The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 18, 1948 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 18, 1948
Page 7
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, JUNE 18, 194i Rep. Hays Raps Truman Attacks President's Blast At Congr«tf Flayed; GOP Htlp (ARK.T ,,ii ITTIJB ROCIC ' Ark - •"'"' '«• <UPi—A Southern Democratic Congressman today criticized President Truman lor his recent »tt«cks upon Congrese. "H seems rather unbecoming of Iht president lo cast hie speeches in a political mold during Ihis crucial postwar period," Rep. Brooks Hays of uttlB Hoc* said Iri his weekly newsletter received here today. Hays admitted that Congre.w is not. above, criticism, hut added: "The president's Indictment of the of our work that it becomes rather ludicrous . . . The president mitst stand upon his record, and Jaycees at Steele, Mo v Install Officers NEWS Defendants Win New Trial in Suit Involving Wreck Motion for a Mew trial «a.s gnml- PAGE' by . .) m |Re diaries w. . iares . Uglil In Clreiill Court here today In tint case of Johnny 1,. l.owevy and "the, flRalm-t Muyfont iinckworlli Riid others. The pliilnllffs nhtnlno.l JllrtRHU'llt for sisu nunlusl (lie Hiukwoilhs in R ruse- died on Juil« Testimony «-»., ),,, w ,,|,.<, t , K ,,, y In » suit brmiRtil ) ly (ieorcr fm BKHliwt. O S. Rnlllsiin mid oilier* Involving a s,-m,MnoiU r<n- I'oiloii Srnwi. on |,,,,|.e,ly .nuie.i by Mr Holllson. Almut USD Is Involved In ltlei (iie depute. HeudiiK "f u ni.w Invulvrd <lnin. 8Res 111 nn nmnmoblle ili-cldenl wnt recessed .ve.slrrdny until Moiidny innt'LlIng in eiinhle » m<<iilhi<i- ot Itin Jury lo kre-i. a Imsme'ss ^nwmonl mle before- li,. «•„,, selecled for tinned »»ppoi-t |»d*. rf M p*r MM or purity, H« linil !lttl« difficulty In niiu- li-iiuu ilir strniBlti to »ol« down, 55 (o 21, the |)io|x»«l of Sen. Ridi- aul B. Russell. U. On., lint tht House's titup-iin)] bill b« »ub«tltiil«l I or tlie long-runic memilK. The Senate «l»o reje<tle<l RuuHI'i ametidmem.s lo Include form labor cost* In flKllrlim suplxjlt urltM. VANDENBERG lOmtiunrfl frMH R**f* 1.) .ulvoniiiMl In ilie Semite, 'ivtl nc'CK- Moiiiillv ILLS been In Hie opposition, notably when lie soiiglil earlier lhi( year lo rill Hie Kuraiiean Reeoveiy l •> the invitation. The m<-el.,. B his own miscalculations look i «n.v better." i were no Hays said th« 80th Congress will b< remembered for three things: the Taft-HarUey labor bill: the lowering of Income taxes; and (lie Inauguration of a gigantic program tor European recovery. Admitting H.BV in^ remarks mign oe more appropriate In a Republican speech, the Southern Demo-' Evangelistic services will begin in C ™ L said: i the Lake Street Methodist ciiurch I owe it to my Republican col-' ~~~*n^m^mmmmmmmm.mmf$. BTT ~«^HHMik ttBH^B&flR; William Nicholson ^extreme left) of Osceola who was recently elected state vice president for the dinner meeting Tu«sd»y night at Hie Weaver cafe In Slcole. Standing wllli Mr. Nicholson are fro,,, loft right: Virgil Bixler, rolirm E vice-president; Bmm Campbell. ne«- prcsmmt; l.arry Gammenler, newly ! Moore nnel o,hc,s" : n,7l w James L. Burton, rc-elee-ted as secretary-treasure. ; J. o. Weaver. ie|Hirter; aiul ! aie " ot related, court Hltii'e'lira'sn'l'el' first vice president and William WilUnins, sergeant-at-»rm» i * <KX>n<1 V ' Ct blundering by Con K «« will not \ T ™™ ' ?''