The Ludington Daily News from Ludington, Michigan on September 30, 1939 · Page 7
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The Ludington Daily News from Ludington, Michigan · Page 7

Ludington, Michigan
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 30, 1939
Page 7
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SATURDAY, SEPT. 30, 1939. THE DAILY NEWS—LUDINGTON, MICHIGAN. PAGE SI AN AD-TAKER HUNTING is a SPORT, WANT ADS your The Girl He Left Behind Him U. 8. Patent Office Trademark Recistere* PHONE 21 FOR Just the Thing- for The Game Tonight FEELS ONE IS ALWAYS LIKE WE UFORGE.TT\rxiG TH INGS I WAS TOO HAfcD OSJ POPEVE, I WILL RELENT AND GO TO WE'A O£F FOR K1EUTOPIA f—\t ~MbX *~*\*S »\^ \ NUE.TOPIA , WITH WIM ,^J ROBES PENNEY'S -opr. I9J9, King Fca:ures Syndicate, Inc., 'World riKlit) reserved ~~ LUDINGTON DAILY NEWS Daily rate per line (or consecutive Inlertlons: Charge Cash Three days, 3 lines I .81 f .72 One day. 3 lines 36 .30 Advertising ordered for irregular insertions takes the one time Insertion rate; no ad taken (or less than basis of three lines. Count six average words to the line. Charge ads will be received by telephone, and if paid at The Dally News Office within six days from the first insertion cash rafc will be allowed. Ads ordered for three or six days and stopped before expiration will be charged only for the number of times thi »d appeared and the adjustment mace at the rate earned. Publishers reserve the right to edit or reject any Classified advertising copy. Rate per line for white space Is the same as a line of copy. Announcements I TUUDEI.L—We wish to give our heart: felt thanks to the kind friends and neighbors who assisted us so graclous- ' ly during the sickness and death of our wife, daughter and sister, Marie Trudell; especially to those who sent flowers and spiritual bouquets; also ' to Father Albin, the pallbearers and those who donated cars. DONALD TRUDELL. Mil. and MRS. ROY PETERS and FAMILY. Flowers auct ftiournlng Goods 4 'CUT FI.OWF.IIS—And funeral work. Tel. 672. Frank Nordine, 810 E. Ludington Ave. Farm and Dairy Products 55 CUCUMBERS—Small size, can be used for dills. GOc a bti. at farm, 75c delivered. Charles Hansen, 1 mi. W., : \.\ nil. S. of Victory townhall. Tel. 8-F-2. GKT YOUK—Peaches, grapes, apples and peppers at the Whralon Fruit Farm, 1 mi. E. of Custcr on US-10. Strayed, bonv Found 10 . I LOST—(iold bar pin with pearl and sapphire setting. Valuable as keepsake. Return to Daily News office. RI'.WARI). ________^___ Automotive Automobile* lor »«ie ll 1M29 MOIIF.L-A FORD—Sedan. 530; 192? 4-pas*;nj;er Hulck coupe, $35; 1928 Chevrolet coupe. S20; 1927 Bulck sedan, new tires and heater. $45. Amucl Haltzer. l.udinRlon. Tel. 235. RIPE IIUB1URD SQUASH—For sale by the pound or ton. Frank Barclay. Tel. 126-K-M, Srottville. POTATOES FOR SALE—Freshly dug to the order. Delivered anywhere in city. Homer Wescott. Tel. 954-W. POTATOES—50c a bu,; also carrots, rhubarb. Norman Randall. 