Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan on May 27, 1965 · Page 10
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Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan · Page 10

Ironwood, Michigan
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 27, 1965
Page 10
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TEN IRONWOOD DAHY <5lOBf, IRONWOOD, MICHIGAN THURSDAY, MAY 27,196S. The WORRY CLINIC By DR. GEORGE W. CRANE Terry's case is one of the most interesting in the entire field of psychology. It not only shows the fascinating devclopm ent of food preferences. B u t if offers young people a magic formula by which to create romance. For love follows the very same pattern as Terry's liking for hot dogs! CASE W-404: Teity F.. aged 10, is a Cub Scout. "Dr. Crane," his father began, "I decided to take Terry and three of his pals to a fancy restaurant for a celebration. "This eating place was noted for its superb steaks and fried chicken, as well as various sea foods. "Bui when the boys looked over the menu, Terry blurted out, 'This place is no good. It doesn't Day in History By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Today is Thursday, May 27, the 147th day of 1965. There are 218 days left in the year. Today's highlight in history: On this date in 1668, three men—William Turner, Thomas Gold and John Farnum—were exiled into the wilderness by the Massachusetts General Assembly because they were Baptists. ! On this date ; In 1777, Button Gwinnett, a signer of the Declaration of Independence, died from wounds received in a duel with Gen Lachlan Mclntosh. | In 1819, Julia Ward Howe, the author of "Battle Hymn of the Republic," poet and reformer, was born in New York City. In 1919, the naval plane NC4 arrived at Lisbon, Portugal,' Completing the first transatlan-, tic flight. Stop overs made its ' elapsed time 11 days. ! In 1929, Charles Lindbergh and Anne Morrow were mar- i tried in Englewooa, N.J. ! In 1935, the Supreme Court; ruled the National Industrial Recovery Act unconstitutional, ending the effort to regulate industry by codes. • i Ten years ago—An Indonesian commission returned a verdict of sabotage in the crash of a. Constellation plane in the South' China Sea. Of 15 persons aboard, 12 were killed. Five years ago—The Senate Foreign Relations Committee Dpened secret hearings on events causing the collapse of the Paris summit conference, j One year ago—Indian Prime Minister Nehru died at the age of 74. VAN BUSKIRK CO-OP CO. Highway 51 Outiid* HurUy WEEKEND SPECIALS! PORTERHOUSE STEAK H,89c BEEF ROAST ,,,49c ROUND STEAK , b 69c SIRLOIN STEAKS ,,,69c GROUND Hamburger 2 i b ..89c CLUB STEAKS ,b55c T-BONES „ 75c BEER TO TAKE OUT have any hot dogs on the menu!' "And his pals agreed fully with him, for they apparent 1 y looked with far more delight on hot dogs than on the most appetizing steak or chicken dinner. Why?' FOOD SYMBOLISM Well, you readers with children have doubtless faced much! the same restaurant situat ion 1 which Terry's father describes. And you can answer his puzzled question by realizing that there is no native or inborn fondness for any food except sugar! T h e r efore, fried chick e n, T-bone steak, fancy fish menus and all the hundreds of other appetizing food items that tempt us adults, don't have the same attraction to youngsters on their first encounter. Our liking for foods is an example of a transference. If we experienced a delightful picn i c or other jolly party mood when we first tasted the new food, then those generalized emotions begin to fasten upon that new food. For example, when children get tree from city apartment restraints and romp on the beach or take Boy Scout hikes, the fun attaching to their outdoor freedom actually becomes entwined with the hot dog. Later, they disdain T-b one steak or fried chicken and grumble if they find no hot dogs on the menu. For the hot dogs resurrect many submerged memories that have a