The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 18, 1948 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 18, 1948
Page 8
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XTUttT K.YTHKVILLE COURIER NEWS rta COURIER NEWS co. M. W. HA INKS, PubUilKr JAUM U VERHOEFF, Editor >ABC P. HUUAN, AdverUdrm Muii**? H»Mon»l A«v«rtUinj Htprtsfnutlrn: WlLm»r Oo, New York, Chiwgo, Ertry Afternoon Except Sund»y Attend M Mcood C)RJ« matlir At the [MM4- *4 BlyUieTilie, ArktnsM, under net oi Coo- Octcbw f, 1917. lervcd by Ui« UnOfd Pr<*t SUBSCRTPTION RATES: Bf (vrlcr In the ell; ol aiyilieville or tny Mburbt'i town wh«r« carrier service fe me.ln- Uin«<i, JOe per »«k, or 85c per month. Bf m»U. within n ndtus of SO miles. $4.00 jier yww, >2.W for six niontlu, $1.00 for throe months; fcgr m»ll outside M mile ion«, $10.00 p*r rear in adv«a<*. Meditation akn Iwvi- in Hie mills! of Ihw »n alflirl- poor peopV, and they iliall (rust In tk« the 1-ord.—y.fithaiilah .V.l'i. TruM in God for grout tiling. With your flvi IO«V?A anrt two flaltes He will show yo\i A way to f*w) thousands.—Horiue Hushnell. Barbs An Iowa baby » - fl.s lx>rn with threp l^eth—siul hi* /ftthei Jikoli- Jiss been clicwitiR Rl-nnit it ever It's harder Lo nmke a hoy RII ^i Kort during \n- Hon 1UMI. V»u can't Jell him )ir ha* U> study Wh*xi dad stflrifl out nit A hunting trip the whole faniilf Joins !n the hunu- for inissing parft- A wr3t«r ,t*ys H's t'as.v f«r |[5rl« l» ttiitl * htn- »d. Now abnut a .slug I* niaiv? • * * More aiid more folks are biiyinc a new cur mr th— and telling ii to get back on their InH Pertrillo in Variation Of Usual Theme of AFM C. Petrillo plfiyod sonii 1 variation* on an origin;)) lliemi! for the Atnei-- k«n Federation of Musicians convention m Asbury Park, N. J. Last Slnrch, when )»« lifted iiis ban on union music fur television and renewed his ciintracl with *« networks, he explained (hat (he h*o«de«8ter» "simply said that (her 6o«Wn't give u» more men nad more ««>««>-, and f took llicm Hi Ihcir word." B-ut the AFM pt-cBident told the con- tiial ha had failcil to K eL them >«««onc. He said no union is strong "«>»«rh to win a strike toda.r. lie .said W»M if sin employer getn into trmildo lie •«« go to the U. S. Attorney Goneral, •od that "if you go O n strike they slap »" fejwietion on you and yon K o to work ••wa.r." "Ion t«ke wh»t some limn offnrs you who knows Jiolhintr aliout your bHsmess/' Jimmy told Ins boys. "An •mployw lias the ri K ht to .sue 'foi- anything." We don't know which i.s the ]0 .,i reason why the o.sually k, (lllilui Mr- Petrillo iieiiaved like K liiinr) last .March. But he i* obvioiwlv cxHKKcralinjr, as most union excculivos do, the horrors of the Taft-Hartley Law. Unions can and d 0 win strikes ti.d.jv They are not forced to take a,.vthin K offered them. The Tart-Hart lev Law has now made a conlracl as binding «„ a union SK „„ snyonc ( ,| se> . l|1(| a|] en |ov _ « can «,« for brea-.-l, O f contract and resulting damages. i?,,t he cannot "sue ."Hi for anything." . Mr. Petrillo Mso knows how m ; ,,,v "'Jimctiorw have l,ee,n .slapport ,,„ how m»ny ,,,,,0,1.,. |, e klIOWR thp ,,,„,.,,,„„.,„ has ordered (he miners alld ,„, leaders to kepp working because they would stop the country j n its t ,,, ( . k ; jf h didn t. But all this lamentation— !(ll d .| ilnmv <?ot so worked up at one point thai ho wept-was a,, to a call („ anm He warned Dial ,„«,„- uni()lls W()ii](( 1|g »-iped out if or^ l.-idor-AF,; I 10, raiiroad brotr.erhoi.ds and indopcnd- not ha.