Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 23, 1927 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 23, 1927
Page 3
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THE lOLA DAILY REGISTER, FRIDAY EVENING. DECEMBER 23, 1927 - • Wis PAGE THREE Ifr. and Mrs. Walter ArndC and son, Donald, of "ilO South Washington avenue, will Hpend ChrlHtjnas with ^Irs. Arndt's parents. Mr. and Mrs. Geo. W. Tilton, of Moline. Kansas. \ —Ooo'd Coal makes warm frleridsJ The lola lie, Coldv.Storape & Fuel Co. Call 116 for prices. • The days are getting longer already. Yesterday, the shortest day of, the year, the sun rose at 7:36 and set at 5:06. This morning the •iun rose at 7:36, but it will not set until .5:07. So today is a whole minute longer than yesterday Prjetiy soon it will bf spring. ri-Thonew ispriuR hats are here, quality and prices astonishing. City Exchange, in (building formerly occupied by Otten's Bakery. Pho. 27.".. A • bundle containing several pairs of nien'.s sox was left on ^oni of the counters of the U'egister office several days ago. The o\tner may have thiin by calling at jthis omce. . Miss "Miriam Thoroman; a student at' Washburn CoUec«; ai T <i- peka. is spending the holidays'with, -^lier parents. Mr. and Mrs. A. M. Thoronian, of r>n Kast Jackson avenue. Miss A^berta Thoromani -Who teaches in the.-Chanule schools, will come toniplit and .Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Slocnm,' .rf^Wichita will arrive tomorrow for the holidays with their parent.s. • :—Pre^-'hristnias sale On Hats,'all kinds and colors, going for less thaa cost prire. Kdwards Millinery. •Mr. and Mrs. I.,<'c N'oftzger and sr.a, Richard l ^ce, wr-nt to Wichita th;s morning to spend Christmas | with relatives. . Mrs. tc-ila Weast is reported ill in her home. '^JO 'South AValnut street. She is the daughter of Sheriff JI. D. Smock. —Christmas Dinner at Kra«.«e's: T'Jrk '.'V. or Chicken. .')0c; Ttarry; Hei-ox. of St. Louis. : arrived yesterday to join his wif.-, , , , ^ . , r I.ahv in a riirl.^fnias visit with —Tlie lola 10^. Cold Storage * hi: jiurents. Mr. .in.i- Mr.s. A. H. i fuel..Company sells Coal of best Mf^-ox, qf S'U' North .'Street. : • quality. Phone 116. | -iJorric. Ttoo—r and Duck Hook-^ i'^- and MriS. Carl TMtchey 'and f.>>; for f-i.. kiddies, i.ri.od to sell.;'^•h'Wren, Maurine, Mary Ixie and .n^-Tii,. Cii'.- KxVhans:.' in/building .lo..;«ph. of P:ir.<on.s. motored to lola i;-^.rlv onuj.i.".! bv Ottj-irs B.ik- today-to spend Christmas with Mrs • I ; llitehey H pare.nts. Mr. and .Mrs. \\ Deatji of ?form8 Irrnf Pnsrxn. . Norma Irene Diigan. tiie six year bid daugbtw. of Mr. aud Mrs. George Dngau, of 604 North Sycamore street, died this morning at } •4 o'clock. She had been ill siijct Sunday of pncumouia. The funer-'' al service will be held at the home I tomorrow afternoon at 3 o'clock. | with the Uev. C. I. Coldsmith of- tlptating. Jlurial will be in tlie, lola Cemetery. —Get a new suit or overioat before Christmas.- IS .OO fo Babies' coats as reasonable.. City Exchange, in building formerly occupied by Ott»ii's Bakery. Pho. 27."i. Mrs. Geo. L.'Paxfon, of Ottawa.' Is visiting in the home of her par.