Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 23, 1927 · Page 1
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 23, 1927
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STAT?; ^ Has^oSett Its Advertisers. VOLUME XXXI., No. 52. .4iiBOf>.sr>r iiiTlio h>\a Dally RegifitPr. The J .'.l :t I '.Tily n<<->iril anil I"!:! Dnily Index. The REGISTER'S Circulation records open to pubi^ iiispection at any time. lOLA, KAN...FRIDAY EVENrN^. DEqEMB ^R 23, 1927 S.4 WILL BE RAISED SOON, SAYSBRUMBY WQrk WilfContinue As l ^ng As Weather Is Favorable SJO LIFE ~ONf BOARD Rescue Fleet Gives Up AH Ho()e of Human Life On Submarine ... J 4 ri (iiinc-tn%vn. .M!i.s.s.. Dciv i .\r» A ropcuc I'li'Pl wliirli rcluc- SHADOW OF MAURICE MOUVET If ALTS PLAN i OF WIDOWrS WEDDING N»'\v Yfirk. Der. 23. (AP)—The shadow of Maurice MQU- vet. daiitef, who died.'jeven monthfi ago, glided today Jbetweien hi.s young'widow and the man she had cho.><en a.s her new partny in b <)1h dancing and marriage. .MrK. Eli-anor -AmbroHo Maurler^ MoHVft. wlfi- or Minirlc.'. anil Chns ( Sablii. h<'r proscnt (Iiiii<'"K annonncod Unit tlu-y will not UKO for tlip pr.iKont ut K'usij ili<! iftar- rlaK«' llcopm- lliat Ihoy: obtaliu-<! hiTi> Wednc'n(lM>'. Cabled protcHls from th« M< laiully In" Fniiicp iskiiiK lliill tlif' w<'ddliiK jiVriedat least «lx iiioiitlis and tin fi'pMnf^.s of Sabiii's parents were re- .spoiuiilile for the ^poHtpoiienieut. several months longer before vcn- iiirlnK intu matrimony. If after jihi)* pi-riod of waitInK wp still tlnd ouriiplves madly in love. It will then be ttmp to Join iu wedlock. "We «tiu intend to got married but f(ii< the present nhall continue <itil>^ as good friend.s and admirers "We siiic rrely hclleve." said a Hiatement liy ilie eotiple. :"ihat in tiiiitly tiinuil 10 salvase opejatl<n<^s,defeienee I,) the iiieiiajry o.' the l>e de-jof the late Manrloe." late .Maurice, who is deii<l only seven months, thai we slioiild wait iSANTACLAUSTO HAVE HARD TIME I IN WASHINGTON Government Officials Are Scattered For . Christmas' vlioii atfwipts failed to save the last 'f-i.x survivors of the crew of ii! , Piin iib<)ard the sunken; submarine .S-ifc today was rushing: -f- 1 rts to raii?e the iraft. hut with f j.t-rainKly little prospect of ^!;ntii next spring. Work will Ro on -while weathtr - )• T -riiri..) favnrnb*!- lint as soon as winter conditions become unfav- uralde all operations will be .siis- jended. Hear Admiral Frank II. ' Ilrumby lias announced. His announcvnifnl sountlt-l .1 • a'h knell to thi' hop <*K of 1he most optimistic, but to •naval offi- - f'-is nn iho scene it liad been a fim-f-'one conclusioi: ever since th'- z'-ro hour^'esterrlay morninR wlieii ii'scuers sorrowfully acc>»pted the Washington. Dir. : *;!(t tjmt life no Iciiiper existed in' ^^'l"^" 'bat Renial. il !e submarin. V forward (oinpart-l Bentli-mau with the flowiUR whis- r;ent : ker.s makes his Cliristmas eve calls •Ite'-rnp 'Worii af Knd. i"" 'he nation's official family he'll When the four-hour period ha.i! heed a Colonel LindljerBh to help rlaps-.d aft.>r divers had succeeded • him s))al llie scattered chimneys; In < ofinrctin;; an air line 10 111'! Aliom half of Washington's of- f'lrp .'rti) room and (h<'re came uo fitials wi.'l be hfre; tlie others are ^i ;;Ila' to indicate th:'-t the men wtio h .Td lived fo'- lioiirs iu that fiiflinp atmospiicre still breathed, r-'scivi. rtuerations -vfi -e definitely lit an end. officers had declared that if tiici'" was no re- sccnse within iViui iiours, i-'e-nmp- lion of death .1 <erl;:iiity. :Todny. in the face -if ;i jiiedicted The wedding was to have tokcii place today j at th<> little church I around the. corner. .Mrs. .Moiivet is a Kansas gii=l her old home being at .Newilon where -she spent a long vacation with her parents following the • ileath 'of .Maurice. CORNSHOW MONEY HAS BEEN GIVEN Needed Money Is Raised For Poultry and , Com Event SPEAKERS BOOKED j Poultry Prizes Announced^ As Premium List Is Fhe Weekly Regi.ster. fetaWl.shed 1S67. The Tola Dally Register, [ B.