The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa on June 1, 1894 · Page 9
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The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa · Page 9

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, June 1, 1894
Page 9
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BRYAN AROUSED ENTHUSIASM JAMES CAIN has his paint shop located ove: Billy Smith's wholesali liquor store on Main St where orders can be lef for all kindslbf House and Sign Fainting aw Interior Decorations. Prices moderated to suit the class of work desired. COP'FUGHTS. OIITA1N A PA mt builneu. C Hal. A Handb t Patent* and bow to ob» lio a catalogue of tMob*B> IT POPS. KfTorvotcont, too, IxhlUratlng, Juit the tblug oonitllutlon. to build up tho Hires' ROOT BEER Wholesome and itrongtheuliiKi l>ure blood, fro«i from boll* or oarbuiiules. Oeueril good health—results from drink- Ing UlUKH' Hoot Ueer the year round. Ci; f>aokt|* makes n»e gaiioui, tto. atk ton druftfim or grooir for It. Tak*ttootU»f. Mud Oo™J17 wnlf. I u«iil Hump to ttie Cliariw troll at., rhlladwpultt, tor K. LOST MANHOOD RESTORED, koit ilaVuw. Attn'Ukiuir, gauku.. v i*. t»uk gfOunflilnioo, (.Mtuudw and all Piuliw uwci-i'f II.u Ki'Uvr»Uv>!ori,"»ii» luulttli'l' an, v*UM<l \>f uvuri'<i-niuu,yuulMul»i-roni.tU»tHn«»- •dreuoouitaiwoou.ujiliiiiiur ntlmuJauU, wMi'M twoa to llUUUuly or UOIIKUIUUtlull. 1'Ub Ull tO UIIITJf la ih^WjwcVt. «.mtuyiimir- ••*'•""-'' W. HtttMi Kebmnttn CmtgreMitinti Addremeft the O1 Veteran* on the Height! of Arllnyto tVh«te Sixteen Thonmtui Union Arc ttnrleri — President and Member* o the ttoblnet Were Preaent. WASHINGTON, May 81.— Cotigrca rested Wednrrday and all the govern mcnt departments were closed. Flag bung at hatf-moat on the public builc inge. President Cleveland set the ex ample in observing the day, which wa generally followed by the citizens. Sey eral members of congress took part in th exercises in the different cemeterie ns orators, while among the onlooker were some statesmen who fought for th Confederacy. Whatever of bitternee may have been the inheritance from th war seemed to have been forgotten an the graves were decorated with those o their one-time enemies. Most of th great generals of the war are buriec about Washington, so that friends am former comrades had many conspicuou monuments to decorate. There was long parade, participated in by the dia trict military, under command of Gen eral Albert. Oidway, and the G. A. R posts. The most important ceremonies wer held on tbe heights of Arlington, acroa the Potomac and overlooking the city where 10,000 Union soldiers are buried Every grave was marked with a fla; and also a bouquet of roses. Thousand of people crowded the grounds, amoni them many members of congress am some representatives of the foreign lega tiorm. At noon a national salute wa fired and the tombs of the unknown where the bones of hundreds of soldiers taken from battle fields are interred were decorated by the G. A. B. poste the Women's Belief Corps and the Serai .of Veterans. In the ampitheater, where rflligious services were held on the Lee plantation on Sundays, the bugle soundei assembly. Music was given by the Marine band and the G. A. B. musica assembly. President Cleveland arrived shortly after 12 o'clock, accompanied by Secro taries Greshain and Morton. The part; took seats in front of the speaker's stanc and was applauded. General Black aru Coiporal Tanner, both ex-commissioners of the pension bureau, were on the stam and later Secretaries Carlisle and Hoke Smith arrived. Hon. A. L. Martin of Indiana, chairman of the committee on pensions, de liverod an eloquent oration, and Colone Jolfh A. Joyce read a poem. Brynn Aroiueil EnthiulMin. Representative Bryan of Nebraska aroused much enthusiasm by his speech H« began: "The only excuse one of my generation can offer for speaking here is to assure the