The Ludington Daily News from Ludington, Michigan on October 2, 1939 · Page 2
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The Ludington Daily News from Ludington, Michigan · Page 2

Ludington, Michigan
Issue Date:
Monday, October 2, 1939
Page 2
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PAGE TWO THE DAILY NEWS—LUDINGTON, MICHIGAN. MONDAY, OCT. 2, 1939. IH' fr' ^SOCIETY Arrangements Are in Progress for Rummage Sale and Festival, Oct. 13 and 14 A review of activities of the Ludington Townsend organizations during the past week Local Amusements Bibles. The board of trustees of the Community church will meet at 7:30 p. m. at the parsonage. There will be an evening service at 7:45 p. m. at the Pentecostal Assembly of God. The Young People of Bethany .me luung jrcupie t.-i •Dctiia.u.y j Lutheran church will meet at!CCC Camp Stronach in North 0 - — ! CONSIDERABLE IMPROVEMENT MADE AT CCC CAMP STRONACH FREESOIL—Considerable im-| grounds has been provement has been made at ' "-' J ~" J o p. in, Freesoil in the past month. £J . Ill, | * * ^VrffcJV-"** »i» lf«.A^. £Sl*i Concordia Aid society No. 33 Underbrush on will hold its regular meeting at the camp trees trimmed and removed, buildings painted. Concrete walks Have been laid to considerable extent, 'but are not yet complete. Enrollees, who lived in tents all during the razing of Camp LYRIC THEATER— 7:30 p. m. at St. John's school. I 'all during the razing of Camp All members are urged to be De given at 8 p. m. at Gray Freesoil and the construction r,, ot fiii- v,-, Q of i,,,, l hall. The address will be by! of Camp Stronach, moved into l present at this meeting !imn. me UUUICBS win ue uy IQI uamp oirunacii, muve | The Southeast division ofi Ma -j- c - Douglas Booth on the!their barracks Aug. 12. i",; First Methodist church will :t PP ic "The_ Influence of Avia-| Lieutenant Hilt, who Presents "The Rains Came",; First Methodist ^muii W m ..•--- — T -. -.-«— starring Myrna Loy, Tyrone | sponsor a chop suey supper in > tlon on International Power and George Brent with I Gray hall. Serving will begin at was Brenda Joyce, Nigel Bruce, Ma-| 5:30'p. m. . The La <»es Aid of Washing-|been replace ria Ouspenskaya, Mary Nash,! WEDNESDAY—There will be iK\ A YS nu ! ?^ pntlst church wil1 ; s - Bra ,i lcn Joseph Schildkraut, Jane Dar-i a regular meeting of the Lake- ! b , e n ^ ld a L 2:30 _P-._ m -_ a . t the |though he : well, Marjorle Rambeau, Henry, view Bunco clu'b at 8 p. m. at Rela- commanding officer at Camp ] Stronach for a month, has , Travers and H. B. Warner. — OSSAWALD CRUMB TAPROOM Dancing. ' shows a full social and instructive calendar, officers of the club reported. _ On ySSundajd Sept. 24,£Robert I OLD HICKORY INN— Z, Adams of Los Angeles, Calif., organizer r of Townsend clubs, , . . I the home of Mrs. Herbert Engfer. North William street. The prayer meetin and Bible study service An°lo-Saxon of the '.'*»-'• j KJ'l/l UllCl^H i\Ji CH. lAllf.ll Ui.l f 11CL O The Ladies^ Aid of Washing- ibeen _replaced by Captain G. 