Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 23, 1927 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 23, 1927
Page 6
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m INVADE SCOTT tlib nonce' lui>i^ov!t'Otd»x!uit^jf • "W«li." lie conWhnea,^ jfl kept writing atl theie letters and; tuid hek- t«rwrite a lectef to bej- father, making It seem like sh» was treated bad. She di'dn't seem to like thi» lOan and didn't want; to go with him and wao-ted to stay wIjA mo InKioad. but I couldn't 'do ; a tiling llki- (hat. ^Ve' had (» fn< tliiouBhwith the iilaiu*. Cramer Tooii (iM! That iiiRht, hi* nald. he Hurreiid- ert-d tlU' IlLtlf Kirl aKUin to the AuUreH' Uraroer ot- tti<* confeHHloii, 'U 'fih th« uudeptitaDd^ng .that tihe would bo returned^ to him .tht^ next day and then delivered to her father.- ' .Saiurday ,the inyBtorlouB Cramer eomo to Hiiikman's iipartment lug- ffiDg a sult«a»4 the r tonreiislon continuf'd. Cramer o[><^nea it and revealed the dls .-^ectNl body of. the , llCile girl, uiton str ^mg which 1 Manager Jimmy Plgg'a lola city ^ Hickman was "sure .surprised." baBketeerk will invate Fort Scott i' '.'He mid 'the police are already fora game Christmas Eve. in which i^usDicious of thi.s place,' and he Game Is Billed Sat^rday Niglit As Sekan Battle gYMMjgS TQBE BACK Addition of Center Will Aid,gquad in Its 1 I^ext Fray ' tmy are not only hoping bjut planning to bring back a victory. _i The team has not been able to get of^ to a good start this yeai- .said .she wa.s crying, and he tried to stop her or something like that, and he figured that the sarest wiy would be to go' ahead ana fix n that way, and for me to keep the povera. times it seemed a. th;u;h |-^^^^^^^ (they might get started but some-• j^^vous with I'arker); and if the thing has happened every time, stopped me before I could .Manager/Plgg stated this n^ornlng, rid of it, thev miglit look at t^the believes that he will be .suitcase and 'never stop to aSle to put |a better jeam up against j ,ho„ght that might ^WrtiBcott |lhan he has in any oth- 1 right" ' i ier game-thus far this season. .\t ^iJetermlned to Carrj On. -K ^'^f ^?^K^°''*^w'Vt"c'•r^„ : I The abductor here e.xpia>ned that *mt dispute since the ^ates Center g,„,.^ ^,^^3^, ^^d written Park, tkm. managed to crawl out, The ^ were clven themonev yort SC0tt>am is Only third tr<>m I J^.^f^'^'J^^^^^^^^ AfTERBOOl WITH CHAMP First Bout Will J Je With Sharkey-Hee ley Winner BOUT JANUAiR^ 13TH Tex RickarS" HoWeyer, Has Another Ifi^ht for Jack Soon ,\'ew Vork. Dec. 2.1 .flAP)—Jack nelaney, former world's light the bottom Iso lola Is hoping to get piit of the <ellar and tie up in per- c^tages w th some of the other teams.' : [ One of .Ibla's big problems was >^hat"to do for a center lately with j ''$ymmes absepcej' especially was j this noticeable In the Chanutn, Symmes. will probably be would be returned allTe, ana that since it was after that hour when he peered into the .snjicake and • saw the mutilated body, be; dettir- mlned to make the best of It. The youth's story of his fighi to escape the police was striking in its revelaUon 0/ brazenness. policemen will, her >ne- Tun' bwn next Joe for his ly on Wed- down for Square nday that • Lawrence, Kans.. Deo. 2.1. (AP) Small Kansas colleges apparently are jtrainlng camjw for football co^ihes of the largrt univt'r.