veterans that this day shal not die with them. When the nation has forgotten the battlefields, where were won its greatest victories, it will not fur- get the burial places where its greatest dead rest." Speaking of the result* ol the war, he said: "It would have been defeat to have hold together in iron bands two estranged sections, but it is glorious victory to have been able to bring back an unwilling brother and make happy brothers." President Cleveland sat through the entire program, which lusted hours, but did not speak. After tbe ceremonies he drove back to the city with tbe members of the cabinet, meeting thousands of people who were driving over to Arlington. BELIEVES IN THE LOST CAUSE. A tematlonal Addrew Delivered at Blch- uonil on J>eoor»»loq'D»jr. RICHMOND, May 81.— The Rev. Robert C. Cave mode an address at the unveiling and dedication of a monument to the memory of private soldiers and gallon of the .Confederacy here on Decoration day. During bis address ho said: "At Appomatox. Puritanism, backed by overwhelming numbers and unlimited resources, prevailed. But brute force eannot settle questions of right and wrong. Thinking men do not judge the merit) of a cause by the measure of its success and I believe the world shall yet decide, in truth's clear, far oR light, that the south was in the right; that the cause was just; that the men who took vp arms in nor defense .were patriots who hud even better reason for what they did than had the men who fought atr Concord, Lexington and Bunker Hill, and that her coercion, whatever good may have resulted or may hereafter remit from it, won an outrage on liberty, [Applause.] The speaker insisted that those who turvod undur the banner of the Coufed sraoy wore not rebuts fighting against lawful authority and seeking to destroy Hie Union founded by our fathers > of American Independence, That Union was dour to tliu hearts of the southern people, but wueu it booiuuv BO thut tho Union wot* to uxlut iu name only, when Ito eattunUul principles had boon overthrown and truiuplwl iu the dust, then did the south vtuml up and iiuUt upon tier ri^UU, uuting uot tumuttaalou-ttwont inob in nuid rebellion agaiiut couatltutwl authority, but uu nn intelligent aud or. derly puoplu uutlng Iu oouordimoo with diif forum uf Jiiw uud within the llmiu >f whut tluiy believed to be thuir uoiwti- iiUloiml righto. Rev. Cuve duaud by Buying that the "apirlU of the Confederacy V dotvd, glory irowuod, hover over us and boukun us on puti'iotiimi and honor, Thoir example bids ub uobly live for the prhi- jlples of state sovereignty and homo rule li whiuh thin KQvevniueut w«w wisely fouudud by our fuUiwti, without whk-U no vast territory like oura can jwaaibly reiuuiu Duwoeratio. dvyurturu . (row which U mildly hurrying ths country t<> a elwiw Uotwoftu tuiuvtihy uwl tiuw>rlul- uw, auil «4uru to which ia wwutiul to uretiurvatiou of tbs life of the renuu- Up," At tiw WMWltwiMH o* UK> AN UNDERSTANDING REACHED. " Stop th»t smoking, girl" "Go to blazei; thou art not Canitu." " Well, I want yon to understand that I'm the proprietor of thU establishment." " Well, don't get gay. I'm the new office boy—see P "—Truth. the monument was unveiled and a mill' tary salute fired, which ended the exer cises. Bev. Cave is a *> resident of St. Louis. He is pastor of a fashionable nonsecta rian church in the West end, and is well known as a prominent advocate of the movement begun in the congress of religion at the World's fair in favor of the establishment of a nonsectarian church. Confederate Grave* Decorated. CHICAGO, May 31.—The graves of tht Confederate dead at Oakwood cemetery were decorated by the Confederate Veteran association. A monument of Tennessee marble, costing $20.000,, was recently erected in the cemetery to th« memory of the defenders of the lost cause. Adilreued by Governor Cronme. Br,Am,*Neb.,May 31.