Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan on May 27, 1965 · Page 14
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Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan · Page 14

Ironwood, Michigan
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Thursday, May 27, 1965
Page 14
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FOURTEEN Gust of Selling Reduces Stock Market Prices IRONWOOD DAILY *%LOBE, IRONWOOD, MICHIGAN THURSDAY, MAY 27, 1965. Obituaries Tentative Road Ser ' ice Wenker Infant Improving Plans Given Approval BESSEMER— The Methods Are Devised Acting Ironwood Postmast e r Bernard Krause has announced that in the constant endeavor to improve mail service in t h e most efficient manner and in the quickest way possible, methods have been devised so as to pro-' vide possible one day service to r-no-p h i P Points in lower Michigan, Chi- ^oge D i c cago and I]linols _ Tnis feature _ WAKEFIELD — William Robert. 3Mj months old son of Mr and Mrs. Charles R. Wenker, Mosinee. Wis., died at Wausau Tuesday at n a.m. The infant NEW YORK i API—A gust of was born Feb. 4. selling knocked down stock Surviving, besides the Par-; Coumv Board of Supervisors" "at t- , . niarke, prices ,0^, DeaU TC s «* SL^ n ^&^ n <%S%b35S£ £ !&V_LVSK5d S£ SS. were brisk early tins afternoon Mr. and Mrs. Rudolph Ry.-*ey. „?£fnr Tom ^SISJSU SI IS.' ters must >> e received In the T-»: i i i - . . * . """'(ilialllJUll yuO, yl UUUotJQ UV LilC *_*•*• *«.... Prices were at their worst Marenisco: paternal grandfa-i road commission at a joint p office by 3:15 p.m. late in the morning, then came ther, William Wenker, Wausau; ! m e e t j ng of t j le roads and back a bit. paternal grandmother. Mrs. Flo- j bridees committee with thp marii The Dow Jones industrial retta M. Hudson. Cincinn a t i , 'commli sionas tallows- average at noon was down to Ohio: and maternal great grand LO ; nmissl0 "- as «" ows. a sharp loss of 7.26 at 909.90. parents, Mr. and Mrs Gordon . Ironwood Township-Vander-! having trimmed a decline of Roland. Marenisco. iagen , Roa f• one . mi £ S ravel 8.40 a half-hour earlier. The remains are at the Lake- llft » blacktop (about 1200 tons);. The loss ranked with Mon- side Memorial Chapel and wi n » ew ,loca ion Mt. View Addition ; day's sharp drop of 7.80 in the be taken to the Messiah Luther- °ne-iourth mile, lift and black- Dow industrials. an Church, Marenisco. at 12:30' top:f Air P° rt Roa «- reca P- a ™l Long-term pro/it taking com- p.m. Friday Services will be i P" 6 ^ 011 . 1 ! bined with some nervousness held Friday at 1:30 p.m. with the! ® G decided.^ over events here and abroad Rev. Clifford Brcgge officiating Presbyterians White Pine Gets Map New Church Plans, Policies By GEORGE W. CORNELL AP Religion Writer COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) — Whisps of friction trailed today Award on Friday Plans Announced Hospital Notes G BAND VIEW. Admitted. Wednesday: Mrs. Dale Mars., Bessemer, Mrs. John Haanpaa, p a j • i noute ,. Mr , Prances Shou , p. r Mg m0 |-| a | WHITE PINE— White Pine; surgery. Safety Director F. G. Michelsj Discharged Wednesday: Mrs. has announced final plans f o r j Benjamin Chartier, Hurley; the presentation Friday of the'Mrs. Dale Mars, Bessemer; Wil- National Safety Council's Award i liam E. Nelson, Robert Cheno- of Honor to White Pine's em- ployes. General Henry J. Hoeffer, rep- Mack to Study Helicopter Use Day Activities BESSEMER—"Memorial Day 1965" will be presented by Lt. invirut. nvirtKTf ,i, , ., ,_, ,Col. William A. Rawn, guest Admitted w^rin* J' Wake " eld - speaker at the Memorial Day Admitted_ Wednesday: Mrs. nrmrram «,hiPh ,,,m h* MA «* weth, Ironwood. DIVINE Mwv oi ;» - Program wc w e e a IrSood M;« M P Marand ^ r - Hillcrest Cemetery in honor of ' ret He ' her Marenon byterian General Assembly. But) president R. C. Cole