>!itlen In tile Missouri Valky. , H.'w. r-niU") lilarglBS. who will leave the Kmporlii Teachers" CoU leipe to become coach at the I'lil- verslty of Kansas next fall, is the fourth man from a small KunsaH school to lissuTne responsibility for gridiron des^ilnles of a state university In the Valley. Gwliin Henry went to .Slis.souri from the College of Eniiwria several years ago. He was foUowed by; K. K. Renrg. who took command of the .N'ebraska squad after leaving" Washburn College of Topeka. Adrian Lindsey. coach at Oklar homa, used Bethany college of LIndsborg, as his "prep" .s<hool. These four universities make up j two-thirds of the "Big Six" conference which will be launched next fall. Thus Iowa State aiid the Kansas Aggies will be ttie only schools In the new circuit '\ without coaches from small Kan- ! sas colleges.' Hargiss. now 40 year old. has been coaching since h » graduation from the Emporia Teachers' College In 1009. He originated the huddle system of calling signals iadSorneVlKiK^a .ir'*''!'^^^^^ the'aSartment whereh'i^h.a match. I would like ,0 hr- aadlng of new itre to.tne t<din. j „i,.k„,a„ ^.^^ staying on finding k I '•a»K<' for Delaney to 4* Johnny , clue in the wr.apir.ngs around the I Hlsko-or Paulino. I torso. Four of ihemiemercd'his I ~,;,„„ \ j, V . , nxjm iind questioned llim. , aM.Iiig Whether he coijld fee as-: hea\ywelght champiqh. :cbiiie a'i contender for ney's . hea\TWeight cr [•inonth by Jockeyiiig into promoter Tex Rickard's eliminajtlon tourney. l-nder his new manlager, Jacobs, who-paid' $50,0)0 contract from Pete Rell nesday. Delaney is being primed for the winner of the J^ck.Shark- ey-Tom Heeney bout January 13 nt Madi»o|n Garden. RIokard reaffirmed Sharkey and Heeney wo ild mill an Kohediiled emphatically :ontradIct ing reports to the coptr try. "I don't know who'Is itirrlng up this stuff about: SI going through with his it Is all the hunk" R clarpil. "Sharkey has close touch with me and ^''J'"'"'"K- , : 1 , ! the imagination of . the ".Nothing has l>een: dOno In re-' - v ?^ ,„„^ „„„«.U4- gafd to Delaney mecHlng the vie- yOUth WhO WaS CaUght in tor of the Sharkey-Het ney affair, Pgndleton, Ore. Howe rer, before' 65 FOR MACK IS EASY ONE Aliunni atd School Caget Yearns lleet Wednesda^l double-h pader basketball-^am^ Is to be.plajed next Wednesilay evening, iii t^ie high .tchoolj ftyti with the high lege both me Both the h Athletic Manager Spend His Time by Fireside' CONNIE FEELS GREAT Says He is In for a Good Year in American . Next Season coaches will their nieii in night's game All. aUimnll school or Jui| ig. former Jij who will coa (AP)— of the League school and junior co(> feting theirhiluniiii. gh Kclioul iind rolli-};,. basketball "ini n will coino ^;ii(k uuh Wiir*^' started to wOrk Tue.iiliiy. 'Hu? be back. ihVii «h;!i)c 101 ih<- lii'X.! either of the liigj; ior college who wLsFi to play are t^ report to Kay Kocn CAGE IN BIG m TAKE RESTS With One Exception; All Are on Leave cf One Week MINNESOTA^IN FRAY nior 1) the Numbers (fontinuel from Pjijre One) I Tackles Notre Dame in a Game Tonight at Minneapolis Number2 arkey not , (Continued from PSa^re One) fight but i. "^in i ^^^^ police ^that the con- has start- ! federates existed only in but It Is possible. "About 200 detectives came up spired of fair play. The ojil y Ktop 1 maqe between at a serv- - (t^ontl-ed from Oney ri;;L =^^';;[a»'Sa ?i ! f-'!^^ Z^CL^^ Pendleton, chased such a car and « youth finally stepped out. : Hlckmtln calmly looked at the officers and said: , ., ^ , , "Wei! I eneH» Iff* all ovi«r'' , sinBing and playing lh^ phono- .1 . 1 R^Bh«l^.f.riv!X?oL,"Hlckman f"'''': The dei^tlve^ came l„ a"nd i ^'^^.