The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa on June 1, 1894 · Page 3
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The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa · Page 3

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, June 1, 1894
Page 3
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!Hf ' PROFESSIONAL CARDS. C. I. REYNOLDS, and COtJNSEtOR AT LAW. Practice in Ml state And federal court*. Commercial Law a Specialty. bffloe over Fltut ftatlobal Bank, Carroll, low*. W. R. LEE, A TTORNEY. Will practice Id all state and fed ernt courts. Collections And all other business will receive prompt and careful attention. Office iu First National bank block, Carroll. Iowa. F. M> POWERS, ATTORNEY. Practices In all the courts and H makes collections promptly. Office on Flftb itreet, over Shoemaker's grocery store, Carroll la QKOBOK W. BOWBN, A TTORNEY AT LAW. Make* collections and transact* other legal business promptly. Of•e* In Griffith Block, Fifth St., Carroll. A. U. Qunrr, A TTORNEY AT LAW, will pracMoe In sll the Court*. Collection* in all part* of Carroll cwtity will bare olose*t attention. Office with Northwestern Building and Loim Association, south ride Fifth street, Carrol, Iowa. A. KEBSLKR, A. M. M. D. P HYSICIAN AND SURGEON. Carroll, lewa. Office In the Berger building .south side Main street. Residence corner Carroll and dlitbstreets. DB. W. HUMPHREY, QENTAI, SURUEON. Teetb ei- tracted without pain by the . XI of nitrous oxide gas. Office over First National Bank, corner room, Carroll, Iowa. Q. L. SHERMAN, Was administered. AU work Is guaranteed. Office on Fifth St., over postsffloe, Carroll, Iowa. WM. ARTS, . JOHN NOOKELS, «. P. HESS, President Vice. President Cashier DOSS A ffEVERAL BANKING BUSINESS. 'Loans Monej at Lowest Bates. Accords to its depositors every aocommods- tioa consistent with sound banking. Sells Home and For- tign Exchange. . L. CCLDBKTSON PM*. B. B. COBURH, CSSnlW TBANUAOTIHe •5 A GENERAL BANKHTO Busnrase Lands Bought and 8oM, Titles Examined and Abstracts VuinUned. FIFTH BTBjnrr, CABBOLL. IOWA. NEW HARNESS SHOP THEO. OSTEN, Prop. An entire new and complete etook ol +Harneie, Saddlw, Whips,* Robei, Fly Nets And everything uiutllj contained In a flnt olas* establishment of this kl»d. All work , warranted to be flnt elasa In evorr particular. •epalrtaa; Neatly and Ok«apl]r DOM. GIVX MB A TBIAL. — Opposite Bnrke'i hotel. >0anoll, Iowa. 8KBAST1AN WALE Boots and Shoes. UMECaW DENIS' Mm lav. Mate * row.a. THB OLD BELIABL* i ***** •IfllMNl Mlrtwt frtif IWi Mff ARBITRATION REJECTED Cripple Creek Mine Owners Refuse to Arbitrate. FOUR HUNDRED DEPUTIES SECURED At benrer— One Ihommnd Armed Mett Beady to MiMrh to the Aid of the Striken. Conference Of Colorado, Wyoming and Mew Mexico Miners to Be Called— Mlnei Loaded With Dynamite— Strife* New*. DENVER, May 29.— The mine owners have decided not to arbitrate differences With the Cripple Creek miners and trouble may begin at any moment. Information has been received from Cripple Creek that even had the strikers been driven from the camp, the men who took their places in the mines would be in immediate p°ril. Every mine in the camp over which there has been trouble is "loaded." Large quantities of dynamite have been stored in the shafts back of the timbering by the strikers and hidden wires attached to these charges in such a manner that they can be exploded and every person in the mines instantly killed, While the men who start the battery remain ontof sight. Ex-Policeman Hobart, second In command in the squad of deputies organized here and sent to Cripple Creek, has returned for the purpose of recruiting men to take the places of deserters. About 15 of the original force refused to serve longer on account of the hardships to which they were subjected. William Howells, a member for Colorado of the national committee of the United Mine Workers who attended the Columbus meeting, baa returned. Mr. Howells will issue a call to the miners asking them to send a delegate representing each mine in Colorado, Wyoming and New Mexico to a convention to settle the question whether they will join in a general suspension of work or not. Speaking on the national situation he said a compromise basis will undoubtedly be reached in the course of a abort time. _ BATTLE SEEMS INEVITABLE. Bherlflb and Striken Are Both Strengthening Their Foroei For • Conflict. •CBIPPLB CREEK, Colo., Mi; 29.