The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota on December 5, 1958 · Page 13
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The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota · Page 13

Austin, Minnesota
Issue Date:
Friday, December 5, 1958
Page 13
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AUTOMOTIVE-12 CARS,. TRUCKS. BUSES . Ml 84 "a tfoor ;;;; ;i7 es.... 17 j».... 16.85 TRUCK SPECIALS '37 Int. 1V4 ton chansij with space save* cab. 15" wheel baie. $1795 •57 Chev. \Vi ton. Chassis and cab. Excellent condition throughout. $1975 '56 Ford V-8 VI ton heavy duty pickup with 8" box. $1175 M9 GiM.C. M ton pickup. One owner - extra sharp. $475 80.170 70-180 JO-1W 90-200 00'230 20-330 30-240 .........17.40..,;i7.09,...i«.50 <0«280 aso-MO ,V{.. 17.15.... 16,75... .18.3S ...... ...16.80.... 16.50.... U.10 90-570 ......... 16.65.. ..».«.... 15.88 70-280 .. ....... 18.45.... 16.05.. ..18.66 80-290 ......... 16.25. ...15.85.... 18.48 W-WO ......... 16.25.... 15.65. ...1JJ5 MO Chev. platform. 2 ton. L.W.D. with $275 THEY'RE WINTERIZED AND READY TO WORK. TRY USI FORDTOWN Corner River Gr Winona HE 3-3486 am* wet PACKING SOWS U«dln| No 1 No J NO t 70 300 ......... 16.18... .18.75. ...1855 00-330 ... ...... 15.90.... 1S.SO.... 15.10 £0-360 ....... ..15.68... .15.48. ...14.88 M0-:00 .. ..... ..15.40.... 15.00..,. 14.80 OO-'SO ......... 18.15.... 14.75.... 14.35 50-500 ......... 14.90.... 14.'0.... 14.10 500-550 ......... 14.65.... 14.25....13.88 50-Up .......... 14.15.,.. 13.78.... 13.95 ftTAOt it»ga under 400 ... ............. 8.00 Stags 400-600 ... ................. 8.25 Stags over 600 .................. 7.28 Underflnlshed cull or (turd hne« iwt b« ducounted «cc(irdln(tly. All hot* »r« Rtibjeot to invarnmrat In- peotlnn. MM SPRING LAMB MA' 6T Prime ............. , ........ 20.00 Choice ..................... 18.00-19.00 OOOO ..... ( ...... . ......... 16.00-17.00 iedlum .................... 14.50- 15 Of Common .. ...... .. ........ 10,50 down Ad buek Umbs dincnuntrd it pf nundrtd weight bv grade Uimhi Aver 00 poundj dlteounted tOo per ewt r onund Old ernp lambs at market value. VKAL MARKET Veal calve* of all weight* and clat*- l WILL sell or trade - 1058 4 dr. gpe clai Bulen. Inquire at 1303 Elllg. 2 TON Chevrolet. Ituulated box, Oai heat. Also 14' combination box, Al for $595. 1949 Chevrolet up. HE! 3-J243. ton pick- BRAND NEW 1959 Dodge 4 Dr. Coronet Automatic and Power Steering. See it at Cook Motor Co. Drive it — Then price it and get the surprise of your life. COOK MOTOR' CO. 104 So. Main St. '52 DODGE >,i ton pick up. BCftl nlc truck. Price reasonable. Midway Crv Sales, 910 W. Oakland. MARKET .. tat*t, fit*.», i»s* th» following pticM w»w told at ustin. Burrowl ana out* t*din« No. l ••••••»•> l*tti**l» MO. a 14.25 18.34 14.25 K6.J .. ....... 17 90. ...17 JO., ..,..•....17.85... ,17.85. ...16.80 Ati mitoher* n»« 300 ib» fe priced the lame M tn«* M th« Choice 180-230 28SO-31.00 Good 180-230 28.50-28.00 Standard 24.SO-24.00 Jtllity 180-230 Ibs 22.00-23.00 Choice heavy 2*0-300 Iba. ..27.00-28.00 Good heavy 240-300 Ib*. . .25.00-28.00 Cuiu an weight 9.00-18.00 All calve* nver 300 Ibs. discount*' 1 «3 OWT Teal calves will be accepted at Austin until 9:30 a.m. Friday No market on Saturday CATTLE MARKET 0. 8. Prim* steer* & rear- lings , 27.00-23.76 0 8 Choice iteert tt Tear- lings 25.00-27.25 0 8 Good (teen St yearlings 23.25-25.75 0 S Standard iteert It yearlings 21.00-23.80 All belters 50 cents to 75 cents CWT under steer prices. All steers over 1,050 lb», and heifers nver 050 Ibs. are Discounted according to weight. U. S. Commercial Cows ..I7.00-1B.SO U. 8. Utility Cows .48.00-17.50 Cutter 15.SO-17.25 Gunners ;..., 14.00-16.00 Fat Bulls 17.50-21.50 Sausage Bulls 18.50-23.50 U. Wt. Thin Bull* 14.00-16.00 AUSTIN UHAIN MARKET Soybeans ai .98 Oats j..... .53 Corn .94 DOLLARS AND SENSE When you buy one of our Spic & Span Guaranteed Used Cars it makes good sense because you save dollars later on by saving repair bills. '58 Ply. V-8 4 dr. $1995 '57 Chry. New Yorker 4 dr. '57 Chry. Windsor Hardtop. '57 Ply. Like New. '57 Olds.