Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 23, 1927 · Page 8
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 8

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 23, 1927
Page 8
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rwnj^Wr JniftUA 'llUUll • S'' 'LCHka. F. •COTT' An .Departments). BxchaiiKe cb'MeJitlS ^^"^^ already had hlin *ien he must plead guilty. And \yaldp- niaras answered. "Peace." . The eyes of the world were on ihcijc two men, speaking for two nations which have' !a quarrel. Neither dared assume the burden of saying that his nation stood for war. Npw there will be %ome ^Liud of arraDgc|nent made under the jau- pervisink eye of ipen of other pa- irridN RATCS IWi. G»» City. LaHaipe ana Basaett. -it.'. IB Cenlii •|.» \.10 Centn - 17.80 BY MAIL, jj-:. .QuUlda AJIen County Iftmthn JiSO JContha Jl .60 -i, ; i li» Allen county .Jfisdr-.....;........ $4 .00 Itootba ...i.: K .00 " iUontbs ...J jl.M onth' I... 60o "flaitbrl^l Ati^laUoii. Pre«s Aasoclatlon. M Daily League, of Circulation. .( o« the World. Pren Aasoclatlon. Papfr City of lola. Pap*r City of BaiMtt. Paper'Allen .pounty. ASSOCIATED PRESS. - r carries the Associated _ by special leased wire. .ted Press is escliUiively en- to the use for republication of dispatches credited to it or '« credited in this paper, : local news published herein.'. AS'rights or republication of spe- cbil .-dlapatctaea bereln are also re- ••e^!Wd.j mm iBUtle Thought for Today The ransomed of the Lord shall Tetnm •• .• • with sonBs, and ever- lastlng joy upon - their heads.—Isa. 35^^10. • ^ THE REMUS CASE. tew .weeks ago a man by . the : xatee of ikmus. who Kloricd in V ith'e tluV of "Kln^ of the Bootleg- BeiJB*'; of Cincinnati, brutally shot aiid killed his wife because she lilBd ai^Ited for ;div6rce. A few 'flfcffi agoftbis iban, on the strength .-(Bt-jb^yini formerly been an attor- " iieji, jacted as his own lawyer in jaif^niiiDg himself against the ich:i|r^e.of murder, was acquitted J»y i|ia_iury aftier 19 minuta-s of ac­ tions who also ai'c responsible] to tbti^ worid for keeping peace. The bigger nation iwilj not have^it all its own way. The arrangement will ,noi be perfc<:t; later it may have to be revisci], but thb way is open. The world will.not be plunged in war this time because two mcmber.s of its family ba%-e a quarrel. If the Lcagiie of .Nations accomplished no more than malcing a place where the opinion of mankind listens to iheKe things it would be a greiit advance over anytlnng the world ever had be- Ifore. The league could well undertake even larger (luestions more bravely; for .there would lie the .same force to" back its decisions— tlie force of tlie people everywhere who do not want war. And the world, the world including Americuhs and Britons, will hdpc 111 itibh, on t-':c scon? "liat lie Ijariii. Insane. . Members of tlic jurj' .litkied aroWd -biin after ilie ver- jdiirti had b?eii bronpht i;-. nriitins ( ijimi on: the back and coj^ratulat- that the league will not allow the miserable disagreement of America and Britain to tireveiit its doing something aboiit rational disarmament. Fbrnier; Congressman Chauncey B. Little, in a speech at AVlchita, said .that until a few years ago. when the roll was calledjof the national house a.nd senate and the presideni's cabinet the -usual answer ! was, "present." Now it is "Guilty" or i ".Vol Guilty."—Lyons 1 IJid; Cliauhcey really have the nerve to pull that as an original invention of his own nimble wit? The joke wa.s first perpetrated by Adam Bedc. of Minnesota, in a spoccli in the House of Representatives some twenty years ago. It was when Senator Burton, of Kan- f. ing tors him him. One of the won an jur- sald to him: "We wen; with from the first." Othev.s« lold Ihey were jsorry the,' jiulgi^'s ' • - tliein ''r>i;e 1 ' Snst|:uctloh's did not permit ilo Irfve hlAi hl .i Crtedom at — . . , , . • JnirtU of putting him to u.e ^as, was on trial and several other trouble: of undergoing an i„,„H,st | Senators avere more or less under bH-to Ws sanity. - IfUhere was anything about tliis ^-icMe^ more shocking than the crihic V;w|^!Ch Remus C9mmitt<!d, ii was Jtlje 'iJursE's verdict and the manner Jioj ij^taicjli; the man wa:^ lionized alter hijsi acquittal. What sf rt of inieni and: wombn made up ^hut 'JJuiyl anyway? , They seemed to " 4 that his long career of crime the liiurdfer made bim a ajiid they!seemed to think at I in 'jBhooti'n^ down an uuarm- eijig woman, he was giving of. manly qualities of cour- Dd >hqnor. Here Was a man i enough to conduct his own suspicion, tliat Bcclc then Congressman, in a good humored wit- speech said: "It is getting so i now that when tlic roll is called in the Senate half the Senators don't know whether to answer 'present' or 'ndt guilty'."- Bede was si niai; wlio did not have to depend upon his memory for lUs wit. About 3IJs!)odrr BoadM; To th» Eflitor: Slncft the myth about tjie "rail- rbad" engineer locating the State hig^waysfof Missouri- is again being circulated, it occurred to me-that the true story would be interesting. The route of the Kansas Citj- St. Louis highway, known as U. S. route No. 40. is probably responsible for the "railroad" engineer storjr. -: Tta»- general location of the road was made, by Mr. Theodore Gary and Uft associate .on the Missouri Highway CoinmisBion. after their. <^ngineeir^°^ had 'made surveys and (••.stimates orthe cost of constructing pn several routes. The esti- piate* showed that even, with the ^dditionarcost of biiilding spur or branch :r6ads from the present roulfe t6 the towns' and trading Ixenters,-' the construction cost on the present route would be $600,000.00 cheaper than on any other] route.' The ' topography of /Missouri makes it difficult and expensive to locate the State roads;' especially the Kansas City-St. Louis road from town to town. Aftef a consideration of these facts Mr. Gary and his colleagues, none of whom are engineers, "railroad" or: otherwise, ordered tiie constrijction on the present route. | It so happened that none of the i engineers in executive iwsitions. responsible ^or the execution of the Cdinmisaion's.' general order were "railroad" engineers feui all'of them; without exception had been engaged in highway work for many years.: i Sincerely, LEE NOKTZfJER. Allen Co. Engineer. Christinas Greetings With Best Wishes for your Health mid Happiness ^ through:^& Coming Years and Hull SUNDAY SCHOOL LESSON (.'IIF.ATKST ( HKI.STJFAS K1M» A>V .V(iKS .>r.\l »E IX Tl KK;EY .Viirk-nt InscrlplJon in Jtnnian Temple at I Aii^nni, V rlifen By Ein- peror .iiiu-usius llini-self, l»roves- (orrrcliiess «i St. Luke's Siorj- of Christmas CensnK—One .of Arcliaeolocrj's .Most .Sensation, a' llJscoverles. I'lie Inlrrnatiiinal Sunday SchiKil Lessui' I!«7. Is. Lesion.—Lnkf for Iiecenilwr ,a Chrislnias Salina .lournal: :.\Vc believe in life soundness of some plan along the line suggested \fy Charles F.'i Scott, who advocates a commission appointed by the governor to prepare a -bill to give state control of state roads, but fbeiicvcs that 1 «X nil, LI A.HT. KLLIS Aulhnr of -Bible Lands Todn.v." After a silence -of more than nineiwit hundred years. Kmperor Aug^ustiis. who ruled tlie whole known worlil at the time of tlie birth of .Icsiis Christ, lias come lorlli. as it were, robed in all of ,his imperial state, to boar testimony to the atuuraty of the Gospel story of Christmas. In tliat slatemenl is wrapped up one of llie romances of archaeology, wliich devout Christians will Thai fact ii-s I)as:<i: it o.xiWains the pn 'SL -nti- in BetUlelioni of .)<>- scplijand .Mary, vvliysf Imme was up ill -Vazareth. Coijiiik's,-: sermon and artick's thioUghout Uic ages have portraytd the; iiiy.sicrioiis l'n )V !(K'iic(' piil tlic entire niacliiiicry of tlio iiiiglity Roman Empire into operation, all in order that llelirctt- propii'jcy might b<'- fnlfillod. and - a .\azarcth carpenter., .lo.sepli. and his niaiden wife. .Mary, should be pro ^-ii -ni. in netliI (*!K 'ni. the city of D.ivid. for the iiirih of i.l.o .