Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 23, 1927 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 23, 1927
Page 4
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PAGE FOUR Auilith' ITS CITIZENS Vulse and IVte SHtli lliituc i i^iaiis for Holidays—,!. I'ruther VlslUiur Old Friends. A • , I. l.i. JJ H J . J \ Ofttclai SUtenijbiti of llic Finsndat Coaqii ion vt tins lOLA STATE BAJftC at lolii. State of Katuias, at tiiu close of business ou tbe Fiuecutii ilay of December.. 1927. Hnd ilisfounts .^fxis.miaz 72.963.4^, 11,262.19 TIIE lOLA DAILY REGISTi:!!; FRTDAY EVENING}? DECEMRER 23. 1927. E OKLAHOMA SENAH) INlSESSlON. ; Ijoans oj ! i *eal estate — Is, unsecured »— 1 Other real estate owned. IJVU.'VRPK. ni'<-. ' -'2.—Audilh . Bank- bldg., f25,0O0.OU; PUlso and Pete Stitli iuc lionic for: fiirnrture'and fixtures. the holidays. Tiicy attend college' ..i at Canjcron, Mo. jU. S. bonds on hand .-.1. G. Pratlicr is vl.sitiug old j nonJs to secure Po.stal friends here. Mr. J'rallicr visited j .Savinss tXeiiosU.'* his son at Teapot Dome, Wyo.. jother *onds and war"m.<« ii-.»er going to IJcnver. Topeka and I cagh Items and elearlng- olbnr places. Friends licre arej house Items— he- tiVed here joaftii and siglit exchange. legal rcseirvc —- as Total ^..|tel.-|.TlB.7» lilaMlilirii. iCapital stock paid inL.:$ wO.ootl.Wi, ....... 4:i.m.0(t giad to see liini many years ago. 'iMr.s. Gl 'adyH Utty was liostuss to > the members of.tlic Y. .M. clul>' Wediio.«ffay afternoon in hvr Ijeau -ii tifijt new liome on ' South .Main Btreel. A Rift exiliauK.- was "ne , • ^ j of the feiiturcs of tlic afternoon | :.„,r Z^^ru^ "iiuQn'iR^ andsomeVcry beautiful sifts fxl exclmnge.1^ The hostoss assisted, IZlZ^;;^:-;;^.: bv Mrs. .\nna ilartley and Mrs.. ,,»..>„„, i,„„„.„. i„ l.>li.h .lohnson servw. a deli.lous j l ^'J^'^J .'^^^^r 'pHd" two course lunch. Members pros- j iZ -oT 4 J, ^ ent won..: MabH I...wmau. l,ulle „;^';td De'i^.it .T7 ' Individual deposits, sub- n...„. CVIlnni- IV:anuo„. ^^j^^t rXl^iZ^^'i^ deposit. 23.00H.O0 JO.lOO.W lo.oooioo :n ,905.21 5.2G1.2-i 102,201iil l..ivinjEston. l.ttlii- Oxender. ICffie S'ettil. .Minnie .Stevenson. .Stella (iri'i'U. CVIInnii- |U(!.niuon. Alice ,,. nichr.rd3on. NHt,.M Kowler. Ktliol^ CT^s „.an 30 days ^an<'^. '^lua dri-eU. . .•\nii:l Hart- 4,, , K„ i, -Iry. ivditb lohnsou Uu- hostess. I < (iiaUys L:uy. .M;| liud a lovely time. Tlio u<-.M uiiMftiuj: will be Avilii.Linif' l.ivingstiim .lanuary 4. ' Mr. iin:l .\ii-.«. Alli'ii Olilfcst -nri- exiK 'ited IKTP Satiilday tii .siK 'ud t'liristmas will', their |iarent.«. .Mr. • an\l .Mrs. Olio <llilf<-!;t and.Mr. and Mrs. .1. K. Spradley. Cecil IVtllt is lionic from 01»-Ia- iluinia City where he attends school. ;'to spend tht* liolidays. ; \ The menvhers of the' Twentieth ;>C"enfiir.r club I'ujoyed a lovely Christmas, dinner and party in the \ plea.'sant home of Airs. Joe Burger in lola Friday. Uocember IC^The house looked very gay with holi- jla.v decorations and a beautiful Cashier's clie<-ks outstanding .. Hanks' ami bankers' de- ,j)0sits . Time Deposits- Certificates of dejiosit MO (lays 4,.|.sr,.«»,s 4Hl..'t6S.lS ;:.'..98!».4ti «.'