The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 18, 1948 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 18, 1948
Page 9
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FKinAV, .JUNK J8. GOP Committee 'i ---- ree -^ Faces Decisions BLYTI1KVII.LF, (ARK.) COURIER' NEWS Three States, Alaska Present Arguments of Opposing Delegations By Rim Orecn United Press Staff ('irresiiomU-nf PHILADELPHIA. June IB-, UP) —The Republican National Committee makes its picks today smonn rival convention deleifalions from three states and Alaska. Its most ticklish job is lo choose amoilR a couple of dele-gallons (rum Georgia, which has 10 important votes to cast In the balloliiiR for a presidential nominee next week. One Gconjiii factnin lit-adril by Hoy G. Foster, favors Sen. Robert A. Taft c,t Ohio. opposing II is a group ltd |,y \v. R T U r>.rr, which likes Gov. Thomas E. Dewi-y of New York and is (rii-nclly to Harold E. Stasseti of Minnesota as a late-ballot runner. The committee has heard briefs aiul arguments from the Georgia battlers and also from contesting Mississippi. South Carolina, Alaska and District of Columbia groups. The Southern fuel ions charged everythiti); from election steals nntt milder irregularities to racial discriminations against each other, Georgia's Tucker spokesman called the Foster clique "lillv white Republicans. " Hacked Ijy Courts The Poster partisans had the support of two stale court decisions upholding their riiiht to represent Georgia's Republicans. Those decisions, however nmy not be considered binding on the national party. Rival factions' in both Mississippi and South Carolina accused each ( other of various irregularities, plus racial discrimination. In Alaska, the issue was whether to scat a "rcRnlar Republican" delegation or delegates from an alleged rump convention. The National Committee disposed nf only one of rive contests lie.ird yesterday. It ruled that a delegation header! by Edward P. Colladay should represent the District of Columbia. Maryland, with a double list of delegates, said it would settle its af- j fairs amicably and present four! names for convention confirmation on Monday. False Gaiety Fills 'Vanities' After Death of Earl Carroll PAGI M1M« cil of V, L,,, ,?£,rtr , ,t , ' War ' S s >' mju1 '^ »y tins ,,hot,,|;r.,ph ot a woman Horn me hnd Tl » ( ;' catlln f w ', th , tw ° "Pturcd guerrillas to tell her what has happened to her husband. These men captured her husband in one of Iheir forays and lock him off lo the inoiinl.-iiiM. His fata remains unknown. United Airlines Identifies 4 Crewmen, 39 Passengers Killed in DC-6 Crash CHICAGO. June 18. (UP P—Unit- Francisco ed Airlines .said today thai Ihe fo!- I Nathan Berk. 39 lowing persons were killed abn;u.1 ! New York Ci'y ihe rx,'-5 Maiiilincr that crashed | yesterday near Ml. Carmw, l"n. I West SSth SI German Police Decides Doctor h His Best Friend CANTON. N. Y. lUP.-Freda. s German shepherd dog owned by a family at Hamiawa Falls, scratched on the office door of Dr. Edwin 3. Smith, a veterinarian here. She had another batch of porcupine quills -in her feet. When Dr Smith opened the door, he could find no one with Fre;ia. as he had on two previous occasions -,vhen her owners brought the dog by car. He telephoned the owners, only to learn that the dog had been missing since the previous nipht. This time. Freda hart talked the I.T miles from her home to get the quills plucked out. Leather goods, treated with a new dressing devclofKd by the National Bureau of Standards, is sale from mildew am] other fungi even tinder tropical conditions. Head Courier News Want Ads. Crew: Capt. George Warner, Jr.. l'^| N'. Adams. Wcsimonl. III. j 1st Officer Richard C. Schemlm, ' 146 S. State, Elpin, 111. . Stewardess Lor en a H. Be:y, Woodstock, 111. Stewardess Nancy L. Brovai, Foil Myers, Fla. 1'assengers wlio hoarded at l^is Angeles: Earl Carroll, night club owner an:l show proriucer- Bcry! Wallace, show girl and leading Ljiriy of Carroll's shows. Venita V;trdcn. New Ynrk, actrtv^, divorced wife of movie comedian Jack Oakie. T. S. Gallagher. 