Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 30, 1933 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 30, 1933
Page 5
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iOLA. IvANSAS THE lOLA-DAILY REGISTER. MONDAY EVENINq JANUARY 30, im N<|\^.york, Jan. 30. (AP)—The TjStoclc market leaned forward slightly, ih an extreme qui^t session today.; The closing tone was steady, with^sonie advances of substantial fractions to more than a point, but . turnover was only aboiit a million shares. Rails \yere. again firm, jMincident with expectations of a report by the national. I transportation committee ' next month, also the recently heavy tobaccos pointed upward, possibly reflecting^ short covering.-. The list w&s inclined to ease a little at the start, but firmed noticeably in the last 'hoiir, after holding barely changed during most of the day. Delaware & Hudson' ralljed a couple of points in a thin market. Santa Pe and Canadian Pacific rose a point, and Union Pacific. Pennsyl- vaniai New Haven, and Chesapeake Si Ohio gained abo.uti 'j. Miscel- laneoii^ issues up abolit; '>.- to 1 point included American Tobacco-B, Lig- ijett <& Myers B. American Can, Al-' lied Chemical, Borden, Case, Woolworth, and General Motors. American Telephone, off early, closed about "unchanged, as did U. S. Steel common. Tlie prcfeired gaine.d a fraction. High . 2--;s 20--, . 12 . 61'. THE NEWFANGLES (Mom'n Pop) A TOUGH NIGHT! Cities rServ . SO of Ind > Alaski Jun . Amn iTSiT . Amn<rob B , Anaconda .. ' Atchison ... Auburn j : Beth Ste^l Chrysjer Con Gas ... DuPont Gen Fjlec . . Gen Motpr.s Int Hfirv .. Mont Wircl . Packard .. . Penney J C . Phillips Pi-tr aadlo Socony Vi'C . Stc! Bmnd.i SO ofNJ , Tex Corp . 44-\ 47 I4-", 13-.58--, 40 1.";', i:t', 22'1 14 2-'.27 1,5 2ni, Low 2-S 20--; .104 59':' V, 43'.., 4C'. 14':: 13', 58', 39 •» 15 13'1 2I-; 13", 2-->, 2(1 H SS 4'.i 13:, 'mi, Close 2'.. FTEO GIVING UP THEID BeD TO COUSIN GTOTC AMD HEP HUSBAND. CHICK AND GU^DYS SPENT A NDT-SO PESTFUL NIGHT ON THE UVING- POOM COUCH • C •-#» GEffT A "I> At. BAiBV I HWe. 1 OCT A KINK IN MY BACK? THAT COUCH »S SO NAOOOW t-JWAS AFPAID ID FALL OVED-BOABD IF I MOV /EOII By Cowan TAGE Pl-yR HUMBOLDT NEWS Women's Mi.sslonary Society of F.vungelJral C'hureh of Golden A';illey Meets at Funk Home. HUMBOLDT. Kas.. Jan. 29.—Mis :5 Mary JKfttherine Helmick, -^vhose niarriqge to Mr. Carter Brookheart f^f ColUmbus. Kas., is to be ,solemn- i.-'ed Fcbniary 1, was honored at a dinner-bridge party a few evenings ag'o at the home of Miss Margaret ,2o --I I Amos in Humboldt. The table was 11"; ' 104-, 61 4^. 46', 14'i. 13 58'., decerned with yellow tapers, fuc^i.^s nnd roses. Bridge foIIoAed, ,i: which Mis.S' Louise Loy won th? hic'i bcore prizr. Mis,^ Helmick bi- int; !he recipient of a guest favor. ^ Thv> t^ucsts were: Mrs. Lida Fugatc. |tUc high scgn' priZL'. Refreshments Wichita; Mis.'; Loy and Marv ! wore served to th.c following guests: Ka.