'L of Minnesota,, .. ... .... a ._ -- is a native of Ar-; Mrs. O. W. Johnson'kansas. Lieutenant William hostess and will intro- Pieper is his assistant officer i the guest speaker. Mrs.) and Lieutenant C. Caslro is ' Astakoff, Russian 'Chris- medical officer and camp sur"* geon, replacing Lieutenant Nel- , son, who had been with the Dancing. of the Ninth congressional district. During the course of i Dancing, this meeting, held at head- j quarters, A. N. Clough was TODD-L-INN elected chairman of the congressional district organization, Dancing the Trailblazers. Townsend club No. 2, the Junior organization, reconvened on Tuesday evening, after the summer holidav." The meeting, which was held at the Moose lodge ballroom, included a delightful dance and social evening. ..._ refugee. A public service will be held,— „ ~^> , ^ held "at Tp" m"~at7he"home of ^ 7:45 p ' m - at .Washington I camp for the past five years. | Mr and Mrs 'Terrel of "?nqi/ > Avenue Baptist church to pre- lAraos Washington, educational 1 East Dowland street Everv ;sent Mr ' and M . rs ' N - L Saloff- | advisor, and Mr. Shaw, assist- (2£ic 8 e WelCO ™ t0 attend ^tfif'anfS^^ program, LAKE SHORE ™NI^TheJgmuaTsupper .and rally | atA7 ^- -vice w^be^eld whlch^waj tatcgte^ during Royal Neighbors of America - odist churcn - I c a ' n P- has . bg en skeletenized, , will be held at 6:30 p. m at i The Salvation Army will hold j but b , e § an in f » n operation , the I. O. O. F. hall. If any j an Evangelistic service at 7:30 |° ct - l - 1 member wishes information re- |P- m. j An Eighth grade class grad- ' garding the supper, she is ask- The Ladies' Aid of Bethanv ! uateci l! 1 September and was ° H to call Mrs. C. J. Lemire, Methodist church will meet ' "'""" .* •» -- . j telephone 635-R. di P lomas informally. Enrollment to Be 206 Tner ^ were I 88 enrollees in The regular meeting of club No. 1 was held on Thursday evening, at which time the members enjoyed hearing a book review of the well known "Looking Backward" by Edward Bellamy, given by .Mrs. Grace Tillson Smith. Clever- l . --- — 2:30 p. m. at the home of Mrs i , -„- — ,;-The regular meeting of the j Hans I. Hansen South Wash- There were 188 enrollees in I Ludington Amateur Radio as- iington avenue Co-hostesses Camp Stronach on Friday,! sociation will be held at 7:30 j Mrs. Eugene Matson and Mrs Sept 29. Twenty-five were dis-j p. in. in room 24, Ludington i John Erickson ' charged on Saturday. Re- high school. - i FRIDAY—The Parent-Teach Placements will arrive Oat. 10! The mid-week service of the er association of Lakpvipw to 12 ' to brm i tne enrollment i (Church of Nazarene will be school will meet at m n m of U P to 206 - I TODAY: The Ludington PT-iheW at 7:30 p.m. the school •building; instead of fn ' p "" st ""- H SOCIAL CALENDAR I Construction work is still I is high. The enrollees are an excellent group of men and are very co-operative, he says. Captain Branch is glad to weh\me visitors at -the camp at any time during the day and is pleased to have persons take an interest in the camp and learn its principles and objectives. An outstanding impression at Camp Stronach is its excellent system, extreme neatness and order. Fall tree planting began Sept. 25 and will continue until Nov. 1. Two crews of 20 men each are engaged in planting. One crew will plant 7,000 trees per day. The road leading east and north from US-31 to Camp Stronach is in good condition. Construction work on the road leading north of the camp is under way. THE YIARK.ETS (Additional Markets on Page 3) LOCAL, iu/\KK*rrs Light red kidney benns ... *2 7S Dark red kidney benns ____ t300 Dark cranberry beans ...... JP'SO Light, cranberry beans ........ "t2SO White pea beans ..... ... onn Yelloweye beans ......... ......... .075 Poultry ...... Leghorn hens, 3 Ibs. and UD lie- Heavy hens ............ ...... tip Plymouth Rock springers ...... under 4 Ibs ............. i 7r Plymouth Rock springers ..... Colored springers ..... ic. 4 Ibs. and up ........... i.'.".'.'.'.'.'.'." ilTc G ral n ShelleJ coru, cwt ........ •in-; Rye. cwt ............ ........ V.V" asc Oats, cwt ............ ' t ,2£ Wheat, cwt .............. .^" Produce EggB .......................... Hides umphs, few, 1.40; Ind. Bliss Triumphs, few, 2. Detroit Livestock (Quotations In Dollars and Cents) DETROIT, Oct. 2.—(/P)—Cattle—Receipts 2,000; market slow on cows, steady on all other grades; good to choice yearlings, 9.75-11,25; fair to good yearlings, 8.50-9.75; good to choice heavy steers, 9.50-10.50;. fair to good heavy steers, 8.50-9.50; common butcher cattle, 5.506.50; canner and cutter cows, 3.50-5.50; best butcher and heavy bologna bulls, 7.25-.50; milkers and springers, 50-80. Calves—Receipts 900; market, .50 lower; best, 12.50; fair to good. 11-12; seconds, 10-11; culls and common, 5-9.50. I Sheep and lambs—Receipts 2,000; mar- j ket steady; best lambs, 9.75; heavy fat .sheep, 2-.50; culls and common, 1.50-2. ! Hogs—Market not established. Previous, 7.55 for mixed hogs downward to 6.25 for roughs. Detroit Poultry (Quotations In Cents) DETROIT, Oct. 2.—(/P)—Poultry- Market steady; hens, 5 Ibs. over, 16; me- 'rt'um hens. 14; leshorn hens. 3 Ibs. up. i 11; cocks, 8 and 10; Rock springers, 16; colored springers. 14: leghorn springers, 114; hen turkeys, 10 Ibs. up, 20; torn tur- k vs. 15 Ibs. up, 18; ducks, white, 5 Ibs. up, 13; rabbits, 9. Detroit Dairy (Quotations In Cents) DETROIT. Oct. 2.—(#>)—Butter—Best creamery In tubs. 26 1 /4-27 1 /4. | Eggs—Current receipts, le 3 ^; dirties. 14; checks. J3',i. Chicago Poultry (Quotations In Cents) CHTCAQO. Oct. 2.—(/P)—Poultry—Re- I celpts live. 51 trucks; market steady; I hens, 4li Ibs. up, IS',-,; under 4>i Ibs., 13: leghorn hens. 10'i; broilers. 2'/2 Ibs. and under, colored, IS 1 ^; Plymouth Rock. 18: White Rock. 18; leghorn broilers. 2 Ibs. and under, 14 \' 3 ; leghorn springs, over 2 Ibs., 111.!,; springs, 4 Ibs. up. colored. 12'i; Plymouth Rock, 15; CHICAGC celpts 990,9 ery-93 scor 190, 261/2: 89 ' carlots, 26', EggB—Re fresh grade 21; firsts U , recelp standii 4; under 4 Ibs. colored., 13; ok, IS'i; White Rock.j'14; :kens, 11; roosters, 11; IBK- , 10',!.; ducks, 4Va Ibs. up hlte, 13; small colored 910; geese, old, 13, young, White Rock, Plymouth Re bareback chli horn roosters colored, 13; v small whit 13; turkeys, totns, 16; hens, 17. pts. 16>i; re ards, 1/7'/ 4 ; fi Chicago Dairy notations in Cents) Oct. 2.