—8000 miles. '55 Desoto—4 door. 10 other good cars $85 and up. Austin Auto-Co 215 E. Mill—Open Evenings 1950 DODGE. Radio and beater. Excellent. HE 1-3072. Shop For Bargains Everyday Through The Want Ads SOUTH ST. PAUL LIVESTOCK SOUTH ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) - (USDA) — Cattle 3,000; calves 2,000; steady cleanup trade on slaughter steers and heifers; cows slow, some pressure on beef grades; however prices unchanged bulls quotable steady; most good to low choice slaughter 'steers 25.00-26.00; good and choice heifers 25.50-26.00; few loads averaging choice under 950 Ibs 28.50; utility cows 17.50-18.50; few strong- weight utility up to 19.00; commercial and good bulls 21.50-22.50; vealers weak to 1.00 lower; slaughter calves unchanged; good and choice vealers 26.00-30.00; high choice and prime up to 84.00; good and choice slaughter calves 23.00-27.00; stackers and feeders quotable steady. Hogs 11,000; moderately active; barrows and gilts about steady; sows weak to 50 olwer; 1, 2 and 3 190-240 Ib barrows and gilts 16.75-17.50; 1 and 2 hogs 17.7518.25; 2 and 3 240-300 Ibs 16.0017.00; I, 2 and 3 160-190 Ibs. 16.75-17.50; 1, 2 and 3 sows 270-400 Ibs 14.25-15.50; limited number 1 and 2 sows 15.75; 2 and 3 400-600 Ib sows 13.00-14.75; odd head 3 sows down to 12.50; feeder pigs weak; good and choice 16.50-17.00. Sheep 3,000; wooled slaughter lambs weak to 50 lower, slaughter ewes unchanged; feeder lambs about steady; good and choice wooled slaughter lambs 19.50-20.50, mostly 20.00-20.50; package choice 91 Ib averages 21.00; slaughter lambs over 100 Ibs discounted for weight; odd head good and choice 90-110 Ib slaughter yearlings 17.0018.00; good and choice slaughter ewes 7.00-8.00; good and choice feeder lambs 20.00-21.00; medium and good feeders 18.00-20.00. CHICAGO LIVESTOCK CHICAGO (AP) - Butcher hog market weak to 25 cents lower today. Slaughter steers too meager to test market; a few good vealers sold at $29-32. Wooled and shorn slaughter lamb prices weak in a moderately active she«p market; etm ware $6-7.50 end steady. CHICAGO LIVESTOCK CHICAGO (AP) - (USDA)Hop 7,600; steady t» 25 lower on butchers; 2-3 mixed grade 200-223 It) butchers 18.0D-18.6S; mostly Si around 220-225 Ibs below 18.35; several hundred U mostly 1-2 190-220 Ibs 18.78-19.00; A few lots mostly Is these weights 19.0019.28, seventy-five head Is sorted for grade 19.26; 2-3 mixed grade 230-250 Ibi I7.60-i8.00; a few lots mostly 2s 230 Ibs at 18.25; and a few lots 3s .around 250 Ibs down to 17.35; most 2-3 250-280 Ibs 17.0017.50; a small volume mostly 3s 280-310 Ibs 16.50 - 17.00; mixed grade 330-400 Ib sows 15.00-16.00; 425*550 Ibs 14.00-15.00. Cattl* 500; calve* 100; not enough slaughter steers or heifers to test prices; utility and commercial cows 17.50-20.00; canners and cutters 15.00-18.00rutility and low commercial bulls 22.00 - 24.00; heavy fat bulls 20.00-21.50; good vealera 29.00 - 32.00; utility and standard 20.00-29.00. Sheep 800; good and choice 91102 .Ib wooled lambs 20.00-21.00; a few culls down to 15.50; good and choice mostly choice 115-119 Ib shorn lambs with No. 1 pelts 18.50. CHICAGO POULTRY CHICAGO (AP) — (USDA) — Live poultry no tone; Thursday's receipts were 99,000 Ibs; no prices reported due to insufficient Information. CHICAGO PRODUCE