—Decoration day was celebrated by the entire community. After the decoration of graves the procession marched to Geraania hall, where A. E. Watson of Little Sioux, la., and Governor Crouuse addressed a crowded house. BUT A WASTE OF WATER. Fnuer Blver » Baglug Torrent Deals Death •nil Destruction. VANCOUVER, B. C.. May 81.— Tht Eraser river has become a raging torrent and is dealing destruction and death at every point. The surrounding valleys have been submerged, houses and outbuildings of ranchers have been swept away, and where but a few days ago waving fields of growing.grain met the eye is now but a waste of water. Whole herds of cattle and flocks of sheep have been drowned in the- rushing flood Whole villages on tbe banks of tht streatn are floating. 80 far eight human lives are known, to have been lost. At Laugtry a little boy fell from the porch of the Langtry hotel and was swept away by the flood. The entire town is flooded. Four Indians. who were trying to tow some cattle from a ridge on the island behind their canoes to tbe uiian land, were capsized and three of them drowned. Tbe dead bodies of three men and a little girl were found at Hatctic Prairie entangled among floating trees. Stole Hone* by Wholesale. GUTHRIK, O. T., May 81.— During the past 18 months nearly 800 hones have been stolen in Pottowatomie county, but it was impossible to obtain any clew to the identity of the thieves until the past week when a man In jail for murder made a confession, which gave the officers clews, resulting in the indictment by the grand jury of H8 residents of this county for hone stealing. Many of the Indicted men are fanners of prominence. Seventeen of them have already been jailed. Llt-litlulng Killed tlie~Uor*ei, DAYKIN, Neb,, May 81.— During an ileotrio storm while Mr. Moore was on us way home, about two miles west of his place, bis horse* were struck by Ijjutnlug, .killing them both instantly, Mr. Moore w*w severly shocked, but not' seriously hurt. MM. Mary Cahlll Divorced, Sioux FALLS, B. D., May 01.— A decree of divorce WHS granted Mary Cahill from Michael Oahill. Mrs. Cahlll is the mthor of several well known iiovels. fbe defendant was hero to ooutuat the case. He in the editor of Home Light, a Catholic paper, published in Chicago. Gave limit to four Children. BROOKLYN, May 81. -Mia. Samuel liuphuel of this city hus just given birth o four children — throe boys and one girl, Two of tho boys, howovuv. diud shortly fter birth. The two living uhilUruu and he mother are doing well. Secretary Norton VUIU Kmtluvky, WASHINGTON, Way ai,— 8ocr«t«ry of griojilturu Morton, Argentine Minister )r. Zebullon left Washington for B tour ' iinoug the utook forms of Ktwtiteky, uu. ler the eauort of Representative Uerry of hat state. ______^^_^^ Arthur'! Caur*i> Iui|ONf<l. ST. PAUU, May 81.— At the Howlou of igluuonj tlio Urout Northern suite was lually uoiuideml uud % aotlou of (lie rotherhomi man hilly indorsed, Olunud ou Cliuttul U<irlgu*ei. N«l>., May 8 j. -The general uwi'oli»uJi»B atoi'* of Vrttuk Bitnuy \v»a by (ho Bxolmngi) bauk uuil SIX LOST THEIH LIVES. Passenger Train Wrecked on • the Wisconsin Central. FIVE OARS JtTMPED THE TRACK Hllvt «t , BAKATOQA, May ttl — The bloyole road aeo over « thsuuw ot WJVDU m(ie» you by W. Tuttuu iu kouds. . Caught Fire and Were Soon Consumed Flesh and Limb* Hurned Off From Some of the Victims—Engineer and Fireman Scalded tu Death—New* Agent Crushet Under a Coach. MA.BSHFIELD, Wts., May St.