^J.^^^^''^" : wa» Uken to a cell, where In the. "''""'"l "I'l «I"<1 "ot ext.ress 1 pre»enoe of Parker Branln; cor-' f">' •"'"'Diclon <.f me at expressi all. and "respondeat of the Associated Pres.s , and'the officers, he told his story.' . AU Pendleton, which is the center"'^" one of the' few regions llii|r ;Vhct6 the cowboy llv did ill the -dajts when lmpromp|i ^ttntice often-Was rendered, galhur> tlien I went out In the hail and>| Hickman elaborated briefly on, his confession given lnt( yesterday'"""""'^r on the forgery charge iked 'to "si 'veiVor eiehVor'n/^ h»"^^ '•^""""l "» ^Is di.^chorg.. u"lIv^H iriU fieles "Lnl ^Daddi" "'H-b««»' ''«'rry -W. " " h he oecu- assistant casJiier In charge of per It of lust sonnel. " 8e .ir<hed the apariment." " I | 'Hlckm.-tn i« one of the .most Slnils Freedom Bnce. The Rev. W. H. Robb mobile fromlitJi owner. F. B. Peck.: at the point'of a gun and .started! toward San Francisco, where he i btit Interruption. l.ffanted to Go fo .Sc*ooI. Hickman declared he had been nursing a deiJire to attend college In Kansas City, his recent home, :!jrhlle iiving the life of a bandit •. in. hos tAngeles. He had determined to get $1,000 .illegally or otherwise to-begin his higher educar "ilon. itiB employment at Parker's j ^ „ ., of the "man i bank .aa me*.enger '^P until iix.l ^^^^^^ J^L'Sap^^' th'^en wt" ' months ago hrought him wiUiln ^^^^.^ ^ ^ ^ ^« f^™- i'^'oi.pinR , suspicious characters Us. first offense ja^ forgerj. e^^.vwhrre. Several times Hick- TL ?n,iitml?n^ • •"-"cussed the case with those 6«m.the bank, /^e/nst'tution re-, .^^ ^^sed^pre-ei^ploi-himbuthe wasi ^^^^ San Prancisro. He was •Hickman . still looked ; spite his long night's slJep. was suppoi^ed to meet Crampr and ; ^"^'^^ P^"*"*^ Tom «;urdane|ine cnuu. uisinct auorneys om-; [•«' f' , divide tJie^l 500 ^ P»ard over tho ceVs pointed out, Hickman's own;|ng <?ay. ! "I was sto 'nned fhrPA t!mo= h» MiocV. in which Hickman is Plory still would be sufficient fort fore X got through and waToiiPr' permltte. a news- inrposlOon of the death penalty In UjJ.'^ Honed by oXImen and ?lrl ^ ""P^'""*^'^ » f*"*' r. sidenU of case of tonvlctlon. The California Eddie DwjCer |0 Moot wasn't one of them suspected me '« f^^^ mo: nen's visit Jaw provides that where two or Page On Topoka Card at all." Th« iiWiniinr nf fu^ [Witn tne prisoner. "° «- « « »~ Pendleton Gets Its Biggest Thrill when he was mebl>r for the Oregon Aggies. He fetua-ned from the Pacific Coast in 1920 to take over the athletic directorship of his jhas Just been se- 1 Philadelphia. Dec. 2.1. Connie Mack, manager Philadelphia^ American baseball team, celebrated his 6."ith , birthday anniversary today. He • 'he street.^ ih scurry, for lu-wspai devoted the day to wrapping P^rs. The eMra editions seemed tw .Christmas packages and enjoying ^^P'oile the naze of theories anij the fireside cheer. \ rumors currebt her^ for a week. Mr. Mack is the oldest baseball i ^'r. HeVberi |alma; mater. He lected to succeed pon. form^V .Michigan player, coa< h at Kansas. • - manager in either major league, \ ^" automobil^ Was u.sed by the Ividr and is the only one enrolled in the ' naper, and wjhose chirdfen wer ^i first year of the American the helm. His baseball ca-: leieplion^' call, declared 'thaj;! I in the naper, ana \\(Hose children wer<*! aftfr unUl nexf Thursday. IX'^^rS^^, ^.^^"^^^ Xobody could beat tbv Franklin C. Cap- reer started in the early eighties P'"-" '"t^ out ¥ the worry columu .ij "^""r or the Big Tei ttams — _i -.. !