The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa on June 1, 1894 · Page 7
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The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa · Page 7

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, June 1, 1894
Page 7
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T«» th* onl Best shoe blacking at Moore's. $1.00 work shoes at Moore's.. „ Jno.jlvJay'f, of Manning, was In .the city, today,., >,,,,.} ; . ;! ... ....,•>,,...-.•, ...a.;,?*, The w.Bryclouid.on PJe^y. hill Is. Bai^to be dissipated ! ,,.,•.,, i flotbrau beer always oh tap' it Window'Ween'a' and screen doors 1 at MaHin'Af'Clovls'.' > '^-' ;•-'.•••!'•••.••.> ' TJ6 not 1 buy Oxfords this spri ng > Until yon 1 sde'Moore!s ; )ine.•••. , i . ..:;.'j Wlre.ddoBmats with tourvUame .w.osen in, at Martin & Olovis'. Wm. Sextppcj^^^be city today t looking, after of&cial b«1 m wnbopfng cough Tfi eMMfr'elittiM few mothers who know Its worth are willlnfr, ton,' druggist. ' *""*"* ( audMn. M. Simon entertained a « of their friends last evening In usual hospitable manner. Supper ed aboulIjo'clgck and the re» l^-l&pSt delicate T, , Blieh M could . „., ^.JsetfWMiaWof'the mbst fallloHoliB ejiio-ure, fltttW due'attention foM been fetid to%ll|^H0n of the en- feftainmlBDtf cards- w$e 'produced and J of fid I them- j.,£amf wliile others beguiled the time in various other farms of-amuseWenl ,<suoh as .checKer», e;tc. At a;late tiourjthe, company sepa- : rajod with ffisM^|j s8 t t ?, 0l ? d r.' wl8hes > f0 ' tb,eir worthy hpn and hosleW. j " i 1ia'voVwo ! lHt^l?a'n<i chiraren who are tB r ethtng 3 thlrnbi& fiunMof wetfher and are troubled wlthlDbweltoomplttlnt. 1 give 'e x ni phftmberlain'fl.qoJlo.jCtalera and dlar< rhoea remedy jind (t acts like a charm. "->y 88 ' •'. i •' i to yisit (for,i few, days with relatives 'there. ,•< i y .{Inquire, ;priceB ( ,on:j .screen, doors knd i. it to* 'children with towwel trodbles, rl was My*>it taken with aBev,er^attack,ofWoody 0 flux,wlthcramps nd pains in my, stomach, one-third of a ottie'dfiti's rf&Wfilinftll*. Whin Wefatf f6«#!horfts ! I *iswbut:>pf bed and doing my house work. Mrs. W. L. DUna'- Tenn. For sale by -t-W -i;-1 :.-i':-tf;>at . 8, an,d id y»Hey co»l at McDonsld, of RichUnd to*rh- ft "*»• ln!the citjr today calling on ii*?i /fi l-''-'/"' ; 4 • - •'•--'"' •.-.:•?-.;>,''/(. . -..'..,-'-, i: : •'•• ' .. . . . The p'ublic';libral r y'i»mow;being moved f rb'in .the'Vboms over the First National bank to the reading rooms of the Y, M. d: ! ii.' Ind-fd^Wfreagon-lff ill not be ' m ih both be and bta lady had gotten out Md ' ' .'PLATER EttANUEL LA8KEB. "" -' " Laakn, tt* TOMIB chew eme'rt whose ir6tiderf«l pl?y against William Steiaite for the championship of the world created sneh a sensation among eheM plaren, u only26ye»i«"0ld. He wa. born near Berlin,Gennnny, and U» Germwi tfebrew. Bi» Aeti career has been-* remarkably roeoeMful one. ; , r W'the^pfoud father^of An eight .pound baby. .Grandpa 'Beach is ^fi;'HWe' J bUWgger than ever. , The sererest ca§e« of ruenmatura are eared by Hood'ab«MaBarill8, ,the«eat blood purifier. Mow'i«%i time to tafei ft. • liftfa's cii «•. J ' ' ^ dressings, but if you would like sotne- - -thing good and nice, -you will- find- it- at ' Ayer's Cherry Pectoral liTtne"DesVanoY Frank N6ckl««and^E«tfWi6land: have weeki Ottoiext Tuesday oyening it that i be opened every Tuesday and Friday even:'"•••!:«. •...