6 mis. S. of Ludington, R. 3, on US-31. SCOKUHY SMITH Trademark Registered U. t». Paten* Oltice Faint Heart NeveWon Fair Lady YOU AAAV BE 6CTTINS J CAN'T VOURSCLF IN FOR < SCARE ME, SOMETHING PRETTY ) LADY— UNPLE AS ANT / JUST'S GO/ a TOMATOES—25c a bu. Tick them your- | self. Also cabbage, squash. K. Jeude- I vine, >•. mi. S., 2nd house E. Amber ' corners. Fuel, Feed, Fertilizers 36 DRY HARD WOOD—$2.00 a cord at my . home, 55.1)0 for 2 cords delivered. C. B. Jagger. Tel. 5-F-12. DRY HARD WOOD—1 cord, 52.75; 2 cords, 55.00; also kindling wood. DELIVERED. Phone G70-M. Trailers 11A JIOUSE TRAILER—For sale, good for hunters. Inquire at 713 N. Rowe St. Repairing—Service Stations 16 SACCO PLANT FOOD—For better lawns and gardens. BETHKE FEED BARN. Phone 165-W NEW OAK LUMBER for sale. BARTON'S GARAGE, E. Ludington Ave. Good Things to Eat 57 M<NOW IT SOUNDS FANTASTIC JOHNNY DIDN'T CRACK UP ? ' I CAN'T TELL VOU WHV- YET-BUT 1 HAVE BUT WELL, I'LL KNOW MORE REASONS FOR BELIEVING THAT PLANE WHEN t SEE THE WRECKAGE- 4 ALONG? WAS DELIBERATELY WRECKED-AND THAT THAT'S WHERE I'M GOING NOW* JOHNNY IS STILL ALIVE. SOMEWHERE / DICKIE DARE Trademark Registered V. 8. Pateii- Office Gripping Climax NEW HONEY NOW READY — Save money; bring own container. John M. A. Hansen, <X> ml. N. of Stiles corner. ACETYLENE WELDING — By expert | methods that stand the test of time. | Brtka Garage, 1102 S. Madison St. | CLOVER HONEY—7c a Ib. Hring containers. 5 Ral. S4.00 delivered in county. A. R. Kirkman, R. 2, Custcr. Household Goods 69 AL DUMAS RADIO SERVICE—RCA Victor Radio. Expert service on any ndio. 225 S. James St.. and Scottvllle ARE YOCIl EYES?—If they bother, t us show how perfect fitting glasses help. Chin nifty. Scottvllle. *~ * FARMERS ATTENTION—Dead stock re- BARGAIN PRICES—On good used caso- j line engine washing machines, cream separators, range stoves, electric | ranges, gasoline stoves. L. Mattix Store, Scottvllle. DUO-THERM HEATERS—Are absolutely quiet In operation. Thermostatic control. $6.50 extra. II. Smcdberg & Son. • Cusler. --• —~ -..---. .-~ • LARGE SI7.E—Ward's and Kalamazoo Phone collect. Prompt service. MUSKEGON RENDERING «''»- Tel. Scottvllle, 129-r-ll. CO. Tel. coal heaters. Your offrr. LARGE new oil heaters In crates, $59.50; 100 gal. oil free. Wallace Kuras, 210 W. Ludington Ave. Tel. 604. ! OUR LINK OFFERS—Kitchen clocks in , PAIR OF HAHD6, TH& 6RABBED FROM WALL---HE AT PAH . LIKE A MAD BULL Houses for Rent 7 1 } MODERN HOUSES AT<—205 N. Robert St. and 206 N. William St. Olmstead • & Newhttrg. Phone 22 or 702 evenings. ironers, refrigerator!,, etc. Buy where j you Ret rervlce. Grotcmafs WIFE j ^ SAVING STATION. 417 S. James St. j ^^.T^" MK . U)OWS WAsiFSTTt *.. n L.i,ir. vf r i—ixi n:nvu i.iuvnr, JM assorted styles and colors at various I MODERN HOUSES—At 100 N. Franklin prices. Hamilton's, 225 S. James St. St. and 418 N. Gavlord Ave. C. F. Olm- stoad. Tel. ?.1 or 752. Cleaning, Dyeing, Renovating 20 MEN'S SUITS—Dry cleaned and! USED HOT AIR FURNACE—For sale [ pressed; plain dresses, 49c. Ludington cheap. Ludington Plumbing Co., 120 319 N. ROBERT ST.—All modern house Dry Cleaners, James and Foster Sts. j \y. Ludington Ave. Tel. 267. i for rent. Inquire at same address. Marshall Field 16'/s Masonlte Corp 34 Montgomery Wnrcl 541/4 THE PALACE, ScoUvillc. $39.95 and MODERN HOUSE—Also furnished flat, up. FRANK CLAVEAU. for rent. Inq. 802 W. Pere Marquettc , St. Tel. 856-R. ~r >M .«.t M .feirifr and MilHnCrV 21 I THERE IS ONLY ONE HEATER—That ; 314 N. HARRISON ST.