Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on October 27, 1955 · Page 17
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 17

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 27, 1955
Page 17
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EIGHTEEN EVENING TIMES, CUMBERLAND, Ml)., THURSDAY, ...OCTOBER 27, 1955 Dial PA-2-4600 for a WANT AD Taker Music Teacher Gels To See Work's Hesull ' STONY CHEEK, Va. W-Mrs. (Catherine. Prince, who ' filled a whole communlly with music hud It played buck tu her. Pupils who learned from her durhig 48 years of her (caching music here, gave Mrs. Prince'and her husband, 1. A. Prince, a bic reception and a silver service. A number of ex-pupils put on the musical program. The magot, or Barbary ape', is the last monkey left in Europe. There it lives only on the Rock of Gibraltar. NEW! Its ALL Flavor! */*ffo/'f/ On Bridge Good Timing Bridge Must By OSWALD JACOBY * Wrlllrn for NBA Service Our scries on Hie play of trump contracts continues with a new wrinkle in ruffing tricks: The time to take a ruffing trick is when .it will do you the most good. Let's see how this is illustrated in today's hand. West opens the jack of hearts, dummy puts up the queen, and thi East covers with the king. South disappointed, since he hoped break that the queen of hearts would hold the trick; South controls h emotions enough to refuse the fir trick:-This allows South to choos the exact moment for ruffing heart in dummy. • . . East returns the queen of spade and South wins with the ace. Sou follows with the king of spade Only one ruff is heeded in dumm; so South can afford to draw two < dummy's three trumps. It is still loo. early to ruff 11 heart. First South takes dummy top clubs and ruffs a low club ' his hand. Declarer was hoping th suit would break 3-3, buf li can cope with the actual 4-2 clu Only after ruffing . (he Mrs. Filbert's Salad Dressing It's Mrs. Filbert's own recipe— and everything in it is 100% nature's own! That's why there's no flat, starchy or synthetic taste! Smoother, richer, it swirls .highec without stiffness. Makes salads prettier; And goes farther! For lively flavor through and through, discover Mrs. Filbert's new Salad Dressing—today! ONIX j&*-\ -/^—-A COULD MAKE IT ' TASTE SO GOOD Mrl. M. V. Fllbtrt Home Drest , PORK STEAK 39c , b . PORK LOIN SHOULDER END Ib. 29c HAM 39c END Ib. KINGNUT 5 lbs 99c California. 2 lb J5c Fresh Ground HAMBURGER 35c •*••'• 3 Ibs. $1.00 : CHOICE BEEF STEAK Loin or T-Bone T'° r 79c.. T io '69c LARGE SUPPLY Heavy Roasting CHICKENS I, 35c N. Y.Sebegos POTATOES ;. s ;L'39c SOUTH-END SELF SERVICE MKT 412 Virginia Ave. * Free Delivery * Dial PA 4-3260 SAUSAGE SMOKED 39c lb COLORED OLEO 5 lbs 1.00 42 N. CENTRE ST. PA 2-7080 WHY? PAY-MORE WHEN YOU CAN BUY GOOD QUALITY BEEF AT YOUR CHICAGO MARKET FOR LESS OUSTANDING VALUE AT YOUR CHICAGO MARKET NONE BETTER FRESH GROUND BEEF 4 , b ; 1.00 CHUCK ROAST BEEF , k 29c CIDI AIU CT^Atf GOOD QUALITY, CUT TO FRY or BROIL OlllLvlli aBtHn MO LARGE BONES or PIN BONE ib. ROUND STEAK GOOD ROUND CENTER CUTS Ib. 55c BOILING BEEF BEEF UVER , b 27c BONELESS BEEF STEW 49c /""I I ID CTE A 1^ TENDER TRIM CLUB STEAK SMALL SIZE LB. ANOTHER OUTSTANDING VALUE AT your CHICAGO MARKET __-..