/iT. t\ia i«t.j o vn™. if-^i—1 ...M i Bven her .<>n'.s confes .sion jiriDt-«'' 'rted it. .nnd so'far none has lear- ; paijirs was hearsay.Jj en Xotre Dame, the South I en Jeiis Mr.s. Kva Hickman. -; ,„;,rVinp- nn v !,-wi <«r n^ri puts me out ifi the worry as on the lots of a New 'England vil- i lagft and he ha3 »been a manager if* mornin for years. 2S as pilot of the ! Athletics. He is the only manager the Athletics ever had and has in. effect, to f'U ju -st car tailed $07,925 while there was r*ei iiuo aua , i,„; Thj.,,^ I.ledged 125,3:10 additional. .\t least. brought .six American League pen- I a „,,,s^ t a j^^, 4ome of this reward cannot be paliti nants and three w^orld 's champion- ... until the convictlof of the slayer • gi,ip to Philadelphia, ot Marian Parker— whoever he may I xhe tall "leac prove to lie. Some of the donors j perfect health, favor paying the greater part of rhe reward to the Oregon ofljcera who made the daptnre, w^th a small part going to the Seattle clothier report of the pay- The tall "leader appears to be in i J""- Ore., chajrged'with the kidnap-| MLt-'wri -m 'wh« He say.<» ho never;and murfjer of .Marian Parker! ."r:™.!"- L. Mantz. whose .stol> rhicago. Dec. 23. (AP)—Slowing down for a j-est over the- fchrlst- nias week-end, the Big Ten basketball :snua(ls, with one exception, are on a week's leave. Minnesota tackles N'otre Dam? at Minijeapolis tonitht. in the last pre-pollday gam4, and hostilities are off tljere- 't be irne," sh Then awfn4 doubts assailed heri them from her mind... ssage of her belief iiii' him to the a^m. iu jail I marking up victories ove^ lowii '•'•"^''•ij and Northwestern. ment to him of one,of the |20 gold certificates of the ransom money j |;„"^;:;'j;,.-;,^; if opened the chase in the north\vest. • " ., . , . Parker felt better and is alreadj- laying -Angel^.s. plans for next .vear's American i , "^'""r mother; brothers and sis- League campaign. ters. .still heliWycin you," .'laid theKJ "I feel great.". he said. "I think .|ne.ssage.. "I^ truthful, and trust" l-wlll hit about ..-ilO next year. I !"/i^''- ^ 'i^ons to be with you. .,„ ,,„„^.. ,„ keep m the .300 cla.s."., any. f^^.P KJ^ard.s said for ine to 1 '"' "'^"'^> •'^r.-. 'Ce. The Gophers, in a ba&tkelAKiU ;! .«hinip for several years; ap lear to., ^ 5j be oil the upgrade now trni «r thjfr t J fudle-j ,„tpiage of their new coacl, Dave came from ;]the I iiiversity of Idaho to | ihcce^ HaroIiK Taylor. Oeorge Otternjestir one of the outstanding iliflne«ofa'| inrwards of last year, ha^ riitomed iio the game afl-r recoverlnlg from Police R^ords Of June ^Dunning hs; plausible liars in the world," the police •said ed around the huliang. .Not a sign,. The,; i^gan ^sTacrr.^^ fr^ «f the Firsf churth ^o? »en- Of violence appeared. The. of.l- jom Thif nieht \IZ .^"'•"''ton, lielll a brief pra; dri service that case, .eers-heard Hickman's story wlt^i-; ' "^^ ,„„k .he au^o" !"•'"•'"'an's cell this morning "But, even though the confession J^nfc'^es last .July and in .Voveinber " l^^l-T^ S".'?.! after Hickman had breakfast. of the former Sunday school youth been registered at the ^^^r- i\^^y\,^°lE\u^\^T i Ured, r.urdane the child, district attorney's offi-i ha<l r 'fP" -"'a" Diego Thanksgiv- I said. ' Tuesday morning Hickman -UOldi-up inan began. . HHIckman .then related that he ^^^^^ ^. name^^ badpckeduptheacquamtwicoof^ th^ pages of the morning • -Undrew,!Cramer' and a *oman ^^^^^^ the manrwanted. Fright- "^.1 i"*?