« of Clinniitc; Mrs. K. Shook JMr.ry Moslier. Mary K. Morrison, ol Pf rria 111;, and Misses Gorlrudt' ! Ci( r.ildiiio Nolan. Hilda Slielby, brll, Mrs. Alvin Wood and Mrs. Raymond Jo^fdan. Miss Fi-ances Boggs entertained the following girl friends. Thursday evonir.g, honoring her 16th birthday: Misses Polly Redding. Dorothy Adams. Lorraine and Velda Rarricklowe. Pem Russell, Fern and Ei.imr Starkev. Kcfreshment.s were .sen 'i .d afifir games being played. ' Miss Emma Starkey entertained the fcUowiiig jjuests Wednesday evening:, Beih Webb. Helen Galliraith. Pern Starkey, and Me.ssi-s. Albert Horn. Roy Hase, Bert Webb and Charlc^i Shulenberger. Mis.sts MaiT Helen Strieby and Mubol Fackk-r cntertainf?d with tm;r table.s of bridge at the home o: Mie former, Thursday evening. MiS.' Goncvlrvc Jordan of lola, won 3g..[^ T oitzbach and .Icaiictic Wei )I). an.'! '; Mrr;. Miliort Amas. all of Humboldt. 13--., I Mif..s Ge.-akiine Orl-iZie, HumboUii, a2 I '> V1KI is (]ui(e ill at hir home, u, ri- )3'- !!r,rir(| to In' j.lowly improvinK. 2', Rali;:h Buxloy, Humbf)ldt, moior- 2 (I'-H (.(! to Erie, Ka.s., Wedne.'Klay eve- Qi iiiuc ''•n ii t 'onibiiK 'd bu.slrich.s mid 4H ; i!l('iviin-o trip. I]O<;AI- vnoDUCK Kgg.s, nn.l.,-; I'lgg,'?. .<icc( nds Eggs. thli^clK Bgg.s, ungraded Hcn.s, No.; 1 — Hens, No; 2 No. 1 Springs. 1'- lbs. up .. No. 2 20'! 29 . . . !)c- . . .7c ,. .9c Oc . 6c . 6c Sprjngs 4c Capons; over 9 Ib.s, CaiKin.< over 8 lbs. .; , over 7 lbs. Capon.s. under 7 lb.s. ...... -Slips .: •• Butterffit, lb (Stags, \y>. "-Cocks ;.. i. .'. i Geese, lb. .-•(•• : Guinea.^, each f Wliite Ducks, lb. ... ...... Colored: Ducks, lb Hides.' per lb Mixed Corn, bu Yellow ^orn. bu Wlieat, bu Kafir Corn .lie . 9c . 7c . 6c . 4c .13c . 4e Tht> Woman's Mlsslounry .snrleiy of the t'lvanKi'licnl church of cioUlcu Viilli'V. west ol Humboldt, hi'ld itii till d.iy mci'tlnK nt tlir hoiuf ol Mi', IIIK! Mrn. ,J I-. Funk, the lime b'- ifig lipcnt In (lUlltInK for tho hoM- 1 followintc the ics.wn :,lndy by MrK. CluiK.' K^l)lor. nn iippeli/iiiK po 'iM luncheon was .served. 'Iho.s.- prnscnl were: Rov. and Mrs. E. A. Pnuli of Humboldt; Mr. and Mr.s. Frrii ^ruer tind baby son ot lola. Nellie Lewmrin, Faye Weast, Lelia Ruth Oliver. Gc'iirvl<>ve Jordan, all ol fola; Ruth .Slu'ldoii. Margaret N-''l Anna, Juanita Myers, Veva 'Ihoma;; uiKl Loj;; Ann Meatli all of Humboldt. The divisloii.s of ilie Social .Socie- ly of the Pre.sbyterlun church will mi.-ei. Wednesday uncrnoon, Febru- uiy I, at the lolUiwin;.', places; First |(llvl;,leii with Mrs. H, H. Stcwiirl, when II ,'.uirilse program Is to bo i;lveii; :.ecnnil iilvi:,i()n lb be held lit the home of Mr.s. Geo, Wiillen; lliird '•ii\i.s|f)ii j.>; to'!);•! entertained by Mr,s. K. V. McCarl..\. and Miss Knunu Plckai't.s will be hosies.s to the fourth division. Election of division niflceis will be held, and all membf-rs of the society are urged to attend. 7Ji\s-s. Alice Cawlin. Humboldt, en- PICKETS ON MARCH AS LABOR DISPUTE CLOSES PLANTS Mrs. Chas. Kohler. Mrs. E. J. Bak- . rr. Mrs: A. Parker. Mrs. Ira Morri- ! terlnined Mrs. Rhodes of Elsmore. son and daughter. Joyce Ann. Mrs. j f riinner. Tuesday evening. • Ru.s.'cll Morri.'on. Mrs. I. O. Morri- j J. P. Willhite. north of Humboldt, son. Mrs. P. Reistroffer, Mra: Har-i while engaged nt work Tuesday, had vcy .Smoot. Mi-s. Pearl Baker. Mrs. I tlie misfortune to sustain a badly H. V. Adam.*:. Mrs. L'eroy Aycrs and ; nia.