Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 23, 1927 · Page 10
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 10

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 23, 1927
Page 10
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• • Pi^E TEN KANSAS DEMOS fiEniNCBUSY Many Factions WiU Ffghl To; Control Natiohar Delegation (Special. vol Register tical letter to The |by A. 1.. Shultz.) •I -- Cutting Clm|toias^re THE lOLA DAILY REGISTER, Topelfea; Kins^ Dec. 2L—Demo- - rrat actirltr for {>resldenti'al possi- >UUtes f^probabljr means that poU: tical tiuBine^s in Kansas will speed (jp a ^it as soon, as folMs - dlstrlbme their Christmas: cheer and get organized for the New iTear.i It app^'rs that anyone who • vroulfl like a I little «ncouragement at tlie Democrat national convention ca^.fin^ Just what thejr iare looMng Itpr in Kansas. If all the "booster Jclubsj start marching in the spring there won't toe ' much cluince to drive the motor car on Main Street. | Bight r now I Kansas has climbs 'which taSelp consume the output. 9^ - throat lozenges and go out in thb .nlgh( air to icheer for Al Smith. ^Jim Beeji and Will Ayres. People who tfeet that inability to read or write very "well should not act as a bar to the w)iite house, will piroh- "aWy get together a club for Vic Dbnahcy., By the time Ihe Democrats aro read^ to hold their state . -convention, there should' be several welt organized telims of cheer leaders and endugh Ibgosters to keep the: delegjatcs awake until the meeting lis read.r to adjourn. Kanseq-ReptibllcanB haven't Icept .within telephone distance of the DemocjHts in the matter of getting iogetbelyflansi for future trouble. ReptfbHBs.have merely been con- r«nt to loTffl a| mass mbvemept' behind Charley Curtis and hope that somehon^ Dave Mulvane will find enough tickets to get everyone into the convention for at least one ses- ' Hion. If: there is some uncertainty among national delegates from a distance .'as to just how Kansas . feels' about her Republican presi- '.dentlal t^andidate, the Jury- won't need to: Rebate long after the crowd loosens; the ctleel girders in con- rentibn hall. | But the Democrats have a real factional affalrl They have opened ait iaveiiue'of [trouble about as wide as-a footjiiall field. There Is.state convention. enough "woe and sorrow lying -around loose t^ pack an ice house and, the only reason the state'con­ vention •*ill open with prayer is ^because the Democrats doi^'t want to throw away I all their hole cards. There Is a hope among leaders of all factions ib^t somehow the Lord NEWS NOTES FROHCOLONY Senior Class of Hlffh School Vires Tt»o Playn This Tear. O'as Lines Belnsr Woited On, There Is a right way to.cut Christmas trees and a wrong way, according to the United States Forest Service, j The Service condemns the wholesale cuttlng.of young trees that would be more valuable if left to grow. In this picture, however, showing trees being cut in a national forest, - the stand is merely thinned out; actually Improving the forest; who does thu governing of his home state, is the only probable candidate without a club in this .state. •So. people Who don't like the other ports can go there. Selection of the Big Four will depend on ultimate control of the After the boys have done a certain am,ount of track work there may be some fine gestures toward harmony, in that event the outstanding' leaders of the variou.'; factions might draw places. At present the' division doesn't follow; poslUvelj^ any of the established lines in Kansas politi- the Democrats meet to cat make lov6 in Febrnary. and --wlirBet over to their way of think-[ cal skirmishes and .a hard fight ing. { ' i might mean the making of new i—r- ' allignments. That quostion will bo In a state thk is overwhelmingly more easily determined by the time Republican, it is amazing the number of prominent people who have ^ been: found to give color to the Tarious movements. Each cause seems to have Imen who have been outstanding iij sfate politics and .sliapp. It ought to be a fine yjear— lots of fifiljting and more Democrat enthusiasm than the state has seen in a long tline. (.Mrs. W. E. Payton.) COL0N"\'. Hans. Dec. 21.