The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on January 12, 1933 · Page 8
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 8

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 12, 1933
Page 8
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A THE BAKEI1SF1ELD CAUFORNIAN, THURSDAY, JANUARY 12, 1933 Specials for Friday and Saturday DANISH BUTTER Quartered In 1-lb. Cartons Pound 24c GOLDEN STATE BUTTER Pound 24o Gem Nut OLEOMARGARINE 3 Ibi 230 BORDEN'S MILK 6 small can* 15c 3 tall cans 15o COFFEE Bill Sharpies Pound 31 e TREE TEA TREE !/ r lb. Orange Pekoe . . . 29c 1-lb. Orange Pekoe . . . 54c !4-lb. Japan Tea 22c 1-lb. Japan Tea 43c PILLSBURY BEST FLOUR So-Cnlled 5 Ibs . . 21c 10 Ibs 34c 25 Ibs 67e 50 Ibs $1-27 SWIFT'S SLICED BACON Rind Off Pound 25o SWIFT'S PREMIUM HAMS 12 to 16-lb. Average Pound 16o SWIFT'S PREMIUM BACON 6 to 8-lb. Average Pound 18c PULLETS Small White 2 to 2%-lb. Average Pound . . . 19c COLORED FRYERS 2% to 3-lb. Average Pound .25o DUCKS •IV- to B-lb. Average Pound 22c BABY BEEF T-BONES Pound 26c 100% PORK SAUSAGE 2 Ibs 25c GROUND ROUND STEAK Pound 20c POTATO CHIPS Large pkg 5c PEANUT BUTTER Armour's 1-lb. glass jar 13c SWISS STEAK Pound 20c PORK BACKBONES Lots of Meat Pound 15c SPARERIBS 2 Ibs . . . 25c RUSSET POTATOES U. S. No. 1 25-1 b. cloth bag 35c ONIONS Spanish Sweet 4 Ibs 5c ORANGES Med'lum Size 2 doz 26c GRAPEFRUIT Arizona—Size 80 Dozen 39c MAYONNAISE Pints . . . 29c MOVMXAM1K •.flAtll CAMMIHQIAI. SALTED PEANUTS Fresh Pound 11c SNOW FLAKES AND HONEY MAID GRAHAMS 2-lb. pkg 25c APPETEASERS Large can 33c ASSORTED COOKIES National Pound 23c WELCH'S GRAPE JELLY 6-oz. Jar . 11c QUEEN OLIVES Reeve Select 6-oz. Jar 10c SUNLAND RIPE OLIVES 9-oz. can •. • 13c MANDARIN ORANGE HEARTS Can 11c OYSTER COCKTAIL SAUCE California Homo 10-oz. bottle . 19c TRUPAK SAUERKRAUT No. 2 can 9c No. 2}/2 can 11c . TRUPAK GRAPEFRUIT •8-oz. can . . 9c No. 1 can 12c 'No. 2 can 17o PINEAPPLE Trupak Sliced No. 1'/ 4 squat 13c No. 2/2 tall 19c FANCY EASTERN SHRIMP Trupak Brand Can . . 14c IXL CHICKEN RAVIOLIS Can 10c PEACHES Newnmrk's Special Extra Sliced or Halves No. 2J/ 2 can 14c BABY PEARS Monarch Brand No. 2J/2 can 20c STRING BEANS Asparagus Pack Xewmark's Special Extra No. 2 can 20c TROPIC TOMATOES 3 No. 1 cans 21c 2 No. 2'/ 2 ~cans 19c WHEATIES 8klppyDuck BISQUIGK SOFTASILK Balloon Free • LARGE PACKAGE Gold Medal Brand . . . 2 pkgs. I5c 29c CAKE FLOUR . 25c TRUPAK SALMON Fancy Alaska Sockeye No. 1 tall can 17c TRUPAK SOUP Mock Turtle, Bouillon, Beef Bouillon, Consomme and Oxtail 2 cans 15c PINION NUTS FYesh Crop Pound 18c STOCKDALE PECANS Pound , 15c STRAWBERRY PRESERVES Melrose 2—5J/2-OZ. jars 11c ELLA SARDINES Cross-Packed In Pure Olive OH Norwegian Smoked Can 9c KIPPER SNACKS Norwegian Boneless 3 for 14c TOMATO JUICE Del Hay 4 cans 23c CATSUP CroBse & Blackwell'w Large bottle 17c CORN Clarion Brand No. 2 can 8c Fancy Sour Pitted RED CHERRIES Buprema Brand No. 2 can . . 