Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 23, 1927 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 23, 1927
Page 2
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THE lOLA DAILY REGISTER. FRTDA^' EViENING. bECEMBER 23. 1927 WHE> 1VI>TKll KTAMfS AXD WUISTLL-8. ; -Wheu Auiuiun went and siuft old • Winter came .. . Wlt.U grizzled beard and suo\\y flottiJng hair ' • 1 I'atcd him With all his ucy ways. Nor calleJ his ermine fair. . 1 kat-and ^ dreajned beside the . hearth's red glow •Ot Auttttna's tender eyes ol sun; Hi blue While Winter stain|)cd and whistled at the door As noi-sy children "io. Mr Ace Slr.s. loia Laundry l'hrii«tni4s I'ttriy til.; lola I^itndty employes en- Joyed Hieir annual Christmas par­ ly Thursday night at the laundry building. The Christmas attraction was, a larjTc lifTliteil Christmas tree from which all present received fiifts and a treat; and Mrs. Phila Trout; owner and manager, presented each family wiUi a live duck. A short progratn of music and readings was given by the children present which was followed by the clever presentation of "The .Family Album" by a cast chosen j from the employes of the plant. "But npw ihe'iule log bIa /..T if: IMP - attending were: Mr.s. ing ')igh i Louisa Cowan. Dons LaPlante, And casting dancing shadows on j A""" ™- Miss Nell Funk. • »he wall ^Mlkc Funk-. Mrs. Corda Osborn. And Wiutcr holds dominioL of the * I''"^'"*^ Osborn. .Miss Ella Lang ilfil,, • jfonl, Kalph LaPlanto". > And CL'iBUnas rules the hall, i''aUKh. .Miss Vivian Paugh. JM'. JJ. .McKinney. Miss .Naomi Mc- M last I^c'-.-ise to yea>i for softer i Kinney. .Mrs. C. Uogers. Charles aay« Rogers. .Mrs. I'earl Turner. Eurl And yio.'i my fulieu homage to'and Orval Turner. .Mrs. Nona .Mr- th»s*two Coy, Olive New, Mrs. Otlle La V.hose froHicu silver •ruaii>..t.hel}:.'<, IMante. Vernon LaPlante. .Mr. ami : me shout. .Mrs. It. H.' .Stevenson, parents of "Tho season's bint, to you " ' .Mrs. Tiont; .Mr. and -Mrs. Walker —Iva PurdOiO Bruloii in American l>avi.s. Mr. and .Mr.-*. Kd^ Linville. •'Poetry .Magazine. Miss Hotly Sue Davis, .Miss Augus: • • . III .leek. .Miss llulh Riigg.iMIss Ita„.. 1 tit McKinney. .Miss Virginia Mll'- Kotory «nd Khvanis ler. Mr. Ceorge Hart. Mr. Fred Utrbtiiuw I'ttTlIeK . 1^^^„. naipi, Kelleyj Mr. ICl Following their annual custom ' Irving. .Mr. Wlllard Tiombold, Mr. the Rotary and Kiwanis Clubs i Walter Tromlwld. .Miss .Margaret gava Cliristmis iiartles la,st eve-, Tromhold. .Mrs. Ceorge Tronibold - ivlng for the 'benefit of the "kills," | and .Mrs. Robert TromboUl. tho former in'the ba.senient or the ; • •:• •> M. E.ichurch and the latter la ilie jfelebrale Willi Kumlly IMniirr • main .dining room of the Kerie.v MV . and Mrs. D. P. .Northrup will . Hatel.. be Christmas dinner hosts to their At .Rotary the tables were ar-jchildi'cn and grandchildren: Mrs. Vange* in a hollow square with a : H. H. Howard and children. Betty big beautifully lighted Christmas ' and Delnier of Topcka: Mr. and treo lathe middle of the square.; .Mr.s. R. W. Harry and children, Rfty-Cour children were tho guests .Marjoric and Lewis and .Mr. and "of the club and they were .sa e,\- Mr.s.'L. O. -Northrup. - Cited vaitins for Santa Glaus! that I ; • •:• •> the excellont dinner served by the Clubs and Auxiliary .Send' ladies of the church was a niere Christinas Boxes lii Veterans BRINOINCMNJUREP FROftJE LANGLEY LlMIRKIHJir rAV.SV I'f.or Charley Lindbergh In the public eye. Hay foot, straw fw)t. keep, him niareljing by; .