The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa on June 1, 1894 · Page 6
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The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa · Page 6

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, June 1, 1894
Page 6
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Carroll DAILY AN By POW15B8 A boLOLO S ogle«opr,»tiTad<ires(,e-y-- ....... '•••'? 2S paid In advance ................ • .......... l «• T*i BBNtuniL Is a rtraight-out ftemoowtle ewspftpet working fol the advancement ot the tereitt of the cause tn Northweitetn Iowa. THeolrcul»ttonotTB» 8s>ni.t«teiceedi that 9f an> paper on the C.*N.W. Bsllwsr weitot <arshalltown. Our lists are Open to anj adyer- oier. We have good Hits In rterjr town on all branch roads, lists reaching the best farmers sod business men in erew commnnltf . Bates on all classes ot advertising reMOMbte.Sclw'nle of rates furnished on application to the office. Correspondence desired on all topics ot general interest. Be brief, write proper names plainly, and haw your letter reach us earlr as Wedne»- dar evening. Address, TUB 8BNTINBL. _ Carroll, lows. Rntere at the Carroll, Iowa, postofflce, as se oad class matter.' Published weekly. _ FRIDAY, JUNHJ 1, 1894. [gee preceding page for late telegraphic news.] COMMITTEE MEETING. The Democratic county central committee will meet at the court house in Carroll on Tuesday, June 12, at 1 o'clock for the purpose of fixing a date for the Democratic county convention. JNO. T. JAy, County Chairman. The Demooratio state convention has been called for August 1 and will meet in Des Moinee. General Kelley is now under arrest charged with mis appropriation of money belonging to the "Glee club." Decoration day was generally observed throughput the north. More interest was manifested in the occasion this year than ' ever before. - ' The debate in the senate on the tariff is' still progressing slowly. The date for the final vote will probably be about the 15.bof this month. . Senator Allison will spend the fall ntpnthfi acquainting himself with the people by speaking at the oonnty fairs. He will be a candidate for office again next year. He speaks at Denison Sept. 25. Two years ago Joe Drees was fighting Oonnty Auditor Kranee and this year it is Oonnty Auditor Hombaoh. Why does Joe have so much fault to find with these officials? This is the office where frauds that are attempted on the county are detected and Joe has been unable to make a tool out of either of these men and henoe bis displeasure. The Demooratio elate convention is called for the first day of August. It is ' tbe general opinion of the leading Democrats so far as we have heard from tbat it would be to tbe beat interest of tbe party to call the oonnty convention for nominating oonnty officials and selecting delegates to attend the state convention at the same time. Should this be done the county convention will be called for ifuly 26. We are as usual in favor of but one convention. It was a laughable faroe to see Frank ' Florenoonrt writing communications for hie own paper and signing them "Hayseed." He was ashamed to father tbe dirty lying article himself and wanted to put the responsibility onto Mr. "Hay- •asd." Frank, with all your inherited wealth, yon should be more of a man. It to the donghtaoed coward'who bides bis evil .designs behind a nom de plume. Even Joe has more manhood than that. It yon are not a hypocrite pull off tbe mask and murder your victim like a man, but give him a ohsnoe to defend himself. Two Term Rule. Another campaign for the Democrats of Carroll ooanty will in a taw weeks begin to warm op. Aspirants for oonnty offices are now quietly feeling the public for •omination before tbe county convention may be. TO past years tbe great central figure in local politics has been the two term rule. Several county ' officials have at various times attempted to set the rule aside and while they have been unsuccessful in defeating tbe rule, which has gained great favor with tbe people, there has always been more or less juggling with tbe interpretation put ' upon it. There bos been a growing feeling with tbe De»o_rati ot the county that if w* are to have a rule wbiob is to ' bar certain officials from offloe tbe rule ibouldbeP-n-ooratioin its