..0U :f.."iri9.:i9 4a.:!ti0.l,s i 27.68fi.T!l ; I 'I'liis pi:-lure sh against (5fiyernor )\vs till- Okiahoaia S«-nale in .si-.ssjoii. .-inins :is a llleiiry H. .Idhii^inn. Tin .itiiali' adJoiirrH-d to l )i-i-. .'hr Kift tun The *tmas tree from which was a eNchanse. .Some kodak pii-- ^ were taK'en in tlx- al'lernoonl day passed very (iiiickly and j due on or. after > i Total - .^-J.$61i-..7lT..7!l i Stat.* of Kansas Allen County, ss. I. F. O. Benson. Cashier of said bank, do solemnly swear'that ihe above statement is trne; that sail : Iiank has no liabilities, and Is hot iridor.'ser on any note or obligation, other than ."ihown on the above statement, to the best of my knowledge and belief. God. F. O. BE.NSOX. Cashier. Subscribed and sworn to before all deparijed in th<* eveniii'i; feeling me. this day of December. 1927. -Mrcj Burser was a lovelv hostess. HARRY E. SHTVKLY. Members preseni were: Mrs. G AV. fSeail .Votary Public. CMiwuing. Mrs. H. O. Stephenson iCo'^'i^'s"'"" ''xpires on the .14th „...,— I day of September. 1931. Correct. Attest: Iv. E. HORVILLE, A. \V. BECK. ! PAUL, KLEa.V. R. A. EWING. F. L. B. LEAVE I.U Directors. of Tola. Hrs. Walter Wilson. Mrs. Otto Olilfest. Mr."--. Estlier Rebman. :Mrs. Ralph Barker. .Mr.s. AVillis Kerr. Mrs. William DauRherty. .Mrs.. Otis Barker, .Mrs. William Xewman.i -Airs. .1. :A. Reeves. Mrs. . Frjink |' Bai-ker and .Mrs. .loe Burger. The .next nU'f'tiUE will be with Mrs,! Esther .Rebman, Wednesday. l)c-i comber 2S. . . • . j The Rra<l<-.s from tin- first to the' isevenlh will give their operetta! . 11 I-'V rm -\TV ST *TF B *\K Kridav aiirrnruu) and lb- s.-vcnth itH.-Ml M.\ir, UA^K and ••iRltih will li.iv.- a Rift ex- at Ida. State of Kansas, at the •thauRc. ; «lose of business on the 15th day The LallariM- Farm liureau cluj) of December, 1927. held a re.RUlar niriliuR at the home • Kesourccs. of Mrs. Susie R..,- IVc.-mlier 11., Ixians and dlKcoi|nls ..$1.1*10.21."..7!» PresbjierLin] , Chri.-.ima's f (ir i! So help nie^^.j,, held in n^o. .seiiions. i sinners, primary have their proRia moms of thf dsn Miss .Mary Faii.^t i Morse with teacht] partments will liii (in <harRc. Ini<-rni| and adnlis will Rram at the same itoriuin of the program has been will enjoy it who <^are to attend. worshiii at 11 will preach a Theme. "The lu." The choir 1 t,f .Mr. A. K. At the morningl •o'clock the pastoq Ciiristmas sermon liersjids of the Ki under .the dircclio body of: impeacbmuul td try i;.*-* the chargi*- will be taktiii up. '.'Chrisi us consider messaRc means m. ' .Mr; .Mrs. Hen Siindav .-cilMiol B.-- ind-juniors !will II in ilic social ch at III a 111. Mud .Mrs. Tiavis s in these: de? the proRirani liales. seniors lavf tlieir pro- loiir in the aiid- i liurcb. .A Rood lirovided amf all Official Stateincnt- of the Financial Condition of the Had a display of Cbrislinas sug- Ri^iitioiis to look al anil discuss. Mrs Ralli was iiri'sciil .and gave a ilemoiistratliu: on jelly inakiiiR with Certo. Thosi- present were .Mcs- Gverdrafts, unspciired. Other real est. <iwnc(L 1'. K. bonds on hand.,_ Otlier bonds-and warrants -• - Garrison will rcni|er a Clirislmas anthem. The Y. !'