Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 23, 1927 · Page 9
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 9

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 23, 1927
Page 9
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1 > 5 ^rfeiieii^iiiiLYjR^^ ERJD AY mmmG, DECEMBER 123.1927. NOTES OF MILDRED drhve to Tola nnd Oarn^tt Monday oil a tax paying trip. Sihool T^olm. Tliir I'aront-Teatiher Asuocialioii met in t«e hf^Ii sfhool auditorium Thursday evenlnfr. "Oie folJowini: \ i prbsram ^las giveii: targe AWfcncest Parent-TeHchw: SonB-Ameripa. Asioctotlon Meeting— Omrrhes 1 Prayer-Hov. Mr. Laoe.; ' aiiasrhoom ireiwrlnj?- ! I Th? Church as a Pactoi- hi the snj V' -f •Procrain*. I P; T. A.—Mrs. Floyd IfcCOrmack. i Reading—jOpnna l^ee McAdams. .MltoREn, Df^c: 22—Mm. Rus- ReadiDK—Violet De ^iii. sell, eo\\i,tv president of the W. q. "Wlmt Can the P. T. A. Do. for -T l?;. was in town Thuradav anjl • the Grade School—Miss Emma Pri- Polo—Mr.s. R. R. Xovilt, Jr. Thf P.. T. A. UH -a Factor lu the caJIeil a 'meiiting at the' home of Long. Mrs. iLoe Uunsulier. and reorgaii- SoiiB. "Boholink"—Second rzod the W. C. T. U. ^lere. The mary Pupils. folloivlnp officers were elected;:'. HeaiUnK—.lohn N'ltk Barley. , Mirf. iFioyd McCormack, presideutj: What Can the P. T. A. Do for the Mrs..-Russell Iteynoldy. vice-presi- HlRh School—'Miss Liston. . UtfitJ Mi .H. Krank Jolliff. secretary: ' ReadinK—Lucille Huusaker. Mrs, !Reiti\. Hunsaker, trea-surer. Mr, and. .Mrs.' Tloyd Wilson and ; famiiy. Clair Wilson and Miss Lulu iChunh—Rev. Mr. Lane. Snyd/.I- wore visiting in lola and ^ Community-Singir^K. LaH-arpe Sunday -A good vrowii was present and Mn llords and family visited at •llV,''l !'?'fP ™Kr'"" H'' ' Walter wonnelis .Sundav. : dellRhirul toKethor. The smg- • , : - „ , , , , 'US of thel a.^sociation sons pro-; M. anil Mrs. C. i-.. I^ck of lola . ,.„„s,derabl.. merriment ' were visitors at f'la«'..ce Isaacs u^.^^^.y ^.ve^t^ne signed up as mem- ,r . „ .,,{', „, bers-and ill is hoped everyone in- MM . Flrauk Cooufield "nderwen'.j,crested will be prcv..nt :il the aj, oi)f.r:.tion for ^ppendic.lis ai n,<,eti„ ^nd b.-com<. mem- St .lohn s hospital Wednesday. Ue I „ ^^.^^ are Mad icjsay she ,s setting along^„rg^ t„3, j,„ „erf^ers visit the 1 school and inspect the, work beiuK flie n. 8. 8. Saratogft, newest addltioa to the navy in the line of plane carrleiv. Is.shown AB she ap peaik nearly ready to talte to sea at tbe American Brown Boverl sblpyard^ at Catnden, it. J, Diakbha Ghnidi !N^tes rtlrs! Kern Irwin.) Decemlier" l».^-Don 't fcrget the Christnias tree' and .pnnSTan, at; nianiouil church Chriatmss Eye.', Santa will be there «nd wants to ^eeall the children in-this community. . Miss ICate Smith, iMr. and Mrs. .liiroes Ifwin and James: Milton at- tt^iided the basketball game at r«e- nav'a Friday evening.- lilr. an|i} ilia., Clarence Vickers j and baby daughter visited recently at the] parental VIckers hoine. •Mr. anil 31rs. Thomas; entertalri -J ert the former's sister from \Vater- t l <io. lowik, last week, t I. 'Mr. and Mr& Otis Zorens are en- j lertaining'-a baby son. ! *rhe gospel team from Baldwin ; wa& here Sunday a week and had I a fine message. Owing to the .bad I weaMier only ;j few got to hear i The sclfoolhouse is prettily dec- , <irated with wreaths in thewin- ilows. Christmas trees and -Sajita ' and his sleigh and reindeers made by the children and put on the : walls. 1 Wayne Fergus, Fern Irwin and ; sjx'iid some r'mt I until-, there. ' KfniiV'!'