The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on January 12, 1933 · Page 14
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 14

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 12, 1933
Page 14
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< JBnbmWirai(CTBgimgJ™!gS^^ U—~^ 14 THE BAKERSFIELD CALIFORNIAN, THURSDAY, JANUARY 12, 1933 ^EDUCATIONAL * CAKTOONS * CURIOUS WORLD By FERGUSON SPECIES OF INSECTS HAVE COLONI7.EP THE WHOLE WORLD ftV BECOMING 6TOWAWAVS ABOARD OCEANGOING VESSELS. SHIPS, A THOUSAND AMLES FROM LAMP, HAVE BEEN VISITED BY LARGE SWARMS OF INSECTS WHICH FLEW AWAV AFTER RESTING. FIRST THREE PAYS' OF THE BREAST PINS AWE. AND ARE USEP AS L6CS ON WHICH 7W= PtSH CRAWtC ABOUT. ct»ao BY NIA stnvicc. INC. OUT OUR WAY By WILLIAMS SIDE GLANCES By GEORGE CLARK / X VAMt I'M GCHM',A\MT / GOOD MIGHT! CAM'TCV-\/N -ste. I'M / DOiKi' )T AS FAST AS X KiM ? G G-ivye. A PePsoM A CV-AAMCE « I'M GOlv-i' AFTER NV-/ Pocv<e.T BooV<,-TO \ GET HOD TUE. MONJE^ FOR Tt-\£ MOV4E.&, \JJOST MV<e. SOU ACT VNMEM X N ^— WOO To OO IT LOOK" VSJORSE. THE WORK TURNS OUR BOARDING HOUSE By AHERN WVAEN YOU WOBBLE INTO TVV INSURANCE OTT\C6.TO COLLECT Of! YOUR ACClT>tNT "POLICY, AH' YOU TE-LL'EM YOU WEI-HE-DI-SA-BLTO-&X PARLOR TtA-bSLlN^TrAEY'LL LAUGH YOU RIGHT BACK. INTO^SOME T»OE5 TH' ACCIDENT INCAPACITATE VOu'^'-^/^NV^?^^ ALL.VOL) CAN TRUTHFULLY ^ '"""^ AN-SWER, IS. THAT IT SLOWS YOU UPONTH? •BUT THE TACT D\SA."e»Utt>f—AM 1 HAVE TO, I SEC MO REAL NECESSITY Of GOIMG IKITO DETAILS ABOUT THE •plNIN&TlOOrA. TABL-E ? •POUCY, AVAOS HEO. u. s. MT. orr. O 1V33 BY NU SZHVICC. INC. i 111 THE GUMPS Well—I Guess That Will Be That By SIDNEY SMITH "But, Claude, tome of the couple* who aren't as happily married as we are seem to get out and have more fun." THE TINYMITES By HAL COCHRAN (READ THE 6TOHY. THEN COLOR THE PICTURE) <PI«tur«i by King) W EB DUNCY started Kinging. He seemed jvist as hiippy as could be. "We're Just n band of little boys," lie sang, "out having fun. "We sllji :ind slide upon the Ice, but, even HI,, we think It's nice. We've found It'ii hard to ntand up, every time wo fitart to run." Then Scouty cried. "I'll ndd a verso. Don't bluine me If V. Hounds much worse. I know my voice IB not HO pood, but unywny, I'll Kins." And then hla vole,, r.'mtr clear and stronu, sis they all traveled rtKht alonp. The words wurft funny and they made his verso a cnr/.y thliiR. "Wc'rn jJUHhlng Mrs. Rabbit now, and we will pet her home somehow. Of course «he s rather heavy and 'tis well we're bound down hill. "My ifoodnmn, If we'd chance to stop, I know thtre'd bn a sudden flop. Hut wf- will be real careful, so ns not t« ''n use u Hpill." "Tin, ha!" The tlnlen laughed out loud, bald Duncy, "I BUPPOSO you're ; rf>ud, but frankly you were 'way off ey. Oh, don't sing any more." "I won't," said Hcouty, " 'cause our ride Is over. Just ahead I've spied me llttlu baby rabbits. I Itnow what they're waiting for." • » • The mother rnbblt left the Bled "I've brought you bunnies food," she said. "I've 111.10 brought you some new friends who have been klni to me. "Now, nil of you sit down to ent I'll soon prepare a real nice treat.' One of the bunnies said, "Those- cur- rots look real good to mo." A real long log Iny right nearby. The whole bunch heard wee Windy i cry, "We'll sit right on the log. 