The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on January 12, 1933 · Page 10
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 10

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 12, 1933
Page 10
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' to THE BAKEBSFIELD CALIFORNIAN, THURSDAY, JANUARY 12, 193& oncin^ Amusement AIR MAII" Wll I "Cynara" Exceptional Film; mil niniL it ILL T-» * V m • i I Fill FINF Rll I Based on Love Triangle Story of Flying Heroes Ts Depicted by Splendid Cinema Plovers , The stnffe nnd motion pictures are two entirely different media of expression and should nbt lie compared, ITI the opinion of Ralph Bellamy, 28- Senr-old veteran of the footlights who recently came to Hollywood nnd made 10 pictures In his first year. Bellamy bclievos it Is unfair to speak of them both' In the same breath. Having spent 12 years of his young life on the stage, he should be qualified to speak with some weight oft the subject. "The stage and pictures differ essentially because of the personal contact with the audience In the one and the lack of It In the other," says Bellamy. "This Is where the sharp lino must be drawn, and this Is why it i« impossible to speak 'kf them as approaching the same thing. If a play were presented OIT a stage before a camera, the result would indeed be :i strange thing—unattractive, meaningless, dead." The personal contact la lacking. The camera makes up for this in an entirely different manner by means of cutting to closeups and other effects—but the entertainment vehicle Is a bird of an entirely different feather." ^"Alr Mall," which tella the ad- vtnturous story of the government niall fleet, is scheduled to open nn engagement tomorrow at the California with Pat O'Brien, Bellamy, Hopton, Slim Summerville, theater Kussell Gloria Stuart and Tallinn Bond in the featured roles. John Ford directed the spectacular film. • jOn the same program is "The Man From Arizona," starring Rex Bell, CJJara Bow's husband. Ending their runs today are John Barrymore in "A Bill of Divorcement" and Warner Baxter in "Six Hours to Live." STARS AT NILE Ronald Colman In a scene from "Cynara" with Kay Francis Chevaliers' Divorce Decision Due Soon PARIS, Jan. Pros Leased Wire) ( 12. — The broken romance of Maurice Chevalier, film star, and Yvonne Vnlee, his little dancing partner through years of adversity, reached the divorce courts today when the first chamber of the civil tribunal heard the wife's plea for a decree on grounds of Incompatibility. Chevalier filed a counter-claim. A decision .was expected In a week. The Chevaliers, who used to bo known as the "love birds" of the Paris stage, insist they are parting amlc- I ably. 1 IOX THKATItt: STARTING TOMORROW "WAR DEBTS" Aniwrrt th« luntbn, "Shall the p«o»le or the Unittd Slilei b» burJtind with Europt'i War Debt?" with EXTRA ATTRACTION I Capt. F. E. Kleinschmidt AMERICAN WAR CORRESPONDENT ramroo ' mm EDNA MAY OLIVER JAMES OLEAfON MAE CLARKE ROBERT ARMfTRONfi SHE'LL BE THE DEATH OF YOU!— T, H , E wl£. HOO > MARM FR °M IOWA WHO cH ^. MY STERY THAT BAF- CONTINUOUS, 2:30 TO 11:00 Bargain OBj» i Evenings »JB«» Matinees **«» Balcony CvC ANN HARDING LeslieHOWARD Th< ANIMAL KINGDOM Ronald Column and Kay Francis Give Splendid Performances By MAE SAUNDERS T UB eternal triangle, this time with tragic consequences of more than ordinary dramatic vibrations yet with absolutely no veering to the melodramatic, is the basis ot the talking version of "Cynara," now at the .Nllo theater, The film Is exceptional and will be high on tho list of best pictures of 1033. While the Ntnuo play seemed episodic and at times difficult to follow, the picture version has a splendid continuity and the flow of the drama is directed with superb ease by Ronald Colman as the erring husband who strays from tho path of a seven- year connubial faithfulness, and by Kay Francis as the charming wife who flntlH a peaceful domesticity and happiness rudely shattered. Philosophical Tenor Phyllis Uurry, u younger player on the screen, holds her own as the shop girl Doris lien, who bargains for a passing affair but "changes stakes" with tragedy resulting. The play Is wise and philosophical with lines that bring laughter. Most of the philosophic tld-blts are given to tho philandering* a;nd satyr-like .lolm Trlnu, who believes the domestic