The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on January 12, 1933 · Page 7
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 7

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 12, 1933
Page 7
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I ' \ THE BAKERSFIELD CALIFORNIAN, THURSDAY, JANUARY 12, 1933 KITCHEN .GONE MODERNE j 1 L • ' * ~ Silver and Copper Finish Popular for Dress of Kettle and Pot By RUTH COWAN iutctt J'rc** Leaned CHICAGO, Jan. 12.—"Polly put the kettle on, nnd we'll all take tea." That old nurnery rhyme IH the same but the tea kettle isn't, for that household standby has gone "mod- erne"*—and HO have the frying pan *i»d the coffee pot. A new array of kitchen utensils, as "moderne" In lines us the coming world's fnlr, waH put on the market today at the National House Furnishing Manufacture™' unnuul show. And no longer can "thy kettle call tho pot bJnt'k," Another manufacturer Is introducing a complete line of Iron pots, pans and skillets treated to retain a silver finish. This winter witnessed the increasing popularity of copper in costume jewelry, cigarette trays and odd household furnishings. Now copper, prized by the early American housewife and one of the oldest metaln used In cooking vessels, again has invaded tho kitchen field from double boilers .to percnlatorH and dishpann. One manufacturer, who has brought out an extensive range of copperware, explained that the reduced' cost of copper made it possible. A new labor-wiving device electric washing machine th dry cleanB. _ Thin niAuhlne~has in the tub an tier separate compartment In olothefl can be cleaned in a nonex- plonlve fluid upon the same principle in which they would be washed in *u*/i tor. When uKeil AH a washer, this Inner compartment con be utilized to wash fragile or small pieces as the suds In it can be kept separate from the main -tub. is an t also in- which AT NEW R OILDALE LIBRARY OMB THREATS LLARS wmm Jan. 12.—Many new ancl Interesting- hooks are nvnllable nt tho loonl branch of the Kern County library, according to Mrn. Nina Hathaway, Ubrnrtan, The hookw are as follows: mystery -stories, "The of the Opal." hy Jncknon Gregory, and ."Keeper of the Keys," by Blgger.s. We.stern stories, "Robber's Roost" nnd "Arizona Ames," by Znnp 'Grey nnd ey of Twisted Trails/' by Tuttle; "Cow Country," by Will Jamep. "T^ord of Lonely Valley." by Peter 73, Kyne, and "The. Fortress," by Hugh "Wnlpolfc. Other new novels consist of "Prln- COHK Pro-Tern," hy Arthur Train, "Sheltered Life," by Kllen Glasgow, "Ma Cinderella," by Harold Bell 'Wright, "Young Mrs. MalgH," by Corbett, "Chinatown Quest." by Carol Green Wilson, "Pioneer Days," and "Kebo Club Xlghts,'' by George- Wean Txvo uonflotion books are "A New J?enl," by'St'ukrt' qbase, which Is a :'book_ about-, government and "The Princess of Exile," by Maria, grand- duchess of Kus.sfa. Mrs. Hathaway also stated that 1000 books had been in circulation during the first week of this year, and during the month may surpass tho circulation for ( the month of December, •which wfts over 3000. HOW WOMEN CAN WIN MEN AND MEN WIN The Pivot of Other Men Unleit two pints of bile juice flow dally from your Ilvar into your bowels, your food decay* in your bowels. This poison* your whole body. Movement! Ret hard and conrtipated. You e«t yellow tonrue, yellow jWn, plmplei. dull eyes. ,bad breath; bad rate, (cas, di«IneM, headache. You have wcome an ualy-lookin?, foul-amelllnff. •our-tWnklnd person. You have loit your perional charm. Ererrbody wanta to run from ou. Threats to dynamite the Dollar home. In $an Rafael, and the Dollar building In San Francisco have resulted In heavy guards at these proper- ti«s. The threats were In notes sent Mrs. Margaret Dollar, widow of the late Captain Robert Dollar, shipping magnate demanding money. R Stanley Dollar, son of the magnate, also Is shown. "Well wanted By OLIVE ROBERTS BARTON rpHE children were on the floor try- ; above. I'm going to try a snow picture like that, too." Tom came in, went up to the table, glanced at the picture and tumbled up tho pieces with his hand, "Hey, there! Whut'ro you dning?" it's finished, isn't it? I just to Bee how it wan duiio.'