Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 30, 1933 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 30, 1933
Page 2
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PAGE TWO THE lOLA DAILY REGISTER, AIQNW EVENING, JANUARY 30, 1933. THE FOUK GUESTS A knock at the door, but he .... Was dreaming a dneam of fftm?, And the one who knocked drew softly back. , And never again he came. A knock at the door—as'soft— | As soft—as shy—as a dove. But the dreamer dreamed till : the guest: was gone— ; And the guest was-Aidv^N^ ] A knock at the dow^again. The drcaber dreaj^ed away, * • ;Unhcedink-^e "Sr *to the gentle call ' Of the one that came that day. A knock at the door—no piore : Tlie guesf to that door came. Yet the dreamer dreamed of the one :/ that called— For the guest.was—Fame. A'knock at the door—but still He gave it no reply; ' 4nd the waiting guest gave a cheery - • halt : Ere he slowly wandered by. A knock at the door—in dreams The dreamer fain would grope. "Till the guest stole oii, with a humble sigh— And the guest was—Hope. A knock at the door—'twas loud. With might in every stroke; i And the dreamer stop't . In his dreaming, thought, And suddenly awoke.; A ;the door—he ran With the swiftness of a breath: And the door swung wide, and the guest'came in— JT ^ And the guest wa.s—Death! . ; —Jack Wink.; Past Miitrons Club fleets with Mrs. Fuust An (Mijoyuble afternoon was spent Friday by ihe Past Matrons club >vhlch met in the homo of Mrs. Kennclh Fiiust witli Mrs. Olson and ^Mya. Smock assisting. The meetina; wiis Ciilltd to order by the president, 3Jrs., aiifl roll call was an.swer- ed. Maijy members wcroab-sent on account - of sickness. Mrs, Logan Hiin.sakdr and Mrs., C. L.' Whltaker " Vjiere reported as Improving. An In^ :t(,' letter from Sarah J.. Crow of the Masonic home was read by ; ilhe .secretary. ' After half an hour of entertainment furnished by tlie program committee, the hostcssj assisted by Phyllis Foust and, Mildred • Wood; " [served refreshments to 18 member^ - and two guests: Mrs. Victor Kirkj associate member of Salem chapter ._^,.No. 4. O. E. S., and Mrs. Maude Hickman of Sweet Gr.^.ff chapter No. 22. O. E. S.. Big Timber, Mon-j lana. . ' ! ' Kui-prise Birthday Dinner for Sir. n^cllenry In honor of his birthday, a sur. ]irise dinner was given Sunday at 1 he home of Charles McHenry, who-: lives north or ilola. MrJ and Mrs. G. • -P. Klink. Allene and Buster Klinkj Pittsburgh—Motorman George Pa- were afternoon callers, and the fol-| vouska, who loves to "tinker," found lowing Svcre present at the dinner:; a pair of handcuffs in the wash- Baptist Jnhijvr Department Holds Supper The Junior department of the Baptist church had supper Friday night at the church. Games were played and a good time reported by all. Those present were Neva White, Rolena Lathrom, Vem Lathrom, Mary Ellen Chapman, Betty Jean Shapel, Lucille Patterson, Doris Weatherman. Delores Bolton, Evelyn Baleom, Lois Balcom, Glen Balcom, Minnie Ross, June Mitchell, Clarence .Jlcbinson. Keith Pepper, Wayne MeiTill', Horace Griffitts, Mary Taylor! Junior Croucher. Lelia Bingham, Dessie Gregg, Eva Willett. Teachers were Mrs. Lovelace, Ruth Rugg. Mrs. Pepper. Visitors were Jimmle White and Joel Pepper. • • • Celebrate Birthdays of Twin Sisters Mrs. A. Z. Grove enleitained at her home at a one o'clock luncheon Sunday in honor of the sixty-siKth birthdays of her mother, Mrs. Ella Mitchem,; and her mother's twin sister, Mrs. H. V. Kengle, of Enid, Okla. There are four of the sisters and ihey were all jDreseht. Mrs. H. C. Gillon of Oswego and Mrs. W. B. Lance of Pittsburg, Kas., in addition lo Mrs. Mltchem and Mrs. Kengle. One brother was also present, J. H: Hendricks of Bartlesville, Okla. The luncheon was featured by a birthday cake baked by Mrs. Lance. Telegrams and greetings were received by the sisters. Those present in addition to those mentioned, weie Mrs, J. H. Hendricks. Mrs. J. P. Digney of Bartlesville, Mr. H. V. Kengle, Mr. W. B. Lance, Mrs. Mary Powell Smith, Mr. W. W. Mitchem and .son Wilbur Don.