\ brother to the circus. Curiosities <!ecrt ;n.' it. i*ay fool, strio- KV For all the wtirlil in, sec. ijheisli own. PRAIRIE FLOWER (.Mrs. 0. Totman.) ' Dee', lit.—Merry Chriatnias to all. .fohn tirovea who has been vis- itiiig at the Charley Pollman home j went to ElDorado riiursday to vis- j it relatives. . • j -.Mr.v\ W. W. Cray and Miss Helen Domitr. of Humboldt spent Saturday afternoon at tho Fritz Uonntz home. Lemon Cole has been on the sick list for the i)asi three weeks with lagrlppe. .Miss EdJIh Lester spent Sunday eveping aljihe Pollman liomc. ; Hugh anil .Mcrl Pollman and Charley Rec<iy are working in the timber for .Mr. O. Hiilbrant who is operating a .<>aw mill. Those who sj)ent Sunday at the liverett Reed home werfti^ Mr. and Mrs. Hes Welchel arttl- Dorothy, .Mr. and :Jlr8. Cliarley Banm and Neva. .Mr. and Mrs. L. L. Kirby and Mary Elizabeth of Chanute. s^jent Sunday afternoon at the 0. Totman home. . Mr. and jUrs. Slauffer ot Buffalo ; slierit Sunday afternoon at the Be-J cannon home. .Mr. and Mr.s. Ciiarley PolIniKn. Mcrl, Jim Rayinou,d spent'Sunday at the Will Huffmaeter home .south ot Humboldt. i ""e *\as lulled arc! I'ciur were seriously injured when an ''.xplo- CI • rl I ii H«. •'h ' -Mr. and. .Mrs. Ralph Williams of ' sion :iinid.'-h!ps riic-kcil the airp 'iini- carrier Laiigley of the fniteit Srjte.s' '•'J'd^ifft.reiii e'*^umv HumlK)ldl .^pent Saturday at the „.,vv In tlie Iwi l.or at S:.n Diego. California. I . parental Oole honie. , • , , > . .1 1 ; Mike Crahan spent Wednesday 1 '"J"'-^'** evening lit the O. Totman home. CENTRAL AVENUE iVerena Churchill.) Dee. 20. —.Mr. anil .Mrs. Cny Wing ami 1 hildreu were lola sUnppirs Sutiirilay: .Mr. and .Mrs. I'aiii La^.^inan and PauHiiH vtsiteil Wednesday evening Peor Charley IJiiil No longer "nil hi;) Stepiring to the music. Aui' a wee' t\p tliroTU-. Where the quiet niHsiii.i; In the olden nook. The blessing of the lwili^llt, The friendship of a book'/ Poor ('harley l,indbergli Keeping up the pace. ; Hiiv foot, straw fool, j Worry in Ins face. • H:i"r a ton <il" ni.eilals. Hang 'em on his breast. Pioil him if. Ill falters .Viid never let iliiin rest. <• « •:• *•:'•>•>*•• o • • • MID-WEEK WORSHIP > BY •:• FREDERIC]^ W. LEWIS <• Pres. College of Emp^ia <• •:• • •:• • • •> •:• « <• -1^ •> •:• •> oven the heart of tlie tight-fis|<^'' Scrooge. So niay^ Christmas -'be more4b«D a.feast'or a story or a holiday.' May it bring a thrill og. love for our neighbpr. our eneni^j and the race. In the Name of Him "who went about doing gqod," Amen. 'i'lie .Spirit iif ("Irrislnuis. "On earth peace. . good Avill to-i ward men." i -f"(J blessed day which eteynal lie To self, 'and sense, and brute within: Brave Charley Lindbergh ' Battling the storm. Strong within his purpose. \ ' His courage kept him warm: His Viking spiiit .LhnUengeil All the elements of tliance With a love that iices with daring.],i^. .,.„„ .\nd adventure's sweet romance.* songs STONY POINT! • iLeiia .Mcl'ariand.» I :\lrs. t ;race Steward and children , i and Ilarvev Lee .McFarliiaid all gis St tlie ^ j^^^^j. _M„,„|;iy ;,t J. w. Mc- ^ „,....„. Mildred Itroughton -speut, Kalnr- O come to u.s amid this war ot life! "'S'" ^u'^<i<iy Bronsoi. To hail and hovel come!" i '^^ "f Coni ,., , .-i , ! Ilamiltoii. —Charles Ki<)gsley. , .. , ^ , ^ , - .Mr. and .Mr.-.*. Loii ~:Mattock>i spent i' ,,. ., , »,r i „ ...iSundav ai .1. W. .McFarland's.: i Ue thank Thee, lleajveniy Falh- 1 ' , , . . , !er. for every custom ajd rite com-! Fr»'nas have r.