The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota on December 5, 1958 · Page 11
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The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota · Page 11

Austin, Minnesota
Issue Date:
Friday, December 5, 1958
Page 11
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ANNIE ABNtft ANYONE WITH if 8AM SflUstP CANT HflPlt. HM-Mf RfAL ROLL*SH? WHffrSJ eMALL MEDAL. OR COIN? CANYON WtlMd THS RENTAL CAR AROUNt? ID THE MOTEL. 8ARB6R, SHOP... HEI!6% MY CREPIT CARP SAVANNAH, THIS 15 BUPpy J -I'VE BEEN 00SCU&EP BY YOU U5N6 ENOU6H... THS ENTIfcS WORLfr WILL UNOW ABOUT ME I ye*, SIR, COLONEL. CANYON W6LL,COU, CANYON, THANK* POR THE LOAN THAT FIVE 5POTWA& A 6IFT-TO 6BTMDUOUT OP MY HAIR, PYUSRIM/ &UDDW WAIT/ PON'T HAN6 UP/ MARY WORTH THeCLOWN" AND I WERE JUST HAVING A ARGUMENT, 9101 R3R6ETIT THINGS TO TALK ABOUTVBUDDY! I JUST CLOSED A ONE-PICTURE DEW. WITH PINNACLE STUDIOS, KID! WE FLY TO THE. WEST COAST, TUESDAY! WELL! A5 DANTE 5AID;'''WHAT PROFITS IT TO FIGHT AGAINST THE FATES?" ' LOOK. . EGGHEAD!.IF YOU THINK THIS'LL PUT OUT THE FIRE WITH ME AND YOUR DREAM GIRL • ••JUST 1 STAY TUNED IN! PRISCILLA'S POP-By Al Vermeer OUR BOARDING HOUSE-With Major Hoopla ON SECOND THOU6HT, I ANYTHING AAORE START TOWARt) TH& OOOR /-" 5AV. THERE'5 A SOS6Y WAD OF PAPER IM THIS 3D6 1' LL 6ET \TS A TREASURE- A\AP IN CAPTAIN KIDD'S Ov-iNl BUT PRISCILLA! ISN'T IT A BIT EARLY FOR THAT? AK-KAFF/D.DYOD SAY HALF DOLLAR? SURELY YOU SEST/ IHY,tHl5i?AR6 SPECIMEN! OF 60H&MIAM GLASSWARE V* ONCE THE MOST TREASURED POSSESSION OF THE THIRD EARL 3F DERVJErtTWATER/ (T DATES 8ACK TO THE 14^ AND P05SI6UV \3^ CENTURY/ COMS.COME MY 600D MAM/ I WROTE SANTA GLAUS TO TELL MIM WHAT I WANT POR CHRIST MAS. 1 THIS IS. ONLY THE PIRST INSTALLMENT.' MAJOR'S JUST BEENl BEATEM TO THE PUNCH CARNIVAL-By Dick Turner OUT OUR WAY-By J. R. Williams ALL RI6HT.' PULLEP ME OUT OF Trf MACHINE AKJP YOU'RE A HERO- RUT PON'T HOLP ME UP ALL PAY APVEKTISIN' IT/ YOU CAKl'T BLAME TH 1 GUY "HE GOT HIM OUT OF rr BEFORE AK1YBOPY COULP SEE IT/ VOU 1 RE \ WEVER A \ HEROTOA \ GUY you I SAVE" VOJ t MAKE HIM LOOK TOO MUCH LIKE A FAT- HEAP' TJ*. l»i«. U.S. Pit. tH». O »SI bl NIA twitofc IM. JB.WUIAM9 . . f-H K^ U » P.t »*. '*"* THE PICTURE HAKJ6BR TIZZY-By Kate Osann "I thought this thing was supposed to increase efficiency! Why isn't it out there working up the employes?" Want Ads Have Bargains £ ItM t| NU SliVIe* fct. 1.1*. •* «* »«t 0(1 Snake Cuts Power to 30 Customers "Elaine It the sweet, shy, demure type, You know- inferiority complex!" was a snake in the sectionalizer. That's a device on a power pole, land when the snake crawled up to „.,.