Austin American-Statesman from Austin, Texas on September 4, 1979 · 20
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Austin American-Statesman from Austin, Texas · 20

Austin, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 4, 1979
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OtUttrftt Ibi I f i Stuntman specializes in hot jobs By ANN GUARINO New York Dally News Servlc NEW YORK - "Fire is a terrifying thing," says Grant Page, a movie stunt-man who has been lighting up as a human torch for the past decade. "The more I work with It, the more I know - fire is the worst way to die." He came to New York to publicize his work in "City on Fire," the disaster film made In Canada with a name cast that includes Ava Gardner, Henry Fonda and Shelley Winters. It's about the accidental destruction of an entire city when an oil refinery catches fire. As stunt coordinator Page choreographed 150 fiery extras in a burning episode, and "Not one person got so much as a singed eyebrow," he said. Page also did stunts as six different fire victims, although one did land on the cutting room ftoor. what's going on A 20-year veteran of dare-devil stunts, Page developed his work with fire after discovering that an opaque water gel made from the sap of the Australian ti tree was being used to help reduce the shock fire victims suffer. "The gel Isn't magic," he said. "It doesn't stop the burning. It increases tolerance so you burn four or five times as long. It took me eight years to learn to use it properly," he said. For fire stunts, Page smears the gel all over his body and wears regular clothing. After being doused with napalm, he slaps two handfuls of the gel over his eyes just as he is torched on cue for a scene. Timing is important as well as standby stunt-men with blankets to smother the flames. According to Page, "City on Fire" is the first film where the gel makes It possible to see faces of actors where normally a stuntman would be. "It allows the actor. to go a little further," he said. After demonstrating for the cast, he was able to get Shelley Winters up against the flames. "People will say, 'Wow! Is that really Shelley?"' he said. "Barry Newman, Leslie Nielsen and Susan Clark also got in beyond where a stuntman should take over." He has done 75 fire stunts since he discovered the gel and in the past five years alone has done stunt work in 40 films. His stunts included car knock-downs, kiteflying, and snow skiing. He will never forget one particular stunt with a well-fed leopard that turned into a terrifying three-hour cat and mouse game because the animal would not let him go. A healthy respect for the danger involved in what he does keeps him on his toes. He says he has never injured himself on a stunt except for breaking a leg when he was hit by a truck en route to a stunt location. 2 BIG OIL'S Tues., Sept. 4 Howard Holder & the Country Lovln Ladles $1 9 til ? 5500 8. Congm -9161 mm 1 GULLET 1112 N. 6th Trff 1 JOHN MILLS & NEAL PEDERSON 6pm -11pm Dinner In Thi Kinky tptrKno " teitunnj Lw Soy Pariwll (alto wptitrnj Tin Pmo Broil LOCO HOUR TODAY 5-6pm (3 (of t) Happy Hour Tues.-Sat. 2-7pm (2 for I) Show your currant Student 1.0. lor $1. door ducount 110 E.4th 478-4175 J JIMMY THE GREEK forecasts football in your Austin AmcriiQn-,$ta(csman SELL IT FAST WITH THE $4 DEAL CALL472-8461 CLASSIFIEDS fME-UP TO BREAKFAST AT BOMZA music "Messiah" Auditions The Austin Civic Chorus is auditioning in preparation for its annual December performance. Auditions will be held 7 p.m. Mondays throughout September at Mathews Elementary School, 906 West Lynn. Some choral singing experience and musical reading ability required. Call 926-8013. miscellany ij.rt classes Elisabet Ney Museum, 304 E. 44th St., is taking registration through Wednesday for classes to begin Sept. 