The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on January 12, 1933 · Page 9
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 9

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 12, 1933
Page 9
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THE BAkERSFIELD CALlPOBNIAN, THURSDAY, JANUARY 12, 1933 BAKERSFIELO GROCERY CO. AND SHANNON'S MEAT MARKET Corner Nineteenth and L Streets Phone 435 FREE DELIVERY—OPEN SATURDAY EVENING For Everyday Consistent Prices—Trad* Her* Friday, Saturday and Monday Prices at Price* Never B«for. Offered to the Bikersfleld Public 6 Ib .26c Alpine or Golden ft 9A* Key Milk " c«n» «w We redeem Alpine milk coupons for oven dishes when you purchase milk at our store. ' Oleomargarine 3 . b , 25c Creamery Butter.. .lb. 24c Pink Beans.. 10 , b , 34c Navy Beans. I0. b8 30c Head Rice. Can Oysters. 3 cans 2-lb. box Sunshine Better Best or Snovyflake Graham or 9Rf& Soda Crackers. »99 Wheat Pop*,or Rloe Pope .. 4 for 25C Large can Oval Sardines...... for 25c Imported Norwegian Olive Oil. ft* Sardines, no limit.... ..can *"• WHEATIES 8klppy0uek BISQUICK Balloon Fr»» • LARGE PACKAGE.... SOFTASIU KIT" . . 2pkgs, IBo .29c CAKE FLOUR . 25c Del Monte No. 2 Corn can Del Monte No. 2 Beet. can Del Monte No. 2'/ 2 A Peaches • for jOc JOc 25c Del Monte Garden Pea. !5c Can Corn. 3 , OP 25c Peas, String Beans, Hominy, Kraut No. 2 can lOc 26 Ibs. Ideal or Sperry's OK* Flour • 999 Corn Meal. |-lb. 'sack 25c Rolled Oats. 35c t Tomato Sauce. for 25c Light Meat Tuna Fish lOc ORANGE PEKOE 1-lb. Pkg 54c «/Hb. Pkg 29c »/ 4 -lb. Pkg. 16c JAPAN 1-lb. Pkg 43c '/2-lb. Pkg 22c Y 4 -lb. Pkg 12c 25c Quart jar Mayonnaise and pint Relish Spread, all for 1 6-lb. box of Macaroni, Spaahettl ' • Mission Bell or Palmolive CM Toilet Soap 99 Laundry Soap Quart I A* . Purex bottle •*« Larqe pkg. Feet's or Mermaid Washing Powder Leslie Shaker • Salt *i Gallon can Blackberries Gallon can No. 10 Red Sour Pitted Cherries... Pint bottle Citsup Jell-well for lOc 4c Ibs. Peaches, Black J Flas, Prunes * Quart jar Orange Honey Large Carnation Wheat or Oats Rlca in* Xrlsples pko. IUG 25c 39c I5c 'S QUALITY Pot Roast, From Young Tender Beef ........ . Ib. Nice Lean V. Rib Boll ............. Ib. 1C Pig Pork Roast, Shoulder Cuts Ib. jj_ OC Leg o' Pork, Half or Whole. ,„. I It Pork Loin Roa.t .Ib. j |_ I IB Lego' Lamb .Ib. •£ I DC Lean Pork • Steak Ibs. Fresh Ground «J Hamburger.... W Ibs. Pure Lard or M Compound ..... 1 Ibs. Bacon, Half or Whole I |_ Piece lb. I 1C Sirloin M Steak at Ibs. Rib and Round Steak ....... ; .lb. Fresh .Ib. VISIT OUR MARKET AND SAVE MONEY VEGETABLE DEPARTMENT Bulk Dates. San Emldio Juice Oranoes... Cauliflower Grapefruit Bellefleur or Pippin Apples Celery, large Ktalkn 3 ibs. 25c 2 doz 25c ...head *OC 6 for I5c I OC* ibs. *DC 2 Ids* for IU* Artichokes m ttfm. 1 for ZDC All Bunch * A s»_ Veaetables C for 99 Cranberries A QR» •• ibs. 999 Yams or Sweet | A 4C A Potatoes IU |bs. £99 T ai °" 100.' abok SI. 25 25- Ib. sack 33e Lettuce Q 1 (t> * for IOC AVOCADOS, GRAPES, EGGPLANTS AND STRAWBERRIES GALLAHER'S Friday and Saturday FREE— One Biscuit Flour With 1 lb. 00* Sliced Bacon.... siOC Chesterfields A O1<* (Limit 2) . . L for at 1C Butter, Wet 04* aiOv Hot Sauce. for Quaker Oats, Large Barrel. 