at a 3 p.m. it emanated mostly from the i ceremony. sidelines. j Others on the program include, _,„„„„„_ Mr<? ri . m _ n . n , , r.pnpraiiv HIP rpnvP^PntaHvp Copper Range President James _ nn n „'",. fl r „ ens l/a r '' i preserve the rights of man Generally ^ the; representative j gen Mflc • SSi, *??l sa *; tne Rev - Lau r » dowed hv t.hP creator. str °".!l Russell Hellman, United steel.' ™ kusaa rk ^ema. Wis.: Mrs. „-,„ He- i all departed men and women who engaged in wars in which nation fought to defend and en- the Creator. concensus in church plans despite eddies of debate. mapping new i and policies, State^ Senator Joseph^ S^ Mack. | "Unty in Jesus Christ does -- not mean uniformity," com- (D-Ironwood) vice-chairman of i the powerful Senate Appropria- were linked to the selling. te decline was a broad one. Cemetery, taking in steels, oils, rails, ino- — tors, aerospace issues electri- i kA rQ Wodev cal eauioments. airlines nnri ' II3> TTCa "=7 Burial will be in the Marenisco!,. = rwi " Townshlp-Niemi Road. cal equipments, airlines nonferrous metals. i lift and blacktop, and possibly improvement to the South Davis Road. Bessemer Township—.8 mile MARENISCO —Mrs. Wesl e y recap on the Ramsay road from tions Committee, has been appointed chairman of a speci a 1 mented the Rev. Dr. Eugene Carson Blake, chief administrator of the church. "We can three-member committee of the differ within the fellowship Michigan Senate to consider the! without it being a prelude to advantage of the use of helicop-j schism." ters in the far flung scope ofj A s the denomination's week- state business. » The Associated Press average ' Noel > 66 - Kingsfprd, for m e r . US-2 intersection into Ramsay. "The Ens t r o rn" Helicon t e r of 60 stocks at noon was off 2.6, resident of Marenisco. died May and one mile blacktop in the ; ma nufact u r e workers District Director Earl Bester, Director-elect Glenn Peterson, Staff Representati v e Gene Saari, Local 5024 President Sylvio Guisfredi, President Edward C. Leonard of the Lake Superior Mines Safety Council, Allen D. Look of the U. S. Bureau of Mines, and John D. McKichan of the Michigan Department of Health. , Also present at the ceremon- ciosed, ies wlll be w p Nicnoijs vice EIIeTsonEwenT Mr..' ^ P^r-™. at Hillcrest , — .. *,». , tT j ._ a , *"•» — •« O f B**.T ttrill *-*li*ti o v Atmiit e- r*f , r i . . . Waru. . JU ^Lu.rvo ai, uuuii woo un 4.0 - ----•••-• •"- ""• ""-" ••""•' "••" "". •"•"- "'"^"""H •" ""- manuiact u r e a in Menommee, i ramp fmm nnf^irip it in a vn u pv i «"^°"- <v -'"'"' V "-'^! JV -' »v«i» B c, v»mat 333.7, with industrials down' 2 ?- Sne nad oeen ill for sever- township the location to be sel-, na s already been named t h e ' of pritHsn hv ih*? BPV nr• wri ren ParkSl S eneral superinten- 4.6, rails off 1.0 and utilities off. al weeks. ected. by the township. ; -Product of the Year' du r 1 n g! ward T SUmson of' Omaha" dent of the Cham P ion Division; While living here Mrs. Noel Wakefield Township _ one-half j Michigan Week and provided'Neb at' curS denCmi?atSai County Mine Ins P ector On n i a ? .f " ie ."^ ei - °J "le^Presby- mile improvement of J oh nspn | vivid Bproof of helico ?ter versa- trends. 3 ' " ^ den ° minatlonal Maki. Sr.. David Skillings, edi- .6. DuPont lost more than 3 while was losses in the 2-point area were taken by such stocks as Xerox. U/ Smelting and Anaconda. Royal Neighbors Lodge. also was a member of the US-2. continuing the 1964 c a m- paign. prices were adversely affected toand and flve daughters. Church and Ladies A i d Road, and one-half mile on Old i tility by landing on the Capitol Zf\ 1I7QCT n 11** Qi-»1 V\«»* **>f fV-i/-\ TTC^O nr*Vifi»nii»^rr f N n 1 (\GA ft n •-*-* (_ . . i 11 « • * •• lawn in Lansing," Mack said. "The acknowledged superiority of this Michigan product convinces me that the manufacture of helicopters can become one of Some Wall Streeters said Sne ' s survived by her h u s- Marenisco Towns h i p — one mile on Camp 6 Road, and 1.5 by the statement of Gardner Funeral services were held miles clearing and grubbing (a Ackley, chairman of the Presi- Saturday at Iron Mountain. .