«tablished 1!07. TEN PAGE^ OF KIDNAPING Prepared MRS. LINDBERGH AND SON MEET AFTER FLIGHTS The <';:!» nei -essary for tinanclngi of ill- .*>«uthi'ast Kansas Corn and Poultry show has betn laised. It was announced today liy Mi,' committee in (harge with the exception of $-<0 or $.".0 in pledges the re- i I malnder is in ca.-h. • Tie show will • morial h.a 1 Janua .:M. S |M )n.sored by the Chamber of . Commerce, the Allen County Fiirm ! llureau and the Allen County Foul- try association, the show will 'n; elude/exhibits'of corn and poultry ; Speakers from Kansas State Ag HANGMAN'S Ot)SE FOR K .e. YOUTH "WONDER IF I COULD : NOT PRETEND THAT I WAS CRAZY"—HICKMAN REITERATES CONFESSION TO OFFICER Pendleton, Ore., Dec. 23. (AP)~"Wonder if I couldn'i pretend that I was crazyl"remarkied William E. Hickmah to one of his guards at the jail here, followihg his for thj kid-1 Edward Hickman Relates napinsr and slaying of Marian Parker, Los Angeles, girl3 Hickman Declares He Is bo staged in Me-; Rnoiich R^fnrp (Imnv ^ fellow act when hr.> : ^ ' ry U. 19, 20 and: Is,crazy?- he asked. Later in the i W loojc him in the e>;e and t^l him' 10 oea^ 10 Uie jconvei;pation he declared he want- STORY ISIJMROTESQUE;^:^:';^':;^^ __• I ,—— . . "Remus acted us his own lawyer Murder and Mutilation 'and got acquainted, iiidnt her the [manr Accuscd {riculturai Col ege wiil address tne rnlnnpl and Mnfhpr A rp 'agricultural and poultry L/Oionei ana »»oinei: Are,^„hj,.p,„_ i, Reunited Today at Is Blamed on Cramer U. S; Embassy With the show assured liy the' raising of work fias been- kidnaper argued. Hickman was quoted as saying that h*^ C (msidered the "death notes" which he wrote to the.father that I did not kill his daughter."! remarked Hickman. » One of the Jail attendants bjkought rip his wife and two small dai^lht^rs i"/'-' into the cell fo have a look at Hick-' manf Pointing to oiie of theni.i:Hick-j man said: > ' "She is just about the i£iz« of.' M.1riah." X j Not Guilty of Murder LOVED MARIAlN? Youth Assejrts He Still Loves Dead Child PpnHlpfnn OVA Don 99 ; of the slain girl, were masterpieces i Wien Rev. W. H. Itobins.aia.stor i cimicivu, wic, ^Lvet.. .CrtJ. I Hickman declared that Parker : of ; the fir!!t Baptist church "tailed lAP)— .Mexico City. Dec. 2S. (.\P)—A g.'nerous old ' mother and her fan'ious flying son Colonel Charles \. Lindbergh reunited today after they had to meet in tlie air. hi.s rcfjlm i started orf the premium list, uhich / .T -,. .j-^^i i IT . iwiri J»c printed in pamphlet form (.^r): After a SOUnd and 1 ^^e girl s father, was a good friend, on at the Uegister olPc. I The corn list already I. ,, i -.i. , , hi.s." He said Parker got him has beei aPParentl.y restful sleep, out of the "scrape .-It the bank," when he was arrested Pendleton, Ore., Dec. ^to^nl after twci day o'' fine fleeing to distil ut firesides to spend the liidiilays at home. I'residenf Coolidge will remain here, of course, hut Vice-President Dawes has gone to his iKUue at Kvanston. Illinois. The cabinet is diviited six and four, with the majorit> waiting here for. Santa. With rongress Ixiwing i'.self out of the piciurc ill favor of Santa ho live with- ,.