The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota on December 6, 1958 · Page 9
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The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota · Page 9

Austin, Minnesota
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 6, 1958
Page 9
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ANNIt MEANWHILE^ ATA CIVIUAN Alft PIELP SOMS &STANCS AWAY... I WANT TO* HEMS W UCfiNSE JCOLON6L BAT* CAUP, COLONEL,., ,„.,„}.„., x OH,NC*,COLONfL, CANYONI m \WTTMERfil* BACK ON THE 1 SOMETHING iLSE AROUND.' ANV I W6 WISHBP TO CALLS FOR JL ASH YOU ABOUT.. MARY WORTH ELUtl*HAVi,,->« BUT THIS CHANfltA EVWVTHIN6! • I GUE5» WE JUST IIVC W6HT, MRS. WORTH I tlUMMR PARTV!..-PLEA5E PERFECTiTHEBRAlM i DEAR,DEAR;SOMETHING'^ A u/uv tin , I WONDERFUlWUST HAVE HAPPENED) VMl ..A JJ AT SCHOOL TODAY! MY LITTLE VMI — A DAZ7LIN& STARS. MR?WORTH! HAD INVITED DADDV ANDMJlTOfrPRNDTHE NlGHT AT THEIR &KI LOD61...ANDIWA5 ABOUT TO REFUSE! NICE THING PIO HAPPEN, MAMA! ABNW PRISCILIA'S POP-By Al Vermeer LET'S SEE! I'VE GOT THE WINTER COAT LAND MAT' - MISTER, CAN YOU DIRECT ME TO TWE > COUNT Y_ RELIEF' FARM?; SURE! OUR BOARDING HOUSE-With Major Hoop!* . HUNUKteODOLLM^.VOUl ? 8V NOAH'S BEAED.WMAT A 80NAr47A.'-^TRULVl AfA DAME FORTUNE'S T5ARLINS—TH&| MONEY MUST HAME BEEf4 SECRETED IM THE VASE BVMV SPOUSE'S UNCLE, A MISER WHO LV/A5 NOT AgCNE- HIDIN6 ACORM6 FROM SaoiRRELS/—MAM.WAIT "" ' ITEU /MARTUATHE VAS& "': DEEMED VJORTK- MORB LUCKTMA^TH&l ,<5L)Y VJHO STUCK HIS UM6l?El-LA IM THB ROUMD AMD'. SHOVJEREP FIND YOURSELF AT NICE GIRL... AND } GET CARNIVAL-By Dick Turner OUT OUR WAY-By J. R. Williams WELL,THEY SAY YOU SHOULP START AT THE BOTTOM AWP WORK VOUR WAY UR BUT SIWCE VOU'VESTARTEPAT TH' TOP. VOU'P BETTER WORK "lOUR WAY DOWWJ » HOW'S THIS? VOU'VE BEEN AFTER ME TO KEEP MYSELF TIPIEP UP A LITTLE MORE, SO 1 PUT SOME SOAPOM MY HAIR TO MAKE IT STAV IN PLACE.' THE WORRY VV-'.kT T W. R.j. U.S. Pit OH. If 1951 t>) NCA CIIVKI. Inc. TIZZY-By Kate Osann t> mi bj MA t«'>*f. I" T.M. B.I U S. fit 00. 'You sure this is a duck call? All I get is game wardens!" THESE WOMEN-By d'Aleuio "I see they've broken the ice—I suppose the dishes and furniture will be next!" IT PAYS TO READ THE CLASSIFIED ADS 'Maybe I do weigh 250 pounds, but MUST you tell people I weigh an eighth of a ton?" Beach Road, Edgediff, Sydney, was correctly delivered to WoU- sang Wagner, 10 Beach Road, Edgecliff, Sydney. Hie Right Wolf Gong Mozart, lo ?//-V-VOU'RE ALRRAPV I CAW TALX }( ??-VOU CAN AYOUNS J\ TALK HIM OUT LIKE TH| TOODtIS TOLPJAN6 Nynre OP OUR NI6HT; MOM NAD MApf TMB OPENING OF THAT CUU8 TONIGHT. .. QOWN BUILDING? BUIUDINfi JUDD SAXON-By Ken Bald and Jtrry Brondfleld HOW CO VOU DO... NOW. THIS IS THB ELEMENT I'p UKE TQ WBLL, ISN'T 5//£THE , FRIENDLY TYPE.'' / 6ENTLBMEN. MEET STEVEN WRI6HT, IN I CHARGE OF OUR SPACE \ BISCUIT PROJECT /PR. LAURA LUCAS, HIS ASSISTANT THEY'LL SHOW SHALL WE 60 INTO <• WR, SAXON, YOU CAN -^ Pf 6K. P(?dy^ ANP • MORTY MEEKLE YOU'VE CERTAINLY