•:? '(T^a-ji-:?";,:•.-•!. .'r.-iifcic.;^ ' ...•-. ing. ,.,,,,,;) !"f.\'::it ^i-. '-. .f.J.f ••!-,-.-.-,; \ . Tbere Is mttre ^C»t«rrb4n this iootlon of the oountnr than all other diseases put together, and until the last few years was supposed to be Incurable. Vor a great many years doctors pr«- ndunoeditatoc»i ; diieastf;'Bnd l i>resorlb«d local remedtei^Bna bj^ obiutwiflyTfanW* to cure with local treatment, pronounced It Incurable. Science hat proven catarrh to be a constltualonal '^ therefore" Requires •oonstltutlonal Jno.Heilhoff. Ppthing of importance was 1 rniMiDB M.tblnga.were^ badly, torn up inthehouseeapd a .dflll" In money taken from;Mr.8extra's bpme, A red ' '' '- be lead p«noil§). The "tinging (5 was Imoat a failare, otherwise 1 the talk WBB '• .".bicycles; they got them at the .raffle .-at. Martin & Clovis'. ^^BiJichloo! "eqjerlalninent V^hifM wlU be 'largely attended. "Nearly jieveiry,; seal in"th~e"hallh'as Veen" sold. Standing room will be '/a'ta;pr«miumy'/J £_ 1^ || Harry Beach as a candidate for coun- ly clerfcrgrows more popular- eyery,day. tl*»tmeht.VlMU!i Catairrn Cure, .inanuf aotnred •bf»?J.Cheney4Co.,Toledo, Ohio, Is the onlr. cpnitltutlonal cure on the market. It Is taken "intesilally in dosee from IQ.drops to o teaspodh- ful. :It actSXlirtotly on the'blood and mucous surfioes otftke iyitem. Ther offer one hundred dollar* fer>ny «f»e It fills' to cure. Send for clroular«*n^teitlBionlB}a., Address : f > if', a!* CHJ5NEY cC* C0*f TolOdOj O* * JHTSoldby druggists; 7Bo. :',;•. Good tsniejpasiure with artesian well on the"'premiBM r salt furniBbed.J Ca'ttle for seaaon, horses $1.00 per month, ilf not be responsible for accidents should any occur. Inquire of J. . Hose Company No. 1 clenred about . seventy. dollars from Tits etntniiidmftnt' Wednesday eyeniag. The boys feel out nded them I will tell my bar nxturg^.. at • reduced price. I have a' first class butntr both front and back bar and am deiirous ' Bight r the bids itor building Geif- hall were opened, and were">as out the businesB'thB first of ~J«ne. • BrRv Burke. Last n mania hall 'follows: «0,035, |0,600, $0.434, $8.374, !*6.235 and »0,184. John Log»igJ.^v««<l lowest bid aad will in all probability be - »««'ideitbo'iso'iitr*Ct';i;jpt;'; \Zllj 1') AlUiOuiab It iaJDQli flla4m«Jiithi.H/Ay«ir!s SaMwarJJ^ oure^vep^r ill fy wb,|$ n^ is heir, yet; as a matter f of Uct. it comes 1 nearer doing this than 1 any other medicine ever conipouudef ,lU'pirlfyf u0 the bloojl it femo«i*yB aoufce Of neUrlyJill, Jlsor- from he public |s(juare w wti hitched, while George attended tlfc ,_-4flremen> dance last Wedn^aday eveoing,, ^ M foundfi^rday" by SUerlft Jeffrey at Glidden and relumed to the owner. Sheriff Jeffrey informs us that he know! "Are our price* abput rlj;Jit| W^ll we should My they are »ud so will you when yojj compare notei, and everybody uow»- Our goods are sell them right doei compare. t right; that we >ody knows, and you, fcpow U. nolhinc; lo see (ho best * selected, aobii«i«t, brlg))tesll mack of, men'* fmil children's suits In Carroll; and theip is DO ulitake in finding the place. The fsnious always leads .pd ( we are ou the corner, or rather have' V corner on tbe belt sod lowest prlcod oloiltlog In the west. 8e« wltal Mows Blmoo !)