? Two Temperaments "Y"ou hadn't tho patience* Roger had," said his mother. "He stuck at it," "Well, when you know you can't do It all thfc fun's over, isn't it? Say, I'm going to have a dandy team. I've got nil tho fellows and each of them Is going to help. We'll organize tonight. I'm captain;" Uoger HUM, "That's llko you. Let the other fellows work." "Sure! I got It together, didn't ing to put together the pieces of a Jig-saw puzzle. On the box it said, "Tho Buffalo Hunt," by Remington. But there was no picture to guide them. Tom looked over at the block of small pieces Roger had completed, the result of an hour's work. It was a very difficult puzzle. "Here," said Tom. "That fits right Jn with mine. Shove it over." "I won't—why don't you give me yours?" "Because, silly. I've got the whole frame worked out and I can't move it. The way you kids do is to fit a lot of pieces together and I'll try to find a piece for them. I've figure out the whole thing and fill in your gaps." Hoger reluctantly shoved his pieces toward his brother and Steve did the same. Roger was wishing ho hail thought of Tom's idea first. Xow the best he could do was to go on with the details. Steve, too. Torn Loses Patience When the picture was four-fifths finished, Tom got up. , % "You kids finish it. I'm going out. I'm getting up a hockey team." and Steve moved over and I i i Steve wild, "I'm sorry you spoiled tho picture. I wanted to try to popy It., But I think 'I cun remember U near enough." I wonder If UuMr mother realized that the afternoon had been a great opportunity for studying tho i*harnc- toristiCH of each boy. Tuiu, the born lender, organizer, executive, and pro- muter, with little patience for detail , once h« saw tho way clear. Roger, patiently went to work. Steve got 1 th« patient, with a quick eye for small tired and quit, but Roper plodded j thing's and careful to accumulate and until the very last weary piece was ' save In place. j He lifted the picture carefully with j of -cardboard and' laid 1 ,,, laxative pllla. laxative candles or chew in ft ffumi and expect them to yet rid of this poison that destroys your personal charm, They can't dp it, for they only move out the tall end of your bowels and that doenn't take away enough of the decayed poison. Cctmetics won't help at all. Only a free flow of your bile juice will stop this decay poison in your bowels. The one mild vegetable medicine which starts a free flow of your bile juice Is Carter's Little Liver Pills. No calomel (mercury) (n Caster's, Only fine, . mild vegetable extracts. If you would brine back your personal charm to wtn men, start taking Carter's Little Liver Pillo according to directions today. But refuse "something Just ma good", for it may gripe, loosen teeth and scald the rectum. Ask for Carter's Little Liver by name and get what you aak for. a shovel made it on the table, When Steve oame in "he iidmlred it. "Gee, I didn't think It would turn out like that! . Do you know I am going to try to copy it with my paints." "Oh, go on, you can't paint." "You wait! Can't I? Homo day I'll show you. You should have seen the pink sunset over the snow down there at the pond just now. Everything white and black and pink and gold up Have Color in Cheeks II your skin is yellow—complexion pallid—tongue coated—appetite poor—you have a bud taste m your mouth—a lazy, no-good feeling—you should try Olive Tablets* Dr. Edwards Olive Tablets—a substitute for calomel—were pre- 'parod by Dr. Edwards after 20 years of study. Olivo Tablets are a purely vegetable compound. Know them by their olive color. t To have a .clear, pink skin, bright eyes, no pimples, a feeling of buoyancy like childhood days, you must get at the cauao. Dr. Edwards Olivo Tablets act on the liver and bowels like calomel— yet have no dangerous after effects. They start the bile and help overcome constipation. Take nightly and note the pleasing results. Millions of boxes sold yearly. 