The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on August 13, 1951 · Page 21
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 21

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Monday, August 13, 1951
Page 21
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HI, KIDS! —t-H dab members from Kern county are welcomed to the Paramount Studio Hollywood by Bill Bendii, Paramount star and radio's "Riley" of "The Life of Rlley." The girls, who appear to be enjoying themselves hugely, are part of a group of ,120 Kern county 4-H members who recently toured Hollywood's Paramount Studio television station KTLA and the Farmery Market as guests of the Kern County Fair. . Singer Seeks Quick Trial SANTA MONICA—(INS)— Singer Abbe Lane's demand for early trial of a suit accusing her of an affair with Bandleader Xavier Cugat today faced additional legal delay. Miss Lane's attorney, S. S. Halm, argued yesterday before Superior Judge Orlando H. Rhodes that she "has a right to clear her name" of charges brought by Cugat's estranged wife. Actress Lorraine Allen. He declared: "She cannot sit by and dangle as an immoral woman. A woman's honor and reputation are at stake." Miss Allen accused the singer as being '-naked as a jaybird" in Cugat's presence during a raid by private detectives on a Chicago hotel room last January. AIR CONDITIONED FOR YOUR COMFORT NOW AT 6:30 HILARIOUS FUN — JOOff WOMAN'S PREROGATIVE — Betty Button, pictured here with Norman Krasna, has changed her mind, making her romance with Krasna the shortest on Hollywood records. She originally announced she and Krasna would be wed next January when her divorce from Ted Briskin becomes final. Now it's all off—maybe. By OWEN CALLIN I time she was graduated from Fair- HOLLYWOO&-(1NS>— Let's talk f ax High School, her voice attracted so much attentidh that she was about Capitol recording artist Martha Tilton, who, if she were one-half an inch taller, would be a perfect example of what some songwriter had in mind when he concocted the phrase: "Five-Foot Two, Eyes-of-Blue." Martha, born in Corpus Christi, was a Texan for all of three mouths before her parents moved to Edna, Kansas. It was there, at the age of four, that she stood up in front of an audience for the first time in her life to sing a song. It was only a nursery rhyme, sung for her mother's friends who had dropped in for tea. but Martha remembers it more vividly today than many of the professional appearances she has, made since then. It was then she'learned that she loved to sing, not only for herself, but for others. When she was seven years old she moved to Los Angeles, where, by the ICALIFORNIAIIIHIIsE Continuous From G*org* MONTGOMERY Gale STORM NOW1 FROM 12:00 NOON THE TWO TOP PICTURES OF THE WEEK TOGETHER 1721 19th Street Phone 7-7118 Doors Open at 12 Noon Daily H II D D V I ONIYAFIW W K K I • MORE DAYS! Now at No Advance in Prices! RU£ Continuous From 12 Noon Daily IAST DAY "STAGE TO TUCSON* , AND "ROPE OF SAND- TUESDAY cud WEDNESDAY "SLATTERY'S HURRICANE" Richard Widmark — AND"FIGHTING MEN OF THE PLAINS" OSE FERRER ACADEMYAWARD WINNER 6eeaMe> . dueling for Kfe or love-lne greatest ncordtman of them aU! booked at the Ambassador's Cocoanut Grove for her professional debut. Two months later she joined Hal Grayson's band as featured vocalist and toured the Pacific coast for the following two years Martha then joined the Benny Goodman band . as the prigina 'Miss" in his "Three Hits and a Miss" singing group. Homesickness, caught up with her however after two and a half years on the roac with Goodman, and she returned to Los Angeles to air her own radio show "Liltin 1 Martha Tilton Time.' Her radio show proved the springboard for many featured singing spots on network programs, among them "Jack Carson," "Jimmy Du rante," and Martha's "Dick Haymes." recordings of "Loch FIRST RUN COFEATURE. , "VARIETIES ON PARADE" Jackie Coogait re Next Film For Ferrer By WILLIAM BEST HOLLYWOOD— (HE) '— Actor-Di- rector'Mel Ferrer announced todajr lie's going to produce the life of William Shakespeare for the screen. The life of the bard of Avon never has been recorded on celluloid, mostly because of- the old historical dispute over whether he ever actually wrote the great works or was merely 'the pen name of the great seventeenth century lawyer- scientist-statesman', Francis Bacon.