^ ^'' K ^'"*- "^n'th! fll possible speed. Once in.north- Bald. be«i«ne his ^Partner in the (Jallfomia he s opped and took holdup g ^e and they ri^tded SM- ,„ tXboys who aided him In drlv- «^1 dm^ jtores in Los Angeles -^^ ^ Portland. From there he ia *>merof these forays Cramer^„„ti^„^ t^, Seattle, where the -orde^red;him. to get anaesthetics, passing of one ,ot the $20 bill* -he -4jd.'- FInaUy Cramer stiggest- the police ^n his trail and rAl -k^dnapIng as'.a way of making ^^^^ ^^n him down, inoney and Hickman declared he| „p 3^,, ^^.^ j,,,,^ r ©IdBtWant Rerenirel innv«/i ,,r:ni^X',' T"','": "\' Ku -Kea jn tne outer door of tho rReVenge for Parker's oppbslllon „,r^„""5u" ioil in an; effort to break in. but jhad boldly faced dozens of police! Pendleton, Ore., Dec. ts. (AP)— This city of the buckai oo, where cowboys stiil ;are cowb< ys, where the sombrero, is always in style, and pistols iti holsters ; re not an uncommon sight, got ^Its biggest thrill in years yesterday in the arrest of •William E. HIc [man, Los Angeles kidnaper. The last previous excitement of this magnitude was the murder of Sherj f Til Taj'- lor-in ajaii 'break six ytars ago. The Taylor tragedy st rred Pendleton and the cow country hereabouts to' the depths of feeling but when the slayers, were captured and brought back here, there wa.s only a slight manifestation of violence. Some of the more resolute kicked Jn the outer door of tho means while.' Hundreds of letters and t grams of congratulation were celved at the .Mack home an scores called in person to offer | congratulations. . i Working at top speed to capture the. two named accomplices—an ".\ndrew Cramer," : •;J a "June Dunning"—If they existed, police and sheriffs officers searched ali their records. Numerous "Cram- er.s" were found but officers de-, j^,, Angeles. Dk'. 23. (AP)—Po- clared none of thSm apparently , records here and in Phoenix,; fitted the case. Of the "June Dun- i ^^j^,. jodn.,. gave' authorities leads jHi&rh School Honor ning." they found no trace what- „ ,„j,ow lln their search for An-' _ - ^. <'*''*r. „....,. i ilrew Cramer and June Dunning. Police Are .Auspicious. Uamt^A v^terdry by William Ed- Police suspicions of Hickman s; Hickman In his confession of as Ina^sistury were based on what they de- ^y^^ Ulina dared was their experience wlth;j.|,(, him at the lime of his arrest last | j^pji^fj illas Jean hit .300 it ! ^^'^''v ' am pra.ving he will l,.t nie" yoii are good for a lon« r.fvmt-- to jou." ->ie-!Los Angeles Officers on Way kind In,off Seatt .'e the Un^venHty of lllinoi.s starjo a „hree gaiiie series against the University ol^Wash- ingion. next T; esday, but engagements in the home sector ^re not i reeiimi il until Tljursday, ivhtn Ch cigo takes on DePauW. ping of Marian Parker. fKesJof the police here re that a Jennie V. Dunning, Laughten, was listed a.'j wanted by S.tcramento police in February, |l!f21. Phoenix Hetedive known as «a'rajnento. Cal.. l)o(. 2:! t \i>,- •I.OS Angeles detective.s em'oule to<i iPem leton. Oiv.. to take <h:.rse of^ D „ T- . . , , ^V.Iliam ilickiiian. cnfe.ssed Roll Is Announced ''"''"•'"^r of M.uian rarker. l^s i . : Angeles «irl. Iclt here at Id o-.lock: The junior class of the senior : i"''",^'- Tlie party ivill leaVli I'ort- iiund at S;.