content of his barrister friend cannot be harmed by a casual affair, and who with Intrigue, brings the shop girl Into the life of Jim Warlock. Mr. Colman gives one of the finest performances of his career as the barrister whoso own seriousness and sincerity In emotion firings about tragedy. The beautiful Kuy Francis couples tho Colman performance with a like high artistry. It Is upon the wife that the meaning of the play hinges for the drama raises the question whether or not a wife should forgive. Other Players Henry Stephenson Is excellently cast as tho i satyivllke Trlng who tries to mend some of the trouble for which lit has been in part responsible and does effect a reconciliation for the Warlocks. Among other players In the cast are George KlrbV as Mr. Boots, Viva Tattersall as Mllly Miles, the girl friend of the unfortunate Doris. The play has the knowing direction of King Vldor and is adapted from the play by IT. M. Harwood and Robert Uoro-Brown by Frances Marlon and Lynn Starling. Week Days Matinees... AMIOI'XIA 300 Seats IB. Any Time.. I «M» STARTING TOMORROW—TWO GREAT FEATURES! wttt RALPH BELLAMY PAT O'BRIEN LILIAN BOND THRILLS THAT WILL TINGLE EVERY NERVE IN YOUR BODY AND REX BELL IN THE MAN FROM ARIZONA" ~«~v, TODAY JOHN BARRYMORE IN " A B "-L OF DIVORCEMENT AMD ..g| X HOURS TO LIVE" TOMORROW NIGHT IS PAYNITE—PAY ROLL WILL BE READY AT 7:00 Now Showing, 7 and 9 p. m. RONALD COLMAN FRANCIS Andy Clyde Comedy News and Review OP EXCITING PICTURE Through arrangement with Captain F. !•:. Kleiiifchmidt, American war correspondent, Elmer Clifton presents an illuminating and extremely exciting motion picture entitled "War Debts-" at Fox theater today and tomorrow. An intelligent dialogue discourse on America's position In the matter of war debts forms -the background idea if tho picture, and while this is told, the cause of the huge financial crisis of today Is unfolded. War, the cost of armaments, airplanes, submarines, the terrific expense attached to every battle is emphasized. Captain Kleinschmidt, who secured these pictures, passed two years with the Austro-Germari forces on three fronts. He was at the vanguard of the armies that made the terrific drive against Russia from the Carpathian mountains across Poland into Russia from Tarnow over Prsemysl, I^emberg, Warsaw to Brest-Lltovsk. He participated in the campaign In tho Balkans against Scrvln, and finally went to tho Italian front to secure material. In all he obtained a collection of more than 10,000 feet of motion pictures of the war, portraying every phuso of military activities. MAUD WHITE DIES HARTFORD, Conn., Jan. 12. (A. P.) Maud IS. White, 7.'!, well-known actress of a generation ago, died last night at her home. OPEN 12-11 P. M. Matlnni to s i. m. 300 SEATS, Any Time 16c Last Times Today WALTER HUSTON In "AMERICAN MADNESS" Also RUTH CHATTERTON In "THE CRASH" Tomorrow and Saturday TWO FEATURES "The Fighting Gentleman" and "My Wife's Family" RIALTO 5 l» 8 >. •.. I5e; After 8. I5c, 23t Last Times Today GEORGE ARLISS In "A Successful Calamity" Tomorrow, ."1jhe Forty-Nlner-t" China Night'(Choice) Tonight G RANAD 618 Kentucky Street Tilklng Picture* Eviry Diy A Tonight Only, at 8:30 BOXING George Akes vs. Battling Siki and Four Other Fast Bouts Ladles, 55c, Any Seat. Men, 85c, $1.10. $1.35, Tax Paid Tomorrow—Two Feature* "The Phantom President" Bob Steele In "Hidden Valley" VIRGINIA Continuous 12 M. to 11 p. m. 300 SEATS—Any Time. 15c Today and Friday RICHARD DIX In "The Lost Squadron" Mary Astor, Von Stroheim and Stunt Stars. Thrill on Thrill! Comedy and Cartoon PONTIAC COL.STOOPIM4CLE ,/• BUDD '-?- '' ~^~ ^—~^^^^^^**m^^^^mm^^^^^^fm^m in 0 6raae/ new RADIO PROGRAM KERN AT 6:30 P. M. POPULAR BLONDE ON HONEYMOON Joan Blondell, motion picture actress, Is spending her honeymoon In New York after secretly marrying George Barnes, cameraman, In Phoenix, Ariz. She wore a red wig 'to conceal her blonde locks and nobody recog. nlzed her when the wedding ceremony was performed. "Fighting Gentleman" Heuds Bill, With Hilarious . Comedy Drama A double program, featuring "The Fighting Gentleman" and an uproariously, funny comedy entitled "My Wife's Family," will be presented on Friday and aSturday at the Rex thp- ater. . , "The Fighting Gentleman" boasts, n addition to Its stars, William Coller, Jr.,'Josephine. Dunn and Natalie Moorhead, none other than Jlggs, the 4-yenr-old chimpanzee—who is one point short of human! During the filming of the carnival sequence of the picture Jlggs created a man-size riot when ho broke loose and started toward the crowd watoh- ng the action. Nobody quite knew what Jlggs was up to—but the speu- :ators peremptorily took leave, running in all directions and seriously hampering the efforts of Jiggs' trainers, who eventuality managed to recapture the Innocent although errant actor. It was evident that Jlggs had sojrio particular errand In mind anil t was farthest from his th'bughts to njure anyone. 