«• to siyaboutlt. (•lltovening thlrlr-two weiubtrs, pf, tbe Art depsrlwout headed by Oheif Cobum, ui»rch«d to the home of Ueury H»ppr aud preuueutod (hew with til Hue dioiug room okxalr* aud a handsome plotiin. Mr, Oubura mads the presentation speech aad surprised hit oom»d«i with ill* eloqueuoe. lienry WM • member of the oouin»oy for leu yeari and llM en Uontrable dliodary^. Uo wai one of the nromen lu the city, "Jf»uy of tlio oltizeus of JUIiisvlllo, iu«il»uii are uuvor without a hoitlo of Oti«utberl tiu's cou|(U louiody lu tUu house," »«y» Jauob lirowu, (be loading iuerci)ttiit o( the plucw, 'wit reiuudy ha* pr«v*it of 10 wuob value lor colds, croup was found on biapenon to iudioat* lihat he wae the one who bad committed the f;-v-j /rT- r * '": ' ••>.'T": rJ •' ' '! > • ' • '• - •• burglary and he. wai let go. > Jno. Bneitel met with' a eerioua accident j«it, Friday while , feeding a corn sheller. He oanght bia right band noder the feed chain and eo badly, was the band mutilated 1 that it waBneoeeeary to have three fingers amputated. Joe. Langhlinend Joe. <B. Booe pur- obaoed H. Kempk«r?a. furniture etore, as we hear., Wish i them luooee*. Qeo. Zorn; and friendaiot; Breda gave ufladklllftetXueaiiay, ' ' '• ood and interesting. eiented with* le*4 nome happy. "'_; ;• ; a ; , fine little ,oolt Friday. :. . ,. • -... • ;- ;'. The road boee baa been' rnnniDg; the ron buggy on the roada the past week. Mrs. O. W; VaUghn baa a onroeity in be Bhape of a three legged ohioken.about ' ' ' KBNNE n >1 ver ;»ch"*Todd:are now ready to They desire the patronaice'of their licualopien and all othi ed of" first class fee ieed iver We lunch'room. iers who an in* and pro! npt guarantee Batisfi $*i!£Wt :;;".) ! "i RICH & TODD. ' . • JCNIOB." h ,:?.! ', 'lUetlilBKBTir AND BOOK BUN. Alight •prinkie of rain on the 26th. ' the morning of the 28th. • CJorn ie r alowly ;teooyeribg from the fre»E8. 8om« farmew have replanted. Haee Broe.y of pBTrolli-plaped atones in Mount: Hope wmet«ryJ4it,W»ek at Mre. ranoe !•»" "SWRV'-i''^-.:,, • , ;r?noyb>aU are pMt Ihw'pilme.' Last bloomed toq lato for Memoria IOB. _ Ice season h*i,inow,J}eKiin aniLIJhe was;* paitatee «ad*oleeiitnereieabab9ndanoe .'i_ Lfi-juat-**r ^ux-..A'.\_ ~.JA.. .4 .w- -i : •'•".'•' •••' '1. ". "a.'. '.. ;..-.'•<? ; * ir J .Ofljf ^w'^ry^^ y $1 ^oid'ers,»t the office of ArU. Quint or M. . . tij VtiorfeipondenU, tolhiure the publication 61^ their letters In the wookly. muit mill tbtm so' tbey wllLwaoh our pinco,WeaiuNMi4ui.j .-, . ; '.t r BAIACB rrnis. 111 A.'Lister 1 --end 's'ie'tor-in-lsw of this locality. John ,, '-woiklig B60 of land in Arwlia and R^wlle townships, 3} milee"mornii.g and night, oo! JM*i mnaelee was bas Ji !, i,': sa;? the eleoiion will be be^d on the >da|r ofilojifnexl and tbe burghers ( Met to carry the vote by a *ni«jorily. , £ Orops are'looking very well arovnd dooe 4amag|, but ilhabw.'.^^ are alvajr* a« tbe tpp ootoh. When he ip in tbeoouvlry Charles Welterfobeid Irani ^^ie,biuiln«ia which Is ^auarauteiBof boDeettdeaUof and fair plajj ffe is doing availing biuM •w." ' He eete; up one of the best lunob«|| wstlivflJje.AIUjfanlee—no; diioounl. Anton Hoelker's orMue».