! i .Wayne Fi PAGE XIN^K- woikiiiK for! H 4 Walu'c iiilc-'jis an rsns.spent Jjiinday eve.* uilig at jlif- irwjn Iiome. Some of the iiicii of thisfom-l jmunity shUckid torn l">r .Mr. _Dpr- ;sey. Thisi ct>rii is on ih< Charley I Dragoo faini. -Mr. l^irsvy i-"* het- , j t<rr: Iftit unable ti. work much yet. Mrs. Oweif Heal is n'>w able to lie- up. -Mr. :rnd -Mrs. Baiila iriok dinner j at the Tippie Iiome Sunday a week, j Re ^-i-rend .Misbach did not glv» , his iiUistratPd .sf rranu yet as the weaiiier-has bet-ii so lind noi many children have been abb- to beoRt. He hopes! to'have onougli chitdiren ' out .sometime in ihe nt-iir funire to give this ^rmon. Th« KeiV. .Ml'. .UisJi.iiii ir.-&:ifh6il a fine sermon ycifitriTuy liringink" out the tltought that in really have ; the best Christmas we slioutil have I Jesus in lour hearts and l )e tryins to serve Hiin. , . .Mivand'Mrs. ll^rri.sou and Rth'el son were tax pa>-ing and stiopffiug 1 entertained company >f«frr<fay but in lola Saturday.' ; j we diiln 't ]oarn who. AValter Bibens expects to, sjart ; to Lo.s' Angeles. Calif., TuesdaiJ toj —"Vans Broad." good as ever.' it: 1 The Carriers* Christmas Greetings Mrs. Cyril C.rron spent iast^„„^, president. Mrs.! v...ek will, h,.r paivnt. a. ''arnett. j^^,^.^. • ,,pj,^j,,,^j p^^,., g ,J . ..' ^. - .- iiariev. apnoiuieu »iiss wh.l? Mu. fairon «-as in <h.cago • .^1^,^^ ^,.„p^: on tnisinesB. Foliowiiifj a cusToni that j.»;:;ui and Mrs.; ii: this office thirty years ago. '.i'e K-,iiu !-da\ I 'venin^. Thi'young folks '.ill i-.ivi' :! play. -.A Cbriiilinas" Friday eyenins. The children are iM.:nn.V This'will" J^e preceded bv,<l"i"' interested in Santa Clans. , ^^i^ a nnogram given by the primary «''Shth prade pupils are mak-; ^.j„ ^^.„^ I'.iiarlmcnt. Tlio.-e who have charge in? Kirmulae booklet* for arith-; , : ,, . " , of the prnpiam have worked hard m.-Ii,- reference.-. They have also 1 'li'^r collection round tomorrow a (•1 j-^ukf it a-snc<<'s«. and let lis Iproduccil an ''Xcellejit product man.'card . liearing the season's greet- ^'1K)^f ijur apiirfoi.itic.ii l>y attend- of th» ruited Slates. I ilig.<. It will be a hai^rtsome card ill" V : .\ s.ddier hi Hawaii, having read , .^.^j,.], „.,.n ,„av h.. kept as a sou- Ml. Ryaii.i wl.,. is working ihc Mi;dred items the -sev-' . .' , , , - lIuMihoIdl. spcn! Sunday with his enlh and eighth =rades were niak-• ^'"'^'""' "f^" " ', f.^milv heiv'. i„g a,, insect Collection, seht tliem;the hesl of Christmas poenis and .\Ir. and Mr.-;." Hank .\lcAdam a ceiiicpede from Hawaii. i the names of all the i -arrier.s. :Miss Ilackctfs pupils bad a ifniii ' Here is the poem: . Flinwor on her Monda.v alternoi.u. 1 Christmas'. The magical, .musical .Mi>s Tholcn's pupils are making I ring of it— . , j ally, the boys and girlsj the litilv all gettinR bu.'^iness men and womeji. who Hank .\lcAdam to Kiiii-aifl Thiir-^rtay to attend iiiiitial of their hrotliev-in-Iaw. .Ii ?s; Yelton. .Mr. and. Mrs,. Ben Cox liavi- re- tiiMi >d from ^Manhattan. He had si*n)e wooden toys. I No finer word in the world (an- he iis urm'brokeiJ while there, in ati ^l'''-' Lnngs room cave-the pro-1 . i <inn <i.' ^ iiitfimobile accident, and is .-.lill «!•'"> chaiH -l Friday afternoon.! Molded and made for us mortals • crirn .ving if in a slinp. •• 'Hliosc whii tool; ;iaw did well. Mrs. I.; E. Mhlin -nvni to Kansas i Visitors preJ^eni were: Mrs. Snt- a few days visil ton. Mr.s. .Kiigene Sinclair. . .Mr«. /K>-er,->tfMyre"n .-iml daughter DoJlie. ' Barlev spent the.Mrs. BaMey. Mr.