. S. I rcRUlar meetinRs in b:::i) 11. in. All yiMi enjoy these meclin ;s diiilly invited. The choir of lliis dninh 271.91 jthe choir of the Fir .-..:!24.1,*; i will render a beat ] vice .'.uitable to the I son at -the- vesper (hi Mian special plans iK. will I:»I<1 ils till: ehiiri'h al IIR people will and an- cor- H .M. E. chiircli lifill SOUR ser-I Clirisliiias sea- [ hour of .".Jill |i. I 2,000.00 in. in the First .Methodist <!iiiicli. (linrch. are lif iiiR liiail-- to make Sunday one of I lie liiRRe.s't (iaVsof lii • yi'ar al llie (liristiaii c'.';.icli. Von are invited to i -ele- f:ale the birlhtlay of Christ with lis. There slioiilil lie not !e-- than ."itili in the HiWle school and rlinrcii ^ervi(•es of the day. Ilr. llarolii Lovitt. Siiiii of jliiile school is inakitiR sjiecial plans for • i.i morninR. .Miss Virginia Smith will open the .•H-rvice at !|:4.'. with sjiecial and splendid elndr in eos- tiiuie. .\o one can afford lo he late Sunday inorniuR. Tiie KiiiRhis Teiii|dars are invi!- eil-lo atli nd tli" iro'i-lock service ill;a body. S|ie<-ial miisii- is lieiiiR ariaiiR<'tl. Seriiion siilijecl. "The liihhday of a KiuR." Mr. Fri'd Sleidc will have iIiaiRC of the evetiiiiR servii-e. lie has created a/id arraiiReil a beautiful paReaiit. RIVIIIR the seltiiiRs of the j prophets in recard to Christ's i-om- jiiiR.-tlie pilRrinis on way lo Beiii- leiii'ni. llif birth of Clr.i.^i •'""• I lie happy findiiiRS of the wi -i' men. [This program will IICLMII ai 7:.';u. Accept (iiir iiivilatiini to all these .services. .1. I.KK ItKI-EFORI). Minister. I he l.,ord." what th •" aiiRel's lo lis personally. .\. Y. r. S. al i;::!ii p. .\. l;. Lame, presidi 'ni. .Iniiiors at I'l::!'" p. in. I'riedlnnd. Siipi. • The service at ni;;ht is ivaiiRel- islic' The pastor's theme is "An t'llerinost Savior." "Wherefore he is abb- to save them to the ntter- that come unto C>od by him. sceiiiR be ever livelli to liiake iii- leic -.-sioii for ihein." » Gooil siiiiiiiiR l)V the tlioir. .MRS, ('. M. FI.OWEH. I'a.stor. Free .Methodist ciinreh CHiT .N'orlh Tliird St.) Sunday '.School at 111 a. m. prcachiiiR at II. The subject thci moriiiuR service will be ' Promised Redeemer." 'I'hure will be a Cliristiiias Rnjni at 7:.':il .\11 are dially invited. ^ B. KIER. P. and clearing-house ik'ins Cash and sight exchange, legal reserve Total •dames Ida Hicks. Ida Ciowell, : Cash Items Leoiia Day. Susie Roe. Dora Xcw- niaii. .Irene Waljis. I-avina Wood. J.aiira' Wood and .\Ii.S:; .losephine •Welth. and home (reinont:tration- . .T ^'eiils, - Mr.s. Rath and .Mrs. Flor. eiiio. Syvenid. A special meeting was hold -Monday eveniuR. the litlli. ' at the home Of .Mrs. William Newman- Tlie •members devoted the ev<:uiiig to ' makinR yarn flowers | end jdoiuR fancy work. , .Mrs. Ross ; Alatijiews of Elsmore was present. aiijl iielped with paiiit,inR crepe- band'kerchiefs.tThose jii'esent were Mrs. Ross MaI;thows and. daughter of icismore. Mrs. .N'elsou Wallis, Mrsln. I. Giffoi'd, .Mrs. George Roe. Mrsi. Walter Crowell. .Mis. William i Newjpan. 'Mrs. Frank Spradlej'. i standiii Mis.|;.l. .\. Reeves and Mrs. Fr^d Banks' and ^\'oo'd. :Our congregation v tr .Cfi6 .G I j joy meeting willi I friends and li.stenii r.l2.10.-|.7.S jcdit. Place 5:00 i.