Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan on July 19, 1965 · Page 22
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Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan · Page 22

Ironwood, Michigan
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Monday, July 19, 1965
Page 22
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TEN IRONWOOD DAILY GLOBE, IRONWOOD, MICHIGAN MONDAY, JULY 19, 1963. Market Moves Aimlessly in Dull Trading NEW YORK (AP)—The stock market moved aimlessly in dull trading early this afternoon system. Obituaries Negro Held for Eo /i G o ±^ OI ,,s o,. Firing at Whites mania St.. Hurley, died at his Rv JACK CORNELL hcme Saturday evening of a „„,,'. T Ttr ,. r . i-, » rnrnnarv tlirnmhnsis BOGALUSA, La (API A HP was bori in Tamarack 26-year-old Negro described by He uai 001 n in lamaiach. „,,„,„,.„,„,. nc . „ ,,,„,,,!,„,. nf n, 0 Mich., on Nov. 26. 1918 and at tended the Hurley school authorities as a member of the militant Deacons of Defense and Justice was held in jail today on charges he fired shots at a car-; „.,,,. He worked for the Chica g o ,„„,, _,, ,,,,, ifr> Key stocks showed gams or d Northwestern Railroad for losses mainly in fractions. s , x vears and on March 3 1942 Joe Gatlin. a Pogalusa resl- Many issues were unchanged np { V as emploved at the Cary dei ^' was D0oked f ° r attempted at the opening and there was lit- M jne. Hurley, and worked there murder There were no injuries. .« tie dnve shown as the session un tii the mine ceased operation. State troopers arrested Gatlin went OP He married the former Mary and three Negro companions, Aenspace ' : issues displayed Novacich. April 20. 1940, at the wno were J ailed on P eace dis- some strength in late morning, Holy Trinity Catholic Church, turbance charges nftei the mci- warmeJ up somewhat by the Ironwood. and they made their dent at a truck st °P ei S ht miles tougher stance being taken by home in Hurley. soutl1 of Bogalusa the United States regarding the He was a member of the St. The shooting came at the end Viet Nam struggle. But the Mary Catholic Church, Hurley, of an otherwise quiet Sunday in: trend ir these stocks began to Survivors include his wife; this troubled town Civil rights; waver. two sons. Gordon. Beloit, Wis., groups had announced it would; All Big Three motors were end Douglas. Newport R. I. and. be " a dav ° r rest " and held nol off. Steels were generally lower one sister. Vivian Cowan Ala- marches or demonstrations. ; as were rails, building materi- meda, Calif. However, Negroes planned an-i als and drugs. Funeral services will be held other mid-afternoon march to-! The trading pace in the morn- at the St. Mary Catholic Church day on City Hall cMid equal job ing was slower than it was all Tuesday at 9 a.m. with the Rt. opportunity pickets were to re- last week—and that was slug-• Rev. Msgr. Michael A. Prock of- sume their parading outside: ficiating. Burial will be at the Bogalusa stores j The Associated Press average. St. Mary Cemetery. A civil rights lawyer said he, of 60 stocks at noon was off .1 Friends may call at the Eng- would go before U.S. Dist. at 324 R witn industrials up .3, Strom Funeral Home. Hurley, Judge Herbert W Christenberry rails off .3 and utilities un- today after 2 p.m. The rr.sary in New Orleans today and seek changed, .will be recited at 8 p.m. to-; contempt proceedings against The Dow Jones industrial av- night, erage at noon was off .44 at 879.99. 