—(/P)—Butter—Re- 6; market unsettled; cream- 29>'4-%; 92, 283,4; 91, 271/4: 25; 88, 241/a; 90 centralized tlpts 4,019; market firm; , extra firsts local, 20: cars, al, \8\\; cars, 18i/ a ; current '; refrigerator extras, 1714; '4; firsts, 161/2. *—*—#—f*- * * 19e 19C 4C TUUAX: Tne juucungion n- neia at 7:3U p. m. the school builriinp- in^Ari nf ;,-' Construction work is still I A council will meet at 7:30 p. m. There will be a testimony I the evening as was nrpvJniis;iv lunder way at tne cam P and > at the Foster school building. i meeting at 8 p. m. in the First i planned pie\iousiy j W ju no t be completed before j . . . Ludingtcn Study club will i Church of Christ, Scientist. The Eoworth PSCTI meet at the home of Mrs. Floyd i A mid-week prayer service any Methodist church Fitch in Hamlin. The program, will be held at 7:30 p. m. at w in include a discussion of the ; First Methodist church. plans for the coming year and i . ^he Northeast division of Methodist church will nf POM-, N ° V - wiVnrp" ! T ' M ' Holt ' camp su P erin ten- sent a musical at 7-45 nm ' dent who has been a cting at the church 'ranger at Cadillac for a few Saginaw Beans (Quotations In Dollars and Cents) SAGINAW. Mich.. Oct. 2.-</P)_Mlch- igan Bean Shippers' Association Monday prices: Hnndpicked pea beans per cwt.. 2.75; h;indplckcd red kidneys light. 4: dark. 4; handplcked yelloweyes, 3; handplcked cholc» recleaned cran- berrlts. light. 2.50; dark, 2. .-.tuvsi. .ijucuii wiiiiun. i^icvci- i a j so several impromptu book re- • •"••n^ ivictnuuisi, cnurcn wm at 8 i ]y personalizing the characters, views> The hostess committee 1 meet at 2:30 p. m. at the home 'nue 1 Mrs. Smith brought to her lis-| consists of Mrs. Harry Smith,:of Mrs. Alton C. Granger., 901 | The teners a t.norouen iindfirst,ann- »».._ r^-* »»--.»_~4._.. i »»,.!- .F.ast. T.nriincrtnn a iron no /-<~ n u..««i at the church. Choir practice will at 8 p. m. at Baptist Camp - onsis of Mrs Harry m,: . ranger, e choir of Evan-eh>al FPPP th^c ? Ugh -t Und K rS l and -; Mrs. Thomas McMaster and Mrs. -East Ludington avenue. Co- church will reheSse s at 730 this favorite book, it .hostesses will be Mrs Perr m ^ncaiae at, t.6(] ing of this favorite book, it p it ^ h was reported. ' v£» On Saturday afternoon the ! i ladies' auxiliary of the club hostesses will be Mrs Perry IP m m eetin°- of! Avers - Mrs - H - E. Waites, Mrs.! The choir nf thP 2 «9 Veterans ! Thomas McMaster and Mrs lity church wm rnPPt ' 9 ' ' William H. Cuthbert """ ! weeks, will return to j Stronach on Oct. 16. i The . recreational hall at choir of Evan^elt-al FPPP ! C , am ? stron .^h is being com,T,iii -^.-r" 11 ^ 1 V!:? ' uletely rebuilt inside and will ihiars 7 p m ' P ' - R a n auxy am . uerson. hars met at headquarters to make ° rin be rf e w at 8 am at wfn-' The Fourth Ward division of 'church !£L a £«SS« a it!L?«*^,°n|aiil-a- atP ' °™ M ^° 0 ^ m Church wlllj An evening service 2 ' 30 p - m - at the home 'held at 7:45 n m at Elmer Nelso "- 305 S ^ tecostal Assemb' of arrangements for the organiza tion's fall festival and also for a rummage be held on Friday and Saturday. Oct. 13 and 14. The ladies of the club requested that any person having donations for the sale will either bring them to head- oh idtoeD. A EJertion of ; hld a?tlS 11 i3T*TT TTiPpt'ino* . I rr^i . ' lie COO1I* 01 ^jPLnfl^v IV^PtVi llldiyiJ.iCCUlIini I T^H O Wl 1^*lT/H-l1»- n«m r*. " 1 \ J • A. i •*-^V UAidJ I V 1VIC (j I i "* I lidinp-tnn Bpta Psi nf Bpta' • mid-week player and iodist chxirch will rehearsp nf .Luaingipn eeia rai 01 Beid.p raise service and gjbie studv 7'30 D m at tho nh, i, Oi rrm a P Vil wn 11 wi opt or 7 fif 1 l" % f*K'.r TTT i »* *-« j—fi i->*\_- ouuwj' i * , >j\j ^j, in. dt LflP ClllJI'Pn t^tS ™&tel Btel™ \&*£^^ $&"* ? a4 ? tisntintC7h0ir rehears ^ will be held! There will be a meeting of>«, A %\[ a lJ.U 4 .? P; :Q 1 7 _,?