Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on October 27, 1955 · Page 14
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 14

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 27, 1955
Page 14
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Dial >A-2-4600 for a WANT' AD Taker EVENING TIMES, CUMBERLAND. MP» THURSDAY.. OCTOBER 27, 1955 FIFTEEN : New Mexico Official ' Governor Three Duys ' -HOBBS, N.'M. 'IB-It came as quite a surprise to.Donald D. Hal- 1 lam to learn he'had been governor of flew Moxted.recbhuy.-X'••••:;'/' - Hallam House the'governor, lieutenant governor,' secretary of . state and president protcm of' the Stale Senate all out of state; Hallam took. over. He learned about it' three days later. Poison .Spurs . ;.••.•<__ t .,,., -^ , ,. ;>^rhale^^fejt-bffie^,~pi?typiw m is Speaker of "the State has'letha'1'pdison spurs 'on hlsjegs of Representatives. With and sometimes;, is i. known- to .•attack -------- "•- ' ---'--• ..... -'•-'-•- ' , . the femal of the specics'wiH) them, The New Bridge JsOPEM 1 Drive out Route 28 and visit our MODERN A SELF-SERVE MARKET . . . QUALITY at LOW PRICES •Courteous Service ... . Ample Parking Space • Fast Check-Qut - The Finest MEATS AiiVwhere - ' \'N'EW,'YORK •-i(INS)—'. This -is. pricked my Conscience. .The. Pit- fhe.'.season when vicious thing's .arc grims were good folk and true,' 1 Cii • • • •••• •• • , DOMINO ' sco •'•—»*•- 49c c, IMr i with loch $10.00 ord.r I WU&al :-lt>. bag 49c KINONUT Oleo! ARMOUR'S • Mjlk9«"95c Maxwell Hoiilt . ' -.'. Coffee 195c Nobitco Premium Saltines 25c Pumpkin Heodquarters ••' ' • for .'••', fRICK or f REAf GOODIES lappenirig to the:turkey.- V:He is.being coddled'and gorged rfjlh-granular* delicacies, flattered '-.unmercifully, -'.with "unexpected attentions and treated, in all.ways, solicitiously:-Also temporarily.. Tomorrow-comes ithe fowl reckoning: .'Th'is ; '. used to'trouble me','/as .a child. "Poor"' little '"tiirkely-wurk- ely," -or • something of the sort, I used to say when our -particular jird—laden - with. chestnuts,. and oysters'-propping''up his • back•— would reach the table.. _. '•It took- some.' persuasion, I'm ;pld, to 'get me to eat. I always succumbed,-sooner or.later, for. a simple callous reason i.'. my taste for turkey . slirhly surpassed my distaste for" murder. •That was in my youth! As I grew FREE! Win a 12 Ib. I TURKEY , Ju*tJ Uavt .your noma ol Our Meal Dipt, Drawing Sat, Nov. 19th. FREE! Win a 4 at. Mirro-Matic Pressure Cooker Just Itav* .your name at Chtckout Counttrt. Drawing Sat. Nov. 19th. \ Beat the Rush . . . ORDER YOUR ; THANKSGIVING TURKEY NOW! Purt Gtolmd 8..f , 35c Plat* Boiling Beef 2 *• 35c Home' Ores! frying Chickens 45c Young Rooiting Chickens 43c Wilion'i Certified Beer. Chuck Roast ib. 39 C Rib End Pork IOIN Roast '= 39c Young Steer Beef Liver •- i'°- 39c CAUF.. TOKAY '. Grapes »>. lOc SNO-WHIIE • Cauliflower 2 1,°'°', 45c CAlif. SEEDLESS Grapefruit .. 4 <•* 25c RED; DEUCIOUS < Apples nb. bo, 33c TUBE APPLE. Cider • »°i- 59c STOKELY'S FINEST . FROZEN FOODS CUT GREEN BEANS GREEN PEAS .. , . 2 Pkgt. 45c BSUSS51 SPROUTS 1 Pkgi. SLICED STCAWBERIilES - Sworiion'i T.V. Dinners .......... 