«hcd too. which lias placed him Mr. an-J Mrs. Pimk. | under the care 'of a doctor. , The district superintendent of the i P-'^bert Croighton. Humboldt, has i Evpiiffeiical churches, preached at i'"f'^'""i'-t'<:i to his employment in • ^'^ithe Gulden Valley church, Sunday, i ^"'•''=0"- Kas after a four weeks' • 3c janiiai-v 29. • | illness. .lOcl , , _ ^ j Mrs. J. E. Kirschner. Humboldt. ith Earl i Mrs. J. J. .^mds and daughter^,, . ,^ ™ ; • Mi,, Maraaret .Amos, and Mrs. R^. ' 'Lsucd in Chanute Thursday, wit •?^ir,hel Shook of Peoria. 111., were ! i!:' ,/'=t "ehier-,n-!aw. , Mrs. Ea: guests Friday aftenioon of Mrs. Nat !ti',„"'-'^-. -r. ^ , •H'' Armel of Tola. i T^''^. Lewi.'^ Eckart famdy hav ..15c . .16c . .28c . .13c Tlic Lewi.*; Eckart family have Will Rc-mmert of near Huin'oaldi. ! J;-?"'^'' ^'1^° ^'^'^ M. OBrien prop- a visitor Wednesday evening , , M -E Ray DcWitl. Humbolcit. has evening L; Lnttimer home of Ga.'^ Kansas City Produce. Kansas i City. Jan. 30. (AP)— Eggs 9c.- Butter, creamery- 20c: butterfat 8c^l4c; packing butter ft'-jc. Poultry;' Hens 7c'-9c; Rootsers 3c-4c: springs l6c. : Kansas City Hay. Kanslis City, Jan. 30. lAPt—No hay. receipts too light. Kansas City Grain. Kansas City, Jan. 30. (APi— Wheat, :iI6 cars; unchanged to ''t up; No. 2 dark hard 44'-i-44^ ; No. 3 44'i ; No. 2 hard 42-44^i: No. 3 41^, 43'-:-; No. 1 red 48; No. 3 42'-j-45. Close:. May 41',; July 41'^;; Sept. 42%. Corn,'24 cars; unchange(l; No. 2 while, nom 22-22'i; No. 3. nom 2l^<i- 22; No. 2 yellow 22-22'-j; No. 3. nom 21H!-22::No. 2 mixed, nom 21-i -22";; No. 3 21'",. Close: May 23; July 24=Si. ' Oats, r car; unchanged; No. 2 white, niom llf-18; No. 3. ni^w. lG-17, MUo maize, nom 48-52. ' Konr,;nom 40-44. Bye, nom 34-35. Barley.'iiom 21'-j-24. : W.1.S ;at the T ; City. ' The regular monlhlv mectinc: or the local W. C. T. U. was held Thursday afternoon ar the hom" of ^Trs. G. W. Horn of South Eishtii sireri. Mrs. Pheobc 7'hompson, president- presiding over the fol- ; iowhig program: Mrs. Jesse Van- Nice, secretary, readings from Presbyterian teninerance journai and tAi-z. E. A. Pauli sang two .son^s.: K. . C, Livestock Close. Hogs: closed mostly 10—15 lower than FHday's average on 240 lbs. and upf late sales desirable 240-315 -lbs., 2 .65 T90; good and choice. 250'290 lbs.. 2.65-90 ; 2.65-90; 290-350 lbs., ; 2 .50 -75.. Cattle: fed steers slow, -steady; she stoik weak to mostly 25 lower: 1.! heifers,'good and choice, 550-900 7 lbs., 3 .75 -5/T5; ;cows, good, 2.00-25. Sheep: Iambs slow, .10-15 lower: -sheep strong: top fed lambs to shippers 5.50; others to packers mostly _ 5.25-35; best yearlings, 4.25; top ewes 2.60; lambs, good and ihoice, 90 lbs. down, 4.85-5.50; ewes, good and choice, 90-150 lbs., 1.75-2.75. Estimated livestock receipts for tomorrow: Cattle 6.000: hogs 6,000; - sheep 5 ,000. Kansas City Livestock. Kansas City. Jan. 30. (AP)—U. S. D A.—Hogs 7,000; 1^00 direct: slow, 230 Ibs;; down 5c to 10c lower than Friday's average; heavier weights dull; top $3.10 on choice 180-210 . lbs.: good and choice. 