-ceivcl word from jing to US out of the pa>4f a&d every I -^l^-f• Beanie Hall ul Pawnee, i experience and need mar>'ing the 1 Ol^'-'• "'•'cnes sewing in |th« ; present which draw us nWrer to ^ ''"''^n scli-ml there, that .sbelha.l our fellow-men and ro Taee. ES -!''een' transient d to Se;;.r. Dkla... ' pecially dp we thank Thefr for the S^>'' ''^^ I'-<«»t'e several i beautifying "and sweetenlnij of life yeaJ'H. which Christmas brings. When we | Dean Broiighton aiul, family vis- • yield ourselves lo the J'resence; ited Mrs. Brouphton's .•=i!^ler at .\n-• that walks ain-.p:, iis iliirf^hg ihls Mler.'^on. .Mo.. Sunday. ,ri;lail season, w- siulil niy t1i;i' t.iir-* Tc;:: Ireland was il.)iiig .scini car\vi; ; il! 1,:.;;. I'ac ng Renter work in i.ullarpe Saiunlay. iuy. tjie same ^j,.^ .\i;„.,-s-is visiiiug her ; selves it; : K lie 7 'he picture yhows one of i. Cuy Becannon ajid -O. Totman called on Fritz Dojnllz ^Tuesday morning. .Miss Fern Moore spent the week-end with home folks. .Maxine and Francis Bwannon luilleil on .Mary and Francis Uo- miiz Saturday morning. LI-TTKKS T» Saiita Clans uy foot, straw foot. Laurels on his brow: I'ined and dineil and leted With maiiy a siuippy .soii.i:, >> prove our warm affef.liun And a system that is wron .Mrs. Oreii Totman and Mary called on Mrs. Doiuitz Friday. Ben Collison called at the Chas. i'ollmau home Tliurs<lay evening. Lewis Domitz calle<l at the'Tot­ man liomo Friday morning. Charley Hartw;lg and Mike Crahan were In Vates Center MoniUi.v. with .Mr. and .Mr>-. .Iiiliii Franklin i and J. .N- .Mr. .lui' .Mrs. Paul and Pauline. Mr. and .Mrs. .\rl Uaish lip;! HtM-n;ci- .spent Sumlay \v, ck with Air.' ami .Mr.-. Ccoig. Klotzbach and children. Hcnrv Laiiibt::'! visited Sunday lola. Kau DKAK fi.A.NTA CI.Al'S: Peer Charley Liiidliergh.l i 1 know you'll rather ily 'A pioneer the trackless waste. ] An eagle in the sky. Than meet oi:r sacred ci;.-tom That holds yiui up to vie v.. laiiiaiicf in- iiie iiarsesi - jiiaces, stand beside sick-beds to ^^omtoit. ' >'''^'i^.^' • Warm hearts that are forlofn. niln-| Mr. an.i .\lr> i'..ri. Calilwell ami Usier thniimh generous hzfpds inl li'lle daughtev vi.-i;.,l, Sunday with • every place of misery. .\la:f unmu-; Mr. Caldwell's !ail^^r slcal lieurl.-; break I'ortii inio song; ;.May the spiritually ciilprrblind. •.Iiave a .sense of beauty. Quicken To a new and surprising humanity I his father. Harvey I .e.- .McFarlaml is th little prviiul iiwfivr >if a shellanilj lifjnyas a Ciirisinias pre-i'nt from S:iuta Claus 1 want a pair of ice .Hay foot, stra*^ foot, skates and a sled, a pair of ntller I pity you. skates and some games. I don't ^ care what kind. 1 live at .•>U.s .North Walnut street. LORRALNI-: STEELE. —C. O.C. T. L.. Reedy helped Jake Hcan I antmoon ;•. week with Wayne butcher Monday. ! Churches. Bassetl. Kaiisa.", December 22, l!t27. DEAR ^.A.\TA CLAIS: SOUTH MAPLE GROVE g. j Miss Cordelia t'roisanl siwnt Ms I Sunday with her grandparents. -Mr. ! ami "Mrs?. IL Croisant. ; |« ' Mrs. Vernon Wilbur of Longtou.; " How are you by thi.s- time'? ' 1 Kansas ca^ne Friday for a visit |» T. E. Shultz called on tJrover • B«ib Coop visit'il Snml.iy in .irn- Sliultz .Monday morning. j j,,^- »vith Veru Peterson. , Those who gathered at the W. L. I Mr. and Mrs. .loUu Krauklin aul ;,,„ imio boy .six years old. 1 with Mr. and .Mrs. Clark Wilbur. Cole home Monday to help lop his I .| y., .Mr. and .Mrs. Elmer 'nioinas.; ^vant a IM! gun and a tricycle and ' -Mr. and .Mrs;. Wiii .Martin and liulc car and some candy and family spent Sunday with .Mr. and;. kafir corn were: iLewis Coguill. i Kilwfird am! .