79c SHOP UNTIL 8 FRIDAY NIGHT RALPH FRANTZ SUPER MARKET JUST A FEW BLOCKS WE DEUVIS RIDGELEY, W. FROM BALTIMORE ST. VA. -DIAL REdwood 8-9511 ^ Some Historians Claim Turkey = 8, PHHLIS BAffELLE rationalized,' and if they started this business of thanking God by eating his smaller creations, why should a. not-so-good-and-true chilli of.the city declare independence? •Now, - having consumed turkey for at least thirty Thursdays, 1 discover that there is a big dispute going as to whether or not the; turkey was served to the -grateful crew at that first Thanksgiving feast. Some. source books clairr yea, but 1 others' maintain "that strange Idhg-legged fowle, the turkey" was present—but not consumed—at the party. The "official menu," as historians list it, included only roasl duck, venison pie and a suckling pig • in the usual pig pose, with apple'betwixt teeth. • . . : It- is definite,-' say the. history was Invited to attend the first Thanksgiving feast and he arrived with reportedly. 90 of his friends. That's the kind of party It was, open and free and easy to crash. The Pilgrim indies didn't have !o work so hard as mother. Sure, Ihcy had to turn out hasty puddings made from cranberries, flour and- molasses;>and they had to serve limitless Indians. end of the tri-day feast, there were few utensils to dry. They didn't have forks in those days, , and everyone more or less ate off his gray muslin lap with his dexterous fingers. . ...'.-• : It is probably, just as well that, in my ,-youth, i didn't know all this.abfSut the first Thanksgiving dinner. For not only would I have declined to dry dishes ... I likely would have brought a turkely- wurkely to the table, and. sneaked tiim a spot of brandy so we could both get a little tippily-dippily together. • .'• . older,' I put away my childish boo ^ lhat on the original Thanks- ethics, and pin feathers no -longer g i v j n g Day in-the harvest season of 1621, there was-no pumpkin pie or cfanberry sauce, because the only sweetening agent the Pilgrims had was their own gentle djsppsitions (if such was the case) arid -the' pure maple syrup tapped from neighborhood trees. There was no butter, cheese of biscuits either^-an'd of course, rib milk for,.the'. kids."The handy'sub- stitute was brandy-and schnapps and, some experts report, a right smart supply of white wine imported on the Mayflower. •This is believed to have hac some bearing on the fact that the celebration lasted for three days Well, to give .you an exampli a friendly Indian named Massadeit Giraffes can deliver pile-driver blows with their cloven hoofs. . _.. . . ! -. Salt & Pepper Set iut (2 3/4" high) ol famous Baft Mason Jar JONNIE TOILET BOWL CLEANER UOUIb-no waiting to dissolve-moTe effective SAFER-easier on hands in normal usage' HARMLESS-lo septic tariks and plumbinj PIEASANTIY PERFUMED To Gat FREE Shakers: send Irani.t v '-'••. lobe! with name and address to Depl. " \y-' 5,' { BONNIE JONNIE • Box 722, Munrie, Indiana | Smell How Fresh .. . N ai you take off the Inild* goM aluminum foil wrap! Mrs. Filbertfe has a flavor secret ^ Milder, sweefer-naturally! It takes a woman to zip her margarine onto your table so fast it tastes fresher than even most expensive spreads! Fresh— with fresh ingredients, with 8avor-tight gold aluminum, a protective outside wrap. Fresh— because you get it so fast! Even the expensive spread can't beat Mrs. Filbert's, fresh flavor! . ' Extra vitamins! 