15c Veal Roast ib. Veal Steak lb. 12£c Coffee, Plantation lb. Front Line lb. Old Dutch r (Limit 2) ..... each 36 Asparagus Tips.... .can Tomatoes, A 2>/ 2 Cuns..O for Potatoes Lettuce A jf L heads vC Bacon HONEYMOONERS' HAVEN LOST IN $1,000,000 FIRE KAISER TO COMMAND NAZIS (Vnttttt Pre»t Leaned Wire) BRRMN, .Tan. iz.—From hls'exlln nt Doom the former knli»or hfts for- Idclen his son, Trlnco Autrunt \VH- lelm, to nocopt coinnmnd of Nasl storm troops In Berlin and tho ?rovln<ie of Brnr.clenbunx, tho United I'rosB wns Informed today. "Prince Mipie" IB a Nazi deputy In tho Prus- Blnn Diet. Adolf Hitler vised tho prlnco as a spcnkor In the livst Reich- slag campaign. Tremor Hits Wide Area in Australia The Clifton Hotel at Niagara Falls, Ontario, haven of thousands of honeymooning couples from all over the continent, was destroyed In a million.dollar fire. The hotel faces the Falls on the Canadian side. It will be rebuilt. The above picture was made a. the flame, were raging beyond control, and the doom was already sealed. PROBE INSULL DEBACLE WASHINGTON-, Jan. 12. (U. P.)—A sweeping Investigation of all ramifications of the vast collapsed Insull utility empire Was announced today Ijy Chairman Rayburn of the House Interstate and foreign commerce committee. * • » JEDEDIAH GRANT DIES SALT LAKE CITY, Jan. 12. (A. P.) Jcdedlah Morgan Grant, 79, a brother of Heber J. Grnnt, president of the Latter Day Saints church, died In n hospital here today of pneumonia. Asks $5000 Yearly f or Mrs. Coolidge (Annotated Prett" Leaned Wire) WASHINGTON, Jan. 12.—A pension of $6000 yearly for Orace Coolldge, widow of the late former President, was sought today In u bill introduced by Senator R. Austin, (Republican, Vermont.) Congress usually votes pensions to widows 'of former Presidents. SCHUUR'S NEWS & WEEK lie PET HAVE TO GO TO SCHOOL \p HE HAS A PAIN — MOTHER •WILL GIVE HIM A, NK.E DOSE Here's a suggested cure for meals that fall "flat." Come to the Palms Drive-In Market for fresh quality 'good.—Monarch Brand, Danish Butter (extra fresh because made locally), and Casa Lomn Egg. (also extra fresh became local). Free deliveries and prompt service on telephone orders. Specials for Friday and Saturday BUTTER AND CGCSK Danish Butter Ib. Casa Loma Eggs, Large Extras dox. TREE Black Orange Pekoe 1 lb. 54c Vi lb. 29c Green 1 lb. 43c 1/2 lb. 22c hlo Blue Tip Matches, (Six Boxes)... .carton Coffee, Hills Red 1-lb. tin 2 Ibs., 62c Monarch Sweet Corn, 2s.. each Strawberries, Monarch ,2s Catsup, C. H. B 18-oz. Sugar, |f| Cloth Bag IU Camay M Soap "I for Crystal White Q Soap O for Iris S. P. Tomatoes 1s Jell-o M Log Cabin Syrup large Ibs. for 23e 32e I6c I9c I5e 45e 25e 25e lOc 25e 89e WHEATIES BISQUICK SOFTASILK GoldM ' d " Balloon Free s LARGE PACKAGE.... Brand . . 