\iinabel. .Mr. and Herbert Laude. Cleave Jackson. > Mr,.. Art Raisli and llerniivisited Evcrelte Reed. Charley Baum .i [;5;,t„,-,lav evening: a w. ck with THIS MESSAGE HAS JUST: locidcnt to them. a mere in- The ex-veterans of the , Worid • Clenn Riddell, .Noel Jackson. Bert j j.;,,,! i^issnian's. lulls. I remain as eVer. vours. JESSE McD.ANIEL. cident was the singing of two or war are being remeinbered in a I Reed, lies Whelchel, Jess Jackson three Christmas hymns under the ,..,.i,..ror.H way this year •.villi I and Edwin Cole. leadeis»hip of Miss Clara Brown ciinstuias boxes fiMiU the cMibs' •with Miss Margaret Roberts at the and .\merican Legion Auxiliary. I — -piano;" although in most of them TIU ? American Legipn Auxiliary| llie children joined ^•nihusiasli;- prepared boxes for .Mr. Biiriiey ally, -l-ittle Jean Marie nariisoN. Miller at the Fil/.sinimons hospital, wbo was there asj tho guest'of Denver, and Mr. Wifliam Winkle,' "Granddaddy" Wisltard. stood up at the government ho.spital at Fort a tablQ and toNI a Christinas i,vonj ,i Colo. They did not forget Btory with fine cffe<it and to great M V .'--. Ada Bishop, wife of the late -applause, and then; gavo the sa- cijarips Bishop, who is iU at Wich- 1ttt« to, the Flag, assisted by C. E. u;,. and tin cx-soldier's family in i Saturday evening Ruskell jr. Then .Miss Brown led ici;,. Jwo Christmas boxes from I .Mrs. Fred Dice. OWL CREEK (Lilly Ellis.> .Mrs. .N. Bennett entertained the ladies of the Farmers' Union Wednesday afteriKMiii. Four member.s and one visitor were present. .Mr. and .Mrs. Harry Hay spent witli| .Mr. and i .Mrs. Holleiistciii and Paul. .Mrs. Ed .Noril'. ai:cl chiliircii wire lola slioplicrs Kfiday. , .Miss I'^Jliil pi-iirsiiii vis ;.c,: .Mi .-is Vcn iia Cliiircliill Smnla.v a't. nmoij a Week. • Henry tierkeii called on .\lr. Ilol- tciu-icin .M<>nd:iy. ^ -Mr. and .Mrs. Cliniri: s visiied Tiiiirsdav evening with .Mr. and .Mr.s. Baker. .Mr. ami .VIrs. Vrrai. Wing anil Mrs. Homer Myers in Unnilxildt. •.Mr. and .Mrs. Troy Beat li. Ilar- I old and Norma were Sunday eve-: I ning visitors at the John Croisaiif home. ! Mr. and -Mrs. Ed liariiliarl attended the all-day meeting of I iie Basset t. Kansas. December 22. i:t27. DK.'J : .-:.-vl\ TA CLAI'S: wlLu'^ ram'a mi ^:^,m.yn^.^uU. U.. home ..f Mr I ONE OBJECT :;oy .4r.;ld. .wan;^;ulelio;^:-"dMrs.Ji.F^^^^^ ^.I.MER KRANt'lS McDANlEL. . ^'-^nirs. V. I. Sw-aringen ' ^ Ni.nh Pole. si>eht Sunday wjih .Mr. and Mr:-. ^ KK Lcf Sweariiigen in Parsons. tiie crowd in "Jingle Bells" im- ii,e t ity Federation of Women's . ^ediat^ly following which, to tlie elnbs, iwb froiu the Sor isis dub. sTccbnipaniment of jingling bells one from-the Golden Link club and -and the delighted squeals and two individual boxes will be sent to j*outs of the children, came Santa ,lie miliary liospiliU at Lcavenr ' Clans .fiimself, making a little WL.I th. Kims. Same of he boxes speech Snd then beginning the dis- cm.iin personal g'ifts. tTfttttlqn of the gifts that were. <• « •> plied around the Christinas tree. There.was a gift for every child. «p<:h of which seeroed lo be as sat- i*flactory as It was appropriate. • a^d then a."? tlie children w6nt out - eficli was harided a big stocking filled with "candy, nuts and Billv Lee .Martiir spent M'iMilay little son. -Mr. ami .Mrs. Ifay ""•',.,..,. « , .-t * *•! \i->j-' , , visited Snniiay evening a week- W';'^l>- ^^^TA CLAl S. ^ Mis. Henry Ford spent Tuesday 1 y,. U^. wi,,^, ;,nd • '?""' " .