911 South Magnolia, Los AnpelcA. T. M. Lecorre. Paris, France. L. Dieiingei. 155 East 44th St., New York City. H. B. Stewart. 155 East 4-Hh St., New York city. j Remo Buflano. New York, actor. • N. V. Pc.'sin. Los Angelas, groc- j el ; Mr. and Mrs. O. Harries, Boyer• town. Pa. I William Cnsmcr, M Ave A New York Ciiy. ! Hoarded plane at San IMrrn. Cal.: Albert Slemiici. P. O. Box 603, Stratford. Conn. Boarded plane at Chicago: A S. Angus. 135 E. 42nd St., Ne,v York City, of the Texas Co. Hugh McCloskey. 135 E. 42nd S'... New York City, of the Texas Co. C. S. A very. 515 Edciy St., San ree- St., E. Wincknf. who had been istered nt the Cliirago Club. Ronald R. Brown. 59 Wall New York city, a^ent for Dro'A'n Brothers-Hamnmn Company. Arthur B. Smith, 59 Wall St.. New- York Clly, ngcnl for Brawii-Brot'ci- I u.s-H;;riinan Company. j Frank Cnmpi, 587 ISiird Ave., Sin Jose. Cal. I Paul Marchi. 1208 J 8t.. Sacra- memo. Cal. A. I,. Dcvito, Jnraleman St. iFicd Fear Co.) Brooklyn. R- Harvey Palmer. New York Citv. E. Hanchdiff. vicr-prciiik'iit of the Bin-son knitting mills, Hocklortl, Hans Joachim. American Tansul Co.. 1483 Folsom St.. San Francisco. Henry Jackson. Croweell-Collier Co.. New York City. W. N. Kendall, \« Wilmont St Scaratlale. N. Y. TcMile Uxrrullre Killril Mr. and Mis. D. Marcus and their u:fam daughter. Ton!, B17 W. Lakeside Place. Chicago. Marcus was president of the Golden Edge Fabrics Co., a Chicago textile firm. G. \V. Rogers. Lamont Corliss Co , New York City . Mrs. Alia Gwmn Sallnders. 711 W. Nevada St., Uibana. 111.. |>rof<r.- .«or of business English at the Uni- Casua! Greeting Saves L//c ol Truck Driver COLUMIJUS. O. iUP)-Cnrl Tell- nant is ernieful to n friend who stopped to say hello. Teunant. a truck driver, had finished loading at a railroad dockage and jumped dmvn Irom the platform lo iieud for his truck cab. A friend (.-ailed and waved. Carl stopped and waved back. Just then livn moving freight cars jumped a railroad abutment, and crashed into the cab. demolishing It. versity of, niinoi^ since 1019. Parker W. Pilr.i.'r. DeVne and Reynolds. New York City. George Von Sero. neVix- and Reynolds Paint Co.. Nrw Vork City. H. L. Sinter. Cardinal Klectronic-s Corp.. New York City. Kay Thorp, H.210 South 24th St.. Omaha, Neb., daughter of Hurt Thorp, Chicago announcer for National Broadcasting Company. Mrs. L. Wciser anil infant, J947 W. Albion Ave.. Chicaeo. PE-ROACHER .' K.IK or. rur'ilacl'^ivl A lIvO Bf Vlrnlnla MarPhtiton '. F. HIWI.VWIKM) rarrripondenl) HOLLYWOOD, .lime 18. tUHl — The loiiR-lessed blondes »ncl the uy brunettes Earl Carroll bal- lyhoed to lamp as "UK most beautiful ijlrli In the world" sung and danced with a tt.\ft gaiety list lliKlll. The iPd-phuh box where the bald-hemied Carroll nlwayn H t to watch Ihe show «'«* empty And Heryl W»ll»ce. slar who rtlert with him In a flaming (-m.,1, near Mt. Caiutfl. p... was missed from hrr place In Ilie spoilt".!)!. Mlsj Wallace's Mniul-ln, Virginia Dfw. look her place. Just before the curtain went up at 9:15 for the first show, Muster of ceremonies mily Hayes stepped Into the spotlight and .vald: "Ijtdten Mid gentlemen, 1 >m Mire you are all aware' o( the meat ira«edy that ha s befallen in In rteeiwsl respect to Mr. Carroll and Miss Wallace, IniilgJil'.i iwrfor- mauce will go on. with no i-hutiRrs bccniwe It was always Mr. Carroll's express wish Ihat no mailer what linpiwned, the show tnu.M ao on. "And now. we present, the Burl Carroll Vanities.." 