Panama City News-Herald from Panama City, Florida on June 23, 1974 · Page 58
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Panama City News-Herald from Panama City, Florida · Page 58

Panama City, Florida
Issue Date:
Sunday, June 23, 1974
Page 58
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< j\sk Themlbiirseif # M yilPiLlJLrtLf '* m S u I, • J«SSl'«h? .8«M» «h» queitlon M • e «ateanl, to "A»k," Family Weekly. 641 ^^dF Lexington Aw., New York, N. Y, 10022. We'll pay $8 for published queitlona. Sorry, we can't aiwwsr oiher»; FOR MARGARET MEAD You farce said that man could solve his problems if he'd only use his brains. Do you mean most people haw extra brainpower they don't use?—Mrs. Laurene Mitts, Hobart, Ind. ••. It's been estimated that the most brilliant human being uses only about a tenth of his potential brainpower. The use we make of our brains is dependent upon the state of our culture and the extent to which we devote ourselves to solutions to problems. People who live in simpler societies have as much brain potential as we do, but they have fewer opportunities to use their brains. Some people advocate some form of eugenics that would increase our brain potential. This hardly'seems necessary if we aren't using what we already have. FOR BOB HOPE I heard that your nose is insured by Lloyds of London. Is this tnie?-Glenn Anton, Paramus, N.J. • Back in the early '40's, some ambitious movie press agent whipped up that little story about Lloyd's of London and my nose. It might even have been true. But if they had a policy on my nose it has run out long since. But if you know a good buyer. ... FOR JEANE DIXON 1 understand you've predicted that a planet inhabited by intelligent life will be discovered. When and who will discover it?-Don Swickrath, Ontario, Calif. • I see a sister planet—previously hidden by the sun—being discovered by the end of this century. Scientists will land instruments on the planet Jupiter to gain a bird's-eye view of this as yet unknown planet, whose discovery will be for the ultimate good of mankind. FOR D1AHANN CARROLL Are you ever going to get married again?—F. A., Cleveland, Ohio • Yes, but probably not to someone in show business. There are too many strains and temptations. Also, if I got married again I would like it to be a mature union, and it takes two people to have that. People in show business usually aren't mature. FOR ALAN ALDA of "M'A'S'H" What does W M*A*S*IT stand for?-Joe Zeloof, Edison, N.J. • Mobile* Anny'Surgical'Hospital. They're small hospitals that can pack their tents on a moment's notice and move with the front, often setting up shop only a mile or two from the bullets and bombs. By being so close to the fighting, they're able to save the lives of people who wouldn't survive a trip to the rear. FOR FRAN TARKENTON, quarterback of the Minnesota Vikings . Why do you always sit on your helmet at the sidelines? Why not sit on the benches?—Kathy Dunn, Scio, Ohio • I sit on my helmet because it gets me closer to the field than a seat on the team bench. It s important for a quarterback—any player in fact—to be completely involved in the action on the field. FOR WENDY OVERTON, women's professional tennis star During the Billie Jean King-Bobby Riggs match, many women pros seemed to have a pathological hatred of Riggs. Now he and Billie Jean seem to be buddies. How do die other women pros feel about Biggs now?—David Smith, Austin, Texas • Most of us think Bobby Riggs is the greatest thing that ever happened to women's professional tennis. Since he bigmouthed us into the limelight, our purses have ballooned. FOR BEATRICE ARTHUR, TVs "Maude" Did you receive much hate mail after your famous "abortion" episode?—M. L. K., Atlantic City, N.J. • It wasn't hate mail, really. It came from parents who couldn't buy the idea of abortion. The only thing that made me angry were the people who wrote and said we were making fun of abortion. I never felt we treated it that way, for laughs. FOR CARL YASTRZEMSKl, Boston Red Sox star Does it ever bother you when the fans in Boston boo you?— Dennis Griffin, Fairfield, Conn. • It used to. But I realize now that baseball fans seem to boo only the better players. I guess they expect more from some of us, and if we don't produce to their satisfaction, they let us know it. I can't feel too bad. Ted Williams was booed in Boston, too, you know. FOR THE ASK THEM YOURSELF EDITOR I haven't heard about former Beatle John Lennon in a long time, although there are rumors that die Beatles will get together again for a big concert tour. What's going on?— M. O., Middletown, Ohio • John Lennon is still in die U.S., fighting a legal battle with the Immigration Department because of a 1968 conviction for marijuana possession in England. Britain had demanded that he come home. Meanwhile, he has .been having marital difficulties with his artist wife Yoko Ono, from whom he is reportedly separated. And he allegedly struck a photographer who tried to take his picture' at' a Los Angeles nightclub. The "tour" is supposed to take place this summer in New York's CatsldOs. Lennon has rounded up Ringo Stan and George Harrison, but couldn't get Paul McCartney. Nevertheless, they expect to gross fl million. June 23,1974 Kunitytyfakty The Newspaper Magazine MORTON PRANK, President and PinWehor PATRICK M. UNSKEY, V.P.-Ad Director SM Layefeky, Marketing Dir.; Gerald 8. Wroe, Eaetern Mgr.; Robert D. QHck, Associate Eastern Mgr.; Jos tinier, Jr., Chicago Mgr.; i Kelly, Detroit Mgr. LEONARD 8. DAVtDOW, Chairman MORT PERSKV, V.P.-Edltor-ln-Chlet Reynolds Dodoon, Managing Editor Richard Vatdetl, Art Director noaaryn Abrevaya, Women's Editor Marilyn Hansen, Food Editor Joan Hennckeen, Pamela Howard and Hal Laodon, Associate Editors; Estelle Wsktln, Art Asst.; Gloria Brier, Pictures. Contributing Editors: Peer J. Oppanhslmer, Hollywood; Larry Burleteln, Sports. PRODUCTION: Mofcowrae Bpprich, Director; Richard Wendt, Mgr.; Roberta CoWns, Makeup. Headquarters: 641 Lexington Ave., N.Y.. N.Y. 10022 © 1974 FAMILY WEEKLY, INC. AH rights reserved. PUBLISHER RELATIONS: ROBERT D. CARNEY and LEE ELLIS, V.P.s and Co-Directors; Robert H. Marriott, Mgr.; Robert J. Christian weusHCh SERVICES ; Robert Banker, Promotion; Caryl EHer, Merchandising; Louis Lareie, Distribution. A awhllci allow el Dowse Cowwwiwloall , Jr., ChM Executive Offleer Ralaiid •. TiWMMa, Pret/dtnt Covar Photo by Jarry Abramowltz

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