«'<«»': •""»" t- Burton, make 1m own miscalcul,,!^. Ck retirln * P^'rU J- I- Scott. Jessie Bim-ll, „,»• by .« members, wtveo »nd gue»M. Methodists Plan Revival in Church Obituary *-.uiujjcfln recOVerV •»-WTBT*»| ••• ^*l KM I ^ I I .mUUnVtl^i*. might'On S. Lake StfCCt M °"»° W ™°» ««/ ;iore aonrooriat* in A Dnm.KK. < Burial in fiornGfsyille _. MANILA. Ark.. J t ,m- 18- Func- next Wednesday night and continue, i ' , f"" s for Mrs, Victoria Kliz- thr/Mi»ii i,,u. i ii . . aoeth Rounds, 7G, mother of Mrs -'.."v.uiini AllallA, President Truman, Hays said should have placed his emphasis ori (he European relief program and, claimed his share ot credit /or! 'this monumental advance " I Regarding the presidential elec-1 lion. Hays said: "If the Republicans should nomi- through July i. it was announced today by the pastor, the Rev. Thei - conducted by the Kev. Brady of the Grand Avenue urch in Fort Smith. The services will begin at 8 p.m. and the evangelist will be assisted by his sisters. Misses Fern and Irene Cook. Miss Irene Cook is a singer and her sister lias been active in ne Kepuolicans should norm- * nn nfr »"'«r ns.s been active in reactionary candidate, it.will! Summer camp and assembly pro- look like a return to the happy pur- I &«"» 'or the young people 'of the suit of moneymaking. and the cast-i cmirch Ing aside of world responsibilities. | The Rev. Mr, McKisson recently It is the quickest way to set us di-|Was transferred to the Lake Street rectly on the road to war and the pastorate here from the Methodist tors of Junction City. anK - — • i." WAI ana me >irtftiu.«ie e.ere irom ine MetIN renunciation of our ideals of lead-1 Church in Monette to flu ti, e vacancy caused by the death of the Holsclaw of Mary Elizabeth Bartholomew and i Mrs. Roxit I.CE Scott of lilvihe- 1 vllle. were conducted yi'slcrday in the Manila Methodist church by the Ucv. p. M. Sweet. Bunal was in the flornersville. Mo,, ccmetci—. Mrs. Hounds died Tursdny al the Blytlieville Hospital after' a long illness. Mrs. nounrt.s had lived in Manila lor several years. lnivhi B eomf there from Missouri, she uns born in Patton, Mo., in 1871, December 13. She is sunived l>v one son. Clauei Alexander ol St. t/jiiis Mo • ' " — ' ~ " seven daughters. Mrs Pram'ii jef' I modifications •-- -' - •- •• -• ' '.. the expiration Faces Speeding Charge HcarlDR for O. R. Me-KlsMm on a speediiiB rhaiRe was cnntlnurd until Wednesday in Municipal Court Ilils inorninp. Bond wns .sot al 5l,«,. M r - Ki.sson was arrested ycsterdav by Deputy Sheriff Holland Aikeei.' Heart Courier News Want A«U. • uiliorlmlloM from ,,:«X).<X)0.0(W to »4.IX».0(>0,000. Tall last llml one. When thr House deeply cut Hit Tuft avoided iliii-el con/lk-l wiili Jun : "dml"'Vh'e "M" "''"'!™ ""' VandcnlirrK by s.ylng h« would I,v N O \l W " S l)1 '"" illt IUV ''I" »">' Mini propused by III. Mo,»-^', , Tr" 1 " 1 " 1 " 1 MVS - N ' M ' • H> '"""' A|,l.m,>ii»l| OI « o«),,,,lll,.