'Charles Perttu The favorable flow of second- nv,*,.i«,o p er ttu. 74. Hospital Notes GRAND VIEW. Admitted Saturday. Mrs. Jessie Buccane r o, Mrs. Toivo Hemming, Iron Belt, Mrs. Anna Kujala, Roue 2, Lawrence - 1 Kutz, 432 Francis St., medical; admitted Sunday: Matthew Cryan, Hurley, Paul R. Gunderson, 216 W. Ridge St., i Mrs. Sulo Kivl. Route 1. M r s -Walter Meyer, 118 W. Ayer St., i medical: Andrew Perhalla, 305 | Kennedy St., surgery. Ruling on Legal Fees' Deduction Asked by Hoffa WASHINGTON (APi—Team- sters Union President James R. Discharged Saturday: Debor i Hoffa is again asking the U. S. ahTteder, Iromvoocl: d i s -j Tax Court to rule that legal FUTURE SUPERMARKET SITE — The southwest portion of the 100 block of Hurley's Silver Street will soon take on a new look as wrecking crews prepare to demolish the buildings that now stand to make room for the future Erspamer Super Market. The site is now occupied by five buildings that once housed six taverns. Four of the taverns were „ v. operated during the 1964-65 license year. One of the operators now has moved to another location, but the others have not applied for transfers, according to city officials. Wrecking operations started this morning and it is reported that demolition of the buildings will take about three days. (Daily Globe Photo) charged Sunday: Mabel N. Hanson, Park Falls, Wis.: Mrs. Louise Aimone, Gile, Mrs. 'Sulo Mattsin, Ironwood. DIVINE INFANT, Wakefield. 1 Admitted Saturday: Martin Lamorc-ux, Bessemer, medical; admitted Sunday: Joseph Smith. Ironwood. Mrs. Rose Hlggins. Bessemer, medical. Dlschrirged Saturday: Mrs Charles Western, Bergland: discharger' Sunday: Mrs. Anthony expenses paid on his behalf in criminal trials should be deductible from his income tax. In the third petition filed by Hoffa in the past two years, h» said the trials involved his activities as a union officer and that $58,776 in legal fees represented an expense directly related to his business. * * * The Internal Revenue Servica contends Hoffa owes $44,586 for 1961. That year he reported Sailer and son, Marenis c o; I income of $69.178, but the IRS Richard McClellan, Cedar Lake. 'Deacons' Patrol Bogalusa Streets By BILL CRIDER Driver Is Uninjured in Accident Sunday A one-car accident occurred ; here late Sunday, morning with| the occupant escaping inj u r y, | Ironwood city police report. j Police said Arnold Kalla, 77 Officers Elected Teachers Corps By Hurley Legion ^n Endorsed The Hurley American Legion 1 „ ,> w Vae quarter earnings and the rise in persona! income to a new rec- SlTacSflJftt.eTaS? " ^ He ^ """ * '» "ealth mained as cautious as it was most of last week. Du Pont was off nearly a Bogalusa authoriti?s BOGALUSA. La. (API — : Newport Location, lost control Post has announced the results 1 Th attornev Al Bronstein Street lights glinton gun barrels of his car after turning off Ayer' of the election held and the said the arrest of rjickets ]as { «s armed men patrol around the st. onto Luxmore St. and the choice of officers for the com-' .... - , ^, ... ,_,._,__„ j n g y ea ,. The post also appointed com-: mittees for the year's busi- By BOB HORTON WASHINGTON (AP) — Rep. said he should have added $58,766 in legal fees and an additional $3,666 in capital gains and losses. The tax agency said the legal fees were paid by the Teamsters Union and its entities. Hoffa's petition seeking a reversal of that finding said the legal fees^ were paid with funds from sources other than the Teamsters Union. The sources Friday at a Bogalusa shopping homes of Negro leaders in Bo- auto nhed over on its t o p . re- centei violated Jucl § e Christen ? a ,i usa these summer nights. . su iting in a total loss of t h e Powell today en-'were not Identified Johnson's pro- Tne Petition said the Indictments that led to the trial for , national teachers corps, but said it should have some wnlch l j? e rfes we re paid ni*ht a , . w?l? berry ' s injunction calling on Cars moving into the Negro car. ' officials to week, us. Stel and Genera. in -1, years. r. Perttu was born June in , and came to the United at the prov'de adequate factor of this tense city after Kalla was lssued a summons j ness. Following are the officers! dark are watched. and was flne( , S25 for reckless j that were elected: George Romanowski, c o m - and banning police from arrest- 1 ™ e watchful eyes are those dri ving plus court costs when ing civil rigjits workers exercis- °^* o f, r h Cn °" s mLP^o" 86 f^" d he was arraigned this morning .,._=.. .,...,.,..,_.... . . iioHno winco mine ho,ro ti.,n-_ .