— If trouble breaks out again, and it is impossible to see how it can be avoided, the results bid fair to be far more terrible than those already witnessed. The armistice declared was made use ot by the sheriffs to increase their forces. Nearly 400 men have been recruited in Denver and on the slightest outbreak will be forwarded to Cripple Creek and sworn in as deputies. The strikers seem to have taken courage from the action of Governor Waite and affect to believe that the militia would tend to aid them in carrying out their purposes. Be this, •sit may, the strikers are being encouraged by the temporary absence of the deputies and are becoming bolder and more imperative and intolerant. There is no danger that a nonpartisan will be fired upon without first being warned, but when ordered to atop, it means that he must stop just where his feet are resting. It is but a step from this attitude to one of most reckless daring, and people in the camps fear the outcome. AU day Monday striken were searching for arras and ammunition in 'the mining camps, and wherever arms, ammunition or provisions were found they ware confiscated and receipts 'given for them. No one about the camps, except the strikers, are permitted to carry arms .and th« strikers, who reign supreme, have issued the order that every able- bodied man found in camp when the real contest cornea will be forced to' carry arms in their ranks. The result. is that many people are moving away from the camps to the city of Cripple Creek and elsewhere. Town and comnty officials are utterly unable to do anything in the face of such an overwhelming number of desperate men. Parties of men who are in sympathy with the mine owners have gone to Midland, where they will met the deputies and conduct them to the strongest points about the scene of trouble. A large party of striken have alto gone towards Midland to meet the deputies and retard thtir progress AS much as possible. Th« country about .Bull Hill, the atrikera' stronghold, for «fght miles is held and patrolled by the atrikere. The minors have received telegrams in cipher from Denver, Punbto, lieadville, Ouray, Coal Creek and other points, offering them aid if * battle becomes inevitable. It is said that J, WO armed men will be sent to the strikure on 48 honn notice. _________ Miner* nec*|itur« Coat Tratoa, WRNONA, Ilia., May 89.— Three coal trains guarded and escorted out of Mlnonk Monday by troops were recaptured by the striken here a few hours after tb«ir triumphant release fvoin the blockade- Striken to the number of 150 waylaid them and taking possesslou of the tralMMdet racked them. Word was aentat oawe to Bhurlfl l<enw at Muta- piortt and he appeared accompanied by deputies. He tried to persuade the •trikor* to abandon ithelr obstruction. They ftiUkUf declined to do ao, After ex. femwHug All peaceful measures ike sheriff sent to Toluga. for 100 Wiwboa- ton SJ»4 4,00* wnrolvers, f}e haa wired •toto ottioara ioju to aand irofrna.. P«., May jwoiiu jiuniiueut at the Kylo plitut JTulr Ohtmut), wht*t) 4<M< strikers have Iw.'U camped tluw tfw early part of lajt wwk. It iff reported th»t « r»M will be uiuJ« upon the ptaMt and the oompauy'* ofttoiaU «re |>wji«r}M tov th» attack. Ddputtw we all urouuil uitd it 11 »alU the ltr|ka»ij «re well at'utud uiul moan order Fort tlui*> cou*l>«Pie« of military to Mpv? to press the mla» trouble And restore to owners the property now held by the striken. The troops will be commanded by Lieutenant Colonel Andrews and Major Haskell. hutted an Order Restraining Miners, TERRB HAUTE, May 2».— W. P. Lyford, general solicitor for the Chicago and Eastern Illinois, arrived in this city with a restraining order, whlfeh he secured from United States Judge Baker, enjoining the striking coal miners and all others from interfering with the progress of the coal train of 24 cars, which the strikers sidetracked at Clinton Locks Saturday and now havain their possession. The miners have sworn the coal shall not be moved, and most of them are armed. Kelly'* Army at St. Louli. | ST. Louis, May S}9.