•;• • • Good Will Club Meets With Mrs. Cleaver The Good Will club met Thursday, January 20, with Mrs. Pi-ed Cleaver for an all day meeting. The work for the day was sewing for Mi'.s. Byron Gregg's children. Mr,';. Gregg has been quite 111 for .sf.'verul weeks, iln the absence of the president. Mrs. Russell Boyer, Mrs. Will Thayer led the moellne. Mr.s. Walter Broughton joined the:cli!b. "The next meeting will be with Mrs. Sam Williams February 9. Visitors were Mrs. Walter Broughton and Hazel, Mrs. Rothwell Cleaver and Patty Lee, Evelyn and Dorothy McHenry. Dorothy and Betty Estep and Billie Thayer. Dinner guests were Fred Cleaver, Rothwell, Richard, Maynard and Harlan and Ii-win Williams. Members present were Misses Hazel Wallace, Margaret Monfort and Letha Troutwine; Mesdames W. W. Baker, Emmett Belknap. Elmer Belknap. Ivan Curtis. I^red Cleaver. Glen Cleaver, George Estep, Virgil Estep, Will Gay. Henry Grimm. Clyde Heldebrant, Floyd McKaig, Earl Monfort, Charlie McHenry, Will Scott. Will Thayer. Mike |.Trontwine, Sam! Williams. AS JAPANESE SEIZED SHAI«iHAIKWAN NEWS OF LAHARPE Jnnior Class I4ay t ^sented Before l.arg:e Crowd in High School AuditAHnin Friday. Here are the first pictures to reach the United States of Japan's occupation of Shanhaikwan. northern sea terminus of China's Great Wall. Above I he picture shows the destruction in the Chinese city's business district by the Japanese bombardment. Below Jfapan's flag floats oyer China's ancient wall which for centuries had turned back invaders. Lieut. Col. Hay- ] akawa, commanding the Japanese storm troops, stands at the left. In the ' background is one of the wall's towers, a gaping hole torn in it by a direct hit Japanese shell. foUkiwiijg members: Mrs, Gay, Mrs. Coicliq; Miss Ethel Skinner, and the hostess, Mrs. Sherwood, and to the jfpUowing visitors who ^-epresented the H. and N, dub of Silver Leal district, Mrs. Charley Wray and Mrsi Lewelly'n Leavell. Mr. Sherwood was also a dinner guest. Mrs. B, F. Spencer knd Mrs. C. E. Ber- kihlser, members of the club, attended in Uv;; afternoon, and lylrs. Ralph Skinner was a guest In the afternoon. Wx)rk for tbci day waa ripping sacks (or a hooped rug. The next meeting will be February 9, with Miss Ethel Skinner. Response to roll-can win be a poem. LAHARPE. Kas., Jan. 28.—Mr. and Un. Lewis Green, Pueblo, Colo., and Mrs. Walter Pettlt, Accacla, Colo., are here to attend the funeral services Sunday afternoon of their sister and niece, Mls» Sarah Green. A good program will be presented at the pie supper Tuesday evening at the Oozy theater. A sack of flour will be given by McDonald's grocery to the most popular couple, the niost popular young lady will receive a box of ca&dy from Danforth's drug store, a poeketknife will be given to the most handsome young man by Kerr's hardware and Mrs. Love will .give as a prize a sweater to the • prettiest girl. The gh-ls "please bring pies and the boys their pocketbooks. Everyone is cordially invited. Arthur Duerson, Chaniite, was a business visitor here Friday afternoon. Dr. and Mrs. A. N. Ransom and Mr. and Mrs. G. R. Chestney and son, Wayne, Neosho,' Mb., arrived today to spend the week-end with Dr. and Mrs. Ransom's sou; HCUIT Ransom and Mrs. Ransom and Richard. Mr. and Mrs. Walton Ransom and small daughter. Alma. Kas., will come Sunday to spend tl^ day, and: will accompany Dr. and Mrs. Ransom to Topeka the first of tihe week where Dr. Ransom will enter the S. B. A. hospital for treatment. Mr. and Mrs. Jim Van Dam announced the birth of a daughter weighing 9 pounds Thursday evening at the home of MJ'S . Van Dam's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Fulkerson. Ihr H. Y. club met at the home of Mrs, Geo Roe Wednesday for an all day meeting. Roll call was rcspondedfwith various topics front each member. The time was spent ill tlelng a comfort, for the hostess and socially.! A covered dish luncheon was served at noon. The fol- lOlk.