The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on January 12, 1933 · Page 5
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 5

Bakersfield, California
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Thursday, January 12, 1933
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THE BAKERSFIELD CALIFORNIAN, THURSDAY, JANUARY 12, 1933 Belridge, Fruitvale Were Features of State in 1932 L OS ANGELES, Jan. 12.—Tho year 1932 was marked by unrelenting efforts of the oil Industry to curtail production, to reduce stocks, to cut down expenses to tho minimum—In short, to maintain the best status possible In tho face of diminishing consumption, with resultant declining Incomjs, Increased taxes and general top-heavlngs of supply over demand. Thus does Donald niloy, petroleum engineer for the Mungcr oil Information service, view the year just ondod, "With an oversupply of crude already In storage, and with present production more than able to take care of current demands, little Incentive remained to search for new fields or to develop those already discovered," ho said. "Indeed," the petroleum engineer continued, "sen- tlmeBt has been agralnst further ex- plorntlon and exploitation, the feeling prevailing that conditions now exlst- ant are, In a. largo measure, due to over development In the past, and that * now development should wait until justified by general business conditions." Outstanding Discovery Outstanding development of the year, In his opinion, was the discovery of n new and apparently highly prolific zone underlying; tho production Temblor horizon In the north Belridge field, which showed high pressure gas ancj oil production. Belridge Oil Company made the discovery near 8000 feet at Its No. 64-27 well, on section 27, 27-20, which was brought In June 18 for 2050 barrels of 50.4 degrees gravity crude oil nnd about 75,000,000 cubic feet of natural gas dally. "Aside from the Important fact that tho value of the field Is greatly Increased by the discovery," he stated, "perhaps more Important is the probability that production is coming from .«an<ls of tho Eocene age. If the Eocene Is productive In that structure, there Is reason to believe that this should also bo the case In similar and more pronounced structures in the San Joaquln valley and elsewhere, offering unlimited possibilities for deep drilling hi many fields In tho future. Practically all the production In California at tho present time comes from the younger Miocene and Pliocene ages of the Tertiary." Fruitvale Featured "One of the features of 1932 was the drilling campaign in the Fruitvale field of Kern county," he said, "which started late In 1931, reached Its. height in tho summer of 1933, and which slumped at tho end of tho year. Thirty-five wells wore drilled there during 1932, with varying success, and considerable new production was developed." Buttomvlllow gas field In Kern county was the scene of an orderly development campaign in which 12 new wells were drilled, and 16 splendid gas wells were completed or recompleted, he pointed out. All of these havo been shut In, and form a valuable reserve against future gas needs of the state. (Associated Press Leased Wire) WASHINGTON, Jan. 12.— Railroad employment in October continued the upward swing started the month before and reached the highest level of any month since June, 1932. Railroad employment dropped In August to 996,317 men, the first time since 1889 that employment on the railroads had been less than 1,000,000 men. The tide turned In September, however, and 1,010,440 employes were reported to the Interstate Commerce Commission. In October, reports for which were made public today, 1,033,225 men were employed. In June 1,047,483 men were employed and In July 1,021,937. All branches of railroad employment except the executive departments showed an Increase, tho greatest being In maintenance of equipment and stores for which 276,994 men were employed, an Increase of 10,067 over September but 45,090 under October, 1934,, The executive staff of tho railroads numbered 13,093, a decrease of 26 from September and 1S80 under October a year ago. EXPECT BIITER FIGHT (United Press Leased Wire) SACRAMENTO, Jan. 12.—The first of a series of public hearings at which a bitter fight Is expected to develop over proposed changes In laws governing public school costs will be held hero next Monday, It was announced today. At that time the first meeting of the Senate constitutional amendment committee will be held to consider a number of proposed amendments most of which would reduce the amount of money paid by the state for public school support. The necessity of Immediate action en the proposed school measures was pointed out by Senator Arthur H. Breed, Oakland, who said n special election would bo necessary during the constitutional Legislative recess In the event any of tho proposed amendments are approved. While Governor Rolph recommended the reduction of school costs in his biennial message, Vlerllng Kersey, state director of public education, has announced his opposition to any such plan. Both sides will be weil represented at the hearings, it Is understood. Prison-Camp Probe in Georgia Wanted (Associated .Press Leaned TPJre.) ATLANTA, Ga., ^lan. 12.