140-350 lbs.. S2.60-?3,10; packing sows $1.90$2.35; ^tock pigs, good and choice. S2.25-$2 .50. Cattle 12 .006: calves 2.000: killing classes; opening slow, steadyi to weak;'.stockers and feeders slow and' steady; choice 952-lb. fed year- lings $6.25: steers, good and choice, 550-1.500 lbs., $3.50-$6.75; common and medium' $2.75-$4.50; heifers, good and choice $4-$6; cows. good. $2 .a5 -$2.50; vealers. milk fed, medium to;, choice $3.00,-$6.50; stocker and feeder steers $4.00-^$5.75. Sheep 9,000; market not estab- ' .iished;;few sales lambs weak to 10c lower at $5.00-$5.15; lambs, good and choice, C) 90 lbs. dovm $5.00- Y $5.40; good and choice ( M 90-98 lbs. .M.75-$5.25; ewes, good and choice, aO -150-lbs., $1.50-$3.50. (•) Quotations based on ewes and, wethers. ^ Have you a hous^ for" rent? Or for sale? Want to buy anything^ the Classified columns t ; , as her this week, her mother. : Mrs. Joe Rhodes of Elsmore. Mrs. G. DeWitt. who is visiting •her dr.imhtrr. Mrs. Arthur Barber. Enid. Oklar. is reported to be ill i with pneumonia. L, E. Eckart and family, Pampa. Te:<.. arc here visiting Mr. Eckarfs NOW!... ;^ Is the Time —to have your motor overhaul; job done—nsw pistons, if needed, new rings, valves ground—t'ar put in shape for sprijijr driving. ROSS ARBUCEE GAI^GE CHEYSLER-PLYMOlTTli Sales—Service—'Farts * AUTOMOTIVE Bepalrin;—Garages BATTERY Recharging, 50c. .'Tdeal Garage. ; BUSINESS SERVldT Business Service Offered •d Motor Co., blants in the PoUcic are guarding Detroit plants of the Briggs Manufacturing Co., makers o fbodlca for.-the Fa while plcket.s parade. The labor dispute at the Briggs plant has caused a shutdown of all Ford Detroit area, throwing 150,000 workers out of employment. Employes and officials of the Briggs. company are meeting in an attempt to reach a settlement. The picture shows the main Briggs plant. Pickets are shown in the center with the flag. ' , !pannt,s. Mr. and Mrs. Lewi.s Eckart ..ff'^ , , and other relatives. ,2^^^J!'^^'^!::,J B. Ryland and Mrs. Eben ii.u ivii^. A. Paul! sang two .soims. , i.,4,„.„,.j ,0 Kansas Citv .followine Mrs. PhUo Lyons conductco the/''f V°-s' vfstt her^ devotionals. Plans were made; for 'a ^, '^^^ \ Brooke and familv tea and program to be given a httie-''.^ l^^, proJaV was^Tv'n later on in the year. About tei- ^ Cottace Grove schoolhouse members were in attendance, the Cottage G.ov^^^ hostess reporting a good nKctinK | ^^^^^^^^^ > ." T, TT \» ' The piav. "Captain Rackett" will Mr. and Mrs. H. H McClellanrt : p.,.^,, young people of relurnfil Thiu'sday f'-om a 1 v^'i the Cuppy school district, southwest days' visit to City and Mc--„f Humboldt. W.-dne.^dav evening Pherson Kansas. 1 ,,p^j Fobruarv 1. to \\hich everj-- Mrc. Leonard Riley and Mn^ ; • U,,.-..^A James Riley. Humboldt, attended ' """^ "'^ SUNNYSIDE 'Mrs. Fcrii Irwin. 1 Jiin. 27.—The meetings at North- cntt are protire.ssing: Iti fine shape and. are continuing this week- to the 84th birthday celebrnilon of Mrs. Fred Bodin of Vilas. Wednesday jifternoon Mrs. Bodin is re- n.arkably well for her age. Mrs. B, C. Breiner. .southeaHl ol Humboldt, who underwent an operation for appendicitis in a Chanutc- j Monday nlght~wilh a reception hospital about ten days ago, is reported to be .sati.sfactoriiy Improv-, hig. Dr. H. B. Parker. Humboldt o.'