The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas on May 4, 1997 · Page 42
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The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas · Page 42

Salina, Kansas
Issue Date:
Sunday, May 4, 1997
Page 42
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THE SALINA JOURNAL LIFiSPORTS SUNDAY, MAY 4,1997 08 t ON THE OUTSIDE TOMMIE BERGER fisheries hiolnglsl, Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks Bass tagging study in place at 2 reservoirs . Wilson and Glen Elder Reservoirs are two of the five reservoirs in Kansas that are involved in a , special white bass study. This is the second year of a three-year study, which involves tagging fish, creel surveys, and taking other information from white .bass sampled throughout the year. The other three reservoirs involved are Cheney, Marion, and Clinton. Information collected will ; help us determine harvest rates, annual harvest, and perhaps the . ( need for a creel limit on white bass. Last year we tagged 500 white bass at Wilson and Glen Elder. As 'of early March of this year, 99 tags were retunied from Wilson and 84 tags from Glen Elder. This year, the goal was to tag 500 fish again at Wilson and 1,000 fish 1 at Glen Elder. All the fish have been tagged as we finished this .-week in record time. '•"' At Wilson, 200 of the 500 fish h were double tagged so that we can evaluate tag retention. The tagging operation was done 'in the river areas above the reser- ,yoirs where the white bass are conducting their spawning run. MI Flow in the Saline and Solomon 'Rivers is good this year and the spawning run is peaking now. -,There are even some stripers moving into the river above Wilson. Electrofishing boats were used to collect the fish for tagging and we ^certainly apologize to some anglers J for interrupting your fishing. But • our work time is shortened consid- ! erably if we go to the concentra- ! tions offish. I All the fish were tagged with ' small plastic tags that look like a ' short piece of spaghetti. { The tags are inserted in the dor- {sal fin area in the middle of the j back of the fish. All the tags are yel- * low and have the following writing t on the tag: Wildlife and Parks $5\ $100 Reward 8??? Box 1525 Emporia, \ KS 66801. \ .The 8??? is a 4 digit number that i identifies each individual fish and 5 each reservoir. | - And yes, each tag is worth a re»ward from $5 to $100 if turned in to ' our Emporia Research Office, in- J eluding both tags from double\ tagged fish. « Posters announcing the project i have been posted in local bait I shops, some convenience stores, at | wjjdlife an d parks offices, and the £gorps of Engineers and Bureau of e!j)tec.lamation offices. " These businesses also have post Ofards for anyone who has caught a Sagged fish for returning the tag for jwreward. •*£ Greel clerks also have post cards SJI/ailable for anglers. The post card JgSs a place for name and address, a j»la"ce to attach the tag, and re- gwjjres information as to the date Sjie'fish was caught, how many oth- ijjr»yhite bass were caught, and $fes a map to mark the location of (•catch. Ife ask that both tags from a dou- 1 fish be returned on one [ since all the other information _ 5 _ j same. **i.3?hese tags will be on the fish all Season and possibly for years. All iUgs from last year are good for a ajfttfard this year also. -*-tiots of white bass go up the river Spawn but will return to the les for the rest of the year. An- rs are encouraged to turn in all ^s, even if you do not chose to -Jeep the fish. S| Simply pull the tag out of the fish "bid return the fish to the lake. No piivards will be given unless the ac- grt tag is returned to our Emporia lice. We will return the tag to the gler with the reward if so re- jjuested. w*:-33he computer at the Emporia of- Sfecfe makes the determination on * p'amount of the reward. We biol- ..