>. Mooie nnel other, T , 1)( . w ,. y Hn ,, )1(| „ Su .. spM ,; iil "^ ( ' )v ; Kurl Wiirre-n e>f CHllrorlnit. nil avowed pr,-.slelenllal cai,(iirt«| e< , hoiiei'i-r. .vlfpped ,1(1 to l)« eviiuileet in diife-l 0|nw.slllon to Mir Hoi nit*. r<-Kar<lle.<» of whut Ihe sommitiee niinht dei-ide, V»ndrnbi>ri! \x ex)xx'led to iiiak* a elm i[\ ini; slulcinent when hf ar- IIVM lien- Suno.iv of his own pasl- of farm pimUuts | tl t),e preseul base period of mitii-14. For major crops, ,,,-j,.,, SU piie)Ct would mnse r,om I'M «, gn per cent of parity. S nliii; i,,, us M ,,,p|y j,, W5 (loivn and vie-e ivrsn. l-'nr other inrm products, the range- would be lion. » ringer or two for Vatidenberg'i wilrlghl public mpporl. None so far IIM nol that. Nor I 8 Vandcn- berg likely lo tuke himself out of Hie nice. The chance of tils nomi- nalH/n u too good (or tlinf, H(- IhotMili tl,;a t'liHin'e ci'.n come; only «fl« 'l-alt un.l IVwoj. JUIVL. i| l( , ir runs. Tlie l;isue of "U H News Hint World Ue|X)if ; tiibuliilei *• poll 01 815 m-w.s;ni|H>r editors about one-flit), e,| whom wore Ucmucruts and Ihe others Hi'pnlillciili.s anil In- dependents Of tlte lot, 271 preferred nominn- of Vnndcnberg, 143 Stamen, . lion , amen, Kl Taft 121 Dewey, 36 Warren, and. 10 Miirtln. Siasscu Is not being countcel otti in thii: convention. But there Is JC.M lulk of him than of Taft, D«wcy • and Vandi-nbcrx. Along with Van- denbcrg, W:urun. Martin and th* mere favorite sons, Stassen's C-IUIIKC.S df|>cjid on Ucwcy and Taft k;»x-kl!iK i-iicli other out. per cent of i»uuy down lo noth- in One tiuiig workini! ugiihist Senale bill wns dm! it would r vsiiuni [i I li ership." Manila Civic Leaders Plan Ministrel to Get Funds for Band Pupils MANILA. Ark., June 18—Plans ars underway tor a Negro Minstrel to be sponsored by the Manila Volunteer Fiie Department. Chief Charles Carter announced today. !*uiid.! from the Ministrel will b? Rev. H. H. Blevins. that once ran south from slacler- fed Owens Lake. A waterfall was then nearby, and a commodious lava cave was used for sncl?:r. centuries before )«ter-age Indians came along and _ Emma Jane foe and Mrs Ruth . Manila. Mrs. Minnie ; West of Holconib. Mo . Mrs. Oeor- ; gia Eunice West of Kcnueil. Mo •and Mrs. Scott niiet Mrs. Banho- lomew; one sister. Mrs. Ella Tid• well o/ club. Mo., two brothers Elijah Banks and Clarence Hanks [( ,|p, r . Of Lames. Mo. p '. ' ! ' n 'e Howard Funeral Home was in , I" 5 ' ch arge of arran«cments. cavern walls ' " American .Legion, and the Fire Department—will e?.ch pay the tuition for rive students, who will receive regular training under Earnest Bruce, High School Temcher at Manila. Mr. Carter announced the rol- iowing group a s those participating in the ministrel performance: Lii- burn Burgin. Franklin Bobbins Bi 1 Vermillion, Earl Carter, Wayne McCullongh, Macky Joe. McCullougn Bud Worlham, Jack Tipton, Eusk'i Argo, Joe OBborne, and Pinky Tipton. Bud Jolliff, Bud McWhirter Bryan Moore and Walter Wright will serve us doormen and attendants. Mr. Carter said. their own ^ drawings on the dark ' Radioactive isotope.? from Die d a good | chain-reacting piles ot the Atomic igton jaid. "(or when j Energy Commission ,ire lielnine began melting, during j scientists discover jusi ),OT unrtel : pluvial