Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 22, 1927 · Page 8
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 8

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 22, 1927
Page 8
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^YGE EIGHT Locals Are Defeated 22 to 19 Clash There in lOLA CKEW^ SLOW First Quairter Lead Not Overcome by the Smith Crew Rock Is Tossed at the • Court House Jkhitor Someone last night tlirew'a roch i through u w{udow on the flrHt flo<>t of Ihfi.feourl houH(>, nppamilly in an attempt to aHMUtilt Oeorgc Stew- niri. Janllor. Tho window wai f «h«i- tcred. but Stewart WHK not hll/ TTnTMhiTlff'* forca H .ild todny that It will offer II nominal pfward foi information leading to the arn -Ht and cpnvlcllon of the pHrty Involved on a chargn of attempted asMault. SCHAEFERIS NEWKINGOF ; CUE ART^TS Chicago Man Captures , Balk Line Crowii Off Cochran i Will These Two MeetjNext Year? Jani. • - Getting off to a slow start re• : suited in a loss for (>>acb Floyd Smith's high scliool at Xeodesha ' last night in'a 22 to 19 fray. \ Coach Smith had only one basketball letiermin in his starting i Jineup'while ttiie entire .Veodesba J : group' of starters were lettermen. This proved costly as did also the ' fact that lula ihad^play^d the night . before and the men were tired and : alow, playing rather listlessly the first quarter. The Xeodesha team ^ was -w-orking the . ball Uiroul?h loJa'sT defense and scoring frequently. The Xeodesha crew ran the score up to 10 to 0. lola managed to score one point zoaking the score at the end of the first peHod 10 to 1. In the .second quarter the-lola . men -seemed to wake up and be- .-K n to show .'••ome light, addiiig 6 j )oint9 to their .store while holding : Neodi^ha to 12 jwints. la the third : quartei" the scoring was even with , Twth teams making 6 points which • IHL the Hcore 18 lo IS wiih Xeode- hJm still leading- In the final period the lola team '; again out.s ^.-ored Xxodcsha ^makliig i 6 point.s Mt N»^odesha's < counte/'s. ;i This left the worn at 22 : to 1!» which at least - was .much better than fh«firRi quarter's 10 to j 1 m-orc.- lola gained 5 pointy on -Neodesha on fouls, while Xeodesha failed to gain anyijiing on .either of lola's fouls, making all its four potniti lr<»ni the field. The game IH.HI night though It did retiult III a io.s.s • hhowed that th« local men have ablTity to come even when fh;j/(icore look.s decidedly against ibcm. The scoring, n^ght waH more genw'al tlian the night before. Captain j Kelleyi c (c) Douatdiion of lola wa« high point ./. U'illlnnis. R ^fnuB of the game with eleven | ,• points out of hi.' tenm'i nineteen. Total" .... in the first half every man Klart- . ing for Xeodesha scored. : but in „ '"t-Mil the last half lola held all except i L: »""nms. f Pinefalr. f . . HUMBOL0T HIGH FALLS BEFORE ALUMNI QUINTET COCHRAN BATTlES ! After a Poor Start Champ j Fights Hard Battle ' In Final Block Xew York, Dec- 22. (AP)—The i_i I worldrs 18.2 balkline billiards crown Old Boys Double Score Ire -stedr today on the brow OT young To Take Battle 26 to 13. ^ Cage .Schwinle. 6—Chanute at Humboldt (Ists and2nd8-) ^an. l.*!—numbosdx at Klneaid. Jan. 20—T. Center at Humboldt- Jan. 21—Huniboldt at Krie. . . (Ists and 2nds.) Jan. 2"—Huniboldt at Garnetf. (Ists and 2nds.): Feb. 2—Burl'gton at Humb'Jdt. p-eB. 10—Oirnett at Humboldt. (Ists and 2nds.) Fob. 11—Humboldt at lola. Feb. 17—Humboldt at Y- Center. Feb. 21—Erie at Humboldt. (Ists and 2nds.) Fe^. 