CHICAGO (AP)-Chicago Mercantile Exchange - butter firm; receipts 648,000; wholesale buying prices unchanged to Vz higher; 93 score A A 58%; 92 A 58%; 90 B 58; 89 C 57; cars 90 B 58%; 89 C 57%. Eggs weak; receipts 12,600; wholesale buying prices Vt to 1V4 lower; 60 per cent or better grade A whites 33; mixed 33; mediums 29%; standards 31'/4; dirties 30; checks 29; current receipts unquoted. CHICAGO POTATOES CHICAGO (AP) — (USDA) Potatoes arrivals 60; on track 149; total U.S. shipments 525; supply light demand good; market steady; carlot track sales: Idaho russets 3.35-3.45; Minnesota North Dakota Red River Valley pontiacs 2.50-2.70. NEW YORK (AP) — Canadian dollar in New York open market 3V4 per cent premium or 103.50 U.S. cents, up 1-32 of a cent. NEW YORK (AP) — (USDA) Dressed poultry: there were too India's New Envoy t o U. S. Sees Countries as a Team By BRUCfc BIOSSAT (NBA Washington Corregpondent) WASHINGTON -Mahomed AH Currim Chagla, India's new ambassador to the United States, brings wih him a set of credentials, both personal and official, that seem to suit him well for the mission he seeks to accomplish. His soft but precise English speaks of thorough Oxford train- Ing In modern Western history, pins some law In London. He touched the American scene briefly In 1946 as a member of the Indian delegation to the United Nations. In his native state of Bombay he has pursued a distinguished legal and judicial career, having served for the past 11 years as chief justice of the Bombay High Court. When he wants to break away from official duties, Chagla turns frequently to English literature. It's probably his chief diversion, though he still enjoys biography and history. Among modern American writers he likes Hemingway and Steinbeck. Drama Catches Attention The drama catches his attention, too, and in the brief time since he hit Washington he's already seen one play, a light comedy called "The Warm Peninsula," with Julie Harris. Sooner or later he'll be sampling Broadway. Add to his Interests Western (symphonic) and Indian music, and painting. The colorful Impressionists of . 19th century France are among hiv favorites. Aides are Jotting down museums for him to visit. Chagla dabbles a bit in golf, but bridge is the game for him. He talks of it with evident relish. On his 1946 visit he had no chance to see America. This time he intends to range far, and speaking bids are piling up. He'll have ample chance to work at that mission of his. What is the mission? To Help Understanding To help Americans understand the immensity and Importance of India's experiment in democracy, as it tries to lift 400 million people to higher economic levels while preserving individual liberty. India feels that AS It pushes forward In this massive enterprise the world focus Is upon It. It Is a vast showcase and laboratory, Inevitably get beside another — Red China — where similar effort is being made to raise up hundreds of millions. The big question: Which way will work best? The compulsions of communism, now reaching a new pitch in China as forced- labor communes are set up and family life crushed? Or the free cooperative energies India seeks to stimulate? Stake Is Tremendous Ambassador Chagla believes Am- few wholesale sales to report prices for turkeys; squabs and ducks steady; prices unchanged. NEW YORK PRODUCE NEW YORK (AP) - (USDA)Butter offerings moderate; demand fair; receipts 348,000. Wholesale price on bulk cartons (fresh). Creamery, 93 score (AA) 80% cents 92 score (A) COVi-GOlfe; 90 score (B) 60-60V4. Cheese steady; receipts 33,000; prices unchanged. Wholesale egg offerings liberal; demand spotty today; receipts 28,200. (Wholesale selling prices based on