—The worst wreck that has ever occurred on the Wisconsin Central, by which at leas six people lost their lives and severs were wounded, some seriously, took place early Wednesday morning. No. 4, passenger train, with Engineer James P. Hnbbard at the throttle, pulled away from Abbot's Ford 'M minutes behind time. -Just as the engineer reached the upper' switch at Mannville and going down grade at a terrific rate of speed, ii jumped from the main track onto the aide track, leaving the latter after going about 20 feet and rolling down a slight embankment with the tender on top, turned bottom- up. Two sleepers, one coach, besides the smoker and baggage car, five in all, began burning immediately and all but one were consumed. Engineer and Fireman Scalded to Death. Engineer Hubbard was found lying at the edge of his cab so terribly scalded from eacaping steam that he died in about 10 minutes. Fireman Rearhart was dead in the cab when found, having been scalded to death. Jason Bigelow, the head brakeman, was not found for about eight hours, his remains lying under the debris, close to the engine. The flesh was burned off his face, presenting a horrible appearance. The flesh from both arms waa literally burned off, exposing the bones, and both legs were burned off. W. B. Russell, the assistant to Chief Engineer L. M. Gibson, was burned beyond recognition. His remains were sent to Milwaukee for burial. Mrs. John Wagner, an elderly lady en route from Butto. Mont., to Hanitowac, waa dreadfully disfigured, her face and body being terribly cut aud bruiaed. She died almost instantly. The news agent, Oliver Bosely, gof- fered excruciating pains and died at 10 o'clock. He waa crushed under a coach. Henry KUeber received internal and external wounds, probably fatal. The others injured aro: CIIAKLICB WKINUUHN, traveling man of Cblppewa Fulls, badly bruised. FitKD JACK of Bessemer, Mich., badly bruised, AKTHDVTmtiCA of Chicago, cut In the head and legs sprained. WILLIAM HVAN o( Sturgeon, Bay, Win., sevunU rlb» broken uud head budly out. "The cause of the accident Is hard to determine. Borne think it waa from a weakness in the track, whilo others, railroad men, are inclined to believe tho twitch had been tampered with. lie Murdered* a Cripple. Sioux FALLS, S. D., Muy 81.— Sheriff N. M. Beavor of Moade county arrivtxl hore with Robert Hioks tiwl William Walkur, who aro sentenced to tiio penitent iitry for lifo for tho numlor of H man mimed Moyent. Jay Hicks, who did tho killing, will be Imaged by Sheriff Beavur Jun« 17. Moyora was about 7 < yearn old uud a oripplo, Klotwuaud Shouki Cliuttnnoogaiu, CUATTANOOOA, T«IU., Mil)' U).—W. L. Puggor, a millioualro 7U yuan of agu, eloped with Fanny Dykoo, a wotmtn agt.'d ao yean who has divorced two IIUH- bunds, digger has five children married, besides uuiuurous graud-childnm. JIu is the lurgcat property-holder In CluiUuuooga and aooloty U ahookud in proiwrtiou, Praiulueut KBUNMI lload. ENrKiu'liiBi!, Kun,, May Bl.—Charlou M. C'uae, consul to Australia under Lincoln uud muster of tho Anuucwta during 1801, died here. Ho won prluoiptU ownur of the Bunk of EiitwprUo and 4 Jwuling uapitullet of central Kansas, Gold IteiwIpU at Denver, DKNVKU, May U I,—Gold recoipts at tbe Dcuvor inlut iu Muy uuiouut to 1.100,08(1. Iu May, 18UII, thu vuooipta wore ^O.UU, Hlmwiug u Ktiiu for thu prosuut myivth of 411 por ueut. , May -'H.—The question giw uud ivi»\wy oueitpled tho souoml (psiop of tho uoiigrws of Amor* iuan phynipiuuB uuil sur«eon«, ENQLISHMAN ON BIMETALLISM. IK. Hon. Henry Chaplin Favon nn inter- nntloiial Agreement. EDINBURGH, May 81.— An important •peech touching upon wheat, silver, gold and American mining, railroads and land mortgages, was delivered here by the Rt, Hon, Henry Chaplin, Conservative president of the board of agriculture in Lord Salisbury's government. The speech was a crowded address to a crowded conference of the Scottish members of husbandry and had for its subject, "Bimetallism in Relation to Agricultural Depression," . The speaker'declared that agricultural depression was due to the monetary changes of 1854 and could only be stopped by reverting to the previous monetary system. Nobody could foresee where the present fall in prices Vould end. According to the latest table the fall from 1873 to 1893 of 40 per cent Iu wheat amply illustrates this. The British commissioners