The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 18, 1948 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 18, 1948
Page 10
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PACK TEH BLYTHKVILI.E (ARK.)' COURIER XIWS Gov. Loney's Rgce TVacfc Fi7e Bulges at Seams; F///e</ Mostly With Blistering Condemnations • By Bat Bmra V'Bterf fVM* SUff ferren»ti<J«jt LTTTL* MOCK, Ark., June 18. <U.P.)~The r*c« trsck file hi ooy. B»n lAtKjr'f offio* 1* bulging at the team*, and moil of * contain* b!IM*rln« condetniutkA ot a propowl to establish a ract track at west Mwnphte. filed by Ltnejr's staff after being answered. In none of the answers has the governor eornmlUed hlm- Klf. "I do not know what the final action will be." Laney told County Clerk O*ne Cook of Wynne, "but I can assure you of one thing, and that is that the welfare of the people of Arkansas will be the sole eonsl deration." Cook was on* of ttie few person* ihat urged that the franchise be (ranted when the racing commission meets here .Wednesday. Cook commended the governor for refusing to allow the race track Issue to become Involved In the fight against President Truman's civil rights proposals. "Mayor Pleasonts and Bos* Crump (of Memphis) should not be permitted to dictate to the leaders ot our good state," Cook wrote. "Memphis department stores and mail order houses have long bled citizens of this section, so now I say let the worm turn." Most of the letters, however are from church people and others who bitterly oppose ,a second track Iji Arkansas. H. D. Adams, pastor of the First. Presbyterian church in Little Rock, said "I beg you to use alt your influence to prevent the establishment of another blot on the name of Arkansas." Other letters are from the Re». p. H. Jernigan ot Blytheville, moderator of the Mississippi County College »t Walnut, Ridge; John D. Spragglns, president of Arkansas College at ButesvlUe; and the Rev. C. E. Brown of Blylhevllle, president of the Arkansas Baptist Stale Convention. Spragln* said he opposed the track on "both moftil and. economic grounds." •• Brown declared that he knew from first hand observation the 'evils of race track gambling." He said he served for six years as pastor of the First Baptist Church at Benton, 34 miles from Oaklawn Park in Hot Springs. Among the prominent laymen protesting the track was J. F. Fogleman, president of the Citizen* Bank at Marion. "I believe I can say without fear ot successful contradiction Hint a good majority of the people of Crittenden County is opposed to the proposed race Irack,' Fogleman wrote. Meanwhile, a Little Rock news* paper predicted today that the franchise will be granted "unless Gov. Laney changes nis mind." The paper also identified two Memphis residents which It said may furnish "big money" for the track. They were listed as Raymond Firestone, a member ol the tire manufacturing family; and Miss Helen Dodge, a member of the Detroit automobile family. The story added that 51 per cent of the stock would be reserved for Arkansas Interests. 'Little David/ 13-Year-Old Evangelist Prefers Preaching Career to Parents By Nebon W. N«l . < (United Prtsi Staff Correspondent) INDIANAPOLIS, June 18. (UP) — "Little David" Walker, 13-year-old evangelist, said today that he wrote his parents often during his trips on the "sawdust trail" but they never answered him. David's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jack Walker, are attempting to regain custody of the boy, who claims that he once made a trip to heaven Wallace Party Refused Use of Union's Hall Feminine Pied Piper Urges Ail Women To Join Fight to Curb Menacing Rats FRIDAY, JUNE 18, 1948 eliminated, advbei our ooruulttnt. Ulralnat* RUe*.U The ilttle woman can also urge her husband-handyman to Mai up or remove possible rat hldeouU— the dark enclosed spaces sucli u boxed-ln |>lp«s or double walls. More precautions to take, jays Miss Schiclit, Include storing food In tightly-covered container!, using garbage tans with tight-fitting lids and rinsing all food particles out of tin cans before (her »re dl»carded. If