.teonath. motored to lola Saturday mornine on a business trip. Rev. G. W. Horn and .son, William, of Humboldt, were In. lola Saturday noon to transact some business. Mrs. B. Willhite. Chanutc. visited overnight Friday, with her mother, Mrs. C. A. Galbraith of Humboldt. The second basketball team of Humboldt high school in a game with the .second team of loin high sehool, lost to lola. the score being 23-12. , to now members and farewell to the evangelist and singer. There have been 50 conversions So far. A number were baptized at LeRoy again Sunday, following a basket dinner at tlie church. This Sunday la basket dinner and celebration of anniversaries, also another : l)aptismal service. There will be a photo- grajjhcr present to take a picture of the church and the crowd present. Mrs. Balmer. who has been ill. is I .about the same at present. Mrs. M. P. Settlemeyer is building a new porch on her' house. Mrs. Arthur Miller and daughters vi.sitcd with Feini Xnvin Thursday afternoon. . Leonard Taylor was at home since Mi;s. W. L. Clay of Osage street, j Wednesday of this week oh accoun left Friday for Van Wert. Ohio, i of a bad cold called there by the serious illness of her mother, who is in her 94th year. Mrs. Clay's'Visit wiir be of indefinite duration. Misa Frances Fussman. daughter of Nfr. and Mrs. Frank Fvissman. who is a student in Washburn college. ToiK-ka. spent the week-end here with her parents and othe:' rclati-v'es. Mrs. Qeo W. Wing, east of ,Huni- bolrtt. had the misfortune to fall at her liome. Thursday, sustaining a broken breastbone. 'While the in- , jury is quite painful. Mrs. Wing is I reiwrted to be rcstine comforta'olv. Piof. H.iH. McClelland, mathe-' matics te .icher in Humtwldt high school, who had just returned from Visiting his mother in MCPhcrson was apprised of her death a little after noon Sunday. • Mrs. Lyle Hack. Mrs. H. A. Cher- rj-holmes and Mrs. Lloyd Schooii- over. all of Humboldt, motored to ^ •yatcs Center Thursday, to be guests • of Miss Fern Cherrj-holmes. Mrs. Chalmers Clark entertained with ?. bridge party Wednesday ai her home. Two tables of cards were formed. Mrs. Alvin Wood winning the high score prize, iRefreshments were served to the. following: Mrs. Clarence Williams, Mrs. Lloyd Bun- fucll. Mrs. D, C. Cushman, Mrs. Marlon Manton, Mrs. Elwyn Camp- Rev. Hopkins and the singer took dinner at the Charley Fox home Thursday. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Johnson called at W. W. Tayloi-s Sunday evening and went to church with them. James In\-in and Arthur Miller are 'ivorkihg on the roads. Mi.'=s Helen Cramer pf Carlyle spent Saturday night until Monday with the Mr. and Mrs. E. G. Cole family. ^^r. ,ind Mrs. Curtice 'Vowell and daughter. Elna, called at the W. W. Taylor home Sunday afternoon. Mrs. Lew England who has been helping care for her daughter. Mrs. -Alma Fox. returned to her home fn Topeka Sunday. We are glad to re- l)ort Mrs. Fox much improved. Mr. and Mrs. E. G. Cole and son Frank, and Miss Helen Cramer went to Garnett Sunday. :.Tr. 'A. A. Taylor is visiting his son at Lebo this week. Sumriay after the baptismal service nt LeRoy, a car with eight persons in it was rcturtiing home wlion something went wrong with the car and an accident occurred; hurting several of the occupants Miss Mae Hubbard had her foot hurt and Miss Idell Odell was cut about the facer The car was nearly demolished. All wcre^ so thankful no one was killed. BAYARD (Mrs. Floyd McCormack.l Jan. 27.