Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on October 27, 1955 · Page 21
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 21

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 27, 1955
Page 21
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TWENTY-TWO KVKN1NG TIMES, CUMKBULAND, Ml)., THURSDAY, OCTOBER 27, 1955 Dial l'A-2.<l(iOO 'for. a WANT AD Taker Vacuum Cleaners :VAGUUM CLEANER ' •' Ports & Set-vice ' 3()2 VA - AVF ~ IN THK CIIICUIT COUNT KOU AL1.KKANY t'OUNTYj MAItYLAND Walter (\ Cupiior. Aufeiice Vi. Claude Allen Lurk ond Mary MarjjMi'l UK*. Ilia wife. No. 21273 Kiiully. OHPIilt NISI OIlUKitKI) thl» Ml, day of October, 195Si by (hi 1 Circuit CoiUt for Alk'Kiin> County,' Maryland, sitllnjj In K<<uiiy. Hint (In- sale made iimi ivpmied in DIP above cuw by Walter C. Cappvr, Aa&lmivc. IK- 'il utid coHllrmrd uiui'ss riiUM 1 to (In- ctnilniry llim'Ol be bliown on or In*- (ovo UK* Wli day of November, -19SS, provided tliiit n eojiy "' U»l$ OnliT- be published In fcomv new8|mi«T published In Cumberland. >l:uyla»d,'0iici* a week lor nuTChs-ivc weeks before the. 121 Ii day of Nuvemlier. IMS. . iL'imit M.iU'S the Amount of salr Two Tlumsamt Klvtj Hundred Dollars. /(,/ Joseph K. Hoden, Clerk, fxcavotmg — I ranching — wadms -^m. copy; W« Ar« fcwVped To Do VwirJob . TOM: Joseph J ^^^ l ^ K ';, 7 . No ;, 3 With WO PtfCfS of 5(/"'P njpnt ' — ~~ SK.V.,, Cron., M Ho., U.ncMn, ^ ,^'1™™™^, ^ ne», Doier*, Compr«>tor» ond i s ,,i, S ( T iij(.i's have obtained from-Ihe Or- Buekcl Loadtrt. IractoMraiUr»! p i, an . s t - ollrl O f Alleyiiny Countv. M; •avy Hauling. Trucki. *1c. 'land. lett )ll Fill GROUND ROAD MATERIAL Bflughman Contracting, Inc. S TELEPHONE PA.2-458S 47*—-Real Estate For Sale '" • liOUSK, NKEDS HKPAin ** 360 Davidson St.. S800 Pliono PA 4-13M Mitt'BUnY-POLAM) REALTY AGENCY -»* REAL ESTATE BHOKERS -L. " PHONE PIEDMONT 6011 . on tb o( Hose I.', Derlan lain of Allecany Connly. Maryland, detT.-ist.-d. All per.-»ons hav- ins claim.;* against the deivased are hereby warned -to exhibit the same. s with llic vouchers thereof duly nuthciitieuted, to the Mibscrilier «» or before ihe J8tli day y£ Agril, Wat Thoy may otherwise by law be vxrlucted. from «ll benefit oi Hie said e.sUte. All persons knowing ttb 'indebted to Mid cstaw an- i to make immediate payment. under our hands Ibis J8lh tia\ liu »cicafie. City water, fins. 1 mpro vtii Broads. Bowlins $«reen. Potomac Park. fSnutl payment plan. Phone PA <•»«. KCAiN SELL- YOUR PROPERTY QPIE ANNAN ?HONE PA-2-7733 HAHOLD It PI.ETCHER Co Mortgage Bnnkfrs-Real Estate-Insuranci FTTA Rcdlord Pa pnout 1048 V/jt •-J 702 HILLTOP DRIVE New fi room brii-k veneur bungalow, hot air heal, full basement. 14 baths, ssr- R%t, fireplnco. 