«. Iru Norton. Mrs. j his father at Bav-iCoodner. Mrs. LaMar, Lois \V nni-; . . ;(rc,\ Warren. ;There will br no | ,^ ."in ini ui sing of It; Full of Die tingle that makes pulses pound! The lilt and rhjthm hrill of It! Citv-i Friday frir with relatives. John Xlcl.- •.vor-ji-end with "'w W Hm ?hes and son AJhert' more. chapel's liritir after" c 'hVist- '"^''ns word that was made voiti to ArJtanlsas last week. ma" i'"d .then CVBss Ater will hav.- j ; >i?ipari •lorry HacUoit. who underwent ; chnrgo of the 'first one. ' I Happiness.' Friend -s. may you all , an pperatloh at St Johns hospital The town, team was. to play Rich- j ''''^''^ your fill of it. Thifrsday. is jdoinR as well as mond on the home cour^ December ' Keeling the throb of it deep In your could be espp<}-tod.-and it is hoped . 27. hut Richmond ha ^jsent word; heart! he yill snon ^le well. ' jthat they cannot come on thatl Mrs. J6!m D^irley.and '.Mrs. R. R. jdflfe,.as some of their' players arc j Christmas! It's coming 1« wipe Kevin, jr.. utteJided a bridge lunch-; juvay.; ijui will come later. The away care ligaln, (onWn {larniPtf'iThursday afternoon, proceeds of this game will bo Bloiting out memories tragic and TVealOH Pattjerson's spent Friday given the school to apply on thcj drear. evening at Bfile Harris's, • piano fund, and we hope there will i .,_,__;„„ ,5^. ^,„„,^„„„ • .-tfrs. Ke*toh| went to Kincald be a law crowd present to help "7 ,^fn ^ Saiur^y afternoon. t:us cancel that ..debt. • ,.„„ "^*^'°' .\irs. Russeil Warren. Alr.=. Col-' Tl e ihurch/folks are practicing ;''"""S our hearts with the magic nrtrfius Wflcox,JMrs. Lloyd Reynolds on hejr program at the school; <-'heer! and: Mrs. M. J.'lKeetbn went to lola house at the close of school, as j ' Kri.(!ay .irenini ^ the church is cold; As ih\ft church:jA'' ''"J"!''*' rtorenoe Ritbtton is on Hie .<!ck ami ! school are both having pro-1 ""^ "i It— Hst and is at Ihqme. We hope sh.- grams, it gives e\crj' child a ; I'aupersjand pea.iants.the licji and 1 wHi be able jto return to IKT chance to he in one or the. other' renowned. 3 Kohbol w;brk in a ^few days, ; :fnd many children'are taking part I Spirit of love, may wt bow to tliV At'hlle rominje from.Moran Tnes- In both. v ,;ill of it! «iav morning a bolt bioke in Rus-. Mrs. Russell, county president of Then we'll have Christmas the • .-Vud here are the names: lola. Eugene Henry, Harold Nelson. Robert, Donaldson, Ray Gregory. Mildred Hunt. Madeline Mitchell. Willnrd Troutwine. Doris Taylor. Leonard'Sutherland, Nellie Strode. Roy Tate. Phillip .Milne. Dorothy l>ane. Certrude Green. Htrrold Itlenzie. John»Brazee. Mary Hoerning. Ruth Hoerniug. .Mary .\bts. Clarence Wolf, Bertha Hunt. Rob- ] ert Kvans. Charles Howard, .Ua.v- iue Mitchell. Herald Shaffer, Billie Lanferman. Elmer .McCarty, Don Nyman. Ruth Hortou, Wilda Correll. • UiHiiritr. Route 1—I.,ennie Green. Route i!. -Fern Clark. Route :!.—Harold Hurke. (•as. Route 1.—Or\-al Thompkns. Route 'J.~Kdward I>anoe. llninl»oldt. f':iul if ess. .Mildred. i John Haberboscli. .nomn.. John Paul. ;ell Nevitts cslr and the car;turned the W. C. T. JL'., caHed ,6n the over with him piuninn him; under schools here Thursday. . i'.--He vas ubt -lu rinusly injured. " Miss Haekett welit td the hospi- (..ill UiiSton|and faniiy alnd .Mr. tnl Friday evenliig to see her fa an! Mrs; .".eorge i^at.xio!- ajii iided thor who was operated on Tluirs- whole year around. ^Jaines Kdward llunj^erford. .