—Mrs. C. A. Trimble spent Wednesday of last week with her sister, Mrs. Carl McGrew at Gas. Miss Mildred Dunlap spent the day in lola. J. R. Dunlap, lola, came home with them and visited tintll Saturday noon. Mrs. Ernest Baker spent Friday with Mrs. Will Frame. will Frame, who lives on the Christoffcrson farm, has been making a cistern. At the first meeting in January of the Osage township board it was voted to extend the rock surfaced road running through Bayard a mile east and a mile west. Those using this road, which is now two and a half miles, will be glad .to know the work is to begin at once from funds available from gasoline tax funds. ^ ' Verle Drury,^w up and graduated at Mildred, has been visiting old friends. He spent ; the week-end with William Burnett. Mrs. Myrtle Groves, Hinson Menzie and daughter Alice, lola, were Sunday afternoon callers at A. W. Burnetts, j . . L. C. Caldwell and wife, Floyd McCormack ahd family, Mrs. Chas. Isaac, Mrs. Clarence Isaac from this community were among the many friends who attended the fuiieral of Mrs. Bennett Jlodenberg at Moran, Sunday. Mrs. Rodenberg lived in or near Moran fbf over forty years, and the sympathy of all Is extended to the sorrowing relatives. Vera Glllham, was quite sick from tonsilitlfi and ml.ssed several days of .school the past week. She also is suffering' from a^ badly in- fjanied eye. Vclma Glllham visited at home over J the week-end. A. I P. Rlggs, who was quite sick several days, is much better now. Miss Hazel Shepard, Kincald, ga\'e a most interesting talk at League Sunday evening, and has a number of articles maide by the Apache Indians on the reservation at Dulcie. tHE lOI .A PRESENTS A FAMOUS DETECTIV TOMORROW AND WEDNESDAY. E STORY "The Night Club Lady' presents Adolphe Menjou as the well known fictional character, Thatcher Colt, in a fascinating mystery story. Mayo Methot and Skeets Gallagher are feautred in an exceptional supporting ciut. BKlAfi(£ ^» tttt Hail Cqlmnbia. ! This popular patriotic song was written by Joseph Hopkinson in 1798 when war with France seemed imminent. The words . regarding Washington allude to the fact that he had been unanimously chosen by congress as commander-in-chief of the armies to be raised for the anticipated war. The air for which the song was written was that of George Washington's March.; It had been composed by Prof. Feyles. leader of the John Street theater, and played when W.ashingion v/ent to New York to be inaugurated as president. 1933 PRICES—Harness, collars,;strap work, etci We have a sewing ma: chine am? can take care of repair work. Shannon Hardware. Pho. 29. EMPLOYMENT 15 SitaaUons Want^—Fein4le WOMAN—20 years olti with 3-year- old daughter wants place tcf live. Will do; any kind of: work. No salary, just a living for herself and I child. Call 536 or 236. FINANeiAL 18 Money to Loan—Insurance: $500 TO *700 to loan on gilt-edge _ real estate. Box 3C7, lolu, K<is. ~~UVE STOCIK"^ SAVONBUR(; Jan. 28,—Nick Slbert of Mornn wa.s visiting home folks Thuj'.sday, Enrl Alberts and fiimily visited in Pittsburg Sunday. Boys, bring your hound,s. A big