•• Federal Assistance dent't Council of Economic Ad- ; Among those attending the road project). visers, who Wednesday called services were Mr. and Mrs. * * * recent price rises disturbing Roy Dean, Mr. and Mrs, Jack Watersmeet Township — 3.75 secondary I the most important industries in ' •- - i the Upper Peninsula. It has the vital advantage of speed, coverage and maneuverability over and warned of possible restric- McKenzie, Mrs. D. H. Gunder- miles on the Cisco Road (an F. land and water transportation tive moves by the government. m an. Mr. and Mrs. R u s s e 1 1 A- S. project); road mix on one' "The helicopter has demon- A report of increased Russian BlacK, Mrs. Oscar Nickel son, mile of the North Duck Lake strated that it has many peace missiles in North Viet Nam also Mrs. George Shisko, Miss Marne Road; one-half mile on the; time uses. This committee will was regarded as a possible Anderson and Miss Beverly An-'South Duck Lake Road, and one 1 seek to determine how this mod- toine of Marenisco and M r s . lialf m 'te on the Bud Wilbur Park j ern development of the air age cause for the jitters. The more technically minded! were more inclined to blame the decline on the fact that the; 1965 market has pushed ahead to one historic peak after another Prices on the American Stock Exchange declined in active trading. Corporate bonds were mixed in light early trading. U.S. Treasury bonds drifted lower. trends. He protested a new confession of faith, given preliminary! backing by the assembly, and said it could lead to "loss of our liberties and the introduction of tne u su- monarchical governmental forms" because it sanctions variety in them. In an open-air news conference, swollen by bystanders, he said the confession also helps "open the way to church union," and he denounced current union talks going on among six denominations, including United Brunell of Wakefield. Road. Food Stamp Sale Schedule Told Blacktop patching (1,500 tons) j government." i can best serve the enitre state i West Hautanen, Old County and: Hakala Roads, and the Bla c k River Road, Erwin Towns h i p. Gravel repair on roads, espec- I ially on school bus routes where bad breakup has occurred in all townships, after the road pro- Stock Market NOON QUOTATIONS interested «r e the Menormnee "If they succeed, as they well might," he said, "we shall have longer be free and Presby- is a selected list of stock sactions on the New York Stock Exchange at midday with net change from previous close. The schedule for the sale of: gram is completed, food stamps for the first half of Cities—I r o nwood, 4,000-5,000 June is announced by the iron' tons blacktop; Wakefield, 2,500 County food stamp office. tons; Bessemer, 1,000 tons. It is noted that the sales cen-j ters at Saxon and Iron Belt; will shift from the school to! the town halls for the summer! ._ months, stated Iron County Wei- if f\f stamps Tuesday, company, getting Army contracts i terian- reformed " He said if to expand employment in the j that "sad day" comes, many TTnr-- Bo«l«o,,l- ! hun( J reds wouk , „ _,. ^ him. However, the assembly here overwhelmingly endorsed the progress of the talks, under way for four years. The new confession, the first Upper Peninsula. Other members of the committee will be Senators Garl and Lane (D-Flint), chairman of the Appropriations Committee, and Charles O. Zollar (R-Benton Harbor) with personal contacts and [Communion by ! _ . ' try. fare spokesmen! n Hnr in Hurley. A quarterly Corporate C o ml. at the | munion of the Ironwood Coun- Allied Ch Am Can Am Mot Am