^ Ironwoo( j Municipal COUl't. rights. Commissioner gered Debate ing Public Safety ^.^..looiunci ,. „ "*"l Arnold Spiers saici Sunday an, cl ™L ri * nnl * £ a ™f ts ,; 17 " e _ off-duty fireman who squirted a ! Dl ' Martm Lutner Exchange Corporate and U.S. Treasury pay for 10 days i Fireman Ray Risner, a bar- 1 ber in his of endanger the movement. "I know our opponents in the End Peninsula Tour Ar- j mas and Erland. I Mr. Perttu retired from the ! Ontonagon County Road Com- gr ° u P! mission in 1955 after 27 years of p ohce HOUGHTON (AP) — Eight- legislators became "certi- : emp~lo~yment:~He~ was "a charted member of the group. Officers The Deacons of Defense anrt .^ ate ,° f pa ? S ! ve resistance - een ~ fesi'sTatcrs became "clrti-' Executive Committee - . ... ™ D ST 4i? (e sr i £?„»£ ^rs r tBw £ SSr ^; °ss» a s± s r. »s- n ^ - *.**. a« «„=«,»„ ; » 0 «.. Gaum was a ' ha '™^ rLl S ?S*™™, «tSnTS ^S'aT study said Stock Market NOON QUOTATIONS NEW YORK (AP)-Following member "of "th"e"North'Bruce "LU- f id they confiscated two pistols ^ocky" grizzled °head of* the Bo^ The tour - witn Medng ses- is a sectioned list of stock tran- theran Church. from Oatlm's car when he and toi»c- r^^,' sions along the way. was pat- been to Boga- terned after tne "pays-to-khow" !'t have the : hospitality training program there is no telling wnicn Michigan State Universi- Neeroteachers were ^missed by a U. S. wegio teacneis Dlstrlct Court on July 12 196l> and June 4, 1963. * * Hoffa is also fighting IRS tax for by The President asked Congress Saturday to pass legislation ; UCUIKC JtUlUailUWONl, i; U 111 -I „„„-«„„ „,.„«, _ T iiunn »0 «iou 11,11^1115, AIHJ i, CIA mander; Carmel Schiavo. first! f, ieatlng su ^ h a corp , s to , serve bills for $52.000 on his 1958 and vice-commander: John Gentile, i m slums and a [ ea s of rural pov- 1960 returns, and $20,295 for second vice-commander; Larry; er) r i , , p ', uarl . Pe .v clns - ,„ y ,"i 1959 > mostly based on union- Chandonais, adjutant; Leonar d' who Introduced the bill in pald ] ega i fees during some of Garreau, finance officer; E d -i tne House Wednesday, predicted his numerous criminal trials, gar Dreseley, chaplain; Bern-i pas ^ a | e -, t ,., , ! The tax bills do not include ard Pajula, historian, John' I don l thlnk we win have|i as t year, when Hoffa was con- Lerza, service office:, and; any e a rtnl y problems." Perkins' yicted in Chattanooga, Tenn., of Frank Erspamer sergeant a tj Ka ' d- "^ e are B°mg to pass it." jury tampering in a previous He said he saw little prospect: case, and his Chicago convic- the measure might be crowded tion of defrauding his own off the legislative agenda before union's pension fund He Is Congress adjourns. appealing sentences of eight and Powell, New York Democrat; five years respectively in those arms. to 41, the tour of the Upper Peninsula. galusa Deacons. "He has za. Reception and entertainment- Committee, said at-: Informed sources have esti- tention to the problem of a • mated the Teamsters Union has teacher shortage has been long spent up to $1 theran Church. sactions on the New York Stock surviving are six sons Einard companions were arrested. Exchange at