— A resolution calling for an Investigation of Georgia prison camps was Introduced In the Georgia Senate today by Sen- atof Knox. He said a book by John Splvak purported to reflect on conditions now existing In certain prison cnmpa and alleged that prisoners were treated cruelly and Inhumanely. _ QUICK! STOP THAT COLD IN THE DRY OR FIRST STAGE! A cold ordinarily goes through 3 stages:. 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Other activities of the Midway district Include a proposed drilling Job by the Darby Syndicate, on section 32, 32-23, whore a test will bo sunk on the firm's Cypress, lease. Lavln-Avcry-Jordan, It was reported, suspended drilling operations temporarily after a depth of 300 feist had been reached at their No. 2, on section 20, 11-23. Standard Oil Company's well on tho Mascot lease, section 28, 32-23, remains plugged nt 8859 feet, where n test will be made. The well has a depth of 97CO feet. - *-»-• Producing Trio Is Abandoned in Week Three wells were abandoned In California during the week ended January 7. They were: Scott Brothers Drilling Company's No. 1 on section 28, 2-14 at Portero, the Empire OH Company No. 4 on section 13, 4-21, at Santa Paula, and tho Western Gulf Oil Company's No. 1 on tho Johnson lease, /section 29, 12-2, at Monterey. Credit California With Deepest Well California gave birth to tho world's deepest commercial petroleum producer, during the year 1932, when the Associated Oil Company completed Its Lloyd No. 83, In the Ventura avenue field, at a depth of 9700 feet for 6243 -barrels of 31.6 degrees gravity oil and 4,000,000 cubic feet of natural gas dally. TWO-FOOT SHOWING MOJAVE, Jan. 12 __ Robert Jennings and George Cole, subleasing on the former working of the Heather & Bowman lease, have a good two-foot showing of oro that mills better than $20 a. ton. Having an air compressor, hoist and mine equipment, they aro making good returns. MRS. G. W. KAHN DIVORCED RENO, Nov., Jan. 12. (A. P.)— Mrs. Anno E. Whelan Kahn was divorced at a private hearing today from Gilbert Wolff Kahn, son of Otto Knhn, International banker. The decree was granted on grounds of cruelty and transcript of the testimony was ordered sealed. Fate of California Crude Price Hanging in Balance L OS ANGELES, Jan. 12.—Executives of lending oil companies nro conducting discussions, concerning immediate poMcies of their firms on the price of crudo oil, and from their discussions will soon come word that tho price of raw petroleum will either remain nt tho present level or fall. Major purchasing companies are seeking to avert a crisis by temporary maneuvers on price schedules. Since tho mid- continent structure broke last year, the crude oil prlco In California has rested on a precarious basla. Price slashes have boon considered several times by purchasing companies, and It Is not at all certain that the present emergency will bo passed without this corrective. Ready to Cut One or two of tho major purchasers which have been carrying tho chief burden of surplus oil havo bccti ready to cut the prlco for some time. The trade hns understood that both tho Standard Oil and Union Oil Companies have reached tho point of redundancy in the purchase of surplus ruw material, nnd are considering ro- ductlona In the posted prices they offer for oil. DENTISTS MEET APRIL 20 SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 12. (A. P.)— Doctor Sanford M. Moos<», general chairman of the California State Dental Association, announced todny the dates of April 20 to 22 had been selected for the annual convention of the organization nt Del Monte. Oil Agreements Agreement between Theta Oil & Land Company, owner to Ijlncoln Drilling Company, consents to assignment of lease to George F. Getty, Inc., as to southeast quarter of northeast quarter of section 3, 26-20; first party to look solely to Georgp F. Getty, Inc., for performance of obligations of tho lessee under lease Insofar ns It affects above described; George F. Getty to have right of deferring commencement of drilling to Mny 18, 1934, by paying first party as lessor, $2.75 per acre per month rental, said to ccaso upon commencement of drilling; first party ac- knoledges that rental has been paid In full to May 10, 1933; dated December 31, 1932. Walter Preston to E. F. Moore—Assignment of 1 nnd 131-100 per cent participating royalty Interest In gross production from Hnsson Well No. 1, on lot 4 of Falrhaven, nnd portion of lot 21 of Falrhaven; subject to Cascade OH Company's right to retain the assigned interests pro rata share of tho actual cost of openiting well. G. DeBretteville et ux to Treasure Oil Company, Ltd.