Tel & Tel Armour Beth Steel Calum H Ches & Ohio Chrysler Cities Service Consumers Pw Cont Can a Copper Rng Det Edison Dow Chem du Pont Ford Mot Gen Fds Gen Motors Gerber Gillette Goodyear Inland Stl Inter Chem Int Bus Mch Int Nick Int Tel & Tel Johns Man Kimb Clk LOF Glass Ligg & My Mead Cp Mont Ward NY Central Penney, JC PA RR Pfizer Repub Stl Sears Roeb Std Brand Std Oil Ind, Std Oil N J Stauff Ch Un Carbide US Steel Wa Un Tel U—Up. D—Down. 52 D D 69'4 D 42i/2 D 37% D 22% D U D 781/s D 60 53% D 41Vs D D D D Belt, 1:15 to 2 j and Saxon, 3 to 4 p.m. i ™, On June 3, 4, 7 /f | stamps will be sold in at Hurley. '? the family employed at low wa- V2 ges, especially if it is a large v -* family, are urged to inqu i r e ^ about the food stamp plan by l -'iity food cil, Knights of Columbus, will persons registered with the Go. be held this Sunday at St. Mi-) gebic County Selective Service 'chael'c Church at the 7:30 Mass, System during the month of 'announced Catholic Activities April, 1965: ; Chairman John Fox today. Ronald D. Perry, Dennis J. ! He hoped a large number of Morin, Gerry J. Alexandr o n i, 'the local Knights would join-'William P. McDonald, John R. their brother members in par-1 Kahila, Gerald W. Maki, Rod- at the Mass and at ney C. Asunto, Dennis G. Salo. Gary G. Tankka. Dennis C. Dufrane, James E. Gustafson, Frank H. Verbos, William D. Jacobson, Paul R. Carlson, Alan R. Anderson, Gary L. Ryskewecz, Robert G. Re, David L. Grudnoski. Dnvid W. Lindberg, James R. .. experience in the aviation Indus- j restatement of beliefs for English - speaking Presbyterians since the Westminster Confession three centuries ago, remains subject to a two-year, churchwide process of discussion and possible changes before final action on it. It was expected to unleash a ferment of theological self-examination in the 3Va-million- member church. Register With Service Board BESSEMER — The follow! n ^J h !. !if.?. d _ ° f Hol y Communion, and also stated that a breakfast would be served in the church basement after Mass. Grand Knight, John Kostac re- an overflow crowd Paint Is Not Being Issued Huuey City Clerk Matt Con- perior Mines Safety Council; and a representative of Calumet & Hecla. The ceremonies will be preceded by a luncheon and surface tour of the visitors. The actual presentation will consist of a plaque and pennant symbolic of the council's highest industrial safety award. Sofia Laakso, Wakefield. Program May 31 At Marenisco MARENISCO — The Memorial Day program will be held Monday, May 31, starting at 10:30 a.m. Officer of the 'Day, will be Leo , Arnestad. B. j. Conterio Hurley Slates May 31 Rites Traditional Memorial Day rites will be held at Hurley next Monday, May 31, under the joint sponsorship of the Hurley American Legion Post and the Iron County Veterans of Foreign Wars Post. * As usual, the observance will open with a parade which will begn at 10:30 in the morn i n g. The parade will move through the business district 'and then to the cemetery, where a service will be held. •Iron County Judge Arne H Wicklund of Gile will deliv e r the Memorial address dur ing the program at the cemetery, Hurley High School students will give recitations and a one-act play and the high school band will play. commander of the Legion Post, sponsor of the observance. A parade will form at the town hall and proceed to the pond where the high school band, under the direction'of Donald Stanch, will play the Star Spnagled Banner. A salute will be given by the Legion firi n g squad, and "taps" will be sounded by Richard McKenz i e and Darrell Ormes. The program at the cemetery will be as follows: Star Spangled Banner high school band; pledge to the flag, j Post Commander Conte r i o : address by Arno Lugviel, guidance counselor of the Ironwood High School. The high school band will then play God Bless America, and