4 times as much vitamin D as the expensive spread .... plus 15,000 units of vitamin A in-every pound. Try Mrs. Filbert's Margarine tonight. Only a woman could make it taste so good—and ]mh! Mr.. M. V. Filbtrt MRS. FILBERTS MARGARINE MORE FLAVOR FOX YOUR MONfYr Bottled by MALAMPHY BOTTLING WORKS at our Hallowe'en food sale! Rockingham Tender-Made TENDERIZED . whole or * > s hank half Ib. Swift's Premium whole ° r shank half Ib. 1 CHICKENS 43c Large Fat Hen ROASTING Chickens , b . 39c '' FLAVOR-RITE BEEF ILADE CUT Chuck Roast ib. 35c WELl-TRl(AMEO Sirloin Steak it. 79c NOME BEJIHP. Ground Beef IB. 39c SWIFT'S PREMIUM Sliced Bacon ib. 55c SPECIAL ,/Vu?--Frying Chickens r°<» -"'-'•''Breasts , b . 79c Legs and Thighs .. i b . 59c Livers ;.. ib. 69c Backs, Necks 3 ib,. 25c Wings ib. 25c Gizzards, Hearts ib. 29c —Tlmt ehickeni ore ipccially fed and grown for ill* iineil fating poittble— FRESH HOME DREST TURKEYS ,b. 59c HOME MADE KRAUT 2-29c FRESH COUNTRY : EGGS ^ Orontivillt, Medium Sii« TASTE GOOD CHEESE AMERICAN or PIMSNTO '£•' 69c FRESH PORK SALE This pork is oil local/ home drejf! Shoulders ri'h^ .. Lean Ha LOIN BIADE CUT 29c ,b. lUS .it half LOIN END 45c lb . ,.. ,,. 35c ... ib. 47c LOIN CENTER CUT- 57c it. LOOSE STUFFED SAUSAGE SAUSAGE 39c, b . ... 49c lb . fOKK lb 4Q- LINK ., -at),, S I OE '»• H3C Pud - na lb. jaic PON , k '» CHAUS lb ' *»C Mutnlman'i Sour Pitied Cherries 2 N °r39c Pie Crust 2 ^> 29c 'pill.bury GINGER' (READ ..:... 2 b. Preiion County Old Fa»hionad Pura Buckwheai ^ *°° 55c '.- . CAPORALE'S . Pizza Pies «°< h 55c ITALIAN BREAD 19c ITALIAN RYE 19c LOOSE BULK OYSTERS FULL PINT SELECTS FULL PINT CIDER Jutt Made - Gallon'49C AUSWEET OLEO CoJortd, Quarttrf 4'^$1 Small or Great Northern Soup Beans L", 29c Cw «:: 71c Sugar ' wb -.*•• 99c FRESH CRAB MEAT NOT FROZEN I biRECT FROM SHJPPER IPECJAL 1-09 — SPECIAL WHITE 1.29 U. i NO. 1 LARGE Potatoes ^ STOKEIY'S FINEST V\ : Sliced. Slrowbcrriel 2 pkgslGREEN BEANS _. tLx^« BRUSSEL SPROUTS-' EQr° R « N PEAS • Frozen Foods . :• 3*ch UCCOUS H • Cho'c'p.d'troitoli : FOR JACK 'O LANTERNS iPumpkin lOc to 19c ,'m THEM.8AKED — ACORN jSquash .... 2 it. 19c '.WELL BLEACHED ; _ ' (Endive 11,. 19c -FRESH GREEN • ' • v- • '.Onions ...;.i,gnch lOc '70 sizs ; -: v i-'' •; : '-i---V.'ji>i''"-, iCrapefrult 3 t.; 29c FANCY MEDIUM Turnips ...... 3 i bl . 29c FRESH, • Salad Mix ... pla . 19c FRESH Cocoanuts »ch 19c Yil|ov » R«d Dellcloui or Wlniiop Apples ....;... 3 i»«.25c SNO.WHITE •.'. - •',.•• '." Cauliflower ,ra r 19c GREEN- •;. "-•>'.•' ' .-. ''••' .': Broccoli i,. b«n.h 35c FANCy^SOLIO .SLICINO "•' Tomatoes 2 \\». 39c FRESH -,' • '!'•" ''•' Cranberries bo, 29c CALIFORNIA ' . Crapes 2ib'.;29c NaklW OHIO Hl|hly Statoncd; OrnnttvllU Mti. Fllbtrt'i Prlnl «r H'i C«l«rid Sandwich "• 37c I Sausage »59c | Oleo 4 ^ $1 {OYLEBROS-SANITARYMARkET QUALITY FOODS 232 VIRGINIA AVE. CUMBERLAND MD.i • last/, tangy apples make LUCKY LEAF apple juice a refreshing treat any time I... Serve some soon for a delicious change-for breakfast or any meal, at snack time and in between-give the youngsters 1heir apple a day the Lucky Lea? way. Ripe, crisp apples, right from our own orchards, a lively, tingling taste. Its pure, natural apple qualities aid digestion-act as nature's own anti-acid. Lucky Leaf Guarantee / •. ••-- -•. If for any reoion you are nof completely satisfied with any Lucky Leaf product, send flic fabef ro Knouie Foodt, Ptach Glen, Pa., and your money will be promptly refunded. LUCKY LEAF APPLE SAUCE AND INSTANT FRUIT PIE FALLINGS, TOO J I

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