\Ir.<slaii. Th;s Roman cei:sii.i if- itself <iin' of tlie wonders of tlic wliole woiider-taltj of the first, Chris^tmas. \ But was tlie census a lait? Critics of thoUilile' iiavc answered loudly. ".Vo." Tliey liave iiointed out the djscourcrtinK condition that in all tiie voliiniiiions records' of Roman liistory which havu come down to us there is not 'a single allusion to anysiitli riiiisus as Luke makes i4ie fuundatiiin of his report. Of censuses twenty' years before and twenty .vear.s later, there is clear' record. Luke has gone uncorroborated for nearly two thousand years as the <inly his- to'ria.n of this mo.-l iaiportaiit of tiou of ilie alisolute Tii.storlcity or 1 . . 1 I-.-. I .1, ; the record of St. Luke, this discov- .jdefease in court, making coherent """"ty roads be lett under the i p^^. certain to take rank with ' ' esi cross examining witness-j i^ontrol of the county and town.ship ' ' call a Providence, AS an altesta-I-I'i Ifoman enumeia:i..ijs ..r enroi- officiaLs. If also w6uld be well to have the commission suggest the best plan for raising what additional funds may be needed, which will probably mean an incretiHe in the guKoiine la.\. tliis woneyto be used by the liiKhway commission. The governor could then feel out the! finding of the .Moubite Stone, of the Tell el-Armarna Tablets and of the Babylonian inscriptions, .-^s louHsL traffic to Turkj'.v has already begun, it is now possible for aiiyltrnveller who so de.^Ires to visit the capital i.t Turk<iv. .\uKora. nis. Hi.-i repiiil iunis been accept* d only on faith. (' icsar's Testimony to Lukf. -Vokv that iii.-;concei-tins silence of Romanhistorian's has been broken by; Caesar Augustu.-i liini- »elf. I Tliis first empeior of Rome, tin's jlirst caesar to lie declared a god by the senate and wor.sliipped by yfae people, wrote/ his autobib- aiid see for lilniself this longest ' jrj .ap |ij- before he> died., He Kave int( ripiBiii iha! " I KI ,-; come down ! ih,. ,jo(unieiit. into ihi' keeping of Ir .-iiii <;;--ici;| tirii 'K. If lie is-aiiii,. xe^tal vUsii,.-. At malli \. es,- arguing polijts of law and cvi- ldon<c<^,. and yet insane to such de- Tee las to make him Irresponsible - xit the c>iin.e of murder! How can ^ea pra^P their minds to such Fortunately Remus i.s not yeC •free. I He must undergo an "in-, : i- , •• • w."' i "--^ .i:-..„,,.,.:,.•.., ,„<,u,.^ hulrendo do'iuiiatlco.'' and it Is toU''" Micni'^fr** of the legi.slature up-| text that lias weathered th. v:<>is-.| ^;nhlns anil p:a.ed a.-ingsj^d- ol the order of the Kimian s> naie. the "divine" emperor's own record of bin life-and deeds was recorded up<ni the walls of every one of the temples of Rome and Angu.-tiis in the proviniial capitals of the empire, i All i>f the.«e temples, like th[' loinli and the tablet-s in Rome, have l>een destroyed hytih*' mutations of the" . centuries—all exi-ept one. ;be holpedithathhose who conduct Hie plan suggemed by the ,:om-h-i'>"l<'s "f two milleniiitns. this inquiry will bear iii mind that 'ni^B'O". if the majority wiere ,.th6Hgk .J &8ticc has gone blind in I'"*<"'a'''e a special session coiild. one jtp- f6 she ought to be permitted k!out of the other. be called so that the necessary road amendment's can be passedNn 'lime to be voted on in l!t2S. and if "Wljen we send to Europe for '; oi;r i^anitfactured goods we have; the goods' but Europe has the | -money. ^Vhen we buy our inanu- , lacturtd goods at honi<| we have tjie ©ods'^and we have the money j tob."| That was Abrahaiii Lincoln's i arguitent-on the protcciivo tariff. _An^iti is an argument, that applies to mail order buyinf;.: \Vhen' you tend yoHiv money tT -^onie distant CJty, fir goods you h;i\o the goods • ".l;uitUh|'difitaiit city h.i*; the money. • !