„ -,~ . -„«• RIB ROAS «^ ^^ PORK ROAST-gsr BUTT ..-» 3 9c GOOD QUALITY VEAL-GOOD LOW PRICE VEAL SHOULDER CHOPS ?O R A SSH T OULDER , b 39c LOIN VEAL I VEAL I VEAL ROUND CHOPS ... Ib 55c BREAST ., Ib 19c STEAK.... Ib 65c SLICED BACON "3*. 1.00 MRS. FILBERT'S 2 GOLDEN POUND MAIGAklNI i hs WHITING FISH 6 ,,'1.00 FRESH PICNIC HAMS Ib 35c round of clubs in his own hand ran South afford to ruff a heart In the 'dummy. First, of course, WEST A85 V J 10054 NORTH 4H043 '/ Q 2 ...... • A 10 3 4AK974 . . EAST 27 VK87 ' • J95 + QJ5J SOUTH (D) *AK7G2 + 100 483 North-South vul.' South - West North East 1A ' Pass 2* 2* Pass. 4<k. •Pass . Pass • • ,' t Opening lead—V J Pass-.. Pass he cashes the ace of hearts. Then he ruffs his LaslMiearl in the dummy. Not only does this provide the ruffing trick, also gets him to time to ruff another club. The second ruff establishes dummy's last club. .South can lead a diamond to dummy's ace to lead the last club from dummy. If East discards, the club gives declarer his contract: and..if East ruffs, South's last trump is his tenth trick. ' .-...•:• If South took the ace of hearts at the first trick and returned the suit, East could lead a third heart at once. This would force dummy to ruff before the clubs had been well begun, and declarer would be unable to establish dummy's last club. Q—The bidding has been:North East South West 1 Diamond Pass 1 Spade Pass 2 Clubs Pass ?• . You, South, hold: AK10985 VJ43 »AQZ +Q 6 What do you do? A—Bid three diamonds. With 12 points, you should show » desire to get to eimr. If your partner has s.htart stopper, he canl bid the same In no-trump. If he has sptdes, you will be able to make a game in ipade*. Otherwise, you niay have a minor-suit came. TODAY'S QUESTION The bidding is the same as in' the question just answered. You, South, hold: " . *K 10985 VJ43 «Q2 +AQ6 What do you do? Answer Tomorrow Latest figures estimate China's population at 580,160,000. BENNETT'S I Week End ! SPECIALS ; i Heinz Fresh Cucumber i Pickles -"t 19c j f Kecbler's Club Cracker lbbx 35c! . : | j Alaska Pink Beauty j I Salmon L 55c j Teen-Queen Soucr j Uraut2±29ci i Shawnee Springs Yellow I Readiest 37c \ I Armour's Corn JBeef 12 ; a ° ! Pork I Chops ibSSc 1 LUZIANNE COFFEE ! Reg. 97c Ib. can with 25c Coupon you ' received by mail f I Mrs. Filbert's Lb. Print j I Margarine 25cj Bennett's SELF-SERVE Market Route 40, LaVale FREE DELIVERY i Phone PA 4-4313 OPEN 'til 9 P. M. . • • • Tues., Thurs. and Friday [ Until 6 PM Wed. & Sat. Come in and Sign I Up for ' FREE Basket of | GROCERIES i •'': I ! I Nothing to buy... j Just Register , baron Day New Editor Of Scribes i * . • . ' ' iliss Sharon Day has been nanv editor or "The Scribes," II High Sclioul's book ol mposiUons. .' Miss Day is president of the pha Chapter of the Tri Hi Y. c is also a member of.the ib and a cappella choir. , Assisting Miss Day will he Rond Rice, associate editor; Patricia rclmcr, art 'editor, and Judy slier and Charles Hornbrodk. olographers. . Glenda Campbell arid" Barbara rgent will do the typing, and an Garlitz, the proofreading. The advisory