- ent.s, .Mr. and .Mrs. A. .V. Swigart, of j 214 South Cottonwood street. Mr. Paxton will join her IKTC tomor- i row for .Christmas. NEOSHO VALLEY I r. U. IVck IS building quite si: '.•'tili>tuntial cattle .--iiod on a sunny ::expo.->ire of the hillside. • I -Mr. Scott McKinley and son Ken- l-ncih of Sout* 'Logan'; township j wer.- at th-- W'illianis-l^icks home . Sunday.; A. ('. Hayt.-'s r:imily corn hiiskr ; t!i>: force is Ue!t»fii2 • Itay' Pwk ; ^rather his crop iii. f TheinembiTS of the C It. I'eck- family will (east and pleasurn at : till' <dd homestfud Cliris-tnias day. .1. V. Slack fried himself of the ; im.notony of city mould early in I liomt>. l.'.l .South Fern. X<;-vcni- ' the week and came out and jauntr; !)fr :;7.. .Mr. Ferris was the widest ed around on the farm, now occn-i ^on of .Voah and .Mary Ferrii and pied bv the Uaxlev.s. in an cndeav-' . , ., . ^.„.,„. „,.. i was one oi a family of seven^chll- .). O. FKRltlS ; Many"'All<n rourity pcDpUJ jvill with interest the follirwing articW from the Wichitai Ho.)»ter.; During the many y,.ar.-;' <y( in,- rnsi- , . > ,1,,. jj^p,,.,^ -1 .-^nduy •evening to hear the sacred dence hrre-.Mr. -Ff-rri- ifrl.! ri,- t'-cm <if a!! wlio kni-w liim. i ••.Jacob 0.*car Ferris, s::. divd .it ROCKY POINT I .Mrs. Anna'Stout.) Dec. 21'.—The Charley Whitcomb family spent Friday evening with relatives in I..aHarpe. . Mr. Jolinson-. i.-i in the Ft. Scott hospital taking treatment for trouble h»- i-: having with his iifart.. (iuife a number from here 'wero hurch in Bronson to gather up some of the { Ihrumbs of the woof and chain of;'-r''"' ^'-"^ ar.d one daugiiter. :the liidy of his fanning experience > I to was born at Ortonvillc. pak- lantnta. "The Star of the East" which wa.-' ?ivn"n by a chorus-of .• about, forty voii;ts witit .Mr. Law^ ri -nie .Moore condticting. It was well v.-ortli going to hear. Ruby Wliitconib visited the sii;ooI Tui-stlay afternoon. A car lo .-id of cottonseed meal oriiennl by Herbert Camp for. the F. L. B. LEA YELL, M, D. Special attention g eases of Colon and Electro-Physloth erapy Office Tola State Ba ik Bldg. Phones— 147 anil,J05 Geo. C. .-Vbbott arriv.l from Ft. Smith. Arkans Christmas with his fa South Buckeye street. — Pure thread -^ilk I K; quaMt.v. at S9c. $l.,-,o aiij wards Millinery. Kugene D.ivi.*. of P Washington avenue. I Z. Bartels and family, of 41tj South {has been •'subbing" on] type machine at the, ficewat different times, today visiting friends, up from Parsons this join his wife in a Chi] with her parents. Mr. A. Dicker.son, of Mora Mr.s. .\rthur ('ox. <,!" Muskogee. Oki:i., arri'>'eii kist nitfbt to spend , „,.„,. . ^ . fhrj>..m:i- :.n.i iho holidays with ' -^or his Chn.strnas -why not get her iK .r.nts. Mr. ,md Mrs. .1. B. I "ad on.^ of our Kingsbury Hats? Ktewari. of iw^r, c,,,,,!, ^vasliington i ""V' avenue i Miss Hazel .McCalleii. of Tulsa, -Ti.e;i;,la:.:,.M.drvwiIIbeel,.sed;OI<'a.. ^^"1, he here 'tomorrow to .-.11 ,inv >;,t,ir.l:,-. but open :.ll ,!..,>•''=P<'"dChristnva.s whh her sister ,,'^. : I .Mrs. George Dalgarno and family ' ' • of 21.'