^ANSAS lowing were present: Mrs. Tredw^ay, Mrs. John Walton, Ezra Hutchinson. Mrs. Nelson Wallis, Mrs. B. C. Gifford, Miss Effle Stevenson. Mrs. George Stephens, Mi-s. Fred Heathman, Miss Josephine Weith, Mrs. Jennie Hagar, Mrs. Roe and daughter, Florence jRoe. Lea Birkes who for several weeks has been ateent from school suf- ferini^ from a broken leg returned to school Wednesday. Mr and Mrs. Frank Yessen and Alphijt, Hedfleld. arrived Friday afternoon to spend the night at thei» home| here. Mrs. Yessen who has not been feeling well for some time is improving. i •'Yimmie Yonson's Yob" the junior class play, was presented to a large crowd in the high school auditorium Friday evening, January 2^. The cast of characters was as follows: Yimmie, from "Mdnna- sota," Nobel Ohlfest; Pal, the detective. Elvin Robinson; Frank, the clerk, Frank Sterling; Micky, the farm hand. Kenneth McVey; Mr. Kent, the father, Wilbur Smart; Bell, the foster daughter. Alma Turner: Sylvia, the niece. Margaret Stewart: Peg, the cook, Thelma Stevenson; Kittie^ the helper, Leota CulbertSon', and Mi"s. Kent, the hei, ,|lyb:f"Ne|yton. Stage and rjageiS Kenneth Stephens, and imWicity manager, Freddie \Miitakeif:: Thie junior class and director wish" to jthank the music departmefiCtfor th^b orchestra which furniKhefa tii^'^lnterludes, the Martlj:i . furniture company for stage fui:-l |. nishin .KS. and all others who have ' assisted in the production of the play. , Mls.s Junnlta Stevenson, Tola, ai;- tcnded the junior class play heiv Friday evenit|g aiid spent the night with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Rdy Stever.son, northeast of town. > ANTISEPTIG - byVICKS i amso the last pimple is gone" .^bechuso pimples tend' to thrive when normal resistance is lacking, your first thoujflit should be to build up your blood .structure .... the way to do this is by increasing the red- blood-cells and tlieir hemoglobin content . .. tlii.s will permit a greater oxygren Intakf—from the luiiga—into the blood and tis.sues-Includingr the skin . . . nourishment will be better converteil into L^nergy and tissue re- j)alr ; . . Ijody colls, whloli fight against micro-organisms (pimple germs) iilU be strengthened. I Then why not try S.S.-S.—the proven tonic.for decades? Proved ^ef-, fective by extennive scientific jre- .seareh and " by millions of happy users. You, too, may have a cliar skin. Get S.S.S. al any drug stc^re. The big 20 02.; .size i.s more.oconom'i- cal and Is ijood for a two wee.'ks' iri-ainioiu. © The s.s.s Co builds stur Mrs. M. S. McHeni-y, Mrs. S. E. Walters, Mr. and Mrs. Roscoe McHenry and Dixie Lee, Mr. and Mrs. Russell McHenry and Eugene, Mr. and Mrs. Art Gillespie and Gwin - Marie, :Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Baker : and children Merrill. Guy, Mary and Le'slie, Mr. Roy Kauffman and Cort- liey. Dale, and Glenn, Mr, Henry Walters. Mrs. Charles McHenry and Evelyft. Kenneth, Mildred, Verlin and DOrothy. room of the car barn—left there by a patrolman who walks a beat nearby. Surprised, when Pavouska's car failed to leave the barn on time, an official 'went to investigate and found the motorman, red faced and struggling, imitating the late Houdini. Only Pavouska couldn't get the bracelets off. i. Police were called; the "prisoner' liberated and, witliout further delay, he sprinted for his car. Chinese Gity : HOftlZOVTAL 1 .•\rH(li's of iiierc-'naiulifiO. 5 I'lisoi!^.. iKidojf ihlb. ll4Sl.ilh.' '15 Market. It) M;t--.cii!iii(> lirtiinuin. 17 Form of no. i.s FiFil -illr.';. '^<i Vt'' dcHir. L'3 Nc -,rllrWfi ,t. '2:1 .•\:.;,-;isls liver , uo,*(at'K'.-i.* 2.". I'trsoii iif- fecrtpd with li'isrosy. : J7 {'oiiii.l.rieil. • l-'.S ()k;l.;iiiir.i.l is 0. l;i."L'i' pK.ducer of'— •.' :^n Ti^i frc... :'.! Aciliec. :;.", (.'..•;\ .-ottoii. .".1 I'liljlir ,.m(). :iG .Gaelic.' :i7 ('rtugulitled. ;t-S Li'ncliire. .'(!) To secure. 4'.i Iiisoct.s wliiih €£•1 wool. 41 siuallisiiield. •i:; n.oni. .\ns\ver to Previous Puzzle 44 Lion. 4.S Siindry. 