* "But the only assumption we can tiave is that he lived, If not in person at least in the personality and character of his works," said Ferrer. "We'll go ahead on that assumption." "Roistering Life" And the young star, fresh from an acting success In "The Brave Bulls," says he thinks he's figured out the approach that will not only record the roistering personal life of England's prince of literature, but cnp- tura the genius of his art and humanity. The likelihood is that Hollywood won't get to make this plum among artistic ventures. England will—under 3. Arthur Rank if Rank will take on the project. 'Unfortunately for America," Ferrer said, "one of the great fl'ag- edies here is the luck of training in Shakespeare. It looks as though the story calls for almost entirely an English cast." Ferrer says he wants Laurence Olivier to play Will Shakespeare with British actress Jean Simmons, who'll star in R.K.O.'s "Androcles and the Lion," as Anne Hathaway. "Olivier's imagination is Elizabethan by instinct," said Ferrer. "With nobody else could you believe it is Shakespeare sitting there writing those lines. Way With Women "He's bold and witty and has a way with women, just as the bard did," Ferrer added. Ferrer's idea is to make the production a literary documentary, filming on Stratford-on-Avon and old London and Interspersing it with the great sequences from Lear, Romeo and Juliet and Henry V. 'Me?' Ferrer said "I'll just play a bit part. Sal Francis Bacon— just to Be on the safe side!" •(James Orchard HalliTCell-Phillips' biography of Shakespeare documents his birth to John Shakespeare, a glover, and wife. Mary, as occurring April 21'. 1564: his marriage bond to Anne Hawthaway liven November 28. 1582.) eater ews 20 Monday, August 13,1951 Lomond" and "And the Angels Sing" both topped the million mark in sales and established her as a recording artist favorite. During the war, she toured the ervice camps both at home and broud with the Jack Benny troupe, n June, 1949, Curt Jlnssey invited ter to share the singing honors on 'Curt Massey Time," which was hen beginning a summer show. Vith Country TVasbburne and his land. Curt and Martha worked so imoothly together that the program >ecanie one of the most popular 15- minute network musicals in radio. :t has never been off its air schedule of five days per week since ts first performance. Movie Shows Typing Champ Local educators and businessmen have been invited to a preview showing of "Electric Typing Time," the first color film in the typewriter industry, to be held by the" International Business Machines Corporation at 3:30 p.m., Tuesday in the tower room of the Bakers field Inn. The film is being made avail able to teachers for showing in their typing classes. 'Produced for I.B.M. by E.K.O.- Pathe, Incorporated, the film's edu cational consultant was Professor John L. Rowe of Teacher's College Columbia University. A highlight of the film is the first scre&n appearance of the pres ent unchallenged world's champion typist, Stella Pajunas. Miss Pa junas established her official one hour record of 140 net five-stroke words a minute on an I.B.M. elec trie typewriter. In the film she at .ains a speed of 180 words a min ute. A striking slow motiou sequence captures her championship tech nique enabling every student typ st who sees the film to appreciate :he value of correct training. Don't Pay Over 5O* Today for ^—Relief from pains *f ARTHRITIS Charles Winninger Weds Again at 67 EL PASO. Tex.