^•'"'''^ oKLann j^ftymoon with his graniinioiiier. !; children.' " .IK'' >•••=''••.'. Mrs. Will Martin. \' Franklin amli" dolly with yellow cnrlyliair Just .j,,. jj^s. ciair T.innar an--i i Air. and .Mrs. .loliii iiflernoou at the Ben Ellis home. fjev. Gcorgo HoWell spent from Wednesday until Thursday after- , ,.,„^.„ , ^ noon ill the Ben Brown home. - \ and Mrs Elmer TImmas. Ed- some teeth too. I w<int a doll bug-^ ^, ^vright home Sumlay atte.- Mr. and .Mrs. Henry Wagner; at-j "„..,"r,, Aiinal.,!. ; gy. and a Utile silveir p.ocketbook. tended the grange .coriventiou at j Mr. Mi<idendon' thiesiud kafir J.'.N.' vi.sited Friday evening wi.h ' I'V^'" ">y >^>«'er's. I waiit it to have j,^;^^^ Wilhnr were calling 1 alsi) want a sewing .-iel to sew on. nn; Fredonia. Wednesdiiy., .Special ill Siiuiilor Turkey iiud (•'oose Utuiicr (hrlstniiis Day.' • ' •• <- > I (ilel.rute (iolden Wedding Aiiiincrsary 1 , -.Mr. and .Mrs. J. R. SlL-warl. of .oranges/' the three things you j cot: South W'ashingl'i-i avenue, will h4ve noticed nearly every (tlebiate their golden wo(lding an- SinU pans letter printed In-'the nB'Msary Monday with a family Jtegl^ter asked for. It was a gay \,-ayiy. erenln^ and the children, .vouug Sixiv guests are expectJDg to be day diuner with I>eo Clement »nd O'ld. tbotx)ughly enjoyed it. jircstui and • the dii.ner j will be; Mrs. Harry, Hay and chUdren The Klwanls Club party was(.ser\cd at 1:.'',0 o'clock in-, tho din- Ijeld in the main dining room of j ing loini of the First Methodist the Kefley Hotel and was atteniUil Episcopal cliitrcli, with tlie mem- • by forty Kiwanlans and flit>--fivc bors of Cirtle .No. ,S of Ihf General ; children. The taWes were decor- Latjifts'. Aid society it, charge, alied -with tiny Christmas trees •> <••'•' •«tith lighted candles on them, and Fiimi'.y CbrMmas Binner the dining room itself, pre.sented a{ -M'' i'nJ Mrs. W. H. Root will be .delightfully attractive,! appearance' iio-st; and hostess at a family j children spent Sunday because of the strings of colored C^brisimas dinner Sunday in their ^ Charley ijtroh home., I cor n tor Ed .Nonlt Monday. .Mr. and .Mr.s. Ben Ellis. Mabel. , _ j Lilly and Floyd and Florence .Mc-I j-jji-IiVMoiidav'with Mrs. Collison. "'"'( jcoskey spent Thursday at thcj Mr. and Mrs. Ed-Nonlt and chil-, ""tc. Charley Stroli.home. ,1,.,.,, s|„.nt Sumlay with -Mr. and Mrs. Henry Burke is on the sick ji,s, i.onnie Baker, list; .1 Mr. and .Mrs. of !..! 1 spent •Mr: and .Mrs. D. S. Bell aud'sutnrdav with Mr. ami .Mrs. .\rt Emer.son si)cnl Sunday afternoon i{;,i„i,;,nd Bern:cc. with'.Mr. and Mrs. Ben. Brown and , Mr?. Peterson ami Vein >ptnl tJrandina Bell. Plea>*e bring lots of candy, nuts i - Chicago's jiicomi ^jxlilay iiicycle —iuifl ihni is flif iayntrl wish fhaf i/oiir Christ mas- iriti he OIK: of watiJ/ iifi'- joi/s and thai the iinc ijcar . ^rill SIC thi I faliz'nti'jii of t.hiiii/s ijou hare loiujcd, I'iolifl ih'fj tri>rl:rt\ for t]iroit;/h iKurti fxist. THE iVANS STORE A,,.. Vr,;i -.M ,.,„o «« Vour loving friend. • '• DOROTHY HITCHCOCK. I I'oU Snnd.iv with .Mr. ami .Mr-. .Martin James and Harry Hay took Sun-. .\,„!erson and i hildreii. . .Mrs. fvt- ersou stayed to assist luf daugli- ter. Mr.^. Anderson with the work "f '•"'"l.^"- Pranges aiid on account o. h.'r danglit.r. .Mr.s. >:ieat big red amrwhite candy North DEAR SA.NTA CLAI'S: I am a little girl li years old and ill the tirs^t grade I want a doll with yellow curly hair and a 'doll ')ugBy. I also want a game and sewing set. Please bring mo lots and .Mrs-. Benniitt Clifford and'JuIia were shopping in lola Saturday. .Miss .Nan Ayres spent Sunday at the Harry Hay home. .Mr. and .Mrs. Henry Ford called >iotteiistein ami family, at the.