-!;-, a ,„.. t..morrow nicrii- lilgh schol leads In students plac- ' Ing on the honor roll having ten i ?; ,, to the sophomore's nino and sen- . "P I'''"'y v.ert iors eight. Out of the total twenty-seven placing only fou boys could make the grade. , . police officials this ; Those making places oit the hon- j tnorning Informed the 1A)S Angeles h""'""" ^^"\"^ the second six weeks i ur !;•<• Jfafol'l ; K. r )av;.< llermaii-j pai (line, chief ol the .leterlive l.ureau.itat ij.'.eorge K. <liief ..f^tlir Tlie new toboggan slide al Banff, .Aihrri.n. is one of the finest la the whole (If Canada. The .slid* start» \ , iinm a "Oti-foot level on t le aide A. of Siilphur Mountain and d< spends l.'.ofr f,.,.t, tho swiftest gradf being per cent. bureau that a woman: V*'''*'- o''"!''nf' ^i^''^^ Anderson, _ June Dunning and also, ^f"" Coghill .Maxine Fleming, i detective who' handli^d : h M-s. Je.ine Farran had been re-' „ P ! norted to them as living in 1^,3 • taherine Fife, Louise M. Stamper, Vneo'es last .lulv and in XovPtnTier Wilson Coker, junniors, Lucile „^,^ Fern de-;were correct and that "Andrew if -haW 's^hotel"; Van D\^^^^^^^ vl^hL n^lf^'^I- \? r: 'Cramer" were the actual slayer of^^l'l Pendlpton. Ore., po'rfce that h^.-.^f^'ill' i":)!"^^.":.. police, and three Los Ahgelbs officers. ' Theri.' al«o were several newB- papermen as well as two -re iresen- ^tatives of the railroad con*] any in • party.. to JUs b«rfng paroled never entered I "uJ ^^rj^J^!"*^^ at him they were talke«l out of any iO* mind;-he declared He remem- S than 1 ^fJT l.^mchlng. ' •Bored .that .Marian had been Park-1 '""^'^ territory Thi« . I.„H I, " «Ks favorite daughter and declared , 1^ »l»o had In mind the daughter ot: "Mr. Hawes" the chief teller . TIJI^„ „ of the baiikc Hickman Has at- whlle all fh« fnrena 't?'*'",''"'i ThIs was cited by officers as in- sought hm ' '"^V-'ca^ng that there was no daWr . i of an outburst against Hickman. Resentment against the slaying of Marian Par|{er was voiced ' TAdaiittlng"ialling lIlUo Marian j PcaCCful Sleep ' from theischool room hy the ruse ,—ircaf of telUng authorities he was sent Pendleton, Ore., Dec. 23. (AP)—!_a ^'hy her father, Hickman said -Mar- Sleeping the <h<ep sleep as one un -|notc • iW got Ijito his car without qu*>»i- .troubled by couHclence. William K .I K tiotx and iiie drove her away. Hickman, I ..0S Angeles :kidnaper,,pca( -••We gqVwell and closely ac- slumbered on^his jail it-ot untU latCiin » fliflUnled and I really kind of liked I this morning. jbusi hi«i'^ he continued. j He stirred at dawn and a.okedlrror •Wr.'' he coiitinucd. ^"1 couWn't look her In tho face his gjiard the time.' Told It A *-as w^en Moid her she was kidnaped c.-.-lO tj. m.. he turned an.Vferfback sound sleep. - on all flldcs. however. A great throng gathered about tho jail, but the reason seemed to be plain curltislty —a desire tp get a glimpse of the notorious fugitive.' mblemntic of the season ot , peace and' good will, there stands each street Intersection of the , business dtst;-lct of Pendleton a dawn and a.okedlprent Christmas tree laden with multi-colored llshts. nooni Ame for t|. .a»_though nothing had happenetl. into a Vrhea I told her nothing had real-1 OiitMde the streets ,were quiet ly • hapipened to her father, she ! A feathery snowfall had whlfenc<l, illdii't worry or scream or aiiy-: sidewalks .ind pavements, few per-i thing.! sons were abroad, and news ,boys"r , Topeka. C}: : Took ItlCalmly. 