24—Hiinft'ldt at Hurl'gton. Feb. 2S—I-allarpe at HumboMt. Jajje Schaeter. of Chicago, the ' tjiird succe^or Iq the diadem •wlth- |in a year. I Young Jake, son of the "old mas: ter'" jof the same name and game, 'defeated the title-holder. ^Velker Cochran, of Hollywood, in a five- I block match. 1.500 to 1.30-1. com Ipleted here last night, j The new champion succeeds to •a tit;e he has held twice before— :in 1921 and 1925. Inheriting his BARNARD HAS FpRBASEBALL j American League Leadei Sees 1928 as Best Year of Sport URGES DRAFT LAW Declares Sport Writer^; And Fans Do Not Understand Jiihmy McLamin to ! Invade East's Rings S'cw York. I)w. 22. (Al')--Jli^my ^tcLarnin, young raclfle c^ast Jijshtweight who Jumped Into fame 'by knocking out I .,ouiH (Kidi lyap- lun and defeating Bill Wallace. -^I 'ltl Invade the eastern fistic front. I^b- ruary.3. Jes.i M'.M .ihoM, nm^^h- niaker at ^Indison Sipiare Garden, announced today that .McLai^ln had "been, signed to meet the "^in- f iier of the Sid Terri8-I?hil ilcGnaw match Friday night. . j There's a rumor that John McGraw«wilI give Ty Cobb, wtao played for Ccinnle Mack last year, a chance'to help the New York Glaats ont next year.' If so, this scene, taken .'at McCSraw's training camp j Atlantic City. X. J.. Dec. 22- (AP) President E. S. Bernard, new head of the American lea.?ue. thinks that 192S will be baseball's greatestji year. _ ' ' 11 The former head of the Cleve-i: I land Americans is here for a few I days vacation after the joint ma- INTERNAIONAL! POLO BATTLES ARE CANCELLED United States Polo Men Announce Plans } Today Uat «prlng. may be re-enacted again thtt coming spring-McGraw,- ii;7 ^e;g\;e"mee";"g's Tn" Xew%ork' ^"^'^^-^^ s . left. gre «:%,gTy Cobb. !. i^iZl^ fml7 ^v.c^^^^^^ on the many changes in manage-j*"''^*'^" United States i^id ment and the interest created by; Great Britain _'wiM not he conl'n- j new faces in m .-jny clu'bs. iued in 1928. officials of the Vniged f The flashing French-Canadian, Advocaiing the'universal draft, j States Polo .nssociatlon announ<*ed I nursed from a mediocre battler ELSMORE SQUAp TRIMS FIVE OF HUMBOLDT 35-19 Nufnber2 DELANEYTO Two Managers Plan Handle Affairs Of Jack to REIGNS ARE SOLD New Guardians Spend All Of $50,000 for Interests New York. Doc. .22. (AF)—The I 'hance that two heads may be''bet- t'jr than» one in furthering Jack Delaney's heavyweight title aspira- ions—and an incidental c-asli consideration of $o0.000—today brought the retired champion of the light- heavyweights under the guidance of the managerial team of Joe Jacobs and Billy McCavney after five ye.nrs of fistic i):ntnfrship with Pete Keilly. (Continned from Page One) Elsmore Girls in Decisive Victory Over Hummers ' love and genius for the game from |hi.i father; "Old Jake the Wizard." young Schaefer climaxed , several i seasons of tournament play with a brilliant triumph in 1921 over the I veteran, Willie Hoppe. who had ' held the title for years I losing the crown .soon afterwards. Schuefer did not regain it ! until! two years ago when he again ;• defeated ;Hoppe. The Chicagoan Humboldt. Dec. 22.-!The Hum- m.ide his fir.