«:ere'decided .upon. The h>Ia and Kan- William. iEdwafd Hlck-' :;|:nhar l^Iilu ^'^rLr '"''"''^ ! I f-iile.t sas ( i!y. -Mo.. ( liambers of Com- I ' ne IIK < u f arkt r. j ' imerce are uiTeriug awards in th. llian, 19-year-old eVll gen-' *° ''^^t' opportunity^ said. not care to religion. It would he too a hypocrite at 23. he tlew forth to greet her. ius of the Mariari Parker corn classes. Cash and ribbons will bi' award So great was the throng of ad-; ed in the poultry show. An entry kldnaDins: i and murder miring Mexicans, who, in reckless' ^««-' oi lif. cents for singles and r.ii f &, . (ent.s for pens has been ' ••' enthusiasm, for an hour balked hls|||pj^ij attempts to land, that -Lindbergh was unat 'Ri to greet his mother un- . weather, the fle<-t i ush^d the work , iUs nrember^whi r.l wa .vh .np a/unnei under .he bow | ,„^,3 „,.j. „\ t^,. ; I I tile cralt throuKh whih Iron cliains wjill be passed. These chains j, w!ll be used to attach pontoons wlieii nctiial ralsini: is started. Twenty l)l»ers Work. A force, of "JO divers, in two watches, will operate from the, ... ., . . runeswe'p„e,- Falccn. flagship of' .''!f...'^"'».'"!^':f "A"**. ^ tlic erstwhile rescue-fleet.. The dlvpi .H arc to work in pairs til they'arrived separately at the .Minrican embns.sjr. , .Mrs. Lindbei-gh flew here from Detroit to spend Christmas with her son before he embarks on an other mission of goo<I will to Central America. Prpniliiiii List. The premium will be Kraduu 'ed depending on the: number of entries. If 20 or more birds are entered prizes in the various • clas.sos will be: Slngle.s, lirst, $5; second floor S «Miator Robinson,, the Democratic jeadtr, was undecided whether he would remain here or leav6 Sun- I 'l.ud case in Lok Angeles^ rested too ay in prison here. •tefor - goin; to slei'p lie confess- : ert enough of his part in the crime to put |hini in the .-ihadow of the hangman's* uoos**. Caught at BcSo, Ore., ucar here, $2.r.O; third $1: fourth, flfth an^ ; yesterday by two oi;ficers after sixth, ribbons: pens, $10, «ec_ j ^^^^ playing a glghn- tic gamp of hide, and ^et-k with (he • w. Hfcl{m»n.'wa» brougai to jail j HICKMAN'S FAMILY IS Hickman to give him cousolar 1 (AP). Reiterating details tioh If desired, Hiciman sai.l he ^ J^jg confeSSJOn, WiUlkm •till not pari, fo religion. , , TT > i ii -i much liiie be-1 Edwai'd Hickman, alleged this tiriij.." he:i.j^„apej. of Marion ^Par- :r ' ker, murdered at Los* Angeles,' today insisted he did not kill the girl, but that he loved her. "I know 1 am not guilty of murder afid am peifecily ca4m." the lit-year-olii prisoner, captured yesterday after, an exciting automobile chase a'ong the Columbia river His Parents, Separated for iEight Years, .and His •^13d vt '-'itipHces. c Brothers and Sisters Are Dazed at the me kman. iu his confession. inadiE Confession of Kansas City Boy • y-sterday. named two alleged I accomplices. .Andrew Cramer and I .Inne Dunning, as thcrkillers. Only ,>\v!th .one using a higli-pressuro 'attend tlie funeral of Senator An-' 1 dirieus A jJones of New-,irexlco. The Whjte Hnws^ Christmas pro- ' I'iompresHion ho.^'i- while tlie other Kf»m wIllI be similar to that fol- ''^nlds a powerful .submarine lighJ l"*'"''! i^i previous- years. I 'Ud stand."? by. large treen will be liglited In the Should weathtir hold fine, tliere '''"e room, w hilo the usual corn- is a possibility that the S-1 may j n'tiuity'tree on tho elipse south ^>e brought to. the surface within o'" 'he treasury will be lUumlnated a W<>f-k. !but this i< cr.n.= idered :ui Saturday night'when the presl- o»t«ifie poR .sildliiv. j dent presses a gold button. Carol The najvy {leparimenfs order that; singing exercises at the tree will. I Kilip salviisring be done "as soon as; attended, liy'- Mr. and Mrs, Cool- vossible'f was interpreted to meaij!''l ^e and; afterward the interstate :is HOt >ri as it e -ould be accomplished commerce commis .sion choir will without endangorinfi the lives of.