2 pkgs. I5c 29c CAKE FLOUR . 25c DATED COFFEE Pound 31c Always Fresh SANITARY GOLDEN CRUST BAKING CO. BREAD Highest Quality at Lowest Price Two Full-Pound Loaves, White or Brown. . .2 for 15c 24-oz. Loaf, Unsliced, a Home Product ........... I0c Wilbur— M E ATS— Wyatt We Have Just Received Another Carload of Armour's Star Fixed-Flavor Hams Leg of Pork Roast Loin of Pork Roast .............. ib. Little Pig I71,» Sausages ......... lb. I I jC Eastern Salt A I §• _ Pork ....... ... * lb.. IDC Loin Pork I sj_ Armour's Star Skinned Hams, Half or Whole, II. While They I •« Armours Star If)* Bacon, ^z-lb. cello, pkg. IU6 Pure Hog A. Lard Ib. PC Hamburger or Pure I A* Pork Sausage Ib. IUB Prime Steer Beef Roast lb. I Oc m IUG Chop. Ib. You Will Find That Our Pork Cuts Are Selected From No, 1 Grain-Fed Ea.tern Hogs PALMS OR((/HH\MARKCr \] PHONE IJ7I RATIFY LAME.DUCK BILL LINCOLN, Neb., Jan. 12. (A. P.)— The Nebraska House of Representatives today unanimously passed the Joint resolution f5r ratification of tho Norrls lame-duck amendment to the federal Constitution. SHIPS GOLD TO UNITED STATES SOUTHAMPTON, Jan. 12. (A. P.)— Two million pounds sterling In gold was shipped to New York today aboard the liner Georgrlc. (A.»topiatrd J*rCM //found WlreJ SYDNKY, New South Wnles, Jan. 12.—Houses rocked nnd walls cracked In tho towns of Ooulburn nnd Yass, Now South Wales, as a result of nn unuaually strong earthquake early today which lasted one minute. Though tho main shock occurred about HO miles from here, It was felt In tho Sydney Suburbs of Coogen, Bondl and Bellevuo Hill. No casualties wore reported. ' Woman Kills Mate in Domestic Clash (Attofllatcd 1'rcm Leaned Wire) NEW YORK, Jan. 12.~Domostlc quarrels that lusted for yearn culminated today In the slaying of Evert McCabe, well-to-do business man, In his luxurious apartment In Woodstock Towor. Detectives snld hln wife, Qarnott, middle-aged and tho mother of three children, admitted shooting him. WORK FOR FRY COOK KANSAS CITY, Jan. 12. (A. P.)— Martin Schwartzberg, Jeweler, decided his friend Bob Ijindrum, cafe night cook, didn't work hard enough. He left his Bleak and returned soon with many unemployed men. Tho Jeweler told the men to order anything, Just eo It was somthlng that had to bo cbokod to order. Then hn left. Severnl hours nfter ho nailed up nnd found 400 had been fed. He prom- iRCd to pay nil ihc olicrkH. We Give Phone 822 .Stamps 812 Baker Street Quality Merchandise at price* More Attractive Than Ever Free Delivery Service Dally Just Phone Your Order COLD WEATHER IS THE TIME TO EAT PORK Pork Roast Ltan. Trimmed for Oven. Pure Lard. Pig's Feet., Ground Veal. .each 3C I8c Pork Sausage Seasoned With Put* Sage. Ib. I2c 2lbs.25c I2c I3c Pork Backbone Old-Fashioned Kind. Lots of Meat. Ib. I5c Pork Chops, Pork Steak, Side Pork, Pork Shanks ... In fact, Pork any way you like best. We feature only young grain-fed pork at all times and will cut it any way you like. Pot Roast Ib. Veal Roast Ib. Ground Round