^sts have nothing to do with that. ji>As we tagged the fish, we collect- jMlength, weight, and sex informa- •Bon so that we can identify each Jjjsli by tag number. •*-' .Jhe fish were all returned, the •fyilson fish were released several Spiles downstream in the river and HjjfcGlen Elder fish were transport~~ tto the lower end of the reservoir ^release. £;Jf you have any questions about Jje study or need some additional "formation, give me a call at the Uson State Park office (913-65865) or; Kyle Austin at the Glen El- ri State Park Office (913-5453345). toiglers in this area may have a —ifer chance of catching a tagged ,Mi because Wilson and Glen Elder ;are so close together. We expected •about 15 to 20 percent tag returns and that is what we got last year. * Anglers will want to be on the .lookout for the small yellow tags on • white bass and might want to • spend a little more time pursuing - white bass this summer. DAVIS TURNER/The Sallna Journal Terry Serocki (center), his wife, Jenel, and his brother, Bryan Serockl, have driven in demolition derbies for seven seasons. A wrecking family For Salina's Serocki family, demolition derbies are serious business By HAROLD BECHARD The Salina Journal T erry Serocki estimates he's wrecked 150 cars in the last 10 years. Jenel Serocki says she enjoys the look on a competitor's face before she "takes him out." Welcome to the wrecking crew. Welcome to the Serocki Demo Team. The Serockis — husband Terry and wife Jenel — together with Terry's brother, Bryan, form a Salina demo team that competes in 15 demolition derbies a year. Bryan is the crew chief, while Terry and Jenel are the drivers. Terry Serocki, 1518 Haven, started competing in demolition derbies 10 years ago after getting hooked on the sport at an early age. "I always enjoyed watching them and wanted to build one," said Terry, who works in the service department for Conklin Cars. "It's an alternative rush. When I go in, I'm shaking, just full of nerves. But once you get in and make that first hit, you're normal again and start thinking straight." The strategy in a demolition derby is for the driver to knock his opponent out of the competition by pushing the car out of bounds or hitting it enough times to where it is unable to move. Drivers, who usually have their cars going backward (to save the radiator and engine) can be disqualified by hitting the driver's side door of an opponent's car. "I go for the tires because if you break their ball joints or flatten their tires, they can't go anywhere," said Jenel, who works at Tony's Pizza. "But if I see someone who's lined up next to the dirt and they're just sitting there, I'll nail 'em. I'll knock them clear over the dirt (out of bounds) just to get them out." Jenel, 26, has been competing in demolition derbies since 1990: She admits to being "For me, the thrill is going straight for a guy and seeing the look on his face when I hit him. You know, he's not expecting a girl to hit him." Jenel Serocki demolition derby competitor more aggressive than her husband, but said she needs to be. "I go up against all these guys and you hardly ever see a woman driving in a demo," Jenel said. "For me, the thrill is going straight for a guy and seeing the look on his face when I hit him. You know, he's not expecting a girl to hit him. "That's why I use my front end more than the back," she said.,"Terry always yells at me for doing that, but I want to see what I'm hitting and I like the look on their face when I hit 'em." Jenel's aggressive driving style was born from her demolition debut in 1990 when she stalled her car in the first part of the event. It was at this demolition derby in Salina where Jenel learned that being a woman didn't mean the men were going to treat her any differently. "If anything, they will hit me more because I am a girl," Jenel said. "The first year I ever drove, I was in Salina. I parked next to Terry, and they knew I was his wife. "I went out there in my heat, made one hit and flooded the car out, because I was so nervous. Every single guy in that heat came and hit me while I was sitting there. I have a tape of it. I couldn't believe it." The sport is not without its scary moments. Jenel suffered a bruised sternum a couple years ago and was taken off the field on a stretcher. Safety features like roll bars, helmets, seat belts, shoulder harnesses and fire suits help make the sport more safe. Terry has won three demolition