. South Oak street. (hrislmax Dinner at I.ewniiin*"'. —flaked Turkey, CJoosc and Chicken, with all the trinimi I '.-s. .'.oc. Th cafe will be closed fro n 1:.''.0 to Christmas afternoon.' M>s>^. !U:,:y A\ i-h:,r,t. teacher in _;vfi p.-,y 6': on Full Paid and, the k !nd:.r ;,;rre„ .!e|.:.i t men., ni ihe ,,,„,.,,„„p„t s,,,,.,^. Xlie best invest- I In.lep..ndeiHe >>huols. ;.vnved hoin.,,^^,,, bcsf method to save. 1 ^ ^ Ke.terandCi i^dav to spend the holi.iays with.j^^^^ily HIdg. k Loan Association.' • ^ an 1 t 1 her paFJ -nts. Mr. . and .Mr*. L. H, 1 Wishiird; of. :'.l.'. Snuth Wiilniir street, •• ' I lola, Kansas. anil .Mrs. Viola 1!<cbe 1 from Sterlfng. Colorail , :•- ; .Mr. and .Mrs. \V. 11. The.Rev. H. A. Pasley.left on ,the , „,,„.r relatlve.s over C .•loon train today -for Oltithe to] •'"' his daiigti- - .See nien'i for Portland Hotol'-j U |„.nil Chrl.sliiias' with iliniier in Itimorrow'.'^ 1 i,.r Mrs Frank Kellev IteKlMer. _ i ' • . i- • I ' . -Milk ^nml whipping cream de-[ Mr-, .f.' Le -ter Smith and son. Ilivered -^'iny hour. lola Dairy. | • Jejry. •M .eiit to Coffeyvlllo. Kans.. I i'boni- 25il. today to itpriid Christmas with their" jnot)-.<>r and u'randnioth'-r. Mrs. 11. faudle. Special at .Siiunte; Tiirkeif and (ian-n- Christmas Dap. van DIs- Rectum. that is now b .Homing to him a lost Uind county, .Michigan. Decesiber I ^'fanS'" was unloaded at Bronson art. j' . 12, l .'^44. wiiere he lived until £;bout : J^'riday. ... .Mrs. Earl Hicks and Kennetli;, li! years of age.'wheu his parents! Owen Limes and family of Tex- who were visiting -Mrs. Hicks's bro-'j moved to Kendall county. 111... as and Lee Limes and family of ther, i Olin .Williams and wife, at ; where he later was united in riiar-i I^aHarpe. spent Sunday at the home. . .Marshall Stoat neighbor- ectin? 'tmonev for the to Indei)endence, returned home when iie moved to Wicnita. w \aeTe j tr(.at.s at the Christmas tree Sat-_ d yesterday ; as to spend ! :ni!y a' .'«!»2 ! se.: superior i $1.7.-.. Kl- ' and Fairj all attended church at North iview in the afternoon. ' E. H. Crook's folks are exiie.t- j'.Miss Haltie of Wichita. Funieval ing .Mrs.. Crook's brother and wile. >'i'v :(i ,s were heid ^Tuesday. ;:t ?. , -Mi", and .Mrs. Bert Clark, of lluni-:!'. m. .VoveiuiK -r 2 'j.-at the ch .Jpel i -^'P ''"'^ '^''•^- ^^'I'ard .McGuire holdt. and probably other-, at th .ir ;>:' t::e Holmes .Mortuary. Hev. V/al- : ^^''•''•i' l"-;""! Camp's Friday get- L. Clark officiating, and fiev. !'-"S a fhristmas tree. I rsons, who j the lino- ' Hegisier of- , was in lola i He drove < morning to Istmas visit tind; -Mrs. C. ^ The peony i- a fi'o-.ver ;i.-idvin g:-tat e.^re. in in China, and is -stiid {'I brii;g w..:ilth and happine?,< .Miss Forest Hope Wall of Culver City, Calii'.. is .-^sing Harry K. Tliaw One-sixth of all the ;/,>opie-'in IK-nmark live in the city of CopC-n- hageii. , • « bf for liili .oiH.' for alleKeil breacli of pronii.-''- u) :iiaii;.| her has lots of from Harry to prove in li c-se. say^ slir liome tor Christmas dinner. T T. > Thayer Cleaver i^: due to a'rriwe -i. L. George assisting. Burial ^as 1 Threo children of tlie .Toe Ross from tlie a^riciiltuial. coll-;;o at .m.'