„_„». „,. ,_. , : 't. " le lights went out. No report HAMILTON, Ohm 1*1 - It was- whelhef u n't a snake in the grass that dis- snake, too. rupted power service to 30 customers of Butler Rural Electric • ¥60,(3ifttf/ VOU WANT T MRR,EH? ,/ "INTERESTED IM MARRIAGE 1 ? FRANKLV.SUH. ] SPLENDID?.' ' ' '-TAKE SUBJECK OM *\ US TO EARTH THET DO ) VOUR , INTEREST MEf/y PARENTS-! w, ^ r<: 2 « >*yiA 1lt-S THE TOODLES [ THET'D T PWU'ARRANGE. S/ VO1L GIVE BE S SUCH MATTERS IN \ MEAU.THIS, <&mtf.)THFSEHILL$7HKOU6H} IF AH LETS THESEHSIBLE A DAISV MAE NUFP.' PEEL FREE'.? IS SALLY HOME VBT SHES AT THE B6AUTV PARLOR SETTINS FANCIEP UP. WHAt FOft? SH6TOLDMV BROTHEKJIM SHE COULDNY GO OUT TOMORROW NI6HT. YOU MEAN COULD- NT 60 OUT WITH THERE VOU 60 A6AIN, PENNY- - TAUKIN'WHEN V&U SHOULD BE LISTENING YOUR HAIR LOOKS MIGHTV PRBTTy HON6V. I'M GONNATELU JTIM/SAtty NEVER HXEP HERSELF UP SO PRETTY FOR HIM/ ARCHIE AN OCTOPUS IN THE RIVER? JUGHEAD, XXJ'RE CWFFV7 I SAW IT WITH AAV OWN EVES/ SEE HIM .'SEE HIM/ I'M GOING TO TRX TO HOOK HIM.' X COT STAND DONT LET IT JUDD SAXON-By Ken Bald and Jerry Brondfield QUITE A SHOW YOU RUN HERE, MR. MARSHALL.' MEDICINES, PRUSS, SERUMS... MY COMPLIMENTS ON A JOB WELL PONE. SIR/ , HANK YOU, MR. HUTCHINS. NOW FOR THE LAST STOP-THE SPACE-FOOP PROJECT. ER-MR. HUTCHINS, I THINK I SHOULP BE HONEST WITH YOU... I'VE PEVELOPEP A STf?ANSE FEELIN& ABOUT THIS UNIT. AS THOUGH ALL IS NOT RISHT... I'D BETTER TALK TO >OU ABOUT IT. WISH I KNEW/ YOU KNOW HOW A BI6 OUTFIT IS. GRAPEVINE OPERATES ALL OVER-AMD THE SRAPEVINE SAY5 THERE'S TROUBLE HERE...' WHAT'S WRONS HERE, MR. MARSHALL? MORTY MEEKLE / 1 HAVE HERE A \ [r=f LITTLE GEMOFA BOOK \ WHICH WILL BRING YOG }„ WEALTH BEVOND YOUR / I V WILDE6TDREAMS/",• IT'S CALLED: FIFTY 5URE FIRE WAY5TOMAKE A MILLION 6ORRY. BUT I'M NOT INTERESTED I CAN'T UNDERSTAND IT. I DON'T SEEM TO BE ABLE TO CONVINCE ANYBODy ALLEY OOP A\V. I BET >OU SAY/ NOW,UMPA. . THAT TO ALL /H£H HEH! YKNOW UNATTACHED ( I \\OULDNT CHJEENS, NOW Xl DO NUTHIN LIKE THAT FRECKLES AUSTIN (Minn.) HERALD 4 f Friday, Dot. ft, 1958 I I f SHORT RIBS ...'SA ^^A^NC'E SHE DIDN'T COME ALL APART RIGHT THERE IN FRONT OF US THAT SHE BETTER START LOOKIN- FOR ANOTHER MAM! HOLY COW/ YOU'RE MAVCIN' ME FEEL LIKE A LOWDOWN HEEL ...WHY, THAT WAS TH' MOST AWFUL THINS I EVER HEARD ANYBODY SAY... /Ii/, ,« ^^M m^^m &&*&£*> ':» NELL, I HOPE IT TURNS OUT OKAY! BETTER TELL ICANHAKPLVRBMIZBIT, . WE'VE TBLLEPIB BEEN APART SO MUCH! CMJT BWeWP BV6N IF SHE STfW< WR*. HARMON OWB5IT TO ELLEN TO SE& HER AFTER THKE& VEAKSl