workings and apply •qnallv to all. With this end in vififjNw, j** k PoBKWftUo convention went a _itU* fajMwr than previous conventions and Wed to dftflo-tlwrol. «n4 place it * tbe people -u suoha way tbat ' ] mistaking its meaning. In order tuaMbe Democrats ol tbe , oonuty who mff b» #.l,o|*d as delega- gates to tbe next wanly convention may fttlly understand tbe rule M intor-neted , by tbe tot convention w* publish in full w««l«pf4<M* by tub fleorotaty et tbe «-,«. a party's oateer in the «ame offloej". Motion was seoondsd by Bowman. < M. Bart offered the following amendment: "That the two term rul* bi snh-. tainedin its entirety, so that an offiiser 01 ex-offloer who has held offloe for ,,t,«fo terms Shall be ineligible to any offifte until four years expires after holding the offloe." Seconded by Jay. ! Oololo offered tha following amendment to amendment: "That this ie not to apply to officers who are not oompBllea' to give bonds, either representative! or supervisors." Vonetein seconded. On motion the amendment to amendment was put to a Vote which wss unanimously carried. On motion the original amendment as amended was put to a vote which was unanimously carried. On motion the original motion as amended was put to a vote which was unanimously carried. Why Not Be Fair? It is a species of demagogy as old as the ambition to aspire to public office, tor evil, designing men to attempt to distort and color the actions of public officials in order that they may be ableto deceive the public and thereby gain a personal advantage over those whose good name they seek to destroy. Unfortunately for this class of small minded, selfish and disgruntled men the world is daily growing more intelligent and the people are learning to know that these men who are posing before the people as public benefactors are always pnplio hypocrites and have an ax to grind and want to make the people turn the grindstone. We know of no example which has come to our notice which more fully and clearly demonstrates this than does the attack which Joe Drees and Die Oermania is mak ing upon the county auditor. They are determined to defeattn is man for re-election this fall if possible end to do this they stoop to every device known to them to prejudice the people against him. question naturally arises why are The these JOHN PATTON, JR. TWO NEW UNITED STATES SENATORS. " Tale and a prominent: t . 001= ago. Senator Jnms, of t and an ex-governor of his state. men seeking to compass bis defeat? What personal interest have they in assisting to put him out of office? Is be corrupt? Is he incompetent? Or does he guard the interests of the people top closely for them ? We would answer the first two of these inquiries by saying, "Do yon know Joe Drees and Frank Florenoonrt ?" If you do, then you will readily agree that their past history will justify us in say ing tbat it makes but little difference with them what course an official pursues BO long as they are well oared for. The last question is the' one which we claim conceals the mystery regarding their actions toward Mr. Hom- baoh. Last January Joe Drees entered into a contract with tbe board of supervisors to furnish blanks to the county at a certain price. The very first chance he bad he violated bis oalb and bis contract In order to swindle tbe oonnty. The fraud was deteo ted in tbe auditor's offloe when the board of supervisors was allowing bis bills and bis claims were cut in price until they complied to bis contract with the oonnty. Because of tbis Jos blaimed the auditor. Seeing it was impossible to rob the oonnty while the present officials were in office he concluded it would be to bis financial interests to see that a change was made. This we claim was tbe cause of Joe's animus toward Mr. Hombaoh and the board of supervisors, and every attempt he may make to deny it or by yelling fraud, In- pompetefipy, or any other blackmailing process be may resort to in order to bring the county auditor under Us subjugation is a mere subterfuge. Every honest, Intelligent man, who will do as be would be done by, and examine tbe records 'impartially for himself and not listen to the lying and deceptive statements made to injure this man because be stood between the people and those who attempted to plunder the treasury, will agree