| ill Rreally i-n- Ihe .Meiliodisi R lo this I 'lei- ii><: llak .\i;r. CARPENTER III. .Mr. and .Mrs. W. •r spent Maker's f er. v,lio is R remainder of tbi Mr.; and Mr.- W. P'ridav eveiiiiiR with ilhi'r.'Mr. '1!. M. Bak- iiiR to Florithi for the winter. Sroi sebranii of ......$1.G49.612.G3 l.iHbillties. Capital stock paid ln.-$ .'iO.Ooo.OO ' Surplus fund — 100,000^00 Cud. prof., $67.10G.3.->: . Interest. 144,334.91: Eich'ge. !^143.88: less ' ciirrent expenses, interest and taxes pai<l. $22,924.19 . Demand Deposits: Inilivid'l deposits, .subject to check . - _ Ca.shier's checks ont- inV . bankers' deposits Time Deposits: . Certificates of d»i^osit. due ' on or after ."50 (lavs ' . -I day on your proRndm and be or .s -rvice and attend this ves| a'-c cordially invite*. 11. MA 'nillS. Pastor. First .MeUimli" Christmas is perliLips oiie of ihi lolaj Ui. alonj; Mr. •alhtd aV Fred Rees's yesler- Total State of, .Mien County, ss. I. G. R.' Bowlus. Ca.shier of said ' bank, d# solemnly swear that the above statement 1$ true: that said : most joyful seasons of the year. It !iel.'brates the com nR of Gciil'.s I Son into the wirrld for. iiiir re- jdcmption. The ('lirisliiias joy i.-infectious and as wt ;ire haiipy wi help to i :iake olliei> li.ippy. of • The .Name of iiK ;-ninR subject ) . Chi-iktmas da ' tit.e evening seivii will jat o'cJark. This ivill ' i v:c" ot SOUR and wil' lie 1 1 the combined choirs of tlie -»4.-:ub..^ doubtless be one of and helpful sei .Cbiisimas season. , dially invited to alti n usical proRi -ar.i. The Sunday seJuK iS.660.9:!.7fiS.i(.: ^y^,!; vvill think . ' .le .-iJis'' for oiir 7.497.G'- 45.179.0 I1.649.G12.35 Cjarenri lliospiiial ill fine. ' w: W. Iliakei .Nfiirphy. who is at 'I'liipeiia. is g«-tliug a I bank has no liabilities, and is noC '•hrisinjia., l>ay by indorser on any note or obligation. -•tt'-*»''=ns Sunday school, then ke..,, other than shown on the abov4 ''P "'i" pnictici ami Raymond statement, to the best of Tny knowl! vnes ;:re lor you ami edne and belief. So help nie GodL»'' Jf '-i "'»•' '"^ '» '< G. R. <'hurch. T. to Frediuiia. Wednesday. Bert Sill, and .Mike • liavlnp Sdiiu' Inni- lleiitiis . .Miiriilier's. (irove Ed Cooley. Troutwiiie ar ber sawed at this w -ov k ('. Kiiii:. is visitiim with Airs/Fred Rees iiiis afieriioon. I'.i'.-sie Troulwine who is at .loiinsou's hosi'riiai at Ciiiiiiine is doiiiR niuly. - Raymond Maker look dinner with ('. .VI. Haker and family Suu- duv. ^ Just in Play TrintI} .MelhodM Fpiscopal Church. CItiisliiias will ^le (disi'rved First A. .tl. K. Cbunh . I.incolii and Buckeye street's .Sjinday school, !t:.'!0 a.-ni. Class me(!tiiiR, 111: 111 a. ni. .M Jl a. in. sermon, the Wise Men anil the Star. .\. ('. K. league ii::'.ii p. III. -At 7:111 p. III. a splendid j) o- i:r;!iii v.ill i>c reiiilered. Satiin .-fy hiRlil. December 21. the Christnas tli.e v.-ill he had for the cliildr-ll, lilHo for all of the members aid friends who would wish to parti-i- piile.;This cluircli extends a lieaily welcome lo all.- .-Choir reh'-artial ,.