studied the price of wheat in America in 1879 and believed that it could never be exported cheaper :han 40 shillings per quarter, but superior India wheat was sold last week at 10s 3d per quarter. Touching upon the farmers of Atner,ca, he said that they especially were be- ng ruined and becoming bankrupt faster even than the British farmers. Some contend that overproduction is responsi- )le for the fall in prices, but he claimed statistics show that the production of vheat has decreased, although the prices lave fallen. Therefore, from the point of view of the speaker, it was farcial and ridiculous to attribute the fall in prices o that cause. The real cause, he said, was the demonetization of silver in 1473 and the subsequent divergence of the relative values of metals, which enabled the silver using . countries like India to export wheat at the present low price. Mr, Chaplin also said: "And if silver continues to fall, there is no reason why wheat should not cheapen indefinitely. We propose, as a remedy, an international agreement to revert to the system which prevailed prior to 1878." An American Held For Murder. LONDON, May dl.— General John Hemston, an American who has been staying at the First Avenue hotel in this city, has been arrested, charged with causing the death of a man named George Burton. General Hemston was walking in Gray's road and was rudely jostled by a party of itinerant musicians. He remonstrated and the party turned on him and struck him. General Hem- ston carried an umbrella and used it to defend himself. The point of the umbrella entered Burton's eye, one of the assailants, and he fell. He was taken to a hospital and there died. Sentenced to Solitary Confinement. PALEHSIO, Sicily, May 81. —The court- martial before which Deputy Gnisseppe de Felice and a number of minor chiefs of the Fasci de la Vatori have been tried has pronounced the sentences. Deputy de Felice. was sentenced to IV years' solitary confinement and to three years police supervision. Bosco, Barbato and Verrowere sentenced to 13 years' solitary confinement. Mental and Poco five years. Mlii Well* Lectnrec In London. LONDON, May 81.— Miss Ida Wells lectured before the Democratic club. She had a large audience. After the lecture a resolution protesting against lynchings in the United States was adopted and the secretary was ordered to forward a copy of it to the United States embassador. _ Abolish Seed Market. VIENNA, May 81.— The agricultural chamber has decided to abolish the seed market, which has been held annually in August since 1879. This action is taken in consequence of tbe attacks which have been made upon Jews in the markets in recent years. Will Lie In State. SEVILLE, May 31.— The remains of El Eaperato, the matador who was killed in the bull ring iu Madrid on Sunday, has arrived here and will lie in state for two days. Fifty thousand people followed the remains from the station to the chapel. In Memory or ScottUh Soldlen. EDVNBUKCHI, May 81.— The monument erected in Gallon cemetery here to tho memory of the Scottish soldiers who wore killed during tho civil war in tho United Status was decorated with floral wreathes Decoration day. Hit* Wlllard'i Donation. LONDON, May 81.— Miss Francis Wll- lard stated that owing to the financial stress iu the United States she returns to the National Women's Christian Temperance Union her lust two years' salary as president. _ THAT TAK« THE •MT /•* COUGH f* WITH ^ SHILOHS CURE ., Bottle. {tot GMAX CotroH uunm promptly < Sere all others fall. Concba, r- r ' iftroat, HoaneoeM, Whooping —.