|ls doing a rtwhlog )r«d« pf 12,000 pe/^iuonlh : for milk porohAisd. This is;;s boon W«BMdr»iab«dlr. '•'-. Oooiidsrabl* corn U not IJKgeeooigh l» beplovad. r>| ; BWOMUI Brae, oalled on JM rsoeolly. Lwt we«k about 80,009 ^pusbeto of ooro were warketod hew. , Johu a»ithofl araoM »jaitv Urn Iwt Thso. «ud Au'ua Sohoeppuer, aooow p»nlsd by H. A. Uuller itnd wife, ?isited a| OarroU Iwt Sunday. A burglar raosuily entered tbe ol JBO. 8wtr«, Win. Hohoeppu»r aod vV ' c very llMtoM Jinitio* Jenniogs onthe 26»bha« been ^Toeenit wbleh waj ' "' ' ' ' Mr. Merkharo, of Oltdden, is lotrodoe- lng:*'Oewi weehing 'maohine, wbioh ap ' A iwt h« b^ ^ured in, whlah ;to M<» t«f ewrelec*on Ohildreo>*ay »nd later .Qfliibere will :b«i a mtejing, Ji»a)'t in KM toot. It will b« pitobsd in the vi oi oily of Hobbs' bridge. -; - ' -' •' Mr.RusVws.i 0 |h» pl»c* again laft fi)«>fiog expiring polioiee. K an OM'S issarsoe* Ispees it wi}l n Q | bf Mr JO'efanll. >•.:> ^^•^.>.->.^-- ' -^Mw. dhris«i» Smith, with the "two yontigest obihireo, leaves on Friday to Roobell; III. to attend her brother'! wed ding and'visit her 'parents and other rf I alive*. Miss lf«ir?|r|ll|ti^i|lhi during her mother's abseuoe. !; ^ri^ Oha!' '^)ina^> sister Clinton bdunly; arrived lait weak. She will aooompauy Mr. and iMjiiJ Stoolman pa a .(rip. to^bsrohse Bounty '.' The leotnr* by M Wiuterbonroe proved very., interesting We have' beard p«opl| remark never oonld ba^ii tevposed and arranged |he .leoture. An hour spent 'with the boy -apjpimgiad us tilths WMraUy qap« able.qf4o|ogM. A boy, w% hu be; direotfoq, toldais, |n a boy'« from JIM, . . d o«i« ar« fait geioing loe groand- '.'•' . :';. :•','-' '".'./. -,.•.. : Misese Moudw ipd Dolli. aod Mwtw Frilis Sebreibtf , vUi|»<i in tub) vioiult; Saturday »u4 Buuday. ' Mr. Harris ehelled and marketed be- tweiu' 2800 and 3400 bojhele of oorn Wednesday and Thursday, Mr. and Mrs. ;H. Smith war* Oarfo) week. Smith u uortU »(ter h|« wife »Ui Pi of, 8twt», ol POOH B*j«i4i r |<Mur«l ou peooili «t Oik Hill, Holiday a| o'clock. ItttA p»noll» beiug the mbjao of bia tul| "points" shown ( very ihwp y on sou* o The kid* were al peqoil and went MM, J. Levell w«e. down to ee« her Yolftfeei BnidSy, nini 'wt>' .-•(!. ' • • r J. , Ba»fk.'jg building a new boas* on ite tart>. Parrotts, of Oo6h Bapide, are A.:L. ZiTitis and wife visited with Mrs. Henrf Heald last Sunday. The Ooon Rapids and the Star nines plHyed.ball at the Star last Sunday. We notice R. Tnoker in these parto r mpst every day lately, : Mrs. Herring, of Wall Lake, visited with her parents Mr. and Mrs, J, Coppock last week. M. O. Rnthriuiff and wife spent Sen- day with i Mr. Hollies at Ralston. , The Obnrobill boys went to North doou. to fish Saturday. Mr. Ramsey hae bod tbe road grad- r at work this last week. Quite a number expect to attend the decoration at dqpn Rapids Wednesday. Mr. Buthranff purchased a new top buggy and a eet of harness for bis boy. May 29;- <•- -•••;- Bta FOOT. , . ^ .payroll Market Report . ~47c~ .50 COHN-240 OATIS-r26c * . HOQS-^«4 10 POTATOEd-BO BUTTEH-100 Mr. and Mrs. iDiok Tnel are rejoicing over the advent of a fine girl at their Yes, we all wentto Ooun Town, memori- \ ^' B y • ' ' • -We don't know- .who • is- having the iardeet