—Modern house UreMmaKing anqt«"""^j , brings you clean, flexible, economical ; for rent. Call Louis Hansen, R. J ^I : rTrfTi7Nr r ~Stiimird Eoods- la- I :in «« noiseless heat—The GENUINE Scottville. Tel. 155-F-21. -Msll ItlllNr,—Stami.Pd gooas ». i ESTATF () ,, HEATUOLA Sec them at « , ....... . — J1CS , CiilKirPIi S in W »it iii-j »• i" "••-*» __ r -_, H i* i »\»*r» je, /""f\ l n f I IBTI? i» .^ <• hankies. Needlework Shop. 211 S. .las. U. h. "t-AJBhR & CO.. in CUVlhR. Pool EgtatC f OF Salfi 'IIKMS1T. dies'. L hankirs. Needlework Shop. 211 S. . jfcmployment s^^xy-^^v^w-xxv^-^^^- Ranted—Female 'WOMAN WANTED—For general housework. Phone 40-K-2. County Farm. WOMEN—Copy names, addresses for Distributors,' home, Easy work, good ; pay, i-xnrrlcnce unnecessary. Write, Acme Advertising, Journal Sq., I*. O. 'l Box 605, Jersey City, N. J. WOMEN MUSICIANS—Violin, concertina or accordion and guitar players. ' Call at Silver Cave at any time. Farm Equipment 61 I'OTATO DIGGER—Almost new, for sale. Richard Schobcr, 1'4 mis. W. of St. Mary's lake. Motor Wheel 16»i Nosh-Kelvinjitor 1\'i National Biscuit 22>/4 Natl Power & Lifht 9 New York Central 22 North American 22% Packard 4 Penney t J C) 87'/4 Phelps Dodge 44 Philips Pete 45 7 / a HARRISON ST.—Modern house j Pullman 40 Radio p>/4 Radio Kelth-Orp l=i Reo Motor 2 St. L-Snn Fran a ,k | Sears-Roebuck 77>,2 South Cal Edison 25 5 / B Standard Brands 6 Standard Gas & El 3 ! /u Standard Oil Cal 30 28'/ 8 Brokers in Real Estate R FOR BARGAINS— In city, farm and resort property see Home Realty Co., Room 8, Nat'l Bank Bidg. FOR BARGAINS IN— Houses, lots, farms or income property see A. T. Benson, Plymouth Rock springers, Colored springers 15c 4 Ibs. and up 17c Grain ShelleJ coru, cwt $1.05 Rye, cwt 85c Oats, cwt $1.00 Wheat, cwt $1.00 Produce Eggs 190 Hides | Beer 4c Saginaw Beans (Quotations in Dollars and Cents) SAGINAW, Mich., Sept. 30.—(/P)— Michigan Bean Shippers' Association Saturday paying prices: Haticipickecl pea beans, 2.75 per cwt.; handpickecl red kidneys, light, 4; dark, 4; handpickecl yelloweyes. 3; choice recleaned cran- berrits, light, 2.50; dark, 2. NEIGHBORLY NEIGHBORS Trademark Registered U. S. Patent Offlcr WELL, WE PUT THEFINISHIN' TOUGHS ON HER T'pAY—LOOKS MIGHTV GOOD, TOO—OUGHT T 8E QUITE A SENSATION WHEN-WE INTRODUCE HER T' THE PUBLIC / Standard Oil Ind U. SMliDBERG SON- CU8TER. Merchandise r^XXXN^^^N* S^N^^^-fc^X^S^NXXXX Articles for Sale 51 YES. WE CAN FURNISH YOU—With a complete steel cow stall and stanchion for $7.25. II. Smcdberg & Son, Cusler. Lots for Sale 85 507 E. COURT ST.—Lot for sale. Call at 801 E. Whitaker St. Wanted—Real Estate 89 Water Systems 61A 'AUTOMATIC SHOTGUN—12-gauge, for < sale. Inquire at 308 E. Melendy St. ! Tel. 1258. ; AT BARGAIN PRICES—!-j h.p., 110-Volt j '" BU-cy. Gfiii-ral Electric Rebuilt Motors. L. Maltix Store, Scottville. SEE—Our TURBO-LIFT electric water systems. W. E. READER & CO., in CUSTER. Seeds, Plants, Flowers 63 Building Materials 53 yiE BEST PLACE—To buy steel roof- "ng or roll roofing is II. Smcdberg & Son, Custer. | USED LUMBER—For sale, 3-ln. hard ; wood, $10.00 per 1,000 ft. Ludington Auto Sales, 11G-120 W. Loomls. Tel. 600. Cook with DEI-GAS the Bottled Cooking Gas Drl-Gas Has a Higher B. T. U. Rating —Burns Cleaner—Lasts Longer. TULIP BULBS—25c to 50c a doz. Nelson's, 1st house east of R. R., E'. Ludington Ave. Wearing Apparel 65 HOUSES WANTED—Cash or terms. List your property with me today. A. T. Benson, Nat'l Bank Bidg. GOOD SELECTION—Of men's and boys' used overcoats