The Journal News from Hamilton, Ohio on July 29, 1973 · Page 28
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The Journal News from Hamilton, Ohio · Page 28

Hamilton, Ohio
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 29, 1973
Page 28
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PifeC-2 J«Kroal-Ne»«, Hamilton, Ohio Suatoy. My »,1»T3 -Beats Schurger in sudden deathl Arnold overcomes 8-shot deficit for Potter's Park title By BILL MOELLER Sports Editor QUITE A pressure golfer is young Bob Arnold, new Potter's Park club champion. Arnold won the title Saturday by coming from eight strokes behind at the halfway .mark to tie Paul Schurger for medal honors at the 36-hole mark, and then triumphed on the fourth hole of the sudden-death playoff. The 19-year-old Fairfield High graduate had to withstand a lot of pressure to tie by driving the green and making a birdie on the final regulation hole. It took even more guts to win the playoff from the more experienced Schurger. They both had bogeys on the first extra hole, pars on the second and bogeys on the third. ON THE fourth extra hole Arnold sank an 18-foot putt for a birdie to beat Schurger who just missed a 20- footer and took a par. Strangely, Schurger is a former University of Cincinnati star and Arnold, who was a freshman at UC last year, did not go out for golf. He probably will seek a berth on the Bearcat club this year. Playoffs are nothing new to Arnold. It was his third in a major tournament. Last year he defeated Steve Mariana in sudden death for the city junior championship and last month he lost to Frank Johnson, city champion, in sudden death for the Tewart Tourney title. "I didn't think I had a chance after being in ninth place eight strokes behind at the halfway mark," said Arnold. "I just went out to have some fun." And fun he had as he shot Saturday's round in three- under-par 65, his best ever at Potter's. Arnold added, "I was lucky because everyone ahead of me had a bad day. Of all of those ahead of me at the end of 18, none shot better than a 71." ARNOLD, who just recently turned 19, posted 73-65 for his 138 while Schurger had 67-71. Just one stroke behind were Jim Klapper, the first round leader with 65 who ballooned to 74 for 139, and Marty Protzman who had 67-72 for the same figure. Next in line were Bob Johnson 72-71-143, Terry Johnson 71-74-145, Toy Hobbs 70-75-145, Bob 1 Yeakle 7769-146, Mark Teague 71-75-146 and Cleve Presley 73-73146. Matt Hacker finished 15 strokes ahead of the field to win the B Flight Championship. After a'first round 74, Ol v Duffy recalls Babe's first and last HRs, and a 'kid' named Aaron he came back with a par 68, his best ever, for i*l. 68 was the second best round in any flight Saturday. After Hacker were DaleGibson79-78-157, Bob Scholz 82-76-158 Jim Gentry 81-78-159, Don bowman 78-83-161, Pete cecere 80-81-161, Vern Boggs 88-83-161, Pete Cecere 80-81-161, Vern Bpggs 88-82-162 and Jim Acra 82-80-162. I! AY HOBBS was crowned champion of the C Flight by a seven-stroke margin. He had a consistent 78-78156. Hobbs was followed by Dave Bruce 79-84-163, Otto Reid 83-83-166, Paul Bender 84-83-167, Virgil Goode 8188-169, Frank Winterrod 84-88-172, R. Bailey 86-87-173 and John Julian 87-87-174. Ben Bastin, professional at the course, said it was well-played tournament and he was pleased with the results. EDITORS: The following is an exclusive interview by Associated Press Sports Writer Dave O'Hara with baseball oldtimer Duffy Lewis, who played with Babe Ruth, later gave Hank Aaron his first iiiajui league pay check, and here offers his reflections on the game's two greatest home run hitters. By DAVE O'HARA Associated Press Sports Writer SALEM, N.H. (AP) After more than a half century in baseball, George E. "Duffy" Lewis spends much of his time these days at the race track, but he has more than a passing interest in Hank Aaron's surge toward Babe Ruth's home r un record. .Duffy, a spry 85, is the only player in history ever to. have pinch-hit for the MJghty Babe. He's also undoubtedly the only man alive to have seen Ruth's first and last homers. - . L e w i s ' w o n d e r f u l memories don't stop there, though. Aaron got his first major league meal money, and pay check, from Duffy. "That was a long, long time ago," Lewis recalled the other day after walking a short distance from his home to Rockingham Park, where he has a VIP box to watch racing virtually year- round. "Henry was a terrific hitter from the time he broke in, but who ever