3 bcdrooni.s. law liviiifi room, dininp.arca. YounsbUiwii Kitchen. This house completely insulated ior low coil heating. Most desirable location in th'« city. For inspertion phone TA 2-2322. tT3UR ROOMS and bath, one acn ground: Mexico Farms. Apply Charles ^ *Lchman, Mexico Farms. KJVF, ROOMS, bath,-^s furnace, full Abasement. Cresnp Drive, Bowhns Green. Write Uux 752 A, c/0 Times-News. Minister Will Address Rally The Tri-Slale Youth for Chrl'sl liully 'un Saturday niglil at 8 o'olock a( tlic Salvation Army C'i|a del, 115'-North Mechanic Street, will have Hev. Floyd. E. • Drown, l>,islor of the Kirsl Baptist Church, Kllwood Cily, Pa., as the speaker. Rev. Mr. Brown is a- graduate of aslcrn Haptisl College and Eastern Theological Seminary in Philadelphia. Following graduation from seminary, lie .served First Baptist Church of Itoyal Oak, Mich., for more Ilian three years, anil since June 19.14 he lias served his present pastorate. Alusic will include selections by a teen-age male quartet from the Eastern Alcnnonite College of liar- risonburg. Va., according to ichl I. Evans, director. Look In tin 1 H'i'tloii in wlik-li .- , " 1 "'"' if October, 1935. William (Jet-Ian, Uxila Wand, ' Kxfi-utorji, 325 Areli St., Cumberland, Md. Adv. T--Oet. 20-27 — Nov. 3-10. Man. 72, Claims It's jNover Too Laic To ./. Kor Friday. Ott. :.'K, Jll-Vl MAKCU.21 to Al'ail, 20 (AHes)-Tllts •ml hi- a IrU'liy. ii|»sc(tln« (!a> unless you dvU'niilnu tu inulritiiin >in wen ills* ' n nn<l tu IK* reitiiunalilL'. Yuu IIUINI nU; htinnonliniNly with the lililit If .vuii arc lu jwin bi'liefits. 1L 21 to MAV 20 tTamm)-n« nun (Ittil not selflHlily .*u) tu rate ;op Iwin-'iits \\\ iworessloii, u - mt«, Imbllicbh AND tiomo life. MAY 21 to' JUNK 21 (CeinliilJ-Tllls tun he a» enlivening' <lny even if not nil easy one. Itesults aw yreatly up to yon. Sliuw youf lino cnpnhilily, tulcnla incl know-hovv. •JUM-: 22 10 JULY 23 (Cani-er)-Youi- • letin, in line asiK't'l, favois iiefbonal al- aiib iintt all' matters iKMtnient to itir mine, foods. uaideniitM. eliildren's ae- ivities, lionio erononiii-s, managing. JULY 2l' to AUCUST 22 (U'OI-Un- iMial "and proyrossive inatters and ae- tivllies in hifjlt fnvor. Yon should be able to aldd new twists to enhance sale- ibillty of jtroduets, inerease quality and '"AUGUST a to SEI'TEIHIKH 23 ivir- i,)~~Alil[l tlmugll not unfavorable in ueiifts from your Moreury. lie seien in judgment, enlm in dceisions to altaii ' id fiimnder returns. Avoiil ex lieery. ur jilunct Uniiuis, In ex- Is Inspiring fur iu>\v ' ._ _ vxliavuxanee. A vood day! JANUARY 22 10 KKHHUAIIV \iluarlini>'-Yuui Mllcnl lIvllleM .iiiil business matters. Try nliend lhnili{;li fresh channels. Qillek- iy Rrasi) wortlnvjille opportunities. raiKUAllY 21 to .MAHCI1 20 (I'll —You share similar tendeneit's .nuw to Uiunriu-s .jutd'Scorpio so generally heed idvice to Iheiil. Ue alerted to opportunities us (hey appear' 1 and make gound use of them, llonesly and cooperation rill pay. YOU liOHN TODAY have an i But kvvji -,lu., mind the lui]>oitiuicc of in enjoy pushing and with com- tiut You may anti pt-risOiiality, are usually ofthnliiK- iiiHllvrs and entl with the be^t imncts 'tllois that offt-r t'lulkM nd to nveido, [jerliupb ^lociabtlind t\fl last minute ruMiiiit:' fo voiuplctc project, study