eras, this was sirable sulfur gets into finished wooded country. steel. FARM BILL IConliriiieH fremi r«Rp 1.1 eomuromtse would be e'leiser lo Ihe .Senate version limn let (he House bill. He sponsored the tong-rniu-e bill. ; The House bill would extend the • pit-sent price support program with •""'""cations for IB months fi-om ptralion tiate of Dec. 31. H calls [or supporting prices of major crops at 91) per ncnl of parlL> r . Under the House bill, some other farm products would have support prices ranging from 60 to 9<1 per cent of pnrlly. And still some others would ue left on their own without any support price. The Senate bill calls for putting the price-support program on a peimaiienl basis—alter making a thorough overhauling ol the present methods Both of computing parity nnd of using il to figure support, prices. Parity calculations woulet Involve 1 average prices tor Ihe 10 years Immediately preceding, as well as ' figures showing purchasing power" some niHjor mips, liu'luetlng' cm-, ton, whom ami rojii. ] Its opprmenus nisi, snid il wns furl loo complicated a e-hnnce lo olcuy! without much more sdielv. ' ' Alkrn lost only <im- ]iolnl In' eiiKlnecrlnp the bill llu-migh the' Seemte> despitr Mrouj! opposlu m , I j from Southern D.-mtu'i uts The. |SeimH> ve.leel II lei 411 t«, B | v( - |e,l),u'- R spreliil giiniaiitpe of a rein-1 lion on Ihe pvesletonlml noinlnn • lion. H inohiihly would boil dmvn 10 ihis: ihm Vimelenlirrii is HOI. t'linilielnte and will nol seek ee>n- venijoji vole-s but will «ere|il nominallem if it comes lo blin Vhi.ek-uUoi K is niAkliiK mm? ulk. niinetr nnd go.,sip here Hum ihe avuweel ciinellelate's. Best Judgment on Viimlenbri'K had bern llml he weniUl i.<il |)(* e-tithu.slH.stlc lor Anel llllKhl riilso a hand agiiinsl tile notn- limtioii i>f 't'all or Speaker Jo.M-p,, W. Mi.rlii.. Jr., of Massiirliluelli. Bui he Is believed lo be friendly FileuiKh lo i lie other cundidnlrs. Any in the cimiielate* would giv« iVC Masterp cagram's « ' ,.. SMGRAM'S / CROWN. Rl [NBl'B WIIISKtY. 86.8 Pioof. 65W Cum Ntulill Stiinls. Smiim-flislilleri Cornorjlion, N, Y Relics ot "Dawn Man" Discovered in California . LITTLE LAKE, Cal- «UP,-Camp sue remains or California's Dawn Man have been discovered two miles north or Little Lake in Inyo County. The. human bone, and arrowheads lound at this "(losest approach (o a city" may date as far back as 15.000 years. Tin's uncovering of prime historical importance, has excited archaeologists ot an expedition from the Southwest Museum. Their director, Curator Mark R Harrington, says that for the' first time "Pinto culture" relics have been found in « positive, original location, undisturbed by the elements for more than 3,000 years. The camp is on the lava-walled banks of * long vanished river ......utu wmijery M proof. Tk< itraiim <<».<M» m tmi proaurl «e* « ye>rs or >«• wa. ,BI,I j r j, n ne wrl j .p,,,,, W Ml He Rork .A: nol only for » day i s I)aH King . . . !,„( *n year •round. It's Dad who's financier of (he f ami(v . . . SRvin|t rtg.ilarly for vacalions, educations and (he security of hi* family. So let's honor him on his day, j une 211. 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