10. Classes to be. held at the museum and the Dougherty Cultural Arts Center, Dawson and Barton Springs Road. For more information, call 458-2255. Book of Days Photographic submissions are being accepted through Saturday for Austin's "1980 Book of Days" appointments calendar. Entry forms available at Austin Arts ant Leisure magazine offices, 307 E. Second St. For more information, call Danny Schweers evenings at 477-4829. Auditions "Frankenstein," 6-8 p.m. today and Wednesday at Theater in the Rye, 120 W. Fifth St. For more information, call 472-9733. "Side by Side by Sondheim" by Stephen Schwartz, and "The Bakers' Wife," a Jules Stein musical, 7-10 p.m. today and Wednesday at Center Stage, 320 E. Sixth St. Bring a prepared vocal selection. Accompanist provided. For more information, call 477-1012. club acts Dogs at Play at Armadillo World Headquarters. Lewis and Legends at Back Room. Mickie Clark and Blue Norther at Lock, Stock and Barrel. James Casey Band at Mala-mute Station. Little Bit of Texas at Silver Dollar North. Country Edition at Silver Dollar South. Marilyn Scott at Waterloo Station (Holiday Inn on Town Lake). Wayne Dayton's LUMBERYARD 9200 Burnet Rd. Live Country Music Every Night 837-3418 TONIGHT BERT RIVERA DUUi! -J ? II nriovie time clock AMERICANA- "The Kids Are Alright"! PG) 4, 6:30. AQUARIUS- "Live In Concert, Richard Pryor"(R) 5:15, 7, . "Hot Stuff'(PG) 6. 8. "The Frisco Kld"(PG) 5:30, 7:45. "Blailno SadtHes"(R 5:45,7:45. CAPITAL PLAZA- "Allen"(R l, 3: IS, 5:30, 7: 45. 10. COBie- "The Deer Hunter"(R 5:15, 8:30 "Mhattan" (PG) 4, 8,10. Mldnlghters "Sff fth"(PG) and "Walkabout"(PG). SOi- "The Concorde Airport 79"(PG) 5: 35,7:45, 9:55. "The Main Event"(PG1 5:55, 8, 10.jMannequln"(R) 5:30.7.8:30. 10. HIGHLAND MALL "North Dallas For-ry'lRJ I, 3:15, 5:30, 7:40, 10. "More American Graffiti"! PG) 1: 10,3:15,5:20.7:25,9:30. LAKEHILLS- "The Seduction of Joe Ty-nan"(R) 5:45, 7:45, 9:45. "Star Wars" (PG) 5: 20, 7:40, 10. "The Muppet Movie"(G) 4, 8, 10. "Blailng Saddles"(R) 5:30,7:40,9:50. NORTHCROSS- "The ln-Laws"(PG) 6, 8: 15.u"The Frisco Kld"(PG) 5:30, 7:45. "Star Was"PG) 5:45, 8:15. "The Amltyville Hor ror"! R) 4, 8:30. "Blailno Saddles"! R) 5:15, 7: 15. 9. "Moonraker"(PG) 5:30, 8. RIVERSIDE "Americathon"(PG) 4. 8, 10. "Saint JacK"(R) 5:20,7:30,9:40. Midnighter-"The Rocky Horror Picture Show"(R). SOUTHWOOD- "More American Graffl-tl"(PG) 1, 3:15, 5:30. 7:45, 9:55. "Manhat-fan"(PG) 2, 4. 6.8,9:45. STATE "Phantasm"(PG) 1, 4:05, 7:10. "Blood Farmers"!PG) 2: 40, 5:45, 8:50. VILLAGE "Americaihon"(PG) 2:10,4:10, 4:10, 8:10, 10:10. "The Seduction of Joe Tynan"! R) 2, 4, 6,8, 10. "A Little Romance"(PG) 1:15, 3:25, 5:35, 7:45, 9:55. "The Muppe. Movie"! G) 1:30,3:30,5:30, 7:30, 9:30. WESTGATE "Breaking AwaV'(PG) 4:15, 8:15, 10:15. "North Dallas Forty"(R) 5:30, 7: 45. 10. "Mannequln"(R) 5:30, 7,8:30, 10. At the Drive-Ins SHOWTOWN & SOUTHSIDE -"The Champ"(PG) and "Corvette Summer"(PG)8i "Blazing Saddles"(R) and "Which Way Is Up"!R). If--) (SILVER ARROW 1 L J 1 1 i ii - BUSTA BROWN 10-2 a.m. 474-7239 502 Dawson Rd. ma RIBEYE BREAKFAST SPECIAL ladies Night Happy Hour FOR ALL THE LADIES Mon., Tues., Weds. 9:00p.m.- 2:00 a.m. HOURS: 5:OOp.m.- 2:OOa.m. Mon.-Fri. 7:00p.m.- 2:00a.m. Sat. Includes a ribeye steak, two eggs, any style, golden hash browns, toast or biscuits and jelly. ONE EGG SPECIAL Includes one egg any style, hash browns, Texas toast or biscuits, jelly and coffee. 10' COFFEE 99 GREVSTONE AT MOPC nauBifagBiiiifi 345-8917 Jj- itrtfnffn TJ'. nnnTi Tonight nuunucno Laaies t-ree ui Men $2 Cover wj 'EM- 4U XV T3M ALL YO(I CAN tXT (Ifea.. cd. ft lliun.) Fried Red Snapper Filet imfd hh uUdft choice of puums 7 H(X: .Sun.