derbies in his career and has finished in the top 10 in several others. First-place finishes are worth up to $1,000, while most pay through the No. 10 finish. "There are a lot of other drivers who have done better than me," Terry said, "but I've kind of stuck with it. The sport has grown quite a bit. When I first started, it was just "slap it together and let's go." "Now, it's become a more competitive sport where you have to go through a big, long checklist and make sure everything is working properly." If a car is too severely damaged after a competition to be used again, the Serockis take off usable parts and use them on another car. Terry said he has friends who donate old cars and others who store cars for him. The Serockis cut the cost of the sport by purchasing equipment that help rebuild their mangled cars. They have invested in a welder, air compressor, air tools and tire machine. The Serockis and their current cars — two Chevy Impalas (1975 and '76 models) — will soon be getting some air time as well. Terry and Jenel will be the only Salina drivers competing in the "Classic Crash Demolition Derby" May 9 at Wichita's 81 Speedway. The event will be televised at 7 p.m. by The Nashville Network (TNN, Salina cable 34). Prior to the event, Jenel will be featured in a taped interview. That Saturday is also Jenel's 27th birthday. "Now, that's what I call a birthday present," she said. "It's fun ... that's the only way I can describe it. There's no feeling like going out, especially when you're stressed out or mad at someone, and putting everything into it." T FISHING Record bass hooked at Wilson Garden City man catches 5.85-pound smallmouth on April 19 Special to The Journal Smallmouth bass are alive and well — and apparently growing — at Wilson Reservoir. Just ask Darin Bradstreet of Garden City. Bradstreet was throwing a 5Vt- inch Smithwick Suspending Rogue during a club tournament April 19 at Wilson Reservoir when he landed a state record smallmouth bass. The fish weighted 5.85 pounds. There is a 30-day waiting period before he will be officially credited with breaking the old record of 5.69 pounds, set last year. "I think there are still bigger smallmouth in there," Bradstreet said. "The three smallmouth we caught, the smallest was 19% inches long. The big one was 21 inches. There are some good smallmouth in that lake." He caught eight fish on the day and had a five-fish stringer of 22.68 pounds. Technique-wise, Bradstreet said he was casting his lure in 20 feet of water, jerking it down with two twitches, then pausing about 10 seconds. He repeated the technique while fishing in water that had an average temperature of 50 degrees. "Every fish I caught was after about a seven-second pause," Bradstreet said. "It was dynamic catching that smallmouth. I guess it's not a big fish compared to some of the ones they catch at Texoma (a lake on the Texas-Oklahoma border), but I'm proud of It anyway." Bradstreet's club fishes paper tournaments, meaning anglers measure the fish then release them immediately. The measurements are then computed into weights using a standardized chart. "I was shaking when I caught that fish," Bradstreet said. "I was going to release it back into the lake, and my partner said, 'Darin, why don't you put in in the livewell and we'll take it back and show it to the guys and take a picture?' "It was right at six pounds on the scales, so it got me thinking. We made a few calls when we got back to the ramp and had it weighed on certified scales." Resolution key to fish finding By Scrlpps Howard News Service Your depth finder's resolution (ability to see fish close to the bottom) also can be affected by the sensitivity or gain setting on your unit. If your sensitivity is set too low, you will not see any fish. When your sensitivity level is set too high, you will not see fish close to the bottom. In earlier tips, I've stated that bigger fish are indicated by thicker marks on the screen than their smaller counterparts. You also can thicken the marks on the screen by increasing the unit's sensitivity. When you do this when the fish are near the bottom, the bottom signal and the fish signal will tend to blend together so that you cannot see the fish. RECREATION CALENDER Baseball camps • JUNE 3-6 AT SALINA — At Salina Central High School... 