^frenade the presidential family. Today was the la»it full work day until Tuesday for government em­ ployes. President Coolidge having issued an order making holidays of Saturday apd .Monday because of Christmas falling on Sunday. her. After .Mrs. Lindbergh landed hei Hon attempted to bring the "Spirit of St. I Louis" to earth. Thla he could pot do tor fear ol lnjuiing|», "' """J. -"""^'e" .Mexican adihirers who r«n wildly I "'*'"; '•':<'""<l SI "•>: third about the Hniiag field. I fourth. Ufth and si.rth, rl ,„ He finally brooght his plane tn Three i*^'""'""' '^^^ neighboring fleld. and ' when the crowd hastened there took off again and landed at Valbuena ficdd. i i . ^ .... : An hour, after .Mrs. Lindbergh. '••bb.ins; pens, lirst. $2: landed the Spirit of St. Louis waprr'""" ""'"''' '"^'"•"'' ''"^ k^^ la: the divers. >» Body Keniovjils. In .'.ny event, shouh! the S -4 re•main at the bottom until next yar, no attempt will lie made now to remove, tile hortic; of any of the men. I • . The air within the room j WEATHER and ROADS .of the fubmarine now is jiiire ] ; ' :..ui sWeet. tests con,-.ict.M this; KA>S.\S: .Somewhat un- iMoruing on the mmeswee-.e,- ^ al- 1 ^^fjed tonight, and Saturday: thtpship JMiHej.-lted Al(hoiiiVi A("ntir;:l )f the resiue flei:t. I '.riiMiliy. in ' I liarpe of salvage opeiati 'ins. an^ j sltghUy warmer to.nlght in north portion and in east |>ortJon Satnr ! dtiy. hitK<: lurs. Ilr-i. f-I.I"i; second »:i.0O: tbiid, ?I..".ii: fourth. tllMi and sixth, ribbons. T'n or more: Singles. Prs', T.'ic; ribl>ons • pens, ilrst $.'i.nti: second. $2.00; third. $1 ,111): f;.uitli. fifth and sixth ribbons. Six or' mor--: Singles, lirst. $1; second, ."lOc: third, fourth, lifth here nnii flip nww. r,.„,».L-....i Cit.v. Dec, 23. (AP)—VVilHam Edward Hickman's I short intervieus wifh Hickman httu 1?j\hr.*?i^'n'ro^^^^^^^^ • ; -were allowed by Chief of Pojice His parents, separated eight years ago, three brothers and i• ';.UnV;e .rt 'hefofe an end.: ( , With ^iko ul^ai Jointed. a hysiterlcal laaga lie he- lurnert on: to a 17-year-^)ld-sister, living with her "mother here, were dazed two oflitjerti, yo The prisoner slept until late ^hls he a dr by'the youth's confe.ssion that he kidnaped Marian Parker, I morning, apparently untroubled by ion of the Of Los Angeles. They agreed that: if he did, the law must i erim spectre of the hangmi nV .iTi-.."., . „_,.„ ' * . • . noose, already, looming because of . For lola and VlrinJfT: I'nsettled :..i:iiiw.! there wa- no doul.t thatjanj wanner tonight and .Saturda;-. t!.e fljeii were .leai!. tile fopiug of; Temperature: Highest vesterdnv inrothe loip-l.' vww. was ' on-| 43 at 3 p „, . jowest last night IS ! tie.ue'!. - '• The work In its hangar and Lindbergh climbed iiko an automobile and sped toward the embassy and his mother. The meeting at the embassy was affectionate but not demonstratiw Mrs. Lindbergh. .Who was in the drawing room when the flyer arrived, got up when he entered and they metat the far end of the room He placed his hand on his mother's arm and gave her a sort of half embrace. Then arm in arm they walked across the room to wherr. Mrs. Morrow and a group of American vomen were at the tea table. Part of Mexico's welcome to Mrs Lindbergh was a monster serenade of nearly l.OtXi university students both bo.vs and girls. They came to tho embassy by the truckload They played mandolins, guitars and band instruments and sang and • cheered her. Mrs. Lindbergh appeared on : at T a. 111.: normal for today 32: i balconv and smiled and waved het .r tunnel'.np umler jpfipjpnpy ve.sterday -4; ill • lill!' Mf- ll 'e ' - - " " - • sixth, ribbons. Three or more; Singles, first ,".0c; second, third, fourth, fifth and sixth, ribbosn; pens, first. %\; second, thlr^l. fourth, fifth and sixth, ribbons. grotesque confession kldnapliig of the I2'-year-old daugh- take