- m : at Bethany Luther- 1 equipped with piano and : other conveniences for pleasur- " able recreation - Athletic sports ; wil1 be a feature of the w » nfcer < Program. Arrangements will will be . the' boS^'m tne Doxmg teams who is " o at tnc ' , —-*»-e w-.*^*** uvi **w.c*,w- f-,, .,, , . -^ij.ui.L,ii W4ii uc nciu ciL * fin n 'at / n m quarters or contact members of There will be a meeting oi' m . At this time, the study of an church the club by calling telephone Crystal lodge No. 159, Indepen-i t he gospel of Matthew will be I The worn 656-J or 1009. i dent Order of Odd Fellows. at : tntpn n^ -.,,...,. wu , ul * * * Cottage Is Scene of Gay Evening Event ^^ | V- » ^iiiiif, iii UAAVx \-/Uill.ili WilAUJ i -•" —. **lAt WAV* AJCAi Q\J41 Will JJCl VtJ ' L'll'CJ^* 2 Of S^ T' I churchhouse. Each person is!charge of the program. Mrs. ; -hurcrT will mppf "Meadow Lark Place," delight- asked to bring her own table ; Harold Lohner is hostess of the ful summer home of Mrs. Anna service. jthe meeting. ; 297 Knight at Linlook park was the j The furnace canvass of First! The J ^ i dmirit < on. t . section, oLL. scene Sunday evening of a gay I Methodist church will meet at: tne Teen's club of the Corn- social PVPnintr Fiuon Vnr tVio 7-1?i n m in tho ^hiirr-Vi nffipo munity ChUl'Ch will mp^f. of ordofddtowsat a ke ^^ 01 the 1%°™^ t0night ' in the ' The Wome "'s society of the i mage • sate It 9 1.0.0 J hall. Community church will meet Ichurchhouse Members of the Luumgton at 2:30 p. m. at the church- ! friends who have Girl Scout council, troop leaders j house. The Mary and Martha i for the sale are a n and members of troop commit- j circle will be in charge of this i either the church off ?PP e - me - - — .— o to hold ! an official opening at the : ; camp in November^ weather tees are urged to attend the sup-, meeting. Mrs. Geocifi Kribs i phone 682 or per to be given at 6 o'clock this < will lead the devotionals and ; Keene telenhonp evening in the Community! Mrs. _ Harold t Larson will have! Circle 2 of St. John"s Lutheran The. camo. which has been Providing its own power and i ghtS ' WaS h °° ked up to Con - : Burners power lines on Friday, 'W' 29 '.- The cam P is now : ^ ! rully " et)Ulp P ed with telephone Detroit Produce (Quotations In Dollars and Cents) DETROIT. Mich.. Oct. 2.—<,TV-(United Stntcs Dtpartment of Agriculture.)— Gr.ipps—Mlrh. Concords. 12 qt. baskets .30: 4 qt. baskets. .10. Applp=—Mich. bu. baskets and eastern crates U. S. No. !. 1";, In. mln. D=- llclous. 1-1.25; Greenings. .60-.75; fair (|\ia!lty. .qo-.50: Hubbafd«tons 40- 50- .'inathnir. .6.1-.95; Mclntosh. .63-85' quality. .40-.60; Snows. 60-75- Wenlthys. .25-.4S; Wolf Rivers. .35-.50.' Celery—Mich, bunches dozens medium. .20; larce. .23-.2S; Mammoth 35 Onions—Mich. 50 Ib. Hacks yellows U S. No. 1 medium size. .50- 60' large 70.85: whito wax. .60. Prars— N. Y. bu. baskets Bartletts U S. No. 1. 1.40-1.05. otators—if.o Ib. sacks U. S No I- Ida Russet Btirbnnks. 