following will be the Leg i o n Auxiliary service conducted by Mrs. Shirley Pennock and Mrs. Dorothy Conterio; the Royal Neighbor service, conducted by Mrs. Irene Thorn a s and Mrs. Katherine o i b i d e n; decoration of graves by Mrs. Leo Arnestad. Post Chaplain Anthony Grudnoski will give the Benediction. Cemetery will climax events of the Memorial bay observance sponsored jointly by the County Seat Post, Veterans of Foreign Wars, and the Gedda-Cychosz Post, American Legion, on Monday, May 31, since the anniversary falls on Sunday. Events are scheduled as f o 1- lows : 8:15 a.m., assembly at the site of the Veterans Memorial on the A. D. Johnston High School lawn. 8:30 a.m., formation at the .site of the Reserve Officer Training Corps, commanded by Cadet Lt. Col. Robert Fingeroos, and the high school band directed by Fred Tezak. Ceremonies open with flag raising by color detail including Cadets Dan Perot 11, John 'Grendziak, Ronald Niemi and Louis Berkovitz, accompanied by the national anthem by the band. The memorial wreath will be placed at the base of the monument by the battalion commander, Cadet Lt. Col. Robert Fingeroos and the executive officer. Cadet Maj. Glenn Olson, and a seven round volley will be fired by the firing squad commanded by Cadet 1-Sgt. David Fiori Included are Cadets Arthur Johnson, Richard Fingeroos, Charles •Bogetto, David Upton, John Ford, John Aspinwall and Charles Tirpik. 9 a.m., the traditional Memorial Day Parade with line up scheduled at 8:45 a.m. on East Sellar Street in front of the Washington School. Sheriff Axel E. Tenlen will be officer of the day. Parade units will include massed colors of the two sponsoring service posts; the A. D. Johnston Reserve Of" ---- ---- — - — - -- --• w»*^- 4*1 *j> . V VS111JOI/UJ I ^VV>tJ\^i. VC \J L followed with the salute by the | ficer Training Corps in platoon * ----- - - - Legion firing squad and "Taps by the high school buglers. All members of the American formation commanded by Cadet Lt. Robert Fingeroos and staff; the A. D. Johnston High School Hurley Knights to Receive Communion should turn out to help make Members of the Hurley! ^ nis Memorial Day truly a day Legion and Legion Auxiliary, all Band, directed by Tezak; possib- veterans and servicemen, an^l ly, Marty's Goldennaires, Post all firemen are requested to 27, American Legion Drum and take part in the parade. | Bugle Corps, commanded by Although Legion caps or uni- Bernard Michelli, directed by forms are desirable to be worn, M. O. Lamoreux: the VFW Aux- it is not necessary. Every one iliary Baton and Drum Corps, cli- Knights of Columbus C o u ncil will receive Corporate Communion at the 8 a.m. Mass Sunday „„ f . - , . at the St. Mary Catholic Church. S°" l°l ay _!. x P la i n , e , d .. the Proce-;The members are asked to meet in memory of those who gave their lives for our'country, those in charge said. If bad weather prevails, the program will Tie held in the Mar- dure now being followed in the, in the church parlors at 7-45 ; enisco Township Hall. fli.criM r»iirif\n *\f *inlv**- *^,.. *. «_ A i _ „ . _ . *^ ,82 100% D 49% D 36Vs D 54% D 42V<> 36% D W 465V. D IVa D % Vs O'Berto. Funerals m e, they enjoyed a Cornish' Thomas L. Chiantello, Willi a m Hen feed served by George Pe-1 R. McDonald, James K. Zawloc- are " e trusha and his committee. After the meeting, the "Ski Flying" film shown by Earl Minkin of the Gogebic Range Ski Club W3S the t0pic of much discuss ion on the possibilities of t h i s tourist attraction for the ki, Gary R. Niemi. Museum Plans '? Hurley, were held Wednesday Recent bh the Ironw o o d ! The National % ' D V** 44 D Vs 37% D Vs 55V4 D IV's 74% D Vs 42% D i/i 56V'a D % 42% U 69% D 79 D 42% 77 D 44q'8 D o %! at 9 a - m - a t St. Mary Catholic Council and the Fourth De K re° ' I Church, Hurley, with the Rt. PereMenard Assembly of fh^ Michael A. P r o c k ?night^ of Colmbus "voted "to ! Rev " Interment was can Festival has requested sample building plans from the Service, according Verner Thompson, Festiv a 1 at ss- sr^ss 1 -?. «•* * ^-ou,,;re cw;;rc=i,,eeT^: .Mary Cemetery. ations to their project. , man Pallbearers were Andrew Bed- The next meeting of the Iron- T ? 