—13") — Charles Winninger, 67, stage, screen and radio actor, got a divorce and got married yesterday in Juarez, across :he Hio Gra-nde in Mexico. Shortly after he got a final divorce decree in a Juarez court from former actress Blanche Ring. 74, Winninger was married in a civil cauj-t ceremony to his secretary. Miss Gertrude Walker, 42. Miss King, whom Winninger married in 1912, obtained a California preliminary divorce last June 12. She charged he deserted her in 1928. Sort>, Lmw MnclM Enjoy blessed relief from swollen. •chin? joints, arthritis, rheumatism. sciatica, lumbago or neuralgia— or no cost to you for trying this prescription formula called Muscle-Rub. Widely used by' institutions, massage parlors and gymnasiums; recommended by coach** and trainers for aoreness. strained ligaments, painful sprains and bruises. To g«t safe, quick relief, simply apply this pleasantly scented liquid EXTERNALLY wherever you feel pain— limbs, joints, shoulders, neck. back. Note how much. more comfortable you feel all day. how many hours of restful steep you get at night "My patients and I are more, than pleased. Warmth supplied soothes ana produces circulation to carry off toxins. Nothing compares to Muscle-Rub for relieving the suffering from arthritic and kindred pains." states T. T. Connor, physiotherapist Fhila. Get Muscle-Rub today from your Druggist. DM half the bottle. II you •re not delighted with remits. return what's left to your Drufgist who will cheerfully.. refund- your money. Secular atae. bottle fUS. or . Muscle-Rub at LONGS DRUGS 19th and KStv . THWARTED?—Lloyd Bridges looks thwarted^'or downcast as he looks at Marie Windsor with John Ireland in this scene from the picture "Little Big Horn," now showing at the'.Virginia Theater. Companion feature- is Sabu in "Savage Drums." , . ' English Actress of Clothes Not By WILLIAM BEST HOLLYWOOD — (HE),—American ilm censors can relax their stern guardianship of the movie neckline. Actress Diana Douglas, who bails from England, wants them to know that the REALLY sexiest celluloid scenes are played .fully clothed. "Somewhere the idea started in his country that it is. impossible for a girl to be alluring while fully clothed," said the pretty blonde former wife of movie tough guy Kirk Douglas. Allure Stylized 'Allure then became very stylized —the Petty and Varga look, airbrush bosoms and all that," said Burmuda-born Miss Douglas. She prefers high-neck gowns herself. For real torrid love making on film give Miss Douglas Vivien Leigh and Clark Gable in the famous staircase scene in "Gone With the Wind." "Miss Leigh must have worn 30 pounds of crinoline and velvet in that scene," she said, "but it left you slightly breathless." Love Scene And Paramount has just turned out a hang-up job, she said, in "Place - in the Sun," where the naughty love scene between Montgomery Clift and Shelley Winters Claims Lack Necessary is played in street -clothes, • dripping wet from a rainstorm, and al" you can see 'anyjway are thei: shadows when they dance togethei past a lighted door in a dark room The all-time love scene,- six says, was Ingrid Bergman in "Gas light." where Ingrid wears a long high-neck 'Victorian nightgown and merely walks over and layi her head on her husband's shoul der the morning after their wed ding night. Nuptials Success "Yon can certainly tell the nup tials were a success." Miss Douglas points out tha English star, Celia Johnson, ablj portrayed middle-age love in "Brief Encounter" wearing a ratty old turban and her hair in curlers Celta. and Vivien Leigh, wh( played a prostitute in a high-neck dress in "Waterloo Bridge," were "more convincing than if they won feather boas and cleavage," sbj said. 'Men are just as susceptible ti women fully clothed as they are to the ones unclothed," she said. Maybe so, but I can't forge Harlow. CARD PARTY TAFT—A public card party wil be given at 12:30 p.m. Tuesday in Castle hall under the auspices o: Waynet Council 228, degree of Pocahontas. Refreshments will be served. MISS ILLINOIS—Doris King, 18, of Harvey, is the Prairie State's entry in the Miss America Pageant. She stands five feet four, has brown hair and eyes and scales, an even 115. By BEN COOK HOLLYWOOD-4l$EV^ :T Teresa Wright thinks af n'otsX ought to eel right at horne^ tafli movle^ love ccue. • ' ..••.' •'.