„ _ Aithrna. For Coniumptlon it bas no rlT= has cured thouianda, and will C0RH TO0 I takenintlme. BoId^Dnwglgtron a guar-^"•^, 1 Mi JBRSl S? .ChflS*L «w« BHILOH'B BELLADONNA PLA ^k^. ILOH'SCATARRH Havv. ,'ou C'atarrb ? This remedy Ig gtiaran* teed to cure you. Price, 00ota. Injectorfrea. Sold by O. H. Wcstbrnok. DR, DOWNING This well known and successful specialist in Chronic and Nervous diseases and dleeaies of the Bye and Ear, by request ot man; (rleud* *nd patienti, will visit CARROLL, IOWA, Friday, June 1, Burke's Hotel One day only every month. Consultation free Married III* Gouiln. VIKNNA. May 81,— Prince Augustus of Sase-Coburg-Uuttui was married to his cousin, tho Priuuuss Caroline Iiumacu- iatu of the Tuscan branch of tho Hup»- burgd-Lorniiuo. _ Yttlo'n CliMlluii|t« Avovpted. LONDON, May til.— Oxford university las decided to ucwpt the challenge uf Yuluforun utblutlu contest In England. Victorian 1'arlUiuaut Upoun. MKUIOUUNH, May 81,— Tho earl of [loputoun, governor of the oolouy of Victoria, opened the Victorian parliament. »p«lu T»W«» Autiou Agatuit tuo Attar«kt»t», MADUIP, May Ul.—Tho chamber of depntlui pawed the first clause of the inti-anarcbigU bill by a vote of 01 to U, I'rluovu Colonua BulU Vor Kuropa, Jttt- VoiiK, May 8) .— 1'rlnowu Co- onua, with her two children, vailed for Europe on thu nU'uiuer New York. New N(Mm»nl|t*. Mtiy a 1.— North German loyd's oonipuiiy UUB ordered four uow uf 4,OvHJ tout oauli. LONDON, Mtiy Ul.--K\.l'roimor ituuu fouUuui'a in voiy gtwl IwuHu uud lU wyu id uf ltpUi>rt Hull. May Ul. —Robert Bell, tho Uroxburn oil worka, thu iirwtt la Bcotluml, to a<wl. DR. DOWNING lathor of "Nervous Debility." "Goneratl" JCxauBtlon, IU name and Cure," eta Thia Skillful and Reliable SPECIALIST Well and favorably known throughontCUia notlhvreit for the many woudertoi; eorei of all f ormi of GHRONIGMNERVOUS DI8EA8E8 blob he ba« effected tbal bad baffled tbe *kll of etber pbyilolani and specialist*. He Cures When OtlierH Fail. Dlicaeei of Eyoi and Kar», Granulated Lldi. Oataiact. Orois Kyei ilralghtonod wltlioot pain or danger, DUobarglna Kan, Uearneaa. oto., OUeatei of Noie and throat, Catanh. llronohltli, Aithnta, etc. Dlieaieg of Momaoh and LtTar, Uyipepiia, UdlfeiUon, Heartboro, Bllllou»ne«,J«undiou,«io. Kidney and Blad- 4«r Troubles, Ulood and Skin Ulnenaue, Sorof • ola. PliuulB*, Blotobei, Koiema, Uleen, eto. Nervou* ul»owei>, HeaUaolie, Uytterla, Intom- nla, Lack of Vlullty, Laugor, KervoutnefS. Ilboamutlim, Noaritlgla, oto, UUotMi of Women. DeforniiUoi Surgical oporallon* of all klml» iuooontully purtormwi. Voiinir tuid AlUldlo Aifed Bleu •ufforlng from Ixnt Manhood, NorToni 01 Pby- iloal Uvbillty, Sainlnal Weakno**, Lo«t Vlgo}, Deolliio of Manly 1'owcrn, Oralni, OUobargt* or l^»«o», Varloooele, ttui) all tho train of eilla i>etultlug from Exeemei, Krroii Iu Voulb, a|o. uroduolug tome of Ute following «H*ob. M NtrvouiueM. Kiuunlout, I'lnul<i«, lllotohe*. DubUUy, PUMu«M. Defective Memory, Abteao* of Will rower, Oodfnilon of Idea*, Avenlou to Ooolely. Sexual Kxhautllon. Pain In lao llaok, olo., blighting tlie moil radiant hoiiu*, (autlw . Jeilug warrlago unhauuy and bu»tu««(t a failure; iwe«)ilug thoutand* loan uullinoly grav* A'O uiatuir who liai failed, ooniull tbe Uoolor. IU ba* enroll tboutandi wbo have gltan up in deipalr. A perfect retloraUon- OonanltaUoaa •aoredly ooufl Jautlul 1>»I»1 1 H ro ditiigoroiu. MARRIAGE. 'I'lioio eouteuiplatlug uiar- n»K« who are awaru of phyiloal defoou of Ne*ka«» wluoh would render matt lago a di»- apiioiolmonl would do wull to eall on u«. FREE examination of lh« Urine, uhomloal and inioroiooi>lea! Iu all oa»u> of Klduoj Dla•ate, llrlghl'ii Uiioinu. Dlulutto*, »Ud Sparua- lonnota. llrlng lp«olm«u. REMARKABLE Cure* pwfeotail m old «**•• which liHTuueon nugloolod or untktlfully friatail. No ux|iarliu«iui« or failure. ParflM Intatod by wall or o*|ir»»»; bin whoru |>oiilbl« uerional oontuli*Uon iirelerrw. OMe« and oorrenpondonoo tliloUr wuBdoa Ual and uiodlohi* tent to auy part of tba Hulled Slate*. LUl of qiiMtloui free. Ad- r««« with pottage. fin. UUWNIKU. U4 W«H Sf»ai«on Mtreut.Olttuago, IU«. r. YOU SEE THIS! So DO Several Thousand other People, U/as jicio>

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