\i ,.,y K|-iday iiiRhi. I ('. A. .lACKSO.N'. .Mini.ster STAR VALLEY (.Mrs. S. E. ROSS.) The Star Valley school will have a Christmas program and tree on Friday night. December 23. Mrs. C. E. Talbot, and Airs. W. F. Ash. mother and sister of Airs. E. R. Van Buren, Ieft|- ror their home in Haven. after a sliort visit in the A'an ftiirou home. .Miss .\»ay RiJSb has been on the .sick list for several 'nays and .is no better. Mr. and >lrs. !•:. H. TJrowii .spent Saturday eveiiliiR at. the home <if Mr. and' Mis. F. Xj Willenburg listening over t^e radio. Thetre will b-.- m> meeting of the Star Valky Grange until -Saturday night. DeceiniKT v^ilieii a watchi meeting will be held. .Air. and .Mrs. Ray Stickle spent two days at the stale grange meeting at Fre<;.iiiia. ^ Mrs. Cora Van Hiiren, wiu) has ' lieiu visiting Willi her s.iu and ! family. .Mr. and .Mr.". K. IC. Van j Buren. 1< f; Tliiirsilay Tor lier h.-iie- in Newton. K;iii'as. i Mrs. K. II. Brown was called M Iiidepeiideiice, Kansas. Tuesday oil actouni of tlie illness of her nieie. F. W. Hrenier hail I lie misf..r- • tune to lose one ii! his good work horses last weiA^ Air. Raioii speni Thursday , at the Ray Sfukle home, clliirges' who weiii !,o Fv ' ..^Vediiesday with the VOIIHR who eiilered ilie conresi at the Stale Grange, gave a- very good i reporl. .Ml say that it was worth more liiall the .prire t-ii jiear lile piaise and lavor,;ih;e comments on liie. team. Tiny gave iiieir' l<<- laies and delivered their i :e.:;r ('e work in a digiiiiied and capable n'lanner. thai left no doiih; ul their ability. CuisideriiiR tlie I'ew wetks they were.drilled tliey maite a very (lose conii.vtitor witii fife older: ones who l;.t(l moiitlis and .Millie years of pr.ieiice. Srar Valley is proild of liieni and gives a voie of thanks to Mis. Kay StickiiS Those atteiiilinR from .Star Valley wen : .Air. ami .Mrs. (;. F. Klink. Ahi and Mrs. 1!( r: .laiiiot. Air. and All's. K. R. Van Riiieii. Air. ai-d Airs. Roy Kaufman. Air. and Alps. Bert Bakei. .Mr.' and Airs Rav Stickle. .Mr. and AIns. Clin! BaJfer. Air. Will Baker. .\lK and .Mrs. U;Ue'Xii hols. Afis. Cora \'aii Bnreii. .Mrs. S. K. Ro .ss. Airs. P.riney. Air. Clen lirem-' cr. Afrs. Charle.-. .Mcll-,n:y. Airs Al. S. .McH( liry. Alisses Kvelyn Van Buren. Clara .Wilson. Alva S;i(kle. Evelyn .McMenry. Klizalieili PK k- ard. Franii s Rear. I^eiia Bell Stickle. Ella [{(•th .Vichols. Alasters Ra.vmoiid I'aki r. Edwin Slickle. Frank Ro .-s. Ralph Miell. Kenneth • ^b-Henry. Harold Baker, Wayne Osborn. NEWS f ROM LONE ' EJANDMMTlf Dec. i;i. snff were afternoon. Airs: T. been sick m;in-y. frieijida be wt!:. Mrs. B. at ihe P. eriiooii. -Walt M VV. (fllani iilanil honu' ler and .Al. wire bnsiies.s vi-itorr| Friday afternoon. i Air. and' in Aloraii Airs. V. with the night i -don:a. t'-ain. Mild llol ed a shnr be given day aftern Oral Wi were alls days 'iasi colds. Ah:--. Wi ' iiildri n w Ihe O 'llar: i;. F. 1 business \| die- 1, a;i. ::d sehl • if a bad 'r .'•!••.-. Va were <h <ip: I rnoo.'i.', .Mr. a'l.d (Jiildreii o iessie lleliiis. I Air. and Alj.-. A. L- Willola - shoppers Tttjj-sday Penland now improved. hope s! who,- has Her e win ;soon ivas a ^allei; Sunday aft- .1. lK;ster in G.Jfnett Mrs. Lloyd |\Vediiesilav .1. HeslcT^ work a I. tl si(!re -'SaiiiB-da.v aftern ler pupils 1 C!iristm.i.