.de in College Hill .M-morial ! fanniiy living in one 01 the J. M. .Manhattan to spend th..- Ciiristnias Luwus. " vacation with his ]i ,irent.^ .Mr. and -Mrs. .-Mberi t'leavir. Tii>ir elder .-on. -Vlr. Leon Cleavi-r ami wile, who are liriving throUf;li from ''.dorado, will also' b.- herv^ Ijy th • week end. : .Mr. and Mrs. flische were catl- cd to Hartford a few days ago by the illness of .Mr. (;ische's father. The near approacli of Christmas causes a rising tide of Davis houses have enrolled itHop bdl.TOl. George Stont is huyinir corn Jo-sc Gudtr. We are, pxpecting Santa Clau .<J at the; seiiiooihous.^ FViday after-' noon. There will be a. short program .-an.l tr.:-e. L. KesN'r avi- .arrived to' visit tKester am! ristnut-. Miss Hazel Drake w tomorrow from Kans — Tsed. two tube radio set with 'lead set.? and Ijatteries. $1.-.. K. C. Klectric and Pltimbing Co. and spend the Christmas v.-Jeation with her parents, Mr. and Drake and family, of Bernard ScAtes, a student at St .Marys College, at St. Marys. Kansas, is spending the holidays with his parents. Mr. and Mrs. George! Sycamore street. .Marr. ^ • . i • : — j —Dr. .Montgomerj-, C —Wiat gift could bring more ; lola Laundry Bldg. real iastina satisfaction than a! .— i Miss Mildred Swipaijt . .sas City, will be her4 Dr. and Mrs. C. A. Boyd and fam- I to spend the Christm ily, of Hutchinson. Kansas, will ar. .j,^..^^., _ riw totiight to spend Christmas ' :itre. t.' Mr. and .Mrs. Bayles and with Mrs. Boyd's parents, Mr. and children and Mrs. Spencer left this 1 Mrs. Paul Klein of 31.'. Soiiih Cottonwood street. .Mr. and Mr."!. Lewis Drakj? and baby, of Humboldt, will join them Christmas day. .Mr. and ^Irs. .1. T. Hannah and .Mr. and .Mrs. Knnis Starkey. ..f Humboldt. Kansas. .Mr. and .Mi Lloyd Cole, of Cojiehind. l\.iiisa>, .Mr. and .Mrs. Frank Vicker.s. of In- il.'I.en.lem ei .Mo. aii.I .Mr. and .Mrs. GeorL'.' of Huniboidt. will hi- L'li'-ts in tlio home of .Mr. and .Mr- .1 1). Bill h.-inan and faniliy, of j * |i» Uruit. r ^'r.ei Christiii :i--. I eniy-uve p. oi.|<- i .,.,k i.aii in l).> ipau'/.int: eiir:-;stinc altot,--;!i.r i.f Ml. and .Mrs. C.-... C. D:ilKarno. I bom • t;d.iii.. w l;o show d - II I -IL I K I ir.-..r 21;; South Oak ^tr.'el. makei.,,,j,„^. .^^^^^ ,,aini..:: foiiiial aiinoiinciiii-nt .if the ado;.-j _, . . , tio':! . I a l.aby i^ir.l -.vlioni th.y have I The par-ant «a, Uivn u. t;:e ji;,;,ie.| Diana. I l.fllo'.vini- oiil-r: .\!!l^ll• iiy s.nior •ind junior .l.oir-: r. a.iing a', in• Mr. and .Mrs. 1, ().• .Mo'nisi.n. ofjtrvals l.y si.e narrator: appear- near Moran. w.'-re overnight guests Ji„.;,|,.,,.,i. ^v;ve men and in the Iwime of .Mr. ^b.rrison's sis-: fer. Mrs., .leiinic it. .lack.-on. ' !> <lt"-r. n. time-. The ap- liropraetor. I i^.vfamore street. Inn: IMnner II be home City to iMrs. 2 .1 ift Mr. and Mrs. K: K. BavMes two rhildren. Spenror and Hugh, of ;Stylphis Suit? The Hub. Warrenshure. Mo.-, arrived yesterday for a visit in the home of Mrs. Bayles's parents. Mr. and Mrs. C. B. •=. Spencer, of, 211 .South Cottonwoo<l !Very pretty. Th- manger scene lone I.