exchange and other volume sales). New York spot • quotations follow: includes mldwestern: mixed colors: extras (48-50 Ibs) 34V4-35&; extras large (45-48 Ibs) 32^-34%; extras medium 31-31%; smalls 28Vi-29; standards large 33-34V4; checks 32to-33Vi. Whites: extras (48-50 Ibs) 35-38; extras large (45-48 Ibs) 33-35; extras medium 31-31%. Browns: extras (48-50 Ibs) 37%. Parcel Post Group Wants to Mark Time WASHINGTON (AP)-The Parcel Post Assn. Inc. asked the Interstate Commerce Commission today to mark time on a Post Office proposal to hike parcel post rates by about 17 per cent. The association, made up of big users of the service, said it is preparing a detailed petition for dismissal of the increase application, which will be filed within a week. IOWA NEWS EMPLOYMENT HIGHER DES MOINES UP) — Employment in Iowa industries and businesses totaled 646,500 in mid October, or slightly higher than at the same time a year earlier, the Iowa Employment Security Commission said Thursday. AGENCY INFORMATION DES MOINES UP) — There apparently is strong bipartisan support among Iowa legislators for a proposed law to assure public access to information about the actions and deliberations of governmental agencies. SPECTACULAR FLOAT DES MOINES UP) - Iowa's $10,000 float in the annual Rose Bowl Parade at Pasadena, Calif., Jan. 1 will be a spectacular one, featuring the theme "The New Iowa, Where Factory and Farm Share Prosperity." TRUCK DRIVER KILLED CEDAR RAPIDS (ffi — James Hammond, 40, truck driver from Zion, 111., was killed Wednesday night in a highway accident here. Authorities said Hammond's truck struck the rear of another which had halted at a stop sign at the intersection of U. S. 30 and U.S. PHIL DIES — Phil, star attraction of the St. Louis, Mo., zoo, died in his cage, apparently the victim of an intestinal parasite. The huge gorilla, whose normal weight of 600 pounds had dropped to less than 500 pounds, had been on a hunger strike since Oct. 18. He will be stuffed and displayed at zoo where he spent most of his 19 or 20 years. (NEA Telephoto) CYPRUS (Continued from Page 1) United States of taking sides in the Cyprus dispute despite America's stated policy of neutrality on the explosive question dividing three members of the North Atlantic Alliance. Averoff-Tossizza charged that all signs had pointed towards a conciliatory movement but the stream of conciliation had been dammed by the United States. The Greek diplomat made his charge shortly after Chief U. S. Delegate Henry Cabot Lodge threw his support behind the Iranian resolution. Lodge, apparently trying not to add fuel to the incendiary situation, made no reply to the Greek charges. Lodge States Case In backing the Iranian plan, Lodge had expressed the opinion that it was an essentially pro- erica's stake in this great competition is tremendous. Not only is India striving to preserve and nourish Individual freedoms, through new stress on cooperation among revived and strengthened village councils. It wishes also to broaden Its Industrial base without sacrifice to Its food supply or to consnm- er goods generally. Neither Red China nor Russia hate mating' ed this, Chagla observes. And, though it needs capital today from the prosperous lands, India is desperately eager to get on its own feet and go it sown Independent way as a bellwether of democracy in Asia. Chagla, at 58 a man with iron gray hair set off by thlck-fram ed glasses, thinks America never was in a friendlier, more receptive mood for the story he wants to tell. He feels Indian-American relations may stand at a new threshold of understanding. 