its course, ter of I'.'rry .M. Parker. Los An- .jjr.s. Eva Hickman, near collapse* geles bank ou'icial. but denied that at her home here, insisted on going lie w .Siine man who strangled the to Edward at once. . "They'll kill him—they'll kill him," she sobbed when told of his i capture. They won't give him a chance Oh, I must get once. He I'"" n 1,1, ...11 (Lij ^itru iiic chlid 10 ilL -ath with a piece of wire all'' ih. The d to 111 < 11 the b ;dy to pieces, nurder and mutilation he n ailegeu accomplice named Andrew Cramer, for whom Los BIG BROTHERS FUND Angeles^ police immediately started anQ^jieri' hunt.. On completing his story. liart of which the Los Angeles officers! termed the work of an aciomplished liar, the voung desperado cur|ed up' in his ceh and I.' iip'ie .J off into profound slum-: her wli Reported —. Self Service 'tiro. son 'Market J. G. .Mitlelbach Sherifrs Office Mr. and -Mrs. Floyd Elliott - -—: Cash RusesU Brlster Cash .-^J224..-iO k 1*11. ."1 .00 ."..00 2.50 2.00 2.00 2.00 Total ... $244.00 the eyes of his guards and fellow prisoners were turneil !ull up<)n him and while his dt'ed and confes-sion were ou tlie mind of a whole nation.' I Had Passed BOIs. Hidcman fell into the hands of .the Oregon officers Just 15 hours after having passed' one of the widely adverUsed $20 bills which he collected from Parker last Saturday iiight just before droprping^ ; th^ torn body of the little girl al4 most at the distracted father's feet. to say for himself. SEARCH FOR OTHERS HAS BEEN OPENED noose, already, looming becau: hfs confession. A picture of driving through Ithe streets of Los .Angeles^ with ne vs- 1 lunke^luC .Hne'^as^'.ouHi,::;:;-^!:;^,:;";^'^ '-^^Oj^rees: this l packed for a block In .hM .uiri.out the „:o |,f i,v di.e,s.o5 >"'«'•-'"'-"*•>•' lo^'osf each direction from the embassy. . 1,0111 the Kilc.iu C.ncir iirouress " ,, . . . . ' • The flyer and his mother were -'•"me C^ I ' u I't -e t K lii nc^^ • I recipitatuin for the . 21 hours ,he only guests of Ambks.sador and .^..s m .i<l.. f ..Pt..iu l.t..< t F. King., „ ,,t , total; Mrs. Morrow at dinner. Tomorrow for this year to date. 51.S8: excess i Christmas Eve. they will dine -nice ./anuary I. 14.7,S inches. i qaletly at the embassy with mem- i hers of the embassy staff and theli ! wives. , There It is! Within. $.1.00 of go- [The bill in question, given to a ing over the top. And the $8.00: Seattle haberdasher to pay for a are sure fo come in. As remarked i Paif of glove? and a suit of un! before, no harm will be done Ifjderwear. set all the police of the excess : appreciation to the'throng, which i more than $8.00 comes, for the Big ; I'acific northwest on his trail; in ill 1 llar^i of the'iilthei- <<|i''r.itii)ns. said;.. Salvage Work to (Jo On Says Hujfhcs Brothers are always called upon , the space of a,few minutes, after Christmas Is over for help to 1 Realizing tliat Hicltman's back see to It that .some little boy or 1 was to the wall and that he was girl or some person who is old or; being forced to spend the tell tale sick is tnken care of, so that a lit-.' money as he made his way Rere . Itostou. D-ec. 2;:. (.-M*!—Salv.igi :-in'ratioiiK ' upon the S-1 will !»• | loiuinued as long as it is possible ! lit do so unless the work would' involve "xi sacrifice of human life i III 'eoutiuui'." ; .Ailmiia! t'liarles F. Hiiirhes, cfllnnian<Ier-iu-chief of- the v.. S. fleet, tol.l Rear . .