midday with net; O f Bergland Arvo Rein'o and Tne Ku K ^ ux Klan neld a rallv i change from previous close. Charles Jr.'of Bruce Crossing, ? aturdav m 'g ht ln Mississippi.: Allied Oh *^'*H !f Martin of Liverin and Robert of )"^ a g™ ss ,^ he Pearl Hiver how many killings there wouid ^ and the u PP er Michigan; Larry" ChandVnaisT Roy" in' g"-i win devote specific attention to 49-58 u Vs Racine, Wis.; seven daughters, L r MpnaniPi nt Matm-,0 have been." Tourists Assoc. conduct for re- s t r o m, John Gentile John- 811 equally serious developing g 8!Ne?ma W ?£tu^^ " "" ' " criminal cases. John Gentile, Howard Johnston ! overd "e. He called the corps defending Hoffa Dominic Fontecchio, Alphon s ei idea " a creative effort." nrtminai ™*** Gianunzio, Schiavo and John! "However, at the same time, Vernetti. I 1 am hopeful that the Congress House — Joseph Ersp a mer ' in considering this legislation million in in various Am Can Am Mot Am Tel & Tel Armour Beth Ht.eel Briggs Mf Calum H Chryslei Cities Service Consumer Pw Cont Can Copper Rng Det Edison Dow Chem du Pont East Kod Ford Mot Gen Fds Gen Motors Gen Tel Gillette Goodrich Goodyear Hamm Pap Inland Steel Interlak Ir Int Bus Mach •Int Nick Int Tel & Tel Johns Man Kim Clk LOF Glass Mont Ward NY Central Penney, JC PA RH Pfizer Repub Stl Sears Roeb Std Oil Ind Std Oil NJ Stauff Ch Un Carbide US Steel Wn Un Tel U—Up D—Down 90 7/8 D %;ing, Mrs. Robert Caudill of Mar- ed Klans 3s s»^JK£S-3*sas-srsit-~ —-••• - -- ••» ™ 20»i ; JMerwn o! Forest Lake Minn..,, te Deacons rer D°i?nse are on!" 6 <»* aefrasive team. We will Mlcnigan in his forces do not move out to pro- The lawmakers saw nine new ski. ; tect civil rights demonstrators.; tourist attractions that are in Publicity and education — , , Shea, Pajula and Joseph Jelin-i Problem: that of the displaced i Steve Mrdjenovich, Robert O 1- Negro teacher who is being discharged as Southern school districts desegregate," he said in a Mystery Boat's Owner Is Found "We stand guard here in the the development stage. group was greeted by! son and Armand Cirilli. j statement. DETROIT iAP> — Police Tech's President Dr.! Badger Boys' State — James! The President urged passage traced the owner of a bullet- AA-, ,* . . Ifii/ 8 i' i w n o Mattson of Klamathlthe scene I don't think protect- llever %° on tne offense. But if Raymond Smith at the banquet. Mezzano and Felix Obertone.jOf the measure in letters to the riddled mystery cruiser found KDi/Ti if IN*. , •" Mrs ' Jame " El ''ing our rights could be termed tne Klan or anybody else comes The lawmakers said the tour Americanism — Obertone, I presiding officers of the House partially submerged Saturday in wa? TI v Livonia; 35 grandchildren violence" i in here to hit us, I guarantee of the area was an outstanding Gentile and Vernetti i and Senate. the Detroit river. The owner 53% U Va and two great-grandchildren. 371/4 D V4 i The Brown Funeral Home will 35V4 U 14 j be open for visitation until 1 D V* \ p.m. Tuesday when the remains will be taken to the North Bruce 23814 D 86 52 81% U 95T/ 8 36'/4 U 56 >/2 D 50 D 44 U 44Vf) D 35Va 474 D 82V 8 U 53% 57% U 50 D 55 Vi D 32 49Vi U 70 40 s / 8 56% D 40Vi D 68Vs 48 U 781/4 U 43% D 60% 48% U 39% U 14 ?8 i '/4i % V2 % Va l /2 Vi 1/8 Va 1/8 Vi 1/8 % 1/8 V4 % 1% % Funerals Lutheran Church for services at VFRNFR A KTTPI & 3 p.m. Tuesday. Dr. J. A. Hoi- VERNER A - Km LA they will get hit back." one, and reported that the gen- Memorial —Obertone, Ers-j Johnson also asked support said Sunday the boat was stolen The Deacons were formed last eral consensus of opinion was P am er, Edgar Dreseley, Gust'for bills which would provide a and apparently taken for a December in Jonesboro. another that trips of this nature create Danl and Engstrom. i program of fellowships to joyride sensitive civil rights point in better understanding on the Tne P° st nas also sponsored! prepare students for teaching Arthur Goerss. 