-.d together ,„ SBVp i( . , ' ' --workers. Mr. PetriDo j, ,,„ ( , mTmi ., ai man. But we rk-ubt that he will make much headway whh |, ls ,„ - " e ^" imagine ,Ia,,u-s Cao,, r .. the same ambition. This matter o f pouer aml who .ttisone h,n g th, iko0ilst)l( , An /; .CO apart. And it is the ,.„„„„ John I, I.ew lsls -ut,,f boll, of them ' Mr. Petrillo h, S done s ,, mo audacious things, Such as defying the government several occasions. But we think he'll . Green, Murray, |.owis aren't so oasy , 0 ' ail(1 fit* with Ule. o4 T»fl-H«rtl»y terror. But ths union chiofs know xli alwiit that law themselves, .'ind e«n tell jus* us friifhteniiiK sloricg. So they're not likely to be stampeded into the risk of making .Jimmy 1'etrillo one of the most powerful mon in tlta United StatOM—which is what he or anyone wiio would fie an Ihe big boss of » 20,000,OUO-ni<'m))nr national union. Ride'1m, Cowboy A Southern Democrat si Hies' right group has decided lo hold a convention mid choose it.s own presidential iioinineu if ['resident Truman is nominuled. Maybe Air. Truman will Hint that Ihoxp new gift -spurs which he promised to use oil Congress will have to bo applied to the Democratic donkey. VIEWS OF OTHERS Stand and Be Counted It is time for * «i,-»ao'*H in <.ht Republican Puriv. 'I'll* ue«».>liy Iven prrripiiAtnl by ill? House of Rfpreieii'.auvt-s' ««bouxiii(; of Hie t,ir- eiKH ili<i proiiranv This is inuih more than H [mity n[f:iir. Since the Kft>nollc:ui P-.uly is h;eneially ex- jvctcd In t»kt' ronirn! t >r the Ooverriinetil, R rlnr:fiea(1on of ITS jxvuivin boconies R matter nl vast Importance to all Ameru'.uvi rmri to multitudes abrrmrf v:ho are vitally affected by American policy. The reckless action of the Hunsi- in "IVK-HI- axin^" EHP was taken under thp leadership—If It tan lx> enlletl tlm—of clmirman '1'abei of the Appropriations Comiiiiitee and Speaker Martin. Fortunately, three IcadiiiK eamliilnle.s for Hie pre.sirtt'ntiRl nojnin;vt:on—VniidenberK, Stas.seti, and l>ewey—have dcmandeti complete jevet.veiit of the niiivc. Which urou;] speaks for the Republican Tarty, the prospective custodians at American policy? j , N ,^ Now, every pohrlcal jiarly aticnipts tnplay both sides of the street and to carry water on boih shoulders. I! necessarily irpresenls many In- Icresis. Hut licre is an issue on ivhlcli n deal-cut (lecisiiHi is beeoming more uml more lni|x>ralivc. The United Sillies cannot irorry on a consistent /oreien [xilii-}-, it caniint firmly support the frne people's fiout iittatiLsl totalltnrlniiisin. if the leadership of one party ov even one lions: of Ctm»- gress is xoin K to repudiate naiionn) '[N'oinises and revcise nniionnl ixilicy in ihi.s fashion. Tile action lo cut foreign aiil was onlv the clinmx of similiu nun-es by a group of House leail- prs who Imi-e reiK-ntedly displayed leactionniy or laolatiouisl. lendendns, plus » n iima/.inx irresiwn- siblllty. MIIII|.]III K of t!ie rociprocnl tiiutc umee- ments proRiam was (li-ir latest previous work. Recently rhey Kiive Cutntmmist pnipaKunria a wonderful bit of ammunition wild A vole lo beslow HRI 1 aid on Franco. House leadership has alsn bottled up and threatened lo emasculate' selective service. Imlrcrt the M:min-Ta!ier-llalli>ck-Kiim.son- Allen leadership in Hie House as a record ot op- pasilion lo the n-linle I rend lit American foreiiiii poliey In the last eixht years. 11 is a record which can sjive little assiinn-ce to anyone who hopes to see Hie United Slates maiiualn » |K)hcy of ueiivc eooperalion with free people., «„,( effective re- sislance to touutiariaii expansi,,,,. It is also a record whU.I, bus btreil Renerally opposed by Hie HeplibliCBti 1'j.ny's- t,. H i v ,, pte.sidentiai tilm! |- liates and by tlie prosper! ive IMS <.