—Mrs, A. S. Twlchel. an aged resident of Colony, passed away al>dut 'noon Tuesday and the funeral will occur Thursday afternoon.; .Vlr. Twttchel. who is one of the few remaining Civil War veterans o£ Colony, has been p.aral>zi'd for some time, and it is not thought he will survive this loss. o£ his companion of many years. Tlie •Twitchcl's Iiave two children. Mrs. A. R. HeTrick and Art Twitchel, .both of Colony. Jap Fultinwiuer arrived in Colony the first of the week after an absence of about a year. AValter Corbfn is here from Kansas City, visiting friends. Marian Clark was able to leave the hospital at Chanute. Monday and is at (the home of hi.s aunt. Kettle, convalescing from an operation for appendicitis. i Work was being drfne at tlu' gas staiiou all (lay Tuesday and uijers of that high priced commodity In (.'rtlonv expi'rieiiced a good deal of trouble with the gas alternately being and off. and tho pres.suro running low to very strong. Ft is fortunate that no dccidents occurred from such a condition. Gas users are hoping that the pressure has been stabilized for- the winter. Mrs. Preston (i. Bowen arrived home the first of tho week from the hospital at Chanute.. Chas. Schainost and Addison Hendrix will arrive home;.this week-end from Ohillicothe, Mo., where they' have been attending business college. AiMjon will, go AYi EVENING. bj^EMBER 23. on to Cherryvale -with Us brother. Gay Hendrix and wife,, to tioeai Christmaa with their parents, Mr. and Mrs. E. P. i^endrix. The senior qlaas expects to give two plays this year and the first one was staged Tuesday evening at the high school auditorinm. Mis^ Marguerite Freeman and Jesse Lucas carried the lead parts in' the play, "Mother Mine" and others taking' part were Misses Anna Belle'Freeman. Waunita Heater. Florence Couch, and Fay» Kelly and Albert Jackson. Harvey Powell. Leonard Miller and Oscar New; fThe,seniors w^re coached by the s Engllshj teacher, MlSs xoomis, and did very credltobly, owing to the Christmas season and the cold ! weather they did not have t^cs 'usual lull house accorded a high' (school play. Gifts That Will Be Rement.bered Long After .Christmas Hunting Coats Wool Shirts ' Cloves Traveling Bags Uabardine Coats ilats •Mufflers House Slippers. Etc. Have power ancl influence that will .have a tendency to control the dele- 'gatlon. . I •; • It Is pirobabjc that the fight regarding instructions will be between Congressman Will Ayres of the Eighth dlMrltt and Senator .Tatpes A, Reed ' of'.Missouri. In a pertenal way lAyres ' has ratlier stayed out of t |ie presidential muddle, A Demoornt congressman iti B Ktrcng Repirt>lican district and with an org^ization that is fire aijd burglar Tjroof. there seems Barney Sheridan. W. V. Waggoner/ Fred Robertson. Tcim Lil- lardi Balph O'.Veil. the Hodges 'brothers, F. M. Pearl and others are outstandins; in the Reed movement. Dudley Doolittle. national committeeman, helped with | the Ayres boom, but isn't ki< king holes In tic Reed thinj;. O. T. Wood, former United-^tati^s niar.^haL is official head of tlie Smitli organization. orlly one harvest for Ayres in hard bitter flight. That Is a b useless <;rop o^ sorrow and woe _ The Ayres bpom is backed by, »\ lot I of tho corigiiessman's ardent frieinds. It is {encouraged, too. l)y "Democrats who^ want a blanket on the delegation bntil they can find a desirable pltjce to go after tho -national gathering gets in action. . Above all, it is a pl&y to block a "Reed Instruction and naturally riraws to its fold a lot of the old dyed-In-the-wbol "Wilson adherents. Very pialKiiily soiiu' of tile.':'' ni(in will bo on tiic HiK Four. Likely,; also, that ('ongreBKHian A.vrcs wlfl have a pface on the delegation whether the convention 1n- . . , " *lstraict8,for him-'or. seiids imhounfi hard bitter flight. That Is a big,' delegates. Friends of Ed. Hackney. governorship candidate, wantihim on: tho delegation and (J'hauncey Little also may S?ek a pljice. Paul Jones. Lyons iiew^pipor man. is •a probable <leIeRatc ) roin tiui Seventh. ; Jones, is