••;:'. '-',"• -. She .has found that- the most ef- ective .love scenes' on the screen are those nluyefl. in u hayloft. "I 'don't--know -what it is," she ays. "Offhand, tuwe.doesn't seem, o • bi£ anything? romantic about the whole thing, when you "break"• it down unless you''are a, horse. "A. creaky, old building, the. smell of new-mown hay and the blatant sounds of farmyard animals just don't add up ^to-a ro: mautic background for a tender love scene. ?Fans Remember .•But that's the scene the'; fans remember—long after they forget? ie boudoir romancing." - Miss Wright finds her theory getting additional support in her latest picture — "California Conquest." For her big love scene, with Cornel Wilde in that film,' she finds herself surrounded not by the perfumed elegance of a boudoir but the pitchforks and lanterns of a hayloft. She admits she is no pioneer in this matter of appearing in the hay Some of her predecessors have been Jane Kussell in "The Outlaw," Linda Darnell in "Storm Warning^ Silvana Mangauo in "Bitter Bice and Virginia Mayo in "Along the Great Divide." NOW SHOWING SABIT "CARTOON—NEWS SO. LAMONT DRIVE-IN THEATRE date Opens at 7:00 SHOW TIME DUSK NOW SHOWING — ALSO — WIU . LEGION NEWS— CARTOON CALIFORNIAES3 Starts WEDNESDAY With a SPECIAL KIDS Show at 10 o'clock |k Walt Pisney's(| A magic realm radiant with color, tang, laughter, cmaitmentil in WONDERLAND ^^^^__ nw.D.f. - _. iMSTiiiinra ti matua ficiuws^ MORI AMAZING THAN "«'" KtAMn" AMD "BEAVIR V AtiiT Added^-2-REEL COMEDY— COLOR CARTOON— WORUD N MB. E MBS. OF BflDIO FAME llth Street at Chester Avenue DELICIOUS, TASTS STEAKS AND CHOPS SPECIAL FRIED POTATOES HOT CORN BREAD AND HONEY OPEN DAILY 12 to 9 P.M. (EXCEPT FRIDAYS) SUNDAYS, 3:30 P.M. to 9 P.M. __ KEWPIE BLAIR ""« Nendi, Ho.) of No Fame Union Avenue Plunge U.S. 99 and Bell* Terrace WATER IS CHUOR.INATED AND PURIFIED Sandwiches, Soft Drink* UMONT THEATER LAM O*N T s ' . Daily 6:15 p.m. Phone-»-7SS "ALONG THE GREAT DIYIDF With Kirk Davghn. Viriima May* „ "FATHER TAKES THE AIR- LAST TIME TONIGHT STEPHEN McNALLY in "WYOMING MAIL" also—JUNE ALLYSON and DICK POWELL m "Reformer and the Redhead" STARTING TOMORROW "711 Ocean Drive" "The Toucher They Come" CIRCLE THEATER Daily«:1S p.m., Sati-Sug. 12:45 p.m. >Phone 3-50M "LITTLE BIG HORN" Wrtfc JOHN IRELAND • — AND— " SABU: in "SAVAGi *DRUMS" Always Two Good Show* at a Drive-In Theattrl MMitt N f\ Mi I 'BOxomcB \J WW • OPEN 6:15 "TAKE CARE OF MY * LITTLE GIRL" Color by Technicolor starring JEANNE GRAIN == Co-Action Filled Hit = JOHN DENNIS PAYNE ' O'KEEFE ARLEEN WHELAN Passage West" III N f\ 1ft/1 BOX OFFICE \J W • OPEN6:15 Go Gay with . . • DANNY KAYE "ON THE RIVIERA" Color by Technicolor with GENE TIERNEY and CORINNE CALVET ^= Co-Laugh Feature ^= Abbott and Costello in THE TIME OF THEIR LIVES' RIVER PH. 26636 —AND— "BLUE BLOOD" With Bill Williams LAST NIGHT" I "HURRICANE ISLAND" "BIG GUSHER" STARTING TOMORROW 'SHOW BOAT" .. GRAYSON -.„=,,, KEEL ' , GARDNER AND CARTOON-NEWS —ON SATURDAY NIOHT— Follow Highway 99 to the DELANO BARN For the Biggest'and Best Western Dance In thefValley MBe Sottk if TERRACE DRIVE-IN THEATRE 311"Write Ww",-• NMM 4-51)2 SHOW TIME 8:20 LAST TIMES TONIGHT FAMED, SPECTACULAR ADVENTURE STORY FILMED AGAINST AUTHENTIC BACKGROUND OF MYSTIC INDIA! ERROL FLYNN DEAN STOCKWELL PAUL LUCAS in One of the Year's Biggest Rudyard Kipling's 'KIM' Color by TECHNICOLOR! ALSO PUNCH-PACKED DRAMA OF BRUTES, BABES . . . BATTLES! June ALLYSON Dick POWELL Ricardo MONTALBAN Lionel BARRYMORE "RIGHT CROSS" M DRIVE-IN THEATRE Phone 4-5170 PIERCE NAD AND HIGHWAY »» Open 7:30-51)0* Tine at Disk LAST TIMES TONIGHT MARIO LANZA KATHRYN GRAYSON DAVID NIVEN in "THE TOAST OF NEW ORLEANS" COLOR BY TECHNICOLOR! -AND"Three Guys Named Mike' 1 With Jane Wyman Van Johnson STARTING TUESDAY "STRANGERS ON A TRAIN" With Farley Granger - A N D "I WAS AN AMERICAN SPY" With Ann Dvorak SOUTH CHESTER DRIVE-IN THEATRE SOUTH CHESTER md HIGHWAY M Pfcone 3-7002 Open 7:31 Show Tine it Dink Last Times Tonight IRENE DUNNE FRED MacMURRAY "NEVER A DULL MOMENT" —AND— "THE FIREBALL" with' Mickey Rooney STARTING TOMORROW "A LADY TAKES A CHANCE" With JOHN WAYNE — A N D — GARY GRANT as "MR. LUCKY"

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