«t apearance in tonr- ijoldt high school Xcani that won nnment pfav in 19H in Xew York second p^ace in the district tour- 1 when he finished last in the field, nnracnt in Xeodesha last spring,'He has several sensational records beat the Hnmb'oldt high school to his iredlt, including a high run squad for Hfls.sea.son, 26 to 13, on of I3C made in match play against the Ijfumboldt court last night. I^lounrd Hofemans of IJi'Igium. Flint -was high point man with a Once in a match-.-igainst Krie Hag-'fast game. The total of six field goals. Sinclair Schaefer 400 from f the boys'teams was scored tnoHi for the hlRh school ppni in a single Inning with- [of the fourth roun , , with three field goals, all ipade in ont giving the German Htnr a turn-In Seknn league. The score was vealed when, the Kansas (Ity the first quarter. Couch Shares'I nt the table. i3-''-28 with KUmore on the loug last nicht i was Informed in an squad hail much difficulty In lind-! Although defeated In This week's'end. KIsmore had a 2S-13 leadoi :anonym <ius Ijelephone mepsnge f rom Ing the buHkel In Its first pre- 1 match by nearly 200 points, the j <he end of the third quarter, ivhen St. I-onLs: that the children of the Hi 'aHon game; The box fcore; Aliiniiil Hy; Woods, f Hn. WO{M 1><. f . Flint, ^c J;..r.. now discarded by the minor leagues jand the subject of considerable con- ,trovcisy, he said: "Fpns and even , .Mantz. whose stolen automobile • sport writers do not understand the | at two year intervals, f was used by the kidnaper of Mar- draft and therefore often get the r The association ha.'s ian Parker, today .stood out in the ' ^vrong .impression. I formed by Major "W. today. Matches have been cr^n-'with damaged hands to one of th^ ducted between army repi'esenta-! most colorful fighters, in the gaine. fives, of the tw-o nations since ; brought his silvery-haired giiide a I hie return'on an original Invest- • been ?n-inient of<$90ii. 'Reilly bought, tho n. Critt^-! Hriilseport warriors contract ifroni nf rumors sneeestions and i "'^i^'' fight of a hell pla .ver to il:erger. of the army polo control; Frank Marlowe, of .Ww York, in n,^nor?L t ?Lu^'leiS throSg^^ .se- 1 committee in Washington, of t^e i K922 and .hr.e y.-ar.s later paid ?h> hone ciu- of h^^^ pVdwar leure adequate compensation Is one;British decL-ion. wirh the explarfa. I Jir-.OflO for a half in.erest he hai • Hickman 'of the cornerstones of organized Ition that the overseas • veteraSis 1 i 'ub -let in IHlan.^Jn the mean,, , „ . lb.iseball and should always remain! have found themselves unable ?to I time. • , While police believed the «hrea 1.^^ .^^.^ . properly' tnlln a ^ ' '"TT ""rT V .Tnl -^n ^fwi ".At the present time with the The series probably will be resumed mind nr.Muntz took precautio ^.8^^^,^^^^^^ , ddi i w;:!chi":^:nh:^iSwSr ""!- "^^-^ .^^^ - FG FT . n 0 . .1 0 . c 0 0 0 1 0 (Fronk. r •two men from scoring. • Coach Smith did very little sub-, stituting. putting Trombold in. for J;^'*'"- K A:, U FG FT 1 0 . :t 1 ^iTalone ami Hall for Round. . l«l !J'(19) FG. ~ ^boiialdson. f. <Ci.4 FT. P.. TP . l«l !J'(19) FG. ~ ^boiialdson. f. <Ci.4 :t n 11 Malone,; f. 1 . 0 1 2 Trombold, f. _ -1 0 0 2 -McGuire. c. ---1 2 0 4 Hubbard, g. 0 0 0 0 "Kbund. g. 0 0 1 9 Hall, g. — 0 0 0 \ 0 Total 7 .'> 1> 19. Xeodifsha FG. FT. P- TP. Klddoo. f. •'{ 0 0 6- Bally, f. 0 0 0 l< Card. f. —— -1 0 2 2 Skinner, c' (C). .4 0 0 8, PhlHIps. c. .