1.90-2: few brat 215- small. 1.75: Mich. Round Whites 125!.40: Chlppewns. 1.40-1.50; Bliss Trl- Japanese soldiers eat rice and fish, which cost approximately only nine cents a meal. INSURE YOUR EFFORTS Your most valuable ass:t can never be replaced unless insured with full coverage Lifetime disability protection. MUTUAL BENEFIT H. *.A., UNITED BENEFIT LIFE GIVES YOU THIS PROTECTION. OLD LINE, LEGAL RESERVE J. WESLEY BALTZER LUDINGTON, MICH. 210 N. James St. Phone 6*6 RUMMAGE SALE Gifven by the ? Junior Ladies' Aid 4 of the I Emanuel Lutheran Church. 7T # Wednesday, Oct. 4. I * Johnson Bldg. i S. James St. I *—#—*—*—* — *—*—#—#— * f * * PENIWATER THEATRE TONIGHT AND TUESDAY Elbert ! service. •., Maor Visit Camp Herbert of Chicago, social evening, given by the 7:15 p. m. in the. church office. Bethany Methodist church will! Mid-week service of Bethany meet at 8 p. m. in the church! ^ et ^ lst church will be held n p ' — *- —-•«» MT^X*. **«.*!-,, t3** ^•AA *^J UA1C t • *. t/ JJ. ^li. ill WAl^ Vr^ALAt-^'14. \_»1 ill-'V- . -_ _ _ " ..--» &«.KV>,W C4.V members" of the choir of First The finance' committee of' 7: ^° P- m - at the churchhouse. Methodist church. j Bethany Methodist church will' ' ' A social hour was enloyed and llleet a t 8 p. m. in the church! later delicious refreshments parlors. were served by a committee con- There will 1 sisting of Mrs. F. E. Gilbert, Mrs. meeting at i.ou p. m. mi Thp Art ,, rnnf , m f . . E. H. Fortune, Miss Catherine ' Bethany Lutheran church. ^neActuU Confirmation class Hansen, Miss Margaret Gilbert! TUESDAY: The Ludingtonj"L Ir _f. ie and Miss Doris Olmstead. The j Junior Townsend club will hold I o t the committee in charge of enter-I a meeting and dance at 8 p. m. in A mpptino-nT"^*, K^n^^ f tainment for the evening' in-i the Moose lodge rooms. dirU^r, ^vL f rd «°J eluded Mr. and Mrs. Dan V.! The Extension club of Exst 0^ ^ri K ^n° n c ,° un . ty Red Dewey and Arthur Dewey. I Riverton will meet at the homej pCpnina nf I ™ -°^ 7 ednfes ^y Those present were Rev. and I of Mrs. Steve Darke. Members! p/ ri r rp5 o ' n >£ at tl ? e Mrs. C. E. Pollock, Mr. and Mrs. are asked to be in attendance - C/ross loom in the court F. E. Gilbert, Mr. and Mrs. L. A. early. Light refreshments will Farrington, Mr. and Mrs. D. V. i be served after the meeting. 01 Evan(? PiiP n i ? eW H y \F- ^ nt l Mrs< Leonard ' Th e Summit Community meet at 2 30 T-airn A/JVo T? v TrnT-tiino n^ioo , m_« i m __ _., , „ JIICCL au ^.ou mee . t at 10 Parlors deputy chief of the staff of 'S. if he Sixth Corp area; Major [McCreight, district command- ' ider and Major White, district' 1 -1 executive officer of Battle ' a.i Creek, have recently visited : Camp Stronach. j Captain Branch, who arriv- ' ed on Aug. 29 to take charge i 10 a. m. of the camp, states that he finds the morale in the camp HOMOGENIZED Soft Curd Milk Will Not Form Top Scum When Heated. Cream in Every Drop The Park Dairy Phone 55 We Deliver "HELLO MR. VORCE—Will you please send us up a ton of either SILVER BELL or POCAHONTAS COAL Last year we found by trial and error that either of these coals gave us the most for the money. YOU TOO CAN SAVE MONEY If you burn these coals. PHONE 181 L. E. Vorce & Son . . Laird, Mrs. EH