thought he'd catch Babe?" Lewis, a native of San Francisco, was a member of one of baseball's greatest outfields, playing with Tris Speaker and Harry Hooper with the Boston Red Sox, when a young lefthanded pitcher joined the club in 1914. The pitcher's name was George Herman Ruth. "He didn't really do too much that first year with us, but there was no question that he could throw the ball well and could hit the ball a mile," Duffy said in an exclusive interview with The Associated Press. Lewis played with the Red Sox from 1910 through 1917, spent one year in the Army and then two with the New York Yankees before winding up his career with one season in Washington. "It didn't seem like anything big at the time, but over the years it became funnier and funnier, me pinch-hitting for the Babe," Lewis chuckled. "It was in 1914 and I was on the bench nursing a bad ankle. "Babe could hit the long ball, but struck out a lot at the time. Bill Carrigan, our manager, sent me up to pinch-hit, although I coulc" barely run. I got a hit, too. I used to think that the hit won the game, but I was told a few years ago it didn't." Lewis vividly recalls home runs Nos. 1 and 714 by the Sultan of Swat. "The only trouble I've had in remembering the Babe's first was whether it was 1914 or 1915, but I'm told it was 1915," Duffy said. "It was against the Yankees, of all teams, and in New York, no less. He. hit the homer against a side-arm throwing pitcher. Jack Warhop. It was a long belt, but good. "Then I was with the old Boston Braves as a coach in 1935, a year before I became traveling secretary, when the Babe wound up his career. He hit three homers in one game at Pittsburgh, his last three. I saw him hit the first one.that day, but was busy and missed the second. Then I was watching when he nailed the next one. Of course, we knew he was making baseball history " Lewis, who remained with the Braves in Boston and then Milwaukee until his retirement at the age of 73 in 1961, was on hand when Aaron joined the club in spring training in 1954. "I clearly remember one writer (I won't mention his name) saying that Henry would never make it, he couldn't hit enough," Duffy said. "Most of us, though, were convinced we were watching a future star. It took only a few months to convince that one writer, too." Did Duffy actually witness Aaron's first majoi league homer? "I honestly don't know," he said. "I saw him hit homers in training in Florida and I must have been in the park the day he hit his first one for Milwaukee. Whether I saw it or not, I don't know. I might have been watching or I might have been busy doing something." Lewis admits to mixed feelings as Hammerin' Hank charges toward 714. "Henry always has been a very nice fellow and I'm happy for him, but I hate to see Ruth's records broken," Duffy said. "Of course, the Babe will never be forgotten and records are made to be broken. As long as the home run record is going to be broken, I'm glad it's being done by a person like Henry. "Aaron has done a great job for many years and deserves everything coming to him. He always has taken care of himself and has been a credit to baseball." Race Results ----Jr^ * Entries River Downs I REMEMBER BABE! George E. "Duffy" Lewis, now 85 and living in Salem, N.I!., reminisces about his days in baseball. He recalls pinch-hitting for Babe Huth and also the debut of Hank Aaron. 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Model LM-1 FIRST RACE-- 5'i Furlongs Seventh Princess (11-1) Alibage 120) Vul's Anficl U14) Graceful Grace (114) Devilish Tom (114) Bandil's Spark 1115) Sorlai (114) .Tubes Crafl (109) Miss World (114) Gotebo 1 109) Liltle Beggar 1120) Kalhv Bca 1120J SECOND RACE-Six Furlongs (Chute) Lagado's Pro (115) Ed's Lcnore (112) Devilish Rose (109) Mito Tom (109) Sylvan's Bet (115) A Lilllc Like Luke (109) John D. Miller (114) Bold and Mighty (115) CadeE Villa 1111) Jewell's Jewell (105) Darling's Honor (110) Grecian Upsel (104) THIRD RACE-5',3 Furlongs Eternal Quill (118) Missy Will Shine 1115) Hermina (1081 Lady Ymby U15) Grain of Blue (118) Wail on Me (115) Dandy Carl (118) Sorry Miss (110) Georgia Express 118) Win for Marcia (118) Grand Bar U1BI I FOURTH RACE-Six Furlongs (Chute I Timmidcn (115) Ezab Joe ( l i s t Early Artist (110) Galloping County (115) Country Auction (115) Lilllc Gam (115) 1 .Gav Andrew 1115) · Sm'nkomo (120) ! Hampton Betty (110) lisa Bing (115) Timely Topics 1110) FIFTH RACE-- Six 'Furlongs (Chute) Delia Doge (115) Ravin Dave (117) Wily Lad (120) Reacquire (115) Flight Stripe (103) Trim Royal (117) Master Cord (117) . Polvunsaturaled !15) SIXTH RACE-1 M 70 Yds. Cool Way (114) I'm Always Late (114) Queen Eton (104) Darby C. I09t Angel's Home (102) Tony's Hope ( 1 1 4 ) Kanshemiss (109) Young Rascal (107) Queslover 1120) Pin's Babby .104) Counselor's Folly 1109) SEVENTH RACE-5 fc Furlongs Johnny's Song (119) Lake Chapala (114) Euphoria (119) Lasl Ole Dollar (114) Kayruntaro (109) Deleterious (114) Look Who's Back (119) My Ricklie (114) Princess Wierd 1114) Who Said So (114) ' Happy Herman (119) EIGHTH RACE-Six Furlongs (Chute) Heinctte (110) King Brook (115) Master Fighter (120) Jewell's Dream (110) Todger B-(115) Probing (112) Secret Line (117) Misanthrope (115) Three Gee's (115) Eatin' (115) Doc Crowder (120) Sarsia Sarsui (115) NINTH RACE-- 1 M t 1-16 Mr. Colleoni (113) Starry Deb (111) Deadly Dan (113) Nord's Great (106) Solid Smith (116) Needless Mate (113) Victorious Leader (113) Choir Song (113) Clear the Court (116) Cliimar (113) Q U I N E L L A 4-5 $114.30 FIFTH RACE l.illleMissW. 31.30 10.80 5.60 Iron Red 6.40 4.60 Uuddvs Heart 1.20 SIXTH RACE Bridge Day 5.60 -1.00 2.10 Cause No Trix «.W 4.00 FircWulcr 3.00 SEVENTH RACE The Duke 2ND 3.80 3.00 2.80 Tiny Love 4.M 3.40 Crmeycatch 5.00, Q U I N E L L A 1 -'2522.50 EIGHTH RACE Babinglon's Image 5.00 3.00 3.40 Cap'N Julius 4.00 2.60 Once Irish ' 2.fcO NINTH RACE Lcn-Lce 10.80 9.20 5.» Powder Mountain 5.40 4.00 Diamond Lil 6.80 TENTH RACE Collegian Man b.M 3.20 2.ftO Box No 4.00 3.40 LuJuhn 3.60 QUINELLA 4-7 $19.50 Latonia KIHST K ACE-- Conditioned Pace C h i c o D a n D 19.00 8.60 4.00 Bengal Tink 6.60 4.00 Sun Dial Palsv 2 40 SECOND RACE-- Claiming Pice Golden Warrior 6.20 4.40 2.80 Barry Dares 17.40 5.20 Upslarl lobell 2.W Time-- 2:07.2 TUIKD RACE-- Conditioned Pin Knight Slreel 10.80 4 80 2.60 Lorella creed 3.20 2.40 ~ s ... ,, FOURTH RACE-Claiimng Pace Coalmen! Bob 33.20 13.60 6.W Lucky Jon El g.QO Speedy Chance 5 80 Time-- 2:03.1 KIKTH RACE-- Conditioned Pace The Red Weasle 4.60 3.00 2.80 Le Grande Red 3.40 2.60 Flying Gemini 3.40 Time-- 2:05.7 "· SIXTH HACK-- Con diliwitd Pace Auriferous Way 17.00 6.60 7.80 HVAdjos 3.60 2.46 Tame Freight 2.80 ; Time-- 2:04.4 ' SEVENTH RACE-- Conditioned trut Water Loo 3.20 3.20 2.40 PelerHorn 13.00 6.00 Tough Shot S.OO Time: 2:03.1 EIGHTH RACE-- Preferred Piee Megs Rhylhm 5.20 3.40 2.80 Ashlawn 5.40 3.00 Miracle Lee 4.40 Time: 1:59.1 NINTH RACE-- Invitational Pic* Naughly Willie 10.20 3.80 3.20 Miles To Go · 2.60 2.60 Hurry Home 4.30 Time: 1:58.3 TENTH RACE-Clalming Pace Lumber Dazzle 8.20 5.40 5.00 Bess Mite 13.00 7.80 ChiefStrongbow 3.80 Time: 2:05.3 PERFECTA (1 and 2) $107.10 ATTENDANCE 3.208 Jockey is critically injured SALEM, N.H. (AP) -Veteran jockey Henry Wajda, 39, was injured' critically Saturday when he was thrown under his mount and kicked in the chest at start of the second face at Rockingham Pafk. Wajda, of Newmarket, N.H., underwent emergency Lickty (116) Lindtsh (111) FIRST RACE Steamin' Sun With Ease Dream Ruler SECOND RACE NeerSlorm Mark Me Gone Wise Kilia DAILY DOUBLE 1-8 568.40 THIRD RACE Fancy Circle Ivy'sCal -Sleep Slopes FOURTH RACE Baltic Boom Ixtl OSong Bright Dusk 15-00 680 4.20 12.40 a.BO surgery Hospital, Methuen, Mass., lor a punctured lung, and. 38o zso was reported in critical 5.8o 160 condition. Track officials said Wajda was aboard the horse 3.6o Zabush when his foot became jammed against th! 10 so s.oo 3.20 starting gate. When the race 120 \® started, a spokesman said his right stirrup apparently. 20iS ° ?M I'm broke and he fe " under the 3 M horse. Cause No Trix wins, but is 'intimidated' into 2nd CINCINNATI, Ohio (AP) -- Cause No Trix was disqualified after winning the first of Saturday's two featured races at River Downs. The horse was disqualified for repeated intimidation, according to track officials. ' Runnerup Bridge Day was declared the winner of the 7'/i furlong race and paid $5.60, $4.00 and $2.80. : Cause No Trix was dropped to the place position and returned $6.60 and $4.00. The show horse was Fire Water at $3.00. Bridge Day's running time was 1:32 2-5. Lon-Lee was the winner of the second half of the .' $5,000 added Vivacious Handicap, covering the 7M furlongs on turf in 1:32 3-5. The victory paid $20.60, $9.20 and $5.60. Powder Mountain returned $5.40and $4.00. Diamond Lil showed al $B.80. Steamin'Sun and NeerSlorm, 1-8, returned $68.40 in the daily double. ; A crowd of 7,551 wagered $681,578. J

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