\dmiral | I'liillp Andrews, coinmandaiil of tlie.first naval district, in a teje- phnue] oonversaliou today. Relative humidity at 12 noon yesterday, 6<t per cent: 7 a. m. today ;»4 per ci-nt: barometer reduc- ied to sea level. .tO.42 inch»?s. j Rnnd Conditions. I Cloudy, exiept Kmiioria. Pitts- j burg. Coffeyvllle, .Manhtrttnn and ;Topeka. clear, all,roads good. Filling Stations Will Be Closed Here Sunday Filling stations will be dosed Sunday; which Is a reminder to , , Christmas motorists that fhev I (lot)ot know where anyone, f,|,o „i,i mi their tanks Saturday. - uoi the idea wo were going 10 give up tiiU salvage of the S-4." Mfar .Admital Andrews quoted Admiral i Hiigh4s as. saying. "The weather : mltthti interfere for a short wlijle hy.t the work will be pursued.'" NEW CHEVROLET : OUT JANUARY 3 (Detroit. Dec. 2.-?. (API—Tlir - fhcvrolet division of the General Alotors corporation, chief competitor of, the- Ford .Motor company witl' bring out • a "complete" new liiie, of cars on January ."i, it was iinnpunc^d today by W. S. ICnud- sen president 6f the CheiTolot com waay. < I'roduction bf the new model " Mr. Knudsenjsaid. had bee;i unde "»vay in the crtmpany'.s various assembly plants; since December U- Xo-details of i what changes hiivt been made norj of prices of the var ioiis;- body styles will be available the announcement stated, until Jahiiary"3. Other business houses in lola will b" closed all day'.Monday. . (iro- lerv stores, however, will be' open for a shon timeMlmday morninF. Santa Claus to Arrive On Sunflower Saturday Through arrangement perfected bv the .Missouri i'acific lines traffic representative at the North Pole, Santa Claus—apostle of good cheer during the Yiiletiile season— has again consi)ntcd jto^ride MLs- sourl Pacific lines trains exclusively on /ihristmas eve and Christmas'day just as he did last year. H(<' will visit children riding the trains/over lines on these dates. Santa will arrive in lola on the Sunflower at 8:3.i o'clock Saturday night. ' City Is Beautified hy Christmas Lights in Homes of lola Residetits tie surplus comes in handy. And it always was that way. It is nearly twenty yeifrs now sliice the Big Brothers started in to Brighten Christmas for the poor families of lola, and they always have had enough money to do it. They never asked any individual for a contribution, but the money always came |h just the same. That Is ;Uie kind of folks there are here in lola. Member.* of the'Big Sisters committee are reminded of the final check up meeting to be held at the Hotel Portland at 8 o'clock this evening. •and there through the mesh work of police, the offiycr.s were able to trace him as he apjieared and dls- al )peared like a phiinfom within a 200 mile radiu.s of Seattle. Trail is Picked Fp First his trail was picked up 20 miles south of Seattle when a garage man discovered that he had accepted one of the bills in payment for gasoline. Knowing he was dri\ing a green Hudson • automobile stolen at I>os Angeles: at the point of a gun. Staxe Officer Buck lileuallenl and Chief of Police Tom Gurdane of (Continned- on Pajfe «, >'o. 1) Win. E. Hickman Are Sought Now POLICE DbUBT STORY to him some way at needs me so badly." She was inlerrupted as shouts of newsboys filtered into her third floor apartment. "Extra. Extra, Killer found.'-, Sbo ;^'^b£' ro ^"S ;e?s.^1 Purported AccompUces of .Ml withdrew except the daugh ter Mary and the three sons whc have homes in Kansas City. Father Asks DenlaL Thomas Hickman, the father whc .oepat'ated from Mrs. Hickman when the family- lived in .\|:kansas, from his home in El Paso, Texas, appealed to his son to confirm, or deny the report, l^lckman. who. remarried five years ago aijd- has twc children by this union, is a steam shovel engineer. He wept when told Edward had confessed. He said he last saw his son here in 1926 > when Edward graduated with a brilliant record from high school here. "I would rather be dead and in h<ll a thousand times than to think a child of mine would commit such an atrocious crime." the father told co-workers. Col. Charles Edwards, former chief of police here, to whom Edward was paroled when he was convicted of forgery while employed in the bank' where .Marian's father is an official. a.ssured Mrs boys crying extras about the kid•; naping. while he had Marian wlltli I him in his car. was given by Hipp• man today! I "We were driving out in Holil I wood Friday night when roy car was stopped by a tralRc light. MJap. ian was beside ine. and the ne 'W87 j boys waved their papers close itiy us.