3 Road Deaths Bring State Count to 650 By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Three more names were added to Minnesota's 1958 traffic death toll today bringing the total thus far this year to 650, up 21 from the same date a year ago. Janice Rathbun, 23-year-old Rochester science teacher, was killed Thursday night when her car collided with a Chicago & North Western train at a grade crossing in Rochester. Mrs. Louise Anderson, 71, of Minneapolis, died in General Hospital Thursday night of injuries suffered when she was struck by a car at a loop intersection Sept. 30. Damages for Freeway Filed in Courthouse Breakdowns on appraisals of condemned property for the freeway east of Austin Into amounts awarded for property loss and damages have been filed with Clerk of Court William Plzak. The appraisals, subject to appeal, were made by a commission including H. F. Ohde, Gene McLaughlin and M. J. Schleuder. In the following breakdown are amount of award, property value and amount of damages: Hormal Foundation, $3,530, $3,530, none. City of Austin, $49,367, $32,167, $17,200. City of Austin, $4,960, $4,760, $200. Utilities Dept., $995, none, $995. Country Club, $8,860, none, $8,860. Raymond Holleschau, $29,504, $26,504, $3,000. Donald L. Speck, $8,163, $6,163, $2,000. C. W. Siehl, $2,200, $1,963, $237. Paul Cummings, $1,234, $1,100, $134. Donald E. Carpenter, $300, $300, none. Thomas D. Moede, $2,645, $2,585, $60. Harold C. Landgraf, $4,028, $4,. 008, $20. Tommy J. Tapager, $1,279, $769, $510. Adah Jenks, $475, $465, $10. Robert Jorgenson, $350, $340, Arnold 0. Voigt, $2;:,M8, $26, 348. $2,300. Elsie Jech, $1,677, $597, $1,080. Eddie Escorts Lit to Fancy Restaurant HOLLYWOOD, c«iif. (AP>-A few hours after Debbie Reynolds sued him for divorce, singer Eddie Fisher escorted Elizabeth Taylor to a fancy Beverly Hills restaurant Thursday night. It was their first appearance together in public since the round of night-clubbing in New York last September that led to the breakup of the Fisher-Reynolds marriage. AUSTIN (Minn.) HERALD 4 A Friday, Dee. 5, 1938 IV Airliner With 21 Aboard Is Misting MADfttD, Spain (APJ-A Spanish airliner With 21 pet-ions aboard was believed to have crashed Thursday night on a flight to Madrid from Vigo, in northwest Spain. The four-engine Languedoc left Vigo at 4:45 p.m. with 18 passengers and five erew members and , was due here at 6:90 p.m. tt car*' ried fuet to last only until 0:30 p.m. ..; $10. Bernard J. Wehner, $150, none, $150. Clarence Siehl, $150, none, $150. Del Slats, $150, none, $150. Del Slats, $150,' none, $150. Bernard J. Wehner, $300, none. $300. Paul Cummings, $4,565, $3,848, $717. Carl Kumlin, $14,113, $7,888, $6,- NOTICE The Hayfield Furniture Co. withes to thank the public for their generous patronage in the past. We will continue to operate as before until the business is sold. We will employ competent, licensed funeral directors. Daytime Calls - 3622. Night Calls - 2872 or 3506. H. H. Gaudy, Temporary Manager 225. CAKS, TRUCKS, BUSES —12E CARS, TRUCKS. BUSES —1ZB CARS, TRUCKS. BUSEB —12E 218. The other driver was unhurt, cedural resolution "that will help encourage negotiations." The British threw their support behind the Iranian plan because it LABOR CHIPS IN DES MOINES UP) — Iowa labor made substantial contributions to the general election campaign of Democratic Lt. Gov-elect Edward J. McManus, his expense report showed Thursday. STOCKS NEW YORK (AP) - 1 p.m Stocks: Intl Paper 115 55V4 93% 68V» 89 Abbott L Allied Ch Allied Sirs 53% AllisChal 27% Amerada Am Can AmMtrs AT&T Anaco Co Jones & L Ken'cott Lor'lrd Lukens Stl 50% 34% 197% 56Vs 68 103*4 TO OUR NEW LOCATION AT 1311 SOUTH RIVER ST. (Formerly 7-Up Bottling Building Next to Ideal Heating) STOP AND SEE US - NOW'S A GOOD TIME TO TRADE Contact Darrell Oliphant OR Chet Ullman WE HAVE THE FOLLOWING CARS ON HAND 1959 Dodge Coronet 4 Dr. 1958 Dodge Custom Royal 4 Dr. 1956 Dodge Coronet 4 Dr. 1956 Ford Victoria Hardtop 1953 Plymouth 4 Dr. Sedan 1958 Ford (6) "300" 2 Dr., 6,000 miles 1955 Mercury 2 Dr. Sedan 1953 Buick Hardtop. Overhauled. 