-Benuetv home Monday aft- Mr. and .Mis, Cuy Win Anderson who is seriously ill. .Mr. .Maxwell came (!<)wn ironi Pa'ola. Kails., to vi-il .Mr. ami .Mrs. cane and a pretty flower. Your loving friend. IRA (.'LAiRE nrrcHcocK. p. S.— I will leavt^the chimney and "P"-*" f"*" >•""• ornooii.. children spent Suniiay a week witii .\lr. and ip-'ts. Bert Stroll and Mr. and .Mrs. Fred SaUer and cliil- at the . .Mrs. •Colli;!)!! is on the sick list. lights intertwined with artificial home at 20C South Jefferson ave- Mrs. Harry Hay called on Mrs., .Mr. and .Mrs. Elmer Thomas and le^%-es which were fe«itooiied from niie. Henry AVagner Thursday morning. (children spent .Monday evening at Itrt celUng. Balloons filled witlt. ; The guests will be their chBd- Rev. George Howell spent Sun- ciianute. «SS -were tied to the back of each|ie^. -^L'- and Mrs. E. W. Haglund | day afternooa.with Mrs. N. Bennett j .iirs.-Chas. Doepke visited school chair and an eleetrirally illumi-^ ami lamily of Lallarpe arid Mr. and uiited iand lavishly decorated Christnias tree, was stationtid at thie west icnd of the room. '" "Although, many oi" tj'ie mfnibers . fought their own ciilldren. each /one in addition had a.s his guest some child outside his family Mrs. C. L. Kester and family of Mo- aud family. Jack Campbell-Brown spent Sun- I FAIRVIEW (J. A. Smith.) Wesley .McVey and family. Ix-e, .McVey and family spent Sunday' at Eiiil .McVey's. )', .Air. and -Mrs. Alyrlin Young visited Sunday at the parental; Al- Just One More Shopping Day Until Christmas 27 Years of ^Succesjs-' / iful iMcrchandiaing ^ lola. 5 Open Toniljhl llnlil 9:00 p. m; in. j.nd .Mr. C. L. Arnold, brother i day morning with Roy EUls. of .Mrs. Root; Bessie and Jessie Hay spent jSunday atteruoou with Mildred liOrtli. ML-js Nan Ayers ttiok dinner Kiiteriaiii lUniier'liuesls , .Mr. and .Mrs. Claude Stewart and I jiiighters. .Misses Louise and Ro-! Monday with Mrs. Wagner, w^ose •chrisln;as"«U.eVwiserpe^ ''^"•1=' Stewart. Colorado SpHngs I Mr an haps, might m,t have been a very <>'n«e'; S"^*^'" i"1,..""^r M Joyful or extensive one. The re- ""' •'^"^' ^'"^ •^'"'' ^' '^^' tli'pm • .-Msesis. Mrs. ..Mlison s sister. .Mrs. .This program included a pic- V ''"JlinV and .Mr Collin.s. of eajlng contest between a team of Muskogc, Okla. Mrs. Allison s five-boVs and an equal number of ,'.>'"olh«''''*- -Assistant Secretary of men; a. "balloon race" between '•-a'*"'" Robe Carl White ami Mr.- Mmilar teams, an egg Juggiing pcr< d'arles E. .White of Kansas City, formance liv one of the members of " f^"**' ""' . itho flub, a reading entitled. "The f"'-'^' "''^ wi-vk.^ ^ • B*.sebaM (;anio" by Miss Bess Grif- , U-.y .!f,. ^' . fill and aiJolher reading. -Tlie , , Night Hefore Chiistinas." bv Misis : S""'*" ^''afford of Azusa, liaehe.l. Pureeli; The bovs''teamsj^^''f--<'»»«f:hter of Mr. and Mrs. G. w:on both of the eontests-'and as a'^^- Stafford of 50(1 South Buckeye result .won for all of Uie children ' •'^"•'''''- elected secretary prizes ./n the form ot nolso-mak-iGlendora Orange Associa- ' tloi). . Miss Stafford has been in I P;!f<-rnia only a f-hort time and is went I ""•'^•'•b an enviable business record. •:• •:• •:• Kutuliy lliinier ( brisliiMn |>iiy .Mrs-. L. L. Northrup. :U0 Ei»st street, will celebrate Christmas with a family dinner. Her gucBts ers and oranges. The egg-juggling : pe'rforipance ainiis^Hl them highly 1^ «tid b<jt.Ii of tli<- readings 1 ov'er" with' great sm-cesr. • Santa Claus himself arrived on <h© sei'ye in due time and distributed the gifts which each member hail placed on the ,tree for his llt;lc guest. In addition to these ; iiiHividual gifts, ojich; child also reteivert a IMIX of. candy. It was a .wonderful jrarty and • everyone who was. tlvero. enjoyed it to the fiiJlest'extent. ; , • * * J (riebraUv Wedding Annhersjiry . Mr. lind .Mr.'