time of it Qnss or his mules. Journnllstlc CbivalronsncBS. In; announcing the termination of ft marriage engagement between two 'well en6Wn'persons a newspaper lately men- ienea^ with an air of pride, that the en jagemefit ^a's broken in consequence of some episodes in the life of the prospec- Ive bride which had been discoyered by representatives of that paper and given o the world in its columns. It seemed to regard this VMB-triumph of jonrnal- stic enterprise. So it was. It was a triumph of exactly the same kind as ft carrion bird feels When it has discovered one of its own peculiar kind of feasts. In the days of 'George D. Prentice on The Courier-Journal he would permit hot a word to be published in it deroga* ; . ' PLBABAlfTHlI.Ii. John Gollwirtzer was in Oarroll on Upnday of. this ,week;on business. Frank Bolke has painted hie new house end WU1 oooupy it shortly, T We learn that Rev. Hayden, ol Ou rollton, wseviiiting lest week in Kingsley, la. r .',.,;,;;•,:, '.;:,';,,,; ;j; A large prairie wolf and four cube was last week near the river west of ' family were visiting last Saturday iwith Wm. MoOurdy east of Dsdbam,, ;-•_•• "_'_' ( ;J .._'.;:,', Subject baptism—than theordinanoe of barjtitm will be s4niiniitMed to osndi ^ft^'^^^^^of^.:'-;'' ; QtoJOfitoiagn, at Ooon Rapid*," wai I plsiiant Bailer at our wigwam lasi •u vn-P* ::i»"-rf -.-;:•; -.-! '.-:.•.. <-A :^ MetBre^Armelrong andLamont was ii Ohiea'iro lul wwk with Mveral oars oi Ci B. OritUndso ie haviagawcllmade Ihe drill wae down 175 feet at last ao : qonniii. J . v ,:.. ; ;:; i . w ,^.., :;;.,^. j<r ' Tb» road "boei" will makr thai eld tin eoraper rattle soon, beoatue our lOwh- Sp9* h^w.^n^jradarv-;,';;'-'.,)^- 'r.. .,. BMiPotadvioM from Buffajo, N| T. show'tbit the •nrrogaU. court has, de. will'be ouriftd up. -f A well known eattle raan visited; Dr Tpwiji.'apai|art. lately and forgot to Mud in ^iif jOMd, therefoira JWM n<A rtoogoiaed J, B. Willey beard toe powwow. • •jfk$p. M AJ»iw,Ws4do^,;o< (Qory, Oaa^a^w** iu »hi»,yioipily lately look ing attM hiaiuUrwUaBd will probably have hiepMtur* broken up mil ep^ing TOWNSHIP. Mre, p. i j , Buqk visittd.her danghtw Mil. BuMw, |ajl wwk. Mr. and, Mrs. Dan Foxworlhy ipeu Bunder w^th Mr.'J. Ruark and fajuily Children's day axefeiaM al tbeHUr and FrJeod's eharahe* theeeooi^d Sunda; in June, ' " Ann* Philip visitad with Mr« Iwl Tborsdty. Mr. »od Mre. J, B. Downing ea|le4 ths«e:parta lait week oue day. AnothtrQMi) ol meaelM is reported in Ibe No. 9 school. John Ay«i had the otisfortuue to have tkbput seven dulUra worth of ring* taken,Iroa) hie liHrueii a shorl .dUmw ago E. <Tnel, O. Bowman aod othera enjpy ed a trip to North Own M WMk.; |b»jr aay thji waMr ie moat too low to Tom Elliott had a ruu««»y while re turuUig borne from town Ust Friday, oue of tha boitiM kicked over the tougue, setthejbuggv aud tben ran h>dly broken but off, The , KNOWLEDGE '. - ,*• -<•: i:; • . r) <!•;,.i ,: .