-- -U. 0 2 - 0| Xewbero-, g- <C»-2 0 3 4, ~ frilmore, g. -—-..l 0 1 21 tMasspn. g. 0 0 1 0, - Total 111 0 .9 22' Higgins, g Martin, g . Hask-ins. f . . -7 I Coverdale. g n 0 ft 0 .1' 1 fighl Cochran put up to- nave his F' TP crown after a complete lapse in 1 fi his UHiial . iintrol/of the Ivories had 1 ti'Jeft him nearly 4r.O folnts behind 2 12 when the final block of :»00 began. U 0 1 —— 1 2 had not been criminally attacked — --'before her death. ."i 2";' He likewise said in :i statement iconcernln:; rumors which have had F TP. wide circMil .iHon that no operation " H' of criminal character had been ^ ~ • performed. -1 .Coroner Xance said thai every IT Elsmore. D. c 22.-—Klsmore bas _ „ »n»i <:o nor permit tne rignt or se-; Under an .igreeraent . kethalJ teams invaded and that halts the .advance games were played alternately 3n .Monday night and ^n.e home withKva Hukman, another of the su.s-i^j. ^ j ,^^,5^^.^ that, when America and Kngland regardless i)f two J -calps. rhe Humboldt f:irts!pect. resl.le .si _ „, the magnates meet together to talk! the outcome of previou.-. matches. we,e outclassed by Klsmore Dr. Mantz receU^dth^ 3,.,,;^ ,„.r^i„^., who won 3r .-19 In 0 r'-l good andlhls office Tuesday in the presence,, „ ....,..._.„, , ,, , , . i. . . . Mo.idowbrook Jn at Htirlgliam. Ei^f- In i)reparalion for postponed from selves by hieing .s <'lected for the j:mt ywir. the army p<iIo s(iu>l mnlor leagues." i Went through the' nmst inten.slTe The mln6r leagues have untilj'oampalgn <!f lis history and was February 1 to Inform the majorj ontercil in the open champion-, leagues whether the draft prjncipU'i,ship.". ; - . ' will be discarded entirely. An ul-lj • - ' ' i ^p. i timalun\ to that effect was dcllv-;:— •••• 1 ereil to the minor leagues- at tliei close of the joint major sesslon. Jscor" falls lo indicate the gallant the game became rough and Kls-; phvshllan had been threatened. , ^. . . ^. ' . . . . . . . ...f.. A\.. t . 1. . Yi*t.:t.. ^t...i III..I.-- «...i.... A more, stalled to win the game In the Seknn league. The box score: Totals .-, .1 tha/'< ^ portion of the dead irl's body had ":I)ei 'n fecovereil. .\li oreans of the " , aliilonjiual cavity, he s;ild, were in- 1 eluded with other portions, of the ^ ; body contained in packages which '—(were found Sunday "near the en- 13 trance to E?ysian park. S"rg[kranl'ra^e\han"^,?[.«»l ^iJ^^''-'-' '-".v for diemi- The young man walked out of the store- ; Calls DeteetiTt» Chief. Without a minutes delay, the haberdasher took from t||e cash register the bill and telephoned} City Schools Closed For Christmas Holidays ! The city schools were closed yes- KNninre FG FT F TP K: Johnson, f • I 1 1 11 Moore, f .. :! •» 0 .S n. Johnson, f . • 1 (1 •* '» C. Daniels, c 1 2 I 1^ AV. Daniels, c 0 0 1 n n. Cox, g ... / 1 •* l| 7.. Cox, g : '0 1 '1 11 Ludlum. g .i ,. 0 0 1 Totals . _ in 1 lo .13" Hnnilmldf FG FT !•• TP: lln. Waod.s, f _ 0 0 ' H.v. Woods, f . 1 1 1 Junkin. f 1 •> 1 •ii Sage, c „ --. . 0 0 1 0, Khodes, c . . 0 1 4 Kelley, g i. 0 1 0 1 Bridges, g : 1 1 1 Fpdike, K 1 0 2j Totals .s 10 13 26 Referee—Nelson. fourth While -MrH- Hickman today conj tinned to snpoort herj contention !her son';; hrilllant scholastic record ahd habits should to u large extent! njijve his innocence, she •waited finpailently for an answer to her appeal' that the boy com- GRENNAN^S MARKET i Police also revealed that they, . , , had asked the Los Angeles autbori- 1 Torner East .Monroe and Elm Sls .i >IOLA, KANSAS ! We Wanl Your Poultry, Eggs and Hides. \M> OIR rHO.