-umlirtnte.s with the exception ot Senator Tall and Mr. Marlni. Bin the division within ihe jiarly has been paixred over »mi e<n:-,e<l up !„ * Inrae Now I lie House leader^ have by their rash art ion called attention lo llv ,,ecrssi, v for a showdown. We trust that |l,e K.-publicalls in the Senate will bcsin i,y resloiint the „„,., in , meign „,„. We Iriist. ilial ai ihen oariy's national ronvenlinn the iiepubhenns by ihnr platlo,-,,, iuul tlieir choice, of rsillildates will late tint her steps lo repudiate Isolationism ,,m] irresivinsihilily. fiepubllcans must stand anil be cmnni-d. Ki'f even more ihnn that is reouiled. A sharp demand [,„„, , hc Amr ., ;,,,., ,„,„,„, a|ld ^^ (|>r re.Moratu,n ol the cut.- m Ioiei s n aid cnn clear ihe air. It can help Ihe H-pubhcan,, I,, set llieir for- elSl,-l>i.|,<y house in order. Mote imwrtani, plan, evulfllre llu,, the America,, people nmicwam! lh« Issue nnd are rex-lved lo carry ,hrou K b can Sivc nrrdert a.ssunmce to America's f.ienns abroad and needed w.irninc t , potential enemies. UN SC1KNCF. MONITOR. United Nations Food Mission Brings Frank Report on Poland From Behind Iron Curtain J-RIOAT, JUNE 18, 7"/me, Life Politics, Marches On And Finds Congress in a Dither Sunday School Lesson «y WHIUn, E. GHroy, I). I) An exixrl'ienc* »onle yetrs ago in Provident*. R, I., r»v»a.«u «, me how intereain,, the Bible can «, (Unll- Pr« 81lM WASHINGTON, June 18. (UPJ- The congress would liave you think 't l« IIP to iu third chin h° a ,d ' '"'• lawmaker, of course »i« anxious to snag » couple of presi- — » .... . ,.,i ,*, beat'Vt °mn d 'ii al ,f °' f " le ""* aml even lor tho« who arc unfamiliar the n nierlaild i r ' jaclle s of with it. i ^ lij & ,ot caln Paisn. There I had preached In Ihe morning in inK of babes big'1nd"| 1 '"'' the famous "Round Top" Church, a Ihe chin and shaking , , " ~vj^ ^J/IMJ^JJ, X landmark in downtown Providence. I wai spending » pleasant Sunday afternoon i n Hie University ihe large room were two vounu . under hands .he Book or Esther, in the Author- same sweatshop July "'2 »ic frankest reports on conditions behiiui the iron Curtain has jusi been made public by PAO—the I r oiHl and Agriculture Organisation or th c United Nations—after a special mission survey on thc farm sii- nniion in I'oland The report indicates that Polish Agriculture is in a pretty deplorable stale. There is. insufficient giain liroduclioti to give the poles an~ade- qirate diet. Though the Polish (>ov- '•i-nineni has been trying lo export grain lo western Europe in exchange (or consumers' goods which are also needed, Poland should really be importing grain. Th c yield o f Ktaln from Polish land is decreasing, line l» lack of fertilizer. The Polish diet is also inadequate in proteins, fruits and vegetable?. Food spoilage ami w-aste Ihrou^h improper canning and handling methods is tremcmlrius. Callle an. tubercular and milk distribution is iiiisiinlliiry. Eighty per crrnl or the children showed a positive IMC lion Co tuberculin tests. Thirty per cent, or about .1.000000 (tliiliircn. particularly ihe war orphans, are unciemoui ished. rickptv, undersized, or deformed Too large a pc-n-eiuai;e of the population is said lo be tiod to [he farms. Too mam- women \i-ho should be employed in housework, looking after their tamllies, are forced to iiu farm fir-ui work Housing is still inaile({uale. Many of ihe piivately-owncii [arms arv too small to .support rme family and so eannut produce surplus fo<xl for sale, nig estates confiscated by I'rivatp Enterprise is Penalized ! The Bovernment is Irving lo op! crate these collective farms side by ! side with privately-owned small I farms The privntel'y-owned farms are overtaxed. The