Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan on May 27, 1965 · Page 16
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Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan · Page 16

Ironwood, Michigan
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 27, 1965
Page 16
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SIXTEEN 1RONWOOD DAIIY GIOBE. IRONWOOD. MICHIGAN THURSDAY, MAY 27, 1965. Your Horoscope By Sydney Omarr Friday, May 28 "The wise man controls Ms destiny. . .Astrology points the way." ARIES i Mar. 21-Apr. 191: Be practical about special p r o grams. Terminating activ i t y that is draining funds is indicated. Look ahead, not behind. Be courageous enough to make necessary adjustments. TAURUS i Apr. 20-May 20 ): Don't argue with loved one. Instead, tighten ties. Display affection. You gain by giving Attitude of suspicion gains you nothing. Act accordingly! Cycle high GEMINI (May 21-June 20): Be aware of subtle nuanc e s. Key is being versatile and alert. Gain indicated through written word. Use experience. Sagitari- an individual can provide profitable key, CANCER (June 21-July 221: Be "H! home" tc friends. Don't pla.v TO:- of reclusr- B.-> hospitable, giving and warm. New business contacts indicated. Get early start for full day's activity. LEO (July 23-Aug. 22>: Avoid extremes. Exchange knowledge, ideas. Being secretive only arouses suspicion. If money question anses. express your views fairly. . .then you earn respect. VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept, 22): Flurry of activity indie a t e d,, but check any legal impl i c a- tions. Be aware of policies, leases, prior rights. May be necessary to make adjustments. Be forthright, specific. LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 22): Financial status of one close to you may be in spotlight. Follow policy of informed skepticism. Some areas require added research. Be thorough and prevent future embarrassement. SCORPIO (Oct. 23-Nov. 21): Some statements made should be taken with gram of salt. It might be wise to hold off on new ventures. Obtain hint from today's Libra message. Investigate before acting. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec. 21): Cooperate with Gemini individual. Combined effort proves profitable. Work for better relations with associa t e s. Much can be accomplished now. Go to it! CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-J a n. 19V. Time to apply knowledge. Accept new methods, ideas. Shake off lethargy. What you seek might be closer than you realize. Have courage, and full steam ahead. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18): Practical affairs dominate. You cannot successfully skip details. Be observant. Watch. You advance. . . but pace may be ONE BRIDGE BY JACOBY NORTH (D) 27 4843 VJ93 * AKQJ9 *74 , WEST EAST 465 * J 1097 V K » 10 8 G 5 2 465 «8743 * J 10 986532 A None SOUTH 4AKQ2 VAQ74 • 102 AAKQ North and South vulnerable North East .South West 1 • Pass 7 N.T. Pass Pass Pass Opening lead—AJ. looked in his opponent's hand. It was all a matter of counting. He started by noting that West held exactly two spades. Next came the parade of diamonds and when West showed out on the third diamond lead, Hal had counted exactly 12 ol his cards and knew that the other one was a heart. On the last diamond lead East had to discard down to one heart in order to hang on to the jack of spades. Hal discarded his deuce of spades and made the last two tricks with the ace and queen of hearts without car- Ing about the location of the king. Quick Quiz By JACOBY & SON (4-5-4) 2841-H COOL SKIMMl-iR!