-.8. . j^.j^^j ILiptlst (hurch. of K>n-1 Christmas exercises wjll occupy , , , , tomorrowh services Sunady. In the The i.aL -eant w;.s enn.liid.d by a tomorrow ^^^^^^^ ^ ^ nnifie-l pi -.ce-sion ,01 past crntnrie.^ ^ind the apptarnni .• of th.- twentieth hoiidavs ! morning afterlnoon for I>awreuce to spend '.•'iri|fma« with Mrs. Spencer's sis- r. kirs. Hugh, Means. Mr. Spencer' vTir Join them there Sunday morning. • • • • » u • p. W • Si '«••»«••••«•*»•» E. HAZLETT of Brooklyn. ;N'. Y.. will lecture at K. of Hajl Sunday. 7:30 p. m. jhjecj. "^\•hen Will the Dead Return fo Earth?" • »»»*•»••*» 1 Miai Beryl Robinson, English and - penmanship teacher in the We know Bakery Products are good. But Have You , Tried ! > Ours? VAN HOOZER'S. C. A. Vancil. of Topeka, will come tomorrow to spend Christmas with his daughter. Mrs. .V. R. Enfield and family, of'617 East Broadway. highfichool at independence, Ka.s..! V"" came.toda.v to spend the hoIMavs :''V;'' = .-"^ ' ..f 3^:^^^ ' with "ter sister. Miss Fl.-da ,.,0,-:'^^ Uan .\ssocia —If voii «;'int to biiv or build. The lola L -iation will . make vor a loan, low interest rate., _ : no commission. See G. E. Pees .i->-fwi H ««..r.t» j Secretary, at old Register building -F.r :n^:s, amr '^ivic.ion of: southwest corner of square. an.vone caiicht st.alius from any Inson.. member of No. 2^14. .\, T, .).. Car- ly'e. Kans-, Mr, Und'Mrs, F. .\.-Wagner and sf.n, Riiymond. of fil!t S'orth M'ash- in^^ton rivcniic, and Mrs. L. M, Par- Mr. and Mrs. E. E. Harri.son and son, Jimmy Gene. Mr. ' and Mrs Herman Tholen, jr., Mrs. Sarah Doggett and Mr. and Mrs. Ora Duncan will drive to Independence Tlie body of Charles died Tuesday iilght at SU East Jackson avenul en on the 4:10 Santa Fe Ing Jo ^Dorchester. Ne burial will be made. :M|rs. Charles Osger. Mrs. Ira Ander^^in and .Mr. Osger, a .son. accompjanied body to Nebraska. —Super B Power 4', vblt dry cell , B Batteries. 52.75. South street. S. \ C. A Dorsey. secretai1>- of the Chamber of Commerce Kansas City today to Christmas with his si] Aniia Dorsey. He wil Monday evening. —O. L. Cox. M. D. Eye, Ear. Nose dnd'Thrdal^ Mrs. Imo Krause. wh<} tjuite MI at her home. Sycamore street, is red tomorrow afternoon to t proving steadily. uieinn avcji.e, ana . u^. . . .M . a. - Christmas with Mr. and Mrs rish of >ates Center .l«^f' '"'^a> j P Emerson atui .family. They for, Dennisnn. Tex.. ,0 spt-nd Chi^ust- ' . ^ mas with their daughter and sister, I Mr-, i'Charles. Stafrder and Mr. Statel.>^r. Thi-y;i stop in Tulsa n. H. South The British Transport holiday! I'nioii is said now to he t spirit, to so absorb the niinds aii'i est trade union in. the - att.-nti(m of the folks, that th.--y for • th.e'present become forgettiil of! Tlie evorv dav tares of life, ami are IS (;REAT SUCCESS. "f J">:: " oiis aniitipation of the soiial and: iith.'r plc 'i -iirabte feature^ that_po' iiV ii;;ik.' lip th.- holiday routine, F.jii.'lies aiirl , fri'-n.l-^ iTi'et ariil tri .-I. anil liismss lr<ir jilan-: v.ilh all in', ol i.a ..-ioiiate inlensiiy. ::itd 111' II p..ft :•) licit, lit.'i'r in |.III.lie .-nt-itaininen: or in i.rivat'- •'ii.ii|.s and til ;.-. they h.'- i on .• laptiv.-s 1.) stien;;;h.-n.