15c, 30c. OOc.—Adv. ' Q«I«W It Unguentine AGED EX- MNJJO HOME BUENOS, AIRES, Jan. 12.—Hlpolito n, 82-year-old ex-President of tin, was lodged again today in MH apartment here after being returned from a second sojourn in exile bt'L'fiiina of hi.H precarious heulUi. The agr.d bachelor, wlnise second form as Prewident wan interrupted by his overthrow in the-, 11)30 revolution. was kept under police guard. Although suffering from a complication of chronic infirmities, he ancended tin; stairs to his modest home over a toy Fhop without aid after bring brought to the city on a naval dispatch boat. YHpoyen was exiled for tho second time to Martin Garcia island in tho mouth of the Uruguny river December 15 when he WHS caught in the not of wholesale- arrosts resulting from an abortive uprising against il'o Augustin JuKto government. He was accused of being u louder In the vl«>t tu overthrow the government which only 10 months before Imd released him from his previous exile or. the island. Bride Honored at Surprise Function TAFT, Jan. 12.—Tho Misses Okie. Vnrner find Velina CJordon were hostesses at a shower given for Mrs. Frank Wagnor, nee Miss Kleanor Harry, at the (Jordon home in Ford City Saturday afternoon. Mrs. Wagner, who Is Tnff'K first bride of the new year, received many lovely gift*. I>urJng the afternoon the guests were entertained by tiuorge Radanovich, >tf young pianist formerly of Fresno. Although but 1?, years old. George is an accomplished player. The remainder of the afternoon WHS *»pent in playing games, prize winners nelnnr MiHH Dorothy Donahue, first; Mips Florence Reynolds, second and Miss Kay Flnlnyson. third. Dainty refreshments were served to tho guests who included the Misses Dorothy Donahue, Ellen LaveJle, Olive Harris, Florence Reynolds, Rita O'Brien, jean del Bornlio, Eleanor Jeans, Kvelyn Burnette, Corena H:»y- tlnn. Barbara Montigol, Corinno Vnr- ner, Om.a Vanier. Atlmleu prjc-o, TCay Ptnlnynon, Mrs. MOKK, Mrs. 0. D. Gordon, Mrs, Mack, tho bride's mother and the Steve artistic, loving beauty and anxious to transfer it to paper. There is a mujm»nt here and there in tho lives of children that will help greatly In determining their education and careers later if we Just keep our eyes and ears open at the right time. Tired.. Nervous Wife Wins Bock Pep I TIER raw nerves *•*• were soothed. She banished that "dead tired" feel, . . . .... ing. Won new youthful color—restful nights, active days—all because she rid her system of bowel - clogging wastes that were sapping her vitality. NM Tablets (Nature** Remedy) —the mild, safe, all- vegetable laxative—worked the transformation. Try it for constipation, biliousness, headaches, d i zzy spells. colds. See now refreshed you feel. At all druggists'— 25 cents.' TUMS TO-NIGHT Night Coughs and effectively because It does tho needed t)ilnp.s. Swallowed slowly, it clings to tho throat, soothes inflamed tissues, nnd loosens the mucus. Better than a pnrgle beeaUHe it reaches the lower throat and chest. Safe for children. 35c ana «0c sixes, nil pists. PISO For Coughs and Colds I REDUCED PRICES Quick Service Office Over Klmball & Stone Nineteenth and Chester DR. GOODNIGHT Service ilham Booth EASTERN STAR GROUP G FOR NEEDY Jnn 12,—Tho Areme C1ub,i O. K. S., mot Tuesday afternoon, January 10, hi reKulnr. session nt tho MiiMonic temple with Mrs. Clnra Brnnrt presiding. It wns voted to dts- ponro with tho January 24 meeting, due to the visit of the worthy grand mntron that evening. The club Indies have been flowing for tho needy, nnd will -hold an all day mooting on February 7 to wopk on qulHs, Present were Mosdatnes Clara Brand, lnmo Bennett, Lola Muaon, Nettle Rmlthe, Mary Andernon, Oer- nldlnc Roeder, Daisy Carr and Kniniu Morris. Steamships on tho Pacific coasts report that by blowing- louil blnsta from their whistles they are able to'.smash IceberpTR within range of tho sound. REINSTATEMENT OF ORDERED SACRAMENTO, Ja.n. 12.