-•'. i. v Brings comfort and improvement and tends to personal ; enjoyment when rightly used.. The rnany.,who live better than others and enjoy life more, with less expenditure^ by more promptly .adapting's best producte' to the needs of physical .being, will attest the value to health of the pure liquid 'laxative principles embraced iri ; the remedy, Syrup'of Figs. . , Its excellence is due to its prelecting in the form most acceptable And pleasant to the taste, the refreshing andlruly beneficial properties of a perfect .lax* ative; effectually cleansing the system, dispelling colds, headaches and feverj and permanently curing coPBtipation. It has given satisfaction to millions and met with the approval of the medica. profession, because it acts on the Kidneys, Liver and Bowels without weakening them and it is perfectly free from every objectionable substance. .; , Syrup of Figs is, for- sale,,by all .drug- jBts in 60c and $1 .bottles, but it IB .manufactured by the California Fig Syrup Co. only, whose name is printed on every package, also the .name, Syrup,of Figs, and,be}ng well will not accept any substitute if offered. "... ... _..,•. ..... :. - ,.- Pern.--' . :• ••-.'; -.-• The attempt of the hapless Latin American countries'to maintain'a' republican form 'of'government seems to grow hidre hopelesB'and desperate. Any•where else than in Latin America the death of 'a president—as,' for instance, that of Presi-kat Bermudezof Peru- would be attended ""'th no more serious 1 consequences than n otato burial, a grand funeral train and a long bill of expense to the government, besides numerous eulogies on the part of accomplished funeral orators. Then all would go on just tory to a-woman in respectable Boclety. « ****' *"* in a Lattn repoWlo the No matter how choice a bit of scandal death of a president IB the signal forrev- inight be, it WM etrtck but by Prentice if the good name of a lady was involved, j Consequently journalistic scavengers tiafl no opportunity to exploit themselves rt. .This admirable example has been followeii since the days of Prentice by other V 5i8tinguished and chivalrous editors. Only the scavenger newspapers deparVto any extent from this rule and gloi-y in discovering and Bpreading putrefaction. olution. • Unfortunately the constitution of Pern provides for two vice presidents—first and second. No sooner was Bennudei dead than a contest occurred between the first and second vice presidents as to which should take the government; al« though the supreme law declares plainly enough that it shall be the first vice president. But meantime Caoeres; who used to be president, took possession pfjthe presidential office, and not'only that; but forgiveness for this side of the great hereafter, if they do then. A Blight matrimonial difficulty or a foolish episode, in • woman's liitp in her ignorant youth, ao episode she bat repented of in, aackcloth and -ashes a thousand times, is clawed tip from the earth, where it is buried, and plastered upon the pages of a so called newspaper. Shabby kind of news this is, The lady may be One of the -beet; and noblest > of women.'but the scavenger journal deliberately tries to ruin her and-glones in it. : ' A lady is utterly helpless in presence 'pit Ittcha paper. THe most delicate fabric in existenco is a woman's good name.' She jmajr have built it up by years of spotless .life and aeiflew work. Then oomes th* journalistic scavenger and blows bis foul breath upon it It withers away and vanishes, and r $b# woman's life is ruined jUepcefbrth, All her yoars of good deeda go for nothing before t)»e newspaper Bcav enger. Tula is not journalism; it is in- The term of office will expire Aug. 10, when there will be an election if the constitution is obeyed. But that is doubt- Higb bred people keep their private affairs to • themselves. Common people turn not only themselves but their neighbors inside out. .. . .;' i '..