'cries alone broke the stillness. Iii' ;*;She^.took It calm as could be. the jail corridor half a dozen mei^j ahd 1 rtbld-her she could realize | lounged. • itj g<A caught what I would have! Hickman's guards were jfright^ ; .l<j;8aff€r aad I would have to tie'ened in the early morning' hours • l»^r pose and tie her mouth'so she when jone of them reported that he Topeka Papers Sell Many Extras Dec. 23. — .. i .cj. fjutr 01 liifin reporiea mat he couWn't ihake any noise, and she jhad watched the prisoner for two -iwkid. 'Pleaiise dOH ,'t do it; I wlllso'-id hours without observing a . p*Omts.e nOi-' to make any noise.' so movement cr even liearing a breath. I idldn't tie her. and we drove Fedring he might possibly have around all that afternoon an^ went' taken some concealed drug, they tOjla show that night—the Rialto roiwed him enough to determine he •nieater in Alhambra—end sheiwa: alive, p. iB^'t do anything or say anything They then combetl through his mttdif and I really didiilt Intend to !ma s of hair to make sure that he do;: her any harm, and here -is' hae^ secreted'no pill there.'Hick- where the other man's part of it man Wa:^ roused for breakfast at played In.; S:!.";. He said he was hungijy. His I was to have the hiding place meal consisted of egg sandwichesi of "-the girl and to keep her quiet-and coffee which he consumed with as^-.l was supposed, to get thelapparent relish. • I money. Wanted utue Money. ,! Hickmain Demes•^e only wanted tvro or three .^.-j^- jjupdred dollars out of the fifteen Offers to Surrender ^ htindised. He said he didn 't want , , 'mBChVm'ohey anyway.. He seemed i Pendleton. Ore.. Dec. 23. (AP>— ^ -tto^llk^ tho Idea of. ktOnavlng the William Edward Hickman held -^girJ iiJd Voiding h&RrirtHer than here for the kidnaping of Marian *" gfettlng the money. Thnr »«»y night | Parker. 12 -ycar -oli (l I ..0S Angeles •-afwr the^ow, I met thlg man and ?irl, who was 'hrutally slain, held .jhe-'loolk her in charge.. The next <^^^,^ saw her—that wa« Friday H Hlclkman itoM how he had Ihe ransom letters which •tht^tgned'.death to,the HtUe girl 'brief audience in the city Jail this mornliig. ^ To the Associated Press he madc^empbatlc denial that' he had written a letter to the chief of pollpo of Seattle, saying that.he was thinking of mirrendering and (AP)-rMore th:^ lb",700 "extras" carrying the Associated Press reports ot the capture of 'Wllliam Edward Hickman, confessed kidnaper of Marian Parker, were sold ' late yesterday and last night by Topeka newspapers. A new record for all time was set by the Topeka State Journal when sales of its two extras reach- od 11.000, surpassiAg the old high mark of 7.100 for the last Tunney- Dempse.v fight extra. . Sales' of later jextras and street editions- of the Topeka Daily Capital, carrying fhe full reports of Hii-kman's captiire and his confession, were placed at 5,700. The world's record for the woman's ski jump is 84 feet established by Miss isobel Conrsler at Revelstoke in 1922. Sphinx doe.s not indicate inscrutable reserve. a.s is commonly thought, but means Strangler, which the fabled monster was. * The tlltitude record for aero­ planes Is 36,220 feet set up by the Frenchman. Lecolnte. The new Texas Hockey League la reported to be meeting with much lucceasj law provides that where two or more persons enter into an unlaws ful. act. resiiltlng in the death of another person, each may be found equall.v guilty of murder. I In an hour and two minutes last night .the. county grand jury in-, ^ dict'ed Hickman on charges of mur- ; der; and kidnaping with Intent to extort money. He was o'rdered held without bail and the indictment and other papery necessary for an extradition request were dispatched