-Thun. 6 PM til Midnight frl. i Sat. til 3AM TONIGHT I' RAW BANKS BAND 1 1308 N. LAMAR i Western SLzziin Steak House NOTICE! NOTICE! NOTICE! Hie following is a public statement on behalf of WESTERN SIZZLIN' STEAKHOUSE. A sizzler is not a sizzling ... A sizzlin is not a WESTERN sizzlin! With the opening of Austin's 2nd WESTERN SIZZLIN STEAKHOUSE and over 630 nationwide we are prepared to serve you the finest steaks at the lowest prices in Austin. Many eating establishments advertise that their salads are free. Nothing is "free". You pay for the salad in the price of the steak. You have no choice. Statistics prove that 20 of the people that eat out do not eat salads. Consequently 20 are paying for salad & not eating it. At WESTERN SIZZ-LIN STEAKHOUSE we offer you 4 choices from a salad wagon of 32 selections. Your choices are 1 - No salad at all . . . of which vou are not charged 2 A 59 salad from serving line 3 an 89' salad from the salad wagon with the purchase of a meat entree 4 All the salad you can eat from 32 selections in our salad wagon for only $2.39. So remember nothing is "free" anywhere. The bottom line is what counts at WESTERN SIZZLIN STEAKHOUSE. Now TWO locations to serve you. 711 E. Ben White and our New location 214 E. Anderson Lane HOURS: 7:30 AM TO 1 1 :00 AM ONLY Locations: 5209 Cameron Road and 916 East, Ben White Blvd. . Aiictiri'c Finpct Pnnntnr Oj2 Western Night Club NORTH O TONIGHT q r A LITTLE BIT Z. OF TEXAS O Students w, ID Free A All others $2.00 Q" south :? Q TONIGHT 9 O COUNTRY EDITION o $1 Covet $1.00 Highball A 2 (or 1-8:30-10 W Q 24-Hr. SCHEDULE INFO Q & 837-1824 0 w ooooooo v I" -Steamboat WEEKNITE SPECIALS TUES. & WED. SHRIMP & CATFISH Include Salad Bar BP Q S ALL YOU CAN EAT THE BRANDING IRON Hiwav 7 1 West &620 263-2827 .Aal TONIGHT ? KIWI BAR M RESTAURANT 6801 Bl'RNETROAD 15MS74 ACSTIN.TX RESTAURANT SL'N.-THL'RS. 6PM-I0 PM FRI.-SAT. 6PM-UPM Stutfed Mushroom. Oyster Brochette. Shrimp CocMjIL Barbecued Shrimp In Shell, Fried Euplant Oyiteri Bienville. Ovstert Rocketeller. Oyster on H Shell, Jjmbalara Sampler, Oyster Pot Roast Shrimp Etouflee. Shrimp Creole, Chicken Michelle. Shrimp Jambataya, New Orleans Red Beans and Rice. Barbecued Scallops, Oyster Terrebonne, , Filet ol Red Snapper Courtbouillon, Scallop Orleans. Seafood Latitte. Seafood Plat. Fried Oysters, Stufled Shrimp. Frof Lef s. Whole Baked or Stuffed Flounder, Filet ot Trout Amondine. Crabmeat Au Cratjn, Filet of Red Snapper. Cajun Special Steak, Filet Mignon, Sirloin SJrip and steak t seafood combination. DON'T MISS A GREAT REVIVAL CRUSADE With EVANGELIST PHIL ARMS & TEAM TONITE 7:30 P.M. AND EVERY NITE THRU THURSDAY PHIL ARMS SPEAKER SUZANNE ARMS SOLOIST AT CHRIST MEMORIAL CHURCH (INDEPENDENT BAPTIST) 1700 KRAMER NORTH AUSTIN PASTOR JAMES WEAVER PHO 837-7725 EVERYONE WELCOME Look what the Magic Time Machine has pulled from its hat!: IT'S MAGIC HOUR-FEATURING THE MAGIC WHEEL OF POTIONS! Take the normal fun of a happy-hour. Add the unique atmosphere of the Magic Time Machine and the zany Time Machine Characters acting as cocktail servers. Next, add a delicious array of free hors d'oeuvres. And finally add the mystical, magical JVheel of Potions. Now you've got the Magic Time Machine's Magic Hour. It happens Monday thru Friday from 4:29 to 7:01 and features Vz price on all Mixed Drinks, and -Wine. Plus, the Magic Wheel of . Potions that we spin during Magic Hour. Whatever special drink it lands on is specially priced until we spin again. Pina coladas, frozen margaritas, ice cream drinks, frozen daiquiris and more. Turn your normal, run-of-the-mill happy hour into Magic Hour. Monday thru Friday. At the Magic Time Machine. Magic Time Machine 600 E. Riverside444-3537 l t . : WELL POURED ECOZE-JACK DAUifi c CtmTSARX.BACARW.S&USNOFF, BEEF ATER5,KICH8ALLS,1AHTIKJ A WINE BY THE GLASS V PRISE WJUK5 MASIC HOURS 403 E SIXTH : 478-2912 f. .afii--i-fclt'h-

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