4il.\!iimal .similar to a raccoon. 45 Ann ijovoring. M I'oriugal (abbr.1. . ni Til tat siuriiisLv. r,."} One of a pair. n4 Hurrali. '•.r.Either. .'.7 Street car. .'•.it Southeast. CO Large room. 1 )1 Instrument for yiieasuring specilii: gravity. Half (inenx). VEUTICAL 1 Capital of Manitoba, t'anada. 2 In line. :i To decay. 4 Half an c-m. .5 Light boat. C Helps. 7 Koriu of be. .S ijyck. . it Verbal. 10 Fish-eating mammal, i 11 Exclamation. 12 Catdi in a 18 Anen. Ifl I/arnerit city in Sweden. 21 Crowini; of oiu' p.Trt i around ;i not her. US Of: 24 Miile iJ!iccHtor3. 2GTiiat whicli is eiluccd. 27 To swull.' 2!) Cover. 32 Ct'uler of an amphitheater. S,-! Surfeits, a.', Treaiyj port in China. .•?7 -Mountain pass, :!.'; Smooth. 41 To lay a street. 4:! itednets. 45 Hhytlim. 411 To drudge. 47 Pertaiuini; to air. 411 Comfort. .'lO Part of hand. ,')2 Beret. 54 To resret. .TO Second note, My-self. fill Like. SPRING BRANCH (Mrs. Harold.Gay.) Jan. 28.^Mr. and Mrs. Everett Smith and daughter Thqlma spent Sunday afternoon with Mrs. A. E. Skinner. Mrs. Harry Maley'and Bobby Dale spent Friday and Saturday at the home of Mrs. Maley's mother, Mrs. M. S. Skeen in Gas City- Mr. and Mrs. Ira Smoot and family spent Sunday afternoon at • the Gus Smith home. Mr. and Mrs. John Martin '•. and son C. W. spent Sunday afternoon at the Jim Davis home. , ; Mr. and Mrs. B. F. Spencer and family drove to Parsons Wednesday on a business trip and also to visit Mrs. Spencer's father J. R. Cline who is in poor health. Their son Beryl Spencer is staying with his grandparents and helping with farm work. Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Roush of La- Harpe spent Friday and Saturday at the home of Mrs. Roush's slater, Mrs. Harold Gay and Mr, Gay, and attended the program at Spring Branch given by the Progressive club. Mrs. Lloyd Roush who was visiting at Mrs. Gay's while her husband was employed in lola, was called to the home of Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Hayes to assist in the care xst Mr. Hayes who was critically 111: Mr. Hayes passed away the same evening. Having known Mr. Hayes for a long time we deeply sympathize with the heartbroken .family. The program given by the Progressive club was very satisfactorily attended and the proceeds Were pleasing. B. P. Spencer motored to Burlington on business Thursday of this welek. . Miss Carol Spencer was visiting with Misses Alma Jones and Ethel Skinner Tuesday afternoon while her folks attended a sale at Ray Snider's. Mrs. Lloyd Roush, who before her recent marriage was in training at; St. John's hospital, is at present on^ night duty caring for the infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Bithel Lorrance. Mr. and Mrs. Wilbem Colgln and family spent Sunday at the C. C. Colgin home near Bayard. Mr. and Mrs. Tom Sherwood spent one evening this week at the Ralph Skinner home, Tlie Progressive club met Thursday, January ;26, wlt^i Mm. Tom Sherwood. At the noon hour a very delicious dinner was aorved to the Introduciiig PENNEYfS \, . FAST-COLdR "Nil-tone" Dr0#s Prints! Smart Designs! i Rich Ckildrings! Gay Varietyl 7 Low Price! Yd. HOW mimtt/ AT, D-X gives you lnstantaneous| starting in the coldest motor... on the coidest c|ay< No other motor fuel surpasses it in .quiek-starting qualities. In addition, D-X gives you highest aiiti- knoci( performance and provides needed lubrication and protection for upper cylinder parts —valves, pistons, rings and upi>er cylinder walls. D-X, "Successor to Gasoline,''. . , does what ordinary gasolines never could do. ^^D" stands for Diamond. "X" stands for the excrusive process by which D-X is made* |D»X providos more power, speed, mileage, and a new degree of freedom from carbon troubles. It saves wiear ... reduces repair expense. You can identify D-X by its golden amber color and its distinctive odor. Try a tankful today. Mld- Continent Petroleum Corporation, Tulsa, Okla. Mr mere DXV4C •

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