7-11-year-olds, 8-10 a.m.... 12-14-year-olds, 10 a.m.-noon ... registration lee $25 ... call Bill Bartow (913-823-3602) or Chris Ruder (913-825-4754). Baseball tournaments • MAY 10-11 AT SALINA — Preseason Blast at Bill Burk Park ... 9-10, 11-12 divisions ... $125 entry lee ... May 5 deadline ... call Brian White (913-826-7434). • MAY 10-11 AT SALINA — 14-under tournament at East Crawford Recreation Area ... $150 entry lee ... guaranteed three games... call Mike Sheahon (913-8250565). . MAY 10-11 AT CLAY CENTER — 14-under tournament ... $140 enlry lee plus two baseballs... guaranteed lour games ... call Mike Rolhfuss (913-632-5611). . • MAY 16-18 AT NEWTON — Newton Rangers 1314-year old tournament... guaranteed lour games ... entry lee $150 ... call Leroy Koehn (316-283-9612). • MAY 17-18 AT SALINA — Triple Crown Youth Tournament Series ... 16,15,14,13,12,11 and 10-under... $250 entry lor 10,11, 12-under;$300(or 13, 14, 15, 16- under... threu-game guarantee ... call 970-224-2502. • MAY 17-18 AT CLAY CENTER — 12-under tournament $125 ... lour-game guarantee ... call Kralg Brockman (913-632-5972) or Rex Carlson (913-6322223 or 913-632-5712). • MAY 17-18 AT NEWTON — 11-12-year old tournament ... guaranteed three games ... call Eddie (316-2835835). • MAY 17-18 AT ST. JOHN — 11 -12-year old tournament ... limited to first eight teams... entry deadline May 13 ... call Nick Garcia (316-549-6549). • MAY 23-25 AT ELLSWORTH — Sponsored by Ellsworth Babe Ruth Baseball Association ...10-under lor $100 entry lee plus two baseballs ... 15-under tourney for $125 plus two baseballs ... call Ken Parker (913472-3589). • MAY 23-26 AT LYONS — Lyons Bat* Ruth Steer- Ing Committee 13-14-year-old tournament... entry fee $125 plus two baseballs ... entry deadline May 9 - call Junior Soeken (316-257-5412). • MAY 24-25 AT SALINA — Tournament at Bill Burke Park ... 9-under, 10-under, 11-under, 12-under... $110 entry fee ... four-game guarantee ... caU Bob Schmidt (913-827-1879 or 913-827-3606). • JUNE 6-8 AT HUTCHINSON — 15-under tournament at Hobart-Dstter Field ... May 2 deadline ... call Steve Williams (316-662-1278). • JUNE 6-8 AT HUTCHINSON — At Fun Valley... 10- under, 12-under. World qualifier... call Jim Preston 316669-1258 or Cliff Wray 316-662-4825. $180. • JUNE 7-8 AT SALINA — Baseball tournament at Bill Burke Park ... 9-undar, 10-under. 11-under, 12-urider... $110 enlry fee ... four-game guarantee ... call Ken Ebert (913-826-9869 or 913-827-3606). • JUNE 7-8 AT SALINA — 13-year-old tournament at ECRA or Sunset Park ... $150 entry lee ... lour-game guarantee ... call Jim Johnson (913-827-1010 or 913825-7427). V • JUNE 13-15 AT HUTCHINSON — 16-under tournament at Hobart-Dettor Field ... May 2 deadline ... call Steve Williams (318-662-1278). • JUNE 13-15 AT HUTCHINSON — 13-year-old tournament ($125 plus two baseballs) and 12-under tournament ($100 plus two baseballs)... call Ken Parker (913472-3589). • JUNE 14-15 AT SALINA — Salina Baseball Shootout at BUI Burke Park ... 10-under, 11-under, 12- under .... $115 entry lee ... four-game guarantee ... call Gary Charvat (913-825-5777). • JUNE 14-15 AT GREAT BEND — 11-12-year-old tournament at Britt Spaugh City Parks... 12-team limit... $125 entry lee ($140 after May 25)... 3-game guarantee ... call Craig Ellis (316-793-7229 or 316-792-2521). • JUNE 21-22 AT SALINA — Sallna Noon Klwanls tournament at Bill Burke Park... 12-under, 11-under, 10- under ... $125 enlry fee ... 4 game-guarantee... call Jim Johnson (913-827-1010 or 913-825-7427). • JUNE 28-29 AT SAUNA — Sacred Heart Booster Club Tournament at Bill Burke Park ... 12-under ($140), 11-under (full), 10-under ($120), 9-under ($120) divisions ... 4-game guarantee ... call Randy Herbel (913823-8931). Basketball camps • MAY 27-31 AT LINDSBORG — Bethany College Day Camp for boys ... 4th-5th-6lh grades (9 a.m.-noon) ... 