with us. Now, we ask it you as good citizens who have your interests intrusted to the officials of this county, to investigate the record made by Mr. Hombaoh and if yon do not find tbat be has made a faithful, worthy and competent official who is deserving of your confidence for the bold stand be has taken in guarding your interests, to let us know where be baa tailed aud front tbis day on we will insist upon bis retirement. But do not take tbe false and ignorant statements mad* by itUeae men who have an M to grind, tor tax list cost 842 more last year than it di. four yeara ago. These two items alone more than make the difference in the expenses for the two periods and in fact the county received the same work last year at a less expense than it did' in 189Q. ,No one will claim that .the expense added by the Australian ballot law or the increase in the tax list is due to the inoompetenoy of the board or the county auditor. This is only a sample of the material ot which tbeii false statements are made regarding our, officials, all because they an ax to grind and want yon to turn the grindstone. Will yon do it for them without investigating their charges ? Ton may, but we doubt it, but we know yon never will it .yon will do unto others as yon would have them do unto yon before believing a lying report told solely to injure your character and standing with your fellow men. Facts VB. Fiction.'"' We hear considerable talk now days about the amount it costs the oountys for printing bills in comparison , to what it did a few years ago. In order that our readers may intelligently know what there is in all this foolish talk about increased expenditure we have talwn considerable paine to make a comparison ot the expenses of last year with that of we will give the public the benefit ot their investigation, for so sure are we , that the expenses ot the comity are -being .reduced that we are willing to stake our reputation upon the trnthfulnMB of the statement. In last week's issue of the Hernia I was assailed bj Ji B. Hnngerford.^editpr .of the Herald (tor political reasons, s of course). He stated that I had £27<t worth of blanks printed for the clerk's office and that said amount was drawn by the Farm Journal to pay a note, he.d by me from Eoieet Ar Drees, all Ot which is untrue. ' . : •„-.•':.-': ',, -•.'.•:,". In the first place I will go into the details and explain, which it Mr. Hungerford bad don?, he hail no case, but that is not bis business, he is there ' to beat me. -Tbnre was not $274 worth ot blanks printed for the clerk's office, perhaps /he had the court calendars - or Some other officer's biir figured in with it. The auditor notified me a year ago , and also last Jannary,.atter the board had met, that all the officers in the : Court boose who needed blanks must file a written order with him for Ine same, as per orders of the board, and he wpuid ,ese I Ji-" If -iA JTi'. I .. .. all fads were as ii!ako leflcialas^t ,be »gopd thing.,.iiTbelpineappl-iialce lit i pressed)* but lot t the ,ftuit iibyiiap lemon < squeezdnand drunk just before 1 brealffnU uice clear, SugafepOils jtfo^t eff-ctsi '.^laniffi , i -The only trouble;ts that; there> wenbt pineapples enough td'go around. > If i.he them wwe half what it Is now, f^tJi.r.Til ?~-rU,JI~i-Ti---n-H , -i^.T mistake., . ; ln ^Florida, .however, pafticn- lariy, ^n.the,,yicbaitypf,.beantifnlLak^ Worth, pineapple,,culture jisra irajbldiyj growing audilncrativei industry, lit is>to toe hoped 'the ; industry (will-grow-ttill p'itifeftppl-sr (it* > B»»chekp< pfoporttonaily . JLgOL' 'it yj >i sKu 11 • ! '• ;•,' V i Ini ealthful'that .it.fjngh.t.Jfi ' ,,,,, extraordinary Btrength>andflnen-Bsi Jbak-, The fiber JB, niade/iinte /ropes,; cables, binding twine;.>etc., JA> /pineapple ircrpei 8i inches thiok'suppbrteii in» test'neaiiy ' three tons. A textile'fabrlc ' beautiful as silk' 'is inadeSff thMto- Little pineapptoiijj goods shops. factured, in Spain, .