—Please the young lady with this delightful cool skimmer! It's easy to sew. and if desired, may be trimmed with a pretty tulip motif in ap- plique! Pattern No. 2841-H has tissue —sizes 4, 5 and 6 inclusive! sewing and tulip applique directions. To order, send 35c in coins to: Anne Cabot, Ironwood Daily Globe, 407 S. Wacker Drive Chicago, 111. 60607 For ist-class mailing add lOc for each pattern. Print name, address with zip code, style No. and size. Send 50c now for your new '65 Spring-Summer Album! Regular features; custom collection; items to crochet, knit, stitch! slow. If you are confident and try, success is yours. PISCES (Feb. 19-Mar. 20): Obtain hint from today's Aquarius message. Don't rush si a mi bang. Patience is truly a virtue now. Do the job at hand today and make agreements later. tfr * 6 If today in your birthday . . . you have "spark" which causes others to sit up and take notice. ; You are no ordinary person! O ft {, General tendencies: Cyle high for Taurus, Gemini. Special word to Scorpio: Check procedures and be sure of rights,' permissions before acting. In his prime, the late P. Hal ; Sims stood three inches over six feet and weighed 350 pounds. He stood even taller among bridge players and in the late twenties was unquestionably the best auction bridge player in the', world. j He carried this supremacy ov-1 er into the first days of c o n- tract, but refused to concede that scientific bidding was necessary. His jump to seven no-tr u m p j was typical of his slam bidding but the contract was a good one. He had 12 top tricks an3 could make the 13th easily if spades broke three-three. Failing that he could still fall back on a finesse for the king of hearts. If you look at all the cards, you will see that West holds the singleton king of hearts and spades don't' break. It 1 o o ks like a case of one peek be i ng worth a lot more than two finesses but Hal plucked that king Q—How many independent nations now exist on the African continent? A—In February, 1965, Gambia became Africa's 36th independent nation and the 21st member of the British Commonwealth. Q—What is the meaning of the name Gamaliel? A—The name Gamaliel comes from the Hebrew and means "God is a reward." Q—On what day of the week does Mardi Gras always fall? A—Shrove Tuesday. Q—How much does the Washington monument weigh? A—81,120 tons. •EN CARET An adept whirling dervish can whirl for 90 minutes without falling. He keeps his eyes fixed on his left thumbnail to avoid giddiness. just as easily as if he had Q—The bidding has been: South West Nr i East 1 * Pass 1 Pass 14 Pass 2 Pass f You, South, hold: 4K Q J 2 VA 10 2 • 3 2 4A 6 5 4 What do you do? A—Bid three hearts. Your hand warrants a, try for game here. In fact if you want to overbid and jump right to four hearts you won't be overbidding much. TODAY'S QUESTION Instead of bidding two hearts your partner has gone to two diamonds over your two clubs. What do you do now? Answer Tomorrow Award Is Presented Posthumously to JFK NEW YORK (AP) — The annual Four Freedoms Award, given for service to the id#als of President Franklin D. Roosevelt, was presented posthumously Tuesday night to President John F. Kennedy. It was accepted by his brother, Sen. Robert F. Kennedy, D-N.Y. In making the presentation at a dinner attended by some 500 persons, Undersecretary of Commerce Franklin D. Roosevelt Jr. hailed "John Kennedy's commitment to the dreams and hopes of President Roosevelt — and of the nation." Computer Diagnoses Heart Disease Cases MOSCOW (AP) — Soviet doctors have used an electronic computer to diagnose heart disease with 92 per cent accuracy. Tass said today. Doctors fed it symptoms and the machine came up with a diagnosis, the official Soviet news agency said. Tass said 10,000 different heart - disease symptoms were fed to the computer. Then symptoms in individual cases were fed in, and a diagnosis came out quickly. BUGS BUNNY 'I AIN'T SEEN THING WORTH PAINTIN' BUT