• . Kxpludln« Wonictn Spectator*. . The question has been asked a number of . times recently whether there is any law that will permit a judge' to tend woinen, spectators out of a courtroom while at the same time he permita inuu to remaii), The question has not been answered. The Pro Re Nata is a olnb of ladies in Washington that at least have not a 'little amusement from resolving themselves in to a mock congress and discussing! and passing or defeating bills prepared in exact imitation of those laid before the real congress. The Pro Re Nata recently took up this very matter of excluding; woiuon from courtroom trials in wblclj women were concerned oitKer tw accused or ucdusor. 'The, ladles preparad and pawod unaul- uioubly a bill duolariuj; in substance that hereafter in tho' JDistrJct of Columbia, in caRca whoj-o * woiuwii la ouo of tho par- iipfl, it shall bja uujawful to exclude Women as spectators uuluw ineu are also oxolud,oili fu.rtlwr. that iu casoa in which H woiutwx wits party to u suit the jury should bo made uj> of at loast half wou- eu, JU> wm wusre u woiuau aluiie wiia au trial the bill of this uiook oongress mau> it unlawful for men to lx> preaont as Bi>eotatora. The Pro RoKutainew- burs wore of the opinion that the nrea- ence of 'refined, moral woiueu was ul- wu^su oliouk aud a safeguard ut lentil trials, s^nd the intorosts of their own s*>» deuiawdtxj that t(ioy should Bg )>ro«out At l*Wt tUe |u;aseuug of such was a» proper us that" uf the yuuuf wiUtury (tadettt uud wulo colbgo uHulyutD who thronged to the courtroom at Washington rucuutly uud Ull^l to uvorilowiii); Un» bc'itltf fnuu wltiuli Juiigu iinidley hud tuclufkxl thu wuiuuii. IB this u speuluiou of .what udvuuceil \voiuou thiuk Uiuy ui'O thiukiuijr about? Ohlldrtn Ory frr f Uofrcr't C»itorl«, TJEMEMBER there JLV are hundreds of brands of White Lead (so called) onthe market that are not White Lead, composed largely of Barytes jpd other cheap materials. But the number of brands of genuine ;;• ^ Strictly Pure White Lead is limited. The following brands are standard "OldDutch" process, and just as good as they were when you or your father were boys: "Sou them," "Red Seal," " Collier," "Shipman." FOR COUOKS.—National Ltad Co.'i fur* WliltcLouJ Tlmlim Colpra,»<me-pouud csw lo a >j-pound keg of Lead and »l« ')«ur'<>wn paints. Saves time snd annoyance lu natdtltig thades, and liuuret ttw best paint (hat It I* powlble to put on wo6d. 'Send ua • poMal card aud get our book on pajuu awl <jolor-curd, lrc«t it will probably MV« you 4 goud waiiy dollait. NATIONAL LBAD CO. Clark Avtnuc au4 TtuUi 5lr«l. St. Loult. - '1'IJJIU- OP OAAROUU IQWvA. Capital, ^100,000.00. Hurpluu, $fi,OOO.OO. C, A. MAB1', ... U, W. WATTi.Kri. - ' YIW 1'rwiaoilU «. U WATTI-K8, - - - CttKUlW. J. K. Hriffiiu. V. K\nrluU», N. V. UturK«i, Chtta. WH !cr»abcW, 8uwner Wallitoo. l*auii n. 1 UIUB dei Prulw iiUiti tic: tu U«n juTd Jroui ull

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