\E M.MBER LS 376 ties to tracij a 22-year-old youth who .ittended high school hero with Hickman. The officers said he went tojl -ios Angeles several months ago. I He was described as "Hickman's double." He had been IOIH'K Prodnce Iloase Since 1911. ; r. O. CORIIILU Manager. Leather Goods ^Hand Tooled Purses S6.00 to $21 ..50 .Men's BUI Folds .SI.00 to $.5.00 \: I^ced and Plain COOK'S He Will Sav, "It'.s Just What I Needed:" -.^ If you buy hiiii following gifts. iiiy of the I!;ith Itobfs $.')..')0 to flO. I'ajaiiia .Sull.s $i..S.". to |4.00 Hosiery l.'.c lo $1.00. .•\ilto Uohes ?«..",0 to ?12. Sweater Coats %\ to $10. Shirts $1 to Overcoats $13;.".(i to $.".2.r)0 Etc. THE Hull quarters. 1 "What are the serial nnmibers,',' 1 pridnv if»orT,»A.,- asked, captain Kent, "on those «01 ^pf^^^j.^^S," ? Rural schools in all parts of the county will be closed School will re- Referee—Reppert en<:e. of Indepiend- Number 1 (Continned from Page One) unable. to-lay their hands on tho Buspoct. '. Police are concentrating on a watch of the Canadian border wher!«9 the youth is believed heading. Immigration and cilBtomn officials were given InstructibuH to ; W'uve nothiiuf undone in their patrol of the International line. Captain Kent, in active charge .of the hunt here, said he Was cer-1 tiiin Hickman would be caught by • nightfall. A red hot trail of Hickman; picked up by the police a were paid to the Los! Kent gave the numbers. A moment of silence onsued. "Well,"l the haherdasher replied (excitedly, "Hicknian I'as Just left my store. ' i : On the bill which the store proprietor received from his customer was the number ,K-68016970. It was one of the "S bills paid to the flend^who delivered the mutilate*] body of 12-year-old Marian to her rather. , ! The exact location of the haberdashery store and the nomc. of the iiron'ietor -were not n'Tilc known. Possiible revenge npon the proprietor was given as the reason for wl(hhoIdlng his name und that ofi the 8 «ore. i '1 .Mthough the police continned lo ' keep their promise not to reveal i the haberdasher's name, 0 news-1 investigator Dorsett Produce Co. UO8 East Street, lola I'hone 70>,! Casli for Ponltry and EKI^ i Call w m tlmck TTe will comiB after poaltry. Tmi ^v;::; afwvvre^bi;'''"^^^ '"r ^r'"^''".?'j.^irT! left a haberdashery here, todoy^^.*'? "'""••Be I). ^\ lloughb.v. aiid I was followed through Seattle by '^""'•''nB More at 162< K>, COO otflc'ers. The 'Search for the fiend who mutilated the little daughter of Perry M. Parker, Ix)s Angeles bank' Cl ^^f,^ HllH«!nn CUHnn officii, and dumped the torn bodyi"*^^^" "UOSOn aeoail •\V,esfIake avenue. Hickman Steals' almost at the tjct of the distracted lather • after receiving 11 .500,! Hwiiched from California- to thel"'""^'", »»cKnian. accuse^, KHI-j Btate of Washington-with electri.|"''P^'--.sIayer. held up and robhed | cal siddenness lasf night when the|>; YV^y- ^1', "0">«ood Sunday j e -xcited haberdasher showed the ' "'Kht. taking his green Hudson ae- pollce a $20 bill identified-as one! fa" ^j;h<';l> ^\as seen yesterday by; of those which Parker had given •^'"'••'and yvuths who idenfi-j I fled Hickman as the driver, spced- the kidnaper- I Seattle PoUre Mobilize. Seattle's police force of «00 was . yiobilizedand set on the trail only a Tew minutes after the suspected | ' jouthimadc a at