I HATE T' LUG ALL THIS GEAR OUT HE(?E PER NlOTHlNl'i CARNIVAL—By Dick Turner "Since the postman used one of those new spray guns on him, be just can't believe in anything any more!" SIDE GLANCES—By Gill Fox > HH H KEA. IK. T.M. «ti HI. M. Oil. "Well, make up your mind, Nora. Do you want to share my interests or don't you?" Masculine Answer to Previous Pu2il« N! ACROSS 1 Masculine appt'llalion 7 Masculine family member 13 Cylindrical M Small area 15 Made angry 16 Time of year 17 Masculine nickname 18 Obtained 20 Seaport <ab.) 21 Masculine appurtenance 22 Before 23 Eyes (Scot.) 24 Let fall 27 Granite-like rock 30 Corruption for mother 32 Sea flyer 33 Circle part .14 Scratch (dial.) :)5 Govern ,'ifl Corporal lah.l •tl Small tumor 12 Constellation 14 Age 46 Nautical term 47 Cinque port 48 Foot like part 49 Ate sparingly 52 Most underdone 55'Record 56 Fancy 57 Mend i shoe 58 Newspaper executive DOWN 1 With one end raised, as a task 2 Sea nymph .'iSkctcher 4 Hot flax f> Summer (FY,) 6 Silver islan^i . 7 One who affixes « Kxist 9 Beverage 10 Horses (western slang) 11 Runs away 12 Raves Jfl Organized (ab.) 23 Persian tentmakcr 26 Skin orifice 28 Norse explorer 29 To the inside 31 Maiden name of 37 Attempt Airs. Andrew 3!) Reiterate Johnson 40 Suddenly 35 Distinguish 41 Water walker 3U Buries 4:illigli home 45 Kail flower 50 Also 51 Cloth measure 53 Put 1o 54 Biblical name SOME IWANWBMSWEAWHItE GET7INS STAKTEP HI, ELAINE. *JU LOOK FRIGHtENED. C»WM OVER ANP IET /AE HOIPXXKHANP. YOU SEE, MISS COOK, DR.CASEY ^ TDLP MARK 1HE«ICW.X)U'R6 JUSTGOING ON YOUR OWN IMAGINED FEARS. MARK WANTS TO TELL YOU/ HIMSELF, WHATS GOING TO HAPPEN- UST A «\(NUTE l ltEftSE. > I MUST PULL MYSELF TOGETHER. FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS By MorrlD , OH.DEAR—THOSE GEE, 1 THINK DAD LENT OUR ] BEGONIAS OM THE HOSE "Tb MR-GRUBBLE,MOM//SIDE OF THE HOUSE . »__ __.. _ ^\ JUPPPl \A/ATfcP RADIV' MEY.FRECK 1WAMTED TOTAKEA PRISCILLA'S POP By Al Vermee BOUGHT ME A NEW STOVE r ONE TO GET A HOME-COOKED S. K4F=AI « > AUTOMATIC THERMOTIMER! VOU CAN <3O OUT AND IT TAKES CARE OF ITSELF/T—- WONDERFUL!! LET'S eO OUT TO DINNER.' MORTY MEEKLE By Dick CavalU ASSN. CAPTAIN EASY By Leslie VE5. IN A LANE.,,LOOKW6 FOR HIS CAR. HFPLEFT IT OUT OF PETROLi BEFORE, ANP STUWBL6P ON THEIR FARM BUT HIS CAR WAS GONE, Efts/. PROBABLV STOLEN B/ THE THEY COUtPN'T Kf&JC POLICE PIMPING A KMSflNS CAR SO NEAR. INQUIRIES W6HTHAVE EXPOSED THER. HIDBOUTl WftftN'T IT THE SHEEP TROON AFTER. THE 6AN6 HAP FLED? U NIA. he. T.M. bf. US. hi. OH. We <3AVC TIW TK00N YOUR 1 MESSAGE,.. BUT HEPIPN'T. / PROMI5EP ME REMEMBER VOUl WON'T VOU I FIVE QUIP FOR TELL US WHV '(OU WftWf J ANY CLUE5 TO 70SEEHWV? T—^X '005TOLE MSCARl THE BORN LOSER By Art ALLEY OOP By V. T. Hwnlif NO PICTURE... JUST A LITTLE OL.' LIGHT/ YEH...POCSAIDA TELEVISION SET WOULDN'T WORK HERE IN MOO/ WHY NOT? WHAT'S THE / WO MATTER / TELECAST1N' WITH MOO? I STATIONS,. ...PROBW WONT BE FOR ANOIHERFEW MILLION YEARS.' THEN WHVP YOU BOTHER TO /I DUNNO, BRING IT? OOOLA,!.... HEY.' LOOK. 1 .' I'M GETTIN' SUMPIN! 11 K- OUT OUR WAY-By J. R. Williams / JUST TELL TH' f GUY IT'S A -57 I FORDWVOTOB^ _\ '54 CHEWY ^T TRANSNMSSION, I AN'—WHV, I'LU V GIVE VOU ALU TH'DOPE ON ! / WAIT/ YOU'RE I GOING TO X BE IN THE / CITV HAUL, ( OR I \NOU1_DNT VASK. you TO— NO .'NEVER AGAIN.' I'D SOONER MAKE OUT A JUNK. DEALER'S INCOME TAA THAN GET A LICENSE FOR HOT ROD MADE £ Z745 OUU BOARDING HOUSE—with Major Hooptt I.-DON V TCLA1(V\ CAUGHT TOO MAMV < PUNCHES, EOT LAST, MI6HT WHEMTHey TOWM CLOCK r*^ CHIMED HE- / "5WUNS AT TH£) , LAMPPOST / PUNCHY 16 A PISDFE5SIOMAL TRAINER, OORTI&EK LOOK TODAY"? THE MA30RTEU.SM& REAL PRO AS A CATCHER .' < THE OTHER HIM MOST POPULAR FINE NOWTHATHEHAS A PRDFE'&SIOUAU I I S I a i

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