—Quitclaim to rxir- tlon of south half r,f section 23, 29-27, beginning at a point on west line of east half of southwest quarter of seo- tion 23, a distance of 970.20 feet north along said lino from south lino of said section. Treasure Drilling Company, Ltd., to Treasure Oil Company, Ltd. — Quitclaim to pornon of south half of section 23, 29-27, beginning at a point on west line of east half of southwest quarter of section 23, a distance ol 970.20 feet north along said line from south line of paid section. Action for tho moment Is apparently postponed In the hope that rebellious producers over tho curtailment quotas will come Into lino. Tho ntato Is stlU nbout 30,000 barrels abovo the curtailment objective of 440,000 barrels dally. If this margin can bo reduced substantially, the chances are favorable for retention of tho existing price schedule. Surplus Fleldn Surplus over the field quotas la coming chiefly from Long Beach, Santa Fe Springs, Huntlngton Beach and Kottlernnn Hills. To avoid tho ;>rlco cut. It Is understood producers n theso fields r;E"ln will attempt to rench an accord, starting In with tho Kcttleman situation. Purchasing companies, Including Standard, Union, Shell, Associated and General Potroloum, have practically reached the limits of steel storage capacity. Oil In storage In the state Is now approximately 170,000,000 barrels. This amount represents nbout the total of steel storage and is close to total storage capacity, steel and earthen, of about 225,000,000 barrels. Earthen storage, nowovor, Is not practicable for light products. Crisis Heightened In addition to failure to reduce crudo oil output to conform with estimates of current consumption, the current crisis is heightened by recent weakening In tho gasoline prlco structure. Major marketers aro holding thlrd- jrado gasoline nt 13.9 cents a gallon, liut independents havo dropped tho price to about 11.5 cents. Ttfts mar- Sin Is too great to last, and If continued will bring down tho whola structure. Tho Industry Is moderately sanguine over prospects of retaining Us prlcn structures. But If It passes through tho next two months without a price war a new record of some kind or other will be established. Usually the California oil companies spend eight or nine months during the year trying to recoup the losses from price-cutting in the first quarter. Pnclflo Coast Division Oil Company, a concern headed by J. I. Sklar of Los Angeles, plans to drill a test well on section 14, 27-27, In tha Mount Poso reek territory of Kern county, according to Information received today. Derrick Is up and tho project will be spudded In on January 20, within 500 foet of n producer drilled by the Vedder Petroleum Company. The area Is four miles west of the Poso Creek field proper, but In producing territory. A year ago tho Signal Oil and s Company drilled a well on a government permit near this location, nnd got a well, but obtained permission to close It down. The new company has 40 acres to develop there, and a brisk drilling program Is expected to dov«lop, b«- causo the California Western OH Company already Is erecting derrick for an of/set well half n mile south, on' section 23, 27-27. If the new operating company succeeds In developing production It expects to go ahead and drill quite a number of other wells next spring nnd summer. The expectation is that a hole can bo completed there in from two to three weeks. Defer Decision on Fruitvale Shutoff Decision on the water Bhutoff success at the Harrluon Oil Syndicate's well on section 23, "9-27, F'rultvale, hna been deferred by nilnlnR bureau offlolnls, It hns been reported hero, nnd tho firm hna bcffun fishing for 22 stands of drill pipe lost In tho hole after clcnnlnR out work \VIIH InruiRit- rnted. The well hns n total depth of SrtfiS foet and tho 6%-inch caning sot nt S5!)G fcot. Coffee Canyon Well Irregular Producer Coffee Oil Company's completion of Its No. 3 well on section 6, 28-29, nt Coffee Canyon In Kern county, w;is not a particularly successful one, a<:- cordlnK to reports. The well was drilled to 1627 feet, and finished, but the dully production of 50 barrels ob- tnlned through pumping Is, as tho well pumps off, It was reported. MAKING QOOD MOJAVK, Jnn. 12.— The 1C. C. Terry lenses on tho nouthern side of ISle- phnnt Mill have been making Good during their eight months of operation. Their mill returns have aver- iiKed $15 to tho ton. MOJAVT-3, Jan. 12. — Heather & Uowmnn havo oompletod Installation of tholr 18 horsepower Schramm coni- liressor-holst, tlnibei Ing tho shaft and the building of n. hoavy head frjlme, besides olhur Improvements on the surface of their lease on tho Bob Tall mine, nnd nro now pulling ore from tho 100-foot level. On this level th*y have opened a 2-foot vein of srood "commercial ore. From the present tihowliiRs on three Hides they havo some 2000 tons of ore blocked out. Thu ore la conveyed to tho ore bin by a 400-foot tramway. The main shaft of 100 feet north of tho shaft on tho 100-foot level Is In good ore. "With good trackage for tha mlno cnrs, the extraction of tho pay oro will continue stpadlly on. Not roiintlng their time, the Improvement and machinery havo cost this set of leasers more than $1100 In hard cash. Ae they havo been successfully following leasing on the Ele- phnnt Hill for tho past 2\4 years, they do know tho gold bearing oro In that part of tho JToJavo district, and backed their judgment with tha tlms and expenditure. Swift and Best Rheumatic Prescription 85 Genls Just ask for Allenru—With- in 24 hours after you start to take this safe yet powerful medicine excess uric acid poisons starts to leave your body. In 48 hours pain, agony and swelling aro gone—we guarantee this preacriptlon—if one bottle of Allenru doesn't do as stated— money bade. 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