staff consists of Kort Loretta Wotring, Kvangeline (ii-lin, if original Hyrtlui Rice, and Joseph' Taylor. With Miss'. Gcrardine Pritchardi senior high English teacher, as c j director, the: seniors will compile Takacs glee this book from material submitted by! the Senior Class. Included in the book will be a'supplement of junior writings from each ISnglish class. Really Tiny The . young of kangaroos, animals which grow to seteh feet in height, and may weigh 300 pounds, are less than an inc'. long at birth. "Tip" CnuscH -Arrert Of Mun In Robbery CLEVELAND -W>- Cabbie Lou Takacs is happy he got that five cent tip. Shortly after a fare hand- him five pennies' for a tip, was held up by a gunman who robbed him of $10. Police arrested a suspect who protested .his ii.noccnce. But Tokacs remembered one of his tip pennies had been blackened and tad a dent in it. Sure enough, it was in the sus: pect's pocket.' The flower of the dandelion is odorless. ' . •. Make The MEAL Fresh! Fruits and Vegetables WINE5AP Apples 5ib pi< "' i < . bas 29c RED DELICIOUS'. Eating Apples 2»» 25c FANCY HOME GROWN Slicin'Tomatoes 2"" 35c FANCY CALIFORNIA . Red Grapes 2 k 27c IARGE '::>' Pascal Celery c 25c Fancy Yams 3 b 25c Stokiey's Finest Frozen Foods Cut Corn; 2 *«-41e SLICED '"" Strawberries 2 • 59c MIXED Vegetables 2- 41c Brussel Sprouts 2 ><"" 59c Roseport Frozen Pies CHICKEN — BEEF — TURKEY , 2 p kB ,. 47c And cuJiomwj corns mila it get oiir mtati, beca'tae triey know ••we kavi trie test ot all. time! and we cut it Itjllt -before your eyes — Cut the way you like it. FRESH PLUMP YEAR-OLD , ' • • '_ _ . Roasting Chickens ......:.:..... ">.-39c ARMOUR'S STAR or SWIFT'S PREMIUM '_Sirloin Steak ............. it 73c Y«, it'l IrimmBO 1 : btfore we weigh it. RIB END CUT — 2 to 3 U. AVG. : - ..'" Pork Loin Roast i. 29c Young Ducks : , i». 49c SWIFT'S PREMIUM or ARMOUR'S STAR .- " • .' Lean Ground Beef . ; ..... i». 49c HOME MADE PURE LEAN , ..-.'-.' . - • .' '^L-.' Pork Sausage i,.,. „, „«« .....»> 59c Again We'll Hove. Famous Koontz Turkeys For Thanksgiving Order Now! MRS. MI.8ERT5 Week-End Specials Mayonnaise P im jar 39c CAPORALE-S-REAOY.TO-SEIIVE ' ' _ ' Pizza Pies :; .o<h 59c Suchard Candy ..;.;,. v.-o,. pi j. 29c Chocolole Square Mllka, Almond, Criip . • Kraft Caramels Del Monte Catsup .... 2 , DEL MONTE—SLICED Pineapple "........ »,,i.,39c , ,.n 39C Stegmoircr Pure APPLE CIDER 59c gal. CARL MCINTYRE 436 Cumberland St. Phone PA 4-3480 FIEl DEIIVEIY FOOD MARKET PIE CRUST MIX gives you •• ., DOUGH TO SPARE at no extra eostlif » -"•"•"•••••""^"^•••••"••••™ 11— !•/'• :.l~,' Eliminates stret'cliing , and .patching.. .makes ,;. ..pie-baking a breeze-!")'. PROVE IT YOURSELF; Let us give ypu :;: '""•'; 2 PACKAGES FREE! to discover how quickly;,, how easily, Flako's , >;. exclusive 10 oz. pack '{.makes the biggest, • •:,.< best-tastir.g ever' baked... .Here's ,\ ,. all you have to do to . ^ GET 7 PACKAGES FREE; Simply-buy two. packagesL- of famous Flako Pie Crust Mix. Mail..the tops from bpth-packages, along with this coupon, to Flako. We will refund your complete purchase' price. Flolo Piodutli Divilbn 41-P-4 Th« Qunfcer Ool» Company '•'>Box 31C, Ml. Vernon, N. Y. . GfcNlitWEN: 1 •>"> <^lc3:.