you suspect the presence of raui In your home or apartment— and, says Miss chlcht, they enter the best hou.sej—these aggressive Invaders should be promptly ex-1 terminated by poisoning or trapping. , Whether you elect to ase highly jjoisonloiJ* preparations such as phosphorous-bawd rat pastes or milder poi.toru such a* red nquill preparations, extreme care should be taken to prevent accidents, cautions Miss Schlcht, Poisons should be kept in locked cabinets out of reach of children. Be sure pets are protected when poisoned balU are set out. Poisoned baits should be put out at night. Those not eaien ihoulil IK picked up and burned the next morning, she advices. Preparing bates on waxed paper K * trick recommended by Miw Scr.lclit be- C-KIIS* paper protects hands f»>m I toxic materials and simplifies pick- Ing up uneaten bait. If rat traps are used, MUs Schicht advises concealing them behind an object such as * garbage can or in dark corners. Set th«n at right angles to the wall wl!h the trigger end touching the baseboard. ;NOW! Miss Vricd:i Schiclit, right, special c-"iisuU:nit for the current Nution:il Urlwn K:it Control L'oniinilfcc's |ii«, (jives Mrs. Karlian Davies, New York housewife, simple iliixTlions for muling; a tin can lid over a sm;ill hole lt> seal off ;* possible entrance for rats. iat FOUNTAINS LITTLE ROCK, Ark.. June IS. (UP)—Officers of n Negro labor ' , union in North Little Rock have ' fcon ^ ers ^ lace to tac * wlth refused to allow a Henry Wallace ' for President meeting to be held' In their union hnll. Secretary James Campbell, speaking for president John Gllmore, told God for five hours. Walkers contend that they unwittingly gave him inlo the custody of an Indinapalots attorney, By K:iy Sln'rwexirl NEA Stuff Writer NEW YORK. (NEA1 — If the merest suspicion that a rm is making your ho/tie his doesn't gt't you fighting mail, meet « lady Pied Piper whose Bovcmment-sponsurcd mission is to Incite you to battle. Miss Frieda Schlclit of St. lyiuis claimed her title after succc.ssiuUy orgniiixliiB and directing H rat control program—the first of Its kind —in her city, on Joan (o Die U. S. Department of interior tor current National I/rbim Kdt Control Committee's program. Miss Sch- Icht's Job is to warn women against the destructive, - hearing pests iinrl to offer concrete help in ridding ironies of tills menace. Housewife can Help What cun the liouscwite do to help stump out these .saboteurs? Plenty, says Miss Sclilcht. First, she ctm fortify her own home ngalnsl the vicious inviuler. See- James M. Dawson, and that Daw- ] United Press thnt his group' had aon Is exploiting him in lucrative turned thumbs down on the mect- Ing. preaching tours. The slender boy testified before j Juvenile Referee Lawrence Hinds' yesterday that h« liked the present arrangement and did not care to be returned to his parents. He sflid he got along "Just flne" with his tour manag-er, the Rer. Raymond Hoekctra. "I i*uld llk« to stay with Mr. Hoekstra and have my parents and •ist*rs come and visit me often," he MM. He wrote his parents often during hi« tours, David said, and mentioned letters he sent from Canada, Jamaica, Arkansas and Connecticut, But, he claimed, he never received any answers. "Every one had my return address on 11," he said, "but I received no replies. I even sent a birthday package to sister but never heard from her. 1 ' Two physicians testified that David's health wns good and that he apparently suffered no ill effects * from his evangelistic tours. Dr. Paul G. Tske said ha was "normal in The gathering was advertised tor Sunday afternoon In a circular which also named two prominent labor attorneys as connected with the move- However, one of the lawyers said he had nothing to do with the plan. G. Love Grant of Fort Smith said "these people came to me for advice as to how to get tlie third party candidate on Arkansas' ballot. I did a little checking lor them and collected my lee. "I'm not for Wallace and hnve no connection with him. And if they had a hundred meetings I wouldn't attend one pf them." every respect." »aid he had Dr. David Stone mild tonsil Infection "but that could b« normal In any boy his age." Thompson to Air Campaign Opener From Morrilton LITTLE HOCK, Ark., June 18. TOP)—Another major candidate ill Arkansas' slow-moving guberna- . - - torial race will formally op«n his I calls for M3.