14c GENERAL GRANT NATIONAL PARK, Jan. 12,—Since the twenty-third of December, there has been an unbroken period of clear, sunny weather In General Grant National Park. Tho last few days have been ,unusually warm and spring-like for this time of year. Robins and bluo birds have re- urned and even buttorflys have been noon. Deer are see>i near park headquarters nearly every day. They are isunlly In 'the lower country nt this time of year. The snow gauge at park headquarters shows 13 Inches of snow on tho ground, but the road Into and through tho park Is In excellent condition and Is bare of snow and' dry for the most part. l TOMATO SAUCE Newmark'a Special Extra 6 cans 25c CALSPIN SPINACH No. 2J/2 can 10c DICED CARROTS Monarch 11-oz. can 8c DOG AND CAT FOOD Strongheart Beef Rations 4 cans 25c SWEET POTATOES Golden Rod Can ,, 13c Can MINCED CLAMS Royal Chef 10c PUMPKIN Newmark'H Special Extra No. 2 can 10c No. 21/2 can 13c ASPARAGUS TIPS Sutler Pack Picnic can 11c DONA CASTILE SOAP 2 bars 13c POWOW 2 cans . . . 19c LIGHTHOUSE WASHING POWDER 44-or. pkg 15c WHITE KING SOAP 10 bars . 27c Silver Slice Bread, White or Whole Wheat. .2 for 15c Raisin Nut Bread, Delicious 15c Danish Coffee Rings, Large 15c MRS. RAMBAUD'S FRENCH BAKE SHOP Phone 2020 for Food 1918 "Eye" Street Talk, Don't Walk—Cash or Charge—Free Delivery &i?€rgbodgs grocer PIKE'S GROCERY White King Powder large 27c Chase A Sanborn Coffee Ib. 31c ,b23c Danish Butter Eggs, fresh Q/l/» ranch .. ( large O*xl/ Hoiiey 5-lb. tin Honey, 2-lb. glass, pure sage Melrose Tea, black -| p* or green y z Ib. Ac) I/ Tru-Jel, f* all flavors.. . O for Pink Salmon tall Rice, fancy \ -| ry _ head t Ibs. A 11/ Pink Beans, A 1 n _ King City ... f ± Ibs. All/ White Eagle -| A Soap AU Underwood f Sardines. .. t) for Russet Potatoes, bars 23c No. 1. 25,, s .47c "Old Mill" Products Whole Wheat Flour..5 lbs.«« psV A Wheat • I V Grits ..5 Ibs. Rye Flour, 5 Ibs. Corn Meal ..5 Ibs.' Buy Bakersfleld Product! FOR FRIDAY AND SATURDAY 302 H Street GET MILLIONS Life of American in Mexico Saved (Aatoclatcd Prett Lttu«d AUSTIN, Texas, Jan. .12.—James V. Allretl, Texas attorney general, said oday that he and Bollard Cnndwell, llstrlet Judge at El Paso, had, auc- eeded In having the Mexican government commute a death sentence gainst W, J. Mcers, an American, to even years Imprisonment. Governor R. 8. Sterling and others also worked on tho case. Meera, whose home Is El Paso, was held for a firing squad after he shot a man .In Juarez'he believed to bo tho layer of his father. Later It devel- iped ho had mistaken the man's dentlty. ^^ New SOS Wireless Device Given Test '(United Prett Leaied Wire) TRIESTE, Jan. 12.—A new SOS wireless receiving. sot was success- 'ully tried out today aboard tho liner 3nnge between Venice and Trieste. Tho device causes electric bells to ring In the wireless room, and the captain's cabin • when an SOS call Is picked up. Ordinary telegraphy did not Interfere with the automatic functioning of the set. ' American million* are to 'b* delivered to two aons of Admiral Beatty, British naval hero of the World War. They are Viscount David Field Beatty, above, and Peter Randolph Louis Beatty, below, sons of Admiral Beatty'a marriage to Ethel Field, one of the heirs of Marshall Field, Chicago merchant. Each of the Beatty boys Is to receive a million dollars, as Is Arthur Ronald Lambert Tree, son of the latt Lady Beatty • by a former marriage. SUE TO HALT IRK ON GABRIEL NO. 1 (United Prexii Ti«a»ed Vfire) LOS ANGELES, Jan. 12.