to Governor Young at Sacramento. Officers to Oregon. Representatives both ofl the poj- lice department and the district attorney's office left for Oregon to speed the return of Hickman to face trial. The police officers intended to subject the accused man to a cross examination which they predicted would break down some parts of his first statement They regarded as significant that In the confession the accused slayer, while declaring that he planne^l the kidnaping with "Cramer," said h<' had • no knowledge of where his r.ccomplice lived and nt nO time knew how to get In touch with him except "by means of prearranged meetings. The Los Angeles investigators also, were skeptical of that vart of the confession in which Hickman declared that Cramer, whom he accused ot being the actual slayer of the girl, waa to get only $200 or $300 for his part in the affair. The fact that 11400 of the |1500 ransom money was on Hickman's person and an additional 960 had been accounted for as spent by Hickman was said to show he bad shared the money liith no onei A point named by Los Angeles officers as the "hole" in the confession of Hickman is his reported statement, that he first considered kidnaping' the daughter of '•Mr. i Haves," chief teller of, the First 1 National bank. Harry Hovls is chief teller, but he. has no children. Seeks Alibi? Th" police believe that Hickman tlirew the.Hovis angle into his confession to attempt to disprove the revenge motive which the qfflcers have.held was at the root lot the kidnaping and slaying, the ichlld's I father In his official capacity at l the bank having protested the probation of Hickman at the tlhie the youth pleaded guilty to forgery last summer. ' Before leaving for Oregon last night at the head of the group of police officers who intend to bring Hickman back to trial. Chief of Detectives Herman Cllne declared his belief that Hickman had no accomplices )n the slaying of Mar- Ian Parker. "If he did it will be amazing to | me." he said. Police Captain- Taylor expressed the,opinion that Hickman-was attempting to "alibi himself" in confession. The huge reward—amonnting Jn cash and pledged sums to more than ISOtOOO—today was eyed hiin- grUy and expectantly by many of the persons who had a part In the pursuit and capture of the accused fFox," Tp». easb palfl into the fond to- jBillbe. Adelaine Raid, Ruth Adams, .luanita Taylor; sophomores. Paul- ! ine McKlnney. Margaret Jones.' Russell Goes. C—lara Heldebrant. '> .Vettle McKee. Hilda KuehnI, Ruth ; Hoerning, Grace Caldwell, Frances Smith. Topeka. Dec; 23.. (APf—Eddie bwyer. of Hutchinson, and Walter jPage. Dodge City, will appear In the 10-rouhd main event of a box- A new honor has come to Joseph 'M. Wells, of Xewell. W. Va., former Ohio amateur golf cham- j pion. He has just •'been elected; exhibition here Monday after-! president of the I'nlted States Pot- i under the auspices of the j tens' Association, composed of all ; rican. Legion. 12 rounds. The card calls general ware manufacturers North America. KHRIStMAS WISH As! it vvaJj with the Shepherds on the occasion of the first Christmas, so may it be with you and yours at this Anniversaiy of the Great Day, a time of Deace, Glad Tidings and General Rejoicing.. ADAMS &HESSER MORTUARY j • This brings,from us a hearty .wish And a friendly greeting \ rue. The best of health, - Ajid the best of luek, Is qtir Christmas thought for .you. Nathan Leffl^r JEYELE.R

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