Fortune, Miss i Farm bureau will meet at 8 p. m. Mignonette Lillevich, Miss Thel- j at the home of Mr. and Mrs. ma Gilbert, Miss Catherine Han- George Towns in Pere Mar- S&, 01ms *l ad '. M J?? 9 ue " e township. A large at- house. THURSDAY—The Ladies' « M14 Evangelical Free church will p. m. in the i tendMce"ii-dMWV"*etectron ntag' at of officers will be held. church ' * * * church parlors. Mrs. Joseph Anderson will be hostess. A prayer service and Bible study will be held in the eve- Evangelical Free Two Are Chosen As Delegates to Rebekah Assembly | Plans for attending -the Re-! bekah assembly, to be held at! Grand Rapids on Oct. 16, 17 and j 18. were made at the recent! meeting of Ludington lodge! No. 87. Rebekahs. Mrs. William i Anderson was appointed as first! 3 D. m. at the Morse, avenue. The monthly The Southeast division of H. FOR v *»*» «• • , official u board - - The Mary and Martha circle of the Community church will meet at 7:30 p. m. at the home of Mrs. H. L Parrott. Mrs. David McCarthy will act as co-hostess and Miss Xenia Mason will start the Bible class. All members are reminded to bring their Ludington avenue. The First meet of Mrs. James Fisher, 504 Nort'h Gaylord avenue. A report on the fair concession will be given. The second lecture of the Institute of International Understanding series, sponsored by Ludington Rotary club, will and Mrs. Earl Parker, second. After the routine business meeting, six tables of pinochle Were played with first prize being won by Mrs. Raymond Brockhaus and lew by Mrs. Fred Adams. At this time a lovely collective gift was also presented s to Mrs. Brockhaus. The mystery , package for the evening was awarded to Mrs. Ben Anderson. At the close of the evening, re- fre&hments were serve* by a -committee consisting of Mrs. " Henry Melsenheimer, Mrs. Floyd Timmons and Mrs. Arthur Wal• ters, headed by Mrs. Nettle Oarlock. The next meeting of the lodge Will be held on Wednesday eve- Oct. U, at 7:30 o'clock. ,VVWV.V.V.%VV^.%VWS,VWVV 1 .VVV i . Si Sponsor a Dancing Party , ,, T , CT — Townsend (Will sponsor a second danc- "Tfty^U Tuesday evening, ,M the Moose lodge foall- t has been announced, lal invitation is extend- 14)1 fleers of ttoe club .to persons who wish atter 'informed on national WIN freedom and happiness! Get our high powered team on your side and watch your laundry worries vanish. And you're the captain—tell us just what you want done. Your job is done then ... no more youth-wrecking home washing toil for you. It's economical, and our work is better and more sanitary than home washing. STAET USING ONE OF OUE FINE LAUNDRY SERVICES NEXT TIME! IRICAN LAUNDRY At the Aquacade, Show-Hit of the New York World's Fair, Chesterfield has the call You see more Chesterfield smokers every place you go. That's because Chesterfield's Right Combination of the best home-grown and aromatic Turkish tobaccos is the only combination that gives them a cigarette of real mildness with a different and better taste and a more pleasing aroma. MAKE YOUR NEXT PACK '*, CHESTERFIELDS... f THEY SATISFY PHONE 186 ^^ 'pjfaaMrte' ^ the Right (Combination of the Worlds Best /Cigarette Tobaccos ',, ciibi i9}9,*LiMirr&MnMTo>ACCo Co. , J

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