29, an execu- T . . , * ._... ' T tlfrt t*4i-Hf r- 4-^»*.V-«t™> — _l__ u T-k t! .._ w • Louisiana and home state's Ku Klux Klan dragon. L . , ' w"»v/«»in. aim A v'nnlQ ^R nf Ti,,>.io,t ? una ^ llbeatHIllsWeCeme -'tehSd^esda? tery> Bruce Crossing ' the Er^Itiom Fimerai ™ Mrs. Andrew Lundgren Mrs. Andrew Lundgren, 76, ' Riverside Cemetery. Deacons Marie, now have 50 chapters in five Hancock, and Isle Royale Is- other states — Mississippi, Ala- land. 1 with the Rev Oliver Hallhprp bama ' Florid a, North Carolina After a breakfast meeting at. officiating- Rnrini win £ "t til and Soutn Carolina. This is un- Suomi College in Hancock this' confirmed. Deacons are reluc- morning, stops were scheduled oint in better understanding on the, Ine P° SI; nas also sponsored i prepare students for teaching Arthur Goerss. 29, an execu- of the parts of citizens and legislators.; rf° "oys to the Badger Boys'1 careers and help experienced tive from Birmingham, called grand Tourist stops were made at btate at R'P 011 . Wis. The boys , teachers Improve their qualifi-! Riverside, Ont., police where Mackinac Island, Sault Ste. wer . e Paul st u r ga! and P a u 1'cations, and for aid to colleges; the boat had been taken and be at Carpenters Stop Road Projects and universities to provide bet-! said he was the owner. He said ter education for teachers. j he had seen a picture of the .The proposals were basically I boat in Sunday's paper. I the same the President outlined! Goerss said he had no idea i in a speech to the National Ed-1 how it got there. ' jucation Association " July 2 in I ' He last saw the 28-foot Chris ! New York City. i Craft cruiser July 10 at his ma: The President's bid Saturday i rina on the Clinton River in Hari for support of the measure j rison Township near Mount came three days before the con- • Clemens, Goerss said. *T** o. 41JJVA1 *_ VY J-JUiiugl Cll. IU, *v* v «-A Ljiiav- »w/v,iiiti/ci v. i i . , , . . — , !San Jose, Calif., died June 20 I Friends may call at the fu- • to ? e s P eciflc - Leaders say m Delta County as the legisla-j according to word received bv neral home after 2 p.m today i P in P° intin g other chapters tors returned to St. Ignace en-, Mrs. Carl E. Olson Bessemer ^'j would only subject them to un-^ route home. Mrs. Lundgren, the former ISAAC KOSKINEN ! necessary trouble. At the banquet, MTU Presi- TaM( , TMr , AT3 . . . Lydia Morin of Ironwood is Funeral services for T s a a p Ernest Thomas, Jonesboro, dent Smith talked of the impact LANSING (AP) - Carpenters, venmg Tuesday of a White! "Obviously it was stolen," he survived by her husband-' two Koskinen 82 of Trrmwnnri Tn^n regional vice President of the of Michigan Tech in the field of struck outstate highway projects! House-conference on education, added. "But I haven't been out daughters, Mrs. Evelyn Hamil-' ship vere held Sat irriav VftPr- Deacons ' said chapters are be- research, stating that research: today as they and the Michigan i About 650 leaders in education, there (Rt the marina) since then ton of Santa Clara, Calif and noon 'at the 7imV T ^, m-an > ang formed in areas beset by a has grown from a $100,000 study! R ° ad Builders Association; business, labor and government and I didn't know it was gone." MVC. o,,fv, ™_~., „, «.._:'„.,_. „. . " uc ^ 1UU ^uuieidn stmne- Kinn movement and ten years ago to one involving p tayed at their NH-a-month con-|are expected for the gatherine The boat was found sub'-.- .... .. "rVdnfi rviT^'s ooa t-f.