'Twill | bo a very comfy place." And then the food wag handed out. It brought forth <iulte u merry shout. One of the Tlnles smeared fresh corn nil o'er his hand and face. M-187 KEPT RIGHT IN CELLOPHANE » REPEAT IT — ^\ YO MY MOYHEH ON YWE VERY NEXT EVER t»IVE SUtH A D»^6RA,CEFOL AS YOU blt> LAiT NICrWY ON •WE BANtE FLOOR — NINE OANCES STRMCjHT THAT PA\NTtt> DOLL.-M)LLIE^ MONOPOLIZED ONC.LE BIM'i NN)WO\-t EVENING- I BUU^EO FOR. POOR Bl/A— AKJC5 \NHAY A F=OOU YOU MADE OP HINN- A W ° ? YOORSEL.F - ANP IF I HAD BEEN TMAY OIRL'i MOTHER | VslOULCl HAVE TAKEN WER. ^ MY KNEE AVOOGIVEN A &OOP I-IZ - \ VYANT To A-&K YOOR OPINION ON A LITTLE QUESTION TMAT ROTHtRS MC — ) HAVE )NVlTEt> MRS. DE'iTHO&S ANC> HER t>AUtrHTER TO VIXIY ME- AND THEY ARE — AT THE LEADINtr HOT&L,— > IY Bt PROPER. IF I •SHOULD PAY THEIR BILL- _ _^ ^ ixQavut, P> \MHY- UNCLE BIM- ME- /VJELL- DO YOU THINK. IT VJOULB^ bO YOU THINK. TH&Y't> BE iNaULTEtJ 1 —^«"YOO »w YOUR RIC»> _ . YOU MUST BE MAO TO 6V6H ENTERTAIN SU1H A THOUGHY — IT VNOULb BE THE NNORSY INSULT THAT } EVER. HEARD* OF— ^_ AN& »F MRS. BE STRESS »*TME LADY T-WAT VOU SAY SHE IS -., •SV»E NNOUL.D DEEPLY RECENT IT— > KNOW , \NMAT » SHOULD t>0 IF A ^AAr4 OFrEREO TO »AY MY HOTEL BILL.- s IT WOULD BE LIKE CstTTI I A ^LAP IKI )/lX\pAte-> DEEDED YHAY B>NN VJtLL HOT , PAY YHE HOTEL B)LL THAT IS PILING OP . FOR POOR MILUE AN& HER MA — ^AO.'S A DAY- \NHAY V4ILL SHE t>O V4ER . ... fey The Oim»o BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES At It Again! By MARTIN FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS Galen Mendoza! By BLOSSER SEE, FISH HARBOR IS ALL BUT NOT so ON A FELLA'S NOSE .'.' THERE'S THAT rAAN, MOVJ...LEAN/INS THE SHARK' ....1'LL. 6O ON AND ASK. THAT KID ABOUT HIM !•' i V VES...HARRV ORMS8Y S MY NAME'S SALEN IS fAV UWCLE...I'W SAILIWG y A\EKIDOZA.... AW, THAT HIM OM MIS J soy? HE HAS OF W INVEWTIOKl THAT'S S'POSEP TO TREASURE? THATfeAFUNNV ONE... SAY, DO SO PAP? BE FW, THOSE BIS TOWAS .'' SAY: THATS THE BEST SPORT IN •me DOrJT TELL NEVER SAVJ '6Ni CATCH A Bl€ TWA FISH? , V/AS THAT MAM THE THICK (5LA9SES 2 HIDDEN TRtASURE MOPE! NEVER \BArr?sHoc»«.' PID-XMAT WHO ) ALL VJE I» IS OF BAIT PO /JUST THROW lH VOU USE v/TWE HQOk.AWP PDR 'EM f O 07 " ™ E y C 0 ^ 6 •2 -/ .-V<E JUST CAME CHOPPERS.... 60IM'OUTA«AIKl TUESPAY.'.' THE NEWFANGLES (Mom'n Pop) Snowed Under! By COWAN : BOV\ IT'S GOING T'BE. f\ JOB DlCClN' POP'S OLD ASH-CfcN OUT OF TV^E: DRiTTS. BUT GOT MIM »N TWIS JAM,SO IT'S JP T'MC T'DIG IT OUT FOR VHM YOU'LL HAVE TO GCT VOUR 1035 HARKERS BEFORE YOU CAN MOVE THAT CAR, YOUNG FELLOW! THAT'S FINAL 1 . OKAV, CHIEF I I'LL SEE. POP I'M RORPY. POP. IT WAS > VLL MY FAULT AMD, JUST T'SHOW THAT I MEAN IT, GIVE ME THE NEVrJ PLA.TES AND I'LL. PUT THE OLD BUS »N THE k NOU'VE GIVEN ME HEADACHE ENOUGH. JUST LEAVE THAT TO OKAY. POP. BUT REMEMBER I OFFERED TO OO THE TRICK MVSELF. AND YOU'D BETTER TAKE ALONG A SNOW SHOVEL. — > IN FPO*«T OF THE POLICE. STATION \

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