- .Marian seemed to be amused bv.this. I ; (Jot .VJong Weil. | "We got along very well togeith er. It was not my intention that she shoyld be liarmed. In fact I loved her. still love her." I Quizzed about^ an apparent in-j consistency in ills confession in which he slated he. and bis confedj- I , •- i I erate first planned to kidnap jth^ Los Angeles Officers, of ^llttle daughter of .Mn Haves.;e^iler XSi^trwwtn^ XXaA I teller of the bank at' which Hick-Opinion JUlCkman l^aa .^^^ ^ad been employed. HickmaW ;had ready reply. • Haves lias'np jSuch child. • I "I saw a woman calling,oh Mr j Haves at the Ijank and shfe had i with her a litfle'girl. I supposed jthat the little girl was his-child. iTo pro\-e I was plaiuiing this kid­ naping, J will say that on the Mbn-. day night before I took .Marian from school 1 went out to Mr Haves's house in Pasadena and , waited there in mycar to lnok'ovet the grounil. Hare.s Saw'Car. .Mr. Haves came to the honse • while 1 was there and he can confirm that he sa^w my car there that night. I heard a child's voice in the house. We dilcided not to take, this child because we believed her No Helpers San Diego. Oallf., Dec^ 2.'?. fAP)—Andrew Kramer and June Dunning, named .by •JV'il- Kam Edward' Hickman in.^ his confession as his accomplices In the kidnaping and slaV'ing of 12-year-6jd Marian Parker, of I.rf)s Angeles,' are believed to have heeij visitors to rthis city last September and October. Through police recorfe in I.,o3. Angetes and Phoenix, .tfriz.. the trails of the 'two 4-ere traced here today by an 'Evening Tribune (reporter. -V drive about lola tonight, to •^ee the Christmas decorations, will be vfell worth while. Persons who have a habit of dri\Mn5 to the •ountry or other towns Jan afford sight in lola is in front of the public library. A large Christmas tree I lighteti with various colored bulbs, ' may be: peen there. ' At "20 East Madistfn, the Harrv to look through the residence, sec- | Shively home, there is a beautiful ion here. j ' , ' window display. A Christmas Of course, virtually eVeryone in I •wreath, lighted with, an electric •he city has i seen the special j bulb, stands but as a beacon light Christmas lighting effects uptown.: to passersby and seems an invita- but ihe really iH'autltu. sights ; tion to come in and share In the iren't all there. Any numl>er' of homes in lola lave beautiful Christmas displays joy* of Christmas. On i any" other street in lola beautiful decorations may be seen. n their windows or in front of lolant don't kdbw what they are their homes. i tnissing by falling to make a tour Probably the prettiest Christmas' of tb^ residence section. The Register Fiht Again At .3:56 o'clock yesterday afternoon, the Register received a flash to the effect that William Edward Hickman, alleged slayer of little Alarian Parkerj of Los Ange,les, had beei? captured. Less thaii a half Hour later the Register was to press with information concerning the" capture of Hickman and his confession. No other paper coming into lola last night carried ^he news: No othe^ paper could have carried it because j of the fact that papers delivered here from Kansas City are published before 2 o'clock in the afternoofn. Th6 Register gives you at .least two hours later protection oin big! news events. Once again, therefore, it has been demonstrated that the Register is not a handbill but a jnewspaper, and that those. wh6, read it may be assured of getting the news when it hippens and not 24 hours afterwards.. Tries to Control Kmotion<< Los Angeles,; Dec.; 23. kP). With William^ Edward Hickman; already Hickman transportation w-ould be.