^31^^. • • ^ ^ strong Klan Mrs. Ruth Olson of Cupertino, Church. Calif; one sister, Mrs Lillian! The Rev Thomas A Schultz Sorenson of Santa Clara; three I pastor of theTch^ch conducled ment agencies ' grandchildren and four great-j the services and was. assisted by grandchildren. I Rev . Oliver Hallberg of St Funeral services were heldiPaul's Lutheran Church June 23 _at the Darling-Fischer; Pallbearers were Eric Haan- wea ' or nostile . law enforce- Garden Chapel, San Jose. jpaa, William Kantala. Walter ter and John Hautanen. CHICAGO PRODUCE CHICAGO (AP) — Chicago Mercantile Exchange — Butter steady; wholesale buying prices unchanged; 93 score AA u8% 92 A 68%; 90 B 57%; 89 C 57; cars 90 B 581/2; 89 C 58. Eggs steady to firm; wholesale buying prices unchanged to 1 higher; 70 per cent or better Grade A whites 32; mixed 32; mediums 27; standards 27; dirties unquoted; checks 21V1>. Mrs. Mary Chakanich Mrs Mary Smollar Chakan- < Out of town P ersons attending ich, 78. of 978 Newport Loca-'^ re , Mr> 3nd Mrs ' May H a tion. died at her home Sunday. ' Seven years ago she had an Briefly Told Hurley homeowners who oc- , cupy their own homes may pick Wiemen, Waino -Vlemeri. Les-jup their paint at the H u r 1 e v to,. Wl ,,io m „— T-K- TT-... Clt Hall t to 4 p m Waukegan; Mrs. Nelson on Tuesday. The John Hautanen who paid erl ch i ld 5, en ^. ar . cla -^ eve . nand ! the _ fi "e on a traffic violation cfdent and h^b enTn Mling gary Beth, Gurnee. HI: Robert health since that time. About I SS e ^ PP ^ llw !" ke . e: Mrrf and year ago she became seriously | ill. The former Marv Smollar ™ ' 8 Ann Fisher, Kathleen Anderson in Iron County Court at Hurley last week, is not Tohn E. Haut a n e n, Hautanen Road, Ir o n- wood. bom oT 8:^86 fnTipovTep- ± cl ^ s "ne Anderson,. C h i - The Ironwood volunteer fire - ' - puv> iep lr " np "- w ««H M™ «""'» ™ department will hold a practice •T£*>»^.*^:\'Ki^;Si«-f" S""came to the United States i n^S aimer 1903. She was a member of Holy ! Hjamiei Trinity Catholic Church. marrinrt July' Bessemer: Mr. and Mrs. Walton; Mrs. Helen Chapman •jnd Mrs. Kathrine Chapman, Sidnaw; and $1 million today. Applications Are Accepted WHITE PINE — Clarence A. Broemer, postmaster at White Pine, announced today that the executive secretary of the Board of U.S. Civil Service Examiners, Post Office Establishment Board, Marquette, Michigan, is accepting applications for the positions of substitute clerk and substitute carrier for duty i n the White Pine Post Office. Applicants must reside within I Tne °l d contract expired Sept. the delivery area of the a b o v e 1! - 1964 - Federal> and state medi- tract impasse. Neither side was sure how many projects or how many men were, involverl, and State Highway Department spokesmen were not immediately available for comment or statistics. The strike by the Michigan State Carpenters Council affects mostly bridge-building parts of state' and federal highway construction, where the carpenters set foundations and build forms. Carpenters' spokesman Leonard Zimmerman and road builders' Executive Secretary Robert Browning agreed negotiators are stymied on both economic and working conditions. session at 7 p.m. Tuesday. All; named post office or be bona| ators nave been working with members are requested to beside patrons of that office Ap-' botn sides but the carpenters Oiesent With nrnnpr fivo fin-i->t_ _.