The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa on June 1, 1894 · Page 1
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The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa · Page 1

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, June 1, 1894
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4 y < ( ly.jj,* ^< .-«;,«•/i->j , ,' ' fi VOL. XV1IL NO. 6. CARttOLL, IOWA, FRIDAY, JUNE 1, 1894, WHOLE NO. 896, GUILD'S Next Door west of postofflce. **=%*• GUILD'S FOR SPOT Gf\SH One oar load of the finest Dry Goods ever brought to Carroll. These goods were bought for a mere fraction of their value, and will be sold at unheard of low prices. We would advise every one in this county to avail themselves of this opportunity to get the best bargains ever presented to them. •Rflmember these are all seasonable goods and bought to supply the fine city trade, such as Fayal Crepes, Empress Duck Suitings, French Organdies xveuwuiu and Javanaite Lissis. But in order to appreciate these- goods you will have to see them, and if you don't you will miss the biggest bargains of your life. We have all the \ latest novelties in Laces, in Black, White, Cream, Ecru and Butter Color, in Point Guipures, Point Venice, Bordeau and ChantilJi. ) The following are a few of our bargains in warm weather dress goods: Good Printed Challies, 2k, J^st half price fbi- them. Fine new designs in Lawns, - 2kc.» worth 7%c Best Renfrew Ginghans, dr. styles 5c., " 10c Fineifihecked Nainsooks, - ' " Good Tennis Flannels, Imported Dotted Swiss, Imported French Organdies, Imported Javanaise Lissis, 5 c -» worth lOc 12kc., " 25c 15c., " 25c 15c., " 25c In this lot there was one case of Children's and Infant's lace caps, which we will close out at a great bargain. And remember you will always save money by trading at JOHN GUILD'S NEW DRY GOODS STORE. Next door to postofflce. HEROES' GRAVES Were Decorated with Flowers by Comrade Hands, The Parade was an Imposing one and was Joined in by Hchool Children and Civic Societies. The Occasion one of Unusual Interest. ' Decoration da? way observed this yesr by the citizens of oar city and surrounding country OD a far more extended soaU than in former yean. From early in the forenoon until a o'clock, when toe prooss- «iou moved toward the cemetery theorowd aontioually increased. When Ibe trumps!- er sounded the note and the long column alerted down Main atreeltbe eqene waa •imply fraud. Every available spot wae «ooupisd by those who hsd cams to pay tribute to Ibe memory of tbe old soldiers both living and dead. Tbe business bouses and many private residence were decorated in honor of Ibe occasion end we believe it is aafe to say that on no former occasion, in our oily, were Ibe decorations •o elaborate and general. Everywhere you looked Ibe national colors were displayed. From tbe lofty tower on Ibe oourl home "Old Glory" waved In all its majesty, and from Ibe homes and public buildings all aloog Ibe line of march to the cemetery Ibe same lavi&b display of Ibe Iri-oolor could be seen floating in Ibe alia northern br<*«e, wafting a message ofpaeoato tbe sunny southern elime V b*re so »a»f brave heroes wen sleep|of who** unknown graves w*te to be decked wilh ttonere. II waa so inspiring sows and tbe soul thai was no! tombed with a feeling "' patriotism, wb*n tbe hand's cheering wmlo struck np giving Ufe to Ibe old war songs of Ibe sillies, when the steady tread of Ibe veteran soldiers kept time to ils strains, was led Tbe proMssiou was Ibs Urges! of any Dial WM avsr formed in our oily aud so Urge was il tbat only a fraction of those «bo 0«red to take part were able to do ao, for long before the last of it had left |be oily the Grand Army bovs with their assorts on fool bid arrived al the neunuwot ereoted to the unknown dead. The old veterans and their escorts entered tbe cemetery grounds in the following order: Marebal. Speakers in oerrisges. Musicians in carriages. Flower girls. firing equad. Jeff 0. Davis post and vUiting O- A. B. Northwestern band. Qermania. Turners. Hose Company No. 2. I. O. O. F. Hose Company No. 1. School children. Oitisene in carriages. The nkerolses at Ibe grounds were under tbe direction of H. W. Maoomber, commander of Ibe poet. , Tbe program was opened by a selection from tbe Northwestern band, which was gnally enjoyed by the Urge multitude of people which had assembled to pay tribute to tbe dead. Rev. Foleom and Rev. Thompson delivered addresses. Tbe music furnished by the Turners aud Ibe quartet was very fine end deserves especial mention. The entire program was f»ult'»:>s and was rendered without a single interruption. Nothing happened to mar the suspicions observance of tbe day which Ibs generous people of Ibis vicinity so lovingly bestow upon the brave men whose velor perpetuated the Union and wilh each reluming year with loving umrtfl and willing bands lay