->3 'h« tepl from two poctogei of- FCAKO PIE efund my pi». CRUST MIX. chat* prlea to (ptei NAME ADDRESS ,. v , CITY SlAl'E ,....v. Thfi'inir' iipllsi Nov.mbir i,' IMJ.- One r*fund per InmUy. Goat) wily for. FLAKO. PIE OUST MIX. , (< OSn told il HIM. praNBIM. *r M>«.ht ittMcM b, lU!l V aulkjptl un. Suftsrilit U. S,A.': One-Stop Food Shopping ot LOWER Chcr-oll Cost. Phoni or Shop in /GAKLITZ Pmon . . . FREE Dclivtry on ordcri ol. $3.00 or Morel ^S •» - 23c MRS. FILBERT'S MARGARINE--^^ —Sov» 6c Pound Tliii Week— STOCK YOUR PANTRY OMUDDCI I 'C CHIIDC 9 toil AQ* WITH THESE FAVORITE llAmrBCLL O OUUfO Jcon, 49C SUNSHINE ' ' KRISPY CRACKERS CHICKEN, CHICKEN or BEEF NOODLE, VEG-BEEF, MUSHROOM CUM CHOWQER, CONSOMME, CREAMED CHICXEN Dog Food 4 u^. <= n , 49c KRAFT Velveeta Mb. box 85c Halloween Trick or Treat Candy Asst. Cello Bags . 25e 29c 49c 59c Pjllibury's Ginger Bread MIX 2 pkgs. 47c ALL-PURPOSE SHORTENINO Swiflning - : ••-, 3 - ib •« CUT-RITE Waxed Paper |9< ?r 25c BAFfIN WHITE MEAT Tuna 7 -°'"•" 29c meats "The Meoli In Town". Handled ^ rishl—prieod right— Expertly cut. ARMOUR'S STAR or SWIFT'S PREMIUM BRANDED STEER POT ROAST BEEF••**• «=«•» c "" —Wajlf Ffes, Tender and flavorful— •MORREU'S " Snack 'p2^49c /ml Strips'"" i°'29c Tcma,o .^^ 88c STOKELY'S HONOR BRAND "' "COUNTRY FAIR'SAIE" ' ' , t Potatoes 2.p^>. 37c Dictd. '••-,.. '[.'.'•[ Fremh Fried Mixed Vegtables 2 pi»'-39c. GREEN PEAS SUCCOTASH CAULIFLOWER BROCCOLI SPEARS Muuolmcn'l To'mol Juice ta <6 r Ib. 5Jg ' John>on', Sup,, Glo-Coat 2 pkgj ' 55C A NEW TASTE TREAT CAMPBELL'S . FROZEN SOUPS Cream of Shrimp, Clam, Chowder, Snapper Sbwp; .Oyiter : 3te CREAM OF POTATO FRESH SMALL LEAN . PORK LOIN ROAST —Trimmed of All Excels Fat— Blade Cut, Ib. 29C Uin Cul lb - 49C SWEET PICKLE CURED CORNED BEEF BRISCUIT UAN and TENDER CO- OUR OWN CURE Ib. 03C T- Any Slit Cut — '- ' t OUR OWN PUKE PORK SAUSAGE ... '29C'; BULK or CASING STYLE ,YOU'U ENJOY IT 59c LEAN StICED FRESH PORK SIDE >49e FRESH-KILLED POULTKY—SWIFT'S TENDER GROWN FRYERS J'A to 3 Ibl. lilt SWIFT'S PREMIUM 8lu* Labtl Tindtrittd HAMS 1} ot 14 lb. SIM Who!, or Full Shank Half 49c »> .CUT IO YOUR ORDER AT NO EXTRA CHARGE ;Vi'st PRODUCE LARGE MEATY HOME GROWH • - ..' Green Peppers ..... .2 ^RISP GOLDEN YELLOW CALIFORNIA •' .. ; * Carrots ..................... ;--.. 2- iwo« SOLID GREEN CALIF. ICEBERG . ." V ...... - ',''.. Lettuce .......... , ; 2\i° i !i«.<' | i°»'°pp^ U. S. NO. 1 YELLOW COOKING "'"-'• ... . ' ,. Onions .. ; ........ >:-....'.;,•!.. MB. P i<,,ii t .b,,V 2.5c».. NEW CROP JUICY FLIRIDA • .' .. '•.•".-' jj- 'Oranges J.M a*,- ...•;.:; ........... ••...; 'do,. 47cf.(, U. S. 'NO. 1 JONATHAN ' •'...," '*•'•' ^ Cooking Apples •'••••• ^- . T>I°«;;< 'tog 33c SELECTED NO. 1 NEW JERSEY •' '* ' .' ''^: - ; ^> Sweet Potatoes ...... ........... 3 ib,.35c U. s; NO. 1 GRADE 'A' WASHED ••'•*! ' Potatoes ..•• ............... :;.-;:'.i5.irp«i, 45c 43c YEAR.pLD STEWINO.OR BAKING HENS 4 1. i it ii» ...... ............... ... ..... . ib. 4Sc SMALL OVEN-READY' . •' . TURKEYS '.HI i. ,.» ;...-,.; ............... .b 63c /GARLITZ

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