I PIPN'T EVEN KNOW YOU HAP A DAUGHTER! EDIE1 If VOU'P HEAKP HOW THRltLED SHE WAS, VOU COULDN'T HAVB KEfUSEP HER. EITHER! &OVOU DECIPEP TO LET EULEM COViB TO HER WOT-H5R, AFTER ALL, BUD? BUGS BUNNY /GWEAT SCOTT! A / WHY PON'T YOU L I 6ET THE SPWIN6S \ FIXEP ON THIS CAR? l^-~— YOU COULD USE NEW MOW WHAT YA YELLIN' ABOUT? IT PAYS TO READ THE CLASSIFIED ADScooperaUve northwest of here Itj- READ CLASSIFIED ADS N1SHTY NISMTY-NOWi OMION LOVER- WAS FIME UP UNTIL. "WAT, FCAST/ j NOT JACOBY'S BRIDGE By OSWALD JACOBY Written for NBA Service Gordon Keel of Vancouver writes: "I enjoyed the triple coup In your column recently. I have seen several of them but Just yesterday I ran Into the first quintuple coup that I have ever seen or heard of. Li "I opened three spades and my partner raised me to seven. Who could blame him? I could the moment dummy showed up with that; singleton queen of spades. Anyway^ . there I was at 40,000 feet—I mean at seven spades. ' , "West opened the king of hearts.' Normal enough but the lead of any other side suit would have beaten me. I ruffed and led a diamond to dummy. WEST 4J VKQ NORTH S AQ VAJ7652 >AKQ AAKQ EAST *K65 V109843 4J98B54 SOUTH (D) A'A10987432 VNone • 643 472 Both vulnerable South West North East 34 Pass 7 A Pass Pass Pass Opening lead — ¥ K Tl>« queen of spades was led next, East played low and West bad to drop his singleton jack. "Now the coup was there U East had to follow to three diamonds and, two clubs. I ruffed a heart, returned to dummy with- a second diamond and so on ruffing hearts until even- 1 tually I was down to my last twai trumps and back In dummy. "East had been following suit llk< a little soldier. Now he was also- down to two trumps and had to rutt the sixth heart. I overruled and that was all." ; Very nice Indeed. la fact almost too good to be true. PRINTED PATTERN Cock One V/a*d 35" 4859 SIZE MEDIUM ! Week's Sew-Thrifty ; By ANNE APAM8 Just ONE yard 35-Inch la brio U nil you need for each pretty serving' apron. Budget - wise 'n' sew-easy, make them for yourself, bazaar selU ere, gifts. Tomorrow's pattern: lilM- e»' casual. ' Printed Patters 4859: Includes three styltw, all jiffy-cut in one piece-' Misses' Medium etee only. Each: Otis' SMd 35-Inch. Printed directions on eacb put-- Mru part. Eatler. accuraie. Send Thirty - ilv« ceuu lu QOIM for this pattern — add 10 oenti tor each pattern for 1st - class milling Send to Acne Adam*, care ol Austla Dally Herald. Pattern «3 We»t nth St.. New York U. Print plainly MAJUC, 4OOBIU vttb « K(!«HHk

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