1953 Ford 2 Dr. Sedan 1952 Dodge 4 Dr. Good. 1957 Volkswagen MOTORS 1311 S. RIVER - HE 3-7871 Authorized Dealer for: Simcas, Cushman Scooters, Feathercraft Boats, Cator Trailers Armco Stl Armour Beth Steel 48% Boeing Air 49V« Minn MM Minn P&L Mon Chm 38V4 Mon Dk U 30V4 33V« 20% 27 tt 66% 24'» 30 5914 52 58 li. 58% 56 4814 Case J I Celanese Ches & 0 C MSPP Chi&NW Chrysler Cities Svc Comw Ed Cons Ed Cont Can ContOil Deere Douglas Dow Chem 72% du Pont 198 East Rod 134% Firestone 123 Ford Mtr 4G^i GenElec 69 7U Gen Foods 77'i Gen Mtrs 47^ Goodrich 74U Goodyear 117 GtNorRy 49% Greyhound 17% Homestk 42% , Inland Stl 13314 IBMach 449' 2 62 Mon Wrd 22% Nat Dy Pr No Am Av Nor Pac Nor St Pw Norw Airl Penney Phil Pet Pure Oil Radio Crp Rep Steel 41% 47« 40 49% 2Ui 26% 108V4 46% avoid taking any stand in favor of the Greek independence demand or the Turkish call to parti^ tion the island between the squabbling Greek and Turkish communities. The Greeks hotly oppose partition of Cyprus, where the Greek- speaking population outnumbers the Turks by about 4-1. Greece has long demanded independence for Cyprus, promising guarantees for the Turkish minority. The British want negotiations resumed without the restriction of a U. N. recommendation. Statistics Favor Salk Vaccine WASHINGTON (AP)-The importance of having children under 5 years of age protected with s f; Salk polio vaccine was empha- * sized today by new statistics. 45% The Public Health Service said summaries from Arkansas, Colo- , Bey Tob B 86% rad0i New York State (excluding Rich Oil Sears Roe Shell Oil Sine Oil Soc Mob St Brands St Oil Cal St Oil Ind St Oil NJ Stud Pack Sunray 104 37 New York City), North Carolina The name of Sylvester Campion, 65, St. Cloud, who died in a St. Cloud hospital Oct. 31, was added to the traffic toll by the State Highway Department today. Longer. Gets Certificate of Election ST. PAUL (AP)—Congressman- elect Odin Langen of Minnesota's 9th District finally got his certificate of election at 11:20 a.m. today. Secretary of State Joseph Donovan handed him the certificate after receiving two opinions from Atty. Gen. Miles Lord, one written and one oral, and after Chief Justice Roger Dell had refused to order the certificate held up. Dell issued a statement calling the attorney general's written opinion "unsatisfactory." The certificate was due to be issued Monday. It was held up to determine what should be done about it after Rep. Coya Knutson (D-Minn), who Langen defeated, charged a "malicious conspiracy" beat her and asked a congressional committee to investigate. Indiana, S. D. Members Are / Best / in4-H CHICAGO (AP) - Indiana and South Dakota members Thursday were named the nation's best In 4-H Club work for 1858. Miss Linda Lou Gould, 19, of Lafayette, Ind., and Roger Hunsley, 20, of Pierre, S.D., represented the cream of more than two million club members in the United States. Both were chosen from among 12 national winners in the achievement project, which is based upon each member's over-all 4-H record. All 12 received $400 college scholarships. In addition, Miss Gould and young Hunsley received chests of silver presented in behalf of President Eisenhower. The two also received miniature silver bulls from Nicolas De Men- diburu of Lima, Peru, director of a Peruvian organization similar in aimg to 4-H. Hunsley is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Warren