<: Jit th ion. son' and! •|iir irom s W( ck on jWilson ^vere km biisfijiess. fvas lier>liiiiR EUiffgtpil [ion. -i 'i iave pi-.;^iiar- progra^ii to sch'dilliousejIFri- iiiie Di -niie re a!t<riio< home las.r iiiaiid was itor Frid:: I)- ntley wat d Alonilav lid. IJesK r ernoon callers at T. F. T*eniaud'.-?. The ladies were girliiood -frici^te. .Mr. and Alr.s. .loe GillilaiiU If d- children. Mr. and Mr.». HJarMfcrt Belms and bpys. spent SuBday'aft- ernooir at the Denney horn?. ilr. and Mrs. Xatt Hester and children spent-Sunday at 'th'l* parental Sirickier home. ! The next meeting of tIteCtadies' .Aid. Deiembor 2r». will be held at the home of .Airs. Ella Church, a! which time officers for next year are to be elected. Tile upstairs /oi" the Penland Uoni? is coiupleled. They moved into i; Saturday. Carpenters are linisliing tin iiite:-ior downstairs this week. \V(- wisii you .\I.l, a .Merry Christmas and a Happy .N'ew Year. TOLA PAII.Y AB.STKAC'T Issued from office of lola Abstract Company • • •:• •> <• « •> I <..:..<..;. .> <. « Rex Hflms j ' . lool se-vcral •;- (December I'l, l!t2Ti ;i(coiiii?- oi'J T.: E. Mavis and Wife .Margaret . jl... to i:. l;. rnmpelly. l.ot 5 BIk • and rlireejc. BnnueJ's Sub-division, an addi^ n (aTii-^s atiiioiilio' lola. f7iiii. . Tnesdav. ^ Samuel .1. Kllioll and wife Edna 1 (;a'*-nett \,r K. C. Dawson and Etta Dawsmi. aitert";oon. ; hi... Vile. E'-.. of SAV»4 ::mj-26-21. •iiiiabfe to i $ fj ,">'i.ii(i. on a< (^iiint ; lietti- K. SiniiRe. wfdow. ijo Oli^ ! 1 ver jK. IJiimliel. W'.; if SE^\ :!«>and 1 hiilreii '.^l .nii. -: ' ii!^' in l'.!a Monda.v aft-.! i iDeceniber 22, 1!I27) i ^ ! TU • P'uua Stale Hank lo Henr>Roy Cwin 'aiii'tC Wille. SE'i (if m.-LM^K. less th .c ".Mrs. lola were ifjiiliday^ aft- railroad riRliuof-way. $l.iil>. • I • 1 and i for ; •The : pro- ; cor- Due largtdy to eo -oneration I'os-, . tered by the Coiiuc (-ti <-iil Feflcra- tion of I,ahor .,llwre has liecii no sn-ike of imporlaiK -e jn that. Slali.- : during the i>!ist year. in. ('hr !slmas|-|-,.i„j,j. j„ ..n ti,...s,., vices of af Ihe Chureli. si!i-e',i ;,j-. i- Sunday school begins at I": l .'i a. 1;;.. followed by the Christmas serr ;,i'.ii al 11 a. III. •Ihe eiiliie evening will he Riven over to-l!ie Sunday school for Ihe Christmas program. The prayer <-ii-< I' nieei.s oii Wed- I 'exlay evening at 7::;(| p. m. .\ L -ordial wel. yme is. exi.-nded to liic pnliiie to worship with us. .1. C. WII.SO.N, Pastor. ' he iiejd a ser- iveii I IV Pre^bv- .s(. 'I'inioflirs Kpisciipiil I Imrcli Sunday. Deeinlier iJa.. Cliristmas Day. lile of llie .Vativily: Pi :!. 111. CIvun ii si-liool Chrisl- mas fesiival. Pi.--> mat ion of tli- •'.an; s " mr lli- lilind i>:il)i.^s. .\r- inciiiaii or|il;aii offeriiiR. AsMteiate Bible Studenls. I'ylhiaii Temple. . corner Wasli^r inmon and West streets. Sunday. Dec. 2.">. In a. ni.. :i Bible lecture. H. E. Ilazlelt. of Brooklyn. .