rate is based i on a Iheorcticui yield of iye al an i assumed price, part of Hip lax must ,be paid In B ,(iiji. The lower the yield in bad crop years, the harder Die farmer is hit. Many runners were In arrears on the past year's taxes ; The government has frequently ; complained because its collections of Krains from thc (arms have been | below expectaiions. I Farm workers arc not represented ; ill the government Though the report does not. say so. this is apparently due to liquidation of the ] pic-war peasant parlies by the ; Communists. A \ 3ny rntc t)l( , fa ,._ mers have no means of remedying ' their plight. All this and more Is topped by ja vicious double-wage scale and two- j price system that had disrupted Ihe j economy. Government, workers and I cmplyocf, of the government-owned. ; communizpd industries, are paid .: low wag r scales. But they have ra- i tion cards which permit them to I buy food at low prices In govern- J inent. stores About 42 per cent of •! the people have these ration cards. I Everybody must, scramble for ; food at high prices in the free market. Wh:it OiiRhl To KK Oone 'lite r'AO mission reporl of 150 with more than lions of what ought (o be done (o remedy these and other bad conditions For instance: Install a uniform rationing system with a .single free-market price Use more fertilizer to make up tor the maivjre shortages resulting from tco'llctioji of livestock numbers. Grow more green ami leafy vegetables and change the Polish diet to a higher protein content. Boil the milk until it can be pasteurized. Reform the land-holding and land-use system. Divorce ilg- ncultural schools from political control. Reform tho tax system. Expand Ihc salt-water ashing industry m the Baltic. Allot gardens to factory and office workers. Double thc timber cut. to build more houses; And so on. How much attention will be paid to these is unknown. The ;0-jnan mission of farm experts which made the survey was nmier (he leadership of N'lolc Clark, FAO deputy director, former associate o'uecto'r of the Wisconsin Agricultural Experiment Station. The "PAO mission hart to ojwale under peculiar conditions. All lo of ihe western experts came from non-Communist countries. They hurl to divorce themselves from .'Dnsidcring what might be wrong «lth the country politically. Their Jiib was simply t o find out and tell a'liai might be done to increase food production. Their report is considered Impor- '•"1'it in thai it indicates tliere ts still some contact across the iron Cm-lain ami thai at least one tlie UN Is rioina some- two red-blooded young men, on a bright Sunday afternoon, were indoors and so much interested suddenly in the Bible. The explanation came as one of them said, "I bougnl a boat yesterday, called the Vashu and we were looking up Ihe book where ihe name came from." incident reveals Ihe rich quality oi that story in the Bible called the Book of Esther. To jet Ihe full effect of the literary and spinulal quality, and the striking contrasis. the Hook must be read •is a. whole. The story is eastern and ancimii in its selling and in some of i!.s details, bin very undersiandab!'' and modern in (he light—or on-j should say the darkness—o! the persecution and destruction of Jewish people in our own time. Back in Uie days of King Aha- uerus, a Hiller-llke courtier named Haman sought to destroy the Jew-s by assuring the king that there were in his realm people who were disloyal. He did not. name them, but, the king gave him blaa- KC' authority to destroy the supposedly disloyal elements. Here i* where Esther comes in. Queen Vashti had displeased Uie by disobeying his demand to uisjnay