or, taak. This, can be willful to heallli unii disposition. You avc' many • God-si vi'ii tnlenls tulri cap- )]litk's which almnld be nnrlured and used daily. Keep studying, listen to, am! lici-rt the advice of those ciunliflcd to fiive Miitlidatc: James Cookc. explorer; rge J. Oanton, Fr. patriot; Krasnnis (.Doskteriws), Dutch scholat and ihco- yesterday said 'tliiit. no' evidence of nilslreatmciit'Was found in the arrest of a "Paw t'aw driver near Oldtown Monday. . Dr. \V. 0. MeLune, county physician, gave Clarence Ii. Redman a thorough examination at (he Al- County Jail. alion disclosed only a small cut on the back of the head, suffered $250 in fii|os. when lie-fell lo the highway after the arresting officer, Trooper Lindberg Cook, opened the door of the car. \ ' That injury, Magistrate Dick, was reported by. the officer during Ska lingChampion 'treincs and extravagance. He theory. :rn i . -f| DELHI, 111. I* — You're neverj SHI-TEMBER 24 to OCTOBER =3 ti.iii-j J[ Q AlJlMJiU' UerC loo old io build, is the theory lien Hummel, 72,'is following as lie] your "efforts can produce good builds a house of logs: . Jl^jr'r ^'^S^^- imiinel cut Ine trees, IN TUB MATTEli OP. THE SALE OF UiC logs by pulling' them With aj OCTOUEK "2-1 (o NGVJSAIUKU 22 (Scor- mo ni-'Ai. F.fiTATE OK ftimna K. Hoor,i...- ,,.1, „„<„!,„,i *i, rt ^, o,,,i i,nif(nylH 1 i |l) ~' la ticncc and tact are requisites for FIVE room, on one dtior. new brick house in Carpenter's Addition, Ridge- •fty. Can flnnncc. .Phone HE 8-11300. JUST what :is Ma'am! That's ! should include in want .ail. Jf it /happens io ttiko a fe\v words more; tlssn (lie minimum oon'i wori-y about tho small extra cost, it will be money ,wcll spent- antl the quickest way of gettlnj: infonnatinn io your prospects.: •INK HEAL ESTATE OK Emma K. Hour, decc.iseit. !n tlie Orphans' Court of AUc- gtttiy County, Maryland. Ordered this IBili day of Oclobor, l!ir>5, by the Orphans' Court of AHeuany County, Maryland, that- ihe salt 1 uf Heal Kstatc made by Charlotte L. Knur, E.xvcutrix of Kinma n. Hoor. Into of hind County and Stntu, deceased, anil »•"- puru-d to ttic Orphans' Court on this IStlt day uf Ocloljer. JS35, he ratified ami von- lirint-d. unk-ss cause to the rnnirarj thereof be shown on or before the 18Ui day of November, I'.i55,< providt-tl a copy of this order be inscrieti in some news papnr printed and published in Allcfiany County, Marvland. once a vcck for three siicfcssivc-.WL-oks be/ore the llth day of N'nwmhrr. 1955. The rcpon state:, the amounts, of sale o he S4.Sfm.flO. . William C. Abbott ,J. French Van Meter - HiiKh Stevenson Jndccs of the Orphans' Court. True Copy: rest: A. Charles Stewart, Itchier of Wills Adv. T-Ocl. 20-27 — Nov. 3. Kvinch. notched thcnt and tllCin inlO place. He plans story, 4 room structure. 