\. V. 7:;;ii p. m.. Mr. H. E. Hazlett will lecinre on the siib'j-ct. "When Will the Dead Iteturii lo Earlh. " It will cost lyoii nothingto bear the lecture as the seals are free and no (•ollei-lloii will b.' taken. Wednesday. I2.S East Alonroe St.. 7 ::;ii !ii. m.. jirayer. praise and testimony service. Bible, text. "Great . . and marvelous are rhy u-oijks. i-oid' ^yonjerful vitamms,buildsrc- Cod AlmiRhiy." Rev. l/:::. E W. ROTI.E.MA.V. S c.v. Lesson No. 3 Question: Ho'wrdoes.emuZ- si^e<f cod-liver oil help protect grown people from coughs and colds ? Answer; Its Scisily assimilated cod-liver oil. plus its h. This iwill I I' ijhe most lii^aii- ! sermon vices of Ihe very one •>•(.:•id this special one lii li cl. (I III. Holy eomisiiiiion and I 'liristnms offi'iin-.;. TliLs • •i 111- -ere;.ler leasts ;:I v.^ry cominiinicani is e\- u. ; lake a coiiiniiinioii. Sciji'ar as auihenliiaied records Ro llie longest drive in the history of Roir is tlf. yards. This mark was set for other players t-o shoot at in: IHi:; l.y E- V. Bliss at Heme |{a>. JKngiand. ; sisteince by keeping the body vitamin-nourished. Build up your resistance with pleasantly flavored ISGOTT'S EMULSION briiig .s ;'ft .s finest cluster of piea.sures to fniiJajje in the many mingled joys of theirhristma.stide. Thaf our many friends may gather from tlie passing hours the choicest sweet.s; of the season is i .iir sincere kvish. Ple;;se accept our sincere thanks fcr faJ-oi's uf the past. .^i .•!.V we serve you in 1928^ BROWN'S DRUG STORE rii ()Ai .\s I;KT/. lui.i.. uecior. Will ne< I I Cashier: j Suliscribed and sworn to beforif me. tills 2:!rd day ol December. 1S27. Alaiide McKinntv. [.Seal] Xojary Public. Commission t-xpites on the 1st day of April. 192S. • Correct. .Attest: CH.VS.W. BOWLUS. , A. Av. R ECK. I .1. B. KIRK. ,1 THOS. H. BOWLUS, U V. BOWLUS. Directors. C. I. ('Oi,:ISA! Chiirrb of tlie Ini In (hri (E. .\. MonlRomeij Sunday School. !• Preaching at II a; ma.s sermon, .liinior C. E.. ll a. cl-.nrdi s.-r- we nrRe yon th. services !' i'as;or. ed Kretlireii Senior and Interm^'diaie. C. E. at ii:.10 p. ni. , , Al 7::{|» the clioii Christmas cantata w ciipy the entire even . i . 3Ast tor fuDi -^nd not -with any in- r «entlon'of'flying. Mayor 'William tiale (Bjg Bill) Thompson of Chi-, c«so pot pn ain aviator's beadgear and KOgjci'c^ the other day. It was M Cbirago's Christmas- rbarily ; ; , show. N. E. OF HUMBOLDT t.Mrs. .1. W. Brothers.) . Dec. 2tt.—-Mr. and ''Mrs. W. R. Temple -were in Chanute Taesday. Alr.s. J, W! Stevcn.< was ai Hnm -i bobit shoprper Saturday. Mr; and Mrs. Jim -McCIellan were in Chanute Friday afternoop.'; Airs. Will' Brothers attended tho Busy Bee clnb Christmas party al .Airs. Joe Foster's In Humboldt Thursday afternoon. Mrs. Mae Lowc'ipcnl from Tuesday until Thursday with her mother-iii-law. Alrtj. Lowe of LaHarpe. Henry Cerken threshed IcSrir corn for Russell Andruss. Monday affrnoon. « •Mrs. Belle Adams attended a •sunday s<:bool class party al .Airs. Price's Friday afternoon. .Airs. .G. G. Compton of Kansas City visitftd her sister. IMrs. Russell .Andruss Monday. .Air. and Mrs. .1. S. Brothers and .Mr. and Mrs. J.W. Brothers were in lola Wednesday afternoon, i Horace and Owen KuykendoU visited several s days last; week with iheir aunt. 