wolf drive will be held east of town Saturday at the old Jap Marlutt ranch. • Mrs. Clarence Harlow's daughter '•Janette''' of Kansas City is spending this week visiting her grandmother, Mrs. Bright. Mrs. Zodine Larson of Elsmore was visiting home folks Wednesday afternoon. Bud Hurley of lola was in Savonburg on business Wednesday. Clarence Catron south pf town, who had a stroke, is a little better at present. ^ Raymond Hostetter returned to Joplin the first of the week after spending several days with his aunt, Mrs. J. E. ElUott. Mr. Foust of lola was in our burg Wednesday. Joe Johnson of Kimball was in town the first part of the w^ek on business. Mrs. Charley Bradcn of Elsmore wa;s visiting home folks the first of the !week. Mr. Scantlin. son and family of Humboldt \isited at the J. E. Elliott home Sunday. ! 21 Hones, Cattle. Vehicles; FOR SALE— 3 teams of mare mules, 4 to 5 years old, weighing 2SD0 to 270O a pair; 20 head of marea uiwl horses, .good matched teams; ,2 good yearling mare mules; 20 afresh cows, giving 3 to 0 galluasmilk per day; 3 bulla; .5 sel.s of harness; 4 wagons; all lilnds of fiirmliiK machinery,. Will sell on time. .J. C. Butcher; , GOOD BLACK JACK—For sale. Four miles north of Bronson.'S. L. Goodno.-; 22 Ppultry and Supplies BABY CHICKS—All leading biipeds. Custom . Hatching, I'.ic per egg. Taylor's Hatchery, 201 South; Jefferson, lola. SUNPLO"WER CHICKS — Hatches weekly. See us before you- get chicks «r hatching. Sunflower Hatehery, Bronson. i. WHITE 'WYANDOTTE hatching I eggs, 10c a dozen above firsts. ; Mrs. Briice Annacost, R. 3, Tola. ; Phone 998F2I. ' ; MERCHANDISE i 24 Articles For Sale SWAPPER'S COLUMN i BATTERIES, — Guaranteed. $4.95. Ideal Garage. i BEST CREAM SEPARATOR -OIL. 15c qt.; 'rubbers, etc., for Aiaker- Holth; Melotte, Domo, Viking- Sharpies separators. Shannon Hardware. Phone 29. BINDER—Cow or sow wanted in exchange for baled hay. J. W. Young, 1002 North Svcumore, lola, Kansas. MOTOR Olli—SOc gal.; 5 gal., ^.la Ideal Garage. Phone 174. •. . !27. Feed, Fuel, Fertilizers CREAM SEPARATORS—Used, to trade for cattle', hogs or horseis. Brownie's. Cream, Poultry, Eggs. Feeds, and Seeds. ' i ALFALFA HAY—Per bale, 29c. Allen County Implement Co. N. M., where she taught last year. A number from Bayard attended the funeral of Mrs. Theodore Hutton at the family home, northeast of Here Monday afternoon. The family will miss her greatly, and their many friends extend deepest sympathy. I Vera Gillham and Joe Boyer from Bayard had parts. in the Mildred senior play, "Eyes of Love," given Tuesday evening. The young people all played their parts ver>- well Indeed, and the ^arge attendance was very gratifying, and a compliment to the class. The Bayard women who attended Aid at the home of Mrs. Dickenson, Mildred, Thursday afternoon, were: Mrs. Anna Har.dy. Mrs. Caldwell. Mrs. Burnett. Mrs. Trimble, Mrs. Dennis Isaac, Mrs. Walker Glllham. Mrs. McCormack. Miss Mildred | Dunlap attended a meeting of 4-^1 leaders at the Braum home on North Washington, lola, Wednesday evening. Mr.s. O. J. Dunlap has been having a severe cold the past week. The January P. T. A. program was arranged in honor: ot Kansas Day and given Thursday evening. The program was vei-y interesting and the audience appreciated very much the tap dance numbers given by a group of Kincaid high school girls, and the fine paper read by Mrs. Wallace McCaslin, Kincaid. OUT OUR WAY By Williams HEAVY HORSES, hav press and young cows to trade for mules too young for market, and one set harness. L. .H. Bamett, 2 miles west Countv Farm. ANNOUNCEMENTS Anctions COMMUNITY SALE—Every Wednesday at J. C. Butcher's Sale . Barrj. Col. .Smqck. Auctioneer.