'Hie entire company onlhcird in Ihe wlnss R5 nnyes made Ills »n- noiiDcenjeiit. rents utrenlcect rlowii the cheeks of many of Ihe chorus girls Tlic near-capacity audience heard the announcement without demonstration or applause. lieiuilifiil Klrl.s, „, ha r , ,, the law allowed, was tile shy Carroll's key to success. Often the law ilt-clded he Meul to.i fur. In 1D'26. mcKlcl Joyce Hawley disrobed and jpln.vllert hi a clitinipaRiu: bath l>elore some 400 Xiicstj at a party lit his New York theater, cnrroll denied the charge, bill went to thn federal'urlnoii it Atlanta. Ga.. tor » year on a perjury count. His famed "Vanities" always showed what h c meant by hi* 3e year-old motto-, -nirough 'me.te Portals Pass the Most Beautllul Olrls In Ihe World.- 1 The 55-year-old producer ranked with Oeoi-Re Wlilte and th« late Flo •/.Icgfcld as tine of the greatest showmen of nil time. Ten years aijo he wowed Hollywood with the lilKnest and fanciest! nlllht club Ihe town had ever seen, And just belore Ills death he was planning an even greater showcase for his girls—a .1000 seal, *S.OOO.OOU theater restaurant, complete with this movli »er«en »nd ltO-pkc« orche«- tia W»r Carroll the curvaceous Beryl Wallace. He t her In New York, where Ihe Brooklyn-born beauty had been dancing since ,h« was 15. A one-Umr /an dancer, xlie came lo Hollywood in 193» and starred In Carroll's show ever jJtioe. They were close (rlendn and In- s«|)«ral;le companions, bul "'IT Wallace never married. Carroll w»s wed, briefly, lo lf*x!','* »<""»l'»t, » l"ienchwom»ri. iSZFSFX™^ 2?& soon arm ; They »a<l no ehildmi .nd lu l,n , lo Immediate faintly Courier Mcwt Want , STEWART'S POTATO CHIPS l>i>trifeM«4 k, L D, • IjrtheTUta, Ark. New I Erectile! , Automatkl Frigidaire WATER HEATER Pilb Exdusiit adiantule Hcjiing Unit, l) Fr/git/arrt lltit It.' Plenty of clean, hot water always ... for baths, shaving, citslnvash- in£, showers, laundering, and many oilier daily household need's. No other convenience in your home give* you so much help and pleasure for 50 little cost. I Icrc's why — • No fjf*i t» Ughl ~ or lo lo'flil, • No tool lo <hov.l. • ND *wer«r*h«altr fu»l.' • Clean, lafi, tfepena'obli. • fully Du l om ,ii,, f , av ;j,, ),„, wq ,., witKoul *v«n ihinVing abovl it. Adams Appliance Company Inc. J. W. Adams, Mgr. 206-08 West Main Street S fSTH OFTH Ifs the new 1949 FORD • . . the one and oniy NEW Car in its field! SEE IT TODAY PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Fifth and Walnut . REMOVABLE BASKETS Slnre food in vvjrr, li.nkrln, ready fur quick si-leclion! 7EMPERATURI CONTHOl Sini|ilr control is adjiistahle from (J° lo 10^ r'.bcfowzerol UNOll, 110 LOCK Wide r«y-t;rip handle. Sturdy lumbirr-lype lock! INTERIOR LIGHTING Automatic luiill-in lirhl goc» on vhen lid is raised! at HOW, Woods Drug Sror« a lipstick by Naylon! ., (•;!.>'• -•' SC ' ; " U l,-" F bcaitty fj! for fingertips und lips by e-.-**t ,\<*)Vnf\ Nail Knu • 6Vt /'/" Cut Your Food Bill 10 to 20% .., Famous Bccilrcczc Home Freezer The DKEPFRKIV/.E home frcc/.rr saves yon inonpj? . . . acliially payj for ilself by reducing focnl s|ioil,ige, ctilliti<; ?lin|i|)itig (rips anti enabling yon (o buy [boil? in economical quantities! You'll enjoy bellcr eating loo ... buy your favorile foods al seasonal /me prices, store tbem in this big freMcr, enjoy limn ihe year 'rotinil! Here'? heller living for you ... see ihin DEEPFREKZE home freezer al Wards totlaj-1 IUY THIS HOMI FREIZfK ON WARDS MONTHLY PAYMENT P1AM

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