\Vhcn ij^ou. buy In you- i;onie town the vote is fav6rable the VXIO legislature can put t!ie .system into •operation.' When the latest great battleship of the American navy is fully finished, and equipped it wii) have cost $-}.';.000.000. That is a tremen- drtus sum of money, but the ship is really more effective than Uncle Sams whole navy was at the out- liroak of the Spanish war icxcept in the fact that it cannot be In Did Luke (.%» IV rone On Kaels.' l.'ncounted million^ of persons will tlii.-r season read or hear again the familiar story of ilie Nativity as told ill the .second chapter of Luke's Gospel, which ;begins, "Now it came to pass in,those days, there went out, a decree from Caesar .•\»gii,-^tus'that :ill the world should lie "ta.ved."—or. "enrolled," as the Revj.--e(t Version ha.-» it. tthicji -still stands; roofless, in old .Ancyia, once the capiiai of Gaia- lia; 'to whose people Paul wrote the Epistle'to the Galatians. .\n- cyra i» now called Angora, and it is. the prl'senl capital of Turkey. The inscription, which has survived t^he uirticavais of nineteen centuries, ba» i .been known to. archaeologists /for a long time as the "Jlonumep'tum Ancyranum." ()nl>" of late years lias it been completely i translated, and nobody seems to have caught the signlti- canco of the census allusion. In re«ountiiig_ his varied glories and great dced.s. Caesar Augu.^tns telis of-the^'three censuses that he decreed. 'The second of these was dated -iiy names of t!ie consuls— in what would now bo called about A. U. S. Since Jesus 'was born not later than B. C. f or 5; and perhaps caf-llcr; and since Heroki was apparently allowed to carry on tho census In Syria after the .lewiiihfashion of tribes and families, 'this seeming discrepancy of a year or two in the crate of the enrollment I.s easily accounted for. Nowhere else than in this autobiography of Augustus, and in the Gospel of Luke, Is there any allusion to this second census by Rome's first emperor. Words (liHt Ontbisted tbe Centuries, It was''a casual'Summary, by the' Turkish Director of Antiquities, of the contents of the great inscrip-! lion, which covers the Inside of two walls of the Angora temple, as he and 1 examined the ruin, that set nie on tiho hunt for the S. S. FOB f l»F( E.WBEB 2.> exact 11 ansJlation of the inscription. .Macredi Biiy had mentioned "censuses" as one of the accomplishments which Augustus' had set down, hut he knew nothing more definite. f>t me quote what I fouii^. after search in the libraries of three continents:— "In ml' sixth con.sulshlp. with .\I. .Agrlppa as my col- •leaKiii'. I.farried out a census of the Riiman people." (The mention of the sixth coiisu!- slilii and of .M. Agrijipa fixes the date as B. C- 2.S.) . . . "X second time, in the con- .'tulship of C. Censorlu.f and C. Asinlus. 1 completed a lustrum for censiLs) without the help of - a colleague Invested with the consular iranerlnm; At this ser6nd lustrum.' 4,2.3S.0«0 Roman citizens were entered on the roils." (This was the Christmas census, and tlie date was about B. C. 8. as we know by the names of tihe cpiiisuls.) "A third time, in the consulate of Sex. Pompeius and Sex. Appralelus. (A. D. 14) 1 completed a lustrum, being in>-ested .with the coitsular im- pejjium, and' having my -son, tibferius Caesar, as my colleague." ThjJs it will be seen that the i "divine". AugusttM really took the cehstls of the Roman people every twenty years. Never, of course, did he stispect Uhc relationship of theses imperial decrees to the fiilfillment of a Jewish prophecy In the remote province of Syria. 'Yet Augustus has his greatest fanie to^y because of a Babe born In Betiilohem during- his re|gn. All of"proud RtJme's majesty was thus put under tribute to the wiiole j world's pew King. Christmas and. World Affairs. Staggering as js the spectacular importance of this long-belated uncovering of the proof of the accuracy of the historical allusion in Luke's Christmas story, it is scarcely more wonderful .than the implied linking up of Christmas to •world affairs. Every student of Christmas 'has pondered the significance of tho Intei^eaving of the NaUvily with the life of the | humble shepherds and inn folk. Here we