at hear for Smith, but is reasonable abo it ji few coinplimentary votes for A|yres and hasn't tried' to kick over the Reed and Donabey fences. Incidentally, this Mr. Jones is one of iliu boys who will be doins things politically in his own name in a few years. Ed Arnold of Dickinso'n. Hanison Parkman of Lyon. Edgar Rennett of AVashingtou. Senator Warren of Bourbon, Representative Xewkirk of Barber, Tdni Hill' of Bhllllps, E. R. Sloan of Holton. Kd Murph.v of Leavenworth. Tom Sweenc.v of Lawrence and .Mrs. Cora G. .Lewis of Kinsley -a Smith booster—.aro among the Democrats ' who are likely to have a play for district, delegate places. And som" of thom may be up for the Big Four. DIAMOND (.Mrs. n. B. Spurgeou.) j Dec. 20.—.Mr. and Mrs. L. E.' Housli and Mrs". Edith Daniels and! bal)y iluiightcr were in Kincaid} .Monday a ,week ai;o and drove out! to ihe '.Marple place on business, j Mniand.Mrs, Virgil Daniels aiid j bab.v jdaiifflitcr .spent over Sunday a week ago at the parental Koush home'. / , L. 10. Housh wa.< in Mildred Tucsda.v. Lloyd Uousii wa.-! in lola Friday. We utulcr.-laiul that Mr. and -Mrs. Virgil l)ani<-ls are going to move to .Missouri. They now live in Mi 1.1 red. Thi> FarmtT.-*' :t"iiioM- lidd its coiiiiiy nieeling >iatiirday at the rhiircli at Moraii. A largo crowd i wart present. 'I'lie officers were re-ele<ted and IIKTC was a fine (IInn<r ami pruKi'.Mii, good Rpeakinc. i.MIss .Minnie .lonca is slil! at j w irk ai .\Ir. s'pragiic's. [.Mr. and Mr.i. ('orl>!n.Snyder and] ( liliircii came in ^iiinday night | fr .m (N)lorii(!<). landing at the par- cf tal -loiics" lionio. They are sure \v •Iconioil liack. Tliey have been ;,'one for a .long while and Mrs. j Srlyder is iutproyed iu l*enlth. !\Vc!l. ;iK tills year is almost gone, wish you a Merr)' Christmas at^d a Hapix>- .New Year, ono and all. ; , EL I T E THE BIGGEST AND BEST ALWAYS :; LAST TIMES TONIGHT Admission 10c and 25c i Roy Stewart and Callen Landis in WITH BUFFALO BILL "ON THE U.| P. TRAIL" A frontier picture .showing the part Buffalo Bill played in the building of the Union Pacific railroad across the United States. Comedy—"Assistant Wives" Krazy Kat Kartloon.Komedy Saturday—George P'Hara in "Ladies Beware 1 to 4 p. m. 10c—4/to 11 p. m. 10c-20c , . .\ c.Uook who starts out to steal, but he meets a girl and tarries to love her -and lands at the altar Instead of behind the-bars. ComiHly—** Vamping. Babies" hast Fplxodc "The King of the JungicH" Slarting—"The Crimson Flash" Kriizy Kat'Kartoon Komedy t'oming Monday for Fire Bays THE KEED-ELTO>' PLAYERS In addition to our regulnr program, i Picture Monday—Jackie Coogan In -BUTTONS" THEHUB - AI Smith boys would like an uninstructed delegatibn. They want the dele^tes free to conduct their,' own search for the band wagon. The Idea" Ibatnthere isn't Smith sentiment in Kansas is the gossip of fltay-at-homes who never stop, look joir listen. In the main the Smith business has been turned ov«r to hard working wood chopj pers Who have.; to compete with; Swiss watch mdikers on the other :teams. The Si^itl^ movement was poorlr nnd loosely or^nlted' and .suffered from late freezes because of lack of proper attention. — I , , "Vic Donabey of Ohio has wme* In the meantim)^ the cheering friends in Kanslas. Mr. Donahey^ | clubs are rounding to in ^'ood Potted Poinsettia j Cyclomen Plants —reflet ihe spirit of Christmas in their flaming blossoms. —are appropriate jind attractive gifts. Prices for all., Flon-crti are ahvayK appropriate for frrrli , ocq^oiion when selected from our frc.-^li •.an4 rrilliant collection. "When You Say it With Flowers Say it With Ours." -East Street ODOR GREENHOUSES Hoad ; Phone lOfiti :?i^: In -wishing you tHe mosf joyous Christmas and happiest New Year you, havei ever known, we ; but reflect the spirit,! of the many kindnesses you have bestowed on us during thepasti year. m i I 1 outworn, Fck every ye^ it springs forthi anew^-a li^e stronger, too, each' time^, Vjye believe —to enricli ipur work-a-day lives/ 'jChristmas Inspira- jtionisayear'roun4 I •thing with us-

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