their oboio. eel burdens of flowers upon their grsvee. MBMOHUI* DAT. Sunday union memorial eervipes were d at Ihe court house in honor of tbe d««d soldiers. Tbe day was SB Weal one the large oonrl room was packed to ils fullest capacity and many were compel! «d to go sway being usable to gsiu admission, II was a lovely sight ss Ibe Ibeqourl room (or Ibe first tims since it b"d be»u refurnished was thrown opt a and it meeeuted ao appearance Ibsl oonld not fail to attract the attention of lb« noil observer. Tbe bar w«s draped Ibe national emblem while on e* side stoods large Hag. The choir wa» sauted ou tbe judge's platform wilb ibft the ministers of Ibe gospel just in front and Ibe space inside tbe railing wss oo oupied by Ibs members of Ibe Grand Army post. Tbe Isrge eudUnos of at least two thousand, decked in holiday attire, tilled every available spot wilbiu lh« large auditorium. No (Uer •udisnoe than was present on this occasion has ever assembled in our city. The services were conducted by Rev. J. E. Nelson assisted by Dr. Q. 'F. Folsom and Rev. W. B. Thompson. Tbe sermon was one which entertained Ibe audience and taught a great lesson of patriotism not alone (or our country and its flag, but to tbe Great Commander nndei whose banner he would have us all enrolled. Tbe music was one of tbe features of tbe eervioe, tbe quartette composed of Mrs. 0. L. Wright, Misa Bertha Bangs, 0. W. Brn'ner and Wm. Eurlz furnished delightful music and the closing piece "NoiDead, but Bleeping" deserves especial mention. PIG SIC. BOOTH BIDB SCHOOL HJWOYBD A MONIO FRIDAY AF1BBNOON AT OBBMANIA PABK. Friday afternoon Ibe South side eobools under tbe directions of Misses Rosalia Tbnrlimaon, Mabel Stack, Grace Eail and Mrs. Sohoellsoberger, teaobere, enjoyed a pleasant time at Germsnia park. Tbe patrons of tbe school were more than generous to tbe teachers and eoholsrs for they furnished all tbe refreshments for Ibe picnic and just ss tbe schools were preparing to march to Ibe park a large number of buggies, carriages and busses pu I in an appearance, all unbeknown to Ibe teachers, and conveyed tbe entire school to the picnic grounds. About one hundred and nfly little men and women enjoyed tbe please afleinooo ouly as children can. A large number of Ibe parents were present to join wilh the bsppy little ones who made Germania perk resonant wilb their joyful sounds. Tbe refreshments were sll that could be asked (or snfl although scholars, teaobere sad perentedid justice to them tusie were severs) large baskets full remaining which wart distributed among Ibs poor on Ibs south side, Misees Tburllmann and Stack were largely instrumental in getting np Ibe picnic, (or they have been connected with these schools for § number of years sad M they are to close their labors wilb them in a few days wore they desired to spend a few hours wilb tbm in • social way and knew of nothing site that would prove so pleasant M a picnic. These two teachers are f really beloved by all the pupils aud it is • pity that tbey ar« to surrender their place* to strangers. Bui as bolb o( Ibsm were desirous of liking • longer vacation Ibajt during Ibe euui mar they reluctantly Declined to agate enter upon another year's work, Tbe pupils sod parents will long remember ihese two teachers and the pleasant afternoon enjoyed at Qermania park. MABBIKD. Miss Ginevra Ballsrd sod 0. O. Fatty were Tuesday united in marriage at tbe home of the bride's parents at Odebolt, Rev. MoRsa performing the ceremony. The wedding was a private one only the near relatives of the contracting parties being present. The groom ie B young man of excellent worth having lived in our city from early youth until a few years ago when be engaged in tbe drug business. Be is now located at Fonda and is one of the leading business msn of that oiky. His bride, Miss Ballsrd, ie ODO ot Ojobolt's most accomplished young ladies and will mske our friend a worthy help meet. II is with pleasure Ihst TtuBENTiNBii congratulates this young couple and wishes both bride and groom a happy wedded lite. Tbey will begin housekeeping in a few days st Fonda, when* they will be at home to their friends. GOOD BY. Mr. and Mrs. E. R Burks entertained about two down guests Friday evening in honor of Mr. and Mrs. E. O. Oonkling, wbo will eooa leave Carroll for their new home at Ksokuk. Whist was the amusement feature of Ibe evening and dainty and delicious refreshments were served. A thoroughly enjoyable time wae had by those present and all were heartily pleased that the opportunity had been afforded than to meetMr. and Mrs.Ooukling one* more before they left (or their new home. Universal regret was expressed thai this worthy couple were going to leave Ibe oily, but Ibis wss coupled wilb hearty well wishes (or tbeirlfut- ure, aud the company dissolved wilh much praise (or the delightful laot of Mr. aud Mrs. Burks in