4 i Brought from Singapore to Hollywood three years ago by Frank Turrell, big game hunter, Jlggs Is possessed of an unusually docile dlsposl- ilon . and is adored by everyone on tho lot. James .T. Jeffries, one-time cham- of the squared circle, is among the supporting cast and the film was directed by Fred Newmeyer under the supervision of Burton King. 285.5 M.—KNX—1060 K. 6—News. 6:15—Bill, Mac and Jimmy. 6:30—SI and Elmer. 6:4C—Currier's Serenaders. 7—Frank Watanabe and Honorable Archie. 7:16—Guardsmen, male quartet. 7:30—Kate Smith. 7:4G—Musical program. 8—Organ recital. 8:U>—Pennsylvania Duchies. 8:45—Golden Memories. 9—News. \ 9:15—Light and SteVer. 9:30—Lubovlski violin choir. 10—Idylls. 10:30—Organ recital. 11 to 12 midnight—New Paris Inn. 468.5 M.—KFI—640 K. 5—NBC-KGO programs to 9:30. 9:30—Orchestra and soloists.- 10—NBC-KGO program.' 10:1G—Phil Harris' orchestra. . 10:45—Jay Whidden's orchestra. 11—Phil Harris' orchestra. 11:30 to 12 midnight—Jay Whidden's orchestra. 6—Chesterfield, Ruth Ettlng. 6:15—Jan Garber's orchestra. 6:30—Col. Stoopnagle and Budd. 7—The Songsmiths. 7:15—"Tarzan of the Apes." 7:30—Edwin C. Hill. 7:45—Myrt and Marge. 8—Globe Headlines. 8:16—The Islanders. 8:30—Broadcast World Premiere of Motion Picture "Cavalcade." 9:80—Musical Favorites. 10—All Request Hour 10:40—Ted Flo Rite's Orchestra. ' 11—Dancing with the Stars. 333.1 M.—KHJ—900 K. 6—CBS. programs to 7. 7—Inglewood Park concert. 7:30—Chandu, the Magician. 7:46—Myrt and Marge. 8—Headlines. 8:15—CBS programs to 8:45. 8:45-^-1 Zlngarl. 9—Eddie Duchln's orchestra. 9:15—"Unknown Hands." 9:30—Riviera orchestra. 10—News and Blsquick bund. 10:15—Ted Fio-Rlto's orchestra. 10:40—Stanley Smith's orchestra. 11:20—Dancing with the Stars. Richard Dlx, Mary Astor, Eric von Stroheim, Joel McCroa, Dorothy Jordan, Robert Armstrong, Hugh Herbert! Every one a magic name In the realm of entertainment. They comprise the principals of the brilliant cast of "The Lost Squadron," opening today at the Virginia theater. Richard Dlx plays the starring role of "Captain Gibson," daredevil film stunt man. Mary Astor enacts the part of "Follette," a. temperamental movie star. Four of America's greatest ace aviators and film stunt men also appear. Heading the list of Intrepid flyers is Dick Grace, author, and pioneer stunt man who has suffered 28 injuries in 32 crnckups and who Is still willing to make power dives Into the earth at a speed of 125 miles an hour. QUIVERING NERVES Yield to Lydia E. Pinkham'*) Vegetable Compound When you are just on edge... when you can't stand the children's noise . . . when everything is a burden .. . when you are irritable and blue . .. try this medicine. 98 out of 100 women report benefit. It will give you just the eirra energy you need. Life will teem worth living again. Hotel El Tejon A DELIGHTFUL PLACE' IN WHICH TO EAT TRY OUR DELICIOUS 0-1 T-BONE STEAK DINNER 91 B^AKFASTS 25C to 50C Noon Luncheon . . . 50c Evening Dinner, 50c, 75c ALSO A LA CARTE According to "The Animal Kingdom," a man may be married to a woman and she yet be "the other woman." And the woman he wasn't married to be In reality his wife. Leslie Howard Is the husband and Ann Harding and Myrna Loy are the two women. Miss Loy plays the wife who has no spiritual or Intellectual affinity with her husband but has physical allure for him,' and Mlsa Harding plays "the other wqman, whose bond Is of a deeper order. Philip Barry Is at his best as author of "The Animal Kingdom," now a photoplay which Edward H. Griffith directed. It ends its run today at the Fox theater. Norman Kerry and Spouse Separated (Associated I'rca Leased Wire) LOS ANGELES, Jan. 12.