the clothing store and slipped into the iitght- _ •: Feverishly the police hunted, believing that their quarry was heading, for the Canadian line or a ship bound for the Orient The clue w:as regarded as the hottest that has been uncovered-since the search began, and the police believe that if the accused youth continues to leave a trail of $20 biUs he cannot long evade " ture. ing into Oregon. The California license of the car is .ISSfl.lSl. and motor number 460970. r It is a 192S model car. Peek- was alone In the car at Jlollywood and Western avenue j when -a man whom he after identified postively as 'Hickman, ^approached him at 6:4 .1 o'clock and took the car away at the point of a pistol. This information was revealed today 'by D. L. barkin, business associate of Peelc, Peck today being enroiite. to San Diego. .Associated Press despatches from j Portland early today revealed that cap-!t^^o Portland youths reported hav- jing travelled from Lamoine. Calif.. The "fox:' entered a habertlash-} northward with a man in a green cry in'the heart of the downtown) Hudson sedah, whom they tliought VATI1VKE 10c and KELLEV NIGHT 10c and 30c TODAY—LAST TIMES IF LAUGHS ARE GOOD FOR THE HEALTH- HERE'S A LIFE SAVER! True to form I It looked tine on paper! It's even greater on tlie screerf.i Bebe Daniels in the comedy that puts her where .she belong.s—;right on top of the laugh wave! . " AND DON'T FORGET, "FIGHTING TO WIN" i Fourth of "The Collegians" FRIDAY— Also the Novelty Reel. CADLUIMMUI ntHNiv REGINALD district at S:.^0 last night, bought a pair of black gloves and a suit to be Hickman. They said the driver appeared very nervous ahd of underwiear, gave one of the $20;looked "behind constantly as if fear- bills iji payment, ;ind walked out. inglpursult. • The!proprietor, alone in the Th- youths reported that the Ii-, Btore. Wid he recognized at once tense card on the car Indicated it > the stranger a.s the Los Angeles to he owned by ii man named I'eck MB ENHY fiigltivje from newspaper photographs. The'suspect, who appeared tired and .worn, asked for a pair of black gloves and a suit of underwear. He obtained the two articles and put the gloves on while - th|e urtderwear._ wan wrapped. "rhep he pulled from a pocket a. • : 1. \ of 1 J>S .\ngeles. Marian Parker Not Criminally Attacked I .OH Angeles. Dec. 22. (.\P)— Cotinty Coroner Frank Mnuce to<lay r.nnouneed that Marian Parker They met at twilight. Said "yes'' at midnight- ^^rried at daylight. And were out all night! A bang-up hulla­ baloo.of merry foolery on board the good ship "Crvp- lic." •Sutnrday (iary Cooper in "The Lost (tntlaw." = <>n file .Shige—"Tiicker's Indoor Clrcu*" -MOMJAY AMI TIESPAY Clara Bow In "Hula" I Coming—%Brau Gestie'' 1:: WE WISH YOU A VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY, PROSPEROUS NEW YEAJl BecttUHC <nir ihulhujn with you hnri bccu most pleaso})! dur- niy the yrar 1<.)27, icv take advanlafjc of thin Christnins .s'>t- .wM to rrtrnd to yon xiticrre, cordial (/rectiuys and c/ohd ViffhcK for the year ahrnd.' • y .: Our Filling Stations Will Be Closed All Day Sunday, Dedember 25th ml. City Oil Company • / White Eagi[e Station Derby Station (W. W. Peck & Co.) , Peerless Oil & Refin. Go. Skelly Oil Comi|any Hale Service Station LeshOilCo; ; Stephenson pil; Co. Standard Oil Company .-V . . . . m.

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