7th-8th giades (1-4 p.m.) ... entry fee $50 ... entry deadline May 20... call Jon McLean (913-227-3380, ext. 8313). • JUNE 1-5 AT SALINA — Heart of America boys camp at Kansas Wesleyan ... $245 (day camper $155), team discounts available ... call HOA Sports Camps & Clinics (913-827-6229). • JUNE 2-5 AT CONCOROfA — Cloud County Community College's camps for boys and girls ages 8-17 ... boys camps from 9-11:30 a.m.; girls from 1-3:30 p.m. ... $60 cost ... each camper receives a T-shirt and other- special awards ... camps to be conducted by Cloud County coaching staffs ... call Brett Erkenbrack at 913243-1435, ext. 298 or 913-243-2751. • JUNE 8-12 AT SALINA — Heart of America girls camp at Kansas Wesleyan ... $245 (day camper $155), team discounts available ... call HOA Sports Camps & Clinics (913-827-6229). • JUNE 16-20 AT SALINA — Girls and boys camps at South Junior High ... girls 5lh-5th grades, hoon-3 p.m., $65... boys 3rd-4th grades. 3-5 p.m., $45... call Jeff Bell (girts camp, 913-825-4794) or Daryl Hoeltlng (boys camp, 913-825-2815). • JUNE 30-JULY 2 AT SAUNA — Mustang Basketball Camp at Salina Central... 6th-7th grades... 9-11:30 a.m. ... $20 entry fee ... more Info: Randy Clark, 2327 Melrose Lane, Sallna, Kan. 67401. • JULY 7-11 AT SALINA — Mustang Basketball Camp at Sallna Central... 8th-9th grades (9-11:30 a.m.), 10th-12th grades (1-3:30 p.m.) ... evening scrimmages ... entry fee $25 ... more Info: Randy Clark, 2327 Melrose, Sallna, Kan. 67401. • JULY 13-17 AT SALINA — Heart of America girls camp and girts advanced camp at Kansas Wesleyan ... $245 (day camper $155), team discounts available ... call HOA Sports Camps & Clinics (913-827-6229). • JULY 20-24 AT SAUNA — Heart of America boys camp and boys advanced camp at Kansas Wesleyan ... $245 (day camper $155), team discounts available ... call HOA Sports Camps & Clinics (913-827-6229). • JULY 31-AUGUST 3 AT SAUNA — Heart of America boys team camp at Kansas Wesleyan ... $195 (day camper $100)... eight games... call HOA Sports Camps & Clinics (913-827-6229). • AUGUST 7-10 AT SAUNA — Heart of America girts team camp at Kansas Wesleyan ... $195 (day camper $100)... eight games ... call HOA Sports Camps & Clinics (913-827-6229). Basketball leagues • SAUNA AHEA BOYS SUMMER LEAGUE - At Sallna South High School... current grades 7-8,9-10-11 ... June 19-Jury 18 (10 games)... entry fee $50 per player ... call Jeanle Wahlgren (913-825-2575). Basketball tournaments • MAY 26 AT SAUNA — Memorial Day 3-on-3 tournament at Sallna South High School... 4-game guarantee ... nine grade divisions ... $30 entry fee ... call Dan Sellers (913-823-7854). Fishing tournaments • KANSAS WALLEYE ASSOCIATION 1*97 TOURNAMENT SCHEDULE — $50 lor one-day event: $100 lor two-day event... non-point tournament: $200 lor Big Bud Tournament ... May 18 at El Dorado Lake; May 31- June 1 at Glen Elder Lake (Big Bud Tournament); June 8 at Mltford Lake; June 21-22 at Glen Elder Lake (Kansas Governor's Cup); June 29 at Wilson Lake; July 12-13 at Melvem Lake ... call 913-379-5158. Football camps • JUNE 15-18 AT MANHATTAN — Registration for Kansas Stale camp Is underway ... $199 resident fee, $110 commuter... call 913-532-5876. Golf tournaments • MAY 4 AT LURAY — His And Her Scramble... 8:30 a.m. shotgun start... entry fee $30 per team ... call 913698-2236. • MAY » AT SALINA — 7th annual Jonathan Cary Cossette Jr. Memorial Tournament at Elks Country Club ... shotgun starts at 8 a.m., 1 p.m. ... entry lee $50 per player... call Amy Smith (316-687-2222). • MAY 17-11 AT BELOIT — 1-rnan scramble ... 8 a,m. to 1 p.m. shotgun start... $50 entry lee... call Rodney Palen at 913-738-4421. Run at north end of Bill Burke Park ... 6:30 p.m. ... call Mike White (827-6342) or Ross Livingston (827-8670). • MAY 10 AT MINNEAPOLIS— Eighth annual Rock- to-Rock 6K Run ... registration 7:00-7:30 a.m. ... entry fee$12 before May 2 and $15 afterwards ... mail to: Rock-To-Rock Run 6K, Messenger Box 249, Minneapolis. Kan. 67467. • MAY 24 AT LITTLE RIVER— 15th annual Suicide Hill 5K and 10K Run ... entry fee $10 before May 20, $12 afterwards ... call Milt Dougherty (316-897-6325) or Trudy Case (316-897-6717). Soccer camps • JUNE 9-12 AT SALINA — Coyote Soccer Camp ... 9-11:30 a.m.... grades K-12 ... $75 entry fee ... call Brian Earner (913-827-5541, ext. 1370, or 913-243-7999). Softball camps • MAY 11, 18 AT SALINA — One or two-day last- pitch girls camps at South High School ... 