Hunsley, Rt. 3, Pierre. Elmer Hertle, $1,279, $829, $450. Richard W. Rush, $1,242, $829, $413. James F. Rush Jr., $1,204, $829, $375. Richard W. Rush, $2,607, $1,669, $938. Harry A. Mentel, $9,015, $6,795, $2,200. Fred Mentel, $4,964, $3,444, $1,250. Herbest W. Bliss, $422, $339, $83. Carl Knoche, $571, $495, $76. William Hertle, $6,040, $3,537, $2,503. Elmer Rathjen, $12,687, $7,329, $5,358. Ray J. Locher, $7,861, $3,287, ?4 t 574, William B. Malone, $8,376, $6,416, $1,960. George D. Kenevan, $18,996, $8,877, $5,119. E. M. Rugg, $34,973, $28,687, $6,383. Floyd Orth, $24,044, $5,224, $18,520. Ben Ryks, $9,198, $5,316, $3,882. Robert F. Gray, $5,638, $3,851, $1,787. John Pfister, $9,750, $9,750, none. Fay L. Leeper, $7,275, $5,392, $1,883. Kenneth Finley, $10,128, $6,333, $3,795. Martin Bustad, $7,532, $3,643, $3,889. Alfred Quasi, $1,361, $1,161, $200. Arthur Sheedy, $10,324, $8,839, $1,485. Agar Olson, $18,278, $9,185, $9,093. Luther Bang, $3,282, $282, $3,000. Erma Scott, $4,456, $3,056, $1,400. Walter F. Schartz, $7,840, $1,140, $6,700. Ralph B. Fairbanks, $2,346, $1,. 296, $1,050. Oscar Proeschel, $9,527, $7,082, $2,490. Gustav Hammermeister, $6,654,1 $4,650, $2,004. Kenneth W. Nelson, $988, $46,1 $942. NOTICE POLICE CIVIL SERVICE EXAMINATIONS Applications for competitive examinations will be received by the Police Civil Service Commission up te and Including December 15, 1958, for position* ei Patrolmen en the Police Foree of the City of Auitin, Minnesota, N Applicant* must be eltlieni of the United States, must have resided in the City for M least one year next preceding the dates of their application, mutt (M not less than 21 and not more then 35 years of age en date ol application. Minimum height 5 ft. 7 In. Max 6 ft. 4 In. Minimum weight 150 Ibs.; maximum weight 225 Ibs. Education, high school graduate er the equivalent. Applications for examinations must be on forms supplied by the Commission and can be obtained et the Chief of Police's office. SaM applications properly filled out must be delivered to the Chief ef Police not later than December 15, 1958. Successful applicants must pass each of the following examinations: WRITTEN, PSYCHOLOGICAL, ORAL AND MEDICAL. Successful applicants will be notified as to time and place of said examination. POLICE CIVIL SERVICE COMMISSION Dec. 5-8-10-12, 1958. ARM TALK GENERAL FARM STORES . . SYMPATHIES, SAM- BUT you MUST BUCK u? BURV YOURSBUF IN YOUR WORK. A CONCRETE EXAMPLE OF DEPENDABILITY IS THE FAST AND _ REUABU6 SERVICE OF GENERAL FARHSTORESlwt TAKE IT FROM MIKE Howdy Folki: If Jullui Cmor wtr« ollvt todoy, h« would b« 1,006 yiort old; which would ctrtolnly put him wtll oulildt thi Junior Cub Scout lit and make him tllglblt for top livil Social Security. I do not rtcall, off hand, thi «xact ogi that JuMui admltttd to whin Irutui doni him In. But, I oftin wonder how long lit would ftari lirid If ho had aatin tuch health-giving food 01 FARMPRYDE FEEDS, and, of court*, not have nut Btutui. I thought of all thli whin my neighbor, Malcolm V. Applidorn, who farmi juit wwt of ui In tinhorn township, told me that hli hem live twice M long and lay twice ai many eggi at they did before h« itorted feeding them FARMPRYDE FEED. Thafl what FARM- PRYDE did for Ms rloeki, . He mad* a pretty fair financial gain right there: and think of all the fun the him had. MIKI —Youfl, MIKE GENERAL FARM STORES GRAIN "FEEDS'-SEEDS'-FERTILIZER ATER -HE. V21CO ^ 114 E? MAPLE and Oklahoma show that more jthan one-third of all paralytic 62% i cases this year were among chil- 48 V4' dren under 5. 61% j For all ages there were 191 par- 58*« : alytic cases, with 67 of them in 46H such children. 