^vh,^re, itjha^-lopg, been in use for hot !Vfflathi?r we^r. ) ;v,, ia |. There is difficulty,-in •separating the fiber, however, and -CiB'ak' Resent done in slow, wasteful ways^-; If.jflpme^liye Yankee would take hoid 0 of|';,t^;inf|tteT and invent a machine - for .shredding the pineapple leaf awl then start Tast pineapple plantations: along the east Florida coast, fortunes would be realized quickly. : • '>.:< •'. : . • - • • .; -"I V .cr.vob, Applied Christianity. • • : '- ; : Certain individuals who seem to enjoy it cherish a fallacy that the churches are ' dying out in influence. This' may have' ; teen true half a dozen years'ago.. : notso now. Protestant denominations may not be rapidly numbers; but, one and all, th£Jy, ; are ;; in- ' that we got them, and I have always | activity in educational and benevolett' (oar yean ago, -For two reasons we selected four year* ago, VIE:: that the Gar- mania made a falie statementregarding tbat year and also to Uke the period covered by the closing days of J. B. Graham's term in offloe r when be wa§ probably mow familiar with the affair, of, the offloe than at any other period. Ai be is quite a atatietioiap, be no doubt will take pleasure in verifying -ouj;state- ments and thereby set at reel this unjust criticism that it being placed upon worthy, competent ofBoials. The cost to the oouoty for the two periods were as fallow*-:, -i" ,•••;. •. '..':. :•'.'.-•. .-:^., DU.ii u^'soWi-ipaper and rupb'isfi ufr> der tte 'ieits-Dif 1 tte ; grattd^stand, th» small boy did. i'1-i r •'•'•'; "tyV")"!?iTr ; T,-'f r j A rt the .enjaifay&ie mamfestatlonsT of the year is the,actt?ity of the Woman —*- J J -' A ' • J ---m'ent hi;, S^'Yqrt state, nong women, of jfashion. .. greeg'by the Populists of the Eighteenth Obltffes-ritifc- • W*S that"W&'Jlttibtui in '' Shlloh's Car*, the great Couah »n* 0ronp Cure la Ingreat demand', Fdcket site ctmtMni twen- tr r flv$ doses only 2E«. Children love It. i Sold by C, ,jirea 'iJaj*-, it) j-ttars old, 'wait wirvwu 'frynVliis hbrso and entlingle'd in'tflfr-teins, ^rtd-H-ft'gged'a niile-Bt Huron, S. Qi' He ir&»'dea<j yhen blck«d up. ' ' "•'; CxptlhnSweeney, U. 8, A., San Diego/.Ca4, lifts t "^hllph's Catarrft Remedr, 1» .the first lIMne I'haVe ever found that would do tat aajr 4"" frlce 60c. Sold SV C. H.'Wes'tMopjft' Kawaro" K Jones of> Clermori.'tj6'uf»y,. *•"- "times sentenced,'to dea.h for ,tfje n^nrder, pf .bts.son, was given » fdtartii. l by, the state. Bupreisepourt, ,; jriu; 1 '•'">'• •• — ! * ' — - •' •'''•'•' ''•' .„,,, ,.B^6fclen'B., Arnica SeJve Tf)e$Mt BRlve In the world lor Cuts, Dralseiji' i, SailRheum, >>_ver 8o»«.TeU_r,, ndi', OhllblalM, Ooimi.and aji^klai », , aid posltlveb ;_ cjWs .'lAejk 'at mo • ' rpbse,d<:tp,beidead ,85 years, retornedj-to-St. ^Joseph,. Jjlp.,, find claimed. A> I fortune, left i Sari'* fll-vek ftoot will putUr .yds* Wood, Blear you t complexion, regulate your bowels and make your, bMdfileiiT.agabell.ffic., 00* and ill.OO. r >f H6nViJ.' . resigned us one of the managers of'asy- lmn-_fo,,2 opa reauU of difl:er«ttces .yrith --'- 1 '•'''' •'•-'-'""" oreasing that which is far .better, mere numbers— the active work of Christianity. .They, recognize 'the fact;,thati Jethical teaching and working for the /good of mankind are what is really' iwanted. The denominations hum. wit i U 1, r-i:0 in:i " ' ^"' •''•:•' -' '•"'•>" ; Cure for'' Headache. ' As a.omedy for all forms of Hcndneho Elec- trlo Blttere lias proved to bo the very beet. : It,cffe,fB ; a permanent cure and : »be most dicad,odJi«Ulual-ickhead»clie..y|.ld j tprits influence: We urge all who are aaictp4r,»o procure a bottle, itnd.give this remedy i^ilair trial. In'oa'swi jot habitual consUpatioa.lClectric ^I'-tiirs ch'ie. ! W giving tbe needed WWt- u the bowel., and lew' cases long re»lst;tii«'nW of this med!-ltie. ! • Try It once. Large b«ttletf 1 bn- lyflHy(XinUalJ. W. Hatton's''i conferejice of the Ijutheran, i syi-odii, of ^fowa wilE l»e held ' in. Burlingtoaillay ,24, •UI»V WO KV> •UOUAf WS«m» d. _••••»•-• •••T-^^I- SfMVVlV my. «Aa *«* •**-«* VAWMM* ••••*• m^www T v*v« « complied with the order. BT examining 11 work. They recognize that there to" a the bills flled:|n theaBditor's offio^by^he Ueeper spiritual side to Christianity Oian _r-,-^'l^ii- i_- .K--..:-« n » j^o, »«n leven the chnrch-and'attendinz various pap-ni for tb«»printing done yon will find that a good sbare.over one half, of the blanks I had ordered were printed " '': pf \ •, money ' drawnl from the office by t her Farm Journal wss not; atone for the blanks from the elerk'e offl-e,;but for blanks from all the offioes. AH of tbe blanks thaVl ordered can be^ found in tbe clerk's offloe, w»d any PW>" «»*'*• **?" quaint_d with the'bfflce knows that there ' blank books.. Total.,. 