!. A..B. Dean, of IttS ' West Jackson avenue, celebrated their twelfth wedding anniversary: last ni^lit with a house-warming. A dinner was served at 7 o'clock and thp fevening was spout in play- ii^i cards. The guests presented , them with a icake set and Mrs.' DeJin Was the Recipient of a set of. lahle sliver from Mr, Dean. The guests Were: .Mr. and Mrs. Joiin Keyeer. Mr. and Mrs. Roy ' Lamoreau,. Mr. i and Mrs. H. T. Asbfonl, Miss ijbelmn Woods. Har- ry'Dcaii, nephew, and Mr. .nnd Mrs. K.f. Jone."*. will, be; Mr. and Mrs. Ellas Bru- iicr. parents: Miss Clara Bruncr and Mr. George "iriiner, sister and brother: and her sons. .Mr. Roswell Northrup, .Mrs. Northrup and titeir daughter. Mary Ellen. Kansas 'City. .Mo., and '.Mr. and Mrs. Verne Northrup. of 112 North, Cottonwood street. ~ Hatvard-McCfill athletic rivalry dates back to 1S74. when Uie Montreal university furnished the op- po.siilg team in the first football game in Harvard's, history. In late years the comi>etition between the two wniversities has been iH>nfined almost exclusively to hockey. ~ Banff, the famous resort of the Canadian Rockies, will hold its annual carniA'Ul of winter spori.-^ from Febnwry 4 to 11. .Monday afternoon. .Mrs. Charley ,..IJeeinaii. Dorothy bert Smith home. - i aiid Bertha. .Mrs. George .Mibey Mr. and 'Mrs. White of Creston. I and Elizabeth :inil .Mrs. Hoiten- Iowa, are visiting at the Lee .Mc-! stein spent .Monday with .Mrs. Ed Vey home. .Nordt. .Monday. ' .Mrs. P>1 .McVey visitpd Wedues-/ Mr. and .Mrs. Guy Wing and day at Bronson with her sister and with Mrs. Wagner. ! children were Ciianule shoppers familv. .Mrs. Lizzie Grimes, a 'Mrs. Ben Brown siient j Monday. i .Albert Smith and wife were Friday afternoon in lola. , juss .Margaret .Nordt is visiting ! shopping in lola Wednesday. • Mr. and -Mrs. Lonniu Baker. . Eugene Evans and Miss Viola ' Ed -Nordt was- an lola visitor : Hess called on Albert Smith and JEDDO Thursday. wife Wednesday evening. • o uv. I Ueali and Jackie Sauers and lit- .Mr. and .Mrs. Lilteer were shop-i,o ." • i . . I "e "f •'^''" »"d -^'i-s- Vernie ping in lola Wednesday afternoon. 1 / DP''- L'*-—Jo and ^Mll Klotabach , ^^-i ^.p,.^^, the sick list the. The F'arraers' Union had a pie 1 were shopping in lola Monday aft-. p^st week. supper at Fairvlew Tuesday night | ernoon. ; I Pearl Daniels visited school Fri-; and a good program was rendered ; Mr. and Mrs.. L.vie Wing were , pi^^ ..p^y good. There] shopping in LiiHarpe Tuesday i ,,a^^ ^^^y^ visited Wayne was a guessing contest at ten morniiig. I Churches Suudav a week. . cents a guess, to see who could; H. Clemens and David mar- (;i,arles Chui'chill was .'.n the come the closest to the number of sick list last week. navy beans in a jar. They gave .Miss Frances Nordt visited .Mrs. a ciikc to the winner. Mr. Chas. Lounie Baker Thursday afternoon. Wray of Silver Leaf carried off •Mr. and .Mrs. Churchill. Veicna the cake, aud .VIvis, .Mrs. Ina Han.son •a.