58% ' Forty-five ol the paralytic cases 14V4 were in children who had received 26^) | no vaccine, seven had received Swift & Co 33% one shot, six had received two; Texas Co 84',i seven had received the recom- Truax Tra 21%' men ded three, and vaccination Un Oil Cal 43%! status was not reported for two Bid 53% Un Pac 35 U S Rub 453. U S Steel 86% West Un 30% Westg El 69% Wlworth 50% Yng S & T 11 George A. Bormel * Co. Comma* Stock (Wright Well* & CoJ percentage of cases in cases. "The children under 5 years of age in each of the states varied from about 23 per cent in New York Intl Harv 42% A banquet at which the two received the awards concluded the five-day session of the 37th national 4-H Club Congress attended by more, than 1,300 delegates. Bed Abloxe; Fined for Careless Smoking NORTHFIELD, Minn. (AP) After he set his bed afire at the Stuart Hotel here, Robert Sim • kins, 53, Dowagiac, Mich., was fined $100 and $3 costs for careless smoking Thursday. Sixteen other guests were forced to flee when the fire sent heavy smoke billowing through halls. Damage was confined to Sirakins' room. He himself was- treated for burns on the hands and feet. to about 60 per cent in North Carolina," the service said. j BAND DIRECTOR DIES CHAMPAIGN, 111. an - Dr. Al- The United States suppressed a bert Austin Harding, 78, Univer- i rebellion agauist a tax on whis U Asked jsity of Illinois bandmaster for 40 ky in western Pennsylvania in 55H 'years, died Wednesday of cancer.'September of 1794. ALL MODERN 2 BEDROOM HOME _102 WEST AUIGH6NSY Will BE SOLD AT PUBLIC AUCTION TUESDAY, DECEMBER 9 it 7 FJl Wood frame lovely all modern 2 bedroom home. Large livinfl room; Dining room with new builtin china cupboards; Living room, Dining room, hallway and stairway all newly carpeted; Kitchen with builtin cupboards; 2 large bedrooms upstairs with closets to each. Linen closet; Full bath beautifully tiled In plastic; Full basement with stool, shower, hot water heater and nearly new forced air gas furnace. Lot approximately 40 by 100 ft. Shade trees, sidewalks, curbs and single garage. As we have purchased another home we wish to Invite you to inspect this cozy 2 bodroom horn* and plan to attend th» sole. Inspection 2 to 5 and 7 to 8 p.m. daily, FrM guessing contest. TERMS; $1000.00 down day of sale. Balance to present loan when possession Is given. Possession Dec. 20, 1958. Present loan is $6100.00 which is Gl with interest 4'/2% payable $75.00 per month which includes Principal, Interest, taxes and insurance. ALFRED WEBER, OWNER COLS. HULL AND THOMSEN, Auctioneers ALL MODERN 3 BEDROOM HOME located 4'/2 mile* East of Austin on Highway 16 first corner past Nlcolf Mobil* Station then 1 block north. WILL BE SOLD AT PUBLIC AUCTION WEDNESDAY, DECEMBEB 10 at 7 PJL All modern 3 bedroom home with garage and breezewoy. Large living room and dining room combined. All carpeted including stairway. Venetian blinds Spacious kitchen with plenty of built- in cupboards. Inlaid linoleum on floor. I bedroom on first floor with large closet. 2 lovely bedrooms upstairs with large closet. Full basement with good Stoker furnace. 50 gol. electric hot water heater. Breezeway and garoqe. Large lot approximately 66 by 137 tt. Lovely ihade trees. This is really a very choice lot. Free guessing contest. You are invited to inspect this home from 2 to 5 and 7 to 8 P.M. daily. We hove purchased the home next door. You will find this o very cozy home with oil the comforts of on expensive place. LOCATED IN THE AUSTIN SCHOOL 01STIICT. TERMS: 51000,00 down day of sale. Balance when possession is given. Possession can bo hod immediately. DONALD E. STALEY, OWNER COLS. HULL AND THOMSEN, Auctioneer*

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