(_A,p). With William-. Ed- !,";:'„7["f,v,,'-''' i arranged for her to go to her son L-__.-j TTJ ? li i -i ^ , • ""^ of.fright afraid she would When Colonel Edwards informed, yndcr indictment hci^ OH Edward had been cap-, - , r„t Asked if-he liaii admitted .Marian was poisone<i before she was put tc death, he denied this. It w-as rcpoi;ted today that' a the mother Miwiirii nail nevu cap- , i • f ' n-r>A' tured. and would be "given a square! chargcs of murdcr . and j deal." she made an effort to con- 1 kidnaplnfi:. scarch around trol her emotions but failed. U^^ A ncroloa ffn^ fhp ^T' Hickman "Oh if I could just understand it," L ^S AngelCS.tOday lOr tflC late yesterday and ihaL he ex- she sobbed. "All I know-is that myltAVO DUrPOrted aCCOmplic- I""':'''"''''' opinio" Ibat the youth boy is gone; that he is not here:._ tfiP oHHnnt-nr nf l.ttlp ^he identity ol the phy- that thev sav he did those things.", Ot tfte aDdUCtOr Ot l^ttiC , sician was not divulged. While the tension in the Hick- Manan Parker got JlitO to lendWon. _^ man home increased, the news of | i, " • -., -^^ ^.u - u • Chief f.urdatie was advised, that the capture caused thousands in 5 >^ing dCSpite 06- L O.S Angeles qfticials had departed' '•:'\ ' (Continued on^Fiure 6, >'<>. ii) (Continued on Page ft. So. i) Italian Aviator HasBrokenPlane Altitude Record, Authorities Say - .11, , I. ,1,1 ; ,.i , I. - ; * ' ' ^ ^ Turin..Italy. Dec. 2?.. f.\P)—Re-[ I^st .liily Do'nati broke th« lul- nato Donati has broken the world's j jan altitude record with a flight of altitude record by flying -to a I . . .: height of U,S27 meter-s m.792 1 ^'H^'^^J'^* ''^V ! ^ , ' ' feet), officials who controlled his "Lntil September the world'.B alU- flight announced today. • tude' record was credited t^ Jean Donati's flight w^aa made recent-; Callizo, French;aviator; who Haim- ly and at that time It was believed ;ed to have reached 13,000 Aeters that he had broken the record but! f42,651 feet). He was disrobed of official announcemen was withheld ! this,honor wheii it was foun/l that until a thorough check of his in-i he had falsified |his barogtraph rec- strtHnents could be made. ; ords. The retoi^d then reversed to The flight, was made In an AC-3 jT..ieutenant,Carlton C. Chaiitpibn, of plane with a 600 horsepower Jupi- ; the United States /who re4cl]jed an ter-Rome moto^'. Douatt climbed ! altitude i of 38,474 feet July' 25 for 40 minutes and descended in i when he refused!to leave his-plane 36. / . - ' after it caughti fire. • i ; from that city night en route to Pendleton but he had no fur- 1 thcr word as to when they would arrive' Irere. He saiil Hickman! ' would be kept in jail here until the! I„o,s Angeles qflicers arrived and that when Hicliman left he and Ce-| cil" (Buck! Lieualleii. fellow cap- ,t9rs of Hickman, would go along. ' He said he would take an attorr ney along in order that he might have advice in any question that might arise in-connection with the reward of $100.00". Hickman looked fired this morning despite his long .sleep and his eyes: were bloiodshot. A dose guard was maintained over the (-ell block which shelters hiin- and very few persons were admitte<l to see him .A. battery of cameras were taken to the cell for flashlight pictiirei< of the prisoner. During the slow proceedings of focusing the numerous cameras ' Hickman sat patiently in the door of his cell.

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