-e^m J Clia!nute shoppers Saturday. .Mr. and Airs. Henry .Nordt. jr.. :H. , , keieil corn in Lallarp^'week. | Kl.jtzbach brothers had the mis- foriinie to Jose ia young sow the lirst of the week. <lue to stalk fields. Mrs. John Henderson was a l*a- llarpe visitor Wednesday afternoon. BREAKBGOLDS ITHiflPEPIl, • ,.1 M-. . ij ! and Violet are here from Okla- v"'. ?hlh^;«h^MlL°'^'7° l^«snian'.s. spent Saturdav mcved their household goo4s from win, vrt Pui,.he« the Hess farm to lola Thursday. RaisJu s. Mrs. M. II. Clemens and Bertha; IVHI ^WVnPvV 'l.^ sjient Thursifay evening at the lI\UI!jrJC<rS IJl!iI>lL/lii Strubhart home. I Dee. 17.-.Mrs. G. K. Barrow call- Ann Klotxbach returned to high <11 on Mrs. A. B. Shaughnrs.-y Fri-, Kii-e ynur liglit, aeliing chest. tiio\i school again .Monday after several day evening. • 'the pBiii. Brink iip the eon^stion. /lavs absence on account of ton- Misses Edna Barrow. Pearl Nei- 1 Keel a ba'l cold loosen up in Just a »illti«. : iiieycr and .Catharine Shaiigliius>y ; slmrt tiui-i. Jeddo Farm Bureau Club niet at attended the senior play Frid^>• ' "INd IVpijiT Riih" is the c'.|M rem- the home of .Mrs. C>eorge Klolzbach lUght; I »dy thiit bring-, qiiieko-t reljef. It last 'Thursday afternoon. Christ-, .Mr. and -Mrs. E. R. Stewart and cannot hurt you and it ci-rtainly mas w;ork was fiij[ished. iiievcu J family took Sunday dinner with i seems to end the tightness ladies iind four children were pres-' -Mr. Stewart's parents. ('. W. Stew- ' the c-onf^eition and iorejie** ri^ht out. ent. i.<irl at Chanute. ' NoUiing has such conceiiiriited. AVord was recehed here lastf .Miss Opal Litteer and Bilf .Sallee pinetratinp heat as red pcpf»er«. and week of the death of Mrs. A. Oaltoii, called on -Nelle Shaughnesiv Sun- ; «'lii'n heatipcnctrutee riglit down into at Holdenville. Okla.. December a.; day afternoon. coW«. .eongw^tion.. aching muscles and .MrK. Dalton was a resident of this The. I-N. S. club met wiih .Mrs. '•• vicinity for several years befdre i .\. E. .Nicholas Thurs<lay. ,\ good moving to Oklahoma.. Siuoere syin-' tint" was reiiorted by all meuilwrs^' . , ._. „ ;„! ov<on,)o^ tn Mi- rkoitnn ' present. three minutes the eoogestcd sjwt' i» .Miss .Nelle Shaughnessv spent j wanned tlirough and throu<rh. When Pridav night and. Saturdav with i .voa.are .«uffermg froin a .-old. rbeu- Will Shaughnessy and famil.v. I matism. backache, stiff n«k or sere Lillie. Viola and Henrv Malev \ muscles just get a jar ot Rowles Red spent Sundav. afternoon at A. B. PePFrBtfb^ made from r^ peppers, Shaughnessy'V at any drug store. \ou will have the 'wniC.iinpi.eirs move.IMo their HUielce.m relief known, irroperty in I..:inarpe Saturday. sore, stitf ;ioint« relief ihinies at once. Tbe moment you apply Red Pepper Eiih you feertl^r tingling heat. In pat by is 1 extended to Mr. Dalton aud faniiii-. Mr. anld Mrs.. Henry Hess and Mary called at the Fred Hess home Sunday afternoon to g«t acquainted with the new daughter «f Mr. and Mrs. Fred Hess. Dorothy Clemens called on .\nn' Kibtzhach Saturday evening.. "Bodies:"; Alwav!« say Meet Old Elegance and Simplicity r Distinguish Christmas Lingerie j H vou are seeking a gift designed .solely;to pleasd a fa.stidious friend—you can:choose a .piece o^!Jingeri&;or a negligee at real savings. • ' , ; 25% Discount on all TOYS Shop After Supper. Shop in Our Ready-to-Wear ' Department Tonight. As an incentive to shop after supper w« offer 25 per cent discount on Lingerie. In the Gift Department; tonight—for the I^t Minute Shopper We Offer 100 acceptable Gifts al'$1.00 each and less.

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