-122.000—$5,443.000 more Fate of Proposed TVA Steam Plant Still Undecided WASHINGTON, June 1«. (UP) — The fate of a proposed itew Tennessee Vnllcy Authority steam ptiuil remained undecided today ns and Senate conferees resumed deliberations on a Government Corporations Appropriations Bill. The conferees met at length last night without reaching a compromise 011 differences between the two houses. The House turned down n $4.000,000 appropriation to start work on the steam plant at Now Johiuonvllle, Tenn.. but the Senale added the money. The Senate version of the Gov- j crnment Corporations measure I oncl. she should join with her neiKli- j lx«-s in co-operative efforts through city r.n control committees to rid the community of the pests. i Oooil housekeeping is Ihe secret of rai control In the home, says Miss Schkht. Because rats can enter a house throi^h any opening over a half inch In diumeter, cracks t>r small liolc.s In the house foundation should bo sealed up with con- ; crclc or mctn.1. The lid ot a tin can, for example, nailed over n tiny opening is an effective and easy! to-make harrier. Miss Schichl sug- i Bests. 1 If doors don't fit snugly In the ; frames., metal flashing atons the : bottom-edge will make a rat-proof seal. Basement windows or vents ! should be screened with quarter- 5 inch hardware cloth mesh. j Papers or old clotlics piled up In attic or basement or rubbish heaps I outdoors—nil of which make excellent shelters for rats -should be Everywhere! STEAM BATH MASSAGE For Reducing & Nerves Phone 25.19 Vi ietta Morgan, Masseus, E. <_'. Davis, Masseur MALONE Plaster and Stucco Phone 2029 NOW! at FOUNTAINS , K very where! "--••---"------........ THE TOT SHOP Everything for Children Up t« « 110 S. Second 1'hone 2308 Closed Wednesday afternoon 4 Reasons Why Millions Prefer America's Premium Blend..,. campaign tonight. Horace E. Thompson plani a statewide radio speech from Mor- rilicn at 8 pjn. following a downtown parade. Olan Fullerton of Morrilton, a former Conway County Judge, will Introduce Thompson. Meanwhile, Candidate Jaclt Holt completed final plans for his opening rally at Searcy at 2 p.m. tomorrow. Holt will be introduce by White County Judge Floyd E. Bradberry. Jim Merritt announced yesterday that h* will open his formal campaign with a statewide rally »t than the house bill. Meanwhile, the Senate was expected to act on ... spending bill for independent offices recommended by the Senate Appropriations Committee. The total U •69,134,950 more than approved by the House but much than asked by President Truman. The men.sure would boost the Holtse Appropriations by S40.000.000 lor the War Assets Administration and $20.000,000 lor the Atomic Energy Commission. Monticpllo on June J.e HOUSEWIVES! Choose Your Own Way To Wash! Y««, now >•<» emn do j«f that! 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Botlieii in Bond. 103 Pioof. j MOWN-FO«M*N DIStlUERi CORPORATION At l, u ; >v il)t in (t.ntutkj ' SEE YOUTPONTIAC DE|LER Sales-Service-Parts Goodwill Used Cars SMITH PONTIAC CO. SOI 1 H I lin * i'HOM Bl YI'Hr-VIM { A R K A N S A S FOWLSTON SCHOOL OF MUSIC Offers SPECIAL SUMMER CLASSES In PIANO - ORGAN • VOICE Mrs. Dalton C. Fowlston, B.A. and M.S.M. Dalton C. Fowlston, M.S.M. Certificate A Special Price for the 12-Week Term Is Offered For Information Call BLYTHEVILLE 2049 S T U D E B A K E R S TUDEBAKE RS T U D E B A K E R TUD EBAKE RS 1947 CMC 1 Ton Stuke 19-16 Kord 11/ 2 Ton Stake 1948 Sfudebaker '/, Ton Pickup 1911 Chevrolet 2 Door And Many Mor«, Complete Service Dep'r Point & Body Parts & Accessories Charnblin Sales Co. "Your Friendly Sludebaker Dealer" R. R. A Ash Phone 2195 Gatewood Grocery State Line Phone 975 GAS GAS Rig., Gal. Ethyl, Gal. Whiskies 1-2 I . 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