<l Ii'iU 'l of-f.;i'.w.-hip and frien.l.-hip. .Mr. aii'l .'Mis. Clar'-ni e Liitz an.I ,\lvin of loia an- at the It. V. Bale !;.>iii- .iiirinj; .Mr.s. I!a|e'.s .-b-'ii. •.•v;r~ Willi.''.ms anil .\h>. ••ascii.- 111. i . a short v*-ii ac ti- ):,it !i! horn.' Tuesd../. Workfrrs' :e stroiig- lorld. ':• Foxes are the greatest mimics. in the animat world. They can bleat likf a lamb, mew-like a cat, ;bark. and imitate, other cries,. PACEANT AT CiAS 1 Tie p:i:;.:iiii. •'Tli.- ' l,ii;ht Kt.'r- ilal • u'as (-•iv.-n last ev-nint; in <;a?;.M. K. ( inn .-h i--. a lar-.- aii.f ;tlilir<. i.ltiv.- .\l.o-iI ->\- I in JSC ' pear^inc- (.i tl;e clii-nil>s .sinuint .Martin Luther's Cra.llt' Hymn was EAST UNION i <;!ady.s Boler .i -Mi-, an.l .Mrs. Nign.'.Mr. an.'i .Mrs. portraycil .Mary and the angels.' I-;as;wooil and -Mr. and -Mrs. Car! .\rii.-rsoin were cail. r- at .'dr. .Mrs, Lee De.-re's Suiida.v- .Mr. a-nd .Mrs, Boh Heaman Sinta Says ISlt TODAY GiENHOUSES I Largest Array jOsger. who his home, .was tak- this morn- r., where i the I I'lie program of the morning will, consist of readings and representa^ : At the close prayer bv the various departments , i'-^' <'"' Stinday school superinfend- of the Sundav .school. The evening; •^''"s. Arthur Cundy, and the; Miss Glad.vs F!oier railed Le<ma Deere Saturday. ' 1;.)!) Itoamau cailod on Otto Bol-' er ail.I ;':ini:!y .Monday night. service will baa combined pro- a K nee wa- dismis .=e .l by the; ilr, Kradfor.! <-a !!ed on .Mr, Boler, pram of an e.xctdlent concert to j pastor. R.v, .lonathan C. Wilson. 1 ^'.unilay nigh:. be given liy the choir and a pag-• -"^'r-'*-_ Edwai.1 director.' East Ini-n wi:i I KIC - a Christ- eant to be init on by tne members , ^ays if the World Wide guild I si'..- wish-s to thank all those ni:'.s tre-. Friihiy j who uave snc!i's|.lcnilid cp-opera- a .siior; pro,i»ram, tion in making the pageant a suc- I cess. , afte..-ilC>on. with alco'm, 219 went to .isit over Kter. Miss j . —Dr. A. R. Twadell. New Globe Bldg. Phone SOUTH ANDERSON (Mi^. .\nna McDowell! Dec. 2li.— The county superin- ' requires tendent's review of th'.> schools of: hour, the county was interesting as all ' school items .are to ex-school bo home ' ""'^ causod our mind to I travel backward over days and scenes of long ago. when Mr. Root was county supetintendent and A. j C. Scott's name was on every cer- | tificate issued to teachers. One dismal fogfey morning in March, ISSu. 'wQ rode a pony something; like ten miles to take the teacher's examination in lola. With the cer- jtifica'.i- .•arn.'d that day we found osteopath ^'^urse of time, in- 'JS' Vhi -^'a;i.'.i as teacher in the Geneva ' J% To drive .-it full spet.'d IL ^L S. jNf>lsoii. Britain'-: ne-.v-.-i \var>hi;'. 10 tons ot. file! oil per Mr. aiir! .Mrs. Bov.-.>n were fore- v.itf^i callers at Mr. ami .Mrs. Bob^^ I'eaman's yesferda.v, : Mr. an.l .Mrs, Jake .\rmer.=oni ; mourn the t:.-ath of their, small j! ihiuyhler wiiiih <i(-eiirreil last [ ^ week. Ev (|r Slio^ In Idla^ Potted tomsetda. 704 E. Lincoln Specialist, has been i2 North otted im- j , —For Real Estate Loans see the Mrs, Martha Rmker ab - . -.1 1 ISecnrltr Bldg. & Loan Association, ter. Mrs Lavon Kiu/ie •^i .nr.MUe home for a vi.u with rela-. pj,,,^ ^^^^ cl^y.