— Kelly ,s army, 1.100 strong, arrived in St. Louis Monday evening from Alton, Ills. Kelly's army during its sojourn in St. Louis will have no reason to complain of a lack of food. Aside from the preparations which the various labor organizations have made, Nat Sebastian, a saloon; keeper, has provided 12, cattle, 13 sheep, a wagon load ,o5 vegetables and 1,000 loaves of breo£. He will entertain "General" Kelly and the two ladies of the party at his home. Horse Racing Not a tottery. BROOKLYN, May 29.— Philip J. Dwyer, who was held for the grand jury on a charge of maintaining a lottery and whose case was brought before Judge Gaynor in the supreme court on a writ of habeas corpus, was discharged on the ground that his arrest was illegal under the Ives law. The judge in his decision says: "There is no foundation for the contention that horse racing is a lottery. It is not a lottery, either in common speech or within legal definition." Big Oklahoma Land CMC, PERRY, O. T., May 89.— One of the biggest cases ever tried in Oklahoma will be called for trial before Register Carey of the Perry land office. The cose is between 5,000 townsite settlers and about 20 homestead settlers, and the amount involved is 640 acres, said to be worth $500,000. The property upon which is located North Perry and Northwest Perry is the land in question. There will be nearly 1,000 witnesses in the case. Will Cat the Union Pacific. ST. PAUL, May 29.— A special from Portland says: It has been discovered here that an attempt is being made to force the Oregon Railway and Navigation company into the hands of a receiver. If that is done it will have the effect of cutting off the western end of the Union Pacific system. English Syndicate Bay the Klgln Work*. ELGIN. Ills., May 29.— President Avery of the Elgin National Watch company notified the stockholders that a representative of an English syndicate has offered $7,000,00(1 for the plant and that the holders of three-fourths of the stock have agreed to the sale. Michael Schwab a Oltlien. ' CHICAGO, May 29.— Michael Schwab, who 1 was recently .pardoned by Governor Altgeld while serving a 15 years' sentence for complicity in the anarchist riots in 188ft, has taken out his final papers aajt citizen. He came to Chicago In -1879. __ _ Prominent Denver Man Dead. DENVER, May .9.— John A. McBeth, ex-register of the Denver land ofilce, was found dead in his room. He was a Colorado pioneer, a prominent Shriner and ex-grand ruler of the Denver lodge, B. P. O. E. _ Lucky Illinois BUctrlolan*. CHICAGO, May 29.— B. 8. Karoly, an electrician of this city, and his brother, C. S. Karoly, .also an electrician of Aurora, Ills., have fallen heir to an estate in Hungary estimated at $3,000,000. General Banders Glvee Uonds. LBAVENWOBTB, Kan., May 21).— Sanden and his engineer have given bonds for their appearance for trial next September and thejemainder of the men go OB their own recognizance. Want Twcnty-Mra Hundred. DENVER, May 20.— The local brigadier general, R. W. Morris, says the Denver commonweal army will not start for Washington until 2,900 men are enrolled. Mailer Knacks Out Oodfr.jr. BOSTON, May a*.— Peter Matter, Ireland's champion, knocked out George Godfrey , Boston's colored heavyweight, in the sixth round. Bennett's Army Ultba»«.a. HIAWATHA, Kan,, May iM).— Bennett's army of common wealew disbanded here. All of the men expect to Join Sanders' command. ' «rst t**a«hc* ot Id SAN FRANCISCO, May 21).— Local commission merchants received consignments of peackea Monday, being the Ant of the season. • Married Her Leading Man. PHILADELPHIA, May 80.— MUs Julia Murlowe, the actress, and Robert Tabor, formerly tor leading man, were married <l«Mib !• He MarrhM). NBW Yoiu, May W.-Miu Juob is to be uiurried next month to Ajwiitont ^strict Attorney Fraucii WeU- man, : • _ /_ _ M*«» a* ritubur* N«») Year. &AKA1QOA, May 8U.