Steak Ib. Milk .. lall cans, 5c All Brands in Stock Best Foods Sala'd Dressing quarts Pork and Beans, Campbell's 16-oz. can Sperry's Pancake Flour 4-lb. sack Pea., Early June No. 2 can Corn, Del Monte Tiny Kernel No. 2 can Bunch Vegetables, A All Kinds. at Oranges, Large Fancy Grade doz. Juice •> 9R* Oranges V doz. stUw Butter . . Ib. 24c Cofree, Schilling or Hills Red Can Ib. 2 Ibs., 62c Oats, Quaker or Carnation... large size Suprema Redt Pitted Cherries... .No. 2 can Catsup, RltteKs. bottle Curtis Tuna, Genuine White Meat •) MQ~ 7-oz. Cans •* for £96 Soap, Crystal I A White IU Peet's Granulated I5c I5c lOc bars Soap large size 25c I7c 9fifl* s«UB C« for «M» 9Af» s»Uv WASHINGTON MARKET 1917-1919 L Street PHONE 1083 FREE DELIVERY Friday and Saturday Specials Armour's (\ Corned Beef,. Ml Our Choice Sugar 1 A/» Peas; No. 2 can 1UC Crystal Whlte-Jrt Soap J.U GOLD MEDAL CORN MEAL 10-lb. sack,.. 24r 5 ' lbl . ... 6fx\s sack. Sliver Thistle Brand Fruit or Berry Jam 2-lb. 6-oz. jar California Home Brand Sweet Pickles qt. jar Wellman Peanut Butter 101/2-oz. jar 25c lOc Round Steak. .1 Ib. '. 17c Sirloin Steak. .1 ib. 15c Pot Roast Beef .1 ib. 9c Pork Chops. Pork Roast, Picnic Cuts 1 Ib. lOc Hamburger Steak.... 2 ,„.. 17c Pork Sausage. 2, b ,17c Oleomargarine 2 ,b» 15c Butter, Cloverbloom 1 Ib. Bacon, Sugar-Cured half or whoje... ,lb. Bunch Vegetable. 2 for 5C Lettuce 2 for 5C Bakersfield's Shopping Center Chester Avenue at Twentieth Phone 5400 CHOICE CUTS OF MEAT New York Cut Steaks 30c TENDED. STEM Fillet-Mignon Steaks 50clb. Leg Pork Roast Prime Steer Pot Roast Choice Veal Roast . Loidy's Pickled Hams Lamb Stew . . . . Fresh Ground Round !BgV...t .< . lb. Ho lb. I2c Ib. I5c Ib. I2c lb.5c .I9c Leidy's Pure Pork SAUSAGES Armour's Star Nam, Parts . . ICc 3 Slices . . Something Different Fryers, Hens, Rabbits, Fish, Oysters . . 25c GROCERY SPECIALS CHASE A SANBORN Cofffoo i 3lc . . . • . . Or With 1/2 Ib. Chase & Sanborn Tea 45o Value 76o Both for ...... 6lc Tip-Top Coffee . . 2 Ibs. 35c Heinz Soup, All Kinds, 3 cans 27c TRY HEINZ OYSTER SOUP Heinz Cucumber Pickles ..... I5c Brooms . . 35c Asstd. Nuts, 2 Ibs. 29c Cloverbloom WHITE KING Washing Powder, 32c lOc Pkg. Free! White King Soap Toilet Soaps MISSION BELL WHITE KING COCOA-ALMOND CHANDU 5 for 19c Snow Flake Crackers . . . 2lbs. 25c WHEATIES SkIppyDuck BISQUIGK Balloon Free s LARGE PACKAGE.... 2pkgs.n5c ;...29c SOFTASILK ^r edal CAKE FLOUR . 25c DELICATESSEN Coltago Choeso Chili Boans Bakod Boans Spaghetti 10 15 Steaming HOT lb. Tamales Ib. Potato Salad Macaroni Cold Slaw Mincemeat Glen's Electric Bakery RASPBERRY, ORANGE Coffee Cakes . 20c Nut Broad .. 25c Parker Rolls . . I8c FRESH FRUIT AND VEGETABLES Large Fancy Rome Beauty Apples. Golden Ripe Bananas Fresh Green Brussels Sprouts All Bunch Vegetables Fancy Juicy Edison Oranges San Diego Celery Large . Grapefruit.... Green Peas' 6, b ,25c 6 lbs 25c 2 lbs 26c 4f or IOC 3 d oz 25c 2 ^ !5c 5 f 25c 2, b ,25c

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