^ix ^fhere siturd,^^ to si>end Christmas witli ily of ..Mr,-:. Riicker's silit Geo. G. Abbott, of .-.112 S' eve street. • tlv Whin Will the Head Hetnni lo EarUi'. • —In the K. of P. Hall next Sunday Pt 7 :r;<iT, m. Mr. W, E, Hazlett will 'iecnire on the s'lhiecf. '•When' Will the 'Dead Roiurn to F::arth?" |Mr.. dlazlett has ilelivr^n-d,. this V^'nre in' many cities and towns ini'ihe ;rntfed States, and it is his (laim that the majority of'the hu- ni .Tn family wili inherit everlasting life on th<; earth, and that, only a small pbrtion of the rare will ever go to heaven. He further claims th:it to get. everlasting ilife on earth, • honor and immortality' in'• heav. 11, it ;is necessary' Miss Louise Heylmun. of Tulsa |Okla,, will spend Christmas with l|her parents. Dr. aud Mrs, W. R Heylmun. of 40.'. South street. loin .this week •welcomes a new attorney-at-law to the ranks of its professional men. .Mr. A. A. Brown haying jjopened an office over the Palace jBhoe Store, .Mr. Bro«-n practic^p law for twenty years In jVinita, pkla., where be •was for seven y((ars United States Commissioner. He is by no means a strangett to lola .as his w^Sfe is a daughter^ of Mr. J. M. Totm^,; of East l.awn. and a slater of Mra. Lawrence Copenlng. .Mr. and Brown have, therefore, a . good foundation, of' acquaintance tc start on and doubtless will soon be made to feel quite at home in lola that .i. resurt.-. tion .^f the dead take pla.'C. am! th;ji] the reason that the Bihi- n;i .rim^s i«-n re.sur- recfion.s iy lie:-i.i'-.<> a" part of th" rai'e will he in iie.iven aTui .-i pait b<t..r. ,h, rest of Ihe J«,j.„„„y 3, i ,2S. for sr.dlns =n3 calieii by tlie .\postle Peter: '•Restitution of all things spoken by the mouth'of :':1 th<> holy prophets since the world Ijepan." Restitu- . tion will mean for'the race a restoring back to ih«; condition of perfeit manhood, which Adam pos- t^essed iu Ede'n. . You are iiivifed to briiig your ^nds. aud hear the Bible proof mat the Sodomites will come ^lack « on the earth .Tgain. and that many of your loved ones will come fortli from the grave, and have everlasting life on the earth, and that the time is alJnost here now for these •Rondorful' events to take place. U will ^rost you -nothing to hear the lecture as the seats are free - ajjd tio collections/wjii be taken. surfacing' with gravel, that portion of .\orth Oak Street lying between Lincoln and Carpenter Streets in the Citv of lola, Kansas. Ouantities arc as follows: . Earth Excavation. 2S3 Cubic "Vds. i'lravel. 4.'>6 Cubic Yards. Thi> total length of the improvement is 627 feet. Depth of gravel, 9 lnche<. All bids niii'-'t he ,.'icrompanied with ."i percent of the total bid ID money, or a certified cheek on some responsible ))ank. Plans and-specifications may be seen at the office of the City Engineer, Jola, Kansas. B. L. McXIEL. [Seal] ; City Clerk, —Dr. J. T. Roid, X-fay. Phone 3.i7. Su Mr. and Mrs. K. A, Cii sons. Vernon and Percv, gery and nnon and >f Welda. Kan.