834.77 blank boob, 11869.46 getherl, Tbenot* tnat.Ibeld.fromiitbe Farm Journal was first olaas and money was drawn, and he furthsr elates thatbecalleforanlovssti»;atloflfromtb '- '' even the church and attending prayer meetings, and! that is practicing the golden rule and lifting one's self and one's neighbors to a highM r purer plane of living.-•• i: --•;'.;;,:::; ;; .;:.' ! "; • ;;.^ i On all sides; there'are "evidences of this; Boine of the colleges* now have •professorships of applied Christianity. That is what the race is languishing and dyingfortoday—applied Chiistianity. It is inore than '-'creeds',;'more* than splendid church edifices, great oftngr-gatipng and costly church choirs.. Eev. Georgs p, Herrtm is professor of Applied Cbris- tianiiy in Iowa college: ^Ie has lately wr|tten a book of remurkaW^ power ^ad elbo.nence on tliis .yery subject of .the 'world's n'pedof uppHecl phriii^ianity., ^he volume is entitled "The K«w Redenip- «™ »•.-•:•' -I'-.', i- i-- r. ;-,M.- ..'- ' -e. e iolliijifiie par advertised druitUl to »eil coagh «rei:« '^ New'. Dlecovery for consainptlon, • : ' M )i'ip6W this condition, 'If'jron li k r-m.h. o(ild'S>r''«»» l iC«« throat or olttM trouble «i J .w ex-|Bi;.e p.b«»em. yon may;re-n« tk« IxHtle ton|s drng store. L»>gevie'60c. (in'dll'.W.j 2 :-»~A ui'.n. "••'"" w~'%p 'i'' 1 !!".^. 'i '!•-<! t > 'iTH}jpor''cupit'ft ! ducs"of'''grarid'' lotige, Knlghti'of Hotior; nieinbers f to the 'su- prenle lodge has been raised fron»»to40 they wholly unreliable and unworthy of your confidence. Hera is a sampleof the kind Q( rot they try to pass off 90 public thinking their false will never be exposed: "It coat $470 in 1890 for tlis county printing." Could any thing be more false? From September, 1889, to June, 18.0, it cost Carroll county just 81,27... land from geptembsr, M9 -..»».•» In order to show a comparison, of the work it would be fair to subtract from last year's eipenpea |28B,3(J, the amonnl of expense impoeed upon the ooonjlyby tUe, Australian ballot law which waa not in effect four yeara ago. Do this and ypuwlHbe agreely aurprlsed to ;«nd jbat it cost the oonnty 182.65 leas last year for all of iU work than it did four veara ago. Tbis estimate ot last year's .ypensee includes the amount the oonnty was boodled, as the Herald says, by the clerk au4 Joe Drees. And the publishing of tbe crop report »biph pute poor old Frank Florenoonrt to shedding tears for the farmer every time be thinks that the legislature two years ago provided for the taking of the crop statistics and tbat the board of supervisors, wbiob is composed exclusively of farmeru, thought itofsuffloientvalnsto them to order U published along with tbe rest of the proceedings of tbe board. Tbis comparison covers a period ot nine mouths and M tbe oontrorersy bas arisen regarding tbe expenses fof tbit year it was neoeeaajf to go back to September of last year, as no bill* were allowed after tu. 8sp|am|wr meeting til) •* tb» January meatinf »bls year, white tour years ago bills were allowed at tb» November m»etiof wbiob was not done last year, and in order to _ , bonarable board afd tax payerel ex^td/ a cordial Invitation andainoarely bopeithat you will investigate and 'see if ' I bsve ' ' ' : , wbatsb^pe the offiae isMP» in ".•'•!• I have alwaye tried my utmost to keep the office up to tbe highest standard and can't oomt your . Oapt. Hortoa rule to to Jane.1804,11,089.4. or 1115 06 more lost year than it did four year* ago. Tbe additional expense last y*«r was dua to ILe fact tbat tbe AustraUwj ballot law placed an additioaal axpenot the county by requiring tbat th» uuould be publlsbsd io t*o pspwi.wbloh was over a hundred dollari.ajB * ballot I refar yoft to all who ooms in oon toot with the offlos, and especially the abstractors. ;,. '' ; .; ^ ':" .' !',: And, now, Mr. Huogerford, I wish to say to yo« pereooslly don't addraae me as "You genial frtand,"or "We s*e sorry" etc. Itawwjtiayourway, yon carry water on both sboalders and around and offer apologss'tor dirty work, I understand yoar position politically, and don't come sneaking to me after election is over, *» 700 have done at various times, and apologies and •ay it was your, Paul