-The general assembly of tto Presbyterian church ad. fa meet uett year at Pittalmrg. Ua**Ual( 11: &uui«vlllu, «. KHIvu tail Maoki KUroy, mutton, Mouufon, K*rls«nd tirlut. Umpire, POWVIS,, Htwtoa, »»; W*«l)fnvtou, la. CoiiB-ugUtou «ujl ttlsleyi Modulr« and I'-tty. Uwu|r«, WKSTKUN I.BA0US OA-HS. Kaiw«« gitr.tfi Detroit, «. MuQIunltr an uoi Ol»u»«u ttnrt Cru»a. uoi HiTgluUu, 1 OuuuiuKlwin aiul »>tr«. Kwtiw. AH'intjjmolU, Wl OruHa {UpWa, W. IJuooJu, rr»M>r, Bury**, J'wvl; auU {iurryU; \V»lk)uii ftuu FAVOftfe THE OttlQINAL Secretary ffoke Smith Decides a Numbur of Aslilund Lnnd Cmes. ASHLAND, Wis., May 29.—A batch of 27 land decisions rendered by Secretary Hoke Smith at Washington reached this city, In this instance all entries Were thrown open, which as a test case, it is thought, will reopen a large amount Of the Omaha and Wisconsin Central in* demnity lands opened in 1891. The decision generally favors the squatters Who located upon land prior to the opening day as against the filers who stood in line, arid will result in continued litigation. The secretary also denies the Opening of cases after once settled. One of the cases decided by Smith was where 8,000,000 feet of pine had already been cut and barked and tho contestant has taken possession of tho logs, leaving the other man to whistle for his pains. Ench case seems to have singular circumstances introduced in evidence so that this last lot of decisions furnishes the most varied assortment of land laws ever known in the history of the en- ry. GOSSIP FROM ACROSS THE OCEAN Gladstone Receive* Callers. LONDON, May 29.—Monday was the best day Mr. Gladstone has had since the operation was performed upon his eye and he was permitted to read and write for a short time. Among his callers during the day were the Prince and Princess of Wales, the duke and duchess of York, the duke and duchess of Teck, Prince and Princess Christian and Mr. William Waldorf Astor. Iowa and Dakota Bishops Present. LONDON, May 2U.—The missionary conference of the Church of England, under the auspices of the Canterbury and York boards of missions, opened at St. Paul's cathedral. The archbishop of Canterbury welcomed the visitors, who included the bishops of North Dakota and Iowa. Flodn May Succeed Claparede. BERNE, May 8S.—Dr. J. B. Pioda. secretary of the Swiss legation in Rome, will probably be sent to Washington to succeed Dr. Claparede, Swiss minister to the United States, who has been selected to go to Vienna. Royal Nuptial*. BRUSSELS, May 29.—The marriage of Prince Charles of Hohenzollern-Sigmar- ingeu to Princess Josephine of Flanders, niece of the king of Belgium, took place Monday. Berlin Workmen Killed. BERLIN, May 29.—Four workmen were killed and six injured by the collapse of a housu in Kochstrasse which was in process of reconstruction. PruMlan Agricultural Congress Open*. BERLIN, May 2».—The Prussian agricultural conference has opened. Herr von Hey den, minister of agriculture, defended the government policy. Asks to Be Reunited. LONDON, May 29.—CounteRS Rnssel asked the courts for leave to petition for a restoration of conjugal rights with her husband, Earl Kussel. -AT- WHILK OtrK STOCK LASTS — WH WILli BEliIi — 6 ft. Ash Extended Table $3.80 8 fl " " " 5.00 Hard wood Chamber Bete 12.5C 4 Spindle wood Chairs, per set.... 2.5C tSJfWe mast reduce onr stock and these prices surely ought to do it. "How to Cure All Skin Diseases." Simply apply Swajne'* ointment. No internal medicine required. Cares tetter, eczema, Itch, all eruption* on the Isoe, band*, nose, eta. Leaving tlie skin clear, white and healthy, It* (treat healing and curative by no other remedy. ' Swayne's ointment. roar druggist toi 61*95 Baeln. Yacht Disabled. LONDON, May 2tf.—The Timed says that the yacht Satanita has sprang her mast and will be unable to compete in anv race for a.week, ELECTRIC TELEPHONE Bold outright, no ronltir. Adapted to Gitr.Viliiiaear Country. JNMdtd in *nrr Itoiu*, »ho|., «lo* «nii oBd. Grwuertcouno- >trall*ron*uth. j»f*M-aaioaao»-r< In * rotldino me»ni • «•!