'Mm. .Mae Lowe and uncel Mr. Colby. "Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Owens vi.slt- ed relatives in LaHarpe Tuesday. : The juniqr department of the Methodist -Sunday seh<»ol will f^ve .1 Christmas cantata Saturday ever ning at 7:30. E^rerjDne .!» inritcd: Yon are cordlariy tend' all-of tlies( There will be a ( and children's proR| eveniiiR at ,7::!ii. y, P a. III. istori 111 Chrisl- will present It [liii-li will oc- IIR. nvitt'd lo ai- serk-ices. jlirisliiias irce laiii Aloiidav ' Fir-I t bun h of ( hri^l Scientist. .s.ii!iday school at li:4ri a. m. Siil>iei-t: -I'in-isliau Si 'eio e. " Weoile^-d.iy .\e:ii !iv iiieeiiiiRs at o '.liH !;. Sei'.ice- will III- I.eld al ciiiircii • fdii'ii ^f. corner of S.\cair.ore aiid . h'a-i sMe,-is. 'i'iie I'l ailini; •.•ooiii ' o\'i r liam^a.v's !lr.\ (.ooils store. I 'l 'l'-. Kasi Aladixu; av.-iie, npi ii • each week da.v iroiii - lo p. ta. ','1 'le ii:iliit'- is cordially invited lo |,nend lie s.irvices of i!ie eliiircli ';iiid lo visil Ihe re;idiim room. i ( liiircli (if the >a/!irene (Sycamore and Alonroei Siinday school al fi:4 .'i a ni. .A|i- le-oprian- si'rvices al II a^ iii.. in 'iliarjjc of ilii pastor. Tlo- most .joyful lucssuRc ever sent from lieav.'ii lo earlh was rei-eiyed that Rloriocs Christina- mom ••vlieii ,,lcsus was born in Beliilehem of iMiil--;'. hit II.- loo rcjoici liecaiise — iiii 'i) lis is horn a .Savior, which i-; The Season's Felicitations Hen's yw .s'/ « card, 4t isn't much plllllir ;/l(iHf;/f But Ubea)-f: the scasoii'.s good (jood Irish I's 5% To all trhu'd bf- oi/ir fiiclid. A MERRY CfiRISTMAS and a HAPPY yiEW YEAR! 19 Willianls Monument Works A new dawn gray Ford Tudor Sedan is now on display on day: "\\'e want td give frerybody in this section a ride in the floor of the McCartiiy Jlotor Co.. local Ford dealers. This: the new Fo^d car. Tuesday afteriioon I am goirig to invite who beginning is the fii'st one. of the new car.s to berelea-sed to a dealer in ^ this section as the cars displayed here on December 11 and 12 Pfjand at other nearby agencies during the i)ast few-<Jays were the property of the Ford Motor Company. , Fnink McCarthy drove, the new car outjof the City ^Branch W'edne.sday-of this week and placed it on the di.splay 3« I floor that evening. It-will remain there for in.spection at all except during the hours that it will be u.sed for dem- from 1 f). nj day.s to den "Please s iiave plfjced orders to have demons'tr-ations, aiit! 'ednesd^y .'ifteViioon I Avill de\-ote my entire tiiiie 1., eNCiy day on.strati^g\V car! ity that fevery one is invited, to accept the invital ! ^lin6Si vtusaaa^ aji_ruakj * \. i.«>-v^* • nstrations. • drop in any ^. . . i,'^ .; =• ^u' u u 1 , i' i, of ^'•'^• There are .so man.)^ who want t.. Ne^ct Tuesday]afteifnoon those who have phiced orders will ride m the lew^car that tiie demonstrations will necessarilv i>e yiven deinon.strations; and Wednesday, the pub- be short, hu •••>••—•'«> ..i.-..^ ... ... '• • nvited to ride in the'new car. Mr. McCiirthy said to-! ride we. wiu to 6 p| m., eNciy day jaxcept Sunday.-? and hft^. tion. They are asked to di::^p in or telephone and arrange the time and pi tee to s lit the^r comenience. Or they Caii jtfst f,^,, between the hoiurs of 1 and 6 and be pic'ked keep atj it until everybody who wants "a • • ihadone"

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