3rd-8th grades ... $20 for single camps, $30 If registering for both ... call Daryl Hoeltlng (913-825-2815). • JUNE 2-6 AT SALINA — Successful Softball Camp at Salina South High School... 4th-9th grades ... 9 a.m.-noon ... call Daryl Hoeltlng (913-825-2815) or Francis Flax (913-827-0926). Softball tournaments • MAY 5-12 AT PARK CITY — Preseason tournament ... ages 9-16 ... entry fee $125 per team ... entry deadline April 26 ... call 316-744-2801. • MAY 10-11 AT ST. JOHN — Men's slowpltch tournament ... pool play ... first eight teams ... call Nick Garcia (316-549-6549). • MAY 17-18 AT SALINA — East Crawford Recreation Area....Men's Slow Pitch.. ..Class C and D ..... entry fee $125 .... 16-team limit ... entry deadline May 14 .... lour-game guarantee ....... contact Todd Begnoche 82581 35 (H) or 823-6400 (W). • MAY 17-18 AT ELLSWORTH — Men's slowpltch tournament ... $100 plus two softballs ... first eight teams entered ... call Tony Nelson (913-472-4123). • MAY 24 AT ST. JOHN — Men's slowpltch tournament ... double-elimination .. first eight teams ... call Nick Garcia (316-549-6549). • JUNE 21-22 AT MARYSVILLE — Girts' 10-under (three games, one day) ... $50 entry fee ...12-under, 14- under round-robin (five games) ... $100 ... call Dr. Dave Hamol (913-562-5512). • JUNE 28-29 AT McPHERSON — Girls' 12-, 14-, 16-, 18-under ... call Mike McCormlck (316-241-7347). • JULY 5-6 AT MARYSVILLE — Girts 1 16-under and 18-under ... (six games) ... $100 entry lee ... call Dr. Dave Hamel (913-562-5512). Running • MAY i AT SALINA — Monday Night 5K Training Tennis camps • JUNE 2-4 AT SALINA — Salina Tennis Program at Central High courts ... $35 entry lee ... (our time slots plus one for advanced high school players ... call Bob Warkentlne (913-823-9351). • JUNE 8-20 AT SAUNA — Salina Tennis Program at Central High courts... $65 entry fee ... four time slots plus one for advanced high school players ... call Bob Warkentlne (913-823-9351). • JULY 7-18 AT SALINA — Salina Tennis Program at Central High courts ... $65 entry fee... four time slots plus one for advanced high school players ... call Bob Warkentlne (913-823-9351). Tennis tournaments • HAY 17 AT SALINA — Second annual Women's Doubles Classic at Oakdale Park... level 3.0-3.5 (over 18)... entry is Iree ... deadline May 14... call 913-826-7434.. Track and field meets • HAY 17 AT MINNEAPOLIS — Lions Club Junior High Champion ol Champions Track Meet... 8 a.m. start... 7th-8th grades... girls and boys, no relays... $5 entry lea per event... call Robert Smith (913-523-4644). Volleyball camps • JUNE 15-19 AT SAUNA — Heart of America regular camp and advanced camp at Kansas Wesleyan ... $245 (day camper $155) ... ages 9-17 ... call HOA Sports Camps & Clinics (913-827-6229). • JUNE 19-22 AT SALINA — Heart of America team camp at Kansas Wesleyan ... $195 (day camper $155) ... call HOA Sports Camps & Clinics (913-827-6229). • JUNE 23-26 AT SAUNA — A Step Ahead Volleyball Camp at Sacred Heart High School... girts entering 5th-6th grade, 9 a.m.-noon each day ... 1-4:30 p.m. for girls entering 7th-8th grade ... $45 fee ... call Rose Wlttman (913-823-9217) or Chris Clark (913-827-7552). Wrestling camps • JUNE 25-27 AT SALINA — At Sallna South High School... 9 a.m.-3 p.m.... registration fee 8-9 a.m., June 25 ... $50 lee ... call Bob Warkenllne (913-823-9351). Notices • BOATING SAFETY CLASSES AT ABU.INE May 17 and 24 at Senior Center... 8 a.m.-12:30 p.m. ...must attend both sessions ... no lee ... call 913-2637266 to pre-reglster. • YOUTH BASEBALL, SOFTBALL DEADLINES — Sallna Parks & Recreation entry deadline Is May 14 (5 p.m.) ... registration forms can be obtained at City- County Building, Room 100 ... call 913-826-7434. • ADULT SOFTBALL DEADLINE — Sallna Parks & Recreation extended deadline May 5 ($20 late fee) ... registration forms can be obtained at City-County Build- Ing, Room 100 ... call 913-826-7434. • UNDSBORG ADULT SOFTBALL — Registration for summor league due May 9 ... entry fee $250 per team ... call Natalie Barrett (913-227-3333 or 913-2273355).

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