48—Roofing, Spouting ROOKING, sjxjutinfi, sitlins, slate re- patrs. Flue painting, 3 years to pay. Charles Atkinson. I'hone PA L a-D792. HOOFING. SIDING. Pamting7 Spouting General repairs. Call Cumb. PA-4-34!t4, H.vndraan 72-R-5. Frwt estima~ BJUinfier-Burkett. . New Roofmg, cuttcri, Conductors Metal Work, all types. Hoot Palntini 25 jrs. Exp. ALEX J. SCHUTE PA-2-6505 - AOOFfNG SPOUTING SIDING I yean to P«y. Ruarantced work , • Andrew Witt. Phone. CO-4-3G67- •RODFIKC SPOUTING FURNACES GUARANTEEP WORK. ALFRED 1-AIRALL. PHONE PA-2-7IM Display Classified ]-VISIT LOANS Phone — then come in lor cash.J?5to$250ofmot«,wi signature, furniture, or car. "Btiufitiat FINANCE CO. LIBfRTT IRUS1 CO. BIEK5 CUMIERLAND PA-2-0721 , PHONE PA 4-9868. FREE DELIVERY FINE FOOD BEER LIQUORS CAS TAYLOR'S "Down In The Volley" At Cor. Valley & N. Mechanic Cold Tacts... by fair jtiard and sho\\- your best. Difficult and laborious tasks, also unuttial matters NOVEMBER 23 to DKCL'AlBfK '& 'Sap.illDrius)—Some unfriendly influences ind some very helpful onus. Thoughtful j procedure and fceun allocation of tasks to SCIENHSIS FIND NEW WONDER DRUG NASAL SPRAY a&WS TORSI DISTRESS OF (simplify matters U<!t the best : advised if jou are to . . DtCK.MBKR 23 to JANUARY 21 (Cap- orn J— You should b» able to expan ci-c needed and add new devices tipmiiiu iw Increase businuss or jirofit Cecil Travis, or Tulsa, Okla'., rormcr national amateur free-style senior roller, skating champion, will give an exhibition at tlic State Armory here this .Saturday even- Travis, appearing in competition sponsored by- the Roller Skating Rink Operators Association, copped the senior pairs in Cleveland, 1919- in Oakland California, and 19S1 in Denver. He has also held other 1 titles in national competition. iers YOUBKSATHE '-NR HOURSAtMOSTASIF ?, YOUR COLD HAD GONE! JalousieStormDoors Aluminum Storm Doon & Windowi r stripping PA2-40S7 ?f RI-STATE ALUMINUM ', DOOR AND WINDOW SUPPLY IflPAK ' Window ,' IUCHL Product! Co. '.Venetian Blind Laundry r-VENETIAN BLINDS— 1 . Free Estimates 610 Columbia Avo. Phono PA-2-20J8 STOP DON'T LOOK ANY FURTHER ', ' FOR WINDOW NEEDS ' Venetian Blinds Awnings ~'_ JASCO "Storm Doors & Windows Draperies & Drapery Rods 'JOHN E. SHARP & CO. i X. Mrchnnic I'h. I'A 2-7620 £ Open Monday Eves GLASS Use ijottr 1st Matt. Charge Account BEERMAN AUTO PARTS PA 4-0250 ftlS-3-.'I N. Mechanic SI. Uojl thnre Vatlry 51.) YOUR BLOOD Is Needed! Gire to the , Red Cross Blood Eonk Cumb. Nov. 7 — Lonaconing,'Nov. 8 For Appointment , Phone PA 2-1760 Masquerade Dance DANCE TONITE In Person Moybelle Seingcr ond Country Gentlenjon of WWVA WHEELING JAMBOREE MELODY MANOR Ml. Savage Road NEW CLINIC STYLE- ATOMIZER ^VICKS Medi-Mist NASAL, SPRAY TONITE LAST TIME IAST COMPLETE SHOW AI 8:30 "PONY "VICE SOLDIER" . SQUAD" — PLUS 2 CARTOONS •— SUNDAY AND MONDAY TRIPLE FEATURE HALLOWEEN SHOW PLUS 3 SCARY CARTOONS ALSO A GLASS OF CIDER AND A DONUT5 TO EACH PATRON FREE * * * * *i Exclusively Youri In Every loaf OI The Sisterhood of B'er Chayim Temple is holding a >RUMMAGE SALE Thursday, Oct. 27th FROM 2 TO 8 P. M. At Their Vestry Room Cor. Centre and Union Sts. This advertisement c-mirlcsy oE • Hub Army and Navy Sates Co. : For A Natural PERMANENT