1P nlqn . Jerry wood Council will be Thursday oark service , Francis Se- June 3, at which time election '.. ^ a are for loe VUkOViCh. 'Of nfflr.prs fnr fhn 1O«R.ioac f«,,.~ ! r"* d ' dlc lul JO B from th* distribution of paint for the city-wide painting project. Connors said many residents have asked about the paint for the individual homes. He said the paint that will be used to paint the homes will arrive in the city sometime next month and the public will be no- ' tified when it will be ready for distribution. ( No paint is now being distri- i "» A breakfast and short meeting will follow the service. THE WEATHER TEMPKUATURES IN IRONWOOD Thursday. May 37, l»05. For 24 hi-, period ending at 12 noon 2 p.m. 59J10 p.m. 53 1 8 a.m. 41 ss 4 am. 4212 noon reeled by Mrs. Frank Hoffner and Mrs. Clarence Banfield; the marching units of the Bessemer Brownie and Girl Scout Troops, directed by leaders; and cars transporting speakers and handicapped veterans. The parade route will be west on Sellar to Sophie Street; north to Iron Street: east to Clayberg and north to Hillcrest Cemetery, the site of the program, which is scheduled as follows: Welcome, VFW Post, C o m- mander Clarence Banfield. Flag raising ceremony, ROTC staff officers Cadets Maj. Ladd William A. Juutilainen, 16, of iHonkala, Maj. Thomas Erickson, run n TnurrvoViir* it? f v^« f l v.r.*- ^<« Ti- iir;n: n »« T^_J^_: i •*•.. «»_•» Township Youth Joins Job Corps 29.41. out was for the projects to create the activity on Monday that was sc important to make the paint-up Day a success. i of officers for the 1965-1966 term will be held. Also this will be : the final meeting at which ap- ' 8 j EDWARD OLSON '* { Funeral services ' 8 1 Olson, 67, of Erwin Township. . ception of the first degree'To , i who died Sunday, were held held at Ashland June 7 can Wednesday afternoon at the Ke- voted on. the type used in national parks throughout the country. They Carneigie Library to Show Films Saturday Two films will be sh o w K In Phi'iadel! Saturda y morning at 10:30 in m wiiiaaei tne cnildrens department of the Carnegie Library, officials have announced. The first film is a charming THE WEATHER ELSEWHERE By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS High Low Pr. Albany, cloudy ...... 87 M Albuquerque, clear 69 45 .03 Atlanta, Cloudy .... 87 70 Bismarck, cloudy ... 40 35 .02 Boise, clear ......... 75 48 Boston, cloudy ...... 92 54 Buffalo, rain ........ 82 67 .12 Chicago, clear ...... 73 54 .19 Cincinnati, cloudy ..86 65 .11 Cleveland, cloudy ... 86 66 .84 Denver, cloudy 131V2 D 7 / 8 tola Funeral Home, the Rev. j A report on the Michigan State ! Hurley 0 Oliver A. Hal hprrr nffiniat-inn- Tr, [ r^rn,«„»!,,., „„ ° . : " ul lc !> • i cated on highway US-2, west of 50V4 D i/I OUver A - Hallberg officiating. In- i Convention now underway at' 421/i D %|. terment was at Riverside Ceme- : Mackinac island will be given 1 , .. -*. ' tery ' °y _ District Deputy Louis Paoli i £ B |£)/'Qf V CfOSGS Pallbearers were Tauno Jacob- and Deputy Grand Knight Mison, Leonard Hellman, Lawrence chael Petroski. PHirArn fAP> ™ „ Yank0 ' Jonn Reinikka, Jack Ma- CHICAGO (AP) — Chicago tara and Walter Suliin. CHICAGO PRODUCE Mercantile Exchange — Butter steady; wholesale buying prices unchanged; 93 score A A 92 A 581/a ; 90 B 56%; 89 C 56»/4; cars 90 B 57V. ; 89 C 57Vi. Eggs steady; wholesale buying prices unchanged; 70 per cent or better Grade A Whites 27Va; mixed 271/2; mediums 23; standards 25; dirties unquoted: checKs 21V2. CHICAGO LIVESTOCK