her beauty before hi s companions. Esther 'was then chosen ironi many maidens «, become tiw king's favorite. Her OKU father and mother were dead, and she had been adopted by an uncle who adjured her thai she must not admit she was a Jewess or related to him. U was an - n cl of greai self-abnegation on his part. But now he appealed to Es- Iher lo .save her people. But Esther could gain access to the king only at the risk of her life. For his own protection the king had decreed that, anyone lound in the inner court without being called should be put to dcaih Esiher took Ihe risk, and the kirn- .saved her and her people, and Hainan hanged. It's all mere in the book. Hj- j man is dead, and Hitler is dead ! But Ihe spirii of racial prejudics i anil hatred lives on, even in O u- :o»-n land. What have Chrisiians to ; -say, and do. about >l? ar. Sure* w lntl * Something really r en- under the sun, in ihe way of electric motors : has been Invented, [ts rotor con- .sisUs of three or more scgmciv \ : a piezoelectric crystal, which vibrates in tune with a rapidly oc- j dialling current impressed upon it. Head Courier News Want Ads. No nod. But your elected servants have time for other things as well. Take a-ivasui? 1 "* '"'' ""' yS ' *" h tim * In the Senate: , Sen- Harry Cain of South Tacoma, Wash., took (he floor (o (ell the boys how much Father's Day 'Sunday a-coniln' right upl means to folks out- his way. He went on for a spell lo relate how the Idea was spawned in an interview between .a bright young Washington Slate reporier and Mrs. John Brlce I Dodd in 1010. The dads in thfe Senate, likely thinking about the "ties I they'd get ana have to turn In I afier wearing at least once, curled I lips. / Sen. Herb O'Connor of Maryland • got up In the middle of 'debate on something else and said he wanted his colleagues to know, by golly he I was against socialized medicine. i The almost empty House heard about bills being reported out to I better the lot of the liKht-house j keepers. And to change the name of Poster creek Dam on Columbia I River lo Chief Joseph Dam. I And also tn the House, wl'h up- j to-ihe-minute 'decisions belloR-ing | to be made, Ihe congressmen con- |Sidered a measure to issue a stamp \ commemorating, a t long last, th« 85ih nnnlversay of Lincoln's little talk at Gettysburg. The House likewise; Did a fine thing by honoring th» Girl Scouts- Rejiggered tht regulations gov. ernlng barbers who have to earn a living bartering in thc District of Columbia. Provided for dumping sand that has piled up on the beaches at Ft Story. Va. , Fixed It so that baggage cars are more sanitary and decent for baggage car men lo travel in. Changed the import duty on flr« hose. Put B. stamp of approval »n a stamp eulogizing Uie 100th anniversary of the poultry business. And fixed it sn that beauty parlor operators who'll give your lady a permanent—for a price—can get Iheir toilet preparations without, paying the 10 per cent tax in the i district. Wonderful, fine and swell. All of which leaves me with » head of wool that needs cutting. at a dollar a head—plus tip A pair of shoes that, could stand » ' shine fro 15 cents—plus tip. And the public a lot of bills (in the hopper, that wilt never get passed. Time, like politics, marches on. : you would never let me play the • hand." In my opinion Souths best li Years In Blytheville— IN HOLLYWOOD HOLLYWOOD --iNEA>— Ill's another sold rush of '18, kids. The TV rush of 1!M8. TV—television. Video, Movic.s in your home. Biisc- ball in your home. I.ana Turner tn your home. Well, maybe Lann. It's nol "Are you photogenic?" <yiy more. It's 'Are you telegenic?" Televi.siim