« to *1 wn. Fin* Inntrumenfe no ton, 1 imrwhere, luij dUtunr*. Oomnlata, r««d» ._. uw »h»n ihlviwd. C»n to nut up to inx on«. nmroutof order, no r*p*lrlnc, luta •lite tlmo. Wirrantfd. AeiOMf.giiAcr. Wrlt»_ W.P.Harfilon*C Wm. LYNCH, JUSTICE OF THE PEAOE. ABSTRACT, LOAN -«, •/ -.' LAND OFFICE I have a complete set of abstract* of Carrol) Count*. All business will be attended to prompt IF. PUBLISHER 0V " Dailv Report of Transfers." Ofilce, three doors south ot post office, upstairs WM. LYNCH. Carroll. Iowa. Pierrott No. 10517 (8O41) SEASON OF 1S94. PI E RROTT Is a dark gray Percheron stallion, seven years old and weighs 1700 pounds. He I* registered InlVol. 5, P, S. B. A. Was Imported by Slimmer & Lucas, Clnrksvlllo, lown. PIERROTr will make the season of 1894 as follow*: Mondays at Maple River Junction Tuesdays at Ml Cnrmel. Wednesdays at Barney Westllng's, Wheatland township. Thursdays and Fridays at home. Saturday* at Arcadia. TKRHS AND CONDITITIONS.—Ten dollars to Insure a colt to stand up and suck. Persons selling, trading or removing their mare* from tbe county will be held for full In •urance and the money becomes due at tbe time of doing as above mentioned. Care will be taken to prevent accidents but will not be responsible sbouldany occur. Thanking the public for past patronage and hoping to receive a liberal share In the future, I remain Your* truly, .1. B. BOLKE. Page Woven Wire Fence The Page Fence being made from coiled spring wire, readily adapts itself to all changes of temperature and still retains its tension. It is a smooth fence that will turn all kinds of stock without injury. It is manufactured in styles adopted to all kinds of fence for city and country. I alsq handle the Lewis Combination Force Pump and Spray ing outfit. The best is always the cheapest. For further particulars» call on or address C. M. MOHLER, Carroll, Iowa. Office with Duncan it Sproul, £. A Porter, tilldden, la.; H. Lampe, Arc.irtli, In.; Waltersoheld Bros., Halbnr, la. Green Bay Lumber Company, aIN • Lumber and Coal, AND ALL KINDS OF BUILDING MATERIAL New yards north of Carroll mills. Cairol!. Iowa. DO YOU KEEP IT IN THE HOUSE? PAIN-KILLER Will Cure Cramps, Colic, Cholera- IHorbus and all Bowel Complaints. -.>' PRICE, aSc^Mon and $1.00 A BOTTLE. * « RECEIVERS' LAND SALE. OVER 2000 CHOICE FARMS, To be sold at less than one-half of actual value. These lands are placed on the market by the Receivers of the Lombard Jtwestmeitf company and other loan companies, under an order from U. S. supreme court The entire list to be closed out by May 1. Fully one-half the list located in the great corn belt and are close to towns and schools and churches. TERMS: Not lees than one-fourth cosh, balance 3,3 and 5 years at 7 per cent interest, optional payment plan. Examine this list and make offers. No reasonable offer refused. 130 quarter Bections in Antelope county, Nebraska, at from $1000 to $9300 each. KT 108 quarter sections in Kuox county, Neb., at from $800 to $9900 each. 45 quarter sections in Pierce county, Neb., at from $1000 to $9400 each. .80 quarter sections iu Holt county, Neb., at from $600 to $9000eaoh. _ , BIO quarter sections in Key* Paha county, •Neb,, at from $600 to $1600 each. A ^ Tw 240 quarter sections in Caster county, Neb,, at from $600 to $1800 each. 90 quarter sections iuPerkiuB oouuty.Neb., at from $800 to $9000 each. 64 quarter sections in Brown county, South Dakota, at from $600 to $1600 each, 45 quarter sections in Edmunds county, South Dakota, at from $600 to $1900 each. 55 quarter sections in Aurora county, South Dakota, at from $800 to $9000 each. 815 quarter sections in Hand county, South Dakota, at $500 to $1900 each. 49 quarter sections in Beadle county, South Dakota, at $600 to $1600 each. 86 quarter sections in Brule county, South Dakota, at $500 to $1400 each. Also considerable amount* in 99 other counties in Nebraska and South Dakota, and a few farms iu southern Minnesota. As a rule quarter sections of $1000 and up, except in the older counties, have good improvement* in the way of cultivated land, buildings, wells, eta, and are desirably located. This is a rare opportunity for Idle dollars. For further information call on or address me at Carroll, lowft* I b&ve examined several of the above farms and SWENDER, Sales Ageut for Receivers. w, _fiL..A,

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