delightful "aura" or emotional "halo." When a Cub Scout thus bites into a hot dog, he is figuratively reviving dozens of hikes, picnics, beach parties and outdoor excitement. He is thus biting into fun, romp- i n g, games, youthf u 1 camaraderie. So he transfers all those diffuse past memories to the hot dog and imagines that it is the most delicious meat item on the menu. Actually, the hot dog may be exactly the same in flavor and food value as when he was given the first bite of such a wein- er as a baby in his high chair. And in that high chair, the usual infant will pucker up his mouth and spit out the bite of hot dog. If he could talk, he might express dislike for such a no v e 1 taste. For at that moment the hot dog does not tap dozens of former exciting picnic memories or submerged emotions of fun and frolic. But later, the hot dog is a symbol. It now tastes wonderful, for it is an "Open Sesame" or magic lamp that transports him back to many thrilling outdoor experiences. Men, the same basic laws apply to winning a sweetheart as to making a strange food acquire delightful qualities. Just link your contacts with the new girl with pleasure, fun, happiness, gay camaraderie. Ultimately, you will then become, like the Cub Scout's hot dog, a means of releasing diffuse emotions of delight. She will then think you are wonderful! So—get hep! (Always write to Dr. Crane in care of this newspaper, enclosing a long stamped, addressed envelope and 20 cents to cover typing and printing costs when you send for one of*his booklets.) (Copyright by The H o p ki ns Syndicate, Inc.) Treasurer Is Named By Whirloool Corp. BENTON HARBOR (AP) — Whirlpool Corp. has named vice president Walter A. Holt to the additional duties of company treasurer. Holt also is chairman of the board of Whirlpool Subsidiary Appliance Buyers Credit Corp. As treasurer, he succeeds Edward C. Cudmore, who retired this month. "We're famous tor our European Pastries" Bakery Stock up now for the long holiday week-end ahead with favored .bakery form the Royal ONION-HAMBURGER & POTATO ROLLS ASSORTED CUPCAKES . .. d.z. DANISH COFFEE CAKE ^ FRENCH °°»» DONUTS 59 C 'V.' 0 ,*, 69c NORTHLAND "PICNIC SPECIALS" FISHERS MIXED NUTS WYLER'S LEMONADE DRINK MIX ,*, lOc CHICKEN OF THE SEA CHUNK TUNA **2 29c DIXIE WHITE 9" PAPER PLATES '° P £ 59c PAGE ASSORTED PAPER NAPKINS *%t 25c BREMNER FIG BARS KRAFT SLICED SWISS CHEESE '„£ 35c KRAFT MIDGET LONGHORN ^ 59e OUR OWN ECOR COFFEE CAKE 15p £39c Fresh! pkg. lb 39c BRACK CANDIES Brach's Spicettes X b :29c Brach's Assorted Toffee '^ 39c Brach's Italian Nougats "X 1 39c KING MIDAS FLOUR BLUE BONNET MARGARINE PAGE ASSORTED TOILET TISSUE PAGE ROLL PAPER TOWELS LEMONADE P1CF S T 10 '„"; $1 ORANGE JUICE TSSS 1 3"" 99c 2 lb ,55c 4X.35c 2X43c cant FRENCH FRIES CAL IDA FROZEN $1 2 139c HAWAIIAN PUNCH 3 Red or Yellow 1-qt. 14oz. cans HUNT'S FRUIT COCKTAIL 00 Hamburger SKINLESS & SHANKLESS HAMS 5 15« Z . < cans • VAN CAMP'S PORK 'N BEANS 100 4 Mb. 15oz. cans PICK WICK STRAWBERRY PRESERVES 49 C FRESH PAK SALAD DRESSING 2 lb. Jar Qt 39 FRESH ILLINOIS STRAWBERRIES ... M ^ 59 FRESH FLORIDA CORN-ON-THE COB 6»49 U.S No. 1 "A" SIZE RED POTATOES ... 8 * 79' LARGE WATERMELON .. 89 LARGE HEAD LETTUCE^25 Golden Ripe BANANAS «> 10 KRAFT'S SWANK CHEESE SPREADS 4QO | 4 5oz. pkgs. NABISCO SNACK CRACKERS 39° 8V4 oz. to 10'/2 01. pkgt. DOW CHARCOAL BRIQUETS 10£.49c GULFIT CHARCOAL STARTER n 25c FOLGER'S ALCOA FOIL inch 25' roll 33C HILEX BLEACH 6 .,. 63e DUTtH CLEANSER 2 'iT 33c INSTANT FELS NAPTHA 3°~69c FELS NAPTHA SOAP 3 *„ 35e FELS LIQUID .*.. NEW . . . HIDDEN MAGIC HAIR SPRAY 7 or. can $150 Reg. or Extra Hold FOOD STORES S. A. GRIEWSKI MARKET lronwood-932-3930 SWANSON'S STORE SARKELA'S GROCERY . . lronwood-932-3312 __._ .,„,, SWANSON'S GROCERY . lronwood-932-4102 DEIMET MERCANTILE • • Wakrfield-224-7411 MARTINI'S STORE Hurley-561-2444 ZIGGY'S FOOD SHOP. . Waktfitld-224-7421 FOOD STORES

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