at bargain prices. Bob's New & Used Furniture Store, 501 E. Dowland St. WOMAN'S COAT—Size 18, practically new. For sale at a reasonable price. Phone 101G. Wanted—To Buy ROPER RANGES ROUND OAK TWO-OVEN COMBINATION RANGES. H, SMEDBERG & SON Custer, Mich. MYERS WATER SYSTEMS. • WESTINGHOUSE REFRIGERATORS BUYING—Used furniture, cook stoves, heaters and hcatrolas. Hob's New & Used Furniture Store, 501 E. Dowland. Apartments and^Flats FOUR-ROOM FLAT—Newly redecorat- cd, bath, garage and laundry. Inq. at Lake Shore Lodge. . FURNISHED, THREE-ROOM— Apartment for rent. Inquire at 605 S. Washington Ave, THREE- & FIVE-ROOM API'S.—Fllf- nishcd, new, modern, Frigidaires; one 1st floor, one 2nd. Inq. 301 N. Delia. SWAP COLUMN Ads accepted for this column will be published two times for 25 cents. Each ad must bear name and address of advertiser. They must be accompanied by cash or stamps. Ads must be brought or mailed to The News, none taken by telephone. If ads involve exchange of labor for commodities, or vice versa, they will be placed in a special Labor Exchange department and run free of charge. Detroit Produce (Quotations in Dollars and Cents) Dc.iH.OlT. Mich., Sept. 30.—(/P)— (United States Department of Agriculture.)—Grapes: Mich. Concords 12 qt. baskets, .28; 4 qt. baskets, .15; Apples—Mich, bushel baskets and i eastern crates U. S. No. 1, 2\'z in. min. Delicious, 1-1.25; fair quality, .60-.85; 3/ 4 I Jonathans, .60-.85; Greenings, .50-.75; I Snows, .65; Wealthys, .40-.65; Wolf Rivers, .35-.50. Underwood El 411s Celtry—Mich, bunches dozens medium Union Carbide 91". Sl2 e. -20; large, .23-.2S; very large, .35. Onions—So Ib. sacks U. S. No. 1: Mich. Yellows, medium size, .55-.60; whites, .60. I Potatoes—100 Ib. sack U. S. No. 1: Ida. Russet Burbanks, 1.95-2.10; Mich. Round Whites, 1.20-1.40; Chippewas, 1.40-1.50; |Studebaker Union Pacific 105 United Corp 3 U S Steel 78 3 / a Wnbfldh ITu Yellow T & C lOT'a DETROIT STOCKS (Closing Prices) Auto City Brew '/-i Baldwin Rub 6Ta Briggs Mfg 24Tb Consumers Steel 1 ','2 Continental Mot 3 ','u Del Gray Ir ITu I Det-Mlch Stove 1^'a | Fed Mogul 16 i Frankennuith 2 l / u Ind. Bliss Triumphs, few sales, 2; Maine Chippewas, 1.75-1.80; N. J. and N. D. stock, too few sales to establish market. Chicago Potatoes (Quotations in Dollars and Cents) CHICAGO, 111., Sept. 30.—(/P)—(United States Department of Agriculture.)— Potatoes—Receipts 110, on track 343, total U. S. shipments 580; market, best quality stock, all sections demand mod- | crate; steady; fair quality scocK all sec- ! tions demand slow; duil: supplies liberal; sacked per cwt. Idaho Russet Burbanks U. S. 1, washed, 1.55-.85; car unwashed heavy to small size, 1.40; ooior- ado Red McUlures U. S. No. 1, washed good color, 1.90-1.95; pale color, 1.50-1.75; I Gemmer Mfg B 1 \'i j Gen Finance 3', a | Gen Motors 55','4 Hall Lamp 3'i ' North Dakota Red River Valley section Hoover Bau'&B". '.'."".'.".'.'.'.'."". 14'/. Cobblers car, 75 percent U. S. 1, 1.10; Houdnille Hershey B 15',a garly Ohios car 90 percent U. S. 1, 1.20; Jacobs F L 3 Bliss TrHimnh« UM-HI p«-rc»nt. or Klnsel' Drug 52c u - s - !• 1.10-.30; Minnesota Hollendale ! McClanahnn 6'li".'.'." '.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.''.'. 