\s will be seen, if one takes the trouhlo to count them, there are forty-one of these carriers, IS of them girls, and (bey are as fine a bunch of lads and lassies a.s one | could" get together anywhere. Young as they are they have a sense of respoioibJHty to th»ir pa! irons which keep.? them true to ' their duty. Hot dr cold, rain or shliie. they carry their papers six days in the week with such regu-. \ larity and faithfulness and accur- Hcy that on the average not oue..j "kick" a day Is registered from .some one who failed to get his | paper. But after all they arc only children, still at the age where "Christmas Gih" means a let to them. So when they call tomorrow with their little souwnir if i you would just greet them with a smile, thank them for the regularity with which they hav<> deliver- | ed your paper, and hand them a little something as sub.stantial evi- i deuce of your appreciation, ^'hy it >Vould make them vpr>- happ^'. Ill", fiincfal .oli f^:ir:\ i'.^t^!l•y Hairpc Snniiayj .Mi. IMI-U-.N coiisin of .Mrs. .TI l.a- dav. •Aas a ; A number of the teachers will spenii their vacation out of town, .lohn Hender .?oii. who coiuiiKtcd ; .Mis.--- Lision ?ocs to ber hoim> in a f.akerv- in Mildred sfvrr :i] years ;Aitanioiii. Mr. Smart to his bom.'- i'llO. and bis jwifc 'w-i-i' iiislantl.c'in Mis«oiiri. .Miss Hlliol. to loliu killed bv'the tp 'iii 'I'.oui 'ay iveniun Miss. THOWMI 10 Humboldt and 'Miss wbilp ireiurnirif; frcni i'.n.cda to .Aiier will spi-nd- the holidays at' tlK -ii; IiOnminJ i ).-:i -.valiinii <-j They Drumriglit. Okla. Ii.n,i chilUn 'O. [ ' l.^sloil :'liil the siade school 1 Vrlond'^ hc.<. . iiiojrii Cli'ristmas teachers 'had lh<'ir regular teach- rii'iing ^canls; I 'r iii> Mr. iqid .Mrs.-ors' niciiin^ Thiirsihiy cvenins- ( livi- at liliss l)i<nica .a.i niiipaiiieil .Miss friends'Tliiilcii aS; far ;ls lola . Friday -I 've- II hear niiis; ami sjicnl the week -end .the •. iJou 't forg'-f 1.he grade school Listened .1 fM. Wi 'linniFfiii. who uow .'Ni -I? I .ainpr '•tii""!. Ti'. ir heyo are-alw.ijs i !.!i ^':ied frcuii tbeiii. RoIIin Roliin Nevii:; i.i i><i ih.- ..,'ick Jisr hpereita. '•Wheti^ S.-jnta )'U) is improyiii-.;.' I which will be given Fi'iday IMr. and Mr-^. Ira .Viii'imi have a;niehi. It is worthy <if adit'iission 1 • iie>v radio.,' -' 'price hut. will'be Kiven ft;ee' as h.,-; Some lini" :\ii>- 'he iijeuilurs of school'.s; Christmas gift to" the coui-j ili.e Rehekab In aiMajigie niunity. in appreciation of the kind - .mil ligg.s C4iii!j. -I ;,,! jjavmbeisliil). co-operation we have rc<:eiveil-from \ 'I'jie .Mag ?irs |vvoii. s.v|ilie .liugs ibc patrons and friends. Therr- "bunch" cnle; t.iij.-.-,i .;i Uir I. (). <>:: F. halir'rii.'-M ,y ninlii. The Jiggs PH '. from which rec, i\ed"-a small lilie.epiu. Was tjie ci iilir i >f anilisi-- nieui. - will .-ilso be a h.'tlf-hour rrogram Kiveii liy the hifil school. Thire .ire IL'OO diftrreiH j kinds .iif fai-i- pinvili r and '!•><> varieties.-u ;l».ivy Pallers»n and Frsiik .Mer rnup.e sale In the I'.nited States. 1 ' Nhicteni. liiitidrt'd [and tii'eiiti/'Siftii iiram ago. caiuc the world'.t most sacrrd holiday—the day of cheer and f/oodness. M&i-c than nineteen hundred years 0.(70 wa.*i born ike babe that first i brought that infinite anU cherished 'f/oodness and it is his biiih that u-e \ now celebrate. ' . (0/ so much (Tiisisf in c.rpeusii'e dainties o .sit does hi the welcome presence of the pleasant a.tso:-. eicitions,.thc smiles »f happiness and the prattle of, de\ightfd children. * . JH'f icish for'ijou that yon may have .all these ti gether ;Hih all of the other jmjsof the season. ;g >f (aiGCERY and MARKET

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