INCREASED EFFICIENCY AROUND HERE IN THE SHORT TIME YOU'VE SEEN WITH US, FENNELLV. WHY, YOU VE EVEN \ STOPPEP THEM FROM \ LOITERING AROUND THE WATER COOLER/ / HOW IN THE WORLD DID YOU DO THAT? LOOKED UP DOWN M>4' AROUND, AN' OF OUR KING URE HWTE HAFT/X GO BA EAK TH' NEWS THAT HER MAN IS/ YEH SONE, NE'ER TO RETURN! JUST THINKA TH' TEARS THAT NEWS WILL CHURN! I'M RUNNIN' THINGS NOW...TEN OftWSl SENTENCE SUSPENPEP/ WASH TUBES THB _ <* HER SHA86V COSTUMES, I FOUNP AiOUMfl WNCCR KNOCK 'BM PiAP. LET* PACE IT. ' so CALUBO WV ASBWT, HCHA5M>e A SPOT IM ' 111 HAVE TO CHBCK \ MRS. HARMON! OUT NOW, kc i MfkK e IIVE (SOT NBW5 THAT NEW YC?KK ./THArcWJ'TINWT- SAID WP \^W?e NOT.AS,WIMBLE AS FE6UMS TIREP ANP BEATEN SORRY EOIB. I KNOW VOU'P COUNTED ON W»K *KE ENSASEMEMT WEEK. HORN' BUGS BUNNY FRECKLES SEE.' 1 V MAVEM'T V IT I MU04 , / GOT AMY IDEAS ABOUT WHAT VGL/P LIKE FROM. MS IMTH& WAY OF A CMK)STVAS 61 FT; WHAT SAY we STROLL. &v THE SWOPS YOU'LL, spar SOMCTHIM' ' IN we AUSTIN fMlnn.) Salurdoy, Nev. A, 19SS SHORT RIIS JACOBY S BRIDGE By OSWALD JACOBV Written for NBA f)ervic« 8 Qeorge beamed en his an<t remarked. "It M »tlil early December but every Aay Is Christmas with me so I am going to give you tfco n«xt trick on » (liver Blatter." George, sitting South, had Jiut won th« tint Ulok ana ajter linUhlng ole WEST 487632 NORTH . 6 AJB VJ9 »KQ7653. AA107 EAST A 1054 SOUTH (D) AAKQ VQ8082 *862 Both, vulnerable South West North E»»t IV Paw 2» Paw 3N,T. Pass 3N.T. Pass Pass Opening lead— 3 * ntc« »(Me«u Qsorge proceeded to pl«y the deuce of diamonds (rom his QWR hftnd and the three ot dlamond4 troixi • the dummy. The u*u*l aftermath of one of Oeorgc'a speeches ensued. Xa«t won the. trick and led a second spattt, Oeorgt won thl> and. played another diamond but this time he was careful dummy's queen, Rail tool( hl» »oe and led « third apad« where-' Upon George ran oft four dlwnqnris an three clubs to make tour no-trump, A heart ahlft would bave held him to his strength but once George made his generous play at trick two there was no way to heat hto. If George had not beau ao generous he would have been set. Suppose that be played a high diamond East would let U hold. A second diamond lead Would lose to East's lack and with only one entry left to dummy Qaonje would have been unable, to run the diamond suit. Two-Piece Charmer PRINTED PATTERN 4579 By ANNE AD4US Pert lor school, pretty (or parties I LiuUe girls Love tbe 1-pltce »ti'llag. swing skirt, gay coatni. Wbip. it v>p Ux crUp cotton — H't EASY. Towor- row 1 * pattern: kUsses' skUt. PrlateU P»tteru «79: Sizes a. 4. «. «, 10. sun « t»ktt yards 35-loch I»brlc; 4« y»r4 «w- tmst. Printed diracUom 09 eacb pat- ttru uirt. Ettsler, »ccur»U. bead Firry CENTS 10 com* tnr tiii* pattern — Mid 10 cent* lor e»£b patu-ro (or Ut - claw m*UlaM. 8«Di4 to Anne Adain*. cart ot the Auatlo Dally Herald. Paueru D«Ut. M3 Witt 17tb St.. Hew York 11%. ~ j plululy NAME, AOiiaesa witb

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