26c section Cobblers U. S. Commercials, 1.10; Mich Steel T 8'' 2 Wisconsin Cobblers U. S. 1, car, 1.30; YESSlR-SHE'S UNDER LOCK AN KEY OUT THERE IN THE BARN" AIN'T NOBODY 'GPNMA SEE HER TILL WE'RE READY T' SftpW 'EM/ BUT WHAT IS _ THE INVENTION/ OUTUOAiKU MOTOR—"Sea King," 1- cyl., A-1 condition; board trapping canoe; battery sst radio like new. Will swap any one of items for deer rifle or what have you. Walter Cooper, 506'/. Fifth St. Tel. 869-M. THREE-ROOM—Upstairs apartment and bath. Inquire at Pcltcr's Shelter, 305 U. Ludington Ave. Tel. 436. UNFURNISHED FLAT—For rent, 907 E. Ludington Ave. Brody Bros., 429 E. Dowland St. Tel. 510. Business Places for Rent 75 AVAILABLE OCT. 1.—Modern, heated office room In Hall bldi;., suitable for lawyer or real estate agent. Hot water 24 hrs. a day. Inq. Elite Shoppe or phone 475-H. The largest vegetable markets in the United States are, respectively, New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and Philadelphia. MARKETS AND FINANCE NEW YORK STOCKS (Closing Prices) Adams Express lO'/4 Am Can 114 Am Smelt & Ref 56 1 /.. Am Tel & Tel iGiy u Am Wat Wks 14 Anaconda 34i/ u Armovir of 111 G 7 / 8 Aviation Corporation 6','4 Borden 21 |i Calumet •& Hecla 9 Ches St O»lo 45% Chrysler 911;, Colum G&E1 8 Com'wlth South 1% Curtiss Wright n\' 2 Eleo P & L gi/ 4 General Elec 411' 8 Gen Poods 40 General Mot 551/2 Hudson Mot 6% Int Harvest O9',i 38'/4 Michigan Sug 1'A Mid-West Abras I 1 /* Motor Prod 16 3 ,4 Nash-Kelv 7U N Y Central 22 Packard Motor 4 Parke Davis 44% 1 Peninsular Met ! 3/ 4 Stand Tube B 2 '/ 8 1 Timken-Det Axle 18 Union Inv 2'/2 Wnrner Aircraft I'/i Wolverine Brew 9c Young Spru & W 14% Stock Averages, Sept. 30 (Compiled By The Associated Press) 30 15 15 60 Indust Rails Util Stocks Not change ... A1.2 A.9 A.5 Today 75.6 23.6 39.0 Previous day .. 74.4 22.7 38.5 Month ago 67.1 17.1 36.3 Year ago 72.7 19.4 32.6 1939 High 77.0 23.8 40.6 1939 Low 58.8 15.7 33.7 1938 High 79.5 23.5 37.8 1938 Low 49.2 12.1 24.9 Movement in Recent Years 1932 Low 17.5 8.7 23.9 1929 High 146.9 153.9 184.3 1927 Low 51.6 95.3 61.8 A.9 53.2 52.3 46.7 49.1 53.5 41.0 54.7 33.7 16.9 157.7 61.8 round white U. S. 1. car, 1.20. Chicago Grain (Quotations In Cents) CHICAGO, Sept. 30.— (A') —Wheat prices led a recovery movement in the grain market today with early gains of about a cent a bushel. Strength In securities and reports of EVERYTHING 15 SET FOR THE LOCAL EPISONS TO UNVEIL. TMElR SECRET/--THE LAST NAIL HAS BEEN HAMME.REP HOME 7 THE LAST 0<\B OF GLUEAPPLIEP-THE CTRAND PREMIERE, EARLY NEXT WEEK--STANP i* f A :i k^fi cii£bii ill aui;ui iiaca ttiiu ic^uit<a ui ,~ — ^ 1Y clearing weather over most of the grain I terse cllpt phrases usually belt after moaerate rains Friday and j liyered OUt Of the Side Of overnight stimulated buying. ' r-Vniiffpnr'*: mrmfh VP^ Opening '/ a -l'/ 8 cents hlghi-r compBr"d i Cfiauueur & xnuuiii. * cl< bre is daily and nightly the axis holds the record of being the of a milling throng of kids and most popular mayor in the city s - • • i7 -'- history—popular, that is, with the man on the street, but no city official has ever enjoyed the deep rooted respect that is adults, who demand to know this and that They are answered In with Friday's finish, December 83-83 >/4, May 83%-%, wheat later held abouc steady. Corn started '/4-!4 up, December 50, May 52%-53. Chicago Dairv (Quotations In Cents) CHICAGO, Sept. 30.