ia cum wciuei OUllin. i f\£L' A ' — — * Out of town persons attending 1 Area Officers Arrest ! The Ironwood Carnegie Library the services included Mr. andlDuluth Man ToHnv """" " " Mrs. Kenneth R. Klemm of Bal- u " lu ™ ™ Qn ' oaa y timore, Md.; Mr. and Mrs. Walter R. Walo and William j. Olson of Chicago, 111.; Mrs. James P. Dow of Seattle, Wash.; Mr. and An alert issued by the Duluth Police Department to the Ironwood, Gogebic, Hurley an Iron County police departments paid j will be closed Monday, May 31, j Memorial Day, and will resume service Tuesday, June 1, at which time summer hours will be in effect. Library hours for the summer CHICAGO (AP) .(USDA)Hogs 6,000; butchers steady to 25 higher; 1-2 190-220 Ib 22.0022.25; 40 head at 22.40; mixed 1«3 190-240 Ibs 21.25-22.00; 2-3 230-270 IbS 20.50-21.25; 1-3 350400 Ib sows 18.50-19.00: 400-500 IbS 17.75-18.50; 2-3 500-80 Ibs few 15.00. Cattle 800; calves none; steers steady on scattered sales; several lots and loads mixed good and choice 950-1,300 Ibs 26.0026.75; good 90Q-1.200 Ibs 23.5026,00; few choice 8QO-1.100 lb slaughter heifers 26.00-27.50: .mixed good and choice 750-1,050 ,lbs 25.00-26.00; good 22.00-25.00 USB OAJLX GLOAJK WAM-ADI Mrs. Kenneth J. Olson and Leon- i of{ today as an arrest was made i are as follows: ard Hellman of Detroit; Mrs. i ° r a Dulut h man on Highway 511 Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday Julia Caine of Hibbing, Minn.. ! souttl of Hurley at about 10:55 1 and Thursday—9:30 a.m. to 5 and Mr. and Mrs. Victor Hell! a - m - '" ~'~ man of Wakefield. Nick Miletich, 35, was arrest-1 ed by the area departments as 1 he was driving south on High•way 51. • Officers said Miletich is want- to i.; Saturdays, 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Day. ' The picture was made on a state game farm where the animals were not afraid. Badger is the hero of the story and there are other animals including mother skunk, raccoon babies, pheasant hen, rabbit babies, ground squirrels, wood chucks, sleepy opossum, a coyote and a fox. "Birds of the Inland Waterways" is the title of the second film and it is in color also. It pictures nine birds which inhabit the areas adjacent to our inland waterways. These inclu d e the belted kingfisher, blue heron, night heron, green heron, glossy ibis, avoect, sandpiper Beacon at Airport Wil! Be Dedicated LAND O'LAKES—There will j ed D ?" , tne Duluth be a dedication of the new homer beacon at the Land o'Lakes, Wis. Airport, on June 4, at 11:30 a.m., it is announced by Kenneth McClone, the town chairman of Land o'Lakes. A free walleye pike cook-o u t will be put on for the reception of North Central Airlines' flights which will be coming into the airport for the first time for the summer season. ment for a parole violationand School to Honor The American Legion Glee Retiring Personnel A banquet honoring two retir-isan •,, , , , . will 1 .old its flnal renear- 58 40 68 42 84 66 67 37 85 65 61 49 83 74 84 62 Jacksonville, cloudy 91 74 Des Moines, clear Detroit, cloudy . Fairbanks, clear Fort Worth, clear Helena, cloudy Honolulu, cloudy Indianapolis, clear .55 .51 .19 .12 .58 Juneau, cloudy . 59 40 Kansas City, clear . 74 51 Los Angeles, cloudy 77 55 Louisville, cloudy 87 64 j Erwin Township, is the first gebic County youth to be enrolled in a Job Corps camp. , Lt. William Reini and Lt. Mitchell LeClaire, accompan i e d by the "Star Spangled Banner" Juutilainen, who is the son ofiby the high school band. Mrs. Arvo Juutilainen, left this morning by North Central Airline for Glide, Ore., where the U. S. Forest Service has opened one of the first Job Corps camps. The Ironwood office of the Michigan Employment Security Commission made the arrangements for the enrollment, in cooperation with the Job Corps, Washington, D. C., and the Jobs Corps Center. Gordon Jacquart, interviewer, and