<^as' will be rhristmis guests in the home of Mr. Cunnm's nephew, E. C. Cannon, and 'amil.v. of 614 South .'tree —Dr. Lucy E. '.tor. Northrup r D.u^r, I '"It any farm flock is not complete W Bid" Phoie 3'6 I ^Vithout a few Rhode Island Reds, '^s • A fat voung rooster will weigh six j » been in j H. C. Cannon who ha iOskaloosa. Kansas on bu siness .for i'"'^ the past two wf^ks, will tonight. arrived ng on the visit over • Hci Rev. Perry O. . Hansoil from New York this morn Sunflower Special, for a the holidays with home Jolks. has been engaged for the months in a campaign tjo raise a large endowment for Dnw Theological Seminary and will return in about ten days to resi me that work. His son. Richan x 'ho is a student at CnioiJ •cal Seminary, is unable I he holidays at home for t| hat he has been chosen he head of the Xew Yoi tion to the World Conf College; Students which held next week in Detroit] is President of the .Me Christian Union of New an ^organization among th of the >-ariou» Theologies 1 schools of the city, a position of great importance qnd responsibilit .> and ont which seldom Is conferre I upon man in his first year at |any seminary. !S <-hooI. We had in our care sixty-: ! three pupils and for salary we re- . *iy Kansas evening he fam- ^r, .Mrs. ii Buck- 'r-eived,the munificent sum of 520' !a month. The most we remi'mber of the three-month term was otjisB hurr.vinii from oni> class to the! iinexf to pet throiigh our program land not skip any classes on ac- iiiu'nt of lark of time. Our home district now has nine pupils—how' lonesome. Corn husking is the final decree oh the yield and has been the 38 jiroof of more than one d«;lusion. Corn is m-nerally heavier and is much less rotted, because ther.- , weri- no bad win.l storms to blow the stalks down as last year. White Leghorn hens for laying. ^CHEVROLET^ or seven pounds now and for roast-1 jB is juicier anil butter than I: 'lurkev. but will not serve as many : g?. '""'"""'ipeopU..'of course. , jBSf The farmers who are following; the i-ule of county agent for feed-!»^ ing chickens are w:eH satisfied i A that his plan i.s O. K. i • Babies and invalids who are uit-' jjj; ^•!!^rt )ir ^o!!'^'^ s"" should hav.- 22 f ,,.io^!!cod liver oil in xvinter, we are told.ijj^ Then the next advice is that egg' BK yolk is exactly as good as the oil 2S and. so much more agreeable to 1 the ,ta.ste, , Now we are fold that : VSi hens need the oil to lay in dark. • cloudy •»'inter and also that yellow corn gives them Vitamin A, and that liqlps them. The next idea i will no doubt be to feed them canned tomatoes. .Mrs, Durl Comstork w-ho has been in poor heaith has taken the rest cure for a short time and is much Improved. Her sister is now- helping her. THE SEASON'S ^CHEVROLET BEST •• Hanson. Theolog- to spend ite reason to go as 5 delega- Tencc of is to hr Richard ropolitan ork City students A season of the utmost in happiness, peace and pro.sperit>' is our sincere wish for you. .\fter eluding the police for many months, Vathe Bandaka. Burma's most notorious outlaw, has been captured. SHELLY MOTOR CO (i ^HEVROLET DEALERIS • lis West Jack.son Phone 60

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