^ 2 . Personals 28 Housebold Goods FOUR COMBINATION gas, coal and wood range. Priced to-; sell. Curtis Ftirnlture, 10 N. Wash. MATTRESSES —We buy in large quantities and' sell for less. W. II. Wood Pihe Furniture, 202 S..'Jcfr. USED STOVES and Furniture. 3tore _Ra;clc^. ffejoningcrji Fiirn. Store. 30 Musical, i Radio SEVERAL good used radios. Terms, Henninggr's Furniture Stores I WANT TO CORRESPOND wiUi nice clean lady who wants a home. - -^.9>'-l?: J??.Rl5tei-. ^ i Strayed, Lost, Fonnd YELLOW PERSIAN CAT—Lost. Mrs. J. A. Tompkins, 415 S. Sycamore. 2 -WHEEL TRAILER—With green box lost between lola and Cha­ nutc. Reward. Write R. E. Heilman, Earlton. Kas. AUTOMOTIVE Automobiles For Sale Dodge Plymouth SALES AND SERVICE Dependable Used Cars and Trucks ELLIS MOTOR CO. Phone 301 Cash—Trade—Terms 32 Wanted~-To Buy WANTED TO BUY—Coal and Vood u.sed heater. Phone 1234, ROOMS FOR RENT 34 Apartments and Flats ; APARTMENT— 3 rooms, nicely, furnished, sink adjoming bath, garage, reasonable. 411 S. Sycain'ore. FURNISHED APARTMENT—three rooms, with pantry, closets, porches, private entrance, modem, .close in. Phone 1234. -• Real Estate For Reiit 36 Farms and Land For Rent FOR RENT—Improved 15 a. adjoining city'limits. Henderson Realty Co. ; {• •26 DODGE 4-door sedan; '27 Chevrolet coach: used parts. lola Auto Wrecking. Phone 782. ; PONTIAC-BUICK Sales and Service Guaranteed Used Cars SHELLY SiOTOR CO. 214 N. Jefferson Phone 80 IMPROVED 200-ACRE fanrii, for rent. F^ank Ellis at Brown's Drug Store, r ' ' ^ 37 Honsea For Bent THE CHE'VROLET DEALER HAS THE BEST USED CAR VALUES IN TOWN 1928 Chevrolet- Landau Sedan | 1032 Chevrolet Pickup 1929 Chev. Panel Delivery 1930 Chevrolet Coach 1929 Chevrolet Coupe 1927 Chrysler Roadster 1629 Dodge Sedan 1929 Essex Coupe lfl30 Ford Sedan 1931 Ford Truck, long wheelbajfe 1930 Ford Coupe 1929 Ford Truck 1929 Hudson Sedan 1028 Hup 8 Coupe 1929 Whippet Coach Plenty of Other Bargains BUD WHITE MOTOR CO. CLEAN 4-ROOM— Garage, fruit, splendid,garden plowed; good lo^ cation. 330 South Kentucky.; FOR RENT—Houses, good location. See G. E;. Pees. HOUSE-r -6 rooms, modern, ^ fur- nUhed if: desired R. M. Cunningham, over Penney's. 8 -ROOM MODERN at 809 E. Jackson, lola Land Co., south of lola State Bank. ' . . ' Real Estate For Sale 40 Farms and Land For Sale FOR SALE OR 1 acre dairy farm, lola on State st) Bates, Route 3, iENT—Good 803 miles south of eet road. Rbbert :?hanutc, lOts. SACRIfTCE SALI proved IBO a. sec gravel rpad. Mt( lola home as pat derson RealtyCi I— Attractive; im- md bottom farm, :e. $1500.00. Take t payment. Hen- 43 « To Exchanfe T -Real Estate EQorrv IN 40 AC to trad^ What dress Box 77, ca RES— 2 ml. town, have you? Ade Register,

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