—Charging that It could, be built for half tho price, a suit was filed today In Superior Court to prevent' further con* slr'uctlon of dam No. 'l In the San Gabriel canyon. The notion, dcmnndlng an Injunction to stop Los Angeles county and .the flood^ control district from proceeding, was filed In the name 'of Joseph J. Llcbermnn, taxpayer. Lieborman charged that If the rock to bo used In tho dttnr were taken 1 from quarry No. 10 In the San Gabriel canyon tho dam would cost approximately $10,000,000, as • compared, ho said, to $20,000,000 If the rock came from elsewhere. • ' '•• The specifications, ho said, did- 1 not provide-specifically the origin of the rock. He charges further th'at the contract for constructing the dam was technically Invalid, In that the district at the time the bid was accepted did not have sufficient funds to pay for the work itncl did'not even have possession of the site. Last of Devil Dogs Arrive in San Diego (United Press Leaned Wire) SAN DIEGO, Jan. 12.—The last a the "Devil Dogs" who fought Nlcara guan Insurgents, are back home am 'd glad of it." The navy supply ship Antares returned 14 officers and 207 enlisted men from the Central A-merlcan republic, where many of them had been during the entire six-year period occupancy of the .marines. The division was under the command of Major Leroy P. Hunt. Several of the "Devil Dogs" said they expected to return after six months—the alloted tenure of the present native government. TWO FROZEN TO DEATH ST. PAUL, Jan. 12. (A. P.)—Two girls were found frozen to death today near Kennedy, Minn., victims of a blizzard that swept portions of Minnesota and North Dakota last night. Grocery. Specials for Friday and Saturday 20c Prunes, Cellophane Wrap ....... 4-lb. pkg. Black Figs, Cellophane 9(lf» Wrap ........ 2-lb. pkg. ftW* Peanut 4B- Butter ........ 2-lb. jar aMW» Milk, C- Tall Cans ......... each *M» Soda or Graham 9fil» Crackers.'... 2-lb. pkg. CWw Dill and Sour Pickles ..... quart jars B. & M. Fish « Flakes ......... •• Palace O Tuna .......... •» for Palace Pink O tall Salmon ...... weans Palace Corn ....... No. 2 can Palace I Oft Shrimp ..... No. 1 can • SM» Edgemont Butter Crackers, for 3.-;.26c Pkgs ft for IXL Tamales, Raviolis or Chill Con' * Carne W cans lie Nucoa Oleomargarine ---- .Ib. Toilet Paper, 4 1000-Sheet Rolls V for Mission Bell, White King Cocoa-Almond and White King Cocoa-Lemon E Soap ......... O bars Parfay Shortening. . .3-lb. can Salad Oil, In Fancy Quart Bottles ......... Mermaid Washing Powder ..... large pkg. Quaker Oats ........ large pkg. Mother's Oats ........ large pkg. Heinz Pickles In Gallon Cans — All Kinds Cloverbloom and Colorado Gold Butter, In Cartons, Quartered ......... Ib. I &c I5e I Be Palace Oysters. . . White King Powder ---Coffee Shop .No. 1 can 126 33e .large size Coffee 1-lb. pkg. I9c MEATS Fancy Steer Baby Beef Prime Rib I Ql_«k Roaat Ib. IW2* New York Club «O A Steak lb.«KW» Boston Club Steak II Corned Beef, Sugar-Cured Ib. Fresh Sliced Liver Ib. Large Eastern Oysters. doz. Shoulder 191 A Lamb Ib. I * 1» Legs of Lamb Ib. Sugar-Cured Bacon Squares Ib. Northern Sauerkraut Ib. Heinz Large Dill Pickles Ib. Fresh Dressed Colored Hens Ib. Fancy Choice Frying Rabbits Ib. Full Line of Bakery Goods, Fruits and Vegetables Bakersfield Market, Inc. 1618 Nineteenth Street ALTA VISTA MARKET Phone 4166 Union Avenue and Kentucky Street LINCOLN MARKET Phone 3053 Corner Twentieth and L Streets Groceries for Friday, Saturday and Following Week PflCCCC Maxwell House, 1-lb. can 27c; 2-lb. can 52c UUlTLL Rancho Ib. 17c Ace High Ib. 15c I flf* Hi Dili OVDIID Table Size 19c; Medium, 37c LUb uAblN oTnUr WAFFLE PLATE FREE CATSUP targe Bottle. 19C Large Bottle. lUC Olympic, lA* No. 2 Can IVV Happy Vale Pink, 2 Tall Cans 18c priOSun-Blest, 4fo Ft AdFancy No. 2 Can Itv Sun-Blest Red, Two Tall Cans DCCTC Del Monte DLL I 0 or Eden No. 2 can nr inure Del Monte, A OCA Fancy Pack> rtAUllLW No. 2^2 can •% forftVW No. 2/ 2 can... FEET'S GRANULATED SOAP large pkg. MILK, LUCERNE tall can SHRIMP, GULF COAST SARDINES, Palace Oval, Tomato or Mustard Sauce can NATIONAL FANCY ASSORTED lA* COOKIES lb. •«!» PHILLIP'S SELF-RISING FLOUR Regular or Whole Wheat large pkg. PHILLIP'S IflU OATS large pkg. Ivv TAYLOR O L cans IvC TAMALES cans Meats for Friday and Saturday Pot Roast,, Ib, 9c Pork Roast, Ib. lie Picnic Cut, Ib. 9c Butler,,, Ib, 24c Cloverbloom Steak.,, ,lb,16c Prime Ribs Cabbage Ib. Ic Celery bunch 5c Bunch Vegetables 2 for 5c Large Imperial Lettuce 3 for lOc Pork Steak, lb,13c Ham,,,, ,lb,12c Swift's Premium Skinned Half or Whole Bacon,,. .lb.12c Sugar-Cured—Half or Whole Margarine. Ib. 7jc Cauliflower 2 for 15c Pippin Apples. .9 Ibs. 25c Yams or Sweet Potatoes 8 Ibs. 19c Russet Potatoes 25-lb. sack 28c eat Co. . i—Corner Twenty-first and Chester Ave. No. 2—Corner of Nineteenth Street and N. No. 3—Two Doors East of Nile Theater. Prices Effective Friday and Saturday, Jan. 13 and 14 Jfcl . • Cudahy's f Shortening ~:=-ea.5e STEAKS Sirloin or Rib Cuts Tender Juicy Bsef Ib. 13c Sausage—3 Ibs. 25c Pot Roast Lean Tender Chuck Cuts Ib.Sc Pork Boast : l?- Ib. 6c I Hamburger 25c Drive In Market LARGEST DRIVE-IN MARKET IN KERN COUNTY 430 KENTUCKY STREET We Specialize In Food Products That Excel In Price and Quality. A Visit to This Mammoth Drive-In Market Will Convince Yoiil Friday and Saturday Specials SUGAR, cloth bag, 10 Ibs. 44c , SHAFFER POTATOES, No. la... 100 Ibs. $1.10 MILO MAIZE, average 130-lb. sacks. .93c ' TOMATO JUICE, No. 1 tall cans each 5c BLUE RIBBON CREAMERY BUTTER...... .lb. 2lc GRADE A RAW MILK. .quart 8c' Peet's'Crystal White Granulated Soap...... .2 pkgs. 35c Quail Sliced Yellow Cling Peaches, 2«/ 2 8; < can lOc Olympia