j s up. wlm , K Hollywood JUM like ihe birth of ihe talkies did ill 1920. The him of people getting into television in Hollywood is worse than a wartime cisarcl line riot. No our Is nut n t Kor i, | T1 mO vi<-- lown any more, .toilless actors, ilircctois, piiKlucrr.s and n-ritrrs explain: "I'm working on a tclrvi- Thc major studios are netting lu- two spades a stronger and -Mrs. T. J. Mahan has as .tor bid Over two spades Soulh ! guests for several days her her SO THEY SAY •*.im»>im is x losi word , n U 10 Rnulish language i" the law-making nulls in Wasln,i s ion.-St>n. Harry F. r, y rd . D> o r Virginia. » • » An iin-iMse ,„ miliury maii-iwwp,- is neecssaiy l«i.u.s P weakness can i nr-o',.ate will, anyone. We have not boon able lo negotiate with Russia [or [ !«<> .'.-c.lti bnau.-e we are weak. Rep. \v o An! drews ,R, of N'cw yorx. • • » 'Hi- M.vifHiein Iliat ihe Aiabs arp Ihere to makf prar* is •nnarkhOlp in view of the facl thai iiif.v arc making war.--Wane,, R. A iKim u S dMrta.r to tli, UN on ,r,e piesonce or Arab troop. In the Holy Land • • » America m,, s , B ,,>« ,,p ,x,luir»|iy to sl op com- nmnisin, make drmocracy work and shapo ,h, ».H)rt in x palter,, of f,rc«om for sn mCtl.-Bu- lirrme Com I. .Justice William o. OoiMjia.,. • » « At no time in ov,,- evonomie Ins,,,,,- was Iherft »"rc „„(.<-, !an,tv. Nobody „,,,,„.„ ,„ know w|l]( ,„ «'»v we're l,eartpd.-W»li«-r t). s=i,,il(,,, piesidfiil, Federal Home Loan Tiank, Cmtinnati. nrc exnerimenuns; wlllV a full-size i Iliealer television screen. Para- ; mounl has television plans. Slmliox Say Krwaro "nut." say thc studios, "our stars ' can't appear on television yet. ll.'s too crude. It's unfhitlei inj'" War- i ner Brothers and M-G-M both • warned their playcis mil to appear; before thc television camera at Ihc Hollywood premie,t- of "Tlip Klll- peror Wall?.." Aio.4 nl Ihe M u ,s dim-Raided flic! ^ orders and mugged :• up. They want ' j In get into television, loo. Everybody ! aprers TV is here to stay. Another; year and i! »ill 1,0 biRRer lhan radio maybe, nigijer -than movies maybe. j That's win Hollywood is .-is nnv- j I mis as a light-rope wnlkn- with a I bcr up his sleeve. Tlie television bee ' Is up Hollywood's \leeve and biiw,- ItiK like mini. A n-chapler mystery series, "The Cases of Eddie" has been put 0,1 film lor television. A deal is In work lor "tlnpaloirj; Cassidy" pic- turps lo be Iclcvisvd. William Hoytl. who has starred in 66 Hopples ovci •] 13 years, owns all video rights. They say television will he 80 per rent film. "Great.' says Hollywood. "Hut if we start making films for lelevisit.ii ihe exhibitors will blowout our brains. Can't H.ihl II Kick Bui Ihc studios' current hands-off ! policy Isn't slopping the making of films for television. Rudy Vallee is producing video films. Joseph Gotten has an interest In a television producing outfit. : .Gene Autry is talking to CBS about video pictures. ! I Bin« Crnstiy has ni:u|c a tesl run of l,is radio show on ' video, will, II,r possibility that the show niav ht ilunlic.-ilcrt on home screens In |h r r.ill. i Here are other television notes, [ east mid west: i Variety Headline: "East | o wcsl Television Networks Seen Possibk.- Karly in 10-19." The Paramount Theater': in New- York will brf.ii: both the Democra- coitventions to their screens Hollywood Reporter Headline- "Six-Slation ABC Television Net- ON BRIDGE will bid three hearts, a reverse Wd showing a powerful hand. North then should bid four clubs. II. is not necessary to jump to i Rame. Now South can show control ler. Mrs. children R Clarttsvjile. Josiah Fort, and .... ttd .Mrs. Adolf Hach of Mr. and Mrs. Joe Orr of Colle« station. Texas, with their children Ry William K. -YlcKcnncy America's Caul Authority Written for .VKA Service How to Hid ffand Is Problem Here At a dance given recently al It,,. South Hills country Club in Pitts- I burgh. Pa., for the purpose of I starling a unit of thc Children's Cancer Fund in that city. 1 met some ladies who arc members or ttir .South Hills Civic Club. They told rue thai they have a bridee club. . 