—RolnntatQ- ment of William W. Bedford to the offloo of nsnlHtnnt chief of the division of markets from which he was "discharged" April 1, was ordered In u decision on file today by Superior Judge Malcolm C. Glenn. Bedford was relieved from office by Dudley Mnulton, state director of agriculture, whon the office wafl "abol- ffthed." He applied to the .Superior Court for relmttatbment alleging the office was "abolished" aa a subterfuge to discharge him. ITe cited a civil service examination In which ho received the highest rating for the position. Judge Glenn held Moulton was without authority In declaring the office abolished and ordered reinstatement of Bedford with pay of $300 monthly from April. LD gets the same attention as you yourself at att STORES If «tf::W#!* Sales Week January 13 to 19 Inclusive MILK I. G. A. \_nns ............. for lie if you're if you need If you need new bed linens ri running low on towels additional blankets—be sure to come L and participate in this event. Palace, Golden Halves No. 2'/ 2 can SAUERKRAUT Trupak No. 21/, Can lOc DOATS Large 4 Package X WESSON OIL I. G. A M Quick Cooking f^f • Small Package 7c Qts. Pts. PRUNES Santa c laras Fancy Grade Ibs. BAKING POWDER I. G. A. 1-lb. Can HORMEL VEGETABLE SOUP Double your money back If you don't say it's the finest vegetable soup you ever bou 9ht NO. 2 Tall Cans DRANO ......... can 23 c » I. G. A. FAMILY FLOUR SMS.....69C CANNON TURKISH TOWELS 19 c Huge 22x44. Nonfuclc blue, pink, green and gold plaids. 27-INCH DAISY FLANNEL 9V 2 c Yd. Extra Fine, heavy quality and extra warm. 36-INCH UNBLEACHED MUSLIN . 5c Yd. No starch, perfect for pillowcases, sheets and bedding eo\ers. 36-INCH BLEACHED MUSLIN 5 c Yd. Soft, pure finished and tested to withstand heavy laundering. 70 x 80 PL AID DOUBLE BLANKETS . 98 c Pair Generous size, double thickness. Blue, rose, helio, peach, green. CRINKLED BEDSPREADS 49 c 80x105 inches. Loveliest blues, roses, orchids, golds and greens. LONGWEAR SHEETS 59c Si/c 81x99. Bleached snow white, double bed sixo, hand-lorn hems. LONGWEAR PILLOWCASES . 15 c Size 42x36 inches. Same fine serviceable quality as sheets. LONGWEAR SHEETING 20 c Yd. h Bleached snowy white, wide enough for double beds, 81 inches. 81-INCH UNBLEACHED SHEETING. 15 c Yd. I Splendid quality and priced right. SYLVANIA PRINT FABRICS 9 c Yd. J6 inches wide. Spring patterns for bedspreads, curtains, dresses. Jan uar HOUSE Sale Savings NECESSITIES IVORY SOAP 6-ox. Bars for 14c Bars for * •. JL i NY, I. G. A. . . . No, 2canlOc WHITE KING POWDER SARDINES large pkg. 3O c M ""- rd 2 *, 1 3 c . COMPLEXION SOAP, I. G. A., 2 bars 1 3 c PUMPKIN, I. G. A. . . Ho.2icanl3c 32-INCH FEATHER - PROOF TICKING -t- Standard 8-oz. Blue and white stripe, 14c yard. Best art licking 22c yd WHITE SHAKER FLANNEL —27 inches wide. For pajamas and nightgowns 6c yd FANCY OUTING FLANNEL - ~'M inches wide stripes . . . Checks, light and dark patterns, extra heavy 15c yd PART-WOOL PLAID BLAN- KETS—4*6x80 suilucn - bound ends. Soft boudoir colors $1,69 pr. RAYON AND COTTON SPREADS—80x1 Of>, blue, rose gold, orchid, green $2.69 ea. MATTRESS PADS—Size 54x 7(i. Ward's famous quilted pads, washable §1.49 SIEVED VEGETABLES TRUPAK lOc COLORED 12x12 plaid borders WASH CLOTHS effects or colored . . . • * f • TREASURE CHEST SHEETS —Si/o 72xfM), our best quality and no weighting 79c STORE LOCATIONS 800 1893 SCO 1&17 QR ° C P E H* 0 X. 803 1000 COOPER'S GROCERY 2430 Nineteenth St. Phone 2055 UNION MARKET and GROCERY Eighteenth and K St. Phone 272 • ^ v • » • » Phono 619 Phone 1760 TREASURE CHEST SHEETS —Size 81x5)9, neatly hemmed, all bleached * FEISTER'S MARKET Maricopa TREASURE CHEST CASES 42x3(5, all bleached to snowy white 19 C PLAIN COLOR SATEEN— 36-in. t medium weight, firmly wov<>n and lustrous iinish. .IScyd. . C. DALE Ford City FINSTER GROCERY Fellows 85c TAventy-fifth and Chester Phone 5581-2 Bakersfieid y i

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