June Peas ..can lOc " Black and White Fancy Baby Shrimp, 2 for 21c Black and White Medium • Red Salmon, 2 for 23c 3 bars Palmolive Soap and 2 giant size Crystal White family size Soap all for 23c El Camino TOMATOES, 2'/ 2 s 3 cans 25c Front Line COFFEE lb. 15c Black and White SALAD OIL quart 28c Iris Sliced HAWAIIAN PINEAPPLE, extra heavy svmn 2 cans 33c Edgemont BUTTER CRACKERS lb. pkg. 15c Shady Dell Pure APPLE BUTTER, 2- lb. 14-oz. jar 20c VEGETABLE DEPARTMENT Fancy Black Twig APPLES box 70c BANANAS .'." 6 Ibs. 25c CABBAGE. .lb. Ic Fancy CELERY bunch 5c Fancy Local WALNUTS 3 Ibs. 25c YAMS or SWEET POTATOES 5 Ibs. lOc ONIONS .5 Ibs. lOc MEAT DEPARTMENT ". Wilson's Certified Skinned Hams, Half or Whole lb. 12'/ 2 c Bacon, Sugar-Cured, Half or Whole., lb. He Sliced Bacon, Laurel Brand lb. 20c Pure Lard (Bring Your Container).. .4 Ibs. 25c Round Steak lb. 15c Rib Steaks.....2 Ibs. 25c Hamburger lb. lOc Leg of Pork, Half or Whole lb. lOc Pork Steak lb. lOc Pork Chops 2 Ibs. 25c Beef Pot Roast .lb. 9c Pork Sausage.. .2 Ibs. 25c Ham, cured... 4 slices 25c Salt Pork lb. 9c B. F. STINSON MARKET 1709-11 Chester Avenue Phone 612 'S. & H." Green Stamps—All Departments Butter, Danish Ib. 24c sufl '. r . I0.b.43c 29c Blsqulck .pkg. Drifted Snow Flour 24/a lb«40-50 Prunes 10-lb. box 63c Black Figs 10-lb. box Heinz Ketchup pint I9e Best Foods Nucoa.... 3 ,„. 2Bc Snow Flakes or Grahams..... Peacock Jam, Assorted 2|/ 2 -lb. Brooms, Good Quality 29e 26o Bulk Macaroni or Spaghetti... 3 ,,260 Pure Oats 9-lb. sack Peanut Butter, C. P. C., . Glass or Tin Ib. 35e Frye Bros. Progressive Meat Market Real Service Lean Leg Pork Roast .............. Ib. 'Armour's Star Skinned Hams, Half or Whole ............. Ib. Fresh Ground I ft* Round Steak ....... Ib. IOv Fresh Ground 9 Pork Sausage.. •» Ibs. White Ribbon 9Q* Shortening..4-lb. palls VvG 8-lb. Palls, 69c Beat-Ever Coneys Ib. PRICES FOR FRIDAY AND SATURDAY NATIONAL MARKET Phone 4812 Corner Nineteenth and Baker SPECIAL FRIDAY AND SATURDAY Central. Yellow Cling Peaches, No. 2^ 2 « .* Peaches... Rltter Catsup Sardines, In Olive OH.. for bottles 4 cans 25C cans Hormel Vege- A large table Soup..." cans (Double Your Money Back) Bologna Style K 9 Farfalle Ibs. ID Ibs. 39C PI Beans ....... Ibs. M. J. B. COFFEE 3 Ibs ..... 93c; 2 Ibs. Rice Free 1 lb ..... 34c; 1/2 Ib. Rice Free Palmolive Q < Soap... ........ *J for (Two Crystal White Soap- Grant Size, FREE) Morton's 9' Salt ......... * pkgs, (Balloon. Frae) White King Washing Powder ..... large size (One 10c Size Pkg. Free) Sunbrlte Cleanser.. 7 cans 26C Albers Flapjack... .large size Calumet Baking Ponder 1-lb. can (One Balloon Free) Lamb E. Stew Ib. VV Shoulder Lamb Roast. Ib. I0c Veal Chops. lb. Loin Pork Chops Ib. Lean Leg Pork, . I sj_ Half or Whole Ib. IftV Sirloin, Rib or Round I ^L Steak Ib. • •« Pot Roast |f|- Beef lb. IUG Swift's Premium or Armour's Star Ham, Half or Whole Ib. Kokoheart A Margarine..... V Ibs. Jewel Shortening, •% 1-lb. Pkgs. for *1K A atVV

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