giving Ibsm Ibis opportunity o( saying good by, ANBWFlHM. Th» furniture store on Main street owned by Deary Eempker has been sold loBous* Laoghliu. James Campbell, of (Hidden, was in ibs city assisting in taking the Invoice. Tbe oid proprietor Mr. Ksmpker, will retirs from the business uud again engage at the carpenter trade. Ifr. Boos has been connected with Moore's boot and ahoe store (or some time «nd is well known to our oitiueus M being • wide-s-waks house! young pan who will make a success of tbe business: Mr.Laugbliuiethe father of onr deputy county auditor and is also well <ud favorably known throughout the county. We bespeak for tbe firm a prosperous business audgladly welcome them to our city. CITY QOVEKKMEN'V. CAIUIOLL, IOWA , May 28, 1891. Ccuncil met in special session at tlio office of E. M. Parsons. Present E. M. Parsons, mayor; Wm. Trowbriilge, J. A. McNeil), E. N. Merchant, Sum Todd, W.O.Kich, Wende) Llever, C. 11. Hoeft and Maurice Howler, council . Several gentlemen representing Heart, Moss & Co. appeared before Iho council snd submitted a plan of uuniberiug^he city aud tbe following resolution wss acted upon. Be It resolved that Heart, Moss & Co are hereby authorized by the common council of the city of Carroll to number the city by the Philadelphia system,!, e. one hundred numbers to a block, and that Main street be the dividing street for streets running east and west and tliat Sixth street be the dividing street lor streets running north and south and that the above named parties are 'granted the privilege to sell numbers to those that desire to buy aud that the snld city as a corporation be at no expense for said numbvrliiR. Motlou made and seconded that we allow the above named parties privilege as ask sd for. Carried. Bids for extending trie water Main south of mill were presented and on motion tho tame was awarded to Sheffield <fe Patterson. Motion to adjourn. Carried. JOIIN SCUAUIITNBII, «• M. City Clerk. Mayor. WANTBD. To bnv some potatoes al MoLagan & Schumacher's, Doing Out or U NEW YOHK, May 20.— Tho Guiou BUwmship cuuipivuy has dooldud to g out of business. > Tho Alaska uud Art KOUU will bo sold on their arrival in Liverpool. _ _ Atlu *"«r » lUwitvor. CUIOAUO, May W.— ApuUuatleu has boon iniido frr thu upnuiutiuout of a re •jeivor for the order known as the Knights aud Ladies of Amurios. Invalids' Hotel and Institute. Surgical al edwltba lull «t«U or TliU widely vslvtursM InitttaO. uuOttlo, N. V.. U oraauUoU wltU a l ««iwrluuo«a«ua«kuiful pkr«lolkuii ami «ous, uoiMiiiutlu* tit* iDiut uouiu t>t« oniuulitt- [ion Ql »MlsaVsu4 SUM feal _skfcl Jto Aw-rtya. u»»l, throat aud lung dl»«n*e*, dUontsu, dlHue* ol Uio di««* live orgaui Ciaiidef dlisatM.UUwuiHi wtouiuiFto wou*u. blood-talnU and tklu <tlmu»l, *l>ll«B«r (nis)aitd kludi«d unuotloui. Tuouiuudiiara wired m tb»lr hume* tUrouiib, eornuuioudunoe. The euro ol (its wont ruplurs*. uilo tumor*. 'Mela, bydrouflle sud •friotuN* 1 l« quarau- jfltlwufyaKhsrlrs*!' In Doubt. "Lizzie, you're a woman o' the world, and what I'm a-askin you is in stride confordence, o' course. Jiui, there, hi* effort me bis baud. (In a hoarse whia- per) Do you think a woman. could to happy with a man with legs like his'nl" —Life. The MMIoiutl. It was in darkest Africa. , "What!" suddenly exclaimed the Meg, Interrupting the narrative of the crow»- prince, who had just returned from •broad. "Yes," the youth repeated, "they showed me every attention in that city. Thef gave me a boll." The monarch's eyes flashed. "Produce it, my boy," he command** In a voice trembling with emotion. "Au4 is it a regular standard League pigskinT —Detroit Tribune. •f For Years,* Bays CAIUIIB B. STOCKWBLU of Chests* Held, N. II., "I wss uUluled with SB •itroiuvly tovere pain In tu« lower ixut al Uie client. Tlio feeling was st il • »<M» welfbt wan laid on a spot Hie siz» ol my baud. During Uw attacks, Uw persplraUouwouM iliuid IB dron* oa my IMS, and It w«s ,a»on| for ate Ie 'make lufteient «0ortsveuu>wlii» per. Tbey cams suddenly, si snr bpur ol Uio Ui/ or phlldrtnOryfor Plt»?hfr'«0«fttrl«. thirty mlmitei te hstf a day, leaving as >udd«nly; but, for several days alter, I was quite pr«*» Ireted aud lore. Hootallmet ibo »lla«*B> were almost dally, Uien luaa Irequoot. Alley about four y«nrs ui thlt nufloring, I was teksu down wilh I'lliou* typhoid f«v«r, an4 when I began to recover, I but tits wont attack of my old troubi* I ever «»psHeuc«4. Al Ibe nnl ol Uie lover, my BMttker gave aw AVer's rm». uiyUuctor reooBuu«ndlog UMW as b«iim bettor tliaii emrtfctny ha •ouM i»r»i«»r». i coBtlnued taking U>«*e VIIU. aud M great wai the b«iwll d«rt««« Uiut Uurlin! imarly thirty yean I uw hts but onu utiuuk of my loruer troubls, wu!«s rMoed rewUly to the Mm* wiBtdf." v AY«R»» PILLS" tnftnt by p». jr. O. Aytr k Co., Uw*U, 1 •vtry 9999 Iffectlvo

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