see how Christmas is jdso involved with governments. Warlike Rome had . an essential part in the coming of the Prince of Peace. Is it not a fair (Eduction from the facts here presented to declare that the international as -| pects of t7hristmas should be stressed? Christmas calls the UR- tlons to peace, by the way of good | will, of Divine love'and of the sov-| ereignty of Christ. Present portents on tho world horizon de- ] mand, that all who accept the' i Chrif -T wh'> came at Christnitis should ra'.Iy to His way of liring- ing "Peace on earth," more than one place at one time. VonrJiLmc town has the'Koods and ^^^1"" ^''""^ It t .as|the?,i.oney too.- money that " ««"y''" airplanes and they ; iviys tkxetf and wages, that helps' •'•«^'= *» """^ P'^"« f keep VP the roads and schools,, that makes a market for local , products,-jhat helps fill Christmas rIiiB»ketp for the poor. Money that 6cni away isGONEI Som^ arcPherson county Democrats havft started a boom for very nearly the same time. The ship'has a sptied <fi 39 miles an hoiir. so It could run away from ao.v' navy in the world until the enemy's ships were strung out over a hundred miles or so and then it could turn and sink thpm one at a time. ,As long as Uncle Sam I ha^ t.b have battle ships It'is all ^ I , — • u <iJ< i» nave iitiiiic .-iiiips H IS ail Owrlci W. Helstrom. of .McPher-• >jp„i' for him to have th« biggest son. tor . Governor. Don't the { in the'world. - bl^thr^n nut at know tbst thjo Hin. Ed. Hackney, of Win- fi^. ha8> the Democratic giiber- < natorial nomination all staked out i'iijd rejsist^ered? 'wiiy this late attempt fo upset the band Wagon? MOnERX KTIQirETTE By Roberta Lee 1 - Q. When a woman walks witli a man during the day. should she hold his iarm? A. .N'ot she is elderlv or feeble. Q .i How does the young , un- m.arried -woman's- name appear, on her callihg card? . • A. The itUlo "Miss" is engraved before her name even though she be only a school girl. Q. I» It polite to supply a word ybich seems to Toll the speaker? A. It is perhaps a friendl>-! service If t^e speaker is a foreigner, hut should never be tendered to a countryman. i ' I ' Kl -fMot -TrtE. BOM'S VMOULO HKe ^MtlWlMGr DlFFEREKi -r -fy\\<=. . , Cl4R»sTM<XS. SO I'v/G MAbe. oP -rms MEMO FOR v/ou . — FRuiT CGCHf-TAlLv-OMlOM SOOP AU AT»KJ CROUT&tslS, LiKe A PE •CA ^4 vwitf-i A WAtfeR* MELOM »M Wis WOuTl-i. HE. KNOVkJG iTS FOOD 8uT iT WO KJ VGO fARu HIS HEAD. I \WISH I COOLO EAT Go -ti-4RO \4\<=> HEAO. , BoT HEAv/iM HELP IT AMO, OS .COMESli-^RO OlFFUNCE. tijANAE \-f. V-r ALL - SAME \NHEM CMlCV^EM EKJ CA€.SEF?OLE, HEf?i WORDS BEFOREJ f:"^ SCAl.U)PEO PA^^JSM\PS| K ^-THER COOKEO Si:VK\ SK.VTKNCK SKI{.1I0.>S. (Jlory to God in tiie li:.(;-n-s: :uii: \ on earth peace. Kooil-will toward men.—Luke 2:11. « « « New every year. , .Vew. born and newly dear. i He comes with tidings and a song. ! The ages long, the ages^ long. ' —.-Vlire Meyneil. . [ mm* At Christmas play ^and make good ; cheer. For Christmas comes but once a year.—Thos Tusser (liUh Century.) . ' • • * Thou shalt call his name Jesus; for he shall save his people from their sins.—Mathew 1:21. • m m m God rest you, merry gentlemen! let nothing you dismay: Remember Clirist our Saviour, was bom on Christmas Day. —Old Carol. Life «tlll hath one romance that nangfat can buir— Not Time himself, who coffins Life's romances— For stHl will Christmas gild the year's mischances. If Childhood comes, as here, to , maka him merry. ; —Theodore Watts-Dunton. , • • • Unto us a child is born, unto us a son is give^; and the government shall be upon his ahoulder; and hi».name shall be called Won- *8rful,' Coiinsclor. The mighty God, tbe everlasting Father, _ the Prince of Peace. Of the Increas*^ ofhift government and peace there aiiaill be no endi-ilsaiah 9 :6. 7. B ABVSCOLDS I aniM0O <Uppediatbatn>d' ' witJwot>dodiig"byi»«of— Hew LoeattOD, 108 E. jradlsoD. First Door E&st^ol ' Store. PhoMo 131 CSIABLlSrtCD 1911

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