Patrick Smith, area counselor, have been interview i n g youths between the ages of 16 and 21 for possible enrollment, in the Job Corps Center throughout the country. Youths accepted for the Job Corps will be enrolled for per-, iods up to two years, and will; Invocation, the Rev. Leslie Borman. Significance of the Day, Waiko E. Spets, VFW 15th District commander. Selection, band. Address, Lt. Col. Rawn, professor of Military science of the Bessemer and Ironwood ROTC units. Placing of the mem o r i a l wreath by Legion and VFW Post Commanders William C. Maki and Banfield. and the auxiliary presidents, Mrs. George Sab o 1 and Mrs. Raymond Passint. Honor salute by the ROTC firing squad. Taps and echo by the Golden- naires Drum and Bugle Corps Benediction, Father Borm a n Closing selection, "America," Memphis, cloudy 88 66 4.90 Miami, clear be engaged in work connected j band. 10 with forest and park develop-i In the event of inclement men.; They will also recei v c; weather, the program will be .27 j Job training and associa t e d j held in the high school gymnas- Milwaukee, clear .. Mpls-St.P., rain .. New Orleans, clear New York, clear 80 76 80 51 65 40 86 75 94 73 .16 .03 work experience that will be of j ium and there will be no par- value to them in competing on j a de. the labor market when they are! • .— through. They will receive $50 i per month, plus room and board and clothing, and an additional Licenses to Wed . _ ._ _. An application for a marriage Okla. City, clear 80 54 .06 i $5 ° ' Jer month will be held in! license has been filed in the of- Omaha, clear 66 41 trusi until they have completed! fice of the Iron County clerk by enrolment. ! Gerald Calgaro of Ironwood and County youths who are inter- Mary Jane Vittone of Hurley. Philadelphia, cloudy 88 68 Phoenix, clear Pittsburgh, cloudy Ptlnd. Me., cloudy Ptlnd, Ore., clear Rapid City, cloudy Richmond, clear St. Louis, clear Salt Lk. City, clear .45 .04 ested in being considered for the < Job Corps are advised to con-! The Peace Corps has given tact the MESC office, 135 W. Au- ! courses in more than 40 Ian- rora St., Ironwood. o rer- T Dc on suspicion of burglary. Ac- , f } \ ™ ***< May 28, at 8:30 p.m. , ng teachers in the Hurley Joint! San Fran clear cording to the officers, Miletich A11 P«* ent and . former m e m- school District, a cook and ' is a suspect in a case in which a number of television sets were p taken from a Duluth store. \sram. a cus- Seattle cear ' Stores to Be Closed For Memorial Day srsrsrss K «eto rs&rs ear -,. j P T y ,,S h ,^ 0 mi 0 -, ,.: Wi ?!;'^™™ « 29 High School band 89 55 87 64 88 51 75 48 50 34 90 66 82 55 .64 i General Douglas MacArth u r ones as Tagalog and" Cebuano 62 37 i served as president of the Olym-; of the Philippines, Nepali and 68 57 1 P' c Games Committee in 1928. Qucchua of the Andean Indians 68 50 ' 69 48 91 73 j guages— not only internati o n al 'languages, but also such local Commerce has annomced 8tancta?d of will be cleaned inside and the Saxon Grade School; Al- a.m. at Jocko's phonse J. Ricelli, high school -p WH™ *.,.., teacher; Mrs. Merilda Payet t e, cook a( the Saxon School, and out. .33 ted W»^ff«iw^«^« : i^^"Jr7^ xr « RANGE SKIES Sunset today 8:41. Sunrise tomorrow 5:14. Moonrise tomorrow 4:08 a.m. New Moon May 30. ....... _, vu „„ .», ulluayi Mon. and everyone is welcome. May 31. in observance of Mem. . . _ / w> attend. iorial Day, a national holiday. The pangolin is i Asian anteater. cus-.The planet, Mars, high in the M „ southwest tonight at 9:58 p.m AC, n, u dinner, a program is now 100 million miles from Afto-, will be presented and there will - tha Earth and about as bright as be group singing. ,the star, Procyon — NOTICE — ONTONAGON SHOPPERS MUSKATT'S DEPARTMENT STORE WILL BE CLOSED MONDAY, MAY 31 MEMORIAL DAY

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