1 asked one or the ladies the name of the club, and she replied, j w <• don l have a name." . , m diamonds with a four diamond are guests of Mr. and Mrs R I bid. At this point North might risk Haley for three weeks Louise and Maurice I.uttrell and P. ixie Jr.. have gone to Memphis six heart bid. but six clubs is ; sounder. i I do not know whether or nol Uie i ladies liked my analysis of thc bid- i ding, as 1 understand that when .. and Covingion. Tenn., for several was elected pres- days visit. W. El. the hand was played at their club, irieiu or lhf independent V-rocers was passed before they reached | Alliance at their meeting Wednes""*• . day night. Medical Leader l.nnn.v Ross is slurring on a half- hour television show in the east. The Irlrvlslon lioon, reminds ,nc acain of thai fellow who took > job with A newspaper syndicate as Its Iclcvisinti export. Ucforr starting work. In- put , t[l „ hiR sign o,, his rtcsk rr.ulhiE: "Kvcrv- o.Kly has Iwn jobs thrsr rtay-—-bis own anil television." Collector Thinks Saving Pennies Runs in Family SANTA PAULA. Cnl. HJPi—Six thousand pennies tinkled onto the counter of a Santa Paula shop as OeorKc nasmuscn cashed In ;\irt or his penny collection to Ink his wife a sowing machine for Mother'? Day, Al home R.isintissrn has Three other pile-* of pennies, divided up into (he IMO's. 'UOs. and 'IDs '.le's waiting for a book on rare coins so he can know which ones arc valuable. "Penny collecting evidently runs In the family," Ra.smus.scn said. "My brother back in lo\va has a box of 400 Indian head je.inlo.?." Re«<1 Courier News Want Ads. A A K 4 2 V K 6 * K J * Q J U18 k 3 W ¥ A \ 5 " • 107 6 4> 0 5 DC T <» i AD7SS c V 1063 fc » J131 ' +86 alcr 4 None V Q .1 9 7 5 » A K Q * A Q 104 J Rubber — Neither vul. SfvuU, Went : A i & NnrU, >'*•* 1 V Paw ( * Pass 4 » Pa« « 4 P.i« II So today's hand Is from the biidpc club without a name Mrs. khzabcth Klnrlieloiv a member, wanted to know how II should be bin. t knew u,i s W as dynamite— Ihe lari.i had red hair. I finally said. "With some partners I would "ix-n ll>? South hand with one club, while with others I mlphl bid a hcait. With you. I might even b'd a spade, because if you were 1 my partner and had all Irie spades, HORIZONTAL 1.7 Pictured executive ot American Medical Associalion 12 Maker 13 Accustoms 15 War god 16 Tip ISSlrike 13 Sorry 20 I,ighl sword 22 Note of Guido's scale 23 Suflix 'JA Accomplish 25 Exempli gralia (ab.) 27 Either 20 Dinner course 30 Cite .12 Anger 3.1 River in Wal« 31 Frequently 36 European country 39 Artificial language 40Street (ab.) 41 Preposition •12 fd cst (ab.) « Work unit 45 Evening party 50 Greek Icller 51 Tart 53 He is its (ab.) 5JState 55 Explain 57 Horns / 59 Beer mug 60 Postpone* VERTICAL 1 Prinling mistake* 2 Acl 3 Existed 4 Near 5 Roll of names 6 Fall in drops 7 Sling 8 Atop 9 Polish 10 Woodr plant 11 Fanatic 12 Instances 14 Gaze fixedly 17 Chinese lown 20 Mice 21 Pay back 24 Ventures 29 Jfinilcd 31 Turkish weight 5< Mountain nymph *5 Compels 37 Metric u™ts 38 Time measures 4-> Present 46 Unclosed •(7,Not (prefix) 48 Con 49 Hireling 50 Always S2 Expire 5-1 Beveragt 56 Nickel (symbol) SSTill forbidden .+ (ab.) ||

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