—(A>)—nutter—Re- ceipts 665,984; market .steady; prices unchanged. Eggs—Receipts 4,400; market firmer; fresh graded, extra firsts local, 20; cars, 21; other prices unchanged. I . 'seems to enjoy his position. You come upon this car in front of theaters, at City Hall, at various union headquarters, and at fires. The other night the mayor was at Music Hall when the Glass Center fire alarm went THE MARKiETS LOCAL, Light red kidney beans ............ 82.75 beans ........... .$3.00 About New York now and LaGuardia's. Republicans Democrats give him cheeks. Paul is tall and' has yellow or corn-colored hair. Grace is not so tall as Paul, and her eyes are impudent, • They are pantomimlsts and dancing actors. i. In the old days this ;was called "comedy," but theater praise. The editorial writers,managers and bbpkers ca'rrie to n XI 11 «, 4.4-Av-t 4-i «,«. *•«. V^lo 1<-ti-il* n ol^n vi rt« rt f "nnnrtQ/IlP** Vt1l11vt.f» frequently call attention to his manifest qualities. Fiorello "Little Flower" LaGuardia is a squat, two-fisted, straight thinking, hard-working hombre who By GEORGE TUCKER NEW YORK.—Mayor Fiorello H. LaG-uardia's private car is a constructed vehicle n«rlr i*p(1 ..._ , „„.,„„ ..,.,, vw Dark cranberry' beans ;'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'. t2*.so j SDecially Light cranberry beane *---.) .. . - •White p^a beans ....* Yelloweye beans ._ Poultry" ' '.lights and radio, and for Leghorn hens, 3 Ibs. and up ..-<- l that looks' as big as a pullman car it is equipped with all up. He was at the Fair grounds wears a black sombrero and, in time to watch the excite-1 sometimes in the privacy of his ment. ihome. toots the cornet. They say he practices on the cornet ^ „ „ , ,_ u 4. A « 'anyway. He and that big black Our New York-born but Arl-u ar of nis with its terse-tongued zona-reared mayor is no sato-L nauffeur j s certainly one of rial page out of Esquire, but he the landma rks of this land- is a smoothly operating dynamo, marked town and a listing of his activities for mAl ™" VUWI • any given 24 hours is like a recital of community endeavor. He is always first on hand in Tuck these names into your hat band—Paul and Grace Hart- Mrs. Henry Grinneii did pa] ering Friday, Sept. 29, tor" and Mrs. Hiram Mijcesel In ' apartment in the TQbey " " The world's largest ... ...., the work of Professor Hqm ymonth Rock springers dime guna. me uiiituneui, u nunt; i/iiiti/ itngiib ucnci.ii/ XICKY *rau* <»>iu v»»«w *xu.«V»«M» are tuCIJapan. Otner natlyQfi 'i under 4 ibs .' i7o picturesque, clipped-speech horn- York. Jimmy Walker perhaps ones with their tongues in their to duplicate it have f j9$fi times of rejoicing or of disaster, man—so that you will remember He attends celebrations, settles i them , when you come to New strikes, greets visitors, makes i York. »„» . , „. .... - rapid flights about the country, They are dancers, and of all anti-aircraft and ma- meets emergencies, doing any-1 the dance teams in New York, look askance at "comedy" billing, because it connoted the' low hilarity of burlesque houses. So they became "Satirists of tne Dance," and that is the reason why you -will find them only iln the exclusive supper clubs X>f New York, Another reason vis that they are very, very There isn't another dance team in the city that longs on the same them. .floor Freest i)

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