— Married lean than three months, Normnn Kerry and his bride, the former Helan Mary Wolls of New York, have separated, the wife of the screen actor admitted today. No reason for the separation was given by the wife, and Kerry could not be reached for a statement. Mrs. Kerry said she left the Kerry home Monday night and had taken residence In n hotel. rWatchYour Kidneys/ Dorit Neglect Kidney and Bladder Irregularities . If bothered with bladder irregularities, getting up at night and nagging backache, heed promptly these symptoms. They may warn of some disordered kidney or bladder condition. For 50 years grateful users have relied upon Doan's \Pills. Praised the country over. " Id by all druggists. Dean's ills A Diuretic '«[the Kidnw/s PICKEDBY VOTE 'Grand Hotel" Is Selected for First Place by Cinema Critics In the biggest vote of its kind to date, "Grand Hotel" heads the list of the ten best pictures of 1932 as picked by the country's leading film critics and editors in the eleventh annual poll conducted by T/he Film Dally. The other nine, in the order of votes received, are "The Champ," "Arrowsmlth." "Smilin 1 Through," "The Guardsman," "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde," "Emma," "Bill of Divorcement," "Back Street" and "Scarface." Five new records were established in the 1932 poll. Total number of critics voting was 368, against the previous high of 340 in 1931. "Grand Hotel's" total of 2!)G votes was a new record for a single picture, the previous top having been scored in 1931 by "Cimarron" with 273 votes. The lead attained by the first picture In the list over the picture that follows it also was by the biggest ma'rgin yet scored by a winner, and for the first time every film In the winning list had a vote of 135 or more, while a picture with 117 votes could not get Into the first ten. Pictures listed In the poll were those released In the fiscal year to November 1, 1932. In the case of a few productions which were expected to', but did not, receive widespread release up to this deadline, tho number of votes accorded them Is not a fair indication of where they stand In this poll. / A few critics also voted for pictures not generally shown before November 1 and therefore not Included in the eligible list. Such votes obviously are lost in the present poll, but another opportunity to nominate these films will be afforded in the 1933 vote. To End a Cough In a Hurry, Mix Thjsrt Home 8tWM$2. No Cooking! So Buy! Millions of housewives bare found that, by mixing their own cough medicine, they get a purer, more effective remedy. They use a recipe which costs about one-fourth as much as readymade medicine, but which really has no equal for breaking up obstinate coughs. From any druggist, get 2% ounces of Pincx. Pour this into a pint bottle, and add granulated sugar syrup to fill up the pint. The syrup Is easily made with 2 cups sugar and one cup water, stirred a few moments until dissolved. No cooking needed. It's no trouble at all, and makes the most effective remedy that money could buy. Keeps perfectly, and children love its taste. Its quick -action in loosening the phlegm, clearing the air passages, and soothing away the inflammation, has caused it to be used in more homos than any other cough remedy. Pinex is a highly concentrated compound of Norway Pine, famous for its healing effect on throat membranes. It is guaranteed to give prompt relief or money refunded. FEMININE SHERLOCK HOLMES SCENE PROM "PENQUIN POOL. MURDER." S HERLOCK HOLMES relives in a feminine guise In Hlldegarde Martha Withers, who behaves in full accordance with the Holmes system, except that she arouses your heartiest laughs. For Hlldegarde is cinematically known as Edna May Oliver, who appears in "The Penguin Pool Murder," tomorrow at the Fox theater. In "The Penguin Pool .Murder," Hlldegarde Is Involved. In an amazing crime to which her sleuthing faculty evolves a solution. She even discovers the crime. A schoolmarm, she takes her pupils to the Aquarium. In the penguin's tank she espies tjio dead body of Gerald Parker, broker. Stuart Palmer's tale is adroitly manipulated to place, suspicion upon everyone, Including Ml»w Withers, whose hat pin Is the murder weapon. Miss Oliver's convincing performance neatly couptes humor and drama. With James Gleason as Inspector Piper, she promotes grand hilarity. 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