= i_ . . . ^ sniri of •CViHat.'r. ^«™-,i-i«t:_^,. CHICAGO LIVESTOCK CHICAGO (AP) — (USDA) — Hogs 5,000; butchers steady to 25 higher; 1-2 190-220 Ib 25.5025.75; mixed 1-3 190 - 250 Ibs 24.75-25.50; 2-3 250-280 Ibs 24.0024.75; 1-3 350-400 Ib sows 21.5022.00; 400-450 Ibs 20.50-21.50; 2-3 450-500 Ibs 19.50 • 20.50; 50U-600 Ibs 18.75-19.75; boars 14.5-16.00. Cattle 11,000; calves 25; slaughter steers steady .to 50 higher; load lots prime 1,2001,390 !b '28.50-28.75; two loads and prime 1,150-1,425 Ibs 27.501,275-1.300 Ibs 29.00; high choice 28.50; choice 1,150 - 1,350 Ibs 26.25-27.75; several loads high choice and prime 877-1,100 Ib slaughter heifers 25.75 - 26.50; Choice 800-1,000 Ibs 23.75-25.75. New Library Planned PROVIDENCE, B.I. (AP) — Brown University has announced plans to build a SB-million, 15-story science library to house Us collection of 450,000 science books. died June 13, 1948, and a son, i interment Louis, died in 1950. i C emet™v Surviving are two sons and a 1 daughter, Joseph Smollar of of Ironwood, Sgt. Maj. John D. Smollar, U.S. Army, Ft. Jackson, S C., and Mrs. Sylvester Decker, Escanaba; one sister in Czechoslovakia; nine grandchildren and four great-grandchildren The McKevitt-Kershner F u - neral Home will be open for visitation beginning at 4 p.m. Tuesday. The rosary will be recited Tuesday at 7:30 p.m. at the funeral home and the funeral Mass will be offered by the Rev. Ambrose Matejik at 10 a.m Wednesday at Holy Trinity Catholic Church, interment will be at Riverside Cemetery. Walter i The Rivers i d e\ Board will present with proper fire fighting gear. plicants must have reached said at Friday's negotiations their 18th birthday on or be- they'd walk out with the start of fore the closing date for receipt w '. k toclay ' „ „, . u Bessemer Town ship O f application. There is no max- 1 , Hl Shway work in Wayne, Oak- II lYICtaf iv» v>nn>iiln« — -_ . __ *»*fc**» lonrf ovi/1 •K 1 TnA« w >U. —_.._A: __ •_ ___ , to discuss problems of educa-, merged to the gunwales Satur- tion. day off Peche Island in Canadian waters. The hull had been punctured by 17 bullets—apparently from a high-powered rifle —the engine had been dismantled and all identifying marks had been ripped off the bow and the engine. Attorney Rules Bill Is Valid LANSING, (AP)—Absence of a printed notice in the Journal of the House of Representatives saying a committee was going to consider a bill does not invalidate House action^ in approving the bill, Atty. Gen Frank Kelley ruled today. Kelley was asked by Rep. ' 12 From Area At Northland Twelve Ironwood area resi- _, ^ „ , .-, —«-. dents are among 216 students E. D. O'Brien, D-Detroit, if a attending the summer session at measure passed by the legisla-1 Northland College in Ashland ture and signed by the governor Enrollment for the 1965- sum- constitutionally passed the mer session is at an all t i rii • House since the House Commit- high, according to Dr Ja m e s tee on Education gave no notice j Davies, dean of students. Of the that it was going to consider the 216 students studying at the six- bin. The State Man Is Killed DETROIT (AP) r- Jack Head, 41, an ironworker in suburban Garden City, was shot and killed Sunday during a family argument, police reported Head's wife, Bonnie, 41, was held for questioning by Garden City police. | sion tonight at 6 p.m. in t h Ramsay Town Hall. » n regular ses - imum age "limit.' DONALD O. WAINIO Funeral services for Donald j Edwin C. Putman, field e i A written test is required t o I determine eligibility. ist be filed U. s. Civil ,.„ „ ,. . week session, 95 are men and bill allows first class] 121 are women. — - -- ----,/ ,*«.. -- — •>««•-• I .**<* CAJ.V, vy V/llitll i land and Macomb counties is not school districts to bond up to! Ironwood area students Qffanfo/I U,. 4-U« .,*.^ii._ tl!7/\ rvoi. nn«4- «.* *U.~ » A.: * _ - ".WM uj.t*« ObUUCIlLO affected by the strike Zimmerman declined to say specifically what the union's demands are because "it is com- H- H W f» n l?' I 6 ' Montreal - who;Jce officer for the Disab 1 e d' s'efvice EMttnlners Post'office P licated and Just confuses the died Wednesday, were held at American veterans, will be at Department Marouette^ Minhi I lssues '" He said the "Hion and 10:30 a.m. Saturday at the St. j the Ironwood Memorial B u i 1 d- epar ™ em ' -Marquette, Michi-1 Pmnlnvo ^ „,«,„„„,,„ „„' ^. 