night for fear of uiob Violence. return '.papers <if the Remus trial at Ctln- the way she came-rhy air. I ^nnnti and inriicateil that he Colonel Lindbergh was accom- .wouM like to try his hand as an paiiied on his trip' to Cuernava<-a jjittorney. He showeri ignorance of by Colonel .McNah and Lieutenant- "J-ourt iirorediire, however. Commaiiiler Hamilton. military iT 'Fi -reseeiiie a giilling when hi fs and naval attache.-* of the .-Xmeri-fijaken into cirstody by the . JOH (-an* embassy. '.^Xnceles authorities. h<- «sked tjt es^ .A motorcycle police guard was i-r ions abouf members of the offi ilal stationed at vatitage points along l;^art.v. He said he had heard at out the route. The rhad leads through fiPiosecutin^ .Attorney .\sa M. K<yes some rough country that affords pnd Chief of Detectives Cine, ^nd bandits an opportunity for their depre<Iations. The party arrived at Cuernav'aca without incident, however. There they were met Iiy the governor of the State of Morelos and (C<>ntlnued In Puire K \». 3) f-emed to hi-.i^u.stering his fofces lo match wits with those officerH. "The police have learned that Von used ten bars of soap and two [ran.s of cleaning powder In remo*"- ^ng blood stains in your apartmefttj ^ j(Cont.inoed nn'Pacp S, \o. 1) |

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