A We Stock the Following Pcrmanenti and Refill* TONI — PROM LILT —SHADOW RAYVE — RICHARD HUDNUT — BUTEE MARVE and others RAND'S Cor. Ballrmore and N. Centfe. j Display Classified STOP FIGURING 'EXCELUM SAVES YOU TIME AND MONEY 3-TRACK "SENATOR" Ruggedly constructed of K1ST5 EXTRUDED .ilumlnum. Includes two slorm nnd one serccri section. Fingertip clinnse- over idlows maximum year 'round pro- locllon. Completely SULK STORING. ALSO • COMBINATION DOORS • JALOUSIES • PERMANENT AWNINGS , APC METAL ''PRODUCTS Box 43, Oldtown Rood Phono PA-4-1234 ^ 2 GREAT HITS! LAST TIMES TODAY! Mistreatment Testimony TeriWed Unfounded^ Trial Magistrate J. Mllloii; Dick tesllinimy, but thai the thorough Jlc W.B afrcslcd nflef;he »lmci • Marriage Licenses Byran Russell Riser imcl Shirley Grace Garlock, holli of Froslbm-g: Dale, Qrville Campbell and Shir- le.v Ann Dorsey, both of Ml. Savage.. f.f;.v j i^:'i'^>T^?r4^^^i^.^^^^>?^^v^ |j No Parking Problem! g "Way of A Gaticho" { "Gorilla At barge" STARTS TOMORROW . . . THREE HITS! * HIT NO. 1 en (heir girl friend throws them over for a gorilla! when 3 girl meets men on even terms to blast > bandit hand! Vy'£r : Zone Grey's ^ cxoinlimtlou (ailed to eorrobortitc liedman's testimony that be bad three miles on."from . . a.flat lire, the magistrate;said:. Magistrate Dick stiicl dial he be licvctl Redman's, oompaniun "in- stilutcd the hecf." Redman was .found guilty of three motor vehicle charges before; Magistrate Dick Tuesday and -was. lodged ii) County Jail in default of DOROTHY STEPHEN'McNALLY THE BIG, BUXOM, BEAUTIFUL MUSICAL1 .Arie Robert Vandcrhout, C31 Henderson Avenue, and Elizabeth Frances Parks, Kroslburg. . . Fislier s Robinetfe 493 BALTIMORE AVE. ! WHAT MADE HIM TICK... LIKE A BOMB? On Sale At Your Local Independent Grocer A,Product of Melnlyret Babery KEEP YOUR Outfit your entire family in the smartest up-to-the-minute Fall apparel ... at the lowest prices and on the easiest .terms! 34 N. CENTRE ST, . t^ssaiwa* ANOTHER GREAT TRIPLE FEATURE! —= .. |U"" : '-i:f:liil GREERGARSOM1U |DANAANDREWSr' ; fess : ••'"vW, :i ii|;K i K \. v ••• ' «M Sfaagg&arai^fcJriSSPS?) I ,;'. *v .. •' ^rMERVYNUROY \\- l ^- CINEMASCOPE f , WARNERCOLOR W [ ' ^ CO-HIT i |j The sensation of 'East of Eden' | starring GENE NELSON STERLING HAYDEN THE RIOTOUS STORY OF A GUY TRYING TO _____ LIVE DOWN HIS PAST — AND THE THREE 4>> WOMEN WHO TRY TO LIVE IT UP AGAIN! YOU'LL LOVE THIS ONE! CINEMASCOPE TECHNICOLOR Feature Times J2:00 - 2:00 - 4;00 6iOO - 8:00 - 10:00 ,*' as a Md from a 'good 1 family | ; caught in the undertow of "g 1' today's juvenile violence! 4 ,.ou WARNER BROS. .« CiNEMAScoF^ »> WARNERCOLOR Feoture: U - 2 - 4 - 6 - 8 - 10 WEIL SCARE THE YELL OUT OF YOU! MONSTERS! GHOSTS! VAMPIRES! > On the Screen - On The Stage In The Aisles— All Over The House! DARE YOU TO SEE Both These Thriller* TOGETHER On Our Sif««n! BORIS KARLOFF I BELA LUGOSI "FRANKENSTEIN" 1 " 1 Brooklyn Gorilla" BUY NOW SAyt.'-TIMII

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