Maclean, and tbat you was bu.y in tbe postoffioe aud did not know anything about the tbe running ot the paper at that time and tbat U you had control ot tbe Herald you would not allow any snob trash in your paper, a«d that you did not believe a word of it yourself and that you told certain partita, who, yon told me were working agaiuat me, that the people of tbis county would not believe •uon trash. Aud further, don't let your wrath tbat you have against sows out else, out op J, W, KKiwiU-fcu-. It is believed and' is'sincerely to- be hoped tbat the international sanitary conference which met at Puris will result in action that will prevent altogether'tho entrance of cholera In future into Europe and America. The United States and the' nations of 'Europe entered into a] series of agreements to that end. One of the agreements was the thorough inspection pf the pilgrim ships-that pass from north Africa through the Mediterranean, It will be required under the regulations of the conference to provide a given ain'ount of cubic 'space- to each pilgrim on shipboard. All ships must carry physicians, and the drinking water must be entirely pure. The ships will be more rigidly quarantined and will be put under a perfect system of medical Inspection. The action of the government of each of the nations represented will of course be necessary to give the autherity wanted to carry out the regulations, but , Wh«n Babf wiw **, «• g»»o her OsHorla. >Ud, •>• _r|td fpr, jOaslprla. lll«,ah« elun»,K>C_rtorla. t, f. M fw Xbble'lianneU pt AunneBuwtis woo awurdad u vord^t nnidiist the "Soo" railroad for $7,500 damage^ for i^iurt^ received in Jumping from a,'burnlM.sllwn- cover the eipswws of tbe county for eqn.«| periods tbMe d.Ue were selected. We did not take the paius to check up the reooide for any other period but will gladly «*sls* anyone who uuji desire to determine tbis question and will gladly publish lit* result. So if there i* ajuy on* Who balievw U»e*e fal«e statements tbat we being made, if they will wM »» me. ,_____^________, "Tliiovo» uud burglars are a» a olaw the i>ooro-t men unemployed in bouest work, Utiggars wake wore money, and day Ittboroj-B .lo.)> in b_.t«r beds aud eat better aud wore regular iue»l*," eay. a |K>U.o officer who has had uiuoh oxuorl- »u.o awoug the light fiug.r.d gentry, It jb> U th. CUB., uotltiug but brigiual _iu will account for the burglar us be Is, there will be no dif&uulty with any conn- 1 try except Turkey. The members of the I conference are earnestly laboring with the sublime port» to make th<|pholera regulations effective. ,r Qoy* aud girl, will hold in eternal grateful remembrance Mr, A. H. Cutler of the New York Schoolmasters' association. Ur. Cutler declares that cow- ponnd proportion and cube ropt should be abolished from the .owmou uohool arlthmeUo. They are of no proutiou) value at all, ue nays, aud the pupils' rea- soulng faculty can be dev.lojwd in other studies that are of some uw. Mr. Cut- Ulster, Feng. Scrofula Tho Wortt CUM the Dee- tors Ivor taw Hoed', taraaparllla For tbe first time in the history of Franco a woiuau hus uouievod tho honor of being uiadu an oflluor of the Legion of Honor. Tkowoiaiui U Bo-a liouliouv, tb. world's grout-nt uuiuiul jittiitUir, liv- lug Th. privuto oLuruutor of a public certuiuly iu tbo buBiu__» of ui« constituent.. , "0. 1, Hood * Co,, Lowell, Mail, t "Bear sirii-l wlfU to tutuy to *• valus of BMrt'tSarsaparllla. For »_nj» Urns 1 ba4 .wn troubled with _oroful», wWoa sar|| iMt wlntsr a*»uuiea » very .ad lorn. •«rM App«ar*<i on My r«o» and |>*n4i and gradually loorsassd to auabei until tBtrieaohsd to |uyshou)d.r, Tlndocton Mid It WM tlie wont «_st «l icroluls, ttwjr vm •aw sod also w*ot as far as t« My It wail» •urablt. I Tried plufuieiiu aud oiusr rsnesM .Mto BO avail. A IruM rscwantloM BOOM Hood's^'-Cures IwupArlUt, and although I was cowplitsly 4|» oourued , M » lut cUaijo. T reiolvtd to sivs It a Wa^AfUr U-kliiBouobotUa I uaUwdtGe.ioNl •M «9Qu»«uo«a to he»l. Altor tit* aum ioUM » They Wwr* All H«§l««1. I oonlluuea to take It, however, uuUl I had ujel (Ins bpUle., and now I am iierfuotly welb* itlil 1U-- Ht Koiltlimu-a'/Uhtur. J'euu. Hood's Plllt an prouipt and officleut, jre) iisyto acUsn. gold by nOlUjrugnUU. >•»

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