4! _, u Paul's lutheran Church, w i t h j ing Tuesday, from ,2:30 to 4:30 Rev. Oliver A. Hallberg official-; p.m. ing. Interment was at the Riverside Cemetery. The Iron County Veteans o f Foreign Wars Post of H u r ley conducted full military rites. Chaplain Frank Benson! p r e - sented tr.e flag to the family. Pallcearers were Arthur Lake, Sam U!Georgio, 'Edward Traczyk, Oliver Risku, Frank Zarzycki and Charles Laurila. Out ?f town persons attending the funeral were Mr. and Mrs. Clayton Rowe, Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Shiffra, Joseph Shiffra, all of Kenosha; Mr. and Mrs. Robert Saari, Bay City; Mr. and Mrs Roland Antila and 49855, and will until August 19, 1965. Further information and application forms may .be ob- practice tonight .--at 7 at .the Legion club rooms. '-••.. The Blue Knights Drum «nd Bugle Corps Rodeo committee has carcelled all rodeo plans. All persons who purc.has.ed ads Hurley Team Plays Friday employers disagree on definitions of some cost factors. He said carpenters not used on picket lines wnuld probably be able .to get other carpentry work.-, V Browning said the road builders earlier settled with operating engineers. and laborers, and have a tentative agreement with the Teamsters "But his (Zimmerman's) demands are more than we can reach," added f .... w fM«.«f«lC4kll~V4 ClUO I - » •Dv.^.t.,*! for the rodeo book will's be reim-i The Hurley Little Le a g u e Br ° wnmg - , bursed. The committeje thanks ! All-Stars will play the Tigers ! v 1 ^ negotiating session is sub- all who showed interest. winners of the leaue cham- ijept to cal1 of the mediators. showed interest. Telephone service from this area to points, east of Bergland winners of the league cham-! i pionship, in a game tonight starting at 6-p.m. at the Little League Field., was interrupted this morning 1 The Little League f All-Tourna : when a bulldozer working on a '• ment team will leave for Super- road construction project n e a r ior on Friday to "play in the Number of Inmates Is at Record Low SAVANNAH, Ga. (AP) - The two per cent of the valuation of the district. Kelley held the intent of the section of the constitution covering the question was to require notice in the House Journal of all public hearings before a legislative committee but not of routine committee meeting;', for bill consideration. Births ~ Llllie. Mr. and Mrs Patrick Lillie, Marenisco, a daughter, July 18 at Divine infant Hospital, Wakefield. Yale Wants to Import Multigap Spec to graph WASHINGTON (AP) - A bill to permit Yale University to import from Britain without duty a $460,000 multlgap spec'to- graph for use in conjunction with its atomic accelerator has tending the summer session are: Kai Bjorkquist, John Boyer, David Coleman, Flora Fregerio, Esther Halberg, T h o - mas Mieloszyk, Lyn Mrdjeno- vich, John Nurmi, Peter Fertile, John Pierpont, Charles Rosa and Angelo Schiavetti. THE WEATHER TEMPKRATURISS IN IRONWOOD Monday'. July 1.0, 11)05, For 24 hr, period ending at 12 noon 2 p.m. BB'10 p.m. 57 6 a.m 4H 4 .p.m B9iMidtiiijhi 52 8 a.m. ' 37 6p.m. 67 2 a.m. SOilO a.m. 64 8 p.m. 63! 4 a.m. 48!Noon 68 i ' Humidity, 60 per cent. Barometer: 8